Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Judgement Day Is Coming!

In April 2008, Nick Griffin and Simon Darby lost the first two parts of the case against Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith, Steve Blake, Ian Dawson etc.

The third and final part was continued. However since then Griffin and Darby have tried every trick in the book, and indeed continue to invent new ways of delaying proceedings, to prevent the case they instigated at the Party's expense coming to trial.

Sadly for them, but happily for those who want to see justice done and the truth finally revealed in full, the trial has been fixed to start on Monday the 29th November 2010 at Newcastle High Court.

Kenny, Nicholla, Steve and Ian are all looking forward to their days in court and finally being able to expose Griffin and his cabal for what they are!


Anonymous said...

good luck to you guy's i hope you win and expose gri££in fir what he really is. amoney grabbing crook.

GriffinWatch said...

Good luck.
Best of British.

The GriffinWatch Team.

Anonymous said...

As a supporter who is not fully acquainted with the events and thus unable to judge who is right or wrong I welcome this.

You will be condemned or vindicated on the strength of this trial, let the truth prevail!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see this active again.

Unfortunately I left the BNP at the end of last year, finally having had enough of Griffin's madness. Although I wish Eddy well with his challenge, I fear he has waited too long, and the party is now beyond rescue. Had he stood up to Griffin in Dec 2007 with Sadie, Kenny, Ian etc. the party might of been saved.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen BNP support you all and hope that truth and justice and freedom of speech once again become the remit of the BNP. This court case is also fighting for our childrens future.

Britain needs the BNP but a clean open honest BNP. Only this court case can give us that.

Aberdeen BNP

Vote for Change, Vote Eddy Butler said...

I'm looking forward to seeing quite a few of the Griffinites eat their words whn you guys emerge victorious from court!
I just wish Grifin had listened to you guys instead of forcing you to put this blog up.
The party would not be in the mess it is in today but for Griffin's stupid support for his lapdog gimps Collett and Hannam over you guys. Both of whom continue to disgrace the party just as you guys warned us they would.
No accounts again today but they can't blame you lot. My heart is broken over what happened to our party and to you guys in particular who sweated buckets for low pay and no thanks.

Anonymous said...

They did work for low pay. Chris Vanns the Burnley organiser and Euro Office manager for the Burnley Office is earning £600 a week how can you justify that?

Anonymous said...

The 20% nomination level, needed to initiate a leadership challenge, is an imposable target to achieve. Griffin has rewritten the constitution in-order to change the party into his own personal fan club.

The fears of Kenny, Sadie, Ian and Steve in December 2007, have been proven correct.

EnoughIsEnough said...

While Griffin has done his best to make a challenge impossible I don't think it is. Eddy's campaign has been very effective from what I have seen to date and there is big support for him and/or his ideas. If everybody who says they are going to sign his nomination papers does so there will be a challenge. Unfortunately as we saw in December 2007 not everybody who supports you privately actually has the fortitude to do so publicly when it comes to the crunch. We had massive support and virtually every region had a majority of officials who backed us but for various reasons, including fear of expulsion, they refused to stand up and be counted openly when it came to the crunch.
If this challenge fails then I believe it will spell the end for the party. So please don't sit tight on the sinking ship, take this final opportunity to keep our vessel afloat.

Anonymous said...

Dear EnoughisEnough (22:49 hrs),

You said:
".......but for various reasons, including fear of expulsion, they refused to stand up and be counted openly when it came to the crunch."

I say:
"Yes but didn't that group also included Eddie Butler?"

Many of the current problems with Griffin's leadership were obvious even in December 2007! I know hindsight is an easy sport to engage in, but I hope if Eddie does win he will offer a full official apology to all those involved in that attempt to reform the party.

Personally I won't be rejoining even if Eddie wins, I'm now a UKIP member and happy with my new party. But I think the BNP could be much stronger, and far more successful, if the likes of Ian and Kenny were back in positions of responsibility where their management skills could be put to good use.

I wish good luck to Eddie Butler, because with Griffin in charge he is going to needed it.
Chris Hill

Handley Page Herald said...

Good luck to you all, hope you win and that Griffin won't be party leader for very much longer.

Agree with the previous "Anonymous" poster who said it was good to see this active again!

Cllr Chris said...

Chris Hill said "Personally I won't be rejoining even if Eddie wins, I'm now a UKIP member and happy with my new party."

Careful Chris. I thought UKIP was the party for me too. I spent 6 years in it and even got onto it's National Executive. I had to get out. It was the uncomfortable and ever hardening realisation that the party had built in destructors (at least as bad as the BNP's!) within it's constitution and membership that would ensure UKIP could never succeed (whilst the media will continue to hype and ensure that UKIP remains as the roadblock to anything more likely to succeed coming through).

If you ever get anywhere in UKIP be careful for the dirty tricks! I'm surprised they let you join at all seeing as they are supposed to vet out all ex-BNP "racists".

I was saddened that Sadie and Matt pleaded guilty to the membership list release - not least because I was forced to eat humble pie and pay a donation to the BNP! But I now understand the wisdom, from their point of view, of doing that - otherwise the threat to their finances and family life would have been intolerable. These people had a nuance, understanding, experience and dedication rare in politics. I suppose that's what made them "dangerous". So do all the others persecuted and hounded out of the BNP (and far too many out of UKIP too!). It is an indictment on our democracy that such people cannot put together a party together without it being undermined and subverted. I really do hope they win this "Judgement Day" case. And I really do hope they are able to recover and not let the experiences they have endured embitter them.

EnoughIsEnough said...

Just a quick point of note there Cllr Chris, Sadie did not plead guilty as she had no case to answer and she was not charged with anything. We have already said our piece for now on what Matt plead guilty to.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Cllr Chris,

I'm sure at least some of what you say about UKIP is true, but I'm also just as sure that it's also true for all other political parties as well. Had I waited for the perfect party to come along I would have still been sitting on the fence aged 110, and from what I've seen of UKIP in the last 10 months it does have a lot of positive points in its favour. As for racist ex-members of the BNP being unwelcome, I'm sure the few ex members who do hold racist views are unwelcome, but vast majority of the members I met in my 12 years as a member of the BNP were decent people who I'm sure would be welcomed with open arms into UKIP as I was. And how do I know that the party isn't prejudiced against ex BNP members, well the answers simple because I'm now the chairman of our local UKIP branch. I'm sorry that you had unhappy experiences while in UKIP, but political parties like people change.

Finally Sadie (as has already been pointed out above), was neither charged with nor found guilty of releasing the BNP's membership list. And given our justice system is built on the idea of innocent until proven guilty I for one believe her to be innocent of all wrong doing in that incident. All the evidence suggests Matt acted alone while under great stress.

The BNP is now died, and it was by Griffin's own hands it died.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

It would be useful if this blog could be made active again to report on the wrongful dismissal case that is due at the end of this month.

There can be no doubt now that Griffin is totally incompetent and probably mad as well! The December 2007 reformers were only doing their duty when they tried to bring that to the attention of the membership. Their ultimate allegiance must have been to the grass-roots membership, who paid their wages, not a power mad dictator. The failure of VofC has allowed Griffin to make the BNP his own personal fan-club.

Good luck to them all.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Could you let us know what happened in court last week, did Griffin turn up?

Good luck in court to all involved in the December 2007 attempt to reform the BNP.

The BNP has now become, what that 2007 reform group feared, the Nick Griffin fan club.