Thursday, 10 January 2008

Official Statement

Last weekend 5/6th January saw the first meeting of like minded people determined to save our party, the British National Party from its current destructive path, including some of those apparently expelled from the Party by the leadership on December 22nd.

A long day of talks led to a constructive initial plan of action aimed to restore the BNP to its founding principles of morality, integrity, democracy and freedom of speech that is the basis of modern nationalism.

Every single individual expelled in recent weeks is determined to have their own membership reinstated through formal grievance procedures, acknowledging that this may involve costly legal action.

In regard to publicity activities it was concluded that while the temporary blog has served its purpose in allowing those who have fundamental issues regarding the internal management of the Party, a voice on the Internet, the message of the modernisers has been far too defensive and reactive; merely responding to the smears and lies perpetrated by the Griffin cabal. This blog will give way to a more pro active web site in due course.

Those expelled will not be forming another Party; the British National Party is a recognised brand name and is the only vehicle for the political survival of our people in our homeland.

We recognise the success which Nick Griffin has achieved for the BNP throughout his tenure of the past seven years, but the extraordinary sequence of events of the past few months can only lead a rational observer to conclude that Mr. Griffin is now unfit for that position.

The internal management of the Party has been revealed to be fundamentally flawed and repeated calls for change have been ignored by the leader. Thus the only possible course of action to save the Party and secure a future for our people is to launch a leadership challenge.

Those expelled are determined to get their membership status restored. Thereafter once back as members in good standing there will be a challenge to the Party Leadership. In the event of those expelled being denied their membership or delaying tactics in disciplinary proceedings an existing current member will be taking up the baton to launch a leadership challenge in 2008 with a view to implementing the changes.


Voice of Change is the name of the newly launched independent pressure group to help bring about the leadership challenge and to provide support and resources for patriots who wish to stand as candidates in local elections throughout 2008.

A new web site will be launched in mid-January as the main publicity operation of the new group.

We ask everyone to renew their BNP membership for 2008 but as far as promoting the BNP “brand” is concerned it is case of temporarily ceasing activity, a campaign of minimum maintenance to keep units together, even if just on a social basis.

Local political work, however, that is not overtly party-political, needs to be stepped up in order for us to continue to sink roots in our local communities and plant the seeds that will ensure the future victory of our cause.

The foundation of the existing deceitful and corrupt cabal is money and in order to bring about change it is essential to starve Central HQ of funds. Therefore we call on members not to make donations to central office above and beyond the membership fee.

Everyone has a fundamental choice regarding their own position but individuals who stand on, promote and fund the Griffin BNP by default support the bugging of officials, illegal entry of homes, theft of personal possessions, threats of violence, immorality, perversion, incompetence in staff, lies and smears, witch hunts against members the leadership don't like, mismanagement and wastefulness of funds and personnel, unconstitutional sackings and expulsions, a tyrannical approach and decades of anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi baggage the Party cannot afford to carry if it aims to be a serious political party.

Voice of Change have arranged a meeting in Nottinghamshire on 27th January for concerned party members and officials to attend.

Under discussion will be ways in which we can pressure the leadership into listening to the membership, including

¨ Funding of the BNP

¨ By-elections and 2008 council elections

¨ GLA elections

¨ Local community work

¨ Library of resources available to members

¨ Suggestions for an effective professional party structure

Let’s end the uncertainty, let’s all get behind a winning team, let’s hear the voice of change!


Anonymous said...

It's not before time go for it good look keep up the good work.

Tom Golds

Anonymous said...

Glasgow with you on this one too. I won't steal your thunder by reporting on tonight's successful meeting backing the Voice of Change. One in the eye for Griffin and his puppet Raikes. Scotland belongs to Kenny and Nicholla not the trio of English men in Aberdeenshire who now claim to be BNP Scotland. The members will decide and Glasgow backed Kenny and Nicholla tonight giving £137 to the Family Defence Appeal. Four of us former Scottish Heritage members even filled in a new standing order form for FDA. Loyalty costs nothing Raikes and we won't get a penny to Scottish Heritage as long as you are Scottish Organiser.

Anonymous said...

Labour holds Ibstock NW Leics10/1/08

Lab 30%
BNP 28%
Tory 22%
Lib Dems 20%

BNP Finished in the East Midlands?

We think not.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! I believe this is the right decision, and it provides a focus for everyone that I'm sure will encourage all to battle through for the sake of our country and our children!

Anonymous said...

Once again, great news! Do you have any strategy to ensure that the vote is fair? I just don't trust Griffin to respect the wishes of the voting membership.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! If I can help just ask. You have my "E" address.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

And the Proper Aberdeen BNP concur with Glasgows sentiments. I am in this for life now so the quicker its sorted out and we have a good and proper BNP the Better. Short time pain for long term gain, that must be our motto.
Our nations future is long term and we need a fit long term BNP in place.

Glasgow you make me proud to be a British Nationalist Scotsman.


Anonymous said...

Voice of Change says:
"Those expelled are determined to get their membership status restored. Thereafter once back as members in good standing there will be a challenge to the Party Leadership. In the event of those expelled being denied their membership or delaying tactics in disciplinary proceedings an existing current member will be taking up the baton to launch a leadership challenge in 2008 with a view to implementing the changes."

John Tyndall took legal action against the BNP following his first expulsion. He was reinstated before the matter went to court.
The following amendment to the BNP constitution was issued just before John Tyndall had been expelled for the second time. This was done apparently to ensure there is no external legal or non legal recourse open to those who are expelled from the party.

I do not have access to the present constitution, it has been removed from the web site, and I therefore cannot check the present status of Section 6 but this is how it read in December 2004.

Section 6, Discipline: Insert a new Sub-section 2: "Once the constitutionally defined internal disciplinary mechanisms of the party as outlined in this Section are exhausted in regard to the disciplinary procedures and proceedings, then the decision of the disciplinary tribunal is final and binding on the member concerned. As such, members (including those who have been disciplined or expelled) legally affirm and agree that they will not seek any external legal (or non-legal) review of any disciplinary tribunal decision or its procedures They also agree and affirm that they will accept the decision of any disciplinary tribunal as final and binding."

How do those who have been expelled expect to be reinstated since the “Internal Disciplinary Procedure Tribunal” will be staffed by Griffin’s people with the verdict pre-determined?

How can any challenge for the leadership be successful when, in accordance with the constitution, Griffin can dictate the campaign rules etc? We all saw what happened during the last leadership challenge.

I don’t wish to be negative and you have my support but…………….!!!

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed Sadie regarding my thoughts, we need to see a coming together of the Nationalist movement, or we will lose any election, be it local or general. The time for change may be approaching, but I, along with others in my Branch, are totally demoralised by actions up to now. Ironing problems in public, is not the way forward, as it hands our opponents a clear way past the finishing post, with the Nationalists, yes giving a good fight, but coming down the list on votes received.

The January meeting, whilst I would like to attend, is impossible as I am actually working, being a shift worker makes meetings difficult to attend on specific dates.

No I cannot afford to donate any more money to any faction, as supporting the BNP has bled me dry, as I have heard is the case with many.

Hence people leaving, not just the issues so surrounding but the constant demand for money is a cause of contention with many.

I sign this as totally and utterly p'd off member, not as an insult to any particular person, but as a general feeling.

Anonymous said...

The present situation is a mess – no point in going over what’s happened – no-one comes out of this smelling of roses. I want to make a positive reply to the Official Statement based on what is best for the BNP and the British people.

Firstly, it is good to see there is to be no forming of another party.

Secondly, wishing to challenge the present leadership – fine.

But then we come to the plans, and here the muddled thinking starts.

While the statement says there is not going to be another party it talks of a pressure group with its own name, Voice of Change. An organised ‘pressure group’ with its own web site and ‘publicity operation’ amounts to a ‘party within a party’. Surely this will be highly disruptive to the party. Anyone who has been active in politics for more than a few years will remember the damage caused to the Labour Party by the Tribune Group and particularly by the Militant Tendency (who were eventually expelled) in the 1970’s.

You agree the BNP is the recognised brand name for nationalism, but setting up a public opposition group in the way you plan will simply damage the brand. Why is it that all the aspiring leaders in the other parties don’t set up their own open ‘pressure groups’ to campaign for ‘change’ and a new leader? Because they know how much damage it would cause to their party for it to be seen by the public as divided and split into factions. They get themselves known and build up support within their party, behind closed doors.

Then there is the proposal of ‘temporarily ceasing activity’. Who on earth came up with that bright idea? It is exactly the opposite of what should be done. Anyone aspiring to be leader should be doing their best for the party, working hard to impress party members, making speeches to meetings, recruiting new members, getting known to the membership, getting supporters for their point of view and building a power base. How is a plan to ‘do nothing’ for the party (except go to the pub now and then) going to build respect amongst party members for an alternative leadership? Following a policy of ‘minimum maintenance’ will to lead to stagnation and party groups falling apart. Is this serving the vital needs of our people? Surely if you intend one day to take over the leadership of the BNP you want an organisation that is still in existence.

It is not clear what you are suggesting party members do now to further the nationalist cause. Are they to recruit new members? Are they to stand as independents in local elections? What ‘seeds’ are to be planted?

Despite the good intentions and the plan to remain within the party what is outlined in this statement leads inevitably to the establishment of a separate organisation and eventually a breakaway party. Please think twice and then think again before going down this route. Do not led the strong feelings aroused by recent events cloud your judgement.

In summary, by all means develop individuals to a level of ability and to a standing within the party where they can realistically stand against Nick Griffin for party leader, and suggest other changes that will improve the party. And yes, get them known within the party. But do it in such a way that supports the party and doesn’t split it, that builds the party membership and organisation not a separate organisation, and that presents a united face to the electorate whilst ensuring that matters that are the concern of party members are kept within the party.

Anonymous said...

There is the possibility that We may never get rid of Griffin whatever we do! The only way would be for him to resign, and then go for it. Can you really see this happening? If you go for a leadership challenge, there will be no level playing field as Griffin will have all the loop holes sewn up. Just get on with setting up a new party and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

uhhm....Good and bad.......

Starve the central funds of money - Good.
Work locally in our communities - Good.
Renew memberships - Bad as it is a contradiction of your first point.
Leadership challenge - Bad. It aint never going to happen, Griffin and his circle will rewrite the Constitution to stop it happening, he will expell anyone who has a chance of getting more than a handful of votes.

The winning strategy is to abandon the BNP altogether. Work locally and achieve local leadership, get councillors elected on their own personal integrity and performance not a "brand name" which is now so tarnished it is unretrievable. All elected BNP councillors should resign the BNP whip and act as independents.

Just for the record does anyone know if any political party in the history of British politics has ever had a leader create a strike within his own rank and file? Griffin's claim to fame - he destroyed the BNP which so many have given so much to help bring to be a household name and all because of what exactly, his love of money perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Everyone MUST understand that we don't have time to set up a new party. We have a party that we can regain control of and make far more electable. Please stop this talk of a new party. It is not going to happen, not until every single avenue has been exhausted. We have a party that is very well known and has a lot of support, we just need some proper leadership. The best thing you can do is to support a leadership challenge.

Anonymous said...

Bad news, I think you are making a serious error in not forming a new party...Everyone is fed up with what is happening, I for one cant seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

How can we get rid of Nick when he hold all the aces. BNP is a lost cause and we just seem to be going around in circles.

Sorry to be negative but I have had enough.

Anonymous said...

This is more like it, more members see you as our leaders than Griffin now, but we did need to see some real leadership (not a dictatorship).

Were's the new web-site.

Nick Griifin & Mark Collett must go!

Anonymous said...

FJC where the sacked members have the advantage is that they lost employment which opens the employment tribunal route and wrongful dismissal.

Hopefully they will get their jobs back or Griffins wromgful sackings will backfire on him.

Anonymous said...

I think we should stop and think carefully about the problems at hand, and the seemingly obvious next move - a party split.

Griffin has been banging on about stopping this happening (hence the voting memebr system) and members fully agreed with this in principle.

We do not have problems with the BNP manifesto, nor it aims - we just want to make damn sure that idiotic managers are brought to book - and if that means we have to take out the entire top admin tier of the bnp, so be it.

What Sadie et al propose is a hell of a lot more difficult to achieve, but will be a hell of a lot more rewarding. So I say, give it a chance - lets talk, lets compromise, lets look for different options, and lets beat the bloody system for once.

Who benefits from a 'split' beside the state and the reds?

No people, lets box clever, and lets win back the bnp and lets win it back fair and square. Griffin can rig all he likes, but he cannot undo what he has done, and all good nationalists know it.

Anonymous said...

Keep going guys, there are many who are behind you all the way.

Can't wait for the new website to come along, will be proud to write for it!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sadie!!!!!
You have the backing of all your friends within Brinsley!
You show griffin just what a strong mother to be, can achieve!!And just because you are pregnant you will be a thorn in his side until he's come to his sensers/

Anonymous said...


Are you the same Louise who used to write comments on GA?

Anonymous said...

Griffin cannot come to his senses.

He is clearly derranged.

Forseti said...

fjc, if the sections of the BNP constitution you quote were inserted in December 2004, they cannot be binding on someone who joined before that date. An existing member cannot be deemed to agree something inserted in the constitution after he or she has joined. Such provisions are only binding on members who join while they are part of the constitution.

I would also strongly advise that those members who were dismissed from their employment, as well as expelled from the party, go down the employment tribunal route as well. There is a great deal of employment case law, making the legal position a lot easier to argue than on expulsion from the party. That goes even for those whom the BNP treated as self-employed. If, looking at the facts objectively, the BNP engaged you on a contract of service, rather than a contract for services, that is an employment and you have employment rights, including the right not to be unfairly dismissed.

millie said...

Good luck everyone,
Please believe me,I will support you every step on the path to what we all believe in...Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

What is the relationship between this blog and the new one:

would someone from here please clarify urgently.

Anonymous said...

Sadie's threats if legal action over her e-mails being hacked into, will be ruffling a few feathers in the "legal chaffinch"'s nest.

Anonymous said...

Although I understand what the new pressure group is trying to achieve it regrettably appears that the lessons of the last few months have yet to be learned.

The BNP is Griffin's vehicle, not that of Nationalism. He has re-made it in his own image and he controls everything. Sadly, despite having the moral and ethical ground, not to mention the organisational skill and modern political savvy, the rebels cannot win by continuing to pay ANY money into central coffers as it maintains the centre, not the grass roots where all the real work takes place..

Why give the BNP centre any money at all? To be a working Nationalist does not require one to pay into the Griffin machine. This is a contradiction in terms and makes little practical sense.

How will this help remove Griffin? Can we see him relinquishing power? It has never happened. Griffin is a careerist and, as recent information from Steve Cartwright has proved, not only does Griffin have electorally disastrous "nazi" persuasions but also a ruthlessness and ability to deceive that would make the most powerful politician wince!

Another six months of this uncertainty makes absolutely no sense at all in my opinion and it gives the Griffin clique much-needed time to organise a counter-coup and you can bet your life he is planning this now and rubbing his hands in glee at this latest faux pas by the decent people formerly within the BNP but now thrown out!

Legal challenges are all very good but they will cost money that could, and arguably should, be directed towards local political work. Conversely, they cause the BNP more problems and make great reading in the controlled media. SO why give membership fee money to Griffin and co to fight against us?

It's a shame to see things go this way.

Anonymous said...

May I draw to the attention of all of you this article by John Tyndall

It has much in it that is relevant for Nationalism today.

tonydj said...

There is a principle in law called "Ultra Vires" (lit. Beyond the Power). This means that nothing is above the law. No matter what the constitution may say there are certain principles which apply in law.

One of these is judicial review.

Another is the principle that only the courts can define what is illegal / unlawful.

Anonymous said...

Forseti, I have a little Human Rights experience, though it is not my competence.

It really does not matter when the rules were changed. The BNP Constitution, as interpreted by Nick Griffin viz most expulsions over the past eight years clearly offends against the concept of natural justice at many points. Griffin has also overtly contravened the provisions and intentions of the Human Rights Act and (assuming the accuracy with which this blog has detailed events) appears also to have offended against employment law.

The matter of last year's leadership challenge, the conditions imposed, and the subsequent expulsion of Mike Easter are also all issues that should have come before the courts. I am completely convinced that each would have been successful.

I would suggest that a good lawyer be consulted on all these matters. If a leaderhsip challenge is to go forward, then it will be the wisest investment the so-called "rebels" can make

Libertas said...

I was ecstatic when I read this announcement, and I hope the majority of other people felt the same way. By committing yourselves to the removal of the present leadership, you have certainly 'crossed the Rubicon' and shown decisive leadership. At times I have thought that a new party would be the best, but if you are successful in your aims, then you could achieve in a year what a new party could take years to achieve (assuming it was successful and didn't fall flat and fail). The media are against us, and I doubt they would give a new party much coverage. The BNP on the other hand has already built up its own independent voice. I'm sure with new leadership, strong management, an improved image, and perhaps a rehashed logo (something along the lines of what the Freedom party has, where the flag is unfurled, not presented with sharp edges as background), there would be a fresh wave of middle class members bringing the finances to take the party to the next level. In turn they would help change the perceptions of the party within their own spheres of influence, which could bring about a consistent new wave of members and voters. This might cause some internal challenges (which hopefully the voting membership system would take care of), but it is a necessary bridge to cross on the path to power. I do still question the wisdom though of not supporting the London assembly elections. If a leadership challenge is successful, I can't see that it would matter whether Griffin has a seat or not. And if the central office did go bankrupt, would that help us? Surely it would just destroy the party and you'd have to start again from scratch? If this fails, then I hope there is a new party to fight for our future, but I think you are totally right to try to save the BNP first.

Anonymous said...

Is it just coincidence but have some high profile names disappeared of the right hand list of names

Particularly one organizers and two councillors from the West Yorkshire Area

Is there a Campaign to pressure people !!!!!

EnoughIsEnough said...

Anonymous said...

What is the relationship between this blog and the new one:

would someone from here please clarify urgently.

There is no connect between EiE and that blog!

Anonymous said...

Undecided said...

Is it just coincidence but have some high profile names disappeared of the right hand list of names

Particularly one organizers and two councillors from the West Yorkshire Area

Is there a Campaign to pressure people !!!!!

There have been no councillors drop of that list that I can tell.

Forseti said...

Richard c, I agree with you that the BNP constitution offends against natural justice and the human rights act. My knowledge is more in employment law, hence my comments on the potential success of an unfair dismissal claim.

As for the membership subscriptions, if I understand it right, EIE are saying people should renew in order to maintain unbroken membership, which is a valid consideration. But how about placing the membership subscriptions in an account with a solicitor pending resolution of the disputes, instead of sending them to BNP centre. You need to consult someone more knowledgeable than me on how this should be done, but I think this tactic has been used in other disputes.

Anonymous said...

There's an interesting 'open letter to Nick Griffin' at the blog of Brummie76 -


Paul said...

Lets hope things will change for the better and that Griffin and his Nazi brigade are finally got rid of once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Forseti - members MUST renew, there's no avoiding that.

Those in danger of expulsion (everybody associated with the rebels), though, should be very canny in their dealings.

Keep all correspondence (including electronic correspondence) between yourselves and the party, and record all telephone calls. Keep a diary of events. In any court actions these will prove vital.

Whatever your dealings with HQ, be businesslike and correct at all times. Remember that the Griffin crew will try to trip you up.

At branch or group meetings do not rise to provocations from Griffinite organisers or others. Find out who your friends are and afterwards write down your own unofficial (and ACCURATE) minutes that you are all prepared to testify to.

Above all, remember that if any disciplinary proceedings are brought against you, as in natural law it is not for you to prove your innocence but for your accusers to prove your guilt at an impartial hearing (which is why almost every Griffin expulsion since the man became chairman could be overturned, if only those expelled would learn to use the law).

It's my conviction that the law will have to be used on multiple occasions as Nick attempts to cull the rebels in the lead up to the challenge, and I am absolutely certain it will have to be used to challenge the one-sided conditions Griffin is certain promulgate for the challenge itself.

The rebels need good solid legal advice NOW, and to establish a legal fund to make the challenges that will have to be made.

If that isn't done, then everything will be done on Griffin's terms and all will be in vain.

(And while I think about it, watch out for the idiot Barnes posting against this advice.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Libertas, but if Nick Griffin gets a seat on the London Assembly, the BNP spin machine would go into overdrive, and the rebels would be forgotten forever.

Any other reasoning is absolutely illogical, and anyone who helps Griffin intensify his grip upon the party, is committing political suicide.

Sorry Liberatas, but one seat DOES make a difference. It makes a bloody big difference.

The only way you can kill an ugly slimy slug is to throw salt on it, so all the puss flows away. I see the same thing necessary with Nick Griffin's BNP.

P.S., please can you censure all the pro-griffin comments that are seeking into this blog. The remark to "ignore collett" is absoluetly offensive, as the nonce has admitted to trying to bed two underage girls.

I have three schoolage daughters of my own (3, 11 and 13) and if someone like Collett tried to bed them, I would take exception to such a pervert being tolerated for the sake of political spin.

As a parent, every time they fail to ring, text, or say where they are, I get nervous; You just don't expect such a risk to children at the BNP national conference,not from a party which called for paedophiles to be given capital punishment.

If I was the parents of these two children I would be calling for far more than "softly-softly" party expulsion for Collett and Hannam.

Life imprisonment without parole, more like. Call me reactionary, or short-sighted, Libertas, however how many critics have kids of their own. Good luck with the birth, Sadie.

Guessedworker said...

libertas writes: "there would be a fresh wave of middle class members bringing the finances ... they would help change the perceptions of the party within their own spheres of influence"

This is naive. The middle class is the manager class, the academic class, and the political class. An ingress of middle-class political actors would simply take the party away from the fine activists who have built it. New leaders, new strategists and, by far the most important, genuine intellectuals would emerge.

The focus on the white working-classes would be moderated to allow for an appropriate nationalism to emerge. That, of course, would replace the present, visceral but fairly content-free nativism. The tacky flag-waving symbolism would go. The fixation with Moslems would go. The electorally toxic Schumacker econonomics would go. And so on.

Look at Vlaams Belang for a pretty close template.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not a member of the BNP although I regularly used to read the website. I have followed this site more or less since it was started.
Realistically, you aren't going to dislodge Griffin without an almighty fight: he isn't going to give up the goose that lays the golden eggs. Has Nick ever done a days work at a "proper" job? He's not exactly got a CV that will have employers fighting for his services, has he? So if John Tyndall couldn't hold him off, I don't give you guys much of a chance.
All the best though: Nick has always seemed a control freak that would be better gone.

Anonymous said...

He must be desperate now as he has had to go overseas for his security team, I wonder how much he pays the South Africans? I bet they cost a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Collett, Hannam and Griffin will have to be booted out of the bnp when sadie takes over. If they are lurking around doing nothing, they will be scheming in the shadows, which is dangerous. Only absolute explusion of the criminals will be sufficient to change the nature of the bnp.

Anonymous said...

"An ingress of middle-class political actors would simply take the party away from the fine activists who have built it."

Yes, that's what I was getting at when I stated that hopefully the voting members system would prevent any change to the core views of the party (I'm especially concerned that the economic policies would be changed with such an influx, or any further weakening of the voluntary repatriation policy). But I also stated that it was a necessary bridge to cross on the road to power - the BNP can't win on the working class vote alone. However, I have seen alot of indications that a fair number of middle-class people are absolutely desperate for a party they can vote for, and I have heard many say that a BNP minus Griffin and co would get their vote. If I am naive, we might as well give up because if we don't start making inroads into the middle and upper classes soon, we won't go anywhere. Many traditional conservatives would believe in moderate protectionism, and would be against the sell-out of British industry. Not all are Thatcherites, and we need to get them on board. Pat Buchanan in the US advocated traditional conservative economic policies, and remove the packaging and I can't see how his views are different than the BNP's. The Conservative Democratic Alliance (old Monday Club) are hardly Thatcherite libertarians either. The BNP has the policies that can unite together the various classes (only a fraction in either class are absolutely ideologically committed to either state socialism or global free-trade libertarianism - Griffin wrote an excellent series of articles on all this called The Deadly Twins). You are activists on the streets. I am in another country, away from it all, though changing career plans in order to make a move back as soon as possible, and join with you. Ultimately the decision rest on the shoulders of people such as yourselves, who even in joining the party have shown yourselves to be brave and worthy souls.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry Libertas, but if Nick Griffin gets a seat on the London Assembly, the BNP spin machine would go into overdrive, and the rebels would be forgotten forever."

You may be right Millwall. The decisions faced by the EiE team must be very very difficult ones, and frankly I'll go with them when it comes to advising family members etc still left in the once-proud city of London. Griffin is certainly extremely devious, and perhaps it's better not to take any chances, but I'm just concerned that too much damage might be done. I certainly don't want to see Nick end up in prison, but I hope one way or another he is forced to step down very soon.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

A reply I did on my blog

ZEEBEEDEE you have won the award for the most obvious leftie post on the blog so far.

We do not hate Griffin as a person just his lunatic management decisions and the character flaw that condemns him to lie when dealing with party members who don’t see eye to eye with him.

I am sure most of Scotland would welcome him up and he would have no probs safety wise. I know he won’t come because we are too well informed up here as to what is happening. I would hope a Meeting in Scotland would lead to Griffin conceding that he has been so so wrong.

Then when he has conceded the Battle field of truth to the sacked six, he can announce his resignation, we will duly thank him for his hard work for the party over the years, then he can scurrie back over the border to continue his croft like existence in the Welsh hills.

Remember when this started out we wanted Griffin to remain as chairman within a party structure that would both have protected him and the membership, while at the same time bringing a new level of clarity and openness to the BNP.
If Griffin is responsible for making his own appointments, as in the South African’s sooner or later he is going to employ, or confide in some pretty dodgy people. It would seem that he is already being held to Ransom by Collet and who knows else.

I am genuinely starting to worry that all Griffin’s cabal see in a successful BNP is a bigger cash cow, for them to milk.

I know that Kenny and Sadie and others want the BNP to be the most financially transparent organisation going, with every penny accounted for. With a BNP like this it would have given Griffin more security and killed of all the allegations of financial irregularities. But Griffin obviously does not want this; perhaps a BNP run like this would make it difficult for the milking to continue.

I for one have no confidence in the integrity of Walker, and Hannam, they along with their boss do nothing to dampen and extinguish the alleged irregularities that are being thrown at them. In fact they do the opposite by sacking anyone that gets close to finding out what is really going on.

Please can the membership of the BNP have a party that is open, accountable, truthful, and above all practises what it preaches

Anonymous said...

As Milwall says, if Griffin gets a place on the London assembly without the assistance of the sacked nationalists, and wins a regular press mouthpiece, in his small world, he will become invincible, and the "rebels", immediately forgotten.

If Griffin refuses to see sense now, imagine how stubborn and uncommunicative the fuhrer will become after such a massive ego-boost. His name in the papers, every speech covered in the Daily Mail, Griffin won't just be the "king of the castle".

Griffin will be God.

However much it hurts, the bnp must not be assisted in their london election campaigns, or else there will only be one winner in all of this - Nick griffin.

Even the Griffinite trolls who seem to be buzzing around here like blue-arsed flies, cannot give a persuasive argument that will counter this danger.

If Griffin raises his profile through particularly good london election results, he will lead the bnp reich for the next million and a half years.

End of story. (:

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the blog has mellowed and become more logical rather than emotional so with that being the case should the Legal Chaffinch be still visiting he may wish to brush up on his Latin and check out the terms

"Nemo iudex in sua causa" which describes the principle of natural justice that no person can judge a case in which he or she is a party. Or, no one is fit to be the judge in his own cause.

Or failing that for those expelled or dismissed there is always the principle of Audi alteram partem or "No man shall be judged unheard" which would sum up as "Reasonable opportunity must be given to an accused, in defending his side of the case"

Both of which form the twin rules of natural justice, which would give ample grounds to Challenge a) Nick Griffins decisions on the basis of any leadership ballot as per the present Constitution or b) Any party that has suffered on the basis of being prevented from being heard.

While the Law is peppered with Latin and tended to use the masculine I'm sure that the principle equally applies to the female gender :) Sadie !

Anonymous said...

To Richard c

In regard to your advice that we retain legal council, this is already under way. Different lawyers deal with different aspects, and there are of course added elements of Scottish courts and English courts to consider. These have all been accounted for. In addition we have advice from a barrister, and are consulting with various bodies who oversee political parties.

There is the Family Defense Appeal under way, and a merchandising wing in the waiting to add to these funds.Please feel free to contribute.

The eight 'expelled' members have formed the basis of the Voice of Change pressure group, only because of the actions taken against them. Other concerned members will have skills and abilities which will be added to the team - this will be sorted out at the meeting on the 27th.

We will not be backed into making leadership choices and fighting standpoints without talking to all of the named dissenters - and the resigned officials who did not go public. We are all in this together, and we will all decide together. We have simply put forward an outline and statement of intent.

I repeat an earlier suggestion I made - if you have an outline of a new party structure or constitution, or any other idea about the BNP, then please email these to Kenny and Sadie.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

I have read all the comments on this site carefully and am now motivated to make some of my own albeit from afar.
I was a student at Leicester Polytechnic in the 70's and started subscribing to Spearhead then.In 1983 I was one of just 18 people who voted BNP in Market Harborough Leics.I then left UK in despair and have lived in SA ever since.However I continued to read Spearhead and visit the BNP website on almost a daily basis.
I always had my doubts about Mr Griffin because what he did to Mr Tyndall was deceitful and his past reflected inconsistent political opinions.
When JT died I changed to Identity and was impressed by the layout and content.The BNP continued to make strides under Mr Griffin.Upon learning that he had retained his position as leader of the party I thought my assessment of his character must be incorrect.I was just about to join Trafalgar Club some technical hitch on the computer stopped the process then all this news broke it brought tears to my eyes.
Twenty years ago there were too many 'oddballs' in the party but I gained the impression that they were tolerated if there was no one to replace them.Other decent people joined the cause and became aware of the dubious characters in the organisation, some holding high office, but stayed in the hope that common sense would prevail eventually.Now you have got to that stage where the grass roots and 'rump' of the party are decent hardworking law abiding patriots who do not hate anyone.

The crucial issue is how the majority of the above members go about gaining control of the party.
Please do not think about starting a new party at this eleventh hour.The BNP brand as someone called it took years to establish and is now known worldwide.The name itself enables us to identify with our Welsh Scottish and Irish bretheren.How much wasted time would it take to explain to the general public the reason for the establishment of a new party.We all remember the NF and BNP standing against each other in elections, the establishment would love another such split.

The members appear to have been too trusting of Mr Griffin to end up with a constitution as it stands now as normally you would expect a set percentage of any duly constituted organisation to be able to call for a Special General Meeting and put forward proposals to be voted upon.In one post someone made a comment that for Mr Griffin to be so lenient on Mr Collett one wonders "what he has on him." Maybe due investigation on that issue and due investigation by the police into recent steps seemingly instigated by Mr Griffin against his detractors may force him to resign but I have my doubts.The members who have been dismissed (Mr and Mrs Edwards from Worcs I think always struck me as an asset to the party what happened to them?)may have grounds to challenge the action taken against them in law but that will take time and money best spent on persuading the electorate to vote BNP.
Another person posted a comment suggesting the disatisfied members build up support behind the scenes and then make a leadership challenge.Mr Griffin has shown what drastic action he is prepared to take against anyone who is seen as a threat to him and I would not wager a bet on that route proving to be a success.I agree if the disatisfied members were to'down tools'so to speak that would be unique but the BNP have a unique constitution.
Yes I have come to the conclusion that that is the only option.The head office of the party needs the funds from the regions.The resignations brought about a quickly organised roadshow, starving of funds if that action was well supported countrywide would surely bring matters to a head very soon maybe even before June.

Mr Griffin to his credit has proved to be a man of great courage. He is clever and took the party by the scruff of the neck after he took over.Clearly the BNP are on the verge of making a major breakthrough and he will go down as playing a major part.However the recent revelations show the chocolate box is not complete and many members if not the majority believe the time has come for him to step down for the benefit of the cause.The party is at a crossroads and the bulk of the members need to grasp the nettle act quickly and in unison.

Anonymous said...

I am sure everyone has seen the compromise solution put forward by Brummie 76 -

The most important thing the BNP must do is to get rid of Griffin the Destroyer; then a proper constitution that allows harmful people to be removed by the members and talented ones promoted for under Griffin it is the other way round.
Further more, his predilections are getting it laughed at as the British Nancy Party!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"... if Nick Griffin gets a seat on the London Assembly, the BNP spin machine would go into overdrive, and the rebels would be forgotten forever."

Unless I’m mistaken, Nick could not get a seat on the London Assembly because, as far as I know, only people who live in the GLA area can be candidates - and I presume that would also apply to any replacement candidate should an elected one be sacked by Nick.

When Guessedworker said “... The electorally toxic Schumacker economics would go...” if there was a fresh wave of middle class newcomers to the party, I’m not sure whether he approved or disapproved. Regardless of whether the middle classes were involved in this or not, I would approve of such a change. It is about the only aspect of party policy with which I have never agreed. I would be happy to see it changed to something more realistic, along the lines of the successful German or Japanese economies - one that is more appropriate to the densely populated country that we are. At least in a more open and democratic party such issues could be debated without being seen as disloyal.

However, when Anonymous said...
"... the voting members system would prevent any change to the core views of the party ...” I think this is very important that such a safeguard remains in the party’s constitution. The core values must indeed be protected. But what are the core values? Perhaps we need to define them in the constitution.

When Anonymous goes on to say “... I'm especially concerned that the economic policies would be changed with an influx of middle class members, or any further weakening of the voluntary repatriation policy ...” in my view the latter most definitely is a core policy, whereas other than protecting British manufacturing, farming and jobs, several different economic models could be appropriate, compared to the rather fanciful idea that we can all live in some rural idyll, living off the fat of the land, that goes for the party’s present economic policy.

Guessedworker said...

change is needed said: "When Guessedworker said “... The electorally toxic Schumacker economics would go...” if there was a fresh wave of middle class newcomers to the party, I’m not sure whether he approved or disapproved."

Well, I am middle-class, a very middling intellectual, and the owner of I find myself caught between admiration for those brave souls who have stood up and proclaimed their belief in our people, and my own social and professional class which, to be perfectly frank, is the storehouse of big thinking and leadership required for national renewal.

I don't doubt that many hard-working members will be horrified at the thought that they are midwifing a middle-class baby! But, ultimately, it's the natural product of electability, and it's necessary to win.

Of course, if Sadie and Co don't succeed in this effort to morally regenerate the party then winning will remain a pipedream. The party will simple miss its appointment with history.

As for Schumacher, his rather static localism is, in my view, inappropriate for the European mind. We are creators and risk-takers by nature. We are restless, individualist, materialist. These things can't be wished away - they are evolved characteristics. They are "us". Any economic system must give expression to them, or our natural dynamism will blow it apart.

So I agree with you, particularly about the Japanese model.

However, I am conscious that as a non-member it is not my place to fill the EiE threads with such thoughts, so I will say nothing more about it.

I will just say that towards the end of last October I began to think about writing a post at MR on the future evolution of nationalism in this country. I had a provisional title: The Moral Future of Nationalism in Britain. But I didn't develope the theme very much. Then, in the second week of December EiE happened, and my potential and likely portentious post was well and truly scuppered.

Now I can report events for the blog instead. Much easier on the grey matter - for which I thank all those involved, and wish them the very best of luck. You are carrying a mighty burden.