Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Ex-Security Officer Vindicated

During June 2007, Adey Wood’s estranged partner made, to me, a number of serious allegations against Adey, one of the allegations being that Adey had made threats to kill Nick Griffin. Though, like others within the BNP, I had great respect for Adey and could not fault his professionalism in his highly responsible BNP duties, and was surprised by the allegations made against Adey, I was in no position to investigate or ignore the threat-to-kill allegations, so I immediately reported the perceived threat to Nick Griffin, who ordered that Adey be instantly dismissed from the BNP. Adey was my personal security officer, attending Group Development meetings with me around the country at no cost or fee to the party. I considered him a good friend and therefore I was not in a position to be able to investigate the claims without bias. Shortly after Adey was dismissed from the BNP, his partner went to the police and made further serious allegations against Adey, resulting in Adey being woken at 2am, arrested in front of his youngest son, held in police custody, closely interrogated for many hours, before being released without charge, some 15 hours later.

Recently I received information and evidence that all the allegations against Adey, made by his estranged partner, are in fact lies created to completely destroy his character, have him kicked out of the BNP, and have him arrested and held in police custody long enough for his partner to try to sell their jointly-held home. I acknowledge that a great injustice has been perpetrated against Adey, and he has graciously accepted my sincere apology to him for being an unwitting pawn of his estranged partners scheming. The police found absolutely no evidence of the claims made by Adey’s estranged partner and he has been given sole custody of their son.

Those people who know Adey will know him to be a very loyal and reliable person, he held a responsible position within BNP security working alongside Matt Single to hold security training weekends. Adey became another victim of injustice within the party. Whilst he maintains on the list of people expelled from the party he will continue to seek his reinstatement as a member and supports a leadership challenge, believing that it is time for Nick Griffin to step down as party leader.

Cllr Sadie Graham


Barry taylor said...

It is clear that you behaved honorably regarding this issue.

These matrimonial disputes can often be "messy" and it is unfortunate that you were manipulated in this way.

Few marriages/partnerships are strong enough to cope with full time nationalism. I am sorry to hear that Adey's marriage has suffered - as a direct consequence of his commitment to our cause.

It is also good to know that Adey is "big enough" to accept your apology.

Best wishes to you all - and thank you for the work you are doing on our behalf.

Anti-gag said...

Surely Mr Wood was given a chance to defend himself against these charges at an internal party disciplinary hearing. I of course think suspending him from security duties was a sensible precaution, and would have in no way been a presumption of his guilt. But if, as I think Sadie is saying here, Nick Griffin could expel him from the party because of unsubstantiated allegations made by a estranged (and it seems hostile) partner, then this is just more evidence of the totally unjust nature of the party’s present constitution. Can anyone now doubt that the current constitution, which was written to suit the Griffin/Collett gang, needs changing?

Chris Hill

Russ said...

Good on you Adey, hope everything works out well for you mate and you can put this all behind you and move on. That woman has done you a favor really because now you can go out and find someone decent. Happy days!

Anonymous said...

I feel that the introduction of the South African Intelligence unit has far reaching implications for members with official positions within the party.

When will this SA unit spill over to try to discredit ordinary non-office holding members?

They may not even stop there and even try to disrupt the employment of non-griffinite supporting non-members.

Role on a new leadership challenge and a change to the constitution.

Lynne said...

Good luck to Adey in re-building his life after such an horrific ordeal. Well done to Sadie for making this vindication public. It just goes to prove how lies can cause so much personal damage as many who frequent this site will all too well understand. The truth will always out eventually. Although I do not personally know you I wish you and your young son every future happiness. As the saying goes - Things can only get better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sadie for your graceful and timely admission of this situation. The expulsion of Adey Woods was a truly disgraceful affair and a gross injustice to a solidly committed BNP man and a super activist and fine Security Personnel.

I admire and respect those who are strong enough to admit an error on their part, and to apologise for any mistake, real or perceieved.

I take great hope now that the opposition to Griffin has been able to mend fences and welcome back a sorely missed individual as Adey. As someone who also enjoyed a good and professional relationship with Adey I know too that you are happy to have re-established that good relationship with Adey again.

Once again, well done for youour honesty and strength in bringing this to a a positive ending.


Henry Morgan said...

I've been through that contact/custody routine after a divorce. Take my word for it, if the system has given the male half of the equation sole custody then he really is cleaner than clean. That entire system is biased against men. I had to go through it just for contact - again, had to be cleaner than clean.

My brother is a qualified and practising doctor/psychiatrist and he's just been through the same routine - again, has had to be cleaner than clean. I know from the hoops I had to jump through, and I've seen all the legal documentation from the hoops my brother had to jump through.

So you can guess how much cleaner than clean a security man in the BNP has to be ... there is no good reason to deny him reinstatement.

Cllr Chris said...

I've never seen the BNP constitution. I don't think it is on the website nor available to non-members - which in itself is a major flaw. But I would agree with Chris Hill that any constitution that allowed for the Party leader alone to decide an expulsion does seem very flawed. In fact I don't think it would stand scrutiny in a court of law (a Constitution has to be fair and reasonable). I spent a good deal of wasted time in other parties because of seriously flawed constitutions and rule books. No more! It does makes me wonder about the rest of the BNP Constitution.

Anonymous said...

If this is the same Adey Wood we’re talking about then I can tell you now that you couldn’t have a better man on your side.
I’ve known this guy for years and we have worked a lot of jobs together.
Sadie Graham if Adey Wood was your personal security officer you were very lucky.
He is honest,professional to the hilt and when it comes to the crunch he will not back off.
Adey if this is you and your watching this site contact me at my aol email address.
And just so that you know who it is ,I know the real reason why you cannot sleep at night.
All the best buddy and if anyone gets in your way go through them.
Keep The Faith Brother

Yea tho we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
We will fear no evil,for we are the most evil bastards in the valley.
Our guns and knives,our fists and feet.
Shall comfort us in times of danger.
And if anyone should stand in our way,
Then we shall leave them in the valley.
As a dead and rotting corpse

Anonymous said...

Adey is a strong willed kind decent honest human being who has served the BNP well. I had a personal issue that needed security advice / assistance and Adey was only too willing to give me that advice / help when I needed it most. He is one of the most upstanding people I have ever met & someone who I respect greatly.
I hope all goes well in the future & wish you all the best in your personal life & the fight to get reinstated as a BNP member.
Paul Carter

Anonymous said...

I have known Adey for some years now and have always found him to be one of the most reliable people around.
He is honest,totally professional in his work and will do the job whatever the situation.
When all this happened I contacted Adey to make sure he was alright and we had a good chat about things.Some of the things I learned sickened me and I know that if it had happened to me it would have destroyed me.I’m not going into any details because I know Adey is a very proud and private person who does not always show his feelings.
Needless to say Adey came through this, fighting back as only Adey can.
He has started a new life with his son now and I know he still has great respect for Sadie Graham and her work as a nationalist.

Best of luck Adey


Harrysgame said...

I was told about this a couple of months ago by his ex partner. In fact she told me loads of things which i don't want to go into on here. I will contact Adey myself. I left the Party due to serious misconseptions about certain members. I worked closely with Adey on Security and i thought he was a close friend, indeed i hope he still is a friend. Unfortunatly we havn't spoken for some time since i decided to leave the BNP. Like i say, i did have a visit from his Ex-partner and (as i later found out) her new partner, who was supposed to be Adeys friend. They told me things that im ashamed to say, i may have partly believed. I should have called Adey to ask him about the allegations but i didn't. I did speak to others at our local BNP Meeting, and the things i was told were confirmed. Some of the things i was told about were supposedly against Sadie, which were clearly wrong as Sadie is backing Adey to the hilt.
If you are reading this Adey, please get in touch, id like to speak to you.