Friday, 25 January 2008

Underhand Tactics

When I resigned as the Harrogate and District organiser over the mis-treatment of party colleagues and the sacking of others, I did so with a heavy heart.I did however maintain my membership as the BNP is the only way forward and when this mess was sorted out I would have taken the reins again. However this will now not be possible as due to 'underhand tactics' by the newly appointed Yorkshire Regional Organiser A. Marsden and a Harrogate Member, I have had my organisers position filled by this Harrogate member. Without any consultation with me, the new RO has appointed a member with no experience at all of running a branch or of running an election campaign. I make the last point because it is now obvious that the Griffin is running round like a headless chicken appointing 'anyone' at all who will take on the jobs of organisers and fund-holders, just to show the public that there is a BNP presence in their area. This is bloody stupid as the best people for these jobs are the very people who love this party so much that they resigned in protest at what was being done to it and its hardest workers. Perhaps the question Griffin should answer is, why are you edging out your most successful local organisers and fund-holders and not talking to them to build bridges, why do you not value the hard work they have done to bring the party to were it is now. If this blind appointing of local organisers and fund-holders continues it will undoubtedly affect our effectiveness in the future.
Tom Linden


tonydj said...


Your replacement by an untried inexperienced member is being repeated throughout the country, more so in those areas where the current party leadership is being defied.

You are so right in pointing out that it is those who feel a genuine and deep love of this party who have resigned in protest.

The act of resigning in protest at your party's policy is a long establised and well respected act in British Politics.

But such a mass resignation as this is unprecidented and should act as a clarion call to those still in the party to make their concerns public.

This is not public laundry washing, this is mass refusal to abandon the party we ALL want to survive and thrive!

Anonymous said...

Tom I feel so sorry that you have been so hurt and shocked after you have been so dedicated and are obviously a man of integrety but so many have been slighted and bewildered by the incomprehensive action of a once respective party leader because these actions are directly coming from him. Griffin is an excuse of a human being and deserves nothing less than to have people turn there backs on him. Believe me he will get his just deserts one way or another. Just don't let this maggot affect your patriotism and determination. You are in the best of company now.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Well said Tom, Aberdeen now has an organiser that lives 40 miles away, who tried to join the Uaf in a drunken rage, who made us look like fools in a church during a Muslim debate, and who is now e-mailing me with threats not to send mail to North East of Scotland members, many of who I regard as my friends. Is this the best we can do. I know that the good members in the North of Scotland reconise loyalty when they see it. The sacked members all of them good hard working nationalists deserve that Loyalty.
Perhaps this is a trait missing in some of the new appointees

Anonymous said...

Well said Tom but you must remember you are dealing with someone who said that he would be prepared to destroy the BNP, if need be, in defeating the EiEs (so called) rebels. This alone shows that he gives not a jot about the party and its members and is a complete and utter megalomaniac. It beggars’ belief that more members have not treated this vile threat more seriously, after all it is the members party and not the British Nick Party, or is it just that? They may very well have seen the sinister intention of this threat and have chosen to cow tow to the all mighty ones authority.

If the saying ‘Lead by example’ were taken seriously then there must be quite a few nasty B*st*rds starting to follow up the rear so to speak, nose first no doubt. These people have got their positions via ‘Dead mens shoes’ and are second choice and not necessarily the best for the job. They are filling positions made vacant by honourable people trying to make the BNP a far better and far more democratic party and, without doubt, a party with a future.

As it stands Nick Griffin will slander, spy on, demote, side line or oust anyone who dares question his decisions or position because he, and he alone, can do just that. It does not bode well for the future of the BNP in as much as that any talent or promising candidate seen as a future threat will get the chop at the first opportunity. And, prey tell me, how can the party move forward with a leader that defends the crap at the top to the detriment and the expense of the loyal workforce? And just wait till Collet “ this fine outstanding young man” (LOL) is handed the leadership by his nibs, I suppose there will be those that will say “Well the BNP is the only hope for Nationalists and the next generation” and just tag along regardless of the leaders ability. B*LL*CKS. I am almost lost for words.

And try this as a footnote, why is it that, with so much lies, slander and criminality flying about, why has there been so, so little of it in the press and media? I am suspicious of the fact that a big hush has been put on this. Is it because the powers that be want dear old Nick to remain as leader of the BNP. Why? you may well ask. The answer is pretty clear if you look close enough. If the government wanted to cock up the growth of the BNP why not let the self serving leader of that party do it for you, and indeed, why not pay him for doing it. THE BIG QUESTION = WHAT HAS COLLET GOT ON GRIFFIN?????????

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago during one of the many NF splits which he helped promote, Nick Griffin admitted in a speech to Lambeth NF that the latest split would leave the party a lot smaller, but added that it would be a lot stronger as well.

One or two longtime nationalists walked away from the party that night, as they could see that what Griffin really meant was:
I don't care how much damage the party sustains, so long as my faction dominates whatever remains.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom, I cant say how much I feel for you. You are one of the most dedicated, loyal, hard working nationalists I know! You are feeling the upmost betrayal and a bereavement. Under normal circumstances these tactics would be inconceivable, but in this present climate, nothing suprises me! But what does wrench the heart is that someone you considered a friend has stood in your shoes!
How can he sleep at night?
How can he face his image in the mirror each day?
This is not the end, you have many true friends and comrades that you can truely count on, you are not alone.
With every ending, comes a new beginning...
Lots of love to you and yours...
Kay and Mick

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the hurt you have experienced.
What has happened surely shows that what we believed the BNP symbolised is an illusion.
The BNP had become the official distraction from Nationalism - A "Fly paper" party that we join, then get gummed up working in!
For the last three years I have been waiting for something Real to happen - Thank God for your protest and resignation, you prove that the organisation itself is not totally corrupt.
Thank you all.
(The media is keeping a bit quiet though - odd that?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom

I have met many people over the years, and consider you to be a friend.

Your hardwork for the party and the nationalist cause has been an example that we all strive to achieve.

Remember to Liverpool to Leeds canoe trip and the funny events along the way, remember the 2006 RWB when you dressed as a Crusader and led the children on a merry dance, remember the fanastic first BNP Shoot in North Yorkshire.

These are all memories that NG cannot take away. I shall always consider that you are still the voice of North Yorkshire, and that your circle of friends shall not be diminished by the treacherous acts by the current party leadership.

The party is bigger than the leader, the Nationalist of this country are and always will be Nationalists, whether BNP members or not.

It's time for NG to provide some answers not to hide behind the facade of the London mayorial elections.

Always a friend.


Dr Chris Hill said...

I remember that even when Tom Linden has had serious health problems, he always seemed to have time for the party. Then just a year or so after he had undergone major heart surgery, he attempted a Liverpool to Leeds canoe trip to raise funds for the party. No one has been more determined to see the British National Party prosper than he.

When the name Tom Linden comes up in conversation the words: guts, drive, determination, and loyalty are the first that come to mind. Like Tom, I was until just a few weeks ago a big Griffin supporter, but now I’m afraid I can’t spell some of the words that come to my mind when Nick Griffin’s name is mentioned in a conversation.

You know really we should feel sorry for Nick; you Tom can look yourself in the shaving mirror every morning with pride, if Griffin had a spark of decency left in him he’d be having to growing a beard by now.

How could we have ever have trusted a man like Nick Griffin?

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

The lies of the BNP continues! We need change!

The 14 Words said...

The very kind comments and wishes left on this page in reply to my posting have made me truly humble and just go's to show that I choose the right side. You are all true friends and true Nationalists.

I am so proud to have stood beside you in some of the battles and campaigns during the last 6 years.

I intend to keep in touch with each and every one of you.

The question I keep asking myself is, Why should 'I' leave the BNP, it is 'MY' party it is the members party not Griffins. He should leave.

Thank you all once again.

Anonymous said...

You have things that anyone Nick may put in to replace you that no-one else has or problable will have, and thats ourtrust and respect.

I know it must be hard but keep your head held high and when common sense prevails re take your rightful place at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Griffin thinks that he will be virtually untouchable if he wins just two seats on the London Assembly. He'll be a hero, a press icon, and a proper politician, leaving people like sadie out in the cold.

Anonymous said...

mary said...
Griffin thinks that he will be virtually untouchable if he wins just two seats on the London Assembly. He'll be a hero, a press icon, and a proper politician, leaving people like sadie out in the cold.


Why should that be, I can't understand this sentiment. It will just make him more arrogant and obnoxious, a greater reason for his absence. If there is success in the London elections it will be down to Richard Barnbrook.

Anonymous said...

That's the long and short of it Mary. He does not care about losing local councilors, as, to be fair, it takes a lot of effort to get into the council chamber, most of the time we fail and when someone does get in they find themselves lonely and isolated or sometimes just plain not up to the job.

However, getting into the GLA wil also bring the party under greater scrutiny. Questions will be asked, particularily about NG's choice of close personel. This could prove damaging in the long run.

Victory in London will prove to be the biggest false dawn in Nationalist history. A few years of euphoria followed by groundhog day when the same problems over the last few months star again but with different people who realise the leadership is comprised of nutters!

Anonymous said...

Resigning from the bnp is a waist of your time, The enemy is griffin and his henchman and there removal is of the up most importance and the only way he can be removed is through a vote of no confidence by the membership and the forcing of a leadership election and we must fight him in such a way that he answers our questions in an open debate, we can not allow him to set the agenda.
He has said it is a democratic party so let him prove it.
You must retain your membership because resigning makes griffin strong and us weak because we have lost a voting member against griffin.
The BNP must be saved at whatever cost because it is the only horse in town that has won anything serious in the way of elections.
Founder member 1982.EXPELLED in 2006

In addition, I am still awaiting my tribunal for speaking the truth.
Keith axon.

Anonymous said...

you have to harden up.


Gri££in will happily ruin and sideline EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

If you do not fight tooth and nail to win over every single BNP member - then you, Tom, and all the EiE people will be out, and Gri££in's BNP will continue to drag nationalism down to the gutter.

EiE must FIGHT - not wring hands and moan over spilt milk.

Anonymous said...

Many people have commented that picking up any seats in the London Assembly will be a victory for Nick Griffin, in the short term (by that I mean weeks) I am sure there would be much self-congratulation and hero worship, but it will be short lived.

The VoC meeting tomorrow (27th) will give the opportunity to hear opinions as to whether the BNP should be saved from the likes of NG and his cohorts, the sell out by LIB/LAB/CON of our nation to the EU under the guise of an amending treaty is not a battle to be decided by the whim of NG.

If those at the VoC put forward credible proposals and have a genuine determination to save the BNP then it will be, NG will be given the opportunity to resign and take his cohorts with him, if he chooses a different route then he is going to find that the rest of his days with the BNP are spent dealing with HMRC, Companies House and the Electoral Commission to name a few.

Sincerely - Itchy Fingers

millie said...

I feel exactly the same but I haven't renewed my membership.It is a little bit like a catch 22 situation.Renew the membership and have a chance to vote for a new leader BUT know deep down that there could never be a fair elaction for leadership.

Anonymous said...

I see Darby says in his blog: "As with most regions we are now actively looking for someone to fill the role of Regional Treasurer."

Now, why would that be?

Anonymous said...

Sadie must stand for leadership before not after the London Mayor and Assembly vote, if she is to stand any chance.

I fear Griffin's bnp will win at least three seats plus all the money that goes with it.

Anonymous said...

What short memories.
Remember all the seats we were going to win last May.
We didn't - because the sight of Griffin surrounded by dark glassed henchmen scared away the average voter.
The writing went on the wall then. The image of our party is awful. We need a new one sans Griffin.
After attending the Notts meeting either Sadie of Steve would fit our requirements. There may also be someone else out there with the necessary five years - but Griffin must go and take his rabble with him.

Anonymous said...

The political establishment tolerate if not love griffin, which is why they would much rather the bnp win seats in london and then stagnate and collapse than the bnp fail in london and sadie take over.

Anonymous said...

How come you say people should stay with the bnp, then set up the NNP, Mister Axon?

Or is the NNP now defunct, Mister Axon?

Anonymous said...

Sadie as leadership challenger?
This is a lot to ask of a young mum to be. However, as a name that is known throughout the party I believe she is the only choice.
No membership? Nick Griffin said she could have her membership back at the Leicester meeting. He was filmed and audio recorded saying it. Can this be put on youtube? If he goes back on his word the proof will be there for all to see. I believe Sadies reinstatement should be a priority for the group.
Also there are many instances of Nick praising the work of Sadie. A little research and get these instances logged as a counter to the smears he will throw at her.
There are some good, wise old heads that can shelter and advise her through what will be a tough period but I have no doubt she can succeed.
Get thinking, set your goals, make your plans and go for it.
Mike Clarke
Ex-Ashfield Organiser.

Anonymous said...

makka said...
"I fear Griffin's bnp will win at least three seats plus all the money that goes with it."

I confess, living,as I do, some two hundred and fifty miles from London, I have no knowledge of the election process for the GLA. It is,I understand, by proportional representation and that should give us a chance or so some people say. What percentage of the vote across London do we need to win to get a member elected? What is our current average vote across London? If we took Dagenham and Barking out of the equation what would our average vote across London be? What are the chances of vote fraud taking place and what procedures does the BNP have in place to combat vote fraud? In 2004 we were told a similar story about wining a Euro M.P in 2004. As everyone knows,for a variety of reasons, one of which, in my opinion, was vote fraud, our hopes came to nothing. All BNP members and supporters should understand that the establishment carries out psychological warfare against us. One of psychological warfares techniques is to raise up our expectations of success and then to make us fail. Result: members/supporters demoralised, recruitment declines, donations reduce and the party stagnates to the establishments plan. Setting unrealistic targets and then leading members /supporters to believe that they are attainable and then failing to attain the targets damages the BNP. While I hope we can be successful in London I believe that we should be very wary of the motives of those who foretell success.