Friday, 11 July 2008

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This beauty was taken from the North West Nationalists blog:


true anglo said...

It didnt really register but my friend who was campaign organiser in the recent elections said he was discussing global warming with Cyclops recently and Griffin said it was hype and that learjets were the way to go.

Guess he wasnt being ironic and does intend to puchase his own personal learjet after getting elected to the european parliament the bugger!

Mr Angry said...

I am seriously beginning to wander if the conspiracy theorists have got it right that the BNP was funded by MI5 to help defeat NuLabour in its heartlands, to remove councils from Labour control, making it easier for the Eton-educated Tories to get back in for another three terms?

If this is proven to be the case, all the hardworking volunteers in the party are wasting their time working stelthily to help that Cameron win the next election confortably.

I didn't join the BNP to kill off Labour to help the Tories get elected. I am probably the biggest mug on the planet, guys! I joined the BNP for the right reasons.

wally said...

i was also fearing that same distinct possibility that bnp were used by MI5 simply to destroy labour so the pubic school tory toffs can regain power.

Anonymous said...

Just a trivial suggestion. If it is not too much trouble, why dont you drop the NICK from the enoughisenoughnick URL? Keine Ruhe.

Anonymous said...

I have submitted the following to the challengefofleadership blog. I dont know if they will put it online, and you may find it interesting. The caps in the piece are really my comment. Keine Ruhe.

The following does not need much comment from me. I suggest you verify its authenticity and comment on it yourselves. Lessons learned, and all that. Keine Ruhe.

From the BNP website, dated Friday the 08 June 2007.

“The constitution of the British National Party was designed so that the party leader has more power than in many other parties. This was adopted when the BNP was founded as a result of more than a decade of prior experience of the way in which rule by directorate or committee was a recipe for disastrous factional in fighting and division in a nationalist party.

It was however acknowledged right from the start that such a concentration of power needs to be balanced by a high degree of accountability by the leader to the membership, and by an unusually democratic system for choosing and replacing the leader.

The constitution therefore states that the current leader may be challenged in any year by any member with more than five years unbroken membership who is either an office holder within the party or who secures the backing of 100 members in good standing paid up for the current year. THE SIGNING OF SUCH A PAPER IS TAKEN SIMPLY AS AN INDICATION THAT THE ASSENTER RECOGNISES THE RIGHT OF THE CHALLENGER TO STAND AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY INDICATE SUPPORT FOR ANY OR ALL OF THE CANDIDATE’S PROPOSALS. While there does not have to be any such contest (there has only been one in the party’s history – in 1999, when Mr Griffin was elected by a substantial majority), the period during which nominations must be submitted via registered post to the BNP’s registered headquarters, PO Box 14, Welshpool, SY21 0WE, opens on the 1st June and closes on 30th June each year.

Secret Ballot

In the event of no valid nominations being submitted, the current leader is deemed to have been elected unopposed for a further year. If a contest does take place a secret postal ballot of all members paid up since January of the current year is held before the end of September. All candidates receive equal space in the internal members bulletin, British Nationalist for a ‘manifesto’ statement. No party publications or web facilities may be used to recommend or promote any candidate, although they will continue to report normally on party activities.

In order to avoid benefiting the incumbent leader or encouraging the illegitimate collection and use of membership details, no candidate may issue or have issued on his behalf any separate promotional material by post or email. Candidates and party members supporting them ARE OF COURSE PERFECTLY ENTITLED TO SPEAK ON THE ISSUE AT PARTY MEETINGS. Precise details of how a leadership contest is to be run are decided and publicised immediately after the 30th June in any year in which valid nominations are received from a challenger or challengers..

The current party leader, Nick Griffin, has indicated that he intends at present to continue in the position for several years longer at least, but that HE WOULD WELCOME A PROPERLY CONDUCTED CHALLENGE as a way of confirming his popular mandate to continue running the party along the present lines, and of displaying the BNP’s unusually democratic leadership selection system to the British people as a whole.”

Anonymous said...

What no further posts on this blogpot???

Lets keep up the pressure on Peedo Boy and Cyclops Gri££in until they are kicked out head on their buttocks to to force change from within the ranks of the bnp.

Anonymous said...

I posted the following on C for L and thought I would post it here for good measure.

As a long time Nationalist and, at one time, quite close to Nick Griffin I have sat back over the last couple of years and watched disturbing things unfold, develop and evolve into the situation that now exists within the B.N.P. A situation where mistrust, lies and despotic rulings are legion. Comments on various blogs range from factual down to the down right disgusting and libellous, comments that are, without doubt, injurious to the Nationalist cause. I’ve always believed in ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ but when your own fire is burning you, you’d better think long and hard regarding your motives, and that is something that many people should have been done a long, long time ago.

The Ladder of political success has always been pitched at a very steep angle by the Liberal establishment and the powers that be. Ascending that ladder was, from the start, always expected to be tough going but Nationalists are a tough breed and a bit of tough going often strengthens the resolve.

The problem I had was identifying who was responsible for applying a thick coat of grease to the rungs of this political ladder. Not just making the going treacherous but deterring people from attempting such an arduous and risky climb in the first place.

Too many people, good Nationalists, have come and gone over the years and, though some can be put down to natural leakage or the novelty wearing off, these losses must be addressed, warts and all. The fact that, every so often, members are either sidelined, slandered or purged from the party is one thing, the reasons for their fate is, more than often, never really given or addressed in a democratic way. They are just labelled as being vermin etc. etc. The rank and file continue their plod forward trusting the party management are right and that all will be well in the end.

But can it be all well in the end? Can a political party really expect to reap the rewards of success when it constantly gets rid of its best and its brightest because they identify the weaknesses in the party and care enough to take the concerns and complaints of others within the party to their leader?

In the last Decembers purges, for example, it was much publicised that Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham and the rest of the so called ‘Rebels’ were outed from the Party because of the ‘Enoughisenoughnick’ blog that was set up. Total codswallop, they had seen the signs that their days within the party could be numbered way before that, back in September/October 07. It must also be remembered that the blog did NOT attack the party and did NOT attack Nick Griffin in the first instance. It was a last ditch attempt at getting something done regarding Collett, Hannam and the like and getting Nick to listen to what so many members were complaining about.

The discovery of the blog being set up by way of the recording, legal or illegal, was pure chance, completely by accident, a Godsend that gave Griffin the chance to do what he had been in planning for some time. But the way that he did it showed complete and utter ignorance and bull headed incompetence in reading and handling the situation. Nick may be a good orator and politician but a manager? a people smith? never.

Instead of suspending, who he considered to be the guilty, pending an immediate hearing by their peers, a disciplinary, and expulsion from the party if it were found necessary, Griffin had the whole affair broadcast to the Nation and his dog, giving the blog address and started the usual round of damaging slander, Vermin, MI5 agents and Searchlight Moles etc. He knew he would have to really lay it on thick because it involved ranking members of the B.N.P. that were respected within the party for their hard work and dedication to Nationalism. (Yes this has all been said before but the carpet has got mighty lumpy over the years and it is getting lumpier month by month.)

Griffin acted in his own interest in removing, once again, talented people that, in the future, might threaten his hold on the leadership of the party, a move that has damaged the Party and, if I read the situation correctly, will come back to haunt him and be an awakening to those that still think the sun shines out of his every orifice.

Quote from Walter Matthau in the film ‘Grumpy Old Men’

‘It must be nice living in Never Never Land, I’ll visit you when I want a break from reality.

End quote.

I believe in, and would always support, the Nationalist belief, but when I hear members say that Nick Griffin is the only hope for Nationalism in this county, I fear for its future. It’s the British Nationalist Party and its members that are the hope for the future and our hopes should lie with them. But if Griffin gets his, much mooted, place in Europe and hands the leadership over to Collett, so he can still pull the strings attached to this obnoxious piece of work, then there is no hope, it will disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, mate! There should be far more posts on here sounding out the score to would-be bnp rebels so Gri££in will not get the upper hand in the weeks to come.

Until then check out the firey challenge leadership blog, which is where the hot debate and action about the corrupt leadership such as Griffo, Barnes, and Peedo Boy is happening.

I think the url is on the page opposite.

Anonymous said...

You and your blog are pathetic, you have nowhere to go so why not stop whinging.

Nigel said...

I've had enough of politics forever. Might as well take up chess or flower arranging with my missus.

We failed to shout loud enough, and now Griffo has become virtually untouchable.

Herr Paedo Boy is a nightmare ready to happen after the European Elections.

Final Conflict said...

The image is actually from the Final Conflict blog.

Danny Lake said...

Haha like it!


Anonymous said...

All very interesting - a snippet of informtion which may provoke debate!
The erstwhile Mr Kemp (intelligence officer)and now party lacky was nothing but a low level policeman who had an office job shuffling police vehicle accident claims. That said, what the party faithful should also know is that while he worked for the right wing in SA he was also screwing them by selling their secrets not only to the SA intelligence services but also to MI5. Maybe he is still on the payroll! Every right wing organisation Mr Kemp has ever been associated with has eventually kicked him out - even the SA Conservative Party fired him!
Mr Kemp is no doubt really unhappy that he is still an SA citizen thus not able to take up a seat in the EU parliament - I wonder if the rest of the party heirarchy are aware that Mr Kemp was under the impression he is the de facto 2 IC and that he was to be given a lucrative seat in the EU!