Tuesday, 26 February 2008

North West VOC Meeting

Voice of Change Meeting
Wednesday 27th February 2008
Location: Blackburn
Start time: 7:30pm
Contact: northwest@voiceofchange.org.uk
Phone: Richard on 07950883887 or Bev on 07883382705

On Wednesday February 27th the Voice of Change will be holding a meeting in Blackburn. In case there are any who do not know Voice of Change is the name given to the organisation of current and past BNP members who believe that the British National Party is poorly managed and in need of reform. The catalyst that brought Voice of Change into existence was the unlawful 'bugging' of Sadie Graham's telephone and the unlawful entry into Sadie Graham's home and the unlawful removal of goods from Sadie Graham's home by BNP security. Also the attempt by BNP security to gain entrance to the home of BNP National Administration Officer, Kenny
Smith against his wishes.
These acts by BNP security followed the expulsion from the BNP of Group development officer Sadie Graham, National Administration officer Kenny Smith , Web Master and nationalist of thirty years standing Steve Blake , Group Support officer, Ian Dawson ,North West Fund Raiser and former North West Regional Organiser Bev Jones and four other prominent B.N.P members at the beginning of December 2007. Since 1999 many very effective and hard working BNP members have been either expelled from the BNP or forced out of the BNP. This repeated 'decapitating' of our party stops it's growth and makes a mockery of the work and sacrifice of BNP members and supporters.
The concern and anger of members over this latest purging of some of our best and most hard working members and the consequent trashing of our work over many years is so great that some one hundred and thirty officers of the party have resigned their positions. Sixty nine made their resignations public : the remainder resigned but chose not to go public with their resignations. The devastation can still be seen by all. Scotland BNP effectively no longer exists, Yorkshire, probably once our best region, is in disarray and the East Midlands has only a few branches still functioning. The North West is badly effected. The new BNP website is less than a shadow of the former professional BNP website that was run by expellee Steve Blake. Recent viewers of the BNP website will have noticed that there are no longer any articles upon regional news detailing units activities. Does this imply that units are now so demoralised that they have stopped working?

It is against this backdrop of disarray that Voice of Change is calling a meeting of concerned North West BNP members and supporters. The objective of the meeting will be to discuss the current problems ,to seek a means of reconciliation between the parties in conflict and to seek a means by which the BNP can be managerially reformed and recommence moving forward. Let no one doubt that this is a big task. But the effort has to be made.

All BNP members and supporters who wish to discuss the problems constructively and without prejudice are welcome to attend. Hecklers and individuals who are bent on causing trouble will not be tolerated in the meeting and will be removed. There will be a range of merchandise on sale.. There will also be a raffle and a collection. This is an important meeting. If you are genuinely interested in the future of the BNP please make sure that you attend.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Ex-Security Officer Vindicated

During June 2007, Adey Wood’s estranged partner made, to me, a number of serious allegations against Adey, one of the allegations being that Adey had made threats to kill Nick Griffin. Though, like others within the BNP, I had great respect for Adey and could not fault his professionalism in his highly responsible BNP duties, and was surprised by the allegations made against Adey, I was in no position to investigate or ignore the threat-to-kill allegations, so I immediately reported the perceived threat to Nick Griffin, who ordered that Adey be instantly dismissed from the BNP. Adey was my personal security officer, attending Group Development meetings with me around the country at no cost or fee to the party. I considered him a good friend and therefore I was not in a position to be able to investigate the claims without bias. Shortly after Adey was dismissed from the BNP, his partner went to the police and made further serious allegations against Adey, resulting in Adey being woken at 2am, arrested in front of his youngest son, held in police custody, closely interrogated for many hours, before being released without charge, some 15 hours later.

Recently I received information and evidence that all the allegations against Adey, made by his estranged partner, are in fact lies created to completely destroy his character, have him kicked out of the BNP, and have him arrested and held in police custody long enough for his partner to try to sell their jointly-held home. I acknowledge that a great injustice has been perpetrated against Adey, and he has graciously accepted my sincere apology to him for being an unwitting pawn of his estranged partners scheming. The police found absolutely no evidence of the claims made by Adey’s estranged partner and he has been given sole custody of their son.

Those people who know Adey will know him to be a very loyal and reliable person, he held a responsible position within BNP security working alongside Matt Single to hold security training weekends. Adey became another victim of injustice within the party. Whilst he maintains on the list of people expelled from the party he will continue to seek his reinstatement as a member and supports a leadership challenge, believing that it is time for Nick Griffin to step down as party leader.

Cllr Sadie Graham

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Voice of Change Website update

The new Voice of Change website now has a Regional News section up and running now. This is the first step toward replacing this blog with the much more positive and aesthetically pleasing website.

The regional news section is being run by popular former BNP news correspondent Louise Scott. Louise will be working with a host of regional correspondents, but is also keen to receive submissions from those keen to become regular reporters and those who sometimes get passionate enough about a news item they have come across to enough to write about and send it in.

Articles for Regional News as well as reports on nationalist activity in your area, can be sent to Louise at regionalnews@voiceofchange.org.uk. Regional Correspondents can be contacted via the Regional VoC contacts listed on the contacts page.

Other features in the pipeline are a forum, where genuine free speech will be allowed, a merchandise store, and an advertisements section.

Once the new site is fully operational this blog will come down.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Wolverhampton organiser sacked for attending VOC conference

I would like to explain my reasons for not being organiser for the Wolverhampton BNP group anymore. I did not resign, I was stood down by West Midlands RO Simon Darby on Thursday 31st January. This was after he had asked me if I attended the Voice Of Change conference in Brinsley on January 27th . I of course told him that I had and that I fully supported what was proposed on the day.
Although not completely surprised by this, it is still disappointing to be ousted from a position because of supporting what I believe are much needed changes within the party. I did not resign my position earlier because I felt it would be unfair on my small but dedicated team of activists here in Wolverhampton. I had recently ordered a batch of leaflets from the party and was preparing to go full steam ahead for the elections in May. This decision was despite what I can only describe as an 'orgy of idiocy' conducted by the party since that fateful day in December.
I have been the organiser for Wolverhampton since September 2005. This City had been something of a Nationalist black hole for a few decades, no group or branch for the BNP had existed here since the party was formed in 1982. Wolverhampton was, when I joined in 2002, part of the Black Country branch, with focus mainly and unsurprisingly on the actual 'Black Country' and not far away Wolverhampton districts like Tettenhall or Wednesfield.
Despite a small membership in the area I managed to put together a team of activists and put forward a candidate for one ward in the May 2006 council elections. The ward, Wednesfield North, I had specifically chosen and targeted.
We gained 1016 votes, taking 25% of the total vote and only 200 votes behind the winning Conservative candidate. Not bad for a first off. And we rattled some cages, the local MP getting himself worked up about it on the night and on his blog a few days later!
Fast forward to 2007 and we jump to 6 candidates, including an ex Tory councilor. Unfortunately, as across a lot of the country our vote went slightly down in Wednesfield North, but still held up to a respectable 22% . Our new wards also returned good percentages especially Bushbury North.
As far as I know no new organiser has been appointed yet, but I still hope we can carry on the good work here, whoever is in charge.
The events of the past few months have been a shock to me. I could not believe that this party could be so foolish and spiteful. Yes possibly the Mark Collett blog might have seemed wrong to some but when you hear the situation leading up to it could they have done anything else without getting sacked anyway? Why do opponents of VOC keep stating 'nobody is bigger than the party' ? When it is pretty obvious that certain individuals can do pretty much as they please without fear of being held to account the same as anybody else would? Mark Collett for example, with the two highly embarrassing documentaries, not just for himself, but every single member of the BNP who has to try and defend his actions, should really have been kept on a low profile ever since. But no, we find him climbing through the ranks, lecturing us on party image at the national conference (I still can't get my head around that) and being earmarked as a future leader of the party! You couldn't make it up.
People should also remember that this situation would be nowhere near as bad as it is now if it wasn't for the party idiotically broadcasting the whole saga on the front page of it's newly launched website. And then branding people who have been in the party for years as Neo Nazis. Then giving them a deadline to return to the party! Then branding them Reds./Searchlight/MI5 spies and agents. Madness.
I stood outside two court buildings in Yorkshire to defend free speech. And yet on the party forum, of which I have been banned, I find the moderators enticing people to 'speak their minds' on the events of the last month or so only to be promptly banned if they show even the slightest sympathy towards the sacked individuals or the aims of this group.
I have always been a big supporter of Nick Griffin, I think he has done a fantastic job in helping take this party to where it is today. I also like him on an individual basis as a very funny and often down to earth man. However, if a leadership challenge is the only way to bring in the much needed changes presented by the VOC group, the only way to prepare this party for a breakthrough into the mainstream as a democratic and professionally run organisation then that is what I have to support.
I know many of my friends in the West Midlands might be disappointed or even angry at me for this. I can only ask them to look closely at what has gone on and think carefully about what they want for the future of this party. If things stay the same as they are then these whole events will happen all over again, with different people and for more or less the same reasons. And it's not the fault of the 'lefties' or 'searchlight' but the whole set up of the party. It's hard enough for this to happen now but a more catastrophic event four or five years down the line with a bigger membership and bigger ambitions will be an even bigger and painful fall.
I don't want that to happen, I want us to succeed and go forward as a party to be proud of.
Steve Haddon
Ex Wolverhampton Organiser