Friday, 21 March 2008

Help the Family Defence Appeal

On the 14th of March at Manchester High Court the current BNP Chairman Nick Griffin launched proceedings against six expelled BNP officials. Mr. Griffin is taking civil legal action against Steve Blake, former web editor; Ian Dawson, former Group Support Officer; Sadie Graham, former Head of Group Development; Matt Single, former Security Training Officer; Kenny Smith, former Head of Administration and Nicholla Smith, former Head of Excalibur operations. Mr. Griffin is claiming that items held by the defendants have not been returned to the Party. He is also claiming misuse of BNP membership lists. He is also seeking damages to a maximum of �50,000.

Because the proceedings are now sub judice we are not at liberty to publish any further details of the proceedings.


The defendants are all challenging this vexatious action and invite BNP members to question whether this is good use of the hard won funds of the Party. Mr. Griffin seems prepared to gamble thousands of pounds of donors' money in an act of spite and revenge.

The most obvious comment is that the Party leadership has managed to bring loyal party activists to court for alleged misuse of Party data while refusing to do so when such proven misuse was carried out by the real enemies of the Party.

Guardian journalist Ian Cobain got away with exposing Simone Clarke as a BNP member in 2007. Andy Sykes passed dozens perhaps even hundred of names and addresses on to left-wing organisations, some of whom wrote to the BNP members. No action was taken against Sykes or his BBC accomplice, Jason Gwynne.

Members could well ask why this is the case? Could it be that the VoC people are seen as a soft touch, lacking the financial "clout" of The Guardian, the BBC or the Trade Unions?

Or is Mr. Griffin under instruction to do this?

Whatever the reasoning behind this decision the contrast between his lack of action against the establishment media and the VoC members has been noted.

The Family Defence Appeal needs your help to support the huge cost of defending the six BNP loyalists in this case.

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