Sunday, 2 March 2008

North West Voice of Change Meeting

Voice of Change Meeting
Northwest, Wednesday 27th February 2008

An update meeting was arranged in Blackburn to discuss the ongoing protest and to agree a way forward in the region.

In attendance were representatives from the following BNP units: Tameside, Stockport, Wigan, Blackburn, Preston and Lancaster, Manchester, Oldham and Bury. 42 people were in attendance.


Dave Jones chaired the meeting, and set out the political precedence of party activists resigning their positions when they disagree with their party. It is a long standing tradition in politics to resign in protest – members of the cabinet have done this more prominently, and it is considered a badge of honour in some circles. So it would seem that instead of throwing their hands up in disgust and walking away from unresolved issues, Kenny, Sadie and Steve were doing no more than any other politician in terms of protest.

Additionally, it is well known that various pressure groups exist within political parties – and these use their group to try and sway party policy – indeed these are the very groups that bring about political debate at party conferences. The existence of a pressure group within the BNP merely acts as a signal that the political activists are at a level of maturity which needs proper management.


Bev Jones then gave a brief outline of the events leading to the raids and expulsions in December.

“In my opinion the setting up of the blog by Kenny Smith was the end result of a long line of failed discussions, and was a step taken as a last resort. Problems between advisory council members had been ongoing for some time, and complaints about the treasury department were the most pressing issue. While I personally had a few errors to solve with treasury, and I know of other units who had a similar situation, none of these seemed severe. However, if you consider that Sadie and Ian Dawson would have had to field a myriad of complaints about this issue, then you see a different level of problems arise.

Whatever frictions have built up around the day to day problems, and the many reports, accusations and slurs that have arisen out of the disastrous sacking and raids, it is quite clear that the BNP would not be in a position to run a government, or even a local council.

Without proper procedures, fair disciple and an inclusive approach to the party membership, we will not succeed. The BNP has the right policies, and the right mindset for the running of the country, but we must get our stall in order before we can get any further. The party can not be run with a schoolboy bully attitude and giving jobs to the boys (or the drinking club) – it just does not work.”


Bev presented copies of the Voice of Change party structure for perusal. This is an example of how the party could be managed and was similarly rolled out at the VOC Conference in Nottinghamshire. One of the main proposals was for there to be a political figurehead, with the day to day management of the party to be handled by other departments, with the membership deciding who is in charge.

The Voice of Change pressure group will be fighting a leadership contest, with the new structure of the party as the basis of the campaign, and the need for democracy within the ranks as our clear objective.

Way forward:

Charles Mather spoke on what the Wigan group had done as a protest. They do not wish to disband, and will be fighting local elections this May. He advocates we must support local activity – including the London GLA campaign.

Jim Lewthwaite (Bradford BNP) spoke briefly on the management problems at branch level in Yorkshire, and also had some interesting ideas on how to protest.

The floor was open for comment, and the following lines of action were suggested:

ª Funds should be gathered at local level and used at local level – do not support appeals for funding from head office
ª Membership – renew if you wish to vote against Griffin in the leadership contest
ª Engage with other members – attend as many meetings and local activities as possible to talk to ordinary members and explain the problem
ª A National VOC bulletin will soon be written and distributed by email at least once a month– ideally each person can forward them on to as many of their friends and colleagues as possible – this would relieve the postage cost, and spread the work load as well.
ª Use the internet more effectively – the blog and web site need to be maintained.
ª Use Google advertising links to spread the word
ª Candidates – it is up to individuals if they wish to stand under the BNP banner or as Independents on a Nationalist ticket, either way it would be good for people to work locally in their wards.
ª Printing material – since the BNP printers are not being used, a tri-colour Risograph is to be sourced and a central printing office will be set up again.
ª Send donations to Voice of Change or the Family Defence Appeal
ª Do not attend and extraneous BNP activities – i.e. Summer-school, National Socials and RWB – but do go to the conference and complain
ª Pressure local organisers to write a letter of protest to Griffin
ª Cancel ID magazine orders – we are not sure if it actually belongs to the BNP or Collett
ª Reduce orders of VOF
ª Do not sell any merchandise from Great White Records or Excalibur at meetings
ª Wear a VOC badge at all party meetings
ª Talk to everyone you can, any way you can – especially the internet

Please note that the above are not necessarily the views of all the supporters of VOC or the expelled members . These are simply a summary of the points that were raised and discussed at the meeting. Individuals are free to decide if they support these points or not.

The meeting ended with a collection, all together £197 was raised towards Voice of Change.


Anonymous said...

Any people wearing VOC badges will be sent packing from BNP meetings.

Roy Goodwin

Bristol Britannia said...

Where do we get Voice of Change badges?

And when is the website home page going to be updated again?

And VOC supporters - please come and join in the VOC forum!

Richard Chadfield said...

This was a very successful meeting.I would like to thank those North West BNP units who sent their representatives to attend and offer stratagies for the post Griffin nationalist future.
ps. I would appreciate it if BNP security defer from raiding my home.

Forseti said...

You report the suggestion: "ª Use the internet more effectively – the blog and web site need to be maintained."

Yet posts on this blog are few and far between. You are either not receiving or not posting comments. The voiceofchange website home page appears not to be working and the regional news section, which comes up automatically, is looking like Simon Darby's ridiculous blog, graced by a picture of a capercaillie. Nothing wrong with birds as such but there should be some politics on the site at first instance.

At this rate Voice of Change will soon die a death leaving Griffin as undisputed leader.

VOC Supporter said...

It's encouraging to read that another meeting has been held which suggests that VOC is not losing momentum. It seems to me that there were a lot of well thought out sensible suggestions made.

Can I just make one more ? Throughout the last several months, much has been said about standing as Independent Nationalists, but surely if such candidates were to stand as Voice of Change then that name would link them together, otherwise the VOC will be all fragmented while the rest of the BNP ( NIck Griffin etc. ) is one solid group. All that would remain would be to make sure that everyone knows what VOC is.

I do not see that as a problem, however. I see it as an opportunity to let people know what is going on. In that way, VOC could attract people who have never before voted BNP.

Anonymous said...

This is not directly link to this website but I am looking for anyone who can help preserve a piece of my local history. In brief, my village had a school built on land bequeath by the Primate of all Ireland, Arch Bishop of Armgh, born and bred in our village, Sarah Fergason a direct descendant of James Margetson. Leeds city council are trying to sell off the school and land to 'pay' for the new amalgamated primary school. I AND A LOCAL GENT ARE TRYING TO SAVE THE SCHOOL AND A PIECE OF HISTORY. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP OR GIVE US ANY POINTERS?
If this was for an ethnic group, money would be thrown at us!

Anonymous said...

It is now too late to stand for anything other than 1. Independent 2.B.N.P. 3.No name 4.B.N.P.+ name sanctioned by the party sorry.

VOC Regional News said...

"The voiceofchange website home page appears not to be working and the regional news section, which comes up automatically, is looking like Simon Darby's ridiculous blog, graced by a picture of a capercaillie. Nothing wrong with birds as such but there should be some politics on the site at first instance."

Get lost forseti (and what kind of name is that?)

Do you have a problem with promoting our endangered wildlife? Obviously you do. Or are you one of those stupid, irritating "cute and cuddly" merchants who only cares about animals if they have big brown eyes and fur?

ALL British nationalists should care about protecting our heritage, of which our wildlife is a part (never heard of the Land and People group of the BNP?) I am promoting the conservation of our wildlife and I don't care whether you like it or not, it does have approval and support from people higher up in VOC than you are.

We have many positive comments about the Regional News section, enough to be able to do without the crass opinions of small minded people such as yourself.

Louise Scott
Regional News Editor

Anonymous said...

Any people wearing VOC badges will be sent packing from BNP meetings.

Roy Goodwin
I just love this statement from Roy (Royski) Goodwin. It just demonstrates to everyone the Nick Griffin supporters concept of democracy. Namely: if you have a view point differant to our own (the N.G supporters) and are prepared to defend and promote your viewpoint then you are not welcome at BNP meetings. Incredible. Mr Royski may I remind you that just a few short months ago Mr Griffin spoke at an Oxford University debate to defend free speech. Now you are going to 'send packing' those who exercise free speech or merely wear a badge in support of free speech.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

I am a female member and i will wear my VOC badge with pride when and where i like .
what are you going to do stone me to death behead me "? call this free speech ROY GOODWIN is acting like NICK GRIFFINS spokes person but then he probably is the more you dictate to members the more we will fight.

Forseti said...

Sorry I do like wildlife, I just can't stand Simon Darby and get put off by anything that brings him to mind.

One of the causes I support, and I hope you do too, is conservation of the habitat of the Scottish wild cat.

Congratulations on getting the forum up and running. Will probably join if not told to get lost.

Anonymous said...

Burnley will not allow any voc members to there BNP meetings

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous said...
Burnley will not allow any voc members to there BNP meetings
This is probably true. Is the Burnley poster aware that Mr Griffin has proscribed the EiE blog? The Burnley poster is ,by order of Mr Griffin, forbidden to read or post on the EiE blog and must now present himself/herself to a BNP discipilinary tribunal for disobeying Mr Griffin.The question is why is Burnley BNP so frightened of V of C supporters that they will not allow them into Burnley BNP meetings. Clearly Burnley branch believe the V of C message is very attractive to very many BNP members otherwise there would be no need for such anti democratic proscriptions. But then Burnley branch is, from what I hear,a rather strange branch. It was once the opposition party on Burnley council but now has lost that position. Burnley branch once set the pace.This of course was when Steven Smith was their organiser. Steven Smith was so effective at developing Burnley BNP that the BNP leadership had to get rid of him. What does that tell us? The only pace that Burnley 'branch' sets now is the pace of decline.They have ,I hear, no activists. The England First Party Chairman, Steven Smith, has, I am told, been putting our their leaflets for them. V of C supporters will not be allowed to attend Burnley meetings. I am just suprised to hear Burnley unit still have meetings.
Richard Chadfield