Sunday, 3 February 2008

Wolverhampton organiser sacked for attending VOC conference

I would like to explain my reasons for not being organiser for the Wolverhampton BNP group anymore. I did not resign, I was stood down by West Midlands RO Simon Darby on Thursday 31st January. This was after he had asked me if I attended the Voice Of Change conference in Brinsley on January 27th . I of course told him that I had and that I fully supported what was proposed on the day.
Although not completely surprised by this, it is still disappointing to be ousted from a position because of supporting what I believe are much needed changes within the party. I did not resign my position earlier because I felt it would be unfair on my small but dedicated team of activists here in Wolverhampton. I had recently ordered a batch of leaflets from the party and was preparing to go full steam ahead for the elections in May. This decision was despite what I can only describe as an 'orgy of idiocy' conducted by the party since that fateful day in December.
I have been the organiser for Wolverhampton since September 2005. This City had been something of a Nationalist black hole for a few decades, no group or branch for the BNP had existed here since the party was formed in 1982. Wolverhampton was, when I joined in 2002, part of the Black Country branch, with focus mainly and unsurprisingly on the actual 'Black Country' and not far away Wolverhampton districts like Tettenhall or Wednesfield.
Despite a small membership in the area I managed to put together a team of activists and put forward a candidate for one ward in the May 2006 council elections. The ward, Wednesfield North, I had specifically chosen and targeted.
We gained 1016 votes, taking 25% of the total vote and only 200 votes behind the winning Conservative candidate. Not bad for a first off. And we rattled some cages, the local MP getting himself worked up about it on the night and on his blog a few days later!
Fast forward to 2007 and we jump to 6 candidates, including an ex Tory councilor. Unfortunately, as across a lot of the country our vote went slightly down in Wednesfield North, but still held up to a respectable 22% . Our new wards also returned good percentages especially Bushbury North.
As far as I know no new organiser has been appointed yet, but I still hope we can carry on the good work here, whoever is in charge.
The events of the past few months have been a shock to me. I could not believe that this party could be so foolish and spiteful. Yes possibly the Mark Collett blog might have seemed wrong to some but when you hear the situation leading up to it could they have done anything else without getting sacked anyway? Why do opponents of VOC keep stating 'nobody is bigger than the party' ? When it is pretty obvious that certain individuals can do pretty much as they please without fear of being held to account the same as anybody else would? Mark Collett for example, with the two highly embarrassing documentaries, not just for himself, but every single member of the BNP who has to try and defend his actions, should really have been kept on a low profile ever since. But no, we find him climbing through the ranks, lecturing us on party image at the national conference (I still can't get my head around that) and being earmarked as a future leader of the party! You couldn't make it up.
People should also remember that this situation would be nowhere near as bad as it is now if it wasn't for the party idiotically broadcasting the whole saga on the front page of it's newly launched website. And then branding people who have been in the party for years as Neo Nazis. Then giving them a deadline to return to the party! Then branding them Reds./Searchlight/MI5 spies and agents. Madness.
I stood outside two court buildings in Yorkshire to defend free speech. And yet on the party forum, of which I have been banned, I find the moderators enticing people to 'speak their minds' on the events of the last month or so only to be promptly banned if they show even the slightest sympathy towards the sacked individuals or the aims of this group.
I have always been a big supporter of Nick Griffin, I think he has done a fantastic job in helping take this party to where it is today. I also like him on an individual basis as a very funny and often down to earth man. However, if a leadership challenge is the only way to bring in the much needed changes presented by the VOC group, the only way to prepare this party for a breakthrough into the mainstream as a democratic and professionally run organisation then that is what I have to support.
I know many of my friends in the West Midlands might be disappointed or even angry at me for this. I can only ask them to look closely at what has gone on and think carefully about what they want for the future of this party. If things stay the same as they are then these whole events will happen all over again, with different people and for more or less the same reasons. And it's not the fault of the 'lefties' or 'searchlight' but the whole set up of the party. It's hard enough for this to happen now but a more catastrophic event four or five years down the line with a bigger membership and bigger ambitions will be an even bigger and painful fall.
I don't want that to happen, I want us to succeed and go forward as a party to be proud of.
Steve Haddon
Ex Wolverhampton Organiser


GR said...

Not to worry at least Mr darby saved a rabbit today, its great that he tries to appear as this animal loving person, ever so nice and sweet, while at the same time he is a callous shit towards fellow nationalists.

Is he Dr doolittle or is he just plain doo lally

I heard he wears eye shadow, is their any truth is this, maybe he likes to wear other womans clothing to go along with his nice eye makeup

Anonymous said...

Excellent posting that sums up perfectly what most people are thinking. I am an organiser who did not attend the VoC meeting though I agree with their aims and I really can't trust our current leadership anymore.

I am not sure if my Regional Organiser will sack me if he finds out my opinions on this, though I doubt it as I am sure he feels the same.

Well done Steve - I have never personally met you yet you seem like a decent guy and you have obviously done a great job in Wolverhampton.

tommy said...

Well done for speaking out against Cyclops. Any chance you can have a word with the london griffinites, to tell them the score?

I'm so worried, as lots of us now are, that Griffo will do well in londonl, win money from the GLA, and we will be finished. This is terrifying, and we must persuade pro-griffin bnp in london to resign the whip before the election, or else Griffin will continue as leader for another ten years before Collett takes over.

Anonymous said...

Let that be a lesson to all those people thinking of supporting VoC. Just stop doing it, just get on with what you're told to do. Don't think for yourselves, you're not allowed to, apart from that you don't have the brains to think for youselves. Only Griffin, Darby, Collett and Hannam run the party so just shut up and keep bringing in the money. The BNP is a democratic party but you must not speak against or even think against (?) he who must be obeyed because anyone who thinks for themselves could be a threat. So there you have it, just keep working and put up with it for the sake of Griffins furure retirement fund.

Barry taylor said...

Very sorry to hear of this Steve - I know it sounds odd, but this is a golden opportunity. - Now you will find out who your REAL friends are!

Those that know you as a good bloke will now realise that the leadership of the BNP has become "unstable" and must be replaced.

Please let as many BNP mates as possible know what has happened to you - it will help them to make their own decision about this.

Thomas J said...

Good on ya Steve-o, you summed up exactly why we need a new party.

"If things stay the same as they are then these whole events will happen all over again, with different people and for more or less the same reasons. And it's not the fault of the 'lefties' or 'searchlight' but the whole set up of the party. It's hard enough for this to happen now but a more catastrophic event four or five years down the line with a bigger membership and bigger ambitions will be an even bigger and painful fall"

We are fully behind you.

Nick,Mark,David and Simon your time is up.


p.s Has anyone noticed how the BNP leadership who rabbit on about free speech have blocked, deleted or refused to post criticism of their leadership or the party by its members and ex-members on their website. It is like a communist run website at the moment.

egalitarian said...

Steve, I am beginning to believe that anyone who does not subscribe to the “Party Dogma” will be proscribed from their post or from the Party. Freedom of speech is not acceptable within the party but is expected by the BNP leadership from the country in general and from government authorities in particular. How hypocritical is that?

The party has unquestionably been taken down an unconstitutional route by the present leadership as any enquiring member will be aware. Sadly, however, most of those members who questioned the party leadership, structure or finances have found themselves being unjustly accused of some activity which contravenes the constitution and subsequently expelled.

There has been so much evidence concerning unjust accusations and expulsions over the past few years I am amazed the membership have allowed this to continue. Then…… on reflection, perhaps not, considering the repressive management and propaganda we members are being subjected to.

The constitution enables the chairman to do anything without the approval of any party official or of the membership. Even the rules governing the Advisory Council give the Chairman the final say in any decision they may reach.

The BNP Constitution gives too much power to one individual (The Chairman) and provides the basis for autocratic dictatorial leadership. I am not surprised it is unavailable on the Official BNP Web Site since it is not a document the party management would wish to make public. For those more discerning members who wish look into the BNP constitution it can be found here:-

Progress towards constitutional and management changes will require, in the first instance, changes to the constitution. This is unlikely to happen until the Groups, Branches and Regions call for such changes.

There may be other avenues open to encourage the present leadership to consider constitutional reform.

• Is the Chairman acting within the constitution?

Under the “Freedom of Information Act” any member can insist on being provided with copies of the minutes of the Advisory Council Meetings for say the last 2 years. It would be interesting to see how many meetings were held in this period and what if any decisions were taken by the Advisory Council. Additionally, it would also be most interesting to see if the Advisory Council actually made the decision regarding the appointment of the Auditors for 2006 and 2007 and if not who appointed them?

• Complain to the Electoral Commission

Submit complaints regarding any concerns one may have with the financial management and secondly with the constitution under which the party is managed.

• Public pressure.

Use the media to publicly expose the unconstitutional direction the party is being driven towards under the totalitarian agenda of the Party Chairman.


Hi Steve,
I know how you feel mate. I also know how it feels to find your area rudderless too.
We stood defending 'freedom of speech and expression'at the Leeds crown courts, in snow, rain and freezing conditions. Now the very party that proports to be a defnder of free speech and expression is purgeing itself of free thinking hard working activists why?
We had to listen to the great unwashed reds, calling us nazis, but now the chairman calls his hardest working officials nazis why?

lynne said...

NG is on his way out of Nationalist politics but it will be a slow death because the man has serious mental health problems and is in a mindset where he has to have total control and subserviency and he cannot do that anymore because the party has outgrown him and therefore his response has been to oust. Unfortunately for NG the very nature of HIS party, the BNP, attract people who are free thinkers and see what is happening to the country and where it is headed because they are not seduced by lies and verbal deception by the main stream parties. They are people who ‘put their heads over the parapet’ for the future of their country and families often to the detriment of themselves.
NG has betrayed them and himself and his supposed ideals. I have heard him speak several times and he is accomplished but I have never felt the passion of commitment from him. Others that speak may not have his expertise but because they do not ‘act’ the part they inspire the heart because of their passion. He was never going to take the BNP forward for many reasons already observed by others but mostly because he is insincere. I personally was never inspired by him but inspired by others, many of whom have been ejected or are currently perturbed but I feel his present state may not entirely be his own fault but perhaps to some degree the fault of the BNP membership who too readily put their trust and unquestionable faith in this man. They saw through blinkered eyes what they needed to see. There are those still who have not accepted these truths. In future this will never happen again because it will be seen that there are structures in place within the BNP to prevent this.
I don’t know what kind of Britain my grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit or even what kind of world but I do believe there will always be those with the SPIRIT and COURAGE that is needed to be free thinkers and doers.

Anti-gag said...

What Steve is saying here is just what many other people have come to realise is the truth over the last two months. Griffin is a charismatic and likable man, as all confidence tricksters must be, and like all con men inevitable he has been exposed as such. It is clear to me now that the Griffin/Collett gang see the BNP as their own little piggy bank.

The BNP has reached an electoral plateau nationally at about 20% of the vote. To move on to the summit of electoral success, we need to be seen as fully electable by the British public, that will not come about without an efficient management team, nor can it happen with the Collett millstone around the party’s neck.

The fact that the Griffin/Collett old guard are willing to abundant entire areas of the country, because of a personal vendetta, will only strengthen our case with party members come the summer’s leadership challenge. Voice of Change activists must now been seen at every event the party holds prominently displaying VofC badges, ie. community activism within the party, taking our cause directly to the people who will be voting in that leadership election, BNP activists.

Chris Hill

Cllr Chris said...

Looks like the purge is gathering pace - not just to Steve Hadden. I've just tried to email Chris Hill on his "" email address (just a general round email - nothing important) and it bounced back as "User Unknown". Even though Chris still gives this "bnp" email address on his website.

Wonder if Chris knows about this yet?

Anonymous said...

You can always rely on Darby to do the right thing.

The man who does nothing for the party but sees fit to sack good activists.

Says it all.

Yesterday I considered renewing, today I reconsidered.


Richard Chadfield said...

I confess, living,as I do, some two hundred and fifty miles from London, I have no knowledge of the election process for the GLA. It is,I understand, by proportional representation and that should give us a chance or so some people say. What percentage of the vote across London do we need to win to get a member elected? What is our current average vote across London? If we took Dagenham and Barking out of the equation what would our average vote across London be? What are the chances of vote fraud taking place and what procedures does the BNP have in place to combat vote fraud? In 2004 we were told a similar story about wining a Euro M.P in 2004. As everyone knows,for a variety of reasons, one of which, in my opinion, was vote fraud, our hopes came to nothing. All BNP members and supporters should understand that the establishment carries out psychological warfare against us. One of psychological warfares techniques is to raise up our expectations of success and then to make us fail. Result: members/supporters demoralised, recruitment declines, donations reduce and the party stagnates to the establishments plan. Setting unrealistic targets and then leading members /supporters to believe that they are attainable and then failing to attain the targets damages the BNP. While I hope we can be successful in London I believe that we should be very wary of the motives of those who foretell success.


Simon Derby may be worth taking a closer look at (as I suspect is the entire BNP leadership) The quote below comes from former BNP member and West Midlands BNP councillor Simon Smith's website.
"When Darby won Castle and Priory, he gave his address as the 'ALBION WORKS' in the Black-Country. Former West Mids Organiser BNP Steve Edwards, who Darby dumped on, checked this out. Not only did Darby not have a business there, it was owned by a Labour councillor. What is also strange is, no one complained, no press coverage etc Darby would have lost his seat had it been revealed".
What this suggests to me, if Simon Smith's post is true, is colusion between the BNP West Mids Organiser and the Labour Party. Makes you think does it not?

Avro RJ100 said...

I wouldn't worry about being banned from that BNP Forum, I've been kicked off too and I don't give a ****. It's full of pro-immigrant, anti British traitors anyway.

The current management of the Party is a mess - it is hard if not impossible to get monthly orders of VoF (nice to see that the immigrant is in charge of the lit runs and stuff!)

That FSID DVD came today (I thought up some new words for those initials and they're not as flattering as the ones the BNP use!) but I don't want to see Griffin's face or hear his voice. If I get my way it won't be played, there are some programmes on this week about the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, which should be alot more interesting than the garbage they send out. The last one was smashed up with a hammer after a close up of the immigrant's face appeared on screen, and I would do the same with any others which feature that character.

Anonymous said...

Both sides here seem to be missing the point, while you argue like children our country is getting taken away from us, if the BNP modernise or change they either become like UKIP with no back bone or even worse end up like the conservatives, if the BNP manage to survive & double their amount of council seats every year it will still take 20 years to get a BNP government, this is unlikely to succeed, we have not got 20 years, we need to act today, every second of every hour is precious, let no one stand in our way, the solution is to move forwards, to move forwards together, we have no time to wait for people who are undecided, the time is now, lets do it together, just like the crusaders, let us fly the flag of St George once more, not just on St Georges day, but every day & as for our enemies, do to them as what they would do to us, we will succeed because like our forefathers, God is with us!

Anonymous said...

One of the first questions at the VoC meeting was about whether the panel felt people would be targeted for speaking out.
Kenny answered that question and was honest as ever - Griffin would be claiming second sight if it was him given the treatment meted out to Steve - when he said he thought people would be targeted because the Griffin camp don't tolerate those who express opinions different from their own.
For Steve and the rest off us though getting sacked from our posts in the Griffin BNP should be seen as a badge of honour now. Hold your heads up high and tell the truth. If Griffin's gang sack you for that then your local activists and members will get the message loud and clear.
The BNP is no longer serving the membership but Nick Griffin and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Yet another honest and sincere article on this blog site.
Stick to your guns Steve. The path of truth is not always and easy on to take but it is the right one to follow.
It is clear to me that you guys are fighting on the side of good; justice, free speech and democracy while the Griffin mob just want blind obedience and unthinking boobies, to support their dark conspiracy of financial scams and mismanagement which serves them and not the membership.

Anonymous said...

"at least Mr darby saved a rabbit today"

Actually he didn't save it at all. He says it was dying of myxomatosis but instead of putting it out of its misery he left it to die a lingering and painful death.

Much like his attitude to our party.

egalitarian said...

Can anyone confirm or otherwise if the party auditor for 2006 and 2007 was appointed constitutionally?

Extract from Constitution:

1) Once elected, the National Chairman shall have full executive power over all the affairs of the party. This will include:-
(a) Power of appointment to all other executive offices in the party, with the exception of the Party Auditor, who shall be appointed by the Advisory Council as specified in Section 5 and who shall not be the same person as the National Treasurer.

This is the only item within the constitution which the Chairman should have no control over. Who appointed the auditor in 2006 and 2007? Was the chairman in breach of the constitution?

millie said...

I don't think we met at the meeting and I'm sorry about that.
I hope everyone realises now why I had to resign as a forum moderator.

Collett's Cockroach said...

Please don't blame Mr Griffin, he has obviously had a mental breakdown of some sort. He's been trying to run the BNP single handed and it's finally got to him.

St George said...

anti-gag said

The BNP has reached an electoral plateau nationally at about 20% of the vote. To move on to the summit of electoral success, we need to be seen as fully electable by the British public, that will not come about without an efficient management team, nor can it happen with the Collett millstone around the party’s neck.


Couldn't agree more Chris but how can this take place when Griffin keeps getting shot of top people. And when are more members, especially those in the south, going to wake up to the truth, Griffin can't sack everyone.

Brum Boy said...

Has anybody seen the first series of Star Trek featuring Bones, Spock and Captain Kirk? Note how the characters you never seen before, who beamed down to an alien planet, were never seen of again, just because Spock, Bones and Captain Kirk hogged the limelight?

If the One-Eyed Monster increases his popularity as well as his bank balance after the GLA london elections, he will seem fit not just to sack one or two "troublemakers", but the whole lot of us.

Helping Barnbrook to deliver leaflets, would be akin to commiting suicide.

Barbrook is representing NG in London, and helping line his pocokets with gold.

I'd rather be castrated with an old rusty knife than deliver a single leaflet for Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Steve Haddon was indeed a good organiser in a very difficult area. Providing leadership that saw candidates stand in the borough of Wolverhampton to the best of my knowledge for the first time.Steve like many BNP activists/officials have given their free time and petrol and perhaps risked censure from employers.

Steve is too kind to Griffin. One commentator on this blog has vented their frustration on the FSID dvds AKA NG's self publicity machine. This is why Griffin is regarded as a good politician BECAUSE HE IS A VERY GOOD SELF PUBLICIST....In 2005 I videoed the St George's Day parade in West Bromwich. There was excellent footage of many Black Country activists speaking about enjoying the day, criticising Labour etc. The next year Griffin turns up. I video and interview him as well as the Black Country activists AND ALL WE GET ON THE EDITED VERSION IS GRIFFIN. By 2007, the camcorder stayed at home.

roadto said...

I think in the BNP of any sort, Griffin or not, need to get the message across to people in easy bite size pieces. I have been thinking along the lines of a simple poem/article about "the road to sharia". Please bear in mind I'm a techican, not brilliant at putting things like this in writting creatively.


Were on the road to sharia

Most of the people I know do not want to go.

Were are on the road to sharia

As thats were the goverment want us to go.

Most of the silent minority swear they will leave if that's where we go.

But were are on the road to sharia, as that's were its best to go.

Good luck to those of us that remain. We will have to live with sharia.

Asylum for many who come here, but what about the people already here? Where do we go for Asylum once we get to sharia.


If that's awful I appologise but I'm sure some you have people much better at putting the point across.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the positive replies everyone.
I'd just like to make it clear that I was stood down specificly for attending the VOC conference, not for not attending the West Mids regional meeting that was held on the same day. I know this is the line that has been passed onto the drones to repeat on various internet forums.
I would also like to add my opinion tht I believe it would be disaterous for us to deliberately scupper the GLA elections. People within the party would never forgive us, and to leave our folk in London without a voice, possibly for another 4 years or even forever would be defeating the whole reason for us being here.
We've got to present ourselves to the membership both old and new as the way forward. If success in London brings us new members then those new members will be hungry for more success. And many of them will find themselves uneasy at the way things are run within the BNP, especially if they hae a bit of brain about them.
I say we offer to help in London under our own banner, so that we can , again, show we are not wreckers but people wanting to take this party forward.

Steve Haddon

SW member said...

The more this happens the more our members will see what a dictator Griffin has become. The only person with any influence on him is Mark Collett, both are mad.

Sadie, Kenny, Ian, and Steve are the only chance we have to get our party back.

Forseti said...

Thanks for the BNP constitution, egalitarian. However I think you are wrong in saying that a BNP member could ask for Advisory Council minutes under the Freedom of Information Act. That legislation only applies to public bodies and political parties are not included.

Richard Chadfield: the London Assembly election is in two parts. There are constituency representatives but as each constituency is two or three London boroughs, only Tories and Labour win these seats. The rest of the seats are allocated by means of a London-wide list vote. Voters vote separately for a party list, except that the allocation of seats takes into account the seats parties have already won in the constituency election. It is similar to the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament voting systems except that the numbers are different.

In London there is also a threshold vote. This means that although there are 25 seats on the Assembly, no party can win seats unless it gets at least 5% of the vote in the London-wide list election. With 5% a party is guaranteed one seat. With 8% a party is likely to get two seats but the precise percentage required depends on exactly how all the votes go.

The percentage is across the whole of London so it does not matter whether the votes come from Barking and Dagenham or anywhere else, they count equally.

It is difficult to say what the average voting percentage of the BNP is in London because there are many areas where the party has never stood. Another factor is that the UKIP took a lot of votes in 2004 but is unlikely to do so this time. Those votes will probably mostly go to the Tories but some might go to the BNP.

In 2004 the BNP took 4.7%. Another 5,700 votes would have won a seat.

If the BNP wins a seat, the person at the top of the London list, presumably Richard Barnbrook, will take it, but the one-eyed monster will use the victory as a huge propaganda coup within the party. Unless we can persuade Barnbrook to back Voice of Change, it would be better if we did not win.

Purging the Cyclops said...

anonymous says: "we will succeed because like our forefathers, God is with us!"

How can God be with a party in which paedophilia, manage-a-trois style orgies, bestiality, corruption, lies and more are accepted?

The BNP is always seeing the speck in everyone else's eye without seeing the log in its own.

Clean out the stables and you may get the support of more people and certainly more nationalist ACTIVISTS.

Aragorn said...

I too believe Nick has had some kind of mental breakdown. If this were the case, and if he suddenly recovered and realised what has happened while he was not in full control of his faculties, and set about putting things right like; sacking the people who were egging him on and giving him bad advice when he was unwell, and reinstating the ‘expelled’ to their former positions, would the EiE people call off the ‘strike’ and take up their positions and work tirelessly for the BNP as they did prior to December 2007?

Remember the Two Towers in the Lord of the Rings films, remember how Théoden become ill and was being controlled by the slimy Grima. Théoden was ‘cured’ by Gandalf who exposed and disposed of the odious Grima, as soon as this happened Théoden returned to his former self. If the BNP identified our own ‘Grima’ and disposed of him, could Nick Griffin once again become the great and inspirational leader he once was?

newpartyNOW said...

re Forseti :

Your explanation of the London voting system is very clear and useful, but there is one very important further fact:

if an Assembly Member having been elected through the top-up list then stands down there is no by-election, THE PARTY APPOINTS A SUCCESSOR !

so, let's say we win one seat - and Mr Barnbrook takes it - and he then has to stand down (death, illness, other comitments) his replacement would be appopinted by the party.

I notice that on his latest blog Griffin makes reference that he (NG) was born in Barnet !!! What are the chances that if there is one (or more) BNP members on the Assembly after May, they don't find a reason to "stand down" and be replaced in that well-paid position by a senior party figure born in Barnet ?????

Forseti said...

Newpartynow says (in reference to the London Assembly) "if an Assembly Member having been elected through the top-up list then stands down there is no by-election, THE PARTY APPOINTS A SUCCESSOR !"

This is true but under section 11 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999 that successor must be a person who was on the list presented by the party to the electorate at the previous London Assembly election.

Therefore if, as newpartynow postulates, the BNP gets one seat as a result of the London list election, and Richard Barnbrook, as top of the party's London list, takes the seat and then stands down, the BNP can only appoint someone who was on the list.

Nick Griffin cannot be on the list as he is not registered to vote in London and does not qualify under any of the alternative tests (being born in London is not one of them). Therefore he could not replace Barnbrook.

Anyway, there's no way Barnbrook would stand down once elected.

And Griffin may have been born in Barnet but is so ignorant about the London area that he doesn't know that South Mimms is in Hertfordshire not Essex according to his latest chairman's blog posting.

Richard Chadfield said...

fed up london member said

Let's wait till the elections to truely understand the situation. If all the mismanagement, caniving, spying, lying and underhandedness by Griffin is not used to destroy the BNP vote prior to the elections then there is something more sinister afoot than meets the eye. I still say that the government want Giffin in charge of the party to help hold it back and lessen its chances of being elected to a position of any power. If Richard does get onto the London assembly he will more than likely be eaten alive, but we live in hope.
Yes. I agree. I have, in view of the recent developements, come to the opinion that Mr Griffin and nesessarily other BNP 'leaders' are ,in reality, state employees and consequently the BNP, as it currently is, is nothing more than a state comtolled vehicle to contain dissent. It is the perfect solution to the states problem with rapidly growing dissent: put the dissenters into a state controled 'nationalist' party and keep them busy,busy,busy going noware. We have recognised the problem. Now we must devise the solution.

DarloMan said...

I'm sorry to say, Steve Haddon, any new activists welcomed into the party because of Barnbrooke's success in the London electons, would be vetted so they are staunch griffinites, yes men (and women) we can well do without. For that reason, I hope and pray Barnbrooke fails to win a single propaganda seat.

If push came to shove, I'm no coward, and griffin can call me a wrecker and any name under the sun, if I do my bit to hinder griffin in the London elections.

We all know who the real undemocratic wrecker is. He comes from Welshpool, and was, unfortunately born in Barnet......

VOC Regional News said...

Voice of Change website now has a Regional News section.

If you have news to submit please send it to


david said...

The rules covering electoral challenges within the BNP may be clear and precise but they are also corrupt and out of place in a democratic system. I have written to the electoral commission asking what the legal position is for a political party that claims to be democratic and operates in a democratic system to actually have a constitution for a dictator. I have written to the Electoral Commission for advice on this.

Anti-gag said...

Comments on this blog about hopping we, the BNP, fail in our attempt to win GLA seats are just playing right into the hand of Griffin/Collett. The declared strategy of VofC is to mount a democratic leadership challenge this summer, comments on this blog to the effect ‘we hope the BNP losses in elections’ will be used by the Griffin/Collett gang against us.
We must make sure the grassroots membership associate the London victory more with VofC than Grifin or Collett. That can only be achieved by VofC supporters get out there on the streets (wearing large VofC badges on the ribbons of our BNP rosettes) and help it come about.

We take the party back, by taking the credit for the victory away from the Griffin/Collett gang and handing it back to the activists who did the work. We are not wreckers we are go-getters driving the party forward, and kicking off the Collett/Griffin millstone.

Chris Hill

qc said...

Richard Chadfield,

What evidence do you have that Mr Griffin is a state employee?

eric said...

Why the misguided loyalty to the Cyclops, Chris Hill?

Hope you haven't lost your stomach for a fight. Supporting Nick Griffin's BNP "because that's all there is", suggests that we are weak as ditchwater, and the rebellion will not last.

I thought you had enough of helping the monster win elecktions?

Only one man will take credit for the london elections, but he is not a man at all.

We capitulate to Nick Griffin's elecktoral strategy at our peril.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Eric (16:46 PM)

I strongly suspect that most of the comments suggesting we should scuttle any chance of a BNP victory, in the GLA elections, are coming from Griffin/Collett supporters. Theses Grifletts want someone to blame if the GLA election does not produce the expected one or two seats for BNP. What better propaganda, against a leadership challenge, could those Grifletts have than to claim that ‘it was all the fault of the VofC wreckers’. We should all doubt the authenticity of any post without a verifiable name.

Let’s make sure that we get GLA members elected, and that the credit goes where it is due, to the activist, not the Griflett. The way to beat Griffin/Collett is to be seen on the streets working for the party, wearing prominent VofC badges on the ribbons of our BNP Rosettes

Chris Hill

bite the bullet said...

Sorry Chris you are just plain WRONG.

Griffin himself has said he will emerge from a successful GLA campaign in an infinitely stronger position than he is now, and that our councillors will become almost irrelevant.

He will take, and receive, the credit for "moving the BNP closer to power" and the members who have for the most part been kept in the dark will line up behind him.

VoC/EIE will NOT succeed if we allow this to happen. Get it Chris please, we WILL fail.

Yes, we will be accused of being traitors and the Griffinistas will pretend that scuppering the GLA campaign was our intention all along, but we think it is a price worth paying to get Griffin OUT.

With two GLA seats Griffin has won, and the BNP is history. With one he can claim some degree of success and our job will even then be harder than it is now. But with none he is OUT.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, or in this instance it is our unpleasant duty to do what we can to PREVENT a BNP victory in London, for the greater good of our party.

Please don't pass up this opportunity. We are FINISHED if we make the wrong choice here.

Anti-gag said...

Anonymous posts to the effect that members should not help the party’s GLA campaign are almost certainly, at least in my opinion, from UAF supporters trying to destroy the British National Party.

Let’s get VofC activists out on the streets not only in London, but all over the country. Griffin/Collett will only be able to claim the credit for a GLA victory if we fail to take it back for the membership. The BNP isn’t the two man band that Griffin/Collett would like members to believe, but we need to demonstrate this to the membership by VofC activism out on the streets, wearing large VofC badges on the ribbons of our BNP rosettes.

Chris Hill

bite the bullet said...

Chris, there is no point in wearing VoC badges on our rosettes unless the public understand the significance of them.

So what do we tell people who ask?

That we are the people who represent the BNP but have no confidence in the party's leadership?

How then can we, at the same time, expect them to vote for the BNP's candidate?

Especially as he is a supporter of the party leadership!

We are saying to the voters that WE have no confidence in the BNP under its current leadership, but they SHOULD have.

Get real Chris, sometimes in this life you have to take difficult decisions.