Thursday, 3 January 2008

The police raids - an update!

Over the past three weeks, we have all seen an unprecedented amount of support for those BNP Party members and activists that finally dared to stand-up and question the true merit of Mr Griffin’s leadership. This swell of support has not, as was hoped by Mr Griffin, lost momentum and gone back to tediously trudging along behind him through fear of being ‘purged’ and unconstitutionally cast out of the Party like so many others.

The support has in fact crystallised, as people have had the time over the Christmas holiday to reflect fully on the revelations that have exposed the true despotic nature of Mr Griffin.

One example of the level of contempt he has for his minions, can be realised fully from this quote he made at a recent meeting in
Leicester while answering Sadie on the top table ‘Look girl, you’re about to be a mother; so you’re now effectively useless’. A little glimpse of his true colours I believe.

Police tactics

In my last post I wrote about the police raid and the person I believe is responsible for its instigation. At the time of writing there was one fact that I was unaware of. While Sadie’s and my home was being searched, Essex police were busy too; putting the front door of my flat through with a battering-ram.

This I only discovered when I visited my flat last Friday (28th December) to remove the last few belongings I had left there, and drop the keys off to the estate agent so potential buyers can view it. The large round dents on the outside of the door appear to have been made by a police battering-ram, the door itself has been cracked in two down the middle and the architrave and locks smashed. It would seem that I would now have to take the flat off the market for a while until I can afford to get the quite considerable damage put right. The only actual indication that told me that it had been the work of the police was the search warrant left partially screwed-up on the sofa. I hadn’t even received a call or any message from the police to tell me that they had executed the warrant and left my flat unsecured.

It’s interesting that since I posted on this blog that the police had raided Sadie’s and my Nottingham home, a few people have suggested on various other blogs and chat-sites, somewhat bemusingly, that I have lied and the entire event was a mere figment of my imagination. Although I refuse to be drawn into lowering myself to openly arguing with the bewildering twittering’s of cranks and oddballs, I still feel it is necessary to prove just how insane these theories truly are. I have therefore included with this post scans of the actual warrants left for me by both the police forces at the two addresses. If anyone, namely Lee Barnes, believes that I somehow received these documents from extraterrestrials orbiting in outer-space, or MI5/Special Branch/James Bond/Danger-Mouse (delete as appropriate), created them for me in order to fool you all; please feel free to contact Nottingham Police yourself and simply ask them. The number for Nottingham Police - 0115 968 0999. The Freedom of Information Act should ensure that they will confirm the date, time of my arrest and bail.

It is also interesting how so many ‘experts’ on law and police procedures have been posting on the web insisting that where firearms are concerned, the police will always smash down the front door, while abseiling down the chimney and crashing through the kitchen window wearing balaclava’s armed to the teeth at 6am. Well this is not Hollywood or The Bill, and while a few ‘cyber-warriors’ out there tend to live in a fantasy world, the reality is often very different. (Sorry to break the bad news to all you specialists out there).

Search warrants

Before the police raid a home with the intention in executing a search warrant, they will always make a thorough check as to who is likely to be inside when they arrive; this is standard practice as any officer involved will tell you. They do not like to make work for themselves and cause unnecessary stress; especially were pregnant women are involved. They want to get the job done as cleanly and as efficiently as they can. Their checks would have shown that Sadie is a well respected Parish and Borough Councillor with a completely clean record. Sadie does not have so much as a parking ticket to her name and she also has a very good working relationship with the local police; not something that happens that often these days.

The police would also know that, I too, have a completely clean history with no record for violence or anything that would give them cause for concern. When I left the RAF over ten years ago, it was with an exemplary discharge; I am simply a law abiding taxpayer and they would have known these facts. The police knew exactly who they were dealing with, so they left the commando boots and Heckler & Koch’s at the station, and simply knocked on the front door. Essex police smashed open the door only, I suggest, when there was no answer from inside.

I have been nothing except 100% truthful from the very beginning; I have nothing to hide from anyone. Anyone that truly knows me will already know this and is already behind us all the way.

You will notice on the warrant documents that I have censored a few details; this is necessary solely for reasons of legality/security.

A warning to us all

As I have stated in the past, these police raids were not simply an attack on Sadie and I; this was an attack on every single member of the British National Party that regards the freedom to voice their opinions in the Party as sacrosanct. Unless we, the active life-blood of this Party, stand together determined, and absolutely insist that Griffin listens to the wishes of the membership, we risk the Party becoming little more than a less significant version of what we despise the most; the big-brother regime.

One final point

It has also been brought to my attention that a few people are under the impression that I’m not actually writing these articles myself. Who these people believe is actually writing my articles is beyond me, but in order to set the record straight, I can confirm the following - Yes I did go to school, yes I have spoken, quite well so I’ve been told, at a great many Party meetings, yes I have had articles printed in Identity Magazine and yes; I can even write using joined-up handwriting. (I guess these are dizzying achievements for an ex-Griffin Gorilla, after all)

The survival of the British National Party is now solely dependant on just how swiftly the membership and support base can fully remove the blinkers of deception and lies that have been pulled over their faces. I for one will work ceaselessly towards achieving this in 2008.

Happy New Year to you all.



Anonymous said...

You need to ignore Barnes. He is completely off his trolley. He's not a BNP member and he's not a lawyer. He's just another one of Griffin's coterie of unaccountable non-BNP advisors.
After Barnes you can add Kemp (only joined after RWB), Stewart (only joined after the Conference), Lecomber (supposed to be proscribed), Edwards (UKIP), Harrington (Third Way), d'Abigsnoc (anti-Semite) and Goodacre (America based).
There are probably more too. You rebels would know better I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Ooops missed out "Belgian based" from d'Abigsnoc's details.
He has replaced the sacked and trusted Steve Blake as the main man on the website management. So much for British jobs for British workers!

Anonymous said...

"The survival of the British National Party is now solely dependant on just how swiftly the membership and support base can fully remove the blinkers of deception and lies"

There may be another survival problem for the BNP and that is money. The new website is awful and today I found the template on line. It's not custom made, which one would expect for a big organisation like the BNP; it's a free one called 'the morning after' which anyone can download if they choose. Just click here to have a look at the template only or click here to see the page that they got it from with a picture of the template and the facility to download.

Not having a custom made website means that you have to adapt it to your own needs and try and think of something to fit the various sections which is why it seems a bit of a hotch potch. Not only that but the webmaster is presumably not a paid professional because there is no margin on the left hand side; the text is hard against the edge of the screen and I'm assuming he doesn't know how to correct it. There are lots of other faults with it as well.

So all aspects of the website are free and we know that the BNP hierarchy are currently begging for money. How long before there isn't enough money to pay Mark Collett - Oh, and Nick Griffin ?

It may be no small issue because when an organisation runs out of money, the website is normally one of the last things to go.

However, if you, Matt, and the other eie people can get control of the party then I will join up and contribute and I believe lots of others will as well. In fact I know that because I have spoken to too many people who are tearing their hair out at the way things are going in this country but will not support the BNP because they believe it to be unacceptably extremist or because they are too ashamed to let others think they support it.

From reading this blog for the last few weeks, it seems to me that the majority of party members are ordinary people like me but it is the leadership which is giving the public a bad impression and standing in the way of any advance. Without them, I can see a bright future for the BNP - there has never been a better time, but with them, I see it getting nowhere or even fizzling out.

Anonymous said...

I notice Essex police have cocked up. The date of the warrant says 8th Nov and the raid was when the 12th Dec?

They only had a month to execute the warrant. I smell compensation claim. Should be a nice little present for the little one on its way.

Anonymous said...

Does Griffin think his members are all really stupid? He calls you "neo-nazis" but surrounds himself with some real dodgy characters.

Is this the same d'Abignosc who is former Klu Klux Klan Gran Wizard David Duke's webmaster?

Griffin shared a platform with the former Grand Wizard last year in Belgium, I think, maybe Holland.

Didnt his new propaganda chief Arthur Kemp write a book all about the supremacy of the white race. Has the illustrious Kemp shook hands yet with the hard-working Pat Richardson?

What a web of lies and deceit Mr Griffin has spun. So much for being a moderniser!

Anonymous said...

You can just picture Lee Barnes and his loyal Stormfront love slave Joe Owens face after reading that!

Well done Matt.

Bill Henderson said...

Frustrated BNP Supporter a dit...

There may be another survival problem for the BNP and that is money. The new website is awful and today I found the template on line. It's not custom made, which one would expect for a big organisation like the BNP; it's a free one called 'the morning after'

I noticed the heritage of the "Highly Touted All New And Improved" BNP website immediately.

And in all fairness, it is what it is. I even recommended it to both of my daughters, one a psychiatrist and the other an archaeologist, as being very easy to maintain using relatively few templates, and showed them how to get it online. There was an uptade to a newer version (2.3.2) available 3-4 days ago.

But you are undoubtably correct when you state that it really isn't what any image conscious organization should be using.

Especially one which didn't fork over the few roubles to buy the accompanying "bible", Word Press For Dummies

However, not supercritically, but more in the interest of setting the record straight, the product is actually WordPress and it's a successor to b2\cafelog, a popular blog tool in unixland.

It is published under the GNU public license which means you can get the source code and compile your own finished product, modifying the code if you so wish. It is written in PHP and supports an SQL/MySQL database engine.

Benny said...

Frustrated BNP Supporter said:

"I have spoken to too many people who are tearing their hair out at the way things are going in this country but will not support the BNP because they believe it to be unacceptably extremist or because they are too ashamed to let others think they support it."

I think that sums it up nicely. Of course there are plenty of reds out there who are happy for Eurabia to become a reality and couldn't give tuppence for Britain's culture and heritage. But I'm sure that many Tory voters have looked with envy at the BNP's manifesto and thought "if only, but ...".

It is impossible for any public figure to risk expressing support for the BNP. The only exception I can think of is Richard Barnbrook's betrothed - Simone Clarke. she was pretty much unknown outside of the ballet crowd and didn't actually express her support in public at first but rather was outed by a red journo.

Occasionally public figures express politically incorrect sentiments that we all know to be true - such as Martin Amis who recently talked about tribal instincts - but they always stop short of condoning BNP policy.

For the party to progress its leadership must be spotlessly clean.

Wingfield has served time for writing racist literature, Collett is a Nazi sympathiser, Hannam has served time for distributing race hate leaflets. Griffin has a race hate conviction and served time as a result. He has also expressed anti-Semitic views. He is also a hypocrite because he bangs on about British jobs for British workers but employs dodgy foreigners.

In short Griffin is a total liability.

The party can have the best policies in the world but how can it hope to win even one parliamentary seat with this baggage in its ranks? All the cranks, racists, jailbirds, hooligans and misfits will have to go before the party can break into the mainstream. It's as simple as that.

We know the party's policies are popular so why does it handicap itself by retaining those who are holding it back due to their criminality and general dodginess?

Griffin absolutely must go as a priority and be replaced with someone clean who has no skeletons in the cupboard. Sadie is a media dream because she would totally confuse the opposition.

Final Conflict said...

Will Barmy Barnes apologise??? Don't hold your breath Matt. These people think they can besmirch any genuine nationalist who doesn't toe their [crony] line with impunity.

Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

As more shocking details emerge I can confirm from my own knowledge that what Matt says about Police raids and the detailed preparation that goes into them is absolutely correct. My brother is a copper and I asked him about it and he was quite mystified by the details surrounding this raid.

For what it's worth, he's long believed that the BNP leadership was state simply because it allowed and encouraged all manner of oddballs into its coterie. He remains a supporter, but not a member and his words are, "I'm not joining with that lot at the helm."

I think the question of a South African Intelligence Department with links to that failed apartheid state speaks volumes.

Griffin is, looking at the deeper picture, running out of personnel and running out of money. Nevertheless, and whilst these updates are vital and necessary, we would like to know what if any plan there is BEYOND hoping//praying//proselytizing for Griffin to wake up, to see the error of his ways and so on.

Is this hopeless naivete? It this hope based on historical fact?

Not in my experience of the Griffin we knew and despised in the 1980s when he was selling out the cause of British Nationalism to the Libyans/Iraqis and supporters of suicide bombers he now claims to despise.

Ever the chancer and used car salesman of British Nationalism Griffin will cling on to power and I suspect only his physical removal or something as strong can win the day for the obviously decent (and law abiding) "rebel" faction.

It is OK to be the lifeblood of the party if you can make a political difference.

At the very least a National Gathering of Real BNP supporters and activists is now very much in order to work out a plan of action beyond calling out Griffin and his state handlers as the dogs of a corrupt and failed system that they so obviously are.

Anonymous said...

I thought we fought the Nazis to preserve this country's freedom, not to have the police battering down doors for thought crime. I hope some of the officers involved in raids like that are ashamed of themselves. But a lot of them enjoy being bully-boys and it's much easier to bully the law-abiding than genuine criminals.

Anonymous said...

Darby's gone very quiet recently... I wonder if he's regretting calling us nazis now that the truth is emerging about who the real cranks and extremists are.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that we only need to look at the destruction, not just of properties , but of people's lives to see who the real traitors are within the party.
Nick Griffin should hang his head in shame.

Anonymous said...

I thought the police have to automatically pay compensation for any damage they cause during a search? In any case, you must contact Essex police and I'm sure they'll tell you your rights (if you're assertive enough).

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, why were the Police planning to raid Matt's flat on November 8th, long before any of this came out?

Dr Chris Hill said...

Could people please stop referring to this group as ‘rebels’, they are modernisers trying to complete the transformation of the BNP into a fully electable party.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Good call Chris. They are the BNP loyalists if anything not BNP rebels!

Anonymous said...

I refer to them as protesters, and for a good cause, the future of Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Someone wanted to discredit Matt and in turn Sadie because they wanted Collet and Hannam OUT. There are some nasty people in the BNP, no prizes for guessing who.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, why were the Police planning to raid Matt's flat on November 8th, long before any of this came out?

My guess is this was around the time the bugging would have taken place and the mad paranoia taking a firm hold - maybe it was intended as a 'first strike'...I sound as mad as the leadership now.

Forseti said...

How has Griffin responded to the call to get rid of the criminals and other liabilities in the party? He's appointed Adrian Marsden as Yorkshire regional organiser.

Marsden has convictions for violence and connections with Combat 18, and was one of those who earned the epithet for the BNP of "do-nothing" councillors. When we are saying the BNP must be cleaned up, here goes Griffin adding to the reasons why the BNP as it stands at present is just not electable.

Either he's so desperate because he has no one left in Yorkshire or he's putting two fingers up at the modernisers.

Either way, Griffin's got to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes Forsetti, a valid point about Yorkshire...Mr G has given us 'unwitting testemony' as to the real state of play around the regions. RO's may not have gone public, but have obviously resigned. Good for them!

The plot thickens.Lets hope he puts up a list of new organisers and fundholders too.

Anonymous said...

You're not mad old pal, you're quite sane and your spot on. I would add that the bugging was going on for some time, for how long, who knows.

Anonymous said...

A couple of oddballs are now saying that the warrants on the post are fake! And the whole thing was set up by the secret-sate/searchlight.
Who are these people saying this stuff?

The fact remains that Matt has shot them all down in flames with this piece but they havent the guts to admit that they were wrong. Cowards one and all.

The truth is there for everyone in the party to see for themselves now.

Anonymous said...

The warrant states at the bottom of the page it is valid for up to 1 month! yet the key stone cops were 3 days over the time period! oh do they include weekends at the police station?