Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Leadership Challenge 2008

This article has recently appeared on the Leadership 2008 blog - challengeforleadership.blogspot.com

We applaud the fact that a well known and well respected Nationalist is going to oppose the tyranny of Nick Griffin. Best of luck Cllr Colin Auty.


We are all aware that under Nick Griffin the British National Party has made some positive inroads into local politics. However, many Party officials and members have realised that the time has come for a fresh and democratic structure.

Change is needed to take the British National Party forward onto serious electoral success. A structure that will give priority to making sure that the BNP is financially solvent, politically astute, credible and electable, truly represents family values in everything that it does and maintains democratic management of the Party in a fair and transparent manner.

Councillor Colin Auty will be standing this coming summer as the leadership contender representing reform and change of the BNP. Colin was elected as a District Councillor onto Kirklees Council back in May 2006 and has proved to be an extremely hard working BNP Councillor.

Colin is married with two daughters and believes that the time is right for important changes to be made within the British National Party for it to become a serious challenger in elections and for the future of this country.

Colin has gained a great deal of experience into the inner workings of a local council, especially as he currently sits on various committees including Planning and Health.

Many of you will know Colin through his involvement in Great White Records and his latest album ‘Truth Hurts’ has sold more copies than any other artist from GWR. Colin is a very well respected and popular councillor, activist and artist within the BNP. He regularly tours the country speaking at meetings and singing to help groups raise vital funds.

Constitutional Change & Internal Reforms

The BNP at present has a great deal of potential which is simply not utilised to its full extent and this is largely because the current leadership runs the party in a very dictatorial manner. These are just some of the reforms that should be implemented:

* The Party Chairman should deal with the political affairs of the Party, but a separately appointed Party Manager should manage the internal affairs.

* Scrutiny Panel of regionally elected officials to scrutinise the inner workings of the Party, who everyone is accountable to.

* The establishment of an Executive, Judiciary and Political Wing of the Party.

* A Shadow Cabinet to set up specialist policy departments.

* A Working Party to be set up to scrutinise and re-draft the BNP Constitution which at present gives sole power and control to the Party Chairman.

* Total financial overhaul of the Party, reallocating the power of the National Treasurer to a professional chartered accountant.

* All office holders should be made fully accountable.

* Far more support for all of our Councillors.

* A review of all those expelled due to lack of a fair and proper disciplinary procedure being in place.

* A concerted effort to target the seriously damaging negative image that surrounds the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Excellent to see this blog back up and running again - it should make sure people realise just what utter scum Gri££in is.

I know many many people who would join the BNP again if it was not for that self-capitalist coward.

Gri££in may be all nicey nicey at meetings, and he is an excellent speaker though he is a crook and a liar.

Anonymous said...

Is Cllr Auty standing as an official VoC candidate, or is VoC just backing him as a candidate who can unify the party again?

It will take a very good man to repair the damage that Griffin and his sidekick Collett have done to the party. And just maybe Colin is this Man. Good luck Colin Auty, I'm sure you can beat Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Dont be a fool Colin, you aint got a cat in hells chance of getting 2% votes lol lol

Anonymous said...

I recently posted a piece on the leadership challenge blog and it was removed, more than likely because it was not considered apt. I have copied and pasted it here because I think it is very relevant to the situation:

I have just been on the ‘Voice of Change’ website and read their latest offering, an article from John Tyndall 4 years ago. It is something all true Nationalists should take time to read, not just read but inwardly digest in respect of the late and truest of Nationalists. Try printing it out and reading it and, as you do so, underline or highlight all relevant issues and historic facts within this piece and then, for good measure, try reading them again. If you are a true, true BNP member, a true Nationalist you owe it to yourselves to take time out to read and ponder. Even the local village idiot could not miss the fact that the happenings of the past have not gone away and have continued to fester beneath the surface for years, manifesting themselves in the latest unholy and treacherous purge. This purging, sidelining and marginalisation of some of the best people in the BNP will be its constant Achilles heel suited to only one purpose, that of the Chairman, the leader, he who must be obeyed Nick Griffin, ‘State Asset’ and traitor.

A leopard does not change its spots and Colin Aulty will be denied all democratic process in the leadership challenge ahead. He will also be called vermin, UAF infiltrator etc. etc. Deja Vous or history repeating itself, call it what you will but I know it as despotic, self serving egotism of the worst kind; mainly because the vast majority of members and activist work unpaid and at their own expense for the Nationalist cause and are just used, minions, do as your told rank and file.

All those members that dutifully toe the Griffin line are not helping to further Nationalism and democracy one bit but are in fact hindering it and holding it back. See the writing on the wall; smell the coffee, the time is ripe. Put your hand in Nick Griffins pocket and retrieve your Balls for God’s sake.

Offensive words you might think, truth often hurts unfortunately but BNP shoulders, especially those of candidates, councillors and activists, are much stouter than most and a bit of inward criticism and evaluation can work wonders. It’s also good for the soul and helps stoke the boilers for the political fight ahead, just don’t allow the lib.lab.con enemies of the party distract your view of the enemy within.

I’ll finish with the first line of two quotes:

‘You can fool all of the people some of the time’


‘When the going gets tough’

Nuff Said

Good luck Colin

Anonymous said...

I agree that with thin envelopes and the ballot papers posted to a friendly Gri££in PO Box that Colin will be lucky to get 2%

Anonymous said...

Can't we get Barnbrook to support Auty?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how much of Richards GLA money has ended up in greedy griffins back pocket?