Tuesday, 15 January 2008

An open invite to the Voice of Change Conference

Voice of Change is holding a conference on Sunday 27th January 2008 in Nottinghamshire, starting at 12 noon.

This conference will give you the opportunity to listen to first hand accounts from those who have been sacked and expelled. We will also be holding an hour long ‘Question & Answer’ session, then discussing why the BNP is on a destructive path if it continues with its current tarnished leadership and also the future leadership contest.

The conference will present positive steps for what we do next, so that we get as many people elected as Independent Nationalists in your communities in May as possible.

Entry to this conference, as with all conferences, is only open to those who have applied for admittance in advance. Therefore if you wish to attend you will need to book your place by telephone or email to either sadie.graham@ntlworld.com or telephone 01773 775012 giving your full name, home address, contact number and email.

Places are limited to the venues safety certificate numbers, so your attendance will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

N.B. We will not be asking people’s views or stance when they book as we would like to encourage the sceptical and the Griffinites to attend and ask questions too, but everybody must book their places in advance just as would happen at a BNP Conference.


Salvation said...

I shall be preparing for my 600 mile journey the following day to commence a months work for the Nationlist cause. Fortunately, although originally intened to be in support of the BNP, it can readily be switched to a new Party should that turn out to be the case. I am sure sure that any questions I would have posed will be on the lips of countless others, as will the answers I would hope to be hearing. That being said, funds are required for ventures such as this, so I would like to know if there is any mechanism in to contibute donations. I'm sure there is someone out there who can attend to it.
Best wishes for a successful meeting.

William McCarthy, AKA Salvation in another place.

Dr Chris Hill said...

See you all on the 27th.

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

Even at the time I did strongly suspected that that last motion (member’s treasury audit) looked staged.

As a big Griffin supporter (then, but not now!), I put this down to an attempt, by Nick Griffin, to silence his UAF critics. I told myself ‘everyone knows we have problem treasury dept, so let’s hope this will keep them of our back’, God was I gullible!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Is it free to get in, I'm only a poor councillor?

Anonymous said...

The end is nigh for Griffin now, and all for the sake of that little scumbag Collett. I just hope Griffin thinks he’s worth it.

Anonymous said...

Surely even at this late stage Nick Griffin could save his position by acting now and getting rid of Collett and Hamman, and making some changes to the way the party is run.

We all know these changes are inevitable now, whether Nick Griffin wants them or not, so why can’t he see that?

EnoughIsEnough said...

Entry is free. Though a hat will be passed round so donations can be given to help pay for the venue hire.

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to confirm a couple of points in Sadies latest post.
As Ashfield Organiser, I personally gave Sadie £200 to bank on behalf of our group.
When it didn't show on our account by August I went to Sadies house and we both examined my statement and Broxtowes'. Sure enough the £200 was still lying in Broxtowes account despite Sadie previously notifying Hannam of the error. She rang him in my prescence and he agreed to transfer the money to Ashfield Group immediately. However, this still was not done by the time of the Regional Organisers meeting in November. Sadie cc'd me when sending emails to Hannam to try and get him to correct this simple problem, so I know for a fact where the fault lies.
As the Organiser for the Group 'next door' to Broxtowe I have worked pretty closely with Sadie. I have travelled to various events around the country with her, I have sat in the pub talking shop with her and visited her house on numerous occassions where we would always chat about party business. But never once did she betray to me the internal management problems that were ongoing. In fact she initially defended Hannam over the state of accounts.
I joined the party after meeting Sadie, she persuaded me to stand as a candidate and talked me into becoming an Organiser. Within a year Ashfield Group were well on the way to becoming a Branch - but it couldn't have happened without the tremendous help I received from Sadie and Ian Dawson. They must have got fed up of my calls asking for advice, but they never let it show. I have seen some hard working people in this party, but for me Sadie comes out tops, and I would urge every Nationalist who has the future of the BNP at heart to support her and the rest of the EiE team. Acknowledge the progress we have made under Nick Griffin but appreciate that to gain serious electoral success we need further modernisation.
Thank you
Mike Clarke
Ex Ashfield Organiser

Anonymous said...

Bev Jones will be taking charge of the fundraising on the day. There will be merchandise, raffle, collection and standing order forms to sign.

Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Just a small point. You say people may get elected on an Independent Nationalist ticket.

That's not possible. An Independent is only allowed the label "Independent" - or nothing at all! - on the ballot paper. You would instead need to register a political party (£135 last time I looked?) in that name of "Independent Nationalist". Personally I think the Electoral Commission interpret the rules unfairly strictly. But I've had this argument with them and they will not give in.

I even doubt the Electoral Commission would allow such a party name as "Independent Nationalist" as it contains the word "Independent" and that is too close to the name reserved by law for Independents.

Therefore it seems you are either going to be "Independent" or not!

Anonymous said...

I wish "Mister Horse Porn" John Walker would turn up to explain what's going on at the bnp treasury.

Forseti said...

Cllr Chris is wrong. There a several parties listed on the Electoral Commission website that have the word "Independent" in their name, either as the first word or elsewhere in the title. But I agree that you would have to register as a party to be able to use any description on a ballot paper other than simply Independent.

Alternatively you could stand as "Independent" and make clear your nationalist position in your campaign literature. I think, though, that having Independent Nationalist on the ballot paper would be clearer for voters, who do not always read campaign leaflets or remember them when they come to vote.

Anonymous said...

As a supporter of the EiE group of modernisers, but at the minute representing another party, I will be there to here the views of this forward looking group and hopefully be part of something new.

Anonymous said...

Forget "Independent Nationalist" why not use the name "National Unity Party" has a better ring to it than BNP, if you started a party your supporting councillors could defect to you keeping their seats, I think Griffin needs to be left to self destruct, what ever happens good luck, if enough councilors defected you could sink Griffins boat overnight,

Anonymous said...

Things have!! to change.
How many hard working people have paid their subs to pay this fine for late accounting


Anonymous said...

Would it not be a good idea to announce on election literature that you are a BNP member but not standing for the party under the present circumstances and that the situation is hopefully temporary? At least people who intend voting BNP will know their vote is going somewhere worthwhile

Anonymous said...

If you did that and stated that you are "the real BNP", , Griffin's BNP would undoubetedly plant dummy "Official BNP" candidates to stand against you.

The BNP's dirty tricks campaign is set to roll into action, during the elections.

If the BNP try to hinder the dissidents during the elections, we should do the same in return to Barnbrook's london campaign, watering down their votes, so it will be one in the eye for nick griffin.

Good luck with the leadership challenge sadie.

Anonymous said...

The VoC/EiE team have already stated they will not start another party but fight to save the BNP, so standing as independents is the only option.
Standing on the BNP ticket only endorses Griffin's corrupt leadership.
The campaign literature should state they are nationalists and promote local and patriotic issues. People do read election literature when it is relevant to their local lives and highlights local issues they feel strongly about.