Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Voice of Change forum now open

The Voice of Change website has now launched a forum and is open for business.

It is a Nationalist - specifically - Pro-British Nationalism community. If you object or are offended by the concept of a European having a Nationalist domestic or world view; you are dutifully advised to avoid this site.

Lurkers will not tolerated. e.g. Individuals who register and then repeatedly log into the forum but never participate.

Such users' accounts will be summarily deleted without prior notification. New registrations are expected to make at least an introduction post within 2 weeks of registration.

This is intended to be a Nationalism oriented online community of quality and merit dedicated to the principles and committed to the aspirations of Britons who love and wish to preserve the integrity and viability of the respective English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish National and ethnic identities that are collectively 'the British'.

Those of you who arrive in the spirit of this mandate will be made most welcome.


Anonymous said...

I've signed up.

Anonymous said...

All members who support the voc will be refused addmission to any bnp meeting


Anonymous said...


Thats why, as a supporter of VOC I was invited to a meeting the other day then?

and yes, they were fully aware of my thoughts and position on this!

perhaps you'd be better off considrering all the facts before you spout empty threats. The VOC is Pro BNP, and will remain so, we just want to see it move forward under a democratic leadership without the baggage of the past.

If you dont, then you should go and join UKIP or the NF as they're purposefully not going anwhere and would appreciate people joining them who wish to do the same.

Anonymous said...

John, Who wants to attend a BNP meeting anyway under the present leadership. I for one refuse to sit there nodding and smiling like a nodding dog on the back shelf of a car.

Anonymous said...

That's not very democratic John, we are fighting the establishment and complain when they refuse us ( the BNP ) a voice, are you not being a tad hypocritical by denying others a legitimate voice, after all, we ( the BNP ) don't want to appear to be a dictatorship surely.

Anonymous said...

John said - "All members who support the voc will be refused addmission to any bnp meeting."

I don't know who you are or on what authority you make such a statement.

That said, I hope you are not employed in any journalistic role within the Party.

Firstly bnp should be higher case! addmission should be admission and more importantly voc should be VOC!!!.

I support the BNP and agree with 90% of the manifesto I also support the VOC and agree with 70% of what they advocate. Why then should you deny me admission to a BNP meeting?

If you and other BNP members, wish to oppose the VOC, then fine use your democratic vote, as you see fit, at the next leadership election and allow me to use mine with the same freedom.

Suppression of free speech within the Party should be opposed at all costs and I trust you agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I've attended meetings in both camps and my local group knows it.

Nothing has been said about preventing me entering any meetings.

Anonymous said...

John, who in God's name would want to go to a BNP meeting with that corrupt and selfish traitor leading it?

It amazes me that people can still go along and listen to him vomit lies after what he has done and continues to do to the Party. He is doing more damage than all the Red’s in this country put together.

I wish he would just dry-up and evaporate for the good of all our children, the bas*ard.

Anonymous said...

Having privately resigned my position and any active role in the party and been banned from posting on the BNP Forum by brain-washed 5 minute wonders in the party I have no option but to sign up and have now applied. Freedom of Speech in the Real BNP - I don't think so!