Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Tom Linden responds to Griffin's New Year Message

Firstly where do I start, well you claim that you are being called a Nazi amongst other smears but that is exactly what you and Darby have been calling hard working nationalists like us and it is totally wrong of you to do that.

My family fought against the Nazis! How dare you call me that! We do not loathe Voice of Freedom, we have been 'selling' it up and down the country for years both door-to-door and on the streets of
Britain; not the actions of people who loathe it, is it? In fact it is solely because of our efforts that VoF sales have never been so good.

Who say's that 'we' hate Jews? We have not said this, it is another smear!

As for Great White Records, yes some songs are very catchy indeed especially those song by the popular Councillor Auty, but there has been no break through in GWR sales. Well if there has we have not seen it on the balance sheets have we? We are not bitterly hostile to
Dave Hannam’s efforts in GWR although as you come to mention it, his lack of ability within the Treasury Department has caused much trouble up and down the country for groups and branches.

I don't know about you Nick and what you have said in the past, but
Mark Collett is a different case altogether. Either you or his up line management failed him and the party by allowing him to take part in 'Young Nazis and Proud'. Or was given carte blanche by you to do whatever he likes even then? Which is it? This film alone, forgetting all the other public mistakes he has made have made him unelectable – even BNP members in the ward he contests in Leeds refuse to vote BNP because he is the candidate - and attached media smears and tag lines to us for years. It is this 'Collett the Nazi' smear that we must counter on door steps in campaign after campaign.

Quote: "…
real extremists who still infest and discredit the fringes of the British nationalist movement"

Let me remind you Nick, we have not 'bugged' anyone, we have not entered anybody’s home by deception, we have not removed private property from anyone’s home, we do not need a 'secret' South African 'internal security unit' - what's that all about then? - we have not expelled anyone for daring to object or voice views which differ from our views, we have not smeared anyone on national TV unlike your new Press Officer Simon Darby.

You dare to say that we 'infest' and 'discredit', but have you not forgotten who we are. We are the BNP's Heads of Departments, Elected Councillors, Organisers, Fundholders, Press Officers, Contacts, Forum Moderators. We have helped make the BNP what it is today; electable and we did it through hard work, dedication and determination.

You may say otherwise but we are the British National Party too, that's right, paid up members and activists, it is our party as much as it is every other activist and members party and we would have followed you without question, but you have let us down badly, you have failed to stick to the parties own rules, you have allowed your best people to be smeared in the national media and on the BNP website – some of it by your own words and actions. You have sacked hard working employees of the party out of hand, without reference to the party’s own rules and regulations.

Quote:-"While some of us do indeed have ‘extremist’ pasts, the point is that they are truly in the past"

So we can 'not' be Nazis then can we, as surely you would not seek to surround yourself with so many Nazis would you? Most of the rest of your message blunders around the Nazi issue and is not worthy of further comment.

As to the names and address of members being 'provided' or 'sold' to a third party, it sounds like total rubbish to me. Why would 'we' do that then? We are the people who have had to counter the 'Nazi' smear are we not? We are 'not' Jew haters just Nationalists.

You only need look at who received this 'filth', it was sent to members old addrresses, or addressed in their maiden names or even to 'non-members'. Don't you think that if a 'list' of names and address had been provided or sold that it would have been up-to-date, I would.

The worrying thing about this whole affair is that this filth was mainly sent to those members who had protested loudest and resigned or where sacked as party officials. It was these people who were thinking they were being set up for a raid that who point to them being Nazis for having that filth in their homes!

So where do we go from here? As much as it hurts me to say so, I feel that there is no way back for us and we will need to make serious decisions very soon for the very sake of our cause and our people’s very existence.

Tom Linden


Libertas said...

Quote:-"While some of us do indeed have ‘extremist’ pasts, the point is that they are truly in the past"

Nick's lost it with that one - it might be truly in the past (though not much evidence when it comes to Collett), but that is beside the point - the point is in British politics, rightly or not, such people will never be electable, and nor will any party that protects them. The right reaction would have been 'sorry Mark, you're a great guy, but in politics we have to hold ourselves to a much higher standard, and we can't use you on the front line anymore'. The subsequent years haven't been reasurring when it comes to him, either. Ultimately we can't rely on strong leaders anymore, and the disciplinary process of the party should have been allowed to take care of the problem. We have a country to win - we do not have time for short-sighted leaders who are willing to sacrifice the last hope of the British for the sake of personal friendships.

stgeorge said...

I think that now would be a good time to post an ABRIDGED catalogue of events, bullet pointed, that start from the begining to date so that the whole mess can be analised without too much back tracking by the reader.

Who did what, when and where, and, in brief, why. Anyone reading the whole of this blog for the first time would have a mammoth task and be somewhat confused especially when having to cross reference with the BNP site etc.

Some people may be logging on for the first time and it would be prudent to give them a true and accurate account of events. Some links may be needed for proof.

Some of the posts, not just on this site, are tending to be a little dramatic to say the least and a sober round up, without the dressing, would help to put the record straight.

This I know would be time consuming but I would consider as an essential for the task ahead.

Final Conflict said...

The movement is bigger than any one of us.

That's what brought about this impasse in the first place.

oh for nationalists with a sense of humility and duty, instead of the self-important and profain!

Bald Old Geezer said...

I concur every word Tom, well said!

Nick, put on your marching boots old chap, switch the lights off on the way out!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sounds like it came from the heart Tom.

We are all loyal BNP people but I for one will not promote the BNP again while Griffin is leader. He has tarnished our improved reputation and attacked good nationalists.

We should all down tools and campaign for a leadership challenge to be made.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin: when people like Tom Linden (once one of your most loyal supporters) are saying you're finished it's time to go!

Goodbye Nick Griffin. Sadie Graham the leader of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

stgeorge said...
I think that now would be a good time to post an ABRIDGED catalogue of events, bullet pointed, that start from the begining to date so that the whole mess can be analised without too much back tracking by the reader.

I believe this is already under way St George, and will be sorted out by the weekend.

I have sadly come to the conclusion that the BNP leadership just will NOT come to the table to negotiate - so now I must ask all of the fence-sitters to think hard. What exactly are you going to do to get things changed internally? How will you work for change - everything you do will be on a nod from Griffin, is that really what the party needs - one man to decide ?

If an overwhelming protest like this one cannot force Nick's hand, how exactly do you think you will get him to change the party administration?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Linden is right to say something must be done soon. This seems to be winding down and needs a meetingor some emails to give a boost sent out.

Joe Chapman said...

"While some of us do indeed have ‘extremist’ pasts, the point is that they are truly in the past"

If it is 'truely' in the past then that must mean that such views must have been retracted then?


Has Mr. Griffin ever taken back any of the things he has said?

Anonymous said...

As this gentleman says "there is no way back"

The group controlling the BNP is and has been demonstrably - Corrupt.

How can you even consider making a compromise and reconciliation with corrupt people ?

This corruption has been exposed to the media -(strangely quiet at the moment!?)-They will surely use this corruption to discredit the party, should we ever be within reach of power in the future.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the News Of The World weren't interested in the Mark Collett paedo allegations. If it had been any of the "rebels", it would have made the front page of every newspaper, to discredit the rebellion.

Another point, does Nick Griffin's remarks about anti-Semitism mean he will stop attending those Klan conferences in America?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Griffin said Collett will be the next leader of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Well said Tom, can't fault a word.

Anonymous said...

The time has come for a new party. It is obvious. The BNP will collapse under Griffin's clique. The ship is waiting at the dockside, all it needs is for the captain to come on board.
We can do it, so let's do it.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to note that some group organisers/committees are refusing to recognise the seriousness of this issue. Birmingham BNP for example are living in denial by continuing with the loyalist line of “who is better than Nick Griffin?” “we support the BNP” in order to close down any discussion. By any logic there has to be open debate of the current dispute. No group can afford to continue with the status-quo because they will live to regret it later this year when the party fails dramatically in the elections. It is quite clear there has to be change at the top of the party if it is to progress and become a modern forward looking professional outfit instead as it is at present, an amateur authoritarian clique.

Anonymous said...

We have here at EIE the makings of a superb party, with many of the best and most capable people ready and waiting to forge ahead unencumbered by the awful reputations of those at the top of the present BNP.
Like hundreds of other members, I am fed up wasting time and effort trying to overcome the old BNP Image 'on the doorstep'.
Too many times have I felt physically sick, yes SICK, at the antics of Collet and cohorts on the TV.
His image can never be erased in most people’s minds.
The holocaust-denier image will never be erased now; it has gone un-apologised for too long.
Being bracketed with David Irving at Oxford only reinforced many people’s perceptions.

The British National Party has generally gone as far as it can, and I am convinced that we will never have an MP, entirely due to its long-time reputation.
Over a few months, the best people have been ousted from the party, or have resigned in disgust.
Too many stupid decisions have been made at the top, and I only fight for success.
Failure is not an option.

The policies, yes, they are largely what most decent, British voters would readily back, but not the lies and nazi reputation.
I know for sure that there are many other members and dedicated activists sitting on the fence, longing to step this way, but understandably perhaps, they are waiting for something positive and wholesome to take place.

My hard-earned contributions to the party will not be wasted on paying fines!
Like many others, I shall not be renewing my membership of the BNP unless the EIE demands are met to their satisfaction, and p.d.q, too! There is no time to waste.
I look forward to further, good news in due course, and feel very optimistic.
Best wishes to all the good patriots who are waiting to get going.

Dr Chris Hill said...

No new party, the BNP is worth fighting for. As a democratic party the members decided who leads the party.

If Nick Griffin proves himself not to be up to the job, so be it, as someone said in a comment above: Sadie Graham Leader of the BNP

Nick Griffin it’s up to you, you can chose democracy or chose Collett, it's your chose.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Well written, Tom and here here to Souwester.

The BNP name is so badly damaged that no decent people in the wider world are ever going to accept it. Can anyone imagine David Dimbleby saying 'On the panel this evening we have so and so from the BNP ..... ' ? - No Chance ! Let's face it, the BNP already has more Councilors than UKIP yet they get on the programme. Luke Tryl of the Oxford Union recently commented on the repugnant views of Nick Griffin, and to many people BNP=Nick Griffin, and still would do even if he were booted out.

East Birmingham BNP has used the words "moderate" revolution. 'Yes' to that but without the name of the BNP and without a logo that features the Union Flag. I love our flag but the use of it as a political logo is for too long associated with extremism in the shape of the Nazi sympathetic bully boys, the National Front etc.

A new party with a new name, a new logo, a new team ( EIE and all without criminal convictions ), preferably a female leader ( Sadie would be ideal - she would get the necessary experience while doing the job as we're not going to be governing the country tomorrow ) and a big fuss and to do so that the news media tells the people. Then we could get started.

Any alternative, whether it be a 'moderates' takeover, or a reformed Nick Griffin ( I don't think ) will mean more years of getting nowhere.

To Chris Hill and co. If you think a holocaust denier who would have the police rummage through every last personal belonging in Matt's home and put him in a prison cell, slander all the decent people in the party whilst at the same time praising the nasty pieces of work is OK, then stay with him, but there will be an awful lot of peole like me who won't

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paedo Boy will have to resign, and Griffin flee to Croatia. But Green Arrow will have to close his blog down also. He's the online propaganda machine for griffin, using his blog to tell nasty lies about Sadie.

Anonymous said...

This post is symptomatic of why you're going to lose.

What is the point of telling Griffin what he already knows?

You should be going for the jugular. You should be as ruthless as he is. If you're not going to be he'll eat you alive.

So let's see some LEADERSHIP???

Anonymous said...

Enough is now, most definitely, enough!

Griffin has made his choice.

Now we must make ours.

A new party it must be!

Forseti said...

Chris Hill said: "No new party, the BNP is worth fighting for. As a democratic party the members decided who leads the party."

If you are referring to last summer's contest between Chris Jackson and Nick Griffin, that was no real contest. Jackson was not very well known outside the North West and he was not allowed to campaign properly. The current issues have largely arisen since then, partly out of Griffin's response to the leadership challenge, namely calling people vermin and sacking people.

Presumably Sadie, Kenny et al last summer were still trying to resolve issues on a friendly basis rather than challenging Griffin's leadership. The membership was not voting on the question of Griffin's support for Collett and Hannam; these issues were not part of Jackson's rather half-hearted campaign.

The party constitution allows for a leadership challenge only once a year, in June. If anyone were to contest the leadership of the BNP they would have to wait until then. And only a BNP member with 5 years' continuous membership can be a candidate. That excludes anyone who has been expelled unless the party were to rescind the expulsion and treat their membership as continuous. It would be easy for Griffin to avoid doing that and so neutralise any serious challenge for the next five years even if he were to allow those expelled back in.

Until now I have thought that there is no future for us outside the BNP, that the difficulties of setting up a new party and getting its name into the public consciousness are much too great. But the problems of staying in the BNP and ousting Griffin, which is what it now needs to clean the party up and become fully electable, are equally great. So I don't know what to think for the best.

What I do know is that we need a clear way forward that we can all fight for otherwise our energies will be dissipated and we will go nowhere. At the moment we have different views on whether to fight inside the BNP or start a new party. We need to decide, and soon.

Various people have proposed Sadie as leader, although to my knowledge Sadie has not expressed a view, at least not in public. I don't think this is the real issue, The real issue is whether we stay in the BNP. If we decide to go along the route of a new party, then will be the time to choose who will be its leader. And hopefully, if we do decide to have a new party, we will not choose to vest such power in one individual that the BNP does in its leader.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to what everyone says, read the reports, and I have one thing to say. I think Nick who I support should have another leadership challenge. All above board, and with enough time to mount a proper campaign.

This is the only way to ensure a democratic outcome to this mess.

As the new Scottish leader of the BNP I think a challenge is needed to put all you "so called patriots in place".

So what if Nick has to use unconventional methods, he must remain in power for the good of the British people.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin you are finished, stand down and don't hinder British Nationalism, Graham will be our leader from now on.

Anonymous said...

a man from brum said..

It is quite clear there has to be change at the top of the party if it is to progress and become a modern forward looking professional outfit instead as it is at present, an amateur authoritarian clique.

- - # # - -

If the BNP name is to stay then the current leadership have to go in their entirety and that includes Nick Griffin and replaced with an accountable "Democratic" structure.

Sadie may be a very able individual but many members do not know enough about her to support "Sadie for Leader", to elect anyone based on popularity among a small group leaves the Party no further forward with a clique deciding what's best.

In addition the party needs to stop bestowing important positions on a "who you know basis", which has brought it to the current situation leaving a lot of qualified people with expertise in many areas sidelined and under utilised.

My impression for what its worth (given that I have delivered thousands of leaflets across many wards and stood in the Local Council Election for the Party) is that many thousands more would vote for the party if the BNP once and for all threw out the Hakenkreuz worshippers (its not and never will be the 1930's get over it).

Finally I have to agree with the comments that time is running out and as the needs of the many (in Britain while it exists) really do outweigh the needs of the few if the current Leadership are not prepared to yield then why don't we have a Federation of Regions co-operating with each other where the Regional Fund Holder (and his or her team) runs the Party apparatus and we cut out NG's cabal completely (meaning no distribution of their "paid for" literature or election materials.

West Yorkshire

Anonymous said...

Has the rebellion run out of steam as I suspected it would or are there plans to sort this mess out?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chris, I wholeheartedly agree, the BNP IS worth fighting for.
But ONLY IF it is run properly as a fully democratic party.
THEN we can, at last, stand proudly up, and confidently shout from the rooftops that the British National Party is cleaned of its garbage.
Only then will we really move forward.
I’m with Sadie or any other suitable candidate, as I reckon there are a super lot of people to take us forward.

Anonymous said...

Griffin must get rid of Mark Collett or even I will no longer be on his side, and I voted for him in 1999 and 2007. Please Mr Griffin bring all these people back and ris us of Mark Collett

Anonymous said...

NicK Griffin, Mark Collett and John Walker, if you have any respect for the membership please resign to save our party.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that we have certainly not run out of steam. Keep an eye on this blog and you will see what is about to happen.

Sadie Graham

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham said...
I can assure you that we have certainly not run out of steam. Keep an eye on this blog and you will see what is about to happen.

Sadie Graham

Oh Sadie that sounds good, I'm glued to the screen. Good luck to all of you. Go get 'em tiger.

Anonymous said...

I think once the Blackpool police begin their investigation into Mark Collett's grooming of underage girls at the hotel, things will happen.

If not, griffin's power trip will continue plodding on as if nothing has happened.

Come on, the Blackpool constabulary . Get things moving......

Anonymous said...

Well said, Tom! You and I have discussed this many times while travelling all over Europe, and I am glad it has finally come to a head.

Re someone's comment about forming a new party or whatever: I don't think that is feasible. You have a party already and it is there for the taking, just as Griffin took it from Mr Tyndall.

Take him by the collar of his ill-fitting suit and kick his flabby arse out the door! And make sure his coterie joins him!

I'm an ex-BNP member,currently proscribed for telling it as I saw it about Collett, but would come back again if allowed to by any leader other than Griffin. Who knows? Maybe one day..

Anonymous said...

I think we can assume Griffin is finished.

The big problem is not making a new party. (I would actually favour a Confederacy of British Parties : England,Scotland Wales, Ireland working together but separate. "The Confederacy". Has a ring of rebellion ? :-) )

Griffin, because of his Blairite way of being all things to all men has managed to keep a broad church together in the BNP - until recently - which just goes to show Truth is the best long term agent of cohesion.

Whichever leader that emerges has to be able to mediate the hardline instincts of most activists with the softer image necessary for electoral success. In all of this we have to be realistic to what can be achieved politically and what can be achieved culturally to preserve our way of life and gene pool.

Simon Smith

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of talk here about forming a new party or replacing Nick Griffin as Chairman both of which concern me although I can understand how people are reaching those conclusions it nevertheless concerns me.

Two points,

Firstly, it has taken many years to build the BNP up to the successful position we find ourselves in today. I believe a breakaway group, trying to form a party, would be counter productive to the national cause since it would take years to achieve the same successful political machine we have available today.

Secondly, it would also be counter productive should many good and caring activists split away from the BNP as this will almost certainly weaken the national party structure and managerial experience essential if the national cause is to be developed and presented to the British people as an alternative acceptable political option.

If it is accepted the sensible way ahead in not to form a breakaway party as this presents the least risk to the nationalist cause and to the BNP then the following points need to be considered.

a. There is no scope within the party constitution to democratically progress the changes believed necessary in any reasonable time frame.

b. There is an urgent need to reach an agreement in principal with Nick Griffin to ensure we are all united in a common cause to fight the coming May elections.


Should Nick Griffin ignore the paramount need to unite the party in the best interest of British Nationalism and decline to discuss the issues or refuse to compromise and come to an agreement in principal then we need to question his commitment to the nationalist cause.

It is well known we cannot get our nationalist message out to the general public through the conventional national and local media.
Even Nick Griffin has not been able to gain a public platform, on a regular basis, where he can use his skills to get the party message across to the British people.

I do not therefore believe the recent upsurge in the BNP popularity has been the result of Nick Griffin’s leadership, debating or public speaking skills great as they may be.

The excellent progress the BNP has made in recent years has mainly been down to the hard work of grass root party members distributing leaflets throughout their local areas. The increase in membership has also been the result of these busy local activists.

Nick please don’t turn a BLIND eye to all this or try to sweep it under the carpet. In the best interests of British nationalism you need to show your leadership qualities, reconsider the situation, take the lead and broker an acceptable solution to unite OUR party.

Anonymous said...

fjc, I think everyone sees the problem of starting a new party, the question is do we have any choice not too?

I for one don't feel like waiting around, waiting for Griffin and Darby and co to be ousted, when they have manipulated the leadership system so that no one can effectively challenge them...

We need a new party bottom line. Rome wasn't built in a day, this false utopia that the BNP would roll into power is a crippling our vision of what we should be really doing..BNP is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Griffin and Collett have got-off scot-free over their alledged paedo grooming?

Anybody know why?

Anonymous said...

Well done Tom, you and many other's have stood by Griffin through thick and thin, this time Griffins blunder is none returnable!

Bad move Griffo! all for the sake of one man. I know if I had a company and employed thousands of workers and one man consistently abused,insulted or brought the company into disrepute I would FIRE him !!!with no pay of course.Wouldn't any employer?


andyf said...

the way i see it is that good BNP activists are worth there weight in gold. the party and the rebels need to sort out there differences now so we can campaign hard for the london assembly.NG was elected leader only a few months ago and should stay leader but his problem now is that if he gives in it shows weakness on his part.he's been painted into a corner the best solution i think would be for mark collett to hand in his resignation for the good of the party.it would mean everyone could save face,NG could offer an amnesty to everyone and the rebels could accept his offer for the good of the cause,NG as leader sadie as deputy even mark collett could come out of it looking better because he did the right thing and who knows come back to the party in a couple of years when hes matured.the party would be united and stronger than ever,just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

If Dicky fails to get elected to the London Assembly, Griffin's head will finally be on the block.

Worryingly, a good showing for the bnp at the next elections will cement Griffin's reign for at least twenty more years, after which time, (membership subsidised) retirement cottage in Croatia awaiting, Collett will take over the reigns.

Anonymous said...

The only thing griffin can broker, is dodgy deals which line his pockets with members' hard-earned wealth.

Once a crook, always a crook.

Darby's just as bad.

Anonymous said...

You have told the absolute truth.
I look forward to the next step forward as there have been too many steps back.

Anonymous said...

Not being a long standing member of the party I am somewhat confused as to why a lot of people seem to think that we should placate Griffin, or come to some arrangement with him. He is not the BNP, regardless of what position he holds or whom he holds sway over on the managment side. I'm quite sure that so long as there is a majority of the mebership requiring it then he and his cronies can be usurped. The problem as I see it is how many of the rank and file membership are actually aware of what is taking place, and how many are 'on side' with those of us who are using this blog to express our feelings and aspirations? Is there any way that the membership can be polled to determine what support we have?

William McCarthy AKA Salvation in another place.

Anonymous said...

"I think everyone sees the problem of starting a new party, the question is do we have any choice not too?"

Assuming the BNP can be saved, we have to balance how badly the BNP 'brand name' will damage the cause, against how long and hard it would be to get a new party rolling. Not an easy one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Andy F for bursting your bubble.

I, as many other former members (non-renewal), don't want to ever see Collett or his ilk rejoining the bnp. Ever. Even if, a chuffin' miracle strikes and he's absolutely cleansed of his stupidity and twisted Hitler fetish.

As Sadie said, it wasn't the "rebels" who started this all, it was the theft of a laptop and the false allegations. Followed by dozens of expulsions and aggrevated resignations, all of which was down to one corrupt man, Griffo, the same amn who ruined the nf.

As for the London elections, however much I would have gone out of my way to distribute election materials in all weathers, I frankly have no interest in Barnbrook's success or otherwise, especially knowing that every Barnbrook vote will be a vote for Nick Griffin.

If he gets a lot of votes, all the more reason for Griffo to swifty forget about the contributions of all the hard workers sacked from the party.

All the more reason to persuade my friends to vote for Boris, however much I dislike the gentleman.

Anonymous said...

"Is there any way that the membership can be polled to determine what support we have?"

To Anon

We will not see what the overall reaction has been in the short term - the membership renewals (or lack of renewals) would be an indication. For now we have to rely on feedback from other organisers. But there are a number of BNP 'emergency' meetings and activist meetings taking place over the next few days - does this give you some idea about the scale of the problem?

Anonymous said...

Millwall fan is right. Anybody who donates to HQ, distributes recruitment leaflets for the party or stands on the BNP ticket will effectively be endorsing Griffin's criminal and perverted dictatorship and the bugging, raiding, smearing and threats against good honest nationalists like us who want the BNP to be about genuine nationalist ideals.

Anonymous said...

Just surfing other dissident bnp blogs, and I came across more info about Mark Collett being warned by the party commitee for groping another underage girl at a Sunderland social? The remarks were made from Chris Telford.


Please does anybody else know about this previously husted-up Sunderland incident involving Mark Collett?

The 14 Words said...

I have just remembered that in the early days of my membership of the Leeds branch I attended a meeting at a very well known Leeds venue.

Mark Collett had with him the reporter who was making the 'young Nazi and proud' documentry. Outside the pub Mark introduced me to him and we entered the pub, as we tried to enter the meeting room Martin reynolds (then Leeds Organiser) stopped the reporter because he was trying to enter the room with a recording device (mini studio).

Mark objected to this but he was told by Martin that the only way this equipment was getting in to the room was over his dead body.

The reporter was asked/forced to sit in his car outside and wait until the meeting had finished before teaming up with Mark again.

Even then I thought that it was strange that a BNP member would allow/arrange to allow such a device into one of our meetings.