Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A message to Nick from Wigan BNP

The following letter was sent to Nick Griffin from Wigan BNP

Wigan BNP Activists: Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Nick,

As you are aware we have been extremely distressed over the discord in the party during the past month and it has only been our faith in Nationalism and its importance for our future that has kept us from throwing in the towel. We have read both sides of the dispute and have been struck by the difference in tone between them.

The intemperate language employed by Simon Darby in his blog when he first accused the “rebels” of being “Nazis" and the following day “Searchlight moles” does not incline one to believe other statements he makes. A blog full of contradictory statements is to say the least unpersuasive.

By contrast the “enoughisenough” blog is a lesson in restraint with no extreme or unbelievable statements. There is certainly no evidence of an attempt to take over the party. Admittedly it was foolish and wrong to start the blog. It would have been much better to resign in protest over the failings of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam but it was even more foolish to publish details of the dispute on the BNP web site for all to see and to brand those who support Sadie et al as Nazis. To then offer these Nazis an amnesty if they returned to the fold seems to be the height of political naivety and would surely be used against us by our opponents.

The appearance of South African security people in the higher echelons of our party is a certain vote loser and will also be exploited by our opponents.

Why do we need all this security and spying on our neighbours? We are a legitimate party and if we behave as such we should have no fear of the machinations of our opponents and have no secrets worth spying on.

We do NOT believe Sadie, Kenny and matt are Nazis or Searchlight moles, indeed they have been hard working and a credit to the party as have Nick Cass, Jonathan Bowden, Bev Jones, Richard Purdy and many others who are not now with us. We can not afford to lose good people such as these.

The only people who have brought the party in to disrepute are Mark Collett and Dave Hannam but they remain in the party.

On the website it says that no person is above the party and we heartily agree. We can’t see therefore why these two remain an exception to the rule. If they cared about the Party they would take a back seat or are they agents of the state? They have certainly caused more strife than any one from MI5 could have done.

In spite of the above, we remain committed to the Party and you as leader but our enthusiasm is much diminished.

Just think what we could achieve without this dissent.

The feeling of our group and prospective members is that while good workers are being sacked and trouble causers retained we will make no progress. We are losing members because of this and several people who indicated the intention of joining no longer wish to do so.

We resolve therefore to keep our group going on a minimum maintenance basis but feel we are wasting our time in actively campaigning until matters are resolved.

We hope and pray for a speedy, sensible and amicable conclusion to this sorry dispute or our Party and country are doomed.

This will not go away.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Mather,

Wigan BNP Organiser


Anonymous said...

Minimum maintenance sounds good.

I will renew my membership but only so I can vote Griffin out at a leadership contest. I will not deliver another leaflet, sell another VOF or stand as a candidate again while he is leader and I hope everybody else who wants a BNP without buggings, raids, thefts, lies, smears and perverts does the same.

If all the good honest members did this Griffin's cabal wouldn't last long.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Charles & Co.
You are certainly far from being the only group that feels exactly that way.

Anonymous said...

I echo glasgow activist.

I am renewing my membership so I have a vote and will not stand as candidate again until Griffin is gone.
The Kemp Spy Gang are installed to spy on us as members and we are being attacked from within.
Unfortunately I don't see Griffin handing over the party as he sees it has HIS party, HIS cult, HIS business and HIS cash cow.
HE hasn't finished with it yet and would not doubt destroy it first than allow a new leader.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Charles, his wife and the rest of Wigan BNP. Good on you for sticking to your principles and writing to NG. I bet he asked responded to you though. I have spoken to quite a few people who never hear back from him once they have emailed, shows the contempt he has for those who make the party function. Whenever I have emailed Kenny or Sadie they have always replied within the day, these are the people to run our party now. They have the experience and know what to do to make the BNP function properly and effectively. I am going to be voting Griffin out at any leadership contest should there be one.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a Griffin fan I have to say that he did reply to me when I resigned before Christmas.
He was also polite and thanked me for my efforts.

Just thought I would mention that to be fair.

Anonymous said...

I think the way Charles is expressing his concern should be a model for all discontented organisers.

1.Keep your teams together, even if that means just on a social basis for now.

2.Express your problems in writing to the chairman,and in public, you have nothing to hide and are simply concerned for your party.

3.Request an internal resolution and remain on leave until this happens.

4.The party belongs to all of us. Make your voice heard, and let all of your members and contacts know what you are doing,they deserve to be in the picture too.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Although I'm not a Griffin fan I have to say that he did reply to me when I resigned before Christmas.
He was also polite and thanked me for my efforts.

Just thought I would mention that to be fair.


I do not know who you are but you might like to take this into account, you might have been someone that dear old NG had identified as one of those people to be got rid of at a later date. Remeber it was a habit of his.

Anonymous said...

Other political parties don't expel those who voice views that differ from the leaders opinion. The BNP needs a constitution change to make sure future leaders don't act like fascist dictators; the way Griffin is. I'd vote for anybody rather than him now in a leadership contest.
No money coming from me. I shall send something to the family appeal though at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Glasgow. Nobody should stand on the BNP ticket while Griffin is leader. Stay as members but do nothing that will line his pockets or bring him new members who could line his pockets. It's short term pain for long term gain.

Anonymous said...

Several of us signed that letter - all the more active Wigan members.

I too signed it.

Bev has got it about right - we have to at least keep our teams in place.

Anonymous said...

The best way to hurt his pocket is not to renew.

Cancel all VoF and stop raising money too.

EnoughIsEnough said...

No dissenting members must renew their memberships if they hope to vote in a change of leadership.
We have no option we must renew, well those of you he will allow to renew, anything else is tantamount to surrender and we don't want to go down that road, do we?

Anonymous said...

Well done the brave Wigan BNP. I hope Griffin doesn't expel you too because we need good people like you just like we need Sadie and Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Well said Wigan BNP.

I just fear Nick Griffin will simply keep his head in the sand, just like he has done for the last month.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what you say Wigan. But we here in London just dont want to rock the boat before the elections for the mayor and assembly. After that we'll be with you 100%, but I'm afraid Nick may be just too stupid to listen to reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm a London member who wants success here too but I'm torn. If we succeed it helps Griffin and I don't want that. This is a nightmare situation for members but I am inclined to agree with the rebels. I won't be active in for the BNP on the 19th or at any time again while Nick Griffin is leader. Sorry Richard but I can't back a man who treats other nationalists like this.

Anonymous said...

Our group is meeting on Friday and we are thinking of doing a very similar letter to this Wigan one. If we stick together we will bring about the changes needed in our party.

Anonymous said...

Not rocking the boat will unfortunately play into the hands of Herr Griffin, London people. If Barnbrook does well, we will be expendible.

Silence is absolutely of no help to us. After the London elections, if Griffin does well, as others have said, Griffin will feel safe to punish everyone who opposed him.

Please bear that in mind, London fundholders and election agents, while you silently continue to support the dictator instead of true nationalists.

As for renewing your subs, just hope the money from the renewals doesn't go into the Croatia holiday home appeal, which would be self-defeating, folks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for talking sense, Glasgow activist.

Seats on the London Assembly would give Griffin extra funding which would allow him to bribe more yes men to replace the real hardworking members that would leave people like Sadie on the scrapheap.

Any assistance to bnp election campaigns will be used against us, rather like firing a phaser against the Borg in Star Trek The Next Genration.

It hurts me to say it, but I hope "glamour pussy" Griffinite Barnbrook fails in his aims to get elected, thus causing Griffin's downfall, allowing proper members to rejoin and take control of the party, or else there won't be another generation of honest, non-criminal bnp members.

Strengthen the beast, and it'll chew you up and spit you out.

Anonymous said...

"Strengthen the beast, and it'll chew you up and spit you out."
What a great quote Millwall. And how true too it is too.
I won't go up to help the London campaign as I'd planned. You are right. I want change and though it will hurt me inside. I have got to do this to make sure the BNP is saved in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Well done Charles, Henry and all the other Wigan signatories.
Together we will defeat the forces of darkness or Griffin and Co as they are better known.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin has shown he is no more than a nasty little dictator, but what chose do we have here in London. I will not be buying any more papers or copies of Identity. Then once the elections are over we can demand change, but until then I must put the greater good first. Then Griffin must go and take Mark Collett with him.

Anonymous said...

The greater good will not be served if we win in London and Griffin gets the loot. It will allow him to dig in even further.

As painful as it is we cannot afford to help Griffin's gang here. If we want him out we must try to do it before the GLA so we can go into that election squeaky clean.

Anonymous said...

South East member said...

"I won't go up to help the London campaign as I'd planned. You are right. I want change and though it will hurt me inside. I have got to do this to make sure the BNP is saved in the long run."

I fully agree and I will be following your example.

I am totally in the dark as regards the stance my branch is taking in all of this. No meetings have been held since this all began, email communications have all but ceased and the normal January meeting has not yet been arranged.

It is perhaps the right time for group/branch organisers to hold meetings, poll their members views take the appropriate action.

Well done to the Wigan BNP Branch.

Anonymous said...

If we win in London most armchair members will vote for Griffin in the leadership election. Activists and officials know the problems exist. Don't let your heart rule your head! Let's follow Wigan and go to min maintenance. That will make Griffin sit up and take notice more than anything else. A leader is useless if his troops won't fight for him. I've had enough of his lies and the scumbags he surrounds himself with and I won't support him any more.
Steve you need to see the wood for the trees mate!

Anonymous said...

The "greater good" seems to be an excuse to sit on the fence. As Glasgow said, getting behind Griffin will allow the bastard to get stronger, and need people like Sadie even less.

I'm not saying you must sabotage Barnbrook's campaign, just don't help it at all, and refuse to even go out and vote.

You can't have one or the other. Griffin and Sadie.

You cannot support the Griffinites now, only to switch to the dissidents later, and be taken seriously.

Anyone thinking of supporting the party in london, Please ask yourselves this simple question: -

Would you prefer Richard to win the mayor's vote, and Griffo to remain in office for an eternity, or Barnbrook to be a loser, and the fuhrer to pack his bags?

Anonymous said...

Excellent points maca.

Votes for richard will keep griffin in office.

Anonymous said...

To sit back and not support the London election campaign will hurt. But let's look at the pros and cons. Having seats on the assembly would raise the BNP's profile, bring in extra money, and strengthen Griffin. Losing this opportunity would be a great shame. But on the other hand, removing Griffin will raise the BNP's profile, save lots of extra money, and get the party moving in the right direction. This might be the last opportunity for Londoners to allow their voice to be heard in their city, and perhaps they will anyway. But it's better to take a small hit so that we can achieve success in the long run. Still, it's going to be hard to advise friends and family not to vote BNP in London. I hope Griffin is gone very soon.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good letter Chas’ but feel I must, with due respect, correct you on a particular point. It turns out that starting the blog was not, as you and others have said ‘foolish and wrong’ Everybody should take the following into account.

Sadie was due to speak at the conference. This was cancelled and Mark Collett, conveniently, was prepared in advance to give a talk on ‘Corporate Image’ (of all things)

The FALSE information given to the police, to discredit Matt, that instigated the raid on both Matts flat and Sadies house, was given to the police BEFORE the conference. The date of this false information had to be prior to the dates on the warrants. Check it out.

Kenny Smith was being blamed for accounting irregularities and non return of receipts etc in an effort to smear him. His talk at the conference was also axed at the last minute. But lo and behold Carol Collett was prepared in advance to give a talk.

Then the apparent bugging of Sadies house of her and Kenny setting up the blog plus the illegal entry to take back supposedly BNP property, and no doubt, to recover the listening device, came to light.

It is pretty clear to me that the wheels had already been put in motion prior to the conference for Sadie, Matt and Kenny to be unceremoniously ousted from the party. The chance recording of the blog being set up was, what Nick thought, a gift from heaven and a bonus for his devious plans. It was not the reason for their expulsion.

Then followed one of the most idiotic things imaginable. NICK GRIFFIN PUT THE E.I.E BLOG ADDRESS ON THE B.N.P. WEB SITE.

If this had not happened more hard working people within the ranks of the BNP would have faded off into the pale blue yonder as many have done before.

But, BECAUSE OF THE BLOGS EXISTANCE, questions were asked, views were able to be exchanged, opinions were given and after vast amount of stirring the truth is bubbling to the surface.

The real reason for their expulsion is twofold. (1) They raised questions about Collett. (2) They did their jobs too well and were seen as threats.

Let us thank God they did, what they did and when they did it.

Long live democracy…

Anonymous said...

Any true Nationalist would want Richard to do well, in the right circumstances that is, but when the media slap him between the eyes with all that has happened in the last month he will be ripped to bits. You can only blame NG for what is to come. What concerns me more is for Nick to get a place in EU off the backs of the rank and file he treats so badly.

Paul said...

Griffin and the other scummers he surrounds himself with have had their day.

Griffin has shown that when you reach the top it is to only line ones own pocket and take the glory for being nothing more than a "Gob on a stick."

He is there as leader to portray the party on policy voted for by its members. But all too often this sort of power goes to peoples heads where they make the wrong decisions for the party.

Time to go Nick and take your Nazi's, Peado's, and Foreign Security Team with you.

Admit you have lost and move on that is as Gordon Ramsey would say if you have the gahonas!

Anonymous said...

We cannot have a foot in each camp. It would be suicide to continue to support the Griffinites by putting leaflets through doors and have people swearing at you on the door step for supporting Nazi admirers like Collett and Griffin etc. Either the BNP must be revamped (without Griffin in charge) or a new Party formed ASAP.

Message for Richard Barnbrooke, be brave and resign immediately Richard, along with all your councillors,and put your group into maintenance mode,this will stop the rot! Even you R.B. will do well without Griffin in charge.

tonydj said...

Well done Wigan BNP!

There are many who say that resigning our official positions is tantramount to treason and being anti-BNP. Such comments reveal a deep ignorance of British Politics.

It is a long established method of protest for Cabinet Ministers to resign in response to government policies they disagreed with, indeed many who resigned in the past have been praised for their integrity. One recalls Labour Ministers such as Cook or Bevin or Tories such as Howe.

Those BNP individuals who have resigned or branches going "on hold" are displaying similar integrity and maturity.

Anonymous said...

Just one problem with Mr Mather's letter.

It is now absurd to remain "committed" to a discredited leader.

Anonymous said...

When this all first came out I spoke to David Joines our organiser here on the Wirral, but he refused even to meet with members about this. He’s totally taking the party’s side but we are the Wirral membership not just him, why don’t the ordinary members get a say in this. The people here I’ve spoken to are in favour of the changes and can’t understand why Nick Griffin thinks that Mark Collett is worth more than 1000’s of decent members from all around the country who want him thrown out for the good of the party.

EnoughIsEnough said...

Anon said "This is a very good letter Chas’ but feel I must, with due respect, correct you on a particular point. It turns out that starting the blog was not, as you and others have said ‘foolish and wrong’ Everybody should take the following into account..."

I must correct you on two points regarding the Conference. Sadie and Kenny were due to give two shared seminars on Organisation and Structure and then Administration and Regional Development.
The First was cancelled on the Monday at the latest (this is because the booklet went to print then and Jackie Griffin's 2 year old talk was dropped into that slot - not Collett as you state who was down to speak later anyway) by Griffin and Collett though Sadie and Kenny were only informed on the eve of Conference.

Sadie and Kenny refused to do the second seminar after talks with Griffin on the Friday night because there was not time to make amendments. Both talks were linked and had been in preparation since the Summer School in September. They refused to present a jumbled up pile of nonsense having already been shafted. Nick Griffin decided to do piece himself instead. He may have also included Arthur Kemp, I don't remember as I was in the elections class. Carol Collett was not dropped in for this slot.

Why was the first seminar objected to by Collett and dropped by Griffin without consulting with Sadie and Kenny? Because Collett was not listed as one of the first six department heads on a flow chart in the powerpoint demonstration. Well how could he be? Despite the grand Head of Publicity title he didn't run a department. Nobody answered to him directly (though he does seem to be able to pull Griffin's strings as seen above) and he does not manage any staff or volunteers. But he cried his little eyes out because he wanted to be beside John Walker, Griffin, Eddy Butler, Sadie, Kenny and Reynolds. It gets worse though. He even demanded that Hannam be added to the list as a dept head because he was Regional Treasurer even though that comes under the Treasury Department.

Anonymous said...

Joines was busy phoning round the country in the days after the goons went to Sadie and Kenny's homes. He said he was going through the form 3 database confirming officials details and finding out their stance. Joines like Shapcott are not Form 3 registered, but they are part of the John Walker drinking club. Shapcott quit as a Forum Moderator because he refused to complete a Form 3 (data protection form). Kenny apparently put his foot down so Shapcott took the huff and quit. Funny that now Kenny is gone Shapcott is back on the forum banning people left right and centre. Bet neither he nor Joines have completed form 3s. And even if they did now that Hannam is in charge of these they're probably lost in the post or messed up anyway. Welcome to the new inefficient and unprofessional BNP!
Shapcott and Joines are busy telling everybody what a great thing this has been for the BNP because the rebels are scum but we in the NW know these two better than most and they are the real scum. Burnley BNP raised a cheer earlier this year when Shapcott final stood down as dis-Organiser and the whole of the NW celebrated when the equally useless and some say dodgy Joines was dumped as NW Reg Sec - the leaks certainly dried up after he was replaced!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just one problem with Mr Mather's letter.

It is now absurd to remain "committed" to a discredited leader.

True we can be committed to the Cause and the Party but not the discredited Nick Griffin. I'm going on strike until he's voted out.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to have to think of not helping out in the GLA campaign so is there any way that a leadership challange can be held BEFORE the GLA?

If the BNP is to be an effective party Griffin has to go now. Even a caretaker leader for the next 12 months would be better than this person who has betrayed the trust of 1000s of ordinary members.

Anonymous said...

Joines told the Glasgow organiser he didn't know Nicholla was pregnant when he phoned him. He was politely told by the Organsier that he shouldn't waste his time because he'd resigned in protest at goons threatening to force entry on a pregnant woman's home. But Joines lied. He knew full well Nicholla was pregnant because he sat across the dinner table from her in Blackpool at the end of October and her bump was discussed. Joines had turned up unannounced after the Membership Planning meeting held there by Kenny Smith (it included the Admin and Treasury teams) so he could go out drinking with John Walker in the town after the meeting.

Anonymous said...

However sincere all these comments are you have all forgotten that Griffin will never climb down and he wont resign. He said as much in the speech he gave at Blackpool. He wont care if all that is left in the BNP is himself and a handful of gullible cronies and have their annual conference in a phone box. You underestimate his stubborness.
Lets hope the EC and the Police can nail him for some financial misdemeanours and he spends the next 2 years in Belmarch. No one would want to be Sparctacus then, not even his few remaining chums like Darby.

Anonymous said...

Because the constitution effectively allows Griffin to act as a dictator the short answer is no. If Griffin doesn't want a contest then he doesn't have to have one. We will have to wait until the end of June.

We don't just need a new leader we need a new constitution that encourages democracy not tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I am due to stand as a candidate in Yorkshire this May. I've been looking forward to the challenge. Now I don't even want to be a member, but I will stand and I will probably do it as an independent nationalist candidate rather than on the Griffin BNP ticket. If I win I'd cross the floor back to BNP as soon as Griffin is ousted!

Anonymous said...

We said in that letter that we don't mind Griffin staying on as chairman. What we didn't say was that at least some of us would like his wings clipped.

We talked about mechanisms for this, but arrived at no conclusions.

My personal view was/is that the Advisory Council should be elected by the membership, and thus not dismissable on the chairman's whim (with reserve members should anyone resign etc). There seems to be no point in the chairman having an advisoty council if it is the chairman who decides the membership of that council.

There should also be a mechanism in place (e.g. a two thirds majority vote?) by which the advisry council can overule some of the chairman's more bizarre decisions.

This elected advisory council would be the kernel of a future shadow cabinet.

None of this has been thoroughly thought out, but I've spoken with David Jones about this and we seemed to be in agreement that we need some form of working group to develop a new, internally democratic, constitution for the party. This to be followed by a constitutional conference whereby the exact details of the new constitution will be voted into place.

Essexgirl - exactly.

Anonymous said...

There is a piece on the Final Conflict Blog showing how Griffin sought links with C18 the the Danish Nazi Party.

Anonymous said...

What type of leader is it that thinks he can ignore his membership? Everyone I have talked to thinks things must change now, it’s only Griffin that can’t see the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Our wigan group sent the letter to Nick several days ago in an effort to be conciliatory. We thus had to acknowledge mistakes on both sides. We think the EiE blog was a mistake however justified as it would certainly cause disruption and paranoia, both of which happened.
We think Nick is an inspired speaker and debater. For us to have advocated a replacement would have justified his fears of a coup attempt.
As our efforts at conciliation had not born fruit I sent the letter to Sadie to demonstrate our support and our feelings that the "rebels" had been treated in a way incompatible with the aims of a party committed to social justice.
We are trying to get Nick to see sense. Just sideline Collett, Hannam and now Darby and reinstate the "rebels to some position and all will be healed.
To fail to do this implies to me a death wish for the Party.

Anonymous said...

When this all first came out I spoke to David Joines our organiser here on the Wirral, but he refused even to meet with members about this. He’s totally taking the party’s side but we are the Wirral membership not just him, why don’t the ordinary members get a say in this. The people here I’ve spoken to are in favour of the changes and can’t understand why Nick Griffin thinks that Mark Collett is worth more than 1000’s of decent members from all around the country who want him thrown out for the good of the party.

I feel I must reply to the above post / comment. There has not been a Wirral group since I stood down early 2007. Long before these recent troubles came to light. I have never been publicly vocal about why I resigned both the Wirral Organisers role and my Nth West Regional roles but I will say, these troubles were the catalyst. As for the posters comments, I have never refused to talk to any Wirral group / activist about any queries, even when I have been called at 03:00am in the morning. That applies to anyone in the Nth West Region also. My contact number is 07761 492616. I would like the person making this untrue comment to call me and identify them self to me. I find it an insult that this person purports to speak for those members / supporters of the old Wirral group. I know and still have contact with many Wirral group activists and I tell you that the poster speaks alone. If the poster has the ear of the Wirral group why has it remained dormant for over a year? I guess this reply will never reach the EiE blog as I'm thought to be a Griffinite, anyone who really knows me will know I am a self-starter and freethinker. I am a Nationalist / realist and believe in the BNP, period. I believe no one person or group of persons are above the party and it's cause. As a nationalist I am prepared to work unlimited hours to ensure the BNP wins through. David Joines. Ex Wirral Group Organiser, Nth West Regional Secretary, Nth West Regional Organiser. Current role RWB site manager. All unpaid I might add

Anonymous said...

Please nobody tell us that Griffin shouldn't be booted out of the bnp.

It's not rocket science that he and collett must leave now or the party is doomed!

Dr Chris Hill said...

I agree 100% with Henry Morgan on this, with the exception of his use of the term ‘clipping Nick Griffin's wings’. This is not clipping Nick Griffin’s wings, it’s giving him a much needed booster shoot of democracy.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Chris Telford aledges that Collett also groped an underage girl at a Sunderland BNP social in 2005.

Anybody else aware of this particular incident? If this happened, surely Collett should have been on his final warning before the Blackpool incident, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

"I have never been publicly vocal about why I resigned both the Wirral Organisers role and my Nth West Regional roles but I will say, these troubles were the catalyst."

In what way were the current events a catalyst for you being dumped as NW Reg Sec in November 2006 Dave?

Anonymous said...

"Minimum maintenance" sounds just right.

1. Keep paying membership (but only the minimum figure)
2. No donations
3. No sales of VoF or Identity (anyway, after reading the accounts I'm not sure where all the money goes !)
4. Local fundholders - don't rush if there are any payments for national party (after all, how can they critisise you when their accounts are 6 months late !)

That would put pressure on NG were it really hurts -- MONEY !!!

5. No leafdletting/ canvasing etc until the elections themselves.
6. If you are listed to be a candidate leave the "description box" blank (then you don't need to be countersigned by the Griffinites). The press will sniff a story, and you can explain that you are "genuine nationalists", not tainted by NG and his bugging, past er, indiscretions, Collette etc.
7. After the election if NG goes you can rejoin the BNP Group if you want.

As for London, don't forget there are two lots of election. So,

8. Richard aint going to win the mayoral election. Sorry, but that's just being realistic. Good luck and all that, but it aint gonna happen !

9. BUT, there is a chance of one, perhaps two, seats on the London Assembly. BUT - just bear in m ind that these are "party list" seats and who gets those seats is decided by the party leadership. And also, if anyone drops out after being elected (such as illness, death, resignation) IT IS THE PARTY LEADERSHIP WHO DECIDES WHO REPLACES THEM !!!!
So, Mr X and Mrs Y get elected in May - they are then bounced out by the leadership - and replaced by ...... ?????
What about a certain Mr G - lives in Wales, has stood in Oldham, and Keighley, and ......

Know what I mean 'Arry ?

Anonymous said...

I think that's made that clear: -

No campaigning in London, unless the turkeys are looking forward to Christmas.

Anonymous said...


"Clipping his wings" was just a simple way of saying stopping him having sole and total power within the party. Maybe I could have put it more gently.

Nobody, anywhere, should have sole power over anything or anyone. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Anonymous said...

Mr Griifin must be blind. The party is falling apart and he seems unconcerned people I know are saying mad and can't see the truth. Is there no way he can be removed as leader because of his mental instability. We need to save our country but if we have to fight our own leader because he's gone mad, what chance do we have. I've never been a really good member but I do pay my membership fee every year and send money sometimes. It worries me is if Mr Griffin fights this he could destroy the BNP and lose both me and my children the only chance we have. He must be mad surely.

Anonymous said...

I want griffin out!
I never voted for anyone at the last leadership challenge.
I will not be making that same mistake again.

Times nearly up for that nasty little clique.

Anonymous said...

South East member says:

I won't be renewing my membership or doing any more activism under the current circumstances.

I hope all South East (and all other) branches "down tools" in the way Wigan has done.

Well done to Roger Robertson and SouthEast fundholder!

I hope Richard Barnbrook declares his council independent and campaigns for Mayor as an independent Nationalist, until such time as the BNP is sorted out.

This is the only circumstance under which I will support him with any activism.

The Griffin clique is corrupt, undemocratic, ammoral and dishonourable.
It has to go.

Anonymous said...

i think everyone should support richard barnbrook in the london assembly,the man has worked so hard and for those that have not met him he is a very articulate character.i have not been out leafleting for some time now.i used to go 3 times a week a few years ago when moral was good.we have seen our region slowly fall apart over the last couple of years and this can only be down to simon darby who does not seem interested one bit anymore.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby has to be the worst regional organiser in the country. Our region does not receive regular updates from him, he never holds regional council meetings and he even lives in Wales! According to the constitution (not that its worth the paper it's written on) a party official has to reside in the region that they represent, it stresses geographical location as a key factor. It is therefore unconstitutional that Nick Griffin has appointed himself as regional organiser for the North West and Simon should certainly not be in his position for the West Midlands. We always saw Sadie more often at by-elections helping us out canvassing than Simon Darby. He has been holding our region back and is a poor excuse for anything really. His only skill seems to be bird-watching.

E. N. Ronn said...

Simon Darby's real skill is people watching . . . but for whom?

millie said...

I just can't give any more money to N.G. and his gang of South African thieves,
I will not be renewing my membership.

Anonymous said...

The constitution is worthles in law it is the constitution of a little boys private members club and he can do want he wants and interpret the constitution as he so wishes.he wrote it for himself.
but you voted him in to office in 1999 and 2007 so you got what you voted for.griffin and his henchman mr s. darby.
keith axon .regional organiser 1993-1998
p.s iff this post goes up i will shout hail to the lord ?

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog for some good comments by Chris Telford in the NE on Collett and Griffin. It's in the reprint of the Wigan article pinched from this blog.

He's old style BNP and not a member, but his comments are still worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this blog.

Record your vote and have a good
read of Griffin's CV.

Anonymous said...


• Griffin is now unlikely to budge.
• His inner circle continues to support him.
• Griffin directive for officials to ignore calls for change is being implemented. (No scope for debate)
• Constitution will not support a call for a leadership challenge until June.
• Constitution will enable Griffin to dictate how any leadership contest will be conducted.
• Many Organisers are not addressing the issue and regular monthly meetings are being postponed in some of instances.


• Accept that Griffin is a lost cause.
• Accept that the BNP is NOT.
• Reinforce core message – leaflet/email all members.
• Continue to solicit further support from rank & file members.
• Encourage supporters to keep membership current – their vote will be important later.
• Encourage supporters to withhold financial donations both to branch and central office, until Griffin resigns.
• Encourage supporters to decline the VofF and Identity magazine until Griffin resigns.
• Expand the campaign against Griffin beyond this blog.
• Put greater direct pressure on Griffin to resign. “Use the media if necessary”


• Following Griffin’s resignation, his inner circle will almost certainly follow.
• Interim Executive Council (IEC) appointed for 12 month period. (Made up from those regional officers in post on or before 1 November 2007). IEC to elect a Council Leader from among its members.
• Interim Party Leader to be appointed for 12 month period (This should ideally be the Leader of the IEC who will remain in post until a leader is elected by the party membership in June 2009.)
• IEC appoints officers to official posts. (Treasurer, Secretary, Press Officer Etc.)
• IEC organise Regional Officer Elections within each region. (To be completed by 31 March 2009).
• The elected Regional Officers will form the Executive Council (EC) and take up posts on 1 April 2009. The EC will elect an interim Council Leader.
• The EC will request nominations and organise a leadership contest.
• The Party Leader will be the Chair of the EC.
• The EC, chaired by the Party Leader will be the democratic governing body.
• The EC will appoint officers to official posts.
(Treasurer, Secretary, Press Officer Etc.)
• Organisers of the local Branches and Groups will be subject to election by the members.


• Bring about a faster resolution than waiting for a leadership contest in June which will probably be fixed by Griffin.
• The party machine is kept intact and any media campaign to get rid of Griffin will benefit the party in the eyes of the electorate.
• No need to form a new party which would take years to establish.


• Putting media pressure on Griffin may damage the party in the short term
• Griffin is so stubborn he may see the party mortally damaged rather than resign.
• The forthcoming elections will not have full membership support.
Is there sufficient support to make it happen?
Can sufficient support be generated to make it happen?

Anonymous said...

The BNP Constitution has been removed from the Web Site.

Probably taken off for a rewrite!!

Does anyone know where a copy can be found?

young_modern_nationalist said...


Anonymous said...

Look on a webcache of the old website, to locate the old undoctored constitution

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I have never been publicly vocal about why I resigned both the Wirral Organisers role and my Nth West Regional roles but I will say, these troubles were the catalyst."

In what way were the current events a catalyst for you being dumped as NW Reg Sec in November 2006 Dave?

I have asked the Anonymous poster to contact me 07761492616. Why am I not surprised to find they haven't. My number is here for all to see, anyone who wishes to hear my point of view is welcome to ring..... anytime! Dave Joines