Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lee Barnes is sent packing

There is some welcome news to report in that the main BNP website no longer carries a link to the deranged ramblings of the blog run by Lee John Barnes, the self titled BNP Legal Eagle.

The link was removed in the past few days, yet the main question is whether it was Griffin himself who ordered it to be removed, or as is far more likely, was it Simon Bennett the current web-editor who chose to do so? As Mr. Bennett appears to be a lot more rational and certainly more decent than Griffin, it would appear that Simon had simply had enough of the embarrassment caused by the joke 'legal adviser'.

Not only does the blog contain vile language and personal insults that can't be backed up in fact, Lee has also come up with these precious beauties:

  • There will be a second coming of Christ in 2012 - it is all in the stars!
  • Islam is not a threat to the West and any nationalist who suggests otherwise is speaking non-sense and in the eyes of Lee Barnes, may not even be a nationalist
  • Those people that support internal democracy in the BNP are all traitors (though he does not mention traitors to Great Britain so we can assume he means to Gri££in himself)
  • And let us not forget this piece of exceptional musical critique regarding Lee's top gigs ever!: Blind Melon Reading Festival 1995 - a week later the lead singer Shannon Hoon died of a heroin overdose. You could tell he was high on stage as he kept throwing the microphones into the ceiling rigging then snapping them, but what a show. A real classic performance.

We have been saying for a long time that Griffin surrounds himself with idiots and that this will be his downfall. It seems that Griffin has come to realise that Lee Barnes is nothing more than a complete and utter embarrassment for British Nationalism - yet this may be too late.

It also seems strange than when something big develops, Barnes is all over it like a rash spewing forth bile against good nationalists, like a kid who has just spat out his dummy and yet still no-one wants to listen to him or take him seriously. However, a few days later, after about 3 or 4 hate filled articles, he seems to shut up shop completely and go back to writing that anyone who may think that Islam or Zionism are a threat to the West is not a nationalist, and that the best gigs are those where the lead singer is junkie scum. What a strange world Lee Barnes lives in!


Anonymous said...

Well that's a step in the right direction. Well done Simon Bennett for making that very sensible decision. Fingers crossed Gri$$in backs Simon's decision. Whereas Islam is a threat to the entire West, Loopy Lee Barnes is a danger only to himself.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Lee, the trouble is that, though some would disagree, Lee can write some very good articles and be very enlightening based on fact. He can also come across as an intelligent person of sound opinion. But then again, more than likely when there is a full moon or when it's stormy and there's lots of static flying about, he takes on the persona of a mindless dustbin with verbal diarrihoea. Add to that a large potion of 'flight of fancy' with a little measure of the absurd and the enlightenment suddenly becomes hilarious entertainment that gives he and Nationalism a bad name.

Someone should send him a 'Get Well Soon' card, I didn't really mean that but he can take it (Can't you Lee?)

Anonymous said...

St George said "he can take it"...

Well no he cannt and thats the problem. He takes himself way too seriously, if it wasnt for the web he'd be mumbling to himself in the local park and boring the life out of any poor sod who happened to be passing his favourite bench, or maybe one of those nutty preacher types you see on a Saturday afternoon shouting at the air. If Barnes was any kind of decent nationalist he be a tax paying worker/self employed like the rest of us instead of scrounging off the state whilst claiming to be some of messiah. Some geenrous people have called LB a "flawed genuis" I agree with 50% of that statement - I just cant see any genius!!!!

Anonymous said...

The guys a trumpet. He even said Sadie wasn't pregnant and yet she has had a wonderful baby girl.

Congrats to Sadie and Matt btw and welcome to Matilda.

Anonymous said...

People such as Lee Barnes seem to get into many EU critical groups. Their modus operandi is to get themselves into positions of power by producing a great deal of good work (and you have to wonder where they get the time and the money to do it!) - and then to cause a great deal of friction and unpleasantness - in Lee's case in his vitriolic outbursts against individuals and his liberal and quite unnecessary use of profanity.

The effect of course is to have decent ordinary activists running a mile from the party. I call it "The Skunk" technique. Some such idiots may be quite naturally offensive - but I'm quite sure many are trained to do it deliberately - so good are they at it! You have to admire - in a strange sort of way - how they take over the party media and then set themselves up against each other (if they can't provoke ordinary members into infighting and arguments!) in apparently endless party turmoil. And yet somehow whenever it suits they become all pally-wally again. Amazing isn't it?

BTW what's happened to the Voice of Change website? Can't get anything but a blank screen now.


Anonymous said...

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