Tuesday, 26 February 2008

North West VOC Meeting

Voice of Change Meeting
Wednesday 27th February 2008
Location: Blackburn
Start time: 7:30pm
Contact: northwest@voiceofchange.org.uk
Phone: Richard on 07950883887 or Bev on 07883382705

On Wednesday February 27th the Voice of Change will be holding a meeting in Blackburn. In case there are any who do not know Voice of Change is the name given to the organisation of current and past BNP members who believe that the British National Party is poorly managed and in need of reform. The catalyst that brought Voice of Change into existence was the unlawful 'bugging' of Sadie Graham's telephone and the unlawful entry into Sadie Graham's home and the unlawful removal of goods from Sadie Graham's home by BNP security. Also the attempt by BNP security to gain entrance to the home of BNP National Administration Officer, Kenny
Smith against his wishes.
These acts by BNP security followed the expulsion from the BNP of Group development officer Sadie Graham, National Administration officer Kenny Smith , Web Master and nationalist of thirty years standing Steve Blake , Group Support officer, Ian Dawson ,North West Fund Raiser and former North West Regional Organiser Bev Jones and four other prominent B.N.P members at the beginning of December 2007. Since 1999 many very effective and hard working BNP members have been either expelled from the BNP or forced out of the BNP. This repeated 'decapitating' of our party stops it's growth and makes a mockery of the work and sacrifice of BNP members and supporters.
The concern and anger of members over this latest purging of some of our best and most hard working members and the consequent trashing of our work over many years is so great that some one hundred and thirty officers of the party have resigned their positions. Sixty nine made their resignations public : the remainder resigned but chose not to go public with their resignations. The devastation can still be seen by all. Scotland BNP effectively no longer exists, Yorkshire, probably once our best region, is in disarray and the East Midlands has only a few branches still functioning. The North West is badly effected. The new BNP website is less than a shadow of the former professional BNP website that was run by expellee Steve Blake. Recent viewers of the BNP website will have noticed that there are no longer any articles upon regional news detailing units activities. Does this imply that units are now so demoralised that they have stopped working?

It is against this backdrop of disarray that Voice of Change is calling a meeting of concerned North West BNP members and supporters. The objective of the meeting will be to discuss the current problems ,to seek a means of reconciliation between the parties in conflict and to seek a means by which the BNP can be managerially reformed and recommence moving forward. Let no one doubt that this is a big task. But the effort has to be made.

All BNP members and supporters who wish to discuss the problems constructively and without prejudice are welcome to attend. Hecklers and individuals who are bent on causing trouble will not be tolerated in the meeting and will be removed. There will be a range of merchandise on sale.. There will also be a raffle and a collection. This is an important meeting. If you are genuinely interested in the future of the BNP please make sure that you attend.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will get another big turn out. I wonder if some of the ones who go along will get expelled such is the level of contempt that griffins cabal have for free speech and the truth.

"Oh My God they have heard the truth, Sack them" this seems to be the level that the certain senior party members are operating at.

It is so ludicrous in Scotland that Raikes has employed the person he was getting investigated by the BNP Intel unit as the new Scottish webmaster.

I wonder if he will have the guts to tell Mr Johnson the truth.

But keeping in good old Griffin tradition he will lie.

So Scotland BNP are so desperate they are now employing people who they think are state or UAF............................

Please Bring back Kenny/Sadie/Steve B and co for the good of the party, and our nation.

Glasgow,,,was BNP but not renewing my membership,,,until this is sorted.

Gary if you read this Glasgow will not do the dirty on who we regard as still the Scottish Organiser. Kenny Smith

De Havilland Comet said...

The new BNP website is appalling, and I don't think people even know how how to get articles published on there. It is not as good as it used to be.

On the subject of the BNP, has anyone seen the article by Arthur Kemp in February's Identity? He needs to check his facts before writing about aviation, I can assure you! In his feature on Great Britons (where did that idea come from I wonder?) he says that Cayley's glider made the first ever manned flight of an aircraft in 1808!!!!!This is wrong - the flight was made in 1853, and the 150th anniversary was commemorated in July 2003 at Brompton near Scarborough, which is where the flight took place. Also it was not the "first manned flight by an aircraft", it was the first manned "heavier than air flight in a fixed wing aircraft" - there is a difference. The first manned flights were carried out above Paris in 1783 by balloon (that is lighter than air flight). To read the correct story of Sir George Cayley then click here http://www.voiceofchange.org.uk/greatest_britons/gb_detail.php?gb_id=6
as an aviation specialist I can spot mistakes in seconds, and Arthur Kemp should avoid writing about aviation because he obviously does not know the subject.

Anonymous said...

I was there. It was a good meeting with about fifty people present from North West units. I am not going to name names on this blog but I will say this: some of the best North West activists attended.
Attendees repeatedly stressed their fear that the BNP leadership has been infiltrated and is being manipulated by MI5. Attension was drawn to the fact that not only are the best BNP members being denigrated and suspended/expelled but that the best BNP units are being run down. In the North West Steve Smith who got the BNP election breakthrough in Burnley was forced out and Burnley branch has since been in steady decline.They have gone from being the official opposition to being almost irrelevant. Blackburn group that was on the verge of electoral success about two years ago was distroyed by the BNP leadership who sacked their organiser and attempted to bring their core activists before a disciplinary hearing as a prelude to explusion.
An attendee from Yorkshire told us that successful Yorkshire units were in meltdown before the December 2007 purge. He mentioned Keighley, Bradford and Kirkless as units that the BNP leadership have either wrecked or are working to wreck.
The feeling of those attending is that the BNP leadership is working with MI5.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a joke. Since the trial, he's done nothing except write a few embarassing songs. Oh and destroy the party of course. No campaigning, no media interviews, instead he's turned the BNP into a private club for his sycophants. I believe Griffin himself could be a state asset designed to make the BNP a convenient outlet for right-wing dissent without ever gaining electability. Which is what they've also done with UKIP of course.

Anonymous said...

The current BNP must be getting desperate for funds now,as I and several other ex members from 2002 and 2003 have been sent begging letters from Nick Griffin asking for donations

jenny said...

How come the Blackpool police didn't invesigate Mark Collett for his alleged child abuse allegations?

Is he indeed an agent of the state who is immune from prosecution, much like Nick Griffin?