Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Membership List Leak – A Response

It is unfortunate that a response has to be made regarding the disgusting accusations emanating from the lie filled mouth of Nick Griffin, yet in order to set the record straight we feel that a response is indeed necessary.

Firstly we would like to point out that the publication of the BNP membership list is a treacherous act which will have repercussions for the entire Party and nationalism in general. Whoever has done this should be utterly ashamed of their spiteful actions. Whatever the reasons for the publication of the list, ordinary BNP members should not have to suffer because of the crass incompetence, flawed personality and arrogance of the Party Leader.

The BNP website carries an “urgent update” from the BNP leader, Nick Griffin. This update blatantly accuses those involved in the December 2007 dispute, which had its source concern expressed by several leading Party members and senior officials over the disgraceful protection by the Chairman of two individuals who had brought and continue to bring the Party into disrepute and heap embarrassment through their incompetence, immaturity and selfish behaviour. Griffin, a man who like so many contemptible politicians can be detected lying when his mouth open’s hardly conceals his ill-founded and thoroughly false suspicions that Kenny Smith, the previous Head of Administration, of being responsible for the publication. This is a disgrace and a downright lie. None of the six people involved in the April 2007 court case want to see the BNP suffer at all. Moreover, they certainly do not want to see the thoroughly decent members and activists suffer at the hands of filthy communist scum. Seeing Nick Griffin get his deserved comeuppance is one thing, harming the Party is completely different. Neither Kenny Smith, nor any of the other co-defendants who Griffin and Darby took to court leaked/published the database.

Nick Griffin has clearly landed himself in very hot water by alleging that the publication of the list proves ‘Contempt of Court’. He says that the web host’s legal department has been contacted by the BNP and that the BNP are liaising with their solicitors about how to use this against the six defendants in the ongoing court action.
We would dearly like to see the BNP find out who did this and we would like to see them brought to book. When the real culprit is found we will be expecting a full public apology from Griffin, with damages for the smearing of our names.

In reality, the publication of the membership lists simply shows the contempt in which Griffin holds the BNP membership. By allowing gross inefficiencies in BNP departments (which was the main reason behind the December crisis whereby sickened national officials could not take any more incompetence from two departments and were sacked for speaking out) Griffin is to blame. The fact that up to a dozen (possibly more?) people may have, or have had a full database is bad enough when the database is the BNP’s prize asset. However, the real problem is that Nick Griffin has such a terrible record for falling out with senior BNP officials who criticise him in any way that the list of his enemies is seemingly endless. Because of the way in which Griffin treats those who have given their all for the BNP, he creates a rod for his own back in that some people (in this case misguidedly) may do things which damage the BNP in an attempt to attack Griffin himself.

Further, the rather arrogant way in which the BNP web team and Griffin himself dismiss the membership leak as ‘a publicity bonus’ is truly shocking when you consider that many members and activists with a sensitive job have now been exposed to violent communist bully boys and their backers at Searchlight and UAF. We have already had calls from people who have had such threatening calls and our sympathies go out to them. For Griffin to brush this off, and to wrongly claim that ‘former employees’ were to blame is beneath contempt. Griffin has once again shown just how little he really thinks of the everyday BNP member.

We suggest that the Party Chairman:

1.) Immediately apologises to the six court defendants (who have never been found guilty of anything despite the malicious Griffin/Darby prosecution) and to Kenny Smith in particular.

2.) Actually contacts Dyfed-Powys Police rather than just pretending so, in order to start the ball rolling as to who did actually leak the list.

3.) Actually contacts the web host’s legal department and gets them to shut down the offending websites.

4.) Starts to act in the interests of the members and not operate once more in a zone of self-survival which leads to utter contempt for the feelings of the average BNP member.


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Harrysgame said...

This is totally beyond a joke. I havn't been a member for two years but my name has still appeared on this site, including my address and telephone number. Id be interested in what Griffin is going to do about it.
I left the party after serving them well for a number of years due to the incompetance of certain people and backbiting and lies. I thought this was well behind me, then this. I think The BNP should have a full internal investigation, why would so many people have this full list of members, if only two of three had them then it would be easier to track the individula down. But no, when i was with the BNP there were members lists going round left right and centre. The more i found out about the party the less i liked. I still believe in the values of the BNP, its some of the senior members and the way the party is run and the way some members are victimised with nothing done about it that disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't of put it better myself.
Nick seems to have a can't do won't do attitude, if a matter doesn't effect him personally, he just brushes under the carpet or in this case attemps to use it as a stepping stone to create a path of stardom for himself.
Keep up the good work guys and best of luck for the future...

BNP Member and once upon a time candidate.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of loose ends to say about all this but I am saying, writing and doing more or less nothing political until after the Euro elections.

I would support Sadie Graham politically even if it turned out that she had put the membership list online. It is not Sadie Graham’s fault that BNP members are now considered as social lepers. That sort of thing is the fault of that pathetic Welsh cretin. And anyway there is now an interesting mailing list in the public domain.

I doubt very much that it was Sadie Graham who put the list online. In my opinion the most likely people to have done so are Nick Griffin and Simon Darby. When neurotic halfwits think nothing much is happening, they have absolutely no inhibitions about doing things that are self destructive, counter productive or whatever.

I agree that the Nottingham arrests are probably a matter of the police going through the motions. I have not got The Times quote to hand, but apparently Simon Darby said there would not be much chance of finding the culprits, if they had put the list online in a fairly computer literate way. That suggests to me, inside information about how the list was put online.

I don’t agree that there is much civil liability involved with the membership list going online. Why should membership of the BNP be so disgraceful that substantial pecuniary damages might be involved? Keine Ruhe.

Keine Ruhe said...

Seasons Greetings to all British Nationalists. I think 2010 is going to be a good year for people who support British Nationalist objectives, but who disagree with the mindless populism of Griffin’s BNP.