Monday, 28 January 2008

Successful first Conference for ‘Voice of Change’

The Nottinghamshire village of Brinsley hosted the first ‘Voice of Change’ conference yesterday (27th).

113 patriots attended the event despite the best efforts of some of Griffin’s cabal to put people from their regions off with threats of expulsions from positions and ostracism. The venue and date had previously been set aside for the BNP’s annual January Organisers’ Conference but that was before Sadie was purged by Griffin.

Former South East Regional Organiser Cllr Roger Robertson chaired the Conference and introduced each speaker on stage in turn. First to speak was former Head of Administration and Scottish Regional Organiser Kenny Smith.

Kenny opened his speech by saying he was stood before the audience not because he was a red, state asset or neo-nazi, but because he spoke out in the higher echelons of the BNP against incompetence and lies. Kenny gave an overview of the events that lead to the raids and expulsions of the 9th of December. He explained how some senior officials had begun raising concerns as early as 2002 about management failings and the defence of incompetence and negative behaviour. The main catalyst for the recent events was however the 2006 behaviour of Collett and Hannam at the Blackpool Annual Conference that lead to them receiving final warnings and then the recommendation of the Central Management Team to expel the pair following Griffin’s granting of permission to give them a verbal warning for their behaviour at this year’s Conference.

Kenny also explained how the pre-planned sacking of Sadie and himself was discovered and how it was the reason he set up the blog, which was itself only unearthed when Mr Griffin authorised the bugging of Sadie Graham’s home and then the raids, sackings and worldwide public airing of an internal BNP dispute on the BNP website. He closed by exposing the most recent lie about his home being raided by police and being released on bail for fraud. Readers only need to call Central Scotland Police to confirm that Kenny’s home was not visited by police never mind raided and that he was not charged with any offence.

Sadie Graham

Cllr Sadie Graham (former Head of Group Development and East Mids Regional Organiser) then gave a powerful Power Point presentation about the important changes that need to take
place within the BNP if it is to become a serious contender for winning big in future elections. These changes she explained are not only needed for electioneering purposes, but also for the internal stability of the Party.

She addressed issues like the setting up of knowledge and experience based working groups to utilise the skills and expertise that lie dormant within the membership, the need for Paid positions within the Party to be advertised internally so that the best people can apply and be hired. Failings in discipline, accountability, internal procedures and security, the lack of policy departments and spokesmen were all mentioned as were the proposed restructuring of the party so that the political (legislative) is separated from the management (executive) and that a proper judiciary is established. Sadie also rubbished the claims that the expelled were seeking to have the BNP run by committee.

The constitution was drawn up by the Party Chairman when the BNP had 1000 members. It is now so completely out of date and at odds with a modern political party that it needs re-writing. Sadie said the Voice of Change group propose that a working party is set up to look at bringing it up to date, because at present its construction is designed to keep the present Chairman firmly in place.

Nick Griffin has tried to silence, threaten, maliciously lie and slander BNP members both current and expelled, but he has still failed to silence his critics. Sadie said Voice of Change want the BNP to succeed and for members to make their voice heard. There is huge support for change and members must retake control of the party, by raising their voices.

Steve Blake

Before the tea break Steve Blake (Former Web Editor) gave a passionate address detailing why the expelled intended to fight Mr Griffin all the way to the High Court if necessary to retain their memberships. He told the audience - who had come from 10 of the 13 BNP regions – how the treatment of good honest workers and patriots by Mr Griffin had been a painful experience for many but was now the reason why so many had come to the belief that change at the top was now needed.

Steve explained who attempts at negotiation and mediation has so far floundered because of Mr Griffin’s determination to break the long voting membership records of those expelled to ensure none could challenge him for the leadership for the next five years. While the expelled are happy to negotiate on every other point all nine were resolute in their determination to remain as members without break in service.

Steve told how he had joined the struggle for our people as a youngster and how the cause was in his blood – as it was for all the others – and how Mr Griffin’s mocking advice to go away and enjoy non-political lives was not a possibility for any of the expelled. Voice of Change would now be the vehicle we used to get our membership back and challenge the tyrannical Griffin’s grip on the BNP.


After an excellent lunch – and the efforts of the kitchen staff that included two councillors - there was a question and answer session that lasted well over an hour. Questions were varied but focused mainly on the leadership question and the GLA elections. Cllr Robertson did an excellent job ensuring order was kept and questions were directed through the chair.

A vote on whether a leadership challenge should be launched this year received an overwhelming yes vote from the conference floor. Debate about the GLA elections however divided both the floor and the speakers table. All recognised the need for the BNP and nationalism to succeed and as time began to run out the consensus seemed to be that the choice of whether to help with the GLA campaign should rest with each individual member. Those advocating assisting the campaign believed that leadership change would still occur after a successful campaign while those sceptical about helping worried that Griffin would become entrenched as leader on the back of a victorious campaign – regardless of the fact that it would have been won by the activists and London BNP rather than Mr Griffin personally – because of the financial rewards and the support of armchair members who may attribute the success to Mr Griffin.

Financial support

As time raced on Bev Jones conducted a fantastic fundraising effort for the Voice of Change with a collection of £520 and book sales of £70. Fundraising for the legal defence fund ‘Family Defence Appeal’ was boosted by a £400 donation from North West Regional Election Officer Mike Lester, who sent the funds along despite not being able to attend himself. A further £280 was also raised for the FDA and the Saint George Society ran an excellent merchandise stall for eager shoppers.

Steve Blake closed the meeting with an short address, which reaffirmed the view of the majority of those at the Conference that no opposition party was to be launched. Voice of Change was simply a pressure group to provide a platform for a leadership challenge and a change to the structure and constitution of the BNP.

He also reaffirmed the commitment of the Voice of Change team to seek an amicable resolution to the current impasse despite the lies and smears perpetrated by Mr Griffin and his allies, because the cause of British Nationalism needed the BNP to succeed to ensure our people do not become just a footnote of history in a few decades time.


Anonymous said...

Sadie as leadership challenger?
This is a lot to ask of a young mum to be. However, as a name that is known throughout the party I believe she is the only choice.
No membership? Nick Griffin said she could have her membership back at the Leicester meeting. He was filmed and audio recorded saying it. Can this be put on youtube? If he goes back on his word the proof will be there for all to see. I believe Sadies reinstatement should be a priority for the group.
Also there are many instances of Nick praising the work of Sadie. A little research and get these instances logged as a counter to the smears he will throw at her.
There are some good, wise old heads that can shelter and advise her through what will be a tough period but I have no doubt she can succeed.
Get thinking, set your goals, make your plans and go for it.
Mike Clarke
Ex-Ashfield Organiser.

Anonymous said...

Well done all.
I am sorry that this was a meeting I couldn't attend but I was thinking of you and hoping it was productive and enlightening.

Here's to success and to get OUR BNP back on track.

This party belongs to it's members and activists and potential voters deserve the best.

Anonymous said...

113 people present and everyone I spoke to knew of others who couldn't be there.
Take a look at this video:
Many of the key players (embarrassingly for Mr Griffin) are VoC supporters. For those of you who want a better organised, more democratic party now is the time to show your support.
Mike Clarke
Ex Ashfield Organiser

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Well done to all sorry I and other Aberdeen members who support your cause could not attend, Most people who I have spoken to want to see the changes being made, that will make us truly electable.
Some are keepnig in the closet at the moment because they are worried about being purged from the party. But they are now starting to realise their is growing support for your cause. From this growing support come more confidence, and from that confidence will come more and more members willing to stand up and demand change.

I hope Griffin is listening, and acts like a leader for the long term security of the party.

Does he want a political party or his own private dictatorship.

Dr Chris Hill said...

It was truly an inspiring meeting.

When the history of our party is written, Sunday will go down as the day the grassroots members took their party back.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

So how long does someone have to be a member before they can vote in a leadership contest? Now might be a good time to join.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad to hear that the meeting was a success. I am pleased, and maybe a little surprised, that at all times you have put the BNP first and foremost and its well being your main concern, I hope ALL members recognise this. This is the opposite of Nick Griffin who, at the start of all this, couldn’t give a damn about the party, just the welfare of Collet and Hannam. (Collett, the next leader of the BNP) not forgetting his own comfortable position. I am still astounded by what has happened in these last few weeks.

All politicians lie, spin, concoct and lie again along the political road but to treat your own in this manner in the defence of incompetence and the stupid is the height of treachery. I wonder how many present members are having to look over their shoulders before saying anything, and how many have checked for planted listening devices. All I can say is “Don’t drop your guards” you could be next. Just do as you’re told, don’t have an opinion and listen to the one person that runs the BNP.

It will be an uphill battle and maybe against the wind but I hope Richard is successful in the London election; it would be a first class result for the party and WOULD NO WAY EXONORATE GRIFFIN of what he has done and the disgusting LIES he has told. This deceitful episode could prove to be the undoing of the party and, though some will scoff at that suggestion, remember today’s date, the time and where you read it, but please, DON’T wait and see.

Long live DEMOCRACY??????

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting to see what it was all about. In my opinion the Voice of Change group was talking common sense.

If a political party has 1000 members and its structure is based on this then all well and good. If however membership rises tenfold then internal structures and policy procedures also have to rise in line with the increased membership.

In the Q&A session one chap advocated setting up a party called The Nationalist Party and obviously he hasn't read the finer points of the requirements regarding party names. The BNP has a brand image that has grown over the past 26 years and the VofC group wish to maintain the brand image.

The speakers spoke commonsense and if (or when) the BNP is to become more prominent in politics, then the internal structures of the party must change.

The attendees of the VofC meeting want the BNP to succeed and certainly are in support of the BNP, albeit with the required changes necessary to make the party a professional party - not a tin pot operation.

If we blunder on through the GLA elections we will gain seats and this in turn will prove to be more problematic. The BNP do not have the internal support systems in place for our current council members and when we get new GLA members they will be likewise left in the deep end.

My opinion of the meeting was that the BNP needs a more polished professional image and the Constitution needs updating to meet the requirements of UK's 4th largest political party.

If you are listening Mr NG then a better structured more professionally run party will surely benefit you.

Anonymous said...

It was a brilliant meeting with an excellent turn out. When you consider that Griffin's call for a day of action and meeting in London only attracted around 100 (not the 250 the claim on the website), this turnout for supposed rebels was fantastic and I know many supporters who could not make it because of the short notice.
Well done all involved, the venue was excellent as were the speakers.

Anonymous said...

During the question and answer session a South East member said Kenny, Steve and Sadie should be filmed speaking because their passion for the BNP, their honesty and integrity shown through. I agree.
The same delegate said he was at the Crawley meeting last week and McBride and Burke came across badly and severely lacking in sincerity. At Leeds I saw the same lack of honesty from Griffin, Collett and Co. I spoke with people who were at Wigan and Leicester and they felt the same.
There were three intelligent, honest and loyal BNP speakers on stage on Sunday and I'll follow them all the way. Griffin's days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

In all fairness Mike I think the challenger should be Steve Blake if the expelled win their memberships back.
That is no slight on Sadie, but Steve has the advantage of experience.
Maybe they could run as a 1-2. Steve for the Chairmanship and Sadie as his deputy.
Now there's a winning formula. When Kenny ruled himself out during the Q&As he got a big round of applause for saying that Steve and Sadie were both capable of leading the party, well why not give us the best of both worlds and have them there as a team?

Anonymous said...

I'm just an ordinary activist from Lancashire but I'm angry as hell and I'd vote for Steve and Sadie.
To Chris Jackson and his supporters I say get behind Voice of Change, your silence on this matter has been deafening. You don't have mass support to become leader yourself, but your help could be crucial to helping Voice of Change to victory. Every member concerned with the way this party has been run for the last few years should get behind the Voice of Change team. They have major support and are the only ones capable of overthrowing the Griffin gang of thieves, crooks and spooks!

tonydj said...

I was at the meeting and this is an accurate record of the proceedings.

I note that the Red websites carried a less than accurate report yesterday, missing out key points which are in this report.

Funny footnote: During the conference I received a phone call from a member who is less than active usually. He wanted to "recover" printing equipment from Bev, my wife, on behalf of the (Griffin) Party. It appears that NG himself had told him to contact me to find out how to go about it!

Even now the party still needs our expertise!

Anonymous said...

If there was a leadership challenge, I would vote for the challenger. If the leadership challenge was not successful, and no other party is formed, then I would get out of nationalist politics, even though it is a cause I have supported for many years.

I would not be prepared to pay to join a "nationalist" party which is so keen to employ immigrants at the expense of native Brits. I have better things to spend my money on.

In short - take over the BNP and get rid of the immigrants it currently employs. Then we can really talk about "British jobs for British workers" not "British jobs for British workers unless you happen to be the BNP then it is British jobs for South African and Rhodesian immigrants".

And when is the Voice of Change website going to be updated?

Anonymous said...

The night of the first conference (Sunday)I thought I would see what was on the UAF sight and to my surprise found a report on the meeting giving basic details of what went on. This was before any VoC report was published. Not that it was important but it makes you wonder who contacted them so soon after the event. Was it just a UAF infiltrator? or, more importantly,was it someone supporting the Griffin cabal in contact with this group. If so it makes a mockery of the accusations leveled against Sadie and co being collaborators and spies. There has been nothing on the BNP sight of late regarding the events of the last few weeks but I think it is being reported via the UAF sight, makes you wonder doesn't it, don't you just luv 'em.

Anonymous said...

Richard Edmonds should stand as a unity candidate, with a platform of restoring decency, honour and financial transparency to the party.

Given age and reluctance to take on the job, Richard would only wish to be leader for a limited period.

Once the party was back on a sound footing, one of the younger councillors or party officers associated with Voice of Change would be in a better position to take on the leadership.

Anonymous said...

I wish supporters for change, would stop hyping-up Branbrook, and claiming we should not hinder the London Assembly elections. It doesn't take much between the ears to realise that Nick Griffin and Richard Barnbrook are trusted friends, and hundreds of thousands of pounds of state-funding will end up the greedy claws of Nick Griffin, if we sit back and watch it happen.

Just as you wouldn't welcome a vampire into a blood bank, in the forlorn hope it would "stop biting necks". If we don't run our own candidates against the Official BNP in London, the bloodsucker will win, and Collett will be the next leader of the Bnp.

Anonymous said...

Still no widespread mainstream press coverage of Voice Of Change.

I bet Nick Griffin appears on Newsnight, breakfast tv, and the Six O'Clock News before the sodding London elections.

If this is not a media conspiracy, what the hell is?

Wake up and smell the coffee, lethargic sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Well done EiE Nick in hosting the successful BNP Voice of Change conference. Like other supporters I was unable to be present. The decisions are sensible and workable. I am confident that in the long term it will be possible to reform the discredited Griffinite party and turn it into a clean modern nationalist political party of which all members can be proud to campaign for.

Anonymous said...

What needs to happen is the formation of a new party. I will bet anyone £1000 that a leadership challenge, even with Sadie at the helm, would not succeed. It isn't any longer about "getting memberships back" or some such naive concoction but creating a political vehicle able to take power and, clearly, the BNP is no longer that vehicle despite the excellent weekend gathering.

Unless and until there is a clear strategy, above and beyond simple "protest" against a man so dirty it almost beggars belief, then nothing much will change and the Voice of Change will become another hot air factory.

Those of us who have lived through splits before, several featuring Griffin, know from experience that time is on his side and this business of standing as "independent nationalists" has futility written all over it.

Over to you......

Anonymous said...

this was a good meeting and steve blake came over very emotional.all people want is change,if we are to go forward then we need to change to cope with the growth rate of the party.there were some very good old and new hands there and the party cant ill afford to loose such people.if griffin cannot see this then he is simply no longer up to the job as party chairman(as st george said earlier)about the uaf blog."there were some super activists that attended"please take note mr griffin

Anonymous said...

A very well organised and structured meeting. Very well chaired by Roger Robertson.
Sadie Ken and Steve put their points very well.
All of the branch delegates and activists attending had generous opportunity to present their viewpoints, and did so.
The success of this group may not be instant ... but it is inevitable.
Thank you all

Anonymous said...

I have been impressed every time I have heard Steve Blake speak. He'd be my choice as the leadership challenger.

Anonymous said...

In short - take over the BNP and get rid of the immigrants it currently employs. Then we can really talk about "British jobs for British workers" not "British jobs for British workers unless you happen to be the BNP then it is British jobs for South African and Rhodesian immigrants".

Hear hear -- but what about Bev Jones, who supports VoC - she is a South African . . .

Anonymous said...

Baz said: "The success of this group may not be instant ... but it is inevitable".

If the leadership election takes place after griffin has won seats in London, we are screwed. So a challenge must take place in April by the latest.

Anonymous said...

Steve Blake is very likeable, very knowledgeable and an all round good chap. But I believe that the work that Sadie has done for the party has been more high profile and as such made her known to the armchair membership.
Her name must be on the ballot paper. If a dual candidacy is allowed then Steve and Sadie would be ideal, but I don't think he who should be obeyed will allow it.
Mike Clarke
Ex Ashfield

Anonymous said...

I came away from the conference confident that the Voice of Change team is well organised and focused, and that with its many talented supporters we will soon see the party under a new leadership and with a democratic constitution and organisational structure in place that is appropriate for the major party that I’m sure we are soon destined to become. So when Anonymous says: “... This deceitful episode could prove to be the undoing of the party ...” I couldn’t disagree more. I think it could prove to be the MAKING of our party!

I also came away with my despondency of the last few weeks from the divided loyalty of wanting to work hard to get more councillors elected in May but no longer wanting to support the present leadership, gone. I’m sure many have shared this frustration. With talk of setting up a new party clearly ruled out, and the conference consensus to return to active campaigning, but not donating any funds to central office (in the meantime people should support the VoC Family and legal defence fund instead), I can happily get stuck into supporting the GLA campaign once again, and my local area. I feel a great weight has been lifted from me and that I can return to doing my bit to try to save our country from its fast approaching annihilation.

Success at the GLA, in particular, may boost Nick Griffin’s popularity temporarily. That’s a risk that has to be taken. At least he won’t be able to accuse us of disloyalty. However the problems, disorganisation, and future periodic ‘nights of the long knives’ will continue, and thus the pressure for change will remain in the longer term.

Finally, when GriffinOut! said “... the challenger should be Steve Blake, with Sadie as his deputy ...”, I agree. With the best will in the world Sadie is inevitably going to be preoccupied with the time consuming and important task of mothering her new born baby for the time being. As GriffinOut also said, Steve also has the advantage of experience, but the two of them together as leader and deputy would be an unbeatable team in my opinion and the planning of a well orchestrated and funded campaign needs to start soon. If neither are allowed to rejoin the party in the near future, and are therefore barred from standing as a candidate, then the VoC team will need to instigate the selection of candidate who IS still a member, and provide the tactical and logistic support for him or her when the time comes.

Peter Phillips

PS I’ve still got my sou’wester ready ... for the mud!

Anonymous said...

Steve Blake for the challenge all the way for me, although as expressed at the meeting it is highly unlikely that any of the expelled members will be able to stand even if they get their membership back. The break in membership is the obvious sticking point.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear -- but what about Bev Jones, who supports VoC - she is a South African . . .

I am happy to fall on my sword, if all of the other foreigeners do likewise.

Good to see that the Griffin lot take the time to still read this blog though!

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Peter, you are mistaken.

If griffin wins seats in the GLA, there will never be a leadership challenge.

A popular man, which griffin will be, if we support him in the london elections, will never be deposed.

This is what happens in politics, which is why, we must not be fooled into misguided loyalty and supporting Nick Griffin's London cash cow.

If i had the guts, I'd be out on the streets telling people NOT to vote for Nick Griffin. Not because I don't like the bnp, or I'm a red traitor, however I know that you need to be cruel to be kind.

You need to being down Nick Griffin or else there will be no change never.

All you people like peter who think griffin will be forced to resign after winning seats and funding in london, you are in cloud cuckoo land.

Strike while the iron's hot. Get rid of Griffin now, aud London will be yours for the taking.

Failure to act before the GLA elections, will be the death of you.

Anonymous said...

Helping the BNP get elected in London would be committing political suicide.

"We need good leadership not cyanide pills".

Dr Chris Hill said...

Let’s get this straight neither Bev Jones, Lance Stewart or Arthur Kemp is foreign.

I may be wrong but I think this is a accurate breakdown.

Lance Stewart was a serving Met police officer when he moved to South Africa to join their police force.

Arthur Kemp was born in Rhodesia, but his family are British, so (at least as far as I’m concerned) he’s British.

Bev Jones is of British descent; once again being born in South Africa again makes her a child of the Empire.

If Michael Howard (Ex-Tory leader) is British, these people certainly are!

Chris Hill

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

I am not anti South African or anuone thats willing to fight our cause what I am anti is how people are hired into our party on the whim of Sir Nick, and the real reasons behind the hiring.

Why the need for SA secutity other than to keep Nick feeling safe and secure, if he was doing everything as straight as an arrow he would not need to fear snoopers reds etc.

The fact that they have the chairmans ear above long standing party members is deeply worrying. What shit are they filling Nicks head with.

If they are decent supporters of the BNP then fine the fact they are South African should not be a problem, its the fact that they appear to be hired for more sinister party controling reasons, is why people are speaking out against the appointments.

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic meeting. I feared it may be poorly attended but I was glad to be proven wrong.

Agreed with everything that was proposed except for setting up a 'shadow cabinet' Only the governments opposition has a shadow cabinet, I feel we would be opening ourselves up to ridicule if we set up something like that . However I see no reason why we can't have spokespeople on certain subjects and this can be backed up by a policy forum which would decide on which policies to take forward to each election.

I think it would also be a good idea if we could all be given copies of the proposed restructering of the party management and leadership. It looked great but I couldn't see it all on that projector. It would help us show people that we want to take the party forward not wreck it.

It was I who asked at the end of the questions about who should stand as leadership candidate. I understand it needs to be kept quiet for now as we all know what would happen to who ever that turned out to be. I just felt it was being avoided and needed to be asked. I have my own idea who might be worth a crack at it and he was sitting in the audiance on Sunday.

Steve Haddon
Ex- Wolverhampton Organiser

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will get rid of Nick Griffin is if his financial dealings catch up with him. According to Lancaster UAF, they're working with Radio4 to look into the finances of the party. If you've got anything that can point straight to NIck I'd recommend you get in touch with them. Sorry but if he can play dirty, so can we.

Anonymous said...

Shadow Cabinet

Sorry, Steve Haddon, I hope you don't mind my disagreeing with you, but the Liberal Democrats have the equivalent of a shadow cabinet, which makes them look bigger and it works. I agree that the BNP should have one too. A party with one policy and only one prominent personality is never going to get far.


On the BBC 10.00 News yesterday ( 29 January ) we were told that one in four births in this country is to foreign parents who now live in this country. I presume this means that within a generation , the immigrants will make up more than a quarter of the population and within two generations, the immigrants will make up more than half of it.

Not only does this mean that we don't have much time, but it also means that our party needs a higher proportion of the native vote than does any other party ( assuming that the foreigners will not vote for it ). I'm tearing my hair out, because the time is not far off when it just won't be possible. Under the worst government we have ever had, we have almost given our country away. The urgency is of untold proportions.

Anonymous said...

This problem is not going to be solved without serious and deliberate action. website will be hosting a petition - this should be live by PM on 31/1/08 - This petition calls on Nick Griffin to resign, and also to reinstate all members expelled since Nov 2007, restoring their voting rights and continuity of membership.

This is not intended as a request, but as an instruction from those he is supposed to represent - The BNP membership and supporters.

Nick Griffin is an Employee of the BNP, and must obey the wishes of the (informed) membership. He also has a duty to the Nationalist movement of the UK.

This is an independent action by concerned BNP members and supporters - it has not been sanctioned or instigated by any members of Enough is Enough or Voice of Change, although their comments are welcomed.

I shall be monitoring this website - as I wish to be the first to sign the petition when it comes online.

My conscience will not allow me to stand on the fence regarding this issue any longer.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the suggestion that a young mum, Sadie would not have time for the job.

The whole point is that Nick Griffin has failed to delegate and tries to keep personal control of all aspects of the party. There was a time when this was manageable, but more recently it has clearly affected Nick Griffin's mental health.

To be honest - as things are, it is beyond the capability of anyone! and would drive many people to insanity.

If Sadie (or anyone else were elected) they must learn from this disaster and always delegate responsibility to "ministers in waiting".

The chairmans role should be that of Senior decision maker, not "micro-manager"

The majority of day to day decisions in the modern BNP should be decided by other elected officials.

Policy and procedure should be slick enough to run themselves!

The only time the Chairperson's input would be needed ..would be if things were going wrong!

Anonymous said...

No need for Bev to fall on her sword IMHO!

The point about the other South Africans is not the country they were born in, but their appalling record of misconduct when working for Griffin.

Bev by contrast is acknowledged as a superb activist even by those (myself included) who have sometimes been on the opposite factional side.

And as it happens the best British nationalist I know was born in Australia!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia entry for BNP seems to have been edited to tow the griffin line.

Is's protected fromn general editing by non-registered members. Can somebody with permission to edit, change the data to refer to the "rebellion" in more honest terms, providing people with a link.

It has long been suspected Mark Collett himself edits the BNP wikipedia entry, to keep it pro-Griffinite.

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me asking, but when will a leadership challenge happen?

Plenty of us are getting frustrated that there is no timetable of action.

After the London elections will be too late, especially if Nick wins seats and money. No-one votes out a successful man, however corrupt he is.

Anonymous said...

The following is a quote from regarding the petition.

"*After much discussion and soul-searching - the launching of this petition has been postponed, hopefully this will permit a "cooling off" period , and allow the expelled members to be reinstated without further damage to the party."
- I hope this is the case

Anonymous said...

I am not anti South African, I just object to the fact that a Party which crows on about "British jobs for British workers" can sack British people and continue to employ an immigrant. That is gross hypocrisy, and if you disagree with me then you do not know the meaning of the word "hypocrisy"!

I make no apologies for my comments, I am a native Briton, and if some immigrants do not like what I say, then tough ****. I do not apologies for my beliefs to anyone.

(And to those who like the "Greatest Britons" articles, the latest ones will be online in a couple of minutes at )

Anonymous said...

Arguments about Griffin doing the right thing and restoring the status quo are what worry many of us the most as it indicates a hopeless lack of understanding and naivete....

Under these circumstances clear and effective leadership is required and although a good gathering has been held my fear is that this is not enough and too many people are sleepwalking into disaster...or daydreaming whilst the BNP carries on in London.

It it's about principle and practicality then BNP rebels should probably support the NF candidate for London mayoral elections as many of the NF's current activist group in the capital, including friends of mine, are actually ex-BNP including Tess Culnane and Ian Edward.

The NF platform in London, as that's the key focus, is almost the same as the BNP's but this would send a huge message to Griffin and might bring more people together for future action.

This is a tactical decision, incidentally. Some daring and radical action is now required of the sort that goes way beyond talking shops and forums.

Can anyone suggest anything more useful. London is stuffed if Griffin wins seats because he'll continue, with more power, to use and abuse, to receive and deceive and to betray the very people who've put him where he is.

Time is short.

Anonymous said...

Eggtimer said

After the London elections will be too late, especially if Nick wins seats and money. No-one votes out a successful man, however corrupt he is.


There are some that might disagree with that. Any success will be down to the hard work by activists and candidates alike. Also the lack of faith in the other failing parties will be a great adventage. What Griffin has done over the last couple of months will be seen to have an adverse effect and hold back the vote. Griffin a success? NEVER.

Libertas said...

"After the London elections will be too late, especially if Nick wins seats and money. No-one votes out a successful man, however corrupt he is."

If VoC activists don't help, then the VoC can be blamed for sabotaging the election campaign. If it's successful, it'll be resented for not contributing. Since a leadership challenge can't be held before the summer anyway, I can't see any way out of this.
BTW, how long does someone need to be in the party in order to vote in an election contest? And are their any plans to force a third-party counting of the votes, becase if not, I can't see how anyone can beat someone who is both corrupt and responsible for counting the votes.

Anonymous said...

Good grief if Gri££in had one quarter of all the good ideas and structure for the BNP,that Sadie,Steve and Kenny have,the BNP would have been in Downing Street years ago.

Sadie,Steve and Kenny you are like a breath of fresh mountain air,unlike the Gri££in cabal who are like a smell from the local pig farm ,but then maybe Gri££in sleeps alongside his pigs,he certainly acts like them with his greedy snout in the trough all the time.

The BNP can only go forward with the Ideas of Sadie,Steve and Kenny,you are what we need for the party to go forward,you are what this country needs to lead us to success,you are very truthful,sincere people.

With Gri$$in at the helm of the BNP it is never going anywhere,but straight to hell along with all his yes men.

Gri££in will never give up the leadership of the BNP he must be pushed,he is afraid to go as all his money will also go.

Gri££in man do the right thing resign now,whilst you have the chance,because after the way you have carried on recently,you have lost all respect,from good decent members,John Tyndall must be weeping now in his grave as he sees how you have destroyed his beloved party,as you alone destroyed John he died of a broken heart ,when you threw him out of his own party.

Anonymous said...

steve haddon put some good points across,how often do we update our policies ? how often do we have a council to sit,talk and discuss new policies ? our country is changing day by day and we have have not kept up in the fast lane.the party needs a better pyramid structure put into place,the faster we grow the bigger the pyramid gets the easier it is to move people up and across into a suitable positions.when i joined the party 4 years ago the first thing i noticed there was no networking structure in place.i tried something the once but it worked we saw our local membership and meetings double within 2 months

Anonymous said...

Oops, I stand corrected, the Lib Dems do indeed have a shadow cabinet.

I would still advise caution on this issue though.

Steve Haddon

Ex Wolverhampton Organiser

Anonymous said...

cumbria rebel said...
“... If griffin wins seats in the GLA, there will never be a leadership challenge. A popular man, which griffin will be, if we support him in the london elections, will never be deposed...”

That’s a risk we have to take, for when 'cumbria rebel' also says “... Strike while the iron's hot. Get rid of Griffin now, and London will be yours for the taking” he should tell us how to do it NOW. The next leadership election won’t be until after the May elections.

Baz said...
“In answer to the suggestion that a young mum, Sadie would not have time for the job ... The chairmans role should be that of Senior decision maker, not ‘ micro-manager’... The only time the Chairperson's input would be needed would be if things were going wrong!”

Of course delegation is essential, but I think you are deluding yourself Baz. Even with the most efficient of management structures and delegation of responsibilities, being the leader of a political party requires a tremendous amount of time and stamina.

Peter Phillips

Anonymous said...

I think there needs to be a bit less fear over the BNP winning seats in London. If seats are won it will be the candidates themselves who will have won - and the money that is available will be controlled by those successful candidates. I don't know Richard Barnbrook that well. Perhaps he might let the BNP leadership control his money? I can't see it myself. But when Damian Hockney won his UKIP London seat that didn't stop him changing to Veritas (not IMHO the most brilliant of his moves!!) and being his own man.

Likewise any BNP London Councillors will more than likely be their own men. The money will be used to enhance and enable the BNP in London. I don't see it particularly improving the image of the present leadership - particularly if EIE people are seen to be actively supporting the London BNP efforts.

Anonymous said...

ps - just seen the Voice of Change website - and wished I'd seen it before posting my last comment. Very pleased to see the article "Let's Rally Behind Richard" discussed at the EIE conference where you say you intend to support the London BNP candidates.

Anonymous said...

cumbria rebel said...
",,, If griffin wins seats in the GLA, there will never be a leadership challenge...
... if we support him (Griffin) in the london elections, will never be deposed..."

That's why the Voice of Change organisers need to start planning a comprehensive campaign strategy now, and selecting a secret 'member' candidate if necessary, to ensure that the manifesto and the candidate gets the maximum exposure when the leadership election starting gun is fired.

Peter Phillips

Anonymous said...

Over the last four years it has been my honour to have worked alongside such notables as Robert Walker, Colin Auty, Dave Exley, Ian Dawson, Angie Clarke, Jim Lewthwaite, Neil Craig, Dave Taylor, Chris Goodridge and others of no less value to the BNP. Each and everyone of these people have given of themselves more than most can imagine. Any organization would have been enhanced and strengthened by having any of the above on board. But Griffin? Oh no! Anyone with honesty, integrity and decency such as the Doc and Jonathan Bowden was/is seen as a threat. So it's as plain as a pikestaff why he defends the odiuos little shylock, Collet, and his partner in slime, Hannan. It is true with all 'big fish' in small pools that they fear the pool geting bigger. The BNP pool got bigger - and better - and the big fish liked it not one iota. The likes of Paul Cronie, (no, this is not a typing error) Collet and Griffin, along with their whipping boy, Hannan, are quite content to see decent people walk, and if they don't walk they get sacked! Imagine after all the work put in by warriors like Sadie, Steve and Chris Beverley, how they must feel. Once over I would have walked on water for Griffin, now? I can't wait to see the back of him. He has lost the support of the Yorkshire region, and those who were once prepared to put up with his, 'not unconsiderable,' baggage will tolerate it no longer. He may feel invincible, but come a challenge, or a split, it's all over for him and his gang. The BNP IS the members, not some strutting little Caligula who can't won't yet see the writng on the wall. It say's, 'GO' and let the decent Nationalists of Britain get on with the task at hand. I look forward to the future when I'm once again working alongside all of you decent members out there. Good Luck and see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Crl Chris,
I think you are seriously deluded indeed if you think that Griffin will not profit from the London elections. This fiend is going to forever milk the BNP for every penny until his farmhouse and croatia retreat are turned into palaces.

The fear surrounding supporting Barnbrook and co. in the London elections is this: - Anybody who despises Nick Griffin should refuse to help making the fool stronger.

Helping Griffin get stronger would be complete and utter madness.


Anonymous said...

Griffin can be got rid of before the London elections, if anybody can provide new evidence to the Blackpool police surrounding the child abuse allegations, or directly, if someone can prove Cyclops has stolen party funds or has authorised spying.

Anybody who holds back evidence is hindering the VoC

Anonymous said...

As to the GLA Elections, Barnbrook will be relying on Branches to get 10 signature for each of the 33 Boroughs. Unfortunately for him, he doesnt know who is loyal to one eye or not- and the job of getting signatures may well be in the hands of Loyal BNP Members and not griffinites

Just one signature = No BNP on ballot paper= problem solved!

Anonymous said...

I phoned an old mate who is a BNP member in the South East. He had no idea at all of Griffins latest purge, other than he had read in a members bulletin that "Two troublemakers had been expelled"
I told him to have a look at this website and to tell his mates!
Please would readers talk to old contacts in the BNP and ensure that the word spreads.
We must make sure that everybody knows what has happened.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I am feeling unsure about lots of things just now,but I did enjoy the meeting and hope that we can sort out all the problems.
But please ... We should never say sorry when we have done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

The latest garbage and strawman from BNP clone Martin Roberts, here is why we need a new party, the BNP leadership just want to keep portraying us as Nazi's, got this email sent to me the other day. The huge lies about numbers at the latest London gathering and RWB events, it all going to blow up in Nick's face sooner or later, you can only go lying for so long:

Some of you may have received a bulletin through the post from a group calling themselves "The Voice of Change." It's designed exactly like the BNP's "British Nationalist" that you get, so it appears that it's an official BNP publication which it most certainly isn't!

For those who don't know, the Voice of Change group are a bunch offormer BNP members (led by Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith) who have been tryingto cause trouble for some time. These people aren't to be taken seriously and it's best to just ignore them.

The party is very much still on track to do well in the forthcoming council elections in May and we have a real chance of getting at least one seat on the London Assembly. If anything, the party is even stronger now the trouble makers have gone because all those in the BNP are loyal members,committed to trying to win back our country.The British National Party is not 'homophobic' and believes that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is a matter for them alone and is of no concern to anyone else. On the other hand the BNP is not blinded or cowed by political correctness and recognises that homosexuality, which affects less than 2% of the population, is not the norm and that homosexual relationships do not produce offspring - essential to the survival of a people and a nation.

Police in Falkirk telephone the BNP National Treasurer to confirm that, after Kenny Smith was confronted by officers at his place of residence over the £4,000 he stole from the British National Lottery account on 10 December 2007, he admitted guilt and handed over the full amount in cash to the officers.

The money is now on its way back to the BNP.

The police have also confirmed that the file has now been handed over to the Prosecutor Fiscal Office to determine if further criminal charges are to be prosecuted. The police advise that this is highly likely.

Kind regards
Martin Roberts
National Enquiries Officer
British National Party

Anonymous said...

The minute that the article written in support of Richard Barnbrook's London GLA Election campaign was published to the VOC web site by the "rebel" faction the final act of failure in this intriguing yet imperfect two months of hope and desperation were played out for all to see.

It is not nice being right but I'm right when I say that there is and can be no rebellion or any attempt to change things when you are supporting Griffin's man, Griffin's "Marxist art film maker", for Mayor.

It is actually a matter of principle but you cannot work inside the BNP under its current control group and also support a cheerleader for the status quo/more of the same/the Griffin cabal. By doing so you are pointing the gun at your own head and making a really big mistake in terms of your hopes and aspirations.

Which are, egos aside, our own hopes and aspirations that finally, after all is said and done and the words and threats and promises are silent, some effective leadership might actually be seen, heard and enacted.

But no.

It is not to be.

So I cannot any longer support this "rebellion" because it is NOT A REBELLION whilst you side with Griffin's puppet for Mayor.

I am going to, with huge reservations, support the NF candidate for London Mayor. Although an imperfectly formed grouplet, the NF has not sold its principles down the river for the sake of a few votes....

I suspect a lot of my old school mates will be joining me.......

Anonymous said...

It's kinda weird that most BNP members in London don't know what the hell's going on.

Is Barnbrook doing a Lord HawHaw job for the one eyed monster?

If only all the possible bnp candidates in london could be sent letters, telling them the truth, how to find this website, and the instructions to stand not as bnp candidates but as independent nationalists.

Sounds simple for me, if someone can be found to pay the print costs and postage. Surely someone has the mailing list details of all the london members who isn't loyal to the crook.

Anonymous said...

Griffo gave up on Yorkshire and Lancashire cos London's far more profitable.

Anonymous said...

i hate to say this but unless you skewer Gri££in NOW it's over.

The London election will seal HIS victory and your fight is finished and you'll go the way of the Freedom Party (who were/are decent, correct, honourable people).

You have to fight NOW.

Too many BNPers know NOTHING of this. EVEN NOW!

Especially in London, but not exclusively so, they are being spoon fed lies by Gri££in's machine.


The only way to unseat Gri££in is to get maximum exposure of the criminal activities, paedophilia, corruption etc.

Sad to say the only outlet that will do the damage to him necessary is the media.

Don't feel you can't. Don't feel it's wrong.

It is either that or another 5+ years of the filth, squalor, corruption and cronyism which will keep nationalism in the gutter!

Please do have the courage to publish this because i think genuine nationalists need to shake the sleep from their eyes and realise that the cards are stacked against you/us.

At the moment Gri££in is in a winning position - and he knows it.

Time to fight back.

Anonymous said...

great meeting

E. N. Ronn said...

MikeinEngland said:

“ . . . you cannot work inside the BNP under its current control group and also support a cheerleader for the status quo/more of the same/the Griffin cabal. By doing so you are pointing the gun at your own head and making a really big mistake in terms of your hopes and aspirations.”

I agree. A good result for the BNP in London this May will simply perpetuate Gri££in’s reign as Lord of Misrule for another year.

I attended Sadie’s meeting, and was very impressed by the sincere idealism and personal integrity that Sadie, Kenny, Steve and Bev all displayed, mirrored by the excellent patriots in the audience. It was a privilege to be there.

What is now needed is a clear plan. Personally, I strongly disagree with Steve Blake’s “only the BNP” approach, and agree warmly with Roger Robertson’s view that now is the time for a new party.

We tried this path with the Freedom Party some years ago, and enjoyed considerable local success in the W. Mids. In the very different climate of 2001, most nationalists were unfortunately not willing to make the break with Gri££in, so our efforts were not ultimately successful at national level. I do however believe that they were not in vain. In particular, Sharron Edwards’s election to the South Staffs. District Council showed that there is no magic in the BNP name. The EFP made exactly the same point when two EFP councillors were elected in Blackburn.

To-day there is much more widespread righteous anger at the corruption and tyranny of Gri££in and the Welshpool clique than there was in 2001. There is a larger group of talented people who could form the nucleus of a new party. Frankly, the difference between a support group for independent nationalist candidates and a new party is largely a matter of semantics.

The rebels should IMHO set a strict timetable to pursue their preferred course of seeking readmission to the BNP (if necessary though the courts) with a view to mounting a leadership challenge. If they are not successful in this course by 30th June 2008, all options should be considered.

The reason why is that if a serious and credible challenger to Gri££in is not nominated by 30th June, Gri££in will remain in post till 30th June 2009 at the earliest, and gamble what little is left of the members’ money after paying himself, his family and his cronies their inflated wages bill on chasing the will o’ the wisp of the European elections.

When he fails (as he will) to be elected to that appetising gravy train, not only will Gri££in be politically bankrupt, but also the BNP will be financially bankrupt, and there will be nothing for a leadership challenger to inherit but debts. There is therefore no long term option of internal struggle.

Comments, please!

Bert Leech said...

great meeting

Anonymous said...

There are several people in our group who threaten to leave the Party unless there are changes at the top (and among some others close to the top), such is the strength of feeling about recent events.

And things are shoddy on the membership list front. Once they were sent out in encrypted form by e-mail - not any more. The encryption has been done away with, supposedly "unnecessary" and "not needed" any more. So that is how the Party cares about its membership data. Now they are just sent as an ordinary Excel spreadsheet, that anyone could get into if the e-mail was to go astray. What a ****** mess.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to read the BNP constitution but I cant find a copy, Can you post it on your site

Anonymous said...

Jim Said - If only all the possible bnp candidates in london could be sent letters, telling them the truth, how to find this website, and the instructions to stand not as bnp candidates but as independent nationalists.

The problem is - the BNP or any PARTY can only obtain a degree of power through the number of (secondary transferable) votes across all of London for that PARTY. - It is a PR system

Only a PARTY can benefit from such a system, and then only if it fields candidates in all/lots of boroughs.

It is harder for small parties, but better than the old system.

This really is a critical time. A decent leader at this time would make the necessary changes to the constitution through an EGM, then hold a snap election.

I won't hold my breath.

Dr Chris Hill said...

The VofC meeting last week decided we are standing a candidate in a democratic leadership challenge, as soon as the present constitution allows.

If we start encouraging anyone to stand under any banner, other than the BNP, Griffin will use that against us at that election. Supporter of democratic change must take a full and active part in all BNP activities, while clearly identifying ourselves as modernisers by such acts as wear a big voice of change badge and talking to other activists at events. The way to win that leadership challenge is through party activism, this has the added advantage of progressing the party’s cause ready for a flying start once a truly capable leader is at the helm

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Griffin wins two or three seats in london and EiE/VoC will collapse, Mark Collett the next in-line for the BNP leadership.

To repeat, the BNP in London must not he helped in the slighest way. Helping Barnbroke is like turkeys opting for Christmas, and will ensure the swift end of the rebellion.

Anonymous said...

burnley said...

Griffin wins two or three seats in london and EiE/VoC will collapse, Mark Collett the next in-line for the BNP leadership.

To repeat, the BNP in London must not he helped in the slighest way. Helping Barnbroke is like turkeys opting for Christmas, and will ensure the swift end of the rebellion.


Let's wait till the elections to truely understand the situation. If all the mismanagement, caniving, spying, lying and underhandedness by Griffin is not used to destroy the BNP vote prior to the elections then there is something more sinister afoot than meets the eye. I still say that the government want Giffin in charge of the party to help hold it back and lessen its chances of being elected to a position of any power. If Richard does get onto the London assembly he will more than likely be eaten alive, but we live in hope.