Saturday, 1 March 2008

Paul Cromie shows his true colours

Cllr Paul Cromie has shocked and outraged BNP supporters by sending out an unsolicited and illegal email entitled “King Midas in Reverse – LOL”. The email which was sent out on the 27th February was sent to a host of VOC supporters and BNP members.

The email content is a clipping of a local newspaper report about a six month driving ban for doing 40mph in a 30mph zone that was imposed upon current BNP member and long term activist Dr James Lewthwaite. Not only that but Dr Lewthwaite had until recently been serving as a Councillor for the BNP on Bradford Council. Being caught in a speed camera trap is hardly the crime of the century but Cromie is using anything he can to discredit an extremely well respected, hard-working and dedicated nationalist.

The full content of the actual email sent out by Paul Cromie is copied below:

Here we go again folks,another fine mess " King Midas in Reverse" has got himself into.

Unlike the real King Midas,everything Lewthwaite touches turns to ( shit ) I cant stop laughing.

Regards Paul

This disgraceful and shocking behaviour by Paul Cromie comes as no real surprise to those who have worked closely with him for some time. The fact that he is willing to try and publicly shame a hard-working BNP activist really shows his true colours and lack of integrity as a nationalist. Cromie has been a big donor to the party and therefore is likely to receive no punishment for his recent slanderous comments. Nick Griffin recently elevated Paul Cromie to the position of Bradford Organiser, supported by newly appointed Yorkshire RO Adrian Marsden. This ridiculous appointment by Griffin just shows his total lack of judgement and is another example of the kind of people that Griffin is surrounding himself with nowadays.

Many people will be aware that a certain senior official within the party and close aide to Nick Griffin also received a six month driving ban for speeding in September 2007. He only attended the summer school because he got someone to give him a lift, yet Paul Cromie didn’t see fit to crow about that particular individual.

Dr Lewthwaite is currently seeking legal advice over the content of the email that was sent out to numerous recipients.

This article was submitted to this blog by an activist from Bradford BNP.


Anonymous said...

Not only is Cllr Cromie the new Bradford organiser he as been given the post of election agent for Bradford and Kirklees and probably other areas of Yorkshire (ring fencing I think).As the election agent last year Cromie made several blunders, stood a candidate who was not a member of the party,allowed Collett to sabitage the electoral address of many hard working candidates.He also disregarded the importance of the postal vote which was instrumental in the poor vote we attained.A candidates windows were shot through by two men but this was not used by Cromie or the party for propaganda. The previous years elections were also shrewn with bad judgment on Cromie's behalf and yet he gets another chance.Do not think Cromie will allow people to stand on their merits alone you will not get his signature on your proposal to stand unless he thinks you are 100%in Griffins camp. Democracy and Freedom of Spech is not wanted in Griffins B.N.P. it now relies on bullies and illegal actions as its only way forward.
Given time there will be a"Cromie" in ever area that the party is represented you will all have to toe the line or "else". Griffin will not only "ring fence" Yorkshire but the entire country. The dictator as more to lose than us, his home,his livilihood and standard of living are all at risk he puts all this before our country.

west yorkshire said...

I spoke with Jim last Tuesday, and he told me about this email doing the rounds.

Jim broke the speed limit in an important part of his work, and as a direct result got banned via the points system. This can happen to anyone of us.

Cromie by sending this email, just highlights how low a party member can stoop. Us at Kirklees certainly do not want him as our election agent, nor have the time of day for him.

Bradford Activist said...

Cromie has also allegedly been linked to some very unsavoury wife-swapping antics and the like. I should imagine he would have to use his money to pay for such activity because I can’t see any woman on the planet wanting to go near him otherwise.

He is yet another great example of Griffin’s choice of crawly insects that he likes to have scuttling around him ready to attack those that stand up to his bullying. S*um.

Richard Chadfield said...

I understand that photographs of
Jim Lewthwaite's kitchen,together with comments, have been emailed to all and sundry by an individual from Bradford. How were these photographs obtained? was there tresspass on private property? (an offence) Were they obtained through/by deceipt?(an offence). Have privacy laws been violeted? Have Jim Lewthwaite's human rights been violeted? My suggestion to Jim Lewthwaite is to take good legal advice on this. My gut feeling is that someone has made a mistake.(and it is not Jim Lewthwaite).

Anonymous said...

Cromies a low life i mean who else would sit in cromie towers and demand his constituents go see him there?

Anonymous said...

Tyical of Chromasome the Fat Controler, in Bradford BNP he's always been a well detested, odious and creepy fellow. What Chromasome can't control he tries to destroy. He was all pals with Jim Lewthwaite and liked to think some of JLs vast intelect rubbed off on him. It didn't, Chromasome once did one of his famous war dances on his 'Ponderosa' style drive way when JL had called to see him on party business. Cronie smashed a bottle of wine and threatened to call the police. I can just imagine what he looked like in full spate, spitting his dummy out, going red in the face, and impersonating Santa on acid. Himself and Collet are on greasily chummy terms and hate everyone (including each other). Cronie loves the limelight and one of the best things about being a BNP rebel is that I won't have to suffer the sight of Cronie plucking his banjo badly and looking like the stereotypical mule breeder we have come to love in films like 'Mule skinning for retards' or 'The secret agent'! Cronie also hates any new talent in the Bradford BNP as he is very insecure and loves to be the centre of attention. Anyone showing a modicum of inteligence is seen as a threat instead of an asset - and to the BNPs cost - they all leave. He's Griffins man alright, but he's got oodles of luchre so it may well be that Griffin is his man. Cronie sees himself as a future Gauliter of Yorkshire, well, he would if he knew what one was. He's a nasty piece of work, he's a low life and uses low tricks. he gave three former Bradford BNP councillors hell and I don't know about the wife swapping caper, but if I were his wife I'd have swopped him for a decent honest pig, and not the ignorant arrogant one she's got. Poor woman, does seem to wear a lot of panda like mascara though. He's the best asset the Leftie scum have around here, and if he spent as much time hitting the enemy instead of arse licking Griff, well then the BNP might have gotten some where.