Friday, 4 January 2008

The man who failed to verify the facts

John Bean’s latest contribution to the BNP web site has surprised many members. The ease in which he repeated the lies peddled to him by Nick Griffin about us all being Nazis and left wing agents (go figure that one!) without proper investigation has damaged his reputation for journalistic integrity.

Worse still for those of us who stand accused, is the fact that we know he knows, that the accusations are completely baseless. Yet he has taken the Griffin lie and put his name to it in another public display of political foolishness by the Griffin clique.

We say foolishness because as has now become customary, the latest lie is so easily scorched by evidence that is already in the public domain for anybody who cares to investigate.

The latest lie to support their false claim that we modernisers are Nazis is to say that Steve Blake removed an article posted on the BNP website condemning those who promote anti-Semitism while he was Web Editor.

Griffin wrote on the BNP website on the 31stof December: “It should have been on our site permanently already but our former web editor, after only publishing it under pressure from me, twice secretly ‘spiked’ the article. Thus the most serious attempt to put behind us the mutually supporting vicious circle of gentile anti-Semitism and Jewish hostility to gentile nationalism since NF founder AK Chesterton published his ‘The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism’ was repeatedly sabotaged by an individual now running an anti-BNP blog propagating the myth that I stand in the way of modernising the BNP.”

While the entire 'old site' was removed from public viewing on Dec 9th by the new 'Griffin team', the internet still holds the site intact at various points in the past and it is there we can find the article where it has always been since it was first posted on the 21st of March 2006 by Steve, without any pressure having to be applied by Herr Griffin.

Here is the article on the 27th of March 2006 and again here on the 7th of June 2007:

Steve today said, “The article NEVER disappeared while I was web editor and anyone who tells you otherwise is a bloody liar.”

Yes John, “by their fruits (or lack of them) shall you know them”.

In another example of the new 'Griffin team' tactics employed by the Griffin clique can be found on the BNP website by searching for “by their fruits”. Note how they claim the article was reposted on the 10th of November 2007 after the previous web editor was replaced… well remember too that Steve was not booted out without notice until the 9th of December 2007.

The screenshot above has been added so that the evidence of this will remain when the new 'Griffin team' change the date after reading this.


Anonymous said...

Well Well Well,

It seems that Hannam is now responsible for sending out the organiser’s bulletin, and he clearly hasn’t taken the effort to remove resigned personnel from his email list. He couldn’t resist a dig at Steve Blake, yet another opportunity to sling mud in the hope that some will stick.

One poignant comment was this
“This year’s Organisers’ Conference will be a short affair, held in London on the evening of Saturday 19th , and including a general political rally and social gathering. “

We would suggest that this is not least because there aren’t many organisers left!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia, I would call it hampster syndrome, running like mad, using all your energy up & getting nowhere, like a hampster or a rat in a wheel, thats what Griffin & co have been doing, no where can we find a large cat? keep up the momentum & good luck in the year ahead,

Dr Chris Hill said...

Given this lots experience of cooking up evidence, it’s amazing at how bad they are at it. If they can’t do a simple thing such as manufacturing convincing evidence, we don’t have much to worry about do we?

I’ve given up completely reading the main BNP website (which for the last 8 years has been my homepage by the way), and now get my information directly from the EiE blog. OK you may say that’s only getting one site of the argument, and I guess your right, but I’m afraid the main site is the biggest load of propaganda rubbish since Lord Haw-Haw ’s last radio broadcast.

‘Welshpool calling, Welshpool calling, the leader’s troops are advancing on all fronts and the rebellion well soon be put down, give up now PLEEEEEEEASE!’

I wonder if Griffin has a bunker at his farm.

Chris Hill

ba ba said...

You guys should consider using this blog for presenting a positive platform for how you want things to be, and stop using it as a place to merely defend yourself.

"A man does not have himself killed for a half-pence a day or for a petty distinction; you must speak to the soul in order to electrify him."

RealAdmin said...

In answer to britishnationalpartymember - yes you are right and that is in the pipeline. This blog was only ever meant to be temporary but such is the growing level of support that it is worth maintaining until a fully functional web site with a positive message is operational.

We are aware that the BNP lie factory is claiming the "rebellion is over". There never was a rebellion in the first place; no coups, no plans to oust Nick Griffin, no State agents, claims that there were only come from the fertile imagination of armchair cyber warriors.

While there never was a planned rebellion there is now; much more widespread, much more serious for the future of the BNP leader than anyone could have imagined in early December.

(Each viewer can click on the Sitemeter over on right hand column to see the growing number of visitors to this blog, and as those stats are coming from an independent third party we cannot be accused of manipulating them.)

Steve Blake

Anonymous said...

That's a good post Chris. I'm still chuckling at the thought!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those surprised by John Bean's article. Why a man of his reputation would just parrot Griffin's bullshit is beyond me? Shame on you John. I'll not be renewing my Id subs in future.

Anonymous said...

Could somebody e-mail us a copy of this Organiser's Bulletin that Hannam is putting out?

Anonymous said...

More proof that the sacked and expelled were the real professionals in the party.

Anonymous said...

Did Sadie write "The Mindbenders?"


No doubt Griffin & Co. will claim otherwise shortly...

Anonymous said...

Steve Blake is wise to take a copy of the posting on the BNP web site - as soon as any mistakes are mentioned on EIE, they suddenly change - like the first set of accounts they put up.

Wonder if anyone had the gumption to save that posting?


Anonymous said...

There is, unfortunately, a simple explanation for the dating of the article at 10 November. As the web BNP site is being run on a wordpress template, the only way to post an article in such a way that it does not appear on the main front page, is to backdate the time stamp -- and this is clearly what they have done. The proof for this is of course that the new BNP website did not exist on 10 November.

Anonymous said...

The people writing these lies are Paid "professionals", whose wages are paid by the BNP membership!

You can man the keyboards countering them for months - its just a waste of your valuable time

You can be nationalists without the BNP, free from the burden of the Griffin "Caste".

At the end of the day the party is the groups of decent people who work for change in our country - it does not matter what it is called.

There are many of us just waiting to join a party with the kind of leadership you chaps/esses have exhibited.

Any reconciliation with Griffin would be betrayed as soon as he found it expedient - You know this is the case!

Perhaps it's time to think the unthinkable - Join another party, or start a new one yourself (It is cheap and easy to do!)

I realise that you stated comments suggesting this would be deleted!

We are all older and hopefully wiser now!

ba ba said...

Steve, a couple of years ago I was doing my best to help the BNP. Online, this involved pointing out spelling mistakes made on the main site on a special thread I set up on the BNP forum for this.

This was when Sharon was running it, and I was, in the end, banned (one of a few times - in the end i just didn't bother with the forum) for pointing them out. I was told that i was demoralising you and that you didn't want any more pointed out, and if i pointed any more out i would be banned. I ignored her and got banned! Obviously from my point of view it was a loopy way of looking at things - whats your take on it?

Secondly, i offered to help out with spell checking the site on a less ad hoc basis, both on the forum and via the 'contact us' e-mails on the site, but nothing came of it. Was that request passed on to you? And in that vein, i also offered to help out with HTML - did you receive that offer?

Anonymous said...

As an Ex Griffin supporter I now think that the only way forward for the BNP now is to remove both Nick Griffin and Mark Collett, and elect Sadie Graham as leader.

Anonymous said...

We have "anonymous" posters on here saying they "will not be renewing their memberships" and encouraging others to do like wise? Some of these might just be people who are angry at the current proceedings? but unfortunetly others are not. Its obvious a site like this will be used by "anonymous" posters, people who are really the sworn enemies of British Nationalism, (Reds, and other agent provocetuers) to sow further divsion in the party. Encouraging people to desist from renewing their membership, WILL damage the party. Anyone advocating such actions must be veiwed as a nave!

What ever your veiws on this situation, im sure you all agree that we want the BNP to continue?

IGNOR the Naves who say dont rejion the BNP!

The Party is bigger than anyone person, we ALL must ensure it contiues!

Anonymous said...

Having that bufoon "Mr Bean" at the helm of Griffin's black propaganda machine takes the chuffin biscuit.

It's right what people are saying that returning rebels will be neutralised. If an exorcised man returns to devil worship, only to realise for a second time, he won't get a second chance.

Anybody returning to the bnp are traitors to the truth. Griffin, Collett, Hannam and Barnes must go, or else I'm never going to return to the bnp.

And this doesn't mean "pretending to resign", or "hiding in the wings".

I won't sleep tight 'til Griffin's pissed off to Croatia, where he can do no further harm to the bnp, and the paedo is slipping on soap bars in the sex offenders ward of Armley Jail.

Anonymous said...

Hengist says the party is bigger than any one person.

Try telling that to Griffin.

No money from me for the BNP clique to enjoy whether you think I'm a red or not.

It is totally unelectable with Collett, Lecomber, Kemp and co involved.

Anonymous said...

Hengist it was Griffin who said he was so determined to destroy the rebels he'd destroy the BNP because he was capable of rebuilding. That's the madness we are fighting here. Griffin is doing his best to do all he can to stop us coming back and he's prepared to wreck the BNP in the process. I know Sadie, Kenny and Steve want to save the BNP but if Griffin destroys that possibility then something new is the only option left because none of us can just do nothing. There is enough leadership material here to start something new too. As Cllr Auty sang 'Wake up and smell the coffee".

Anonymous said...

Hengist, I am not red, I am a true nationalist and have been a member for 4 years. I post anon. as i cant get through with my name because I'm a computer illiterate!
It's a shame NG doesnt think the party is bigger than himself and his sycophants! I, too, he was the right man to take the party forward.
What a shame!
I knew him personally.
How wrong can one be?

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, Gwynith. Collett hasn't even been interviewed by the cops, which raises serious questions.

If it had been anti-Griffin people, they would have been on remand by now, and facing a very hefty prison sentence.

Both Griffin and Collett seem to have the state protection from criminal charges afforded to Bentley, all those years back, who was later exposed as a nark.

Anonymous said...

A clause was especially inserted into the 1998 Criminal Justice Bill giving all Crown agents total and absolute immunity from prosecution, including both MI6 and MI5.

Anonymous said...


The BNP is well worth fighting for, and the quality of the membership is superb.

Dr Chris Hill said...

The Poster above, calling himself ‘British National Party Member’ is an Ex-Lancaster member, who has helped out with proof reading for the Lancaster group many times. Anyone starting a new website would find his services very useful I’m sure.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Hengist, you sound like a Griffin poodle to me, suggesting we continue to line the pockets of griffo so he can finish preparing his retirement home in Croatia.

And you spell like one, lol

(Hengist wrote) "IGNOR the Naves who say dont rejion the BNP!"

Sacking the spellchecker spelt doom for the Griffinites. Please don't claim only reds can spell properly.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry because Griffin has so manipulated the leadership system, so any threats to his position will be stopped. We really have little choice but to start a new party..Look at the NF they were big in the 70s, but a new climate called for a new political party, the BNP..Now the BNP have had their day and its time for a new party, I wish it wasn't like that, but we have to face facts Griffin wont listen, Collett and Hannam are a liability and Darby and Bean etc are all YES people..

Sadie start a new nationalist party, forgot about all this Griffin should stay, he's part of the problem not the solution..Anyone leaves two of his members in their position without investigating their alleged sexual frolics with two 14 year old kids, is as bad as them...

Griffin has let so many down and his hypocrisy is of the highest order. Griffin your time is up..

Anonymous said...

"The BNP is well worth fighting for, and the quality of the membership is superb". 05 January 2008 01:41

Griffin, Collett, Hannam, and Darby are the extreme opposite of superb. Frankly these creeps make me cringe!

Anonymous said...

Another good post from this chappie, it seems he has things sussed. You should get him on board your team as he has came out in support of you.

PPS Keep up the good work. The truth always overcomes evil

Anonymous said...

With regards to all this talk about a new nationalist party. I think the only consideration should be whether or not such a party would be pulling more votes in five years time then a reformed BNP would. We mustn't underestimate the amount of support that is out there for the right party with the right image. At the same time, caution is obviously needed, because previous attempts at starting a new party have failed. Obviously they did not begin with the same level of national support that would be in place now. Alot of preparatory work would be needed to see just what level of support there is - probably a conference would be needed to call together various nationalist and conservative groups (traditional cons that is - not Thatcherite libertarians) at which time a constitution and policy statement (hopefully identical to the current BNP's) could be adopted. I have always hoped that the poor image of the BNP would go away as support grows. However is that a chance we can afford? What if it doesn't ever go away? Our country is in bad enough condition as it is, and yes the three con-jobs still get the votes. It is also possible that the sudden drop in support for the BNP would bring the party crashing down, opening the way for a new party. But it's also possible that reforming the BNP - and possibly giving it a new logo and overall new image, will be enough, and will save years of work, since we already have household recognition. You may be forced to launch a new party anyway, because the current leadership have dug in their heels and seem ready to let everything fall to bits rather than compromise. All we know is that time is ticking, and we cannot afford the same old people to continue to sabotage the little hope we have. Either way, whether a reformed BNP or a new party, the chairman position needs to be made accountable to a strong management body, so that the position becomes less important, and the one filling it more of a figurehead.

ba ba said...

My take on things, especially after reading peoples comments above (And i must stress that i feel am looking on all this from the outside, but have become adept at reaching both logical conclusions and correct educated guesses) Is that there are many nefarious reasons for wanting to egg you on to start a new party, but i feel that would be folly.

The question that begs to be answered is why Griffin hangs on to Collett as he does. When we have seen him in his interview with paxman, and we have seen him respond so well in such high pressure conditions, we must be forced to conclude that he has good, sound motives for leading this party (Or else surely he would trip up in his own lies - what I'm trying to get at is that I think we can dismiss the notion of him directly or knowingly being a state agent). That doesn't, i stress, mean he is necessarily right all the time but that he is responding from the heart.

Given then that he is both intelligent and to a great extent capable of orating his position under pressure, why does he hang on to Collett? Why? Collett is an obvious liability on many levels. If you still assume that Griffin wanted to harm the party why would he keep Collett? Collett rubs so many people up the wrong way that he damages Griffins position and runs the risk of causing Griffin to lose control as we see here.

So it makes no sense to me that Griffin would hang on to collett as he does to damage the party because that would be like using a flame thrower to kill a fly. And yet Collett strikes me as being an unpleasant person who harms the party non the less, and Griffin must also know that - and to hint at Collett leading the party, as Griffin has done, is nothing more than the madness of king George revisited. But why?

A simple explanation is that Griffin, despite his talents, is a bad judge of people on the one hand, and feels particular loyalty to Collett on the other due to his dating of his daughter and the joint court cases. Well, maybe.

Another explanation is that Collett has some sort of key to a closet containing as-yet-unknown Griffin skeletons. Well, while on the surface that makes sense, in actuality its a thin explanation, for Collett does not strike me as a man who can keep his own council, and as soon as he spilled the beans over a pint his hold would disappear. As you can see, this 'explanation' falls victim to Occam's razor, as it becomes more and more complex and less and less satisfying the more it is examined.

No, on the information i have to hand, the only conclusion i can draw is that Griffin is showing his weakness in his man management skills - for whatever reason - and that he needs to be more of a spokesman, and less of a manager.

Now I'm sorry for the length of this post, but i want to wrap it up by concluding that, although we have identified his weakness, it would be utmost folly to split and to form another group, as we just don't have time and all true nationalists know that. In the BNP we have a known brand name which is worth its weight in gold, and we have provenance. What needs to happen is for Griffin to understand his weakness, and to drop Collett like a lead balloon.

Secondly, we need a much more competent middle management, which will grow organically once we have a more competent manager at the top. I wont detail it all here but for 6 months i was *trying* to get more involved with the party and help out in any way i could, but it was like banging my head against the walls of a castle when it got past the local street level.

Anonymous said...

"The question that begs to be answered is why Griffin hangs on to Collett as he does."

The main reason is because he can.

"it would be utmost folly to split and to form another group, as we just don't have time and all true nationalists know that. In the BNP we have a known brand name which is worth its weight in gold, and we have provenance. What needs to happen is for Griffin to understand his weakness, and to drop Collett like a lead balloon."

When you understand my first answer you'll understand the folly of what you wrote above.

Dr Chris Hill said...

To British National Party Member.

Well Said!

Chris Hill

Get your hair cut!

Anonymous said...

At a group meeting to-day we came out 100% for Kenny Ian and Sadie.
If Nick Griffin will not listen then it is Sadie for BNP leader for us. I always have liked Nick Griffin but now I think he is a tosser. And unless he proves otherwise very soon I'll vote for Sadie Graham next time.

Anonymous said...

I think the many "lets pull together" comments are written by Hannam or Darby, their devious aim, to force us to accept nick griffin as our saviour. As if anybody with a brain would kiss and make-up with the cause of all this trouble, Nick Griffin's intollerable arrogance.

All the talk of his supposed intregrity and "excellent debating skills", are scotching the issue that this "gentlemen of integrity" has verbally abused and libelled the people who he trusted the most, without so much as an apology.

I really don't understand what the griffinite trolls on this forum mean by saying "the time for the rebels has run out".

Who's counting?

Daring to question Nick's leadership will undoubetedly label me a Searchlight troll, by griffin and chums, but I don't care what anybody thinks of me anymore. This stupid business has all got out of hand, and Nick Griffin must resign to save the BNP from rack and ruin. If he does this, "falls on his sword" for the sake of the cause, Sadie can take over and manage things properly.

If he doesn't resign, griffin should be expelled for his treasonous behaviour (and that's what it is), or proscribed like Tyndall.

Griffin announced in Leeds that Collett will be the next bnp leader. Over my dead body, will we allow this to happen. We're supposed to be the party of family values not child abusers.

Griffin is a timebomb that goes off at election times, but it's not just about Collett being sacked. The whole secret Griffinite cabal is rotten to the core.

All the crooks need to do is hand over the reigns to Sadie, and leave the party forever (not temporarily like LeComber), and all will be rosie. There won't be the need for us to form any other party, as the filth will no-longer be associated with the party, and we can all move on.

Anything less means the "rebels" being silenced, with business as usual for the bnp's sick, perverted, corrupt leadership. This cannot be allowed to happen, as the evil will have triumphed over the good.

Even if Griffin's not an agent of the state, which seems unlikely, he's grossly incomeptant, and absolutely untrustable.

There can be no return to the bnp until BOTH GRIFFIN AND COLLETT ARE SACKED OR RESIGN!

Anonymous said...

Let's pretend nothing happened, Collett is normal, Barnes has a healthy mind, and that Nick Griffin is some sort of saint.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffins the problem not the solution, mate.

Cant return to the party so long as hes part of it.

Anonymous said...

I wish "British National Party member would wake up and smell the coffee and stop licking nick griffin's backside.

Anonymous said...

John Beans journalistic integrity was destroyed a few months back when he published Griffin´s nonsense about Pete Rushton and Nick Lowles being the same person!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post from "british national party member", but IMHO he fails to draw the logical conclusion that if the BNP is saveable - which I accept it may be - it can only be saved under a new leadership.

Forseti said...

"British National Party member" speculates on why Griffin hangs onto Collett and says: "the only conclusion i can draw is that Griffin is showing his weakness in his man management skills - for whatever reason".

I don't think that is a strong enough reason. If it was just a matter of man management skills, Griffin would eventually take on board all the advice he is getting and recognise that Collett's presence is harming the party and get rid of him.

One possible answer is that Griffin himself wants to harm the party, whether he is state or for some other reason, and keeping Collett on is guaranteed to do that. It may be that in his plan of things the time has come to destroy the BNP rather than keep it going for state purposes, so "British National Party member's" reason for rejecting that theory falls.

Another possibility is that Griffin and Collett are in some sort of gay sado-masochistic relationship. Remember what Griffin said about Collett at their trial: "I constantly have to lecture Mark Collett about all sorts of things. He is a pig ignorant man. Often it goes in one ear and straight out of the other." Griffin must have known Collett wouldn't mind, which he didn't. Any other national officer of an established political party would be outraged to be called pig ignorant by his leader, especially in a trial where the remarks would be reported in the national media. It served no purpose towards their defence. But that sort of a remark in an SM relationship makes much more sense.

It's a possibility. The two are dependent on each other and beholden to each other. Neither wants their secret to come out. Both would be damaged by it and perhaps the clandestine nature of the relationship is part of the attraction. That is why Collett does not spill the beans over a pint.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks the BNP rebels are going to fade away or give up are deluding themselves.
Steve Blake has been activly fight for our cause since 1979, Kenny 1992, Sadie 2000. They are active political campaigners and community campaigners, They have faced the media, the public and opponents and are still in the fight. They are not quitters.
Griffin's lie machine will not frighten them. In fact I predict they'll give Griffin many more sleepless nights filled with worry.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully griffin will take heed and fall on his sword.

He can always go off and join the BPP.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, "british national party member", I wish you'd grow up and stop being such a Nick Griffin apologist.

There's all the time in the world to go it alone - so don't pull that one.

It must being gushing tears to your eyes to see mad Old Nick losing his silly little mind.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to be sorted quickly but Griffin can be ousted in 2008. We have the moral high ground while he has resorted to criminality to oust good patriots. Let's keep up the pressure and vote the crooks out with a leadership contest in July if he doesn't accept he's finished before then.

Anonymous said...

One the next thread it has been suggested Steve Blake challenge for the leadership with Cllr Sadie Graham as his deputy. I'd vote for that, what about the rest of you?

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously worried the elections would be 100% rigged, as knowing Griffin, he'd get the SA spooks to be the electoral officials.

It's hard to see a liar/cheat/fraudster Griffin playing clean and fair when his Croatian idyl needs more subs money to be completed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a winning team to me especially if you include Kenny, Ian, Bev and all the rest in with the too.

ba ba said...

Two things;

1) Im still waiting for an answer from Steve Blake to the questions concerning his dismissal of help and corrections on the site, as detailed above, and;

2) Im not a Griffin apologist per se, im just trying to get things right. I have no particular loyalty to Griffin as a man, but he is at times very politically astute and at others very daft. I want the good, and i want to get rid of the bad, and i want to know why there is such a variance.

Anonymous said...

Reply to gumption and others who mentioned me by name.

No gumption im NOT a "Griffin poodle" or anyone elses poodle for that matter! But your so obviously a sh*t stiring Red,that its quite laughable. Your so easy to spot poking fun at my typing error. How petty,and how typical of you Reds!

You others, lets get a few facts streight please. Yes i will admit i have been a Griffin loyallist. I still want to retain Griffin as Party leader too.(Though im unhappy with these expulsions, and other things) As does the socalled Graham clique. Or has that position changed? Its still up there on the front of this blog saying "Griffin as leader"

Im contributing to this blog because i support the return of Sadie Graham to her former position. The others too. Iv called for an amnesty of the others who have recently "left" or been pushed out of the BNP. People like Jonathon Bowden.

I think its madness, and damaging, when we are losing good calibre people like these. Lets have an amnesty? Even for the likes of Sharon Ebanks? I know she can be eccentric, but lets not forget the great work she done for the party. Lets offer all the people who have left under a cloud a chance to come back? Lets wipe the slate clean. Culnane, the Edwards, Bowden let them all come back.

Another thing, we must not let this debate turn into a rediculous slanging match. Talk of Griffin missapropiating party funds etc is a bulls*t story spread by Reds!Anyone repeating this outragious lie, is a nave. As is the rediculous story that Griffin and Collett, were bum chums! For god sake lets keep it real!!! Stick to what we want... The return of Sadie Graham, Kenny, and Matt.

Now some of you will chastise me and say "The Griffin clique is lying" Well if they are, the Graham clique can win the moral high ground by sticking to the facts, and not repeating Red/Searchlight lies about Griffin stealing BNP funds etc.

Now im reading posts on here, people saying "Its time for a new party" God have you people learnt anything over the last few years? Yeah our enemies would love a BNP split. Half those calling for a new party, are probally red agent provoceteurs! Sharons NNP didnt last long! Neither will another breakaway from the BNP! There two types of people calling for this...the politically nieve, and Reds masquerading as "Nationalists"

Some have said Sadie could be a potential leader of the BNP? Iv met the lady,i think she is exceptional. But i think it is early days. Mybe another five year when she has gained a bit more expeirence. I would have no problem her chalenging Nick though. Would that be possible though? There was a chalenge less than a year ago? Nick winning 90% of the vote, lets not forget.

I will finish by saying continue your Party Membership, the BNP is bigger than anyone person, and MUST go on. Its Britains LAST hope!

Anonymous said...

If there is to be a leadership challenge I think it should be Sadie Graham with Steve Blake as deputy. That combination would be more attractive to modern BNP members.

Anonymous said...

Talk of a "New Party" is madness? This would play right into the hands of our enemies? I could picture Gerry Fable rubbing his hands in glee. We simply do not have time to found a new party. We must concentrate on getting Sadie back in the Party, and Griffin making the changes asked for. However there must be some give and take from both sides. 08 is going to be a breakthrough year for the BNP whatever the outcome of this fallout. Its great to see we are still getting excelent percentages in recent council elections, dispite this spat.

If Nick is reading this, id appeal to him to talk to Sadie, and sort this mess out. Show leadership.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is astute.


he sacks the good patriots, and promotes the paedophiles, the orgy attendees, the thieves and the spooks.

He's not astute he's a con man with gift of the gab.

Affordable car anyone?

Anonymous said...

Edinburgh member said...
This is not going to be sorted quickly but Griffin can be ousted in 2008. We have the moral high ground while he has resorted to criminality to oust good patriots. Let's keep up the pressure and vote the crooks out with a leadership contest in July if he doesn't accept he's finished before then.
I don't think that a leadership contest is going to work because
a)all those who have the ability to lead the BNP, and they are few in number, will have been expelled prior to nominations. That is how NG works.
b) The constitution will possibly have been rewitten to remove the need for elections at least for the next couple of years.
c)If leadership elections are held virtually no campainging will be allowed as last time. This benefits the sitting Chairman.(and makes a mokery of the election process)
d)rank and file members will probally be to cowed to sign a challengers nomination form.
A membership revolt --refusal to donate money, refusal to stand in elections, refusal to leaflet,canvass, recruit, subscribe to papers is the only way to change the leadership. Will such actions hurt the BNP? YES. Will keeping N.G and M.C etc hurt the BNP? Even more so. We must bite the bullet and bare the pain to rid our party of this cancer and to make a future for the BNP and the British people.

Anonymous said...

I nominate myself for the leadership. What use is that when I'm not a member and I need 100 signatures?

Anonymous said...

You will never get Griffin out, he holds all the aces. The only way forward is to start a new party, and let the voting BNP public show Griffin with their votes what they think of him. I have no doubt that the average BNP voter, when presented with BNP policy, by an electable team, will have no hesitation switching to that new party. Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

If you return to the bnp, Griffo will force you sign a legally binding confidentialy agreement like many employers to, loaded with small print, to silence returning "rebels" from revealing any secrets they know about the corrupt, criminal leadership.

Crafty scumbag Lee Barnes is burning the midnight oil, writing the small print as I speak. whatever Griffin's paying him, he's 110% behind the crook.

Don't fall into the trap, Sadie.

Anonymous said...

Lancashire member said...
"I don't think that a leadership contest is going to work because
a)all those who have the ability to lead the BNP, and they are few in number, will have been expelled prior to nominations. That is how NG works."

Once Griffin's replacement is elected, a large number of expulsions should be rescinded, so the talent will be there again.

I would happily vote for Chris Jackson, if he stood again. He recognised problems in the party before many others.

"b) The constitution will possibly have been rewitten to remove the need for elections at least for the next couple of years."

I thought the constitution could only be amended at the annual conference.

"c)If leadership elections are held virtually no campainging will be allowed as last time. This benefits the sitting Chairman.(and makes a mokery of the election process)"

Griffin's opponents should campaign as they see fit. If he cancels the election as a result, a court would almost certainly find he had acted unlawfully.

"d)rank and file members will probally be to cowed to sign a challengers nomination form."

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Without meaning to sound negative.
I can\'t help but think you are starting to lose momentum.

Griffin and co have clearly shown that if they smother this and keep it quiet to as many members as possible the whole incident might just burn itself out.
He used a similar tactic in the Jackson challenge.
Remember most members of the BNP are unknown to most and just don\\\'t know who people like Sadie and Kenny are.
They believe the official line on everything,and the official line lies in the Griffin camp.
All you seem to be doing at the moment is reacting to the muck Griffin chucks at you.
But he is doing to you first!
I can\\\'t help but feel unless you start to get your act together and make a move in one direction or another,Griffin will start to win the information war and your cause might just be lost.

Don\\\'t misunderstand my message.
I fully support you,however I believe you are offering mixed messages.
Griffin is a dirty fighter,don\\\'t let him win

Anonymous said...

Pragmatic of Poole - I think you are right and we need a meeting or a bulletin of some sort to hold people together. On the Negative Front(If you'll pardon the pun) this blog shows why Griffin & Co are liabilities. The media will use it when the time is right to destroy the BNP.s vote, like just before the GLA elections. The surgery has to be now!
N.B. Collett making the salute, and the phote with David Duke. This goes too deep.