Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Darby says "F*$K Off" to constitution request!

The following quote comes from a man who recently resigned as new BNP Scotland webmaster. For those who doubt the bankrupt morals of the current BNP leadership this snippet should be rather illuminating.

"Friday, 20 June 2008

The British National Party
What have I learned about the BNP in almost a year of being a paid member and as a BNP Scotland official, that a lot of the rumours are true and the party is corrupt, and is not democratic in any shape or form. Infact one might go as far to say that its not necessarily British but more of lets follow Griffin and blow smoke up his arse!

The party is full of a lot of lemmings that think Nick Griffin/ Mark Collett are some sort of 'Gods' in the making. I suppose when you surround yourself with lemmings it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are the greatest person who walked the earth.

I had a person that wanted some answers with regard to the parties constitution. I didn't have a copy so I thought I would contact other officials for advice or to obtain a copy. The first person I contacted was Mark Collett who said he has never seen a copy and wouldn't know where to get one from. In the end he suggested that I contacted Nick Griffin as at the end of the day he was the one who wrote it.

Before I went that far up the official line I thought I would contact the deputy party leader, Simon Darby. His words on the subject were why do you want it? Just tell him to "F*$k Off!" He is only a 'red' trying to wind you up!"

I could add more to this but I will only be called a 'Red' or a 'Traitor'. Would I recommend joining the BNP? As it stands with the current lineup it would be a resounding NO! If the party changes its current team leadership and how its run then Yes! Only time will tell if the party changes for the better as currently it is stuck in the dark ages."

The quote can be found on Paul Johnson's blog here.


Anonymous said...

What a charming response from Segnor Darby, who is paid handsomely to drive his gas-guzzling Volvo estate around the country. A hpocritical ba5tard who claims to love wildlife. Do us all a favour 51mon and ditch the Volvo and buy a bike.

Anonymous said...

You lot have been quiet for ages but good to see you back and kicking ass again. So Paul J has found out the hard way like hundreds before him that the BNP is nothing more than Griffin's pension fund. How one man can screw up EVERY nationalist organisation he has ever touched and failed in many business ventures and still be in charge beggars belief. How the hell can this millstone around our necks be eradicated?

Anonymous said...

Good article, shame about the face

Anonymous said...

Imagine a pr1ck like Darby in public office. To his constituents/ward residents: "What do you want? You look like a f8cking traitor to me so f4ck off!"

No wonder his job as councillor for Dudley was very short lived. With public relations embarrasments like Collett and Darby no small wonder the BNP is stuck in the mud and cant capture the mood of anger, resentment and frustration by the British people who are now starting to have it banged home to them that internationalism (globalisation) is a social and economic disaster and nationalism is the only answer. If Griffin cant be forced out its time to start afresh without the deadwood. The time is coming upon us when there will be a great wave of strikes, industrial action, public disorder from hauliers, farmers, out of work tradesmen, redundant white collar workers. Where is the leadership going to come from not from the likes of "feck off" Darby, "would be peado" boy Collett and Gri££in who looks like his had his snout in the trough for too long he is starting to look like the pigs he keeps on his Welsh farm.

Anonymous said...

"who is paid handsomely to drive his gas-guzzling Volvo estate around the country."

Yes but you forgot to mention that it is the money from grannies and hard up families who are gullible enough to cough up for Griffin in their mistaken belief that he and his cronies are the answer to their plight. Darby is on the BNP/Griffin gravy train as well as half of Griffin's family. Ive heard a story from more than one source that the previously loyal big donors have stopped giving. I could mention a few names but best not to. The one eyed w4nk4r of Welshpool has to cast his net far and wide to get bailed out this year.

Anonymous said...

Dont this arrogant response from the Deputy Leader sum up just what the BNP now is? To think that thousands of members come and go each year, get fleeced by the top table and disappear thinking that the BNP is no better than the scrounging Labourites and Tory trash who all want your money. What a mess the Party is in. What's the alternative. I cant see Griffin allowing a fair election this year or any year. He is the Robert Mugabe of British politics - a corrupt despot.

E. N. Ronn said...

5IMon has served his state handlers well over the years, but he seems to be losing his cool now. His field craft is failing him.

Perhaps he's had enough, and will jack it all in soon and emulate his former colleague Andy Carmichael by telling his story as a spook in the BNP to the News of the Screws!

Anonymous said...

The extreme left have made the same conclusions as the many critics of the current bunch of cranks, incompetents and public embarrasments who have left the BNP, been forced out for being too vocal in their criticism or still sitting on the side-lines. I saw this on the Hope not Hate site, which is grossly misinformed about the BNP and so naive that they think the working class give two hoots about what happened 60 years ago and make the daft claim the BNP would ban elections once in power. It is partly thanks to their own stupidity and blinkered mindset that the BNP has free rein in many towns across England.

"The only thing that has stopped the BNP from taking this step so far is the collection of nutters and losers who make up its leadership. With a Peter Mandelsonesque makeover the BNP could become a mainstream party overnight."

Quite so.....imagine a BNP without the number one public relations disaster that is the unashamed neo-nazi boy crank Collett, dopey Hannam, suspect spook Darby, mental case Barnes and most important of all the finger in too many pies and stuffing his face with all the pies Gri$$in. Imagine a BNP with impeccably decent and truly honest people running the show, people like Brian Mahoney, Jenny Noble, Ian Dawson, Steve Blake, Emma Colgate, Jo Beverley, Wayne McDermott and the Walker brothers. These are the people without the baggage, and with skills, positive personalities and experience of leadership the British people are crying out for. I'm just a tiny cog in what is after all a massive wheel but the current crop of BNP leadership needs a bloody big shake-up. Come on for goodness sake, much more is at stake than the hurt egos of a few idiots and unrepetant neo-nazi cranks

Anonymous said...

I wish you had let me know that you where going to paste my post so that I may have left the first comment.

I have not received any sort of reaction form SD or MC but then when someone posts the truth its very hard to deny unless they wish to dig their graves of decept a little deeper!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back, as I thought this website was dead until I stumbled across it on Google.

If Darby, Barnesy, Collett and Green Arrow are all the one eyed monster can muster, his reign is doomed.

Unless someone can gang up and depose Griffo soon, we will become the next Monster Raving Loony party. The BNP are already a laughing stock thanks to these arseholes.

Anonymous said...

green arrow makes me physically sick how he toes the party line taking the piss out of disenters with his smarmy blog

whoever this tw*t is he is nothing more than the one eyed monsters mouthpiece which makes me believe green arrow is either darby or barnes in disguise

Anonymous said...

If Nick Griffin is everything you folks say he is and he's still in power then that can only mean one thing.
The all powerful enemies of the BNP WANT HIM THERE!