Thursday, 7 February 2008

Voice of Change Website update

The new Voice of Change website now has a Regional News section up and running now. This is the first step toward replacing this blog with the much more positive and aesthetically pleasing website.

The regional news section is being run by popular former BNP news correspondent Louise Scott. Louise will be working with a host of regional correspondents, but is also keen to receive submissions from those keen to become regular reporters and those who sometimes get passionate enough about a news item they have come across to enough to write about and send it in.

Articles for Regional News as well as reports on nationalist activity in your area, can be sent to Louise at Regional Correspondents can be contacted via the Regional VoC contacts listed on the contacts page.

Other features in the pipeline are a forum, where genuine free speech will be allowed, a merchandise store, and an advertisements section.

Once the new site is fully operational this blog will come down.


Anti-gag said...

This blog did a great service by letting the grassroots membership know exactly what was going on in the BNP’s upper management. When there is a clear conflict between: loyalty to the Chairman, and an official’s duty to the grassroots membership, in my humble opinion, duty to the membership should take precedence.

Every one should remember Kenny Smith’s wages were not paid by Nick Griffin or Mark Collett, they were paid out of the membership fees of ordinary decent BNP member’s. Setting up the EiE blog was both a last resort and Kenny Smith’s duty. But It’s has now served its purpose, and we move on: best of luck to the new VofC website.

Chris Hill

Fencesitter said...

Sadie. I noticed there is no link to the EIE blog over at the new Voice of change web portal. A glaring omission I would think. I am thrilled to see the launching of a new Nationalist web site backed by such a credible group of individuals. Every Nationalist and anti-EU site is an ant in the pants of the multicult, and thus a blessing for all of us.
I'll be the first to sign up when the new Forum goes online.

God bless all who's hearts are true to the cause.


Cllr Chris said...

Sounds good.

I just hope that "genuine free speech" on the proposed forum is limited to comments on policies, ideas, proposals, even conspiracy theories or whatever. I have no problem with any of that.

But I really hope a firm line is recognised and drawn against personal abuse (even of those in opposing camps!), gratuitous language or other unnecessary unpleasantness (no "skunk activity" to disgust, undermine and drive away decent people!). If the argument can't be won without the use of such tactics - then the argument is a bad one! If it is kept fair and reasonable, well-argued and in good humour then EIE will gain in credibility and respect - and will have a much better chance of success.

decentpairofbollox said...

Good, seeing that I am a true democratic nationalist who refuses to kow tow to a dictatorship, then I shall be informing the people with a decent pair of bollocks what I am doing and achieving has a lone councillor in my town of Dewsbury.

ron424 said...

I hope the new website will have a page devoted to London to tell the griffin loyalists in dagenham the truth about griffin, so people might think twice about voting for the griffinite barnbrook.

If griffin wins just one seat on the Greater London Assembly, we will be finished.

It's not rocket science.

Collett's Cockroach said...

Rather than take the blog down completely, why not just remove the comments section and leave a short statement about the situation and a redirection to the new Voice of Change website. That way you’d still catch any latecomers and stragglers so to speak.

Goodbye & well done EiE!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Ron424.... I would like to see Barnbrook win in London, and for all the haed work by BNP members pay off. Whatever side of the argument you are on we are all Nationalists and any National advancement is a good thing. Last nights revelation ref Sharia Law in Britain will hopefully be a god send for nationalists and will win us many more votes..

Cllr Chris I totally agree with what you are saying, this is a chance to show how we want things done, decent arguments without the abuse etc. I have been guilty myself of over stating things.

People need someone they can vote and trust, its up to us to give them that.

I think the BNP are only catching the desperation votes at the moment, the people willing to overlook a crooked management because they see them as the last hope. Lets give them another last hope, a last hope that is decent and well run.

Anti-gag said...

Comments on this blog about hoping we, the BNP, fail in our attempt to win GLA seats are just playing right into the hand of Griffin/Collett. The declared strategy of VofC is to mount a democratic leadership challenge this summer, comments to the effect ‘we hope the BNP losses in elections’ will be used by the Griffin/Collett gang against us.
We must make sure the grassroots membership associate the London victory more with VofC than Grifin or Collett. That can only be achieved by VofC supporters get out there on the streets (wearing large VofC badges on the ribbons of our BNP rosettes) and help it come about.

We take the party back, by taking the credit for the victory away from the Griffin/Collett gang and handing it back to the activists who did the work. We are not wreckers we are go-getters driving the party forward, and kicking off the Collett/Griffin millstone.

Chris Hill

Souwester said...

I agree with anti-gag.
Well said, Chris, and well done for all your efforts on your BNP work and on EIE.

I hope that this EIE Blog will remain and give us all an important platform to discuss all aspects, away from the official VoC Website.
But it will need a good moderator who can put up each contributor's comments as soon as possible, preferably as they come in!
THEN, many of us would be much more active, I'm sure.
Also, other casual visitors, and those we direct here, may be attracted to join in and learn the truths of the present BNP situation.
SO, please keep this EIE Blog going, and actively promoted.

Enfielder said...

If Nick Griffin himself gained a seat on the GLA, how could there possibly be a leadership challenge?

I just don't see it, but maybe it's my mind being warped by NG's lies and MC's perversions.

Surely, a stronger Nick Griffin would be unshiftable.

Also, giiving help and support to NG wouldn't be returned. We all know Griffin doesn't reward loyalty.

A few years ago, he promised all sorts to me, and yet, I'm now removed from the party.

Giving a cowboy builder your life savings upfront, doesn't mean he will work any harder. Actually, NG will laugh in the faces of anyone who supports him in the London elections.

He will make us crawl and beg for our jobs back, and when push comes to shove, he will kick us into the gutter where he himself belongs with his perverted party.

Collett's Cockroach said...

Dictionary definition

Griflett: (noun)

An all too real three eyed monster, formed from the fusion of a Griffin with a Collett. Known to have vampire like attributes, but unlike the less objectionable vampire a Griflett cannot be despatched with a wooden stake through it heart, it doesn’t have one.

millie said...

A couple of months ago I have to admit that I was in agreement to start a new party.I felt very disillusioned and upset about everything.I realise now that the best thing that we can do is to help our own party.So many of our friends are still giving everything to help save our country.I stand by everything that Sadie,Kenny and co believe in and can't wait for the new forum.
Free speech is something we must never lose.
The Archbishop of Canterbury must be suffering from the same mental illness as someone else who I will not name.

Anonymous said...

The Nationalist ship is still afloat. Get back on board, the destination hasn't changed even if the crew needs replacing.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who still thinks the rebels are the Nazis should read the latest postings on
If the BNP is to succeed Griffin, Darby, Collett and Kemp all need to go. Nazism has held us back for years and though we all thought the BNP had purged this crap from it's ranks it seems that Griffin and his gang were still at their old tricks.
True British Nationalists need to get behind Sadie, Steve and Kenny and help them build the BNP we really want and need. Give your support to this new VOC website and lets have leadership change before it's too late.

Cllr Chris said...

"Anonymous" said -

"Anybody who still thinks the rebels are the Nazis should read the latest postings on"

"Anonymous" - Please don't promote this "alassmithandgraham" website. It is so recognisably Searchlight people doing all the stirring they can.

Who is it? Gable? Garside? Goldberg? Who cares? There are the usual gross distortions, innuendos, half truths, suppositions, damnation by association, mischevious questions etc. etc. You know the form by now. Perhaps the "anonymous" that runs that site is the same "anonymous" posting this supporting comment? There is enough on Collett and Co. without sinking to these depths.

The lesson is never, never, ever trust an "anonymous". This is definitely NOT a case of my enemy's enemy is my friend. These are the same people who are stitching you up too whenever they can grab half a chance (using taxpayers money no doubt!). Ignore that set-up site and stick to the truth as being your most powerful weapon.

david said...

The day of judgement draws closer and the doors of prison begin to open.

VoC Regional News said...

Please keep sending in news for the website. Some regions are under-represented so far in the news and we want to feature news from the whole of the UK.

Please send in more from all regions.

Thanks to those who are sending in their news!

Richard Chadfield said...

One of todays (14/2/2008) news items on the BNP website states that the financial appeal that started in mid December has raised £80,000. I find this statement interesting for the following reasons.
1) I understand that there are approximately 10,000 BNP members.
2)The BNP's National Treasurer, John walker, stated on this weeks radio 4 interview with Fran Abrams that the average donation that the BNP receives is twenty five pounds.
3) These two statements imply that 3,200 members out of the 10,000 answered the appeal for money. (that is 80,000/25=3,200)
4) This implies that one member in every three (1 in 3.125 to be precise) answered the appeal. This, in my opinion, is an unrealistic figure for a response.It is especially unrealistic considering that the appeal went out over the Christmas period when everyone has extra demands on their financial resorces.And ,of course, when a serious internal problem would make large numbers of members disinclined to donate.
My Conclusions.
A) The £80,000 figure is an exageration.
B)One or two wealthy individuals gave a large amount of the £80,000. In which case we look forward to seeing their names and the size of their donations declared to the Electoral Commission.
3)Given my personal belief that the BNP is a state controlled party fullfilling a function for the state the state itself gave the money to keep it's BNP ship afloat. This state gift then being touted as donations from members.
These are just my own thoughts on the subject. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

At last I have the opportunity to have an input into this "debate". Being the landlord of the Royal in Bradford (descibed as a backstreet pub by N.G.) I was present at the first meeting 14th Dec.then at the Dog & Gun. This current situation was initially about Collet and Hannon and it as now grown into a horrible monster that will not go away. You cannot seriously think Griffin will give us anything, we must in the words of a close friend, make our own kingdom as elections are only three months away. Renewing our membership only fuels the boilers of a fast sinking ship, lifeboats for the Nationalists must be in the sea now! before the establishment sends out its navy to blow us out of the water.

Davey said...

Nick Griffin is obviously funded by the state. As is Bumbrook.

Anti-gag said...

Why is there still talk about setting up a rival party? This was clearly rejected at the VOC meeting last month. As far as I’m aware the strategy, decided on at that meeting, was to mount a democratic leadership challenge this summer. And to that end VOC supporters should do everything to advance the party until that time. We do this while actively identifying ourselves as VOC supporters to other grassroots members, thus denying the Griffin/Collett gang the chance to claim any electoral victory as their own.

Chris Hill

Airspeed AS57 Ambassador said...

"At last I have the opportunity to have an input into this "debate". Being the landlord of the Royal in Bradford (descibed as a backstreet pub by N.G.) I was present at the first meeting 14th Dec.then at the Dog & Gun. This current situation was initially about Collet and Hannon and it as now grown into a horrible monster that will not go away. You cannot seriously think Griffin will give us anything, we must in the words of a close friend, make our own kingdom as elections are only three months away. Renewing our membership only fuels the boilers of a fast sinking ship, lifeboats for the Nationalists must be in the sea now! before the establishment sends out its navy to blow us out of the water."

I agree - I am not happy about renewing my membership for next year - I had already renewed before the problems started. I do not like the idea of putting any money into the BNP, but if there were to be a leadership challenge I would have to be a member to be able to vote in it, so it is a catch 22 situation.

I would like to have seen a clean break from the BNP.

(On a side note, the Daily Mail is carrying a story about their cheap and tacky looking website being the most popular in politics - I would have thought numbers would have dropped after that garish looking specimen was inflicted upon the online community. It looks cheap and tacky with Americanisations all over the headlines, mis-spellings and flashing adverts. I'm glad that I am no longer associated with it).

Vickers Valiant said...

For the fans of the "Greatest Britons" series, the latest article is now online here

I hope to include people from every corner of our country - if anyone would like to see a particular person featured, or if you have any ideas for the series, then please e-mail

E. N. Ronn said...

"Being the landlord of the Royal . . . "

Being a man of sound common sense whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, but who tells it how it is. I warmly agree with every word that you have said. Let's hope that all men and women of good will get together and create a better movement than we have now. Well done you for speaking out, and Sadie, Kenny and Steve for taking their stand.

david said...

I have got to go up north soon and will nip into The Royal for a swift half!
Does everyone know about the new Voice of Change forum? Good way of developing plans and ideas.