Thursday, 24 January 2008

Saint George Society back online

The Saint George Society website is back online after the management committee temporarily suspended business after spurious claims to its standing were made by John Walker.

Walker's attempt to seize control of the society has failed and his allegations against Bev Jones have since been confirmed to be without foundation. As such, the society is now back online and in full working order.

Check out their excellent range of merchandise on their website here.

The Saint George Society carries a delightful range of unique items, with our in-house designs and logo. The t-shirts are especially attractive, with a faint metallic gleam in the print and best of all, comes in all sizes… from toddlers to tubbies!

Our shop sells patriotic and ‘made in Britain’ merchandise. We encourage local craftspeople to market their goods through us – and we would be happy to look at any new items.

We actively encourage the promotion of patriotism by showing our true colours in public – we believe this will go a long way to silence the ‘political correctness’ that stifles St George’s Day celebrations. We would be happy to arrange a discounted rate for bulk orders, so that you can join the crusade and encourage patriotism too.

The Society has three aims:

1, Fly the Flag!

Our Mission: We would like to see the Saint George Cross flying in every high street in England on 23rd April!

The public eye: This society is all about making it easy to be patriotic – we would like to offer a flag flying service to those good folk who find it difficult to do all the DIY associated with flying the flag. Please call us for help, and we will do all we can to get someone out to help you raise the flag.

Volunteer: We are asking for volunteers to become ‘Knights of Saint George’ and help out with raising flags and installing brackets for patriotic folk! (And don’t forget to go back and take them down again.)

All you will need is a few friends, a drill, a ladder and some spare time. Take a look at our leaflets – this will help in the promotion of this project.

If you are a ‘do-er’ not a ‘say-er’, then join us now, and get started in your high street – any donations you collect will be sent to your nominated good cause / charity on your behalf.

Bracket s and flag kits are available to you at a large discount once you become a member – we have had the brackets hand made by a local metal workshop.

2, Have a Crusade!

Every now and then you see things that really make your blood boil! For example, the ridiculous ‘leaked’ report about downgrading Christmas…

Do you grumble and mutter about it? Do you hear people complaining in the pubs?

Well lets get into our crusade mode and DO something about it – with a little thought, a little organisation and lot of determination we will be able to make life less comfortable for a few overzealous ‘politically correct’ bureaucrats. We may even get a change of opinion – who knows?

If you are keen to ‘have a go’ – join us today and become a Crusader. Let’s make our voice heard.

Start today – sign our petition to ‘Save Christmas’.

3, Celebrate Saint George’s day!

We think that every council in England should arrange a parade, party or event to celebrate our patriotic day. It is not the intention of this society to organise parades and events – this should be a far bigger scale than we could manage.

What we will do is publicise as many events as possible. Shall we arrange an ‘order of the Shield of Saint George’ award?

Please send in any details of local St George celebrations for us to publicise on our site.

Also, send pictures of your costumes for our photo gallery!

Please give your support to the Saint George Society.


Anonymous said...

It's sad to hear that "Mister Horse Porn" tried to close down this society.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Herr Griffin and his hairbrained cronies.

Paul said...

Good luck to them in England fighting for St Georges Day!

My kids are not allowed to even mention it at school.

How about a free plug for Bullseye Badges for plenty of choice. Patriotic, British Flags, etc

If someone wants to see something on a badge let me know and I'll try and create it!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the St George Society.

How about a free plug for

Donations will come in due course.


Anonymous said...

St George is a great site. Who would want to buy of Excalibur now with their reputation for none delivery.Especially when their is an alternative. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Is the initial money raised for the St George society (before the split)going to the BNP for the Euro Elections like was said? or are you keeping it for the family defence appeal?

Anonymous said...

Is the initial money raised for the St George society (before the split)going to the BNP for the Euro Elections like was said? or are you keeping it for the family defence appeal?

The initial money raised for St George was never going to the euro appeal- and nobody ever stated that.

The initial money raised for St George was on a personal loan basis, so that we could buy stock. This is repayable by the society through profits , and has my personal guarantee attached.

If you are one of the donors, email me at the society and I will send you a cheque.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

what right did that perve think he could close down st geoege's day, anywayy?

Anonymous said...

i was at the meeting when they asked about the st george money. they wanted all the stock as well didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Griffin tries unsuccessfully to get more hands in the till.

Anonymous said...


With the St George Society back on line, does this mean i will now get my membership card. Once i get my membership card, i will start to buy items and get involved.
Until then i sit here at my computer keyboard waiting, watching, reading.
I joined 2/3 months ago. Its times like this i dream about being Scotish.
GOOD LUCK from John/Oldham