Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Lies, desperation and more lies - Cllr Sadie Graham responds to Griffins latest attack

This is a brief run-down of the latest bile to pour from the mouth of a once well respected and well-advised political leader, yet who now appears to be nothing more than a delusional, paranoid, corrupted shadow of his former self.

The turning point appears to be some time very shortly after the second trial, with two acquittals, the national press desperate for interviews, donations pouring in and the highest ratings ever for hits on a political party website. It is easy to see why the man who has recently sunk to depths so low just to save his own position and protect Mark Collett, has allowed himself to become so corrupted by the very thing that he said he was incorruptible against, money and power.

The Chairman’s article in this months Identity Magazine is yet another spurious and calculated set of slanderous unsubstantiated lies that it makes you seriously wonder why he continues down this road when everyone knows how utterly ridiculous it all sounds. He knows that much of this is the creation of fantastical tales compiled by the very recently joined members of his School of South African Intelligence, most of it doesn’t even add up let alone resonate even remotely amongst those officials and members who actually know Kenny, Steve, Ian, Nicholla, Matt or myself on a professional or social basis. He knows that our reputations stand up to any accusations that he throws at us, which is the reason why he is now changing tack. Apparently it was now never about us trying to replace Mark Collett and Dave Hannam, it was about us all trying to take over the Party. Do you honestly think that this is plausible, Nick? If we wanted to take over the Party and were so thirsty for power then why didn’t we just go off and start our own party? Or was it because we are searchlight moles? Well of course we are! That’s why I was instrumental in establishing the training and development of our regions, why Kenny was the person responsible for dramatically improving the efficiency of our internal administration, why Steve was responsible for making the our website the most ‘hit’ political party site, why Matt spent his unpaid spare time training volunteer security personnel the techniques to protect your back, why Nicholla worked to develop new lines of stock for Excalibur despite problems with the despatch department, why Ian Dawson filled a desperately needed role for Group Support and did so with thorough competence and diligence. Yes Nick, it really sounds like the work of Searchlight moles, doesn’t it.

None of us are, were or would ever consider giving information to our political opponents. However it is true that no searchlight mole, however deep they were, would have been able to do the damage to the internal workings of the BNP than the likes of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam have done. Worst still is the fact that you ignored all the signs, your inaction and your inability to ‘man-manage’ has led to the greatest treachery of all. You know that you have made a series of grave mistakes and now in the cold light of day, you are going to have to pay for them.

Summer School Review Session Unveiled
The review session was an idea that Griffin, Ian Dawson and myself came up with during a meeting we had with Griffin in Leeds. We held the meeting to address treasury issues and with Griffin agreeing that there were problems it was considered a good idea to give the active membership the opportunity to actually 'tell us’ what they thought the problems were internally and what was needed to be done. What Griffin hasn’t told you is that attendees were told that issues that were ‘treasury related’ were not to be brought up in this session, he said that these issues were already being addressed by the appointment of a new National Fundraiser. To add final insult, all fundholders were removed from this review session and taken to a separate meeting with the two treasury personnel.

Griffin seems to find it easy to write such blatant lies, such nonsense as suggesting that there was never a treasury problem due to incompetence, but that it was simply due to them being 'overworked'. At this point I would like to remind you that Ian Dawson had already taken on a substantial amount of treasury work, a lot of the work that Mark Payne (Dave Hannams predecessor) used to do. Another lie was the regionalising of the treasury department, this has simply not happened. It is yet another poorly thought out grand scheme of Griffin's that never materialises. How convenient that money is found so rapidly to employ another member of staff to help cover up the failings of the treasury department but there was never money to help fund the vital work that our regional organisers do. This was a frequent suggestion of mine that we needed far more part-time paid employees within the regions as it is the regions on the front-line of developing our organisation.

Lie about sabotage of accounts
This malicious and ridiculous nonsense being peddled by Griffin that I somehow ‘tampered’ with unit accounts is entirely laughable. All it would take would be any organiser or fundholder from the East Midlands to request previous excel spreadsheets from treasury and to tally them next to the exact same statements that I sent out to them to prove this. In actual fact, I was only responsible for sending out bank statements to my region four times in total; in other occasions they came directly from treasury.

Why on earth would I deliberately sabotage unit accounts for my region? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I was, according to Griffin, the Party's best regional organiser; so why would I mislead my region? Why would I feel it necessary to 'show-up' Dave Hannam's errors when he is perfectly able to do this by himself? Money that I banked for the East Lindsey group after setting them up with a Group Development meeting never materialised into their account. The Bassetlaw group were £300 down for several months. Despite numerous emails to Dave Hannam asking him to correct the errors, I simply gave up asking.

The following is from a previous article I wrote on this blog;

I requested from Dave Hannam, as I always do before a regional meeting, a full update of statements for every unit in the region. He sent them through to me about two hours before the meeting so I printed them out and took them along to the regional meeting. There they were handed out to each of the officials. As usual at the regional meeting there was an outburst of complaints from officials who upon reading their statements realise the glaring errors within them. These errors are often ones that were highlighted previously and they have already brought to the attention of Dave Hannam via email. An example was a £200 donation banked by Broxtowe on the 20th April that was to be transferred into the Ashfield account immediately. Yet again on the November statement it had not been done despite numerous emails from myself to Dave about this. Along with this was complaints from East Lindsey who had not had the £160 banked on the 5th September credited to their account. There were many other complaints which I later relayed to Dave Hannam in an email sometime after the meeting. Some days later I received an email back from Dave along with a few supposedly amended statements. I took a look at them and could see straight away that the errors had not been done. Rather than yet again telling Dave that the errors were still there I just sent them out to the fundholders in the hope that they themselves would take it upon themselves to complain directly to Dave. At this time I already felt that Dave was making it extremely difficult for me to work with him and was refusing to answer many of my emails. I thought that the local officials would have better luck if they contacted him directly.

Thus the amended emails were ‘amended’ by Dave Hannam (though still incorrect) and no-one else. Although they were ‘amended’, they were still wrong, and I was unable to get Dave Hannam to correct them so I handed them out as they were. What more could I do? I know that fundholders in every other region had the same problems yet I never got to see or handle their statements – so what is the Head Office excuse for all the statement errors here? Nick Griffin has simply blamed Ian, myself and several other regional officials that brought this problem to his attention; he is deliberately lying to the membership in a vain attempt to ‘justify’ his actions. Well it simply doesn’t wash, especially with anyone who has worked with me, anyone in my region and anyone who knows exactly what it is like trying to get accurate and up to date statements for their unit from treasury.

Advisory Council Lies
The lie that we were planning to take over the Advisory Council is once again without foundation, and perfectly fits in with Griffins warped theory that we had planned a coup. Everyone knows that this is not true at all. The Party is seriously floundering internally and the problems are emanating from two departments. We knew what the problems were and we knew that the only way the Party could develop and prosper would be to remove those two officials from their posts, Hannam and Collett. Griffin was well aware of the problems, but in his reluctance to act or do anything whatsoever about it, he has exposed his true self as a brittle political leader. He only wants ‘yes-men’ around him. You only have to look at the clique that he now surrounds himself with. Individuals like Kenny, Steve, Ian and myself ,would regularly confront Griffin (including at AC meetings) and we would ask him uncomfortable questions. When Griffin pulled Kenny's and my talk from the Blackpool Annual Conference last year, we didn’t just accept it, we called him to a meeting with us where voices were raised and harsh words were used. He even admitted to us there and then that he was a terrible ‘man-manager’, well tell us something we don't already know!

He is trying to imply that we wanted to fill the Advisory Council with people that were ‘our supporters’. Well seeing as we know what a complete toothless tiger the AC is and the fact that it is only ‘advisory’ would make it pretty pointless in any case filling it with people who would vote Mark and Dave out of their positions. It simply wouldn’t happen with Griffin as leader because according to the Party Constitution that he wrote himself for himself, he has the final say on literally everything. As he stated in his latest article, he wrote this constitution to consolidate his own position and power as Chairman.

Lies and Deception
Griffin has now realised that bragging about bugging officials homes is not looked upon favourably by our membership, and is now changing his story to an ‘anonymous package that they received in the post’. Just how convenient is that! However it is rather too late when he is on film at two separate meetings claiming how he bugged my home and would do it again.

Party re-structure
One of the most bemusing lies in Griffins latest tirade is the claim that whilst he was touring American universities Kenny and I were busy restructuring the Party. Not only was Griffin well aware that the planned talk by Kenny and myself was about the Party structure but we also had discussions about it weeks before he went abroad. Griffin received emails from us on the Monday before the conference but did not see fit to tell us that he was removing our talks until the Friday, just half a day before the actual training day. This was done simply as a deliberate attempt to stop Kenny and myself speaking that weekend and to force us to quit. Remember that both Kenny and I received letters from Griffin just after Ian Dawson resigned, which told us that if we had a problem with Mark Collet, then the best time to go would be now. He wanted us to quit but knew that he couldn’t sack us. Those of you who attended that conference weekend would have noticed that Collett made a point of speaking on virtually every single motion presented, including having the final word on the very last motion. Many of you have commented that this motion was certainly fixed and I am firmly of the belief that the entire second part of the conference was staged.

A motion to set up an internal scrutiny panel to audit our accounts proposed by Griffin and seconded by John Walker, but vehemently opposed by Collett, Kemp and several others. This had all the hallmarks of a set-up motion designed to give the impression that Griffin was appearing reasonable and open to financial probity but the reality was that it was always going to be opposed. Collett had the last word and it was deliberately intended for those of us who knew that we urgently needed more financial probity within the Party. I actually got up to speak after Collett on that final motion but was declined by Simon Darby. Yet again, so much for free speech! Griffin even admits in his latest article that his whole final ‘Are you with me?’ speech was inspired by his knowledge that we were not happy with the situation. Please remember that at this time no blog had been set up and I had just worked extremely hard to organise and set up our most professional conference ever. I had to take bookings for not only the event itself, but the training day, the gala dinner and hotel rooms. I set the agenda and organised the speakers, I liaised with the hotel every week and even travelled there for a meeting with them prior to the event. I organised the entertainment and buffet for Saturday night, I decorated and prepared the conference rooms from Thursday morning and it was even my idea to get the flowers on the Sunday for Nick to present to the hotel owners. He literally walked in on the Friday afternoon and everything was done for him, he walked in with the express intention of 'purging' me, knowing that I would not be happy when he told me that I was no longer speaking, yet I was never going to walk out of that event and leave the Party with no conference organiser. He then temporarily expelled Ian Dawson for the weekend, totally unconstitutionally, just to prevent him from turning up and using his democratic right to vote. He pushed me to the brink that weekend hoping that I would buckle and resign. He did all this knowing that I was four months pregnant, the man acted like a selfish tyrant protecting his own cabal of yes-men. This is the person we now have leading this Party. This is why there is no other option other than a determined and well organised leadership challenge.

Griffin has already condemned us all before we have even had disciplinary tribunals for our memberships. Please don’t for one minute think that we are dealing with a fair minded individual, not at all. The previous article written by Councillor Colin Auty on this blog, spells it out very clearly when he quotes what Griffin stated at the Yorkshire meeting that he would just put a ring around Yorkshire and start again. Griffin would rather see this Party fold just so that he can re-build it with him back as Chairman; well he can try but he wouldn’t have many supporters. This proves beyond any doubt that Griffin is seeking to protect of his own position rather than ensuring the Party prospers.

The British National Party will never grow in strength, organisation and numbers whilst Griffin is allowed to pervert and bend the rules with total impunity, and Collett and Hannam are allowed to damage the Party's internal stability and external reputation. We are committed to saving this Party, we will not be bullied or silenced by the lies spewed by Griffin and his cohorts. I am absolutley sickened by the actions and depths that he has sunk to protect himself.

We have only ever acted in the very best interests of British Nationalism, he has acted only in the interests of greed and self-interest.


Anonymous said...

Griffin is truly despicable, we all must work to get rid of him asap however we can. If he has any decency whatsoever left in him he would go now and save us from the messy process of digging this parasite out from under us. I never thought I would say this but he makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by Nick Griffin's lies and I will never give a penny to the BNP while he is in charge. He is destroying the party which so many good people have created. I know Sadie and Matt never had any intention of trying to take over the BNP, Griffin has lied time and time again.

How could a man who 12 months ago had everything going for him descend into this state of paranoia?

Anonymous said...

"However rather too late when he is on film at two separate meetings claiming how he bugged my home and would do it again."

Where are these bits of film?

Anonymous said...

Burnley BNP has the film!

Anonymous said...

There's a quite interesting thread in the Politics and Activism Section of Stormfront Britain:

"Critics of main British Nationalist Party = Permanent Juveniles ? "

There was a post made this morning by a poster called Purging The Droid, whose style will seem familiar to many of us. It was then number 39 in the thread.

Originally posted by Purging The Droid on Tuesday 15 January at 01:24 AM

"You can try as hard as you like, but when all is said and done you and others like you are on your way out. Once the results come in from the GLAs and we have two seats on the London Assembly then, for you Nutzis and other oddballs, reds and infiltrators , it's game over."

"Graham and the rest of them are yesterday's people, haggling over which councillor said what as if any of them are in a position to make a difference!"

"Watch the GLA elections and understand, we are about to enter a new arena and a new age. I have not the slightest sympathy - not one jot, pregnant or otherwise - for any scumbag or traitor who tries to distract us from our goal."

"Forgive my intemperate language, but we are either in the business of saving our country or we are not. I am not prepared to allow this to be jeopardised by the Nutzis and their race-freak ideals. Our mission is to preserve our culture, when all is said and done race is not the issue, only culture and nationality. If you don't like it, frankly - sod off!"

The above post was made in response to, and quoted within itself, a contribution by a poster called Doriot to which PTD seemed to object:

Originally Posted by Doriot on
Monday 14 January 2007 at 06:33 PM

"Of course the adult thing to do would be to ignore the financial corruption, sexual perversion, a chairman whose work rate is equivalent to a snail, the downright peculiar policy initiatives, the South African staffed security dept, the alienation of decent activists and Orwellian cries of state agent when anyone raises any criticism. The adult thing to do would be to assume that this manifestly corrupt and quite frankly incompetent leadership is the best we can do and is going to save Britain and the White race."

Purging The Droid has since deleted the post copied above, and started to wriggle, but his post is to be found quoted in those beneath.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think they should be posted up on YouTube where we can all see them. They can prove the illegality of Nick Griffin's acts and shows him up for the liar he is. They could be worth their weight in gold, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

If Griffin's bnp wins seats on the london assembly, this will mean considerably more power to nick griffin and friends.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that 'Purging the Droid' on Stormfront is Arhtur Kemp.

Griffin's puppet and the biggest 'Nazi' of them all.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I am sure that 'Purging the Droid' on Stormfront is Arhtur Kemp.

Griffin's puppet and the biggest 'Nazi' of them all.

15 January 2008 15:37

I know several BNP Organizers as well as some Stormfront posters believe that "Purging the Droid" is one Nicholas John Griffin.


Anonymous said...

Griffin hasn't changed since the 80s.

He is all about one thin g: Nick Gri££in.

He stabbed NF comrades in the back, entered the BNP, stabbed JT in the back, and from then on he destroyed anyone who asked for financial clarity: the thing he promised when he ousted JT.

The man is driven to make money especially by his wife who has moaned about him in the media!

Gri££in is a scumbag. He got his barns renovated in Suffolk, and his house extended in Powys.

Get shot of him.

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest was there ever any intention/talk of forming a new party in any capacity or is that just more lies?

Anonymous said...

There is only one realistic course of action open to that wide group of decent, hard-working, capable competent and, above all, morally sound group of political activists determined to save Britain: remove Griffin and his gang by all means necessary. Theirs is a small group, a rump, clinging on to power in Cromwellian style against all odds and against all reason and sense.

Griffin must be removed, isolated, dethroned. Call it as you might, he must go and if we're serious about creating a future for our children and their children's children then a few hard choices and serious actions are going to have to be taken.

Handbags at dawn, screeds of information, accusation and counter-accusation make it look like it's 50-50. We know it isn't but it's how it appears both to the ordinary member and the ordinary Brit in the street who might consider voting for a Nationalist alternative.

By staying in the BNP and funding Griffin's cabal through membership fees is like complaining about a dodgy used car salesman but sending your daughter to buy a car from him.

Makes no sense.

The big gamble now is that Griffin will win a seat or seats in London. He himself will rely upon the hard work of other decent nationalists but a victory for him is the end for this rebellion and then we'll have the great dictator again having made a gamble and then getting away with it.

So what price another six months of this to-ing and fro-ing. No. Griffin must be removed or he will win...and Britain will die as a result............

Anonymous said...

Purging The Droid is of course Nick Griffin. He makes no secret of that. It's interesting that he would choose that name as his Stromfront nick. People like to call themselves something that sums up who they are and what they are about. Nick Griffin is all about "Purging" apparently. It's what he lives for.

Anonymous said...

There was never any talk what so ever of another party. This was never talked about at all. The problem was Collett and Hannam, financial issues and a lack of management internally. These should have been sorted out over a year ago, but Griffin failed to make the changes despite recognising them. He knew what he was doing, his purging of us was deliberate and planned. We know that financially things have not been right and he wanted us out of the way because we were asking too many questions. He is now making it out that it was us planning a coup, but it was really him all along. We wanted changes made for the benefit of the party and Nick to remain as leader. It is only now that we have seen Griffins true colours and it has become apparent that he is not fit to lead the party due to his recent actions.

Salvation said...

So much being said and yet in reality, as far as saving the party goes, so little being done. This party cannot be saved without its grass roots support. Ther is talk of mounting a leadership challenge. Can such a challenge be mounted within the constitution when one has already been mounted with in the last 12 months. This could usualy only be done when there is proven misconduct and with the agreement of an EGM. Of course being a party of secrecy, for whatever reason, I am not at all sure that an EGM can be called, and if it can what are the requiements. It is right and propper that those people who have lost their jobs be re-instated, but that cannot be at the expense of maintaining the current management regime. There has to be, one way or 'tother, a national call for the removal of all those still in power.
If those people who have currently been either sacked, or willingly have given up their positions within the party, still want to restore the party to the staus quo so that an attack on the leadership can be mounted from within, then in my humble opinion they are sorely mis-guided. Your man at the top has been through this scenario several times before, and with each succesive campaing he gains more experience. He still has, paricularly within the South West, a large backing of those who have always surrounded him. When the cloud is removed from their eyes it will be too late. The party will be as though it never was. We need to find a way of getting the maessage across to the grass roots, the true NATIONLISTS, of the party and have a cohesive campaing that will enable us to move forward before we lose the impetus, and with it any chance of making gains in the forthcomming elections. I have no doubt that those involved at the higher levels are doing what they can, but without information regarding a plan of action, and the support of the majority of grass roots members I think we could be on a slippery slope to oblivion. Which in itself may be a good thing if a new pary can arise from the flames without the shackles that currently bind us.

William McCarthy AKA salvation in another place.

The 14 Words said...

Nick if collett was 'totally innocent' of everything, I can not understand why you have not said to him, look mate I will have to let you go as your very presence is destroying everything that our party has struggled to build up. I cannot justify loosing 67 of my best people by keeping you.

But no Nick you seem set on a course of destruction, to wreck all that we have worked for and I do not understand why.

Nick when you stood trial you had not only the membership behind you but public opinion too.

Now what have you got, well, you have lost Scotland, the Midlands, the north West, and Yorkshire, 10 elected councillors and 57 Organisers, Fund Holders, Department heads and National Officals.

Goodness knows how many ordinary members who will stand by their 'local' offical's and feel let down too.

Nick why are you not building bridges instead of knocking them down.

Many members want you banned from Yorkshire and who can blame them.

You insulted their party officals by calling them 'vermin' and you insulted them by stating that you would 'put a ring around Yorkshire and start again'.

How would you do that then, as everyone who wants to be involved in Nationalism 'is involved', they are in the BNP.

Yorkshire is the power house of the party, with the largest regional membership, Yorkshire was after all the region that proved that the BNP was electable 'outside' the mill towns, by the election of Adrian Marsden.

Nick I was in that Halifax pub with you when we heard that Mazza had won, we hugged each other and knew then that we had broken the mold.

How can you throw that away, how can you throw all that effort away, how can you reject all those hard working members, why are you intent on rejecting the very people who made it happen.

Sadie is right we must ask the membership to vote on it's leader we owe them that much.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Brill honest write up again Sadie and it really hits home what all this is about.

The chairman seems hell bent on turning the Identity mag into a comic with tales of make believe, perhaps he will build a yellow brick road leading to his farm, where the animals speak to each other, especially the spider called Charlette. Not that Nick would notice as he would be in one of his out houses building a car that can fly and float, then he can use it to rescue children from the mad King. Of course while all this is going on Collet is cracking the whip over his Oompah Lummpah Men at his underground printing factory, nobody knows where the Oompah Lummpah Woman are but it is believed they were last seen staggering out of a disco with him some months back, due to the height constraints of the Oompah Lummpah Woman even a 40 year old one can look 14 with a school uniform on. Collet does not know how many Oompah Lummpah’s he has working for him as he employed Walker and Hamman as foremen, and doing an accurate head count has proved impossible, so far and the headcount accounts are now late by some months. But not to worry as it is not Walker and Hamman’s fault as they say that they have posted the accounts to Collet who works next door to them by registered mail so it must be the state owned postie’s who have lost the accounts. If that excuse is not believed they have another already lined up, where by anyone not connected with the lack of accounts will take the rap for them and their incompetence.
Life is not all bad in Nicks Cabal, as they are planning a holiday with the Wombles down Cannock Chase with Simon Darby, after a day Phoenix spotting, they will all board the Starship Enterprise and zoom off to whatever planet they seem to think they are on if we are to believe the crap and lies coming from them.

Aye Nick if he does resign I am sure his fantasy circus team will find employment with the Moscow State, or Billy Smarts circus. Failing that he can continue his comic writing because quite frankly I have not had such a good laugh for a long time at his article in this month’s Identity.

Keep up the truth and sane posting’s E is E team it’s the only place you get that, it seems nowadays

Anonymous said...

Urging The Droid does indeed deny being Griffin.

Personally, I think he is Nick's siamese twin. Either that or PTD's nose is somehow immovably connected to Nick's bum.

I'm surprised he and Green Arrow don't get into fisticuffs over who loves Griffin the most.

Anonymous said...

Griffin might not win in London if the eyes are opened to the dirty tricks of griffin to the grass roots people in d&r, if they agree not to hand out leaflets.

The problem is, in the south of england, many people don't know the truth about what's happening in darkest Welshpool, thus most people in London have remained loyal to the fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way the rank-and-file London bnp members could be persuaded to join the rebellion before the upcoming local and regional elections?

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin in his ID article pointed out that if we allowed the BNP to be run by a commitee, which I assume is what you're proposing, it would end up dividing into factions. That is what happened to the NF, and we should learn a lesson from it.
Re Mark Collett you seem to suggest he was utterly useless to the Party. Well in the 2007 elections he designed and printed 5000 leaflets for 200 candidates, and all were top quality and delivered on time. Obviously leaflets are central to any campaign, and you have to have someone you can rely on to supply them.

Anonymous said...

We in Wigan managed very well without the services of Collett. Our leaflets had a local flavour which resonated with the local people and Bev Jones printed them quickly. Let's face it it's not hard to design a good leaflet and certainly not deserving of a place on the advisory Council.
Our locally produced leaflets were considered to be the best of all the parties here.
We had much more trouble explaining the Nazi past of some of the senior members of the party and their presence in the party certainly cost us many votes.

Anonymous said...

Angie. said...
Burnley BNP has the film!

15 January 2008 15:03

But I'm sure they wont hand it over. Despite a new organiser David Shapcott is very much still in control. Also I'm sure Cllr. Derek Dawson does the filming for BNPTV and he is good friends with Nick Griffin. So its unlikely the film will see the light of day unless of course the branch has shown signs that it is not standing by Nick Griffin. Anyone know what stance Burnley BNP has taken over Griffins recent actions. It was said Cllr. Sharon Wilkinson had signed Chris Jacksons nomination papers.

Anonymous said...

Re Mark Collett you seem to suggest he was utterly useless to the Party. Well in the 2007 elections he designed and printed 5000 leaflets for 200 candidates, and all were top quality and delivered on time. Obviously leaflets are central to any campaign, and you have to have someone you can rely on to supply them.

Yes but was he paid for it? He was paid for other printing work.

Anonymous said...

An answer to Paul H,

You say that Griffin says if the party was run by a committee (ie democratically) it would divide into factions, but what the hell is happening now! Organisations which are run by dictator are constantly plagued by infighting between his appointed yes-men.

A party run on democratic lines would of course not be totally immune to such infighting, but it would make them far less likely to occur, and easier to deal with when they do.

Also your comments about Collett’s leaflets is misguided. He did produce leaflets (late and with silly mistakes in a lot of cases), but they were nothing that anyone with a basic grasp of Word or Publisher couldn’t put together given a few days. In fact many groups did produce their own leaflets, on time and at a lower cost.

The present situation can’t be allowed to go on, we need a proper efficient management structure and the Collett millstone removed from around our candidate’s necks.

Anonymous said...

Paul H is Simon Darby in disguise. Yes, that useless idiot who licks the asses of the griffin cabal.

Hope no-one was fooled folks.

These griffinite trolls are popping up everywhere. Must be panicking, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

No - Paul H is Paul Harris. I was the Barnsley Organiser for 3 1/2 years but someone else has taken over now. I'm just sorry the situation has come to this and we couldn't work things out.

Anonymous said...

Paul H, are you sure collet printed all 5000? I remember many bnp members working day and night for previous election material over in Halifax. As previously said, putting together good leaflet design isn't rocket science and motivated members can always be relied upon for printing and distribution.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mark's ability as a graphic designer have never been in doubt. What is obvious with him though is his personality defect who rubs every member who he comes in contact with up the wrong way.

Griffin has stated he is potentially the future leader of the BNP. How bad is Griffins jugement if he believes this.

If Collett was BNP leader the party would have nobody left as he would have pissed them all off through his arrogance and disrespect.

Anonymous said...

The internet forum:


is available for public access now. At present it only has a small membership, but there is room for nationalists whose admiration for Nick Griffin is not unqualified.