Friday, 18 January 2008

Nick Griffin responds to Bradford BNP

Bradford BNP's letter to Nick Griffin:

Dear Nick

I am writing to you as the Bradford Branch secretary. I am writing to you following our earlier letter sent in mid November which we have not received any reply to or acknowledgement of. This letter is being sent following an Emergency Branch Committee meeting. We as members and officers of the Bradford Branch believe that the BNP is a Party whose membership works to achieve the policies and objectives of our Party that is the policies and objectives agreed by the Party members particularly the voting members and officers who attend the AGM and other meetings. The Party is about the achievements of the memberships aspirations, the membership being the unpaid persons, who often suffer considerable social and employment problems because of their support for the cause, the persons who raise money, deliver leaflets, canvass etc. The Party is greater than any one person it is not a personality cult. The most infamous 'cult of personality' was Stalin in Russia. Now this Party appears to be going through a similar phase in its development, with 'purges' of middle ranking management, security forcing its way into peoples houses, new officials being appointed to positions by the leadership with the only qualification the new officers have for their appointments being their loyalty to the 'leader', defamatory & contradictory remarks being placed on party websites etc (some of the remarks posted would prevent proper disciplinary tribunal hearings being held). Some of the Bradford officers along with officers from other branches attended the Leeds meeting where you appeared to show contempt for the Party membership particularly Yorkshire members.

The Bradford officers are not resigning their positions. Officers and members are not setting up or joining alternative parties. Why should we resign from our Party ? Many of us have been aware for some time that their are problems with this parties management, a party which is managed from the 'top down'. Secretaries who cannot get lists of our own branch members, fund holders who cannot reconcile accounts, a lack of information – we often get our most accurate info from Searchlight !! The new website is uninformative and is worse than the previous one edited by Mr S Blake. The Party now has some Regions where the membership must be approaching 1000 members and we have a core of experienced officers and members. More powers must be transferred from the central management to the Regions. To list just three constructive suggestions (out of many the Committee had) :

The Party should handle disciplinary hearings at Regional level. The persons on the panel should be selected by rota from a list of persons approved by the Regional Executive. Appeals from these hearings could be heard at a National Panel. Once again the membership of the National Panel should be by rota from a list of nominees – one nominee on the list from each Region.

All officer appointments – both Regional & National – should be advertised. If the Party requires particular qualifications, experience etc (including courses studied at Summer School etc) then it should be included in the advert. All persons who meet the criteria for Regional posts should then be interviewed by the Regional Executive (or a sub committee set up by Regional Exec) and approved by the Exec. National appointments should be interviewed and approved by a National panel, the membership of which should be openly listed.

As a personal note on this item many of the Bradford Officers know Mr A Marsden. We have no personal objections to him but do not accept his imposed appointment as RO because he has no Regional mandate.

We believe the current Advisory Panel nationally has enough to do taking forward Party publicity, member communications (or lack of), policy and campaign planning etc. We believe a committee should be set up to cover management oversight – both Regional & National – accounting and audit. It should have one representative from each Region and should have the powers to 'co-opt' suitable persons to help its business, for example experienced accountants.

Turning from constructive suggestions for the future to the current crisis we believe the Party Leadership must tackle the following action points :

All the expelled members/officers should be reinstated - should they so wish.

That all allegations against the expelled/resigned members/officers should be removed from Party websites even in the case of those persons who decide they do not wish to rejoin the Party.

That Mr M Collett and Mr D Hannam should be expelled from the Party. In addition to a long history in both cases of disciplinary incidents, previous punishments and damage to the Party we have the following specific remarks concerning Mr Collett:

We believe he has a conflict of interest being both the party's artwork technician and director of his own printing company which is run (presuming he is competent) for his profit.

Mr Collett deliberately sabotaged Bradford local election leaflets in May 2007. Spelling and date errors were inserted in the texts after proofs were approved. Mr Collett had had an argument with Bradford candidates who objected to a lack of relevant local issues in the election leaflets at a previous meeting. He boasted of inserting the errors in the leaflets to 'teach Bradford candidates not to mess with him' in phone calls and texts sent to Cllr P Cromie and former Cllr Dr J Lewthwaite.

We now have to turn to your position as leader. Many of us joined the Party during your time as leader. We respect your development of Party policy, your work to expand the Party, your work with the Press and your high level of personal commitment. Many of us were among the 91% who voted for you in the summer election although some of us were shocked that the person who stood against you in that democratic election, Mr C Jackson, was barred by you from taking up a position that 92% of the NW Regional Exec approved. If a vote had been held among party members in Yorkshire and in particular the Bradford Branch in early Dec when this crisis first broke you would have had massive support. Since then we have had the miss-handling of the Regional meetings, the offensive material posted on your own and your fellow officers websites (many Bradford Committee members were disgusted by your attack on Angela Clarke – who also had previous bad treatment by Collett when he lodged at her house) and the imposition of officers. We are effectively giving you 14 days notice to respond to this letter and deal with the action points listed above or else we will be considering our next actions. If you deal with the points above within 14 days then you have shown great leadership and man management and that will be to your credit. If you do not deal with these points within 14 days then we have had a leadership failure and you must consider your position as Party leader.

Yours sincerely

I. Winters – Branch Secretary

(PP The Bradford Branch Committee)


Nick Griffin's reply to Bradford BNP (or the former Bradford BNP):

Dear Mr Winters

Since you have resigned as an officer of the BNP, and your fellow committee members likewise, I would be obliged if you would cease claiming otherwise.

Paul Cromie is now the Bradford organiser, and he and the BNP Treasury department are thus the people who will decide who will hold the other local positions in the branch.

Bradford BNP will, I am quite confident, make good progress under Paul and his team, just as Yorkshire will as a whole under its new but very experienced Regional Organiser, Adrian Marsden.

Whether you and others stay in the BNP as members, or leave to join Mr. Smith's future new party, is entirely a matter for yourselves to decide.

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin


Anonymous said...

OMG that just confirms Griffin has lost the plot, he's put Walker and Hannam in charge of appointing local officials.

The 14 Words said...

Well at least he replyed, "building bridges", respecting the hard work done by those paid up party members in Bradford, those countless hours of 'unpaid' leafleting, canvassing, VOF selling, those personal threats, arguments with her indoors, petrol, stamps, envelopes,personal phone bills,lost jobs = 'councillor Arthur Redfern', debts incurred,
Yes thanks for your top down support Nick.
Judging by your 'ring around Yorkshire' comments at the Leeds meeting, it is now obvious that you are on a collision course with reality.
Yorkshire 'will not' be treated like this, we are the largest region in the party with the largest membership, with the most active activist base, lets face it Leeds sells more VOF each month than some branches sell in a year.
We are all still BNP members and we have the right to say we have had enough of being called names, smeared and treated like we do not matter.

Anonymous said...

Does he not read EiE?
Kenny and co has already publicly said they won't start a new party but they will fight for the BNP.
Put a fence round Yorkshire indeed. The country is revolting against you Herr Griffin.

Anonymous said...

How to win friends and influence people the Nick Griffin way. The man is off his head!

Forseti said...

Sounds like you've resigned because NG says you've resigned, never mind your own actions and intentions. NG has just told Bradford branch and the whole of Yorkshire to p*** off. He's not listening to anyone. It just proves there is no future for the BNP with him as leader.

millie said...

I think that says it all.
Enough really is enough.

Anonymous said...

What more proof do we need that Nick Griffin doesn't care about the activists on the frontline?
NG you have just lost my support.

Anonymous said...

No less than I would have expected from the man himself.
He's a conceited, corrupt and arrogant twit and you keep sending him money!

Why should he back down when he has nothing to lose?

Anonymous said...

Adrian Marsden? I'm I right in thinking that Adrian Marsden was a member of C18? Has Griffin not declared that he has gotten rid of the Nazi's from the party?

Then why the hell has he just appointed a former member of C18???

S E Pearson said...

At last politicans! Take note people this is how to play this game.

Salvation said...

It has been self evident from the start what your man is up to. What does concern me is the number of people whom I once thought as comrades in arms still support him.
There are very distinct demarcation lines betwixt loyalty and treachery.
The easy way out of all this. The New British National Party. A change of title for the Labour Party seemed to rejuvenate them so why don't we give it a go. Let your man hang onto the tatters of the BNP for as long as he can and we will forge ahead on the strength of all the work done by those of us who have seen the light. Perhaps those with the misguided loyalties will then come and join us.
People have laid claims to your mans political ability. If he had any he would be somewhere in politics today but he isn't. Some say look what he has done for the party. Then show me, what has he done/ The people at the grass roots level are the ones who built this party into what it is, not your man. He fed off it, and continues to do so. The quicker the break is made the better it will be for all of us.

William McCarthy, a new SALVATION.

The 14 Words said...

Is it not interesting that Yorkshire is the main region that has had problems with Collett and Hanam and the one region that Griffin wants to write off.

Is this because he hopes that other regions where their faults have not come to the fore will be better at towing the party line.

Perhaps these 'regions' will not even ask awkward questions relating to the treasury Dept incompetance or the failures of the publicity dept and it's department heads love of Hitler.

Nick there never was any coup, nobody wanted to replace you, as we thought that you would see sense for the sake of our party, our people and our very survival as a defineable race and nation.

However the opposite is the case you have thrown your best activist to the nationalist wind being blown here and there when their true roots are with the British National Party -- OUR PARTY

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...

Cromie is a cobweby Griffin stooge who has helped organised the RWB meets. Mr Lewthwaite was treated badly by this senile idiot, a wealthy garage owner who pulls strings with bribes to keep the griffin cabal in power, just as he did to buy votes in Queensbury with local pensioners who he gave £5 each to get elected onto Bradford Council.

He doesn't care less about the rest of the bradford members, and sneers at anybody who doesn't see eye to eye with him. His arrogance he shares with Griffin, Darby, Collett, the Legal Chaffinch, and the rest of them.

In keeping with the immoralities of the swingers/nonces and horse pron lovers of the party, lest not forget that he was also accused of sending porn to other members of Bradford Council. What the hell's happened to our concerns about decency and family?

YES MAN CROMIE ought to stand down as Bradford organiser, if he cares about the future of the bnp, and let the real members take over before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutley brilliant first hand insight into the kind of emails that Nick Griffin sends out to people. This is exactly the kind of emails that Nick writes to people that oppose him, I have had emails like this from Nick for months and months now and now look what happened to me. If you make a stand against Nick he will replace you, expel you, slander and lie about you. Yorkshire will cease from going forward now as will the East Midlands and Scotland. He thinks that Walker and Hannam are serious contenders for appointing local officials? Hilarious. Not a single BNP publication was taken or sold by the whole of Wales when Walker was Regional organiser! Well done John you did such a great job to take your region forward, I am sure that you will do the same with the party nationally. Griffin is wrecking what is left of this party. He is the most distrusted politician in Britain. Barnbrook would have better luck standing as an independent nationalist in London considering the reputation Griffin has brought upon the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Salvation said...
The easy way out of all this. The New British National Party. A change of title for the Labour Party seemed to rejuvenate them so why don't we give it a go.

I think you've hit the nail on the head there!
Yes I'm sure that's the way to go forward now.
Leave the old graspin cabal behind, and let the decent, hardworking, honest few become the NEW BNP!
You'll have my backing and membership straight away!
Good luck, you sensible people.
Griffin, I'll be giving you the finger Monday!! you arrogant c*nt!

Anonymous said...

No GLA windfall kitty for moneybags Nick Griffin.

It's not gonna happen when Sadie's bandwagon hits the smoke, and previously loyal griffinist london members learn the truth about the filthy thief.

Anonymous said...

It's plain to see why Griffin is in bed with Collett.

Collett is his secret love child! Look at the nose and eyes spitting image. All he needs to do now is shoot himself in the eye and Collett will be the perfect clone.

NG is in it for himself and where ever he can get support. If that means the likes of B&H etc he doesn't care.

Smell the coffee Nick. Your time as leader is over let us all know when you go and sign onto Jobseekers as that will make the news headlines.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Morley Mike,

I am totally 100% behind both Sadie/Kenny and their modernising faction, however your comments about Paul Cromie are quite simply disgraceful. Cllr Cromie is doing what most of us would have done 2 months ago, he is backing the Chairman 100%. He’s wrong, but for all the right reasons!

Regarding the allegations you make about Paul sending obscene photographs via his email, this was clearly a UAF organised slur. The photos were not sent from Paul’s computer at all; his email address book and account had been hacked, and used to discredit both Paul himself and our party. Once again a full council investigation cleared Cllr Cromie of wrong doing connected with this incident.

As for the £5 donation to local OAP’s, he had already been elected when he made that generous gesture (and was cleared by the standards committee of any wrong doing). I have just had to return a £100 donation to Paul because of these current problems. Nick Griffin may not be much of a man, but Paul and Lynda Cromie are 100% gems.

By repeating this UAF instigated nonsense, you are not only encouraging these people to continue their dirty tricks campaigns against decent members, you are also discrediting the cause of the modernisers. I respect Sadie, Kenny, Ian, and Steve for their current stand to make our party fully electable and democratic. I also respect both Cllr’s Paul & Lynda Cromie for their: dedication, hard work, generosity, and honesty.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill's comment starting -

"I am totally 100% behind both Sadie/Kenny and their modernising faction, however your comments about Paul Cromie are quite simply disgraceful. ..... "

- is just about the most sensible comment I've seen so far. I have no idea who Cllr Cromie is (not being that involved with the BNP) - but I do have experience that you have to take the vast majority of stuff eminating from the so-called "anti-fascist" web-sites with an enormous pinch of salt.

Just because Cllr Cromie at present backs the BNP leadership does not make him bad - nor fair target for personal abuse. In principle all sincere "enemies" are potential future friends. Tackle the argument - not the person.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem here is the fact that If there is an election for a new chairman in June then that is still 5 months away.
So altogether nearly a year will be lost by many good nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Antigag said:

"Cllr Cromie is doing what most of us would have done 2 months ago, he is backing the Chairman 100%. He’s wrong, but for all the right reasons!"

Chris, 2 months ago none of us were aware of the management problems in the party, BNP security had not illegally entered Sadie's house and taken the computer, we were not aware of the illegal bugging of private conversations by BNP security and more importantly had no knowledge of how badly Nick Griffin would react when confronted with difficult issues.

With this knowledge now available to him it is difficult to see how Cllr Cromie can continue to support Griffin 100%.

If he has any doubts and is sitting on the fence then perhaps he should read the "FJC comment" on the A personal perspective – Ian Dawson post which concludes:-


Dr Chris Hill said...

After thinking about the post here (from Morley Mike) criticising Cllr Cromie, and the one from egalitarian asking why Paul is still backing Griffin given what we know, it strikes me that one or perhaps both may be an attempt to see that he continues to do so.

The EiE authors can confirm that my first response to that original comment (criticising Cllr Cromie), was not at all reasoned and reserved, to be quite frank I lost my temper somewhat. Quite rightly this blog did not publish that first comment, as it contained a valid threat. But it now strikes me that that indeed may well have been its very intention. We should ask ourselves, ‘who is Morley Mike?’, and why does he make such an unfounded attack on one of our most successful councillors?

The one thing I do know about Paul Cromie is that; he is no Griffin lapdog, he will make his own mind up in his own good time. And if this attack is, as I strongly suspect it is, a desperate attempt to alienated a good man from our cause, it will fail. Paul’s loyalty is not lightly given, nor lightly taken away, but if it is abused I can assure the abuser he will wish he had never met Cllr Paul Cromie.

Take note Mr Griffin.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me asking, Chris Hill, but did your returning the donation from Coun Cromie coincide with you losing faith with Nick?

Would Cromie have given you this donation now you claim to be supporting Sadie?

Please answer these questions, and maybe the transparancy will stop people like Morley Mike in their tracks, for not all of the dissidents trust everyone involved with the rebel cause.

Failure to answer the questions leaves your honesty and commitment to the rebel cause in doubt. I don't want to cast aspersions, but you were late to defect, well much later than Sadie after teetering on the brink.

Anonymous said...

Morley Mike - sorry, I don't buy your comments about Paul Cromie. I have met him, heard him speak, have read the media slurs about him, and am also aware of the frictions in the Bradford Branch - but you are way out of line attacking him this way.

I do not agree with everything he suggests, but I will not stand by while you slur hard working people like this.They have their opinion , just as I have mine. We are the politicians of the day, and are a lot more intelligent than this.

As to his donation to the Preston by-election, I was asked my opinion on what should happen to the money, and advised Chris Hill to ask Paul himself what he should do with it. So no evil little inuendoes on that side either , thank you.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

ed the fred said
"Failure to answer the questions leaves your honesty and commitment to the rebel cause in doubt. I don't want to cast aspersions, but you were late to defect, well much later than Sadie after teetering on the brink"

You are out of order ed. You are not judge, jury and executioner on what people do and do not reply to. Take your Griffin logic and scuttle back to the fold.

Chris Hill was among the first, was pressured to retract, but had the guts to join us.

Do we by any chance see your name on the roll of honour? Mine is fist.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

You would have to be lacking in basic intelligence in failing to see what Griffin is about and let it be said again and again: He is a career politician who has engaged in so many ideological jumps that it shows his one eye is looking for the main chance and that chance was with the BNP. Cruel, maybe, but we have to tell the truth as it is. Griffin has stabbed so many people in the back that he only has the BNP as a cash cow and the activists as worker bees to fulfil his dreams of money and power.

His responses show the depths to which he has plunged in black and white and any activist remaining within the old BNP structure either needs his or her head testing, is plain stupid, or isn't as serious about the business of politics as we are.

The tactical decision that needs to be taken by Sadie and team is how to derail Barnbrook's election campaign and it has indeed come to this, I am sorry to say. A win for Barnbrook is the end for us all and, rather more importantly, our people, because Griffin would be invincible and maybe that is the system strategy; to allow a BNP win ONLY IF its leadership is under effective state control.

Nationalists keep waxing lyrical about the "great job" Barnbrook has done but I am mindful that here we have another chancer who, not that long ago whilst many of us were trudging the streets of Tower Hamlets and Millwall wards to bring the BNP its first council election victory, Barnbrook was hanging around in somewhat different circles making "Marxist Gay Art Films."

In the late 1980s there was a major war of attrition between NF and BNP and we came out on top because we were better organised and had a much simpler political ideology untainted by bizarre belief. At some points, the NF, who had a few street types, tried to physically intimidate us but it didn't work and I suspect that London will become a battle ground again. Griffin doesn't have many friends in London and a lot of former BNP members might throw their support in behind a "New BNP" effort and it would finish Griffin for good.

Time for some tough decision-making.

Anonymous said...

Chris, it was not my intention to take issue with you or with Councillor Crombie's present position nor was I trying to be devious or mischievous as you indicate.

I do not know Councillor Crombie but your recommendation is sufficient and he is perfectly entitled to his opinion and should he wish to support Griffin that is his right.

It was simply my intention to point out that in view of the facts available to everyone since early December ANYONE who has doubts about Griffin's ability to manage the party should now acknowledge those doubts and come out in support of the VofC.

Failure to do so will be seen by Griffin as support and thus encourage him to continue to decimate the party for his own hidden agenda.

Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC)

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear 'Ed the Fred',

Paul’s donation was not directly to the BNP, but to Tony Bamber’s election campaign. I accepted it as Tony’s election agent, and the cheque was made out to my name. Unfortunately we were unable to get the authorisation, for Tony’s candidature, from the NW nominating officer. An official authorisation is needed to stand as a candidate for any registered political party, just being a member of a party is not sufficient to use its name in an election.

I did contact Tony and ask him if he would stand under the ‘Preston Pals’ banner, but he declined saying; he wished to keep that organisation none political. This decision I had to accept, albeit with regret.

The North West like most of the party is in turmoil, despite Griffin’s assurance that this is a storm in a tea cup. Returning the £100 hurt, but Cllr Cromie had given it in good faith, to advance our cause, and keeping it for any other use would have been dishonest.

As for the rest of your questions: I have never had an allegiance to any ‘rebel’ cause. I have committed myself to Sadie/Kenny’s modernising group, in order to make the party fully electable. And you are wrong in saying I was late to the cause, I saw the justice in the case straight away. I did however lose control of my backbone for about 12 hours after a NW regional meeting, where I came under some pressure to fall into line.

Believe me no-one wants to feel the way I felt when I woke up the next morning, and realised I’d bottled out. To put it mildly I felt like one hell of a spineless bastard!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Can this blog to be bold enough to ask Mr Lewthwaite his opinions about the murky side of Mr Cromie?

After all, Lewthwaite is a signed-up member of the EiE blog, and was treated with contempt by Cromie, thus he deserves his say about Cromie's management of the local branch. Also have a word with Angie about the disillusionment that happened in the whole region including Keighley.

Just because a Griffinite stalwart (which Cromie is) has oodles of wealth, shouldn't automatically mean we treat him with politically-correct-style kid-gloves.

If you think Cromie will readily betray a long-standing family friendship with Nick, you are so terribly nieve.

Anonymous said...

the more i watch griffins comments the more i feel he is being paid by the state to shut us down.did anyone recieve a members bulletin in january ? i must say organisation has never been so bad,i am getting new enquirers daily and dont know what to say to them

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Well done Bradford, standing up for the grass-root members that DO make the party.

I think we need to highlight the Lionheart case. As this could happen to any of us with a blog, leafleting, or just speaking the truth.

At least Nick will be immune from the truth part.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Pitterpatter (03:33hrs)

Please do by all means ask Dr Lewthwaite about Paul Cromie, or for that matter ask Paul Cromie about Dr Lewthwaite. It is true that neither gets on with the other, but it is also true that neither would mindlessly run the other down, and any criticism of the other from either side has been constructive.

Both are decent people, who just happen to see things a little differently.

As for your last comment: your are quite correct, Paul will never betray his friendship with Nick (or a friendship with anyone else for that matter). But we all know that Nick will betray Paul’s friendship as soon as it suits him to. And that will be possibly the biggest mistake Nick Griffin will ever make!

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Pitterpatter (03:33hrs)

Please do ask Dr Lewthwaite about Paul Cromie, or ask Paul Cromie about Dr Lewthwaite. It is true that neither gets on with the other, but neither would mindlessly run the other down, and any criticism of the other from either side has been constructive. Both are decent people, who just happen to see things a little differently.

As for your last comment your are quite correct, Paul will never betray his friendship with Nick (or anyone else for that matter), but we all now that Nick will not betray Paul’s friendship as soon as it suits him to. And that will be possibly the biggest mistake Nick Griffin will ever make!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...


I will speak for Dr Lewthwaite as I have known him for 4 years and not only call him a comrade but a true friend too. Dr Lewthwaite has many friends in the BNP, many of them know he is an extremely intelligent man and those that don't get along with him fear his intelligence! I.E ..Griffin!! and his circle of friends!
I will not go to the lengths of slagging off Clr Cromie as this is not about Clr Cromie. No he and Dr Lewthwaite do not get along but that's a personal matter and Dr Lewthwaite would tell you himself how Cromie has ill treated him, also Collett in public has insulted Dr Lewthwaite in front of journalists, names I wont repeat!! but I will say this, and only once!! this was the man that worked with Collett to send me disgusting and abusive letters just after I resigned, how do I know this? because I have seen first hand how these two work they are well known for attacking anyone who will not tow the line.Plus they are well in with the Keighley Branch of the BNP(bar politicians)who constantly attacked me for NOT doing any ward work, yet I was for ever in my ward working hard helping young and old people! All these men are bully's and are not worthy of doing there job as proven in the past, None of them have ever been to a Council meeting, when I was a Councillor NONE of them came to help when the reds turned up on mass at Bradford Council, I had to ask BNP members from Leeds, Bradford and Oldham including Martin Reynolds to walk me into Council as none of the Keighley drinking men's club had the balls! I give Councillor Cromie respect though, he was never afraid of the reds he would go to Council if asked.
Anyone who dares to insult or get on the wrong side of Clr be it one their head! However, being a woman of steel I did not cower to any of these men I stood up to each and every one of them, and so did Dr Lewthwaite although he is a gentle man and not a fighter...

Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Angie,

You were obviously treated badly by many people in West Yorkshire, the instigator of that disgraceful treatment was, I’m sure, Mark Collett. I know Cllr Cromie to be a decent man, but I’ve never claimed I think he’s perfect, after all who is?

It is clear that Mark Collett instigated trouble for you within the party. But remember Paul Cromie was not the only one he duped, Cllr Chris Beverley and many others were also taken in by him. Mark Collett may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but he does have lots of experience of instigating trouble.

Cllr Beverley has seen through Collett’s lies, and I believe he has apologised to you for his actions when you were a Councillor in Keighley. One day Collett will slip up and Paul will, like Chris has now done, see through him. I’m sure that most decent members in Yorkshire know you were ill treated during your time as a councillor, let’s hope it’s not too long before you are back in the party, and Mark Collett is just a bad memory.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

If Griffin does win seats on the London Assembly, Griffin and Collett will have power, money, and intense media coverage in their favour.

In other words, they will be untouchable.