Thursday, 3 January 2008


Rather appropriate given the events of the recent month which are just the tip of the iceberg.

Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions. Paranoid individuals constantly suspect the motives of those around them, and believe that certain individuals, or people in general, are "out to get them."

Paranoid perceptions and behaviour may appear as features of a number of mental illnesses, including depression and dementia, but are most prominent in three types of psychological disorders: paranoid schizophrenia, delusional disorder (persecutory type), and paranoid personality disorder (PPD).

Individuals with paranoid schizophrenia and persecutory delusional disorder experience what is known as persecutory delusions: an irrational, yet unshakable, belief that someone is plotting against them. Persecutory delusions in paranoid schizophrenia are bizarre, sometimes grandiose, and often accompanied by auditory hallucinations. Delusions experienced by individuals with delusional disorder are more plausible than those experienced by paranoid schizophrenics; not bizarre, though still unjustified. Individuals with delusional disorder may seem offbeat or quirky rather than mentally ill, and, as such, may never seek treatment.

Persons with paranoid personality disorder tend to be self-centered, self-important, defensive, and emotionally distant. Their paranoia manifests itself in constant suspicions rather than full-blown delusions. The disorder often impedes social and personal relationships and career advancement. Some individuals with PPD are described as "litigious," as they are constantly initiating frivolous law suits. PPD is more common in men than in women, and typically begins in early adulthood.

A definition of Paranoia from the World of Health -


Dr Chris Hill said...

When you first posted this a couple of weeks ago now, I asked you to take it down because suggesting Nick Griffin might have a mental illness (even in a mild form) seemed too ridiculous for words. I’m still not totally convinced, but I for one am at least now willing to listen.

Could you give instances (directly from people’s personal experiences) were you think Nick has displayed any such traits of mental illness. Am I right in thinking that the less serious ‘Delusional disorder’ is the illness that fits Nick’s actions rather than full-blown paranoia?

I have also been looking at Mark Collett’s actions again, in the ‘Young Nazi and Proud’ program he makes the following comment (he thinks off camera):

‘I like to break people. When you’ve broken them and sucked the last bit of life out of them, that’s it. Never crush her, never crush her because that doesn’t hurt the most, just everything she cares about, everything dear to her is crushed. In a very realistic way when people say I am evil, you know what I mean, yeah I am. But it all depends, I’m either the sweetest angel or the most evil being you’ve ever encountered, it just depends which side you push me. Never kill people, yeah, push them to the point of despair where they do it themselves, because that’s when you’ve really won. When you’ve broken them down to the final level, and there’s nothing worth living for and they do it themselves, there’s no blood on your hands then and you’ve just won.’

This to me shows he had a personality disorder at that time, he was 22 at the time so had been a adult for some 4 years when he made the above statement. I pretty sure these type of disorders do not cure themselves, and I’d stake my life that he has never had any psychiatric help, is this a sign of megalomania.

I wonder if anyone knows what the effects of two people each feeding the others problem would be, and is it possible that this is exactly what we are now seeing?

Just to make it clear: I’m not saying I know for a fact that either Mark Collett or Nick Griffin has a mental disorder, I’m just considering the facts as I see them. Let me also make it clear that people who do have mental problems need our help, and should not be victimised in any way.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...


Let's put it in laymans terms. They are both of their trollies and have lost their marbles, they both need a sharp slap round the gob, metaphorically speaking that is. It is a medical fact that a sudden shock works wonders and seeing as rather a lot of members have had some nasty shocks, and a few slaps in the face in the last few weeks, maybe we could return the favour, metaphorically speaking of course.

Anonymous said...

Do we take it from this post that all hope for a reconciliation has now gone?

Anonymous said...

This would explain a lot of things. I have never been able to understand why Griffin supported Collett, but if they are playing off each others mental problems that would make sense.

If Griffin is mad, where do we go from here!

Anonymous said...

Griffin calls you Reds to hardliners, Nazis to moderates, thieves to business people! Rather than mad I think he's just a compulsive liar whose lies are catching up with him. Then again maybe he has gone mad because he cannot keep track of his own lies. After all in Wigan he told people it was Kenny and Sadie's plot but in Leicester he told people Sadie was a victim of Kenny and Scott. In Leeds he called Ian and Chris vermin then later said Chris was a good guy. Every time he opens his mouth his story changes, while you guys have been consistent since day one. That for me speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

Ok back to the Drawing Board, let's rise above the name slinging etc...we are all better than that! It's children's games!! We ALL no the mental state of the culprits minds.

Forward and positive thinking is what we need to be concentrating on right now.

Anonymous said...

North Devon Patriot said...
Do we take it from this post that all hope for a reconciliation has now gone?

Not at all - reconcilliation is the easiest thing to achieve in 6 easy steps

1. Griffin boots out Collett
2. Griffin boots our Hannam
3. Griffin boots out his drinking buddies/ cult followers/idiots
4.Griffin boots out Walker
5. Griffin boots out Darby
6. Griffin resigns

Simple don't give up hope, all is not lost.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

I never thought I would ever say this but I think we should start a fresh. The more I read the comments from posters on this blog the more I realise that the BNP logo is a damaged one. The people of Britain are crying out for a genuine anti immigration, pro British, party. The BNP should have MP’S elected by now, but we have not.
This is down to one reason and that is the tarnished Image the BNP has. I thought the same as many other activists that by getting out on the streets knocking on doors would enable us to dispel the bad reputation. Almost everyone I came across who supported our policies were put off by our reputation.
Many said they would vote for us some said they would join, but in reality after speaking to them you knew deep down that they were unlikely to do either.
Now I though by hard work getting out and meeting the voters that this would change things, it does to a certain level but nowhere the level it should have given current fear over immigration and the spread of Islam.
For every voter we turn in our favour due to them meeting the decent activists, on the streets we lose as many due to the BNP image that Griffin wants to protect due to his support of people like Collet and Hannam. Walker by his actions is one that is damaging to the cooperate image, anyone in a position of power who feels the need to send childish, expletive, laden text messages really needs to be expelled from the party.
Lets get serious we want to see the BNP elected and as one poster on this blog already mentioned, who is our education spokesperson, who is our defence expert, our law and order spokesman, etc etc. We need to be run as a party that is already in power, we need to cover all the bases with the best people possible.
I mean would Walker really be a good chancellor when he can’t even run the BNP accounts.

I know I will be accused of being, well I don’t as it depends on what ever side of the coin Nicks bile is sliding off, so I will be a Nazi, State, Red etc etc, but anyway time is running out we know the mistakes that have been made in the past, so we either cut the damaging cancer out of the BNP, make a lot of publicity that we have done this, then let the hard working activists spread the truth, without the damaging crap that the current “ Cabal Clique” create that renders a lot of activist’s hard work useless.

How great would it be to have Collet out of the party before the GLA, ELECTIONS, thus rendering the “Young Nazi & Proud “documentary null and void?

The only other option that seems to grow in stature with every passing day that Nick and his cabal spread their lies is a new party, void of the cranks.

I don’t know what one of the two choices would be best, but what I am sure of is that one of these choices needs to be made pretty soon, not a rush job but well thought out fast action. Time is running out, and the news that the first baby born in 2008 in Scotland was called Mohammad must really spell out the urgency in which we need an electable nationalist party.

Can we repair the Logo, and Image, or do we start again. All I know is that I do not want to live in an Islamic third world hell hole. I want my kids to live in a British Britain.

Anonymous said...

"I never thought I would ever say this but I think we should start afresh"

I've thought that from the day I found out what was happening. I don't expect to ever rejoin the party. All those who resigned posts are effectively replaced now and I was never going to back down to threats of expulsion.

Griffin has lived up to his press image and let us all down. He is a fascist despite his pretence to be reformed and I can't work with that.

Those who have any decency in the party will soon jump when there is an alternative.

Sadie asked for support and she got it, now lets move on and do it the right way.

Anonymous said...

Just a point about Aberdeen Patriot's post.
Being a minister doesn't mean you have to know anything about the department you run.

Surely that's obvious from the idiots we have running the country now.

One week they are in the Home Office and the next they are in the Health Service and yet none of them have a clue about anything except how to lie and avoid answering questions.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Good point anon, and I agree with you, so perhaps we can put people in place who have some sort of working knowledge in the various areas, I'E ex police Prison service, as law and order spokesperson, ex doctor nurse as health etc. Or someone with common sense that can see the problems that the UK is facing, and are not swayed by political correctness when making common sense proposals,

Another way in which a well run BNP can do better compared to other parties.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Hold on just one minute let’s not write off the party just yet.

Let’s consider some facts about both ‘megalomania’ and ‘delusional disorder’. The first let’s call a personality disorder, and the second, a character flaw. This evening I spoke to a very close relative who is a Doctor specialising in mental health problems. It appears that people with these problems can, as I suspected, add to each other’s problems by supporting each other’s delusions.

If Nick Griffin does have this particular character flaw, and if he had decided that Collett was to be his successor, he would not see Mark as a threat, but would indeed see any challenges to this arrangement as a personal attack on his authority. Anyone complaining about Mark Collett would not be raising reasonable objections, but would be plotting against Griffin himself.

Likewise Mark’s own personality problem (megalomania) would receive a boost, each time Griffin supported him against all others (after all that’s his destiny or it is as far as he sees it). This would explain both; why Collett gets away with murder, and why an otherwise sane man lets him.

The solution is to remove Griffin from Collett’s company (expulsion, he’s not our problem), and remove Griffin's ability to act as a dictator (with constitutional changes). Then Nick will no longer see people as a threat to his new position, because they are acting constitutionally.

Nick Griffin is a very able politician, and (if my analysis is correct) may even be the good man we all once thought he was, who just has some minor character flaws which can be cured. Let’s face it no one is perfect, and if we expect a leader who is, we ourselves are mad!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Just face it. Griffin is mad bad and dangerous to know.
He has never been 'the good man' some of us thought he was.
He has a track record of destruction and financial incompetence.
He is greedy and ruthless.
He would rather be a 'cult leader' than a true leader and if he is thwarted in any way he resorts to abuse, bullying, smears and threats.
I have heard him in action at the 2006 conference and although so many hung on his every word there were others who heard the lies and the devious ability that he truly has.
I have met you on quite a few occasions Chris and I respect your total dedication and hard work.

But Griffin is not worthy of any of us.

Anonymous said...

"Nick Griffin is a very able politician, and (if my analysis is correct) may even be the good man we all once thought he was, who just has some minor character flaws which can be cured. Let’s face it no one is perfect, and if we expect a leader who is, we ourselves are mad!"

Chris Hill

"minor character flaws"? The guy's a psychopath and the endless lies he tells provide the most convincing evidence for this.

Anonymous said...

It has long reached the point were there can be no sitting on the fence. I have made my choice and have decided that I can no longer remain a member of a Party in which Griffin plays a major roll. That would also appear to be the view of a lot of people who are posting comments.
Would it not therefore be better if the condition that Griffen remain as political leader of the BNP be removed from the side panel.

Anonymous said...

No new party.
Sadie Graham leader of the BNP.

Sadie you will make mistakes, but in 5 years time you'll be ready to lead a BNP group in parliament, 5 years after that you'll be ready to move into No 10.

Griffin's time is over, the BNP's time is coming.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of calls for Griffin to be replaced as leader but no ideas as to how that can be achieved.

He won't step down and he can't be sacked so what alternatives are there?

Today I received my latest mailshot which conveniently suggests the BNP is going places and has geared up for the imminent success.

The party is now awash with money following the last begging letter which raised £46500 and there is more to come!

Finally I'm thanked for my support and continued hard work. (I resigned three weeks ago)

I think it's time to realise that we few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters) are no longer BNP and are not wanted back.

Anonymous said...

It must be remembered that Sadie is expecting a baby and to start another party would be a terrific strain on her, not to mention the others. If it is the only option an interim leader should be put in place until an election can be called. It would then be for all in favour of a new party to get behind that person 100% so they could establish an organising/ admin group to get the ball rolling. No easy task but all those talents and abillities are out there.

I am echoing others when I say that there are many,many disgrutled voters from all persuasions looking for something to belive in.

The authors of EiE have been put in a position that they did not design or intend but in that position they are. If they choose to move on without the BNP then so be it, I don't think they've been given much option actually.

If this is the route they choose then so be it and I would move mountains to help them, remember why the EiE blog was set up for in the first place, to rid the party of unwanted rubbish and help the Nationalist cause.

If and when that time comes to create another party I would bid £100 pounds for the first membership card hot off the press. I am confident that this will be out bid, but lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Patriot - I agree with your first post. I personally believe there is no going back with the BNP. Unfortunately we had renewed our membership just before this whole disgraceful episode blew up, so I am stuck in the Party for another year (almost).

I don't want to belong to an organisation which publishes personal conversations on that pile of sh*te they call a website (as one who used to post on the proper BNP website, I can say that I detest that thing they put up in its place!)

I don't want to belong to an organisation which takes the computers of its members and trawls through them before putting the contents on the aforementioned pile of manure they call their website.

I don't want to belong to a "nationalist" party which crows about "British jobs for British workers" whilst it is busy giving every role which comes vacant to someone who dropped off a plane from Harare (or wherever in that country he emerged from).

The BNP is irreversibly tarnished in my opinion. If things do not change for the better (ie getting rid of all the unsavoury elements including the immigrant who now seems to have a massive amount of say in the Party) then I will not renew my membership in December.

A clean break from all that would be best for all of us, in my opinion, and I would be among the first to sign up for something new if that is the direction you decided to take.

Anonymous said...

Louise says exactly how I feel and this will be my last year in the BNP unless those at the top are gone.
The party will never progress with them and the corruption, bullying and lying is beyond ordinary dirty politics.
I have seen this for over a year now and saw these tactics first hand quite a while ago.
I signed Chris Jackson's nomination papers and although knew it was unlikely he would win the leadership it was a statement I wished to make.
Chris Jackson was proposed for NW organiser by the branches, but Griffin overruled those wishes and elected himself as NW organiser.
Maybe some thought should be given to those who woke up quite some time ago and then they were ostracised and maligned by the Griffin Machine.

Those brave souls were sidelined and vilified and if some of you were to rethink the ideas that were planted I am sure there are nationalists from way back to more recent times who would love to be involved in a truly honest and democratic nationalist party once again.

Anonymous said...

From what Su says, the whole thing with Chris Jackson and the NW organiser issue sounds typical of the actions of a dictator.

I cannot believe that I stood with so many other members at the Leeds Court demos in support of Collett and Griffin, I wouldn't waste money on train fares if that were to crop up again - certainly not for that pair.

At the May 2007 elections I was proud to stand as a BNP candidate, but how my opinions have been tarnished since then!

And seeing just how many have been lied about by the shower in charge of the BNP, I feel there is no going back - there will be too much bad feeling for things to be repaired.

Last year at this time, I never thought I would say those things about the Party, it just shows how times have changed.