Monday, 14 January 2008

January Glasgow meeting report

A gathering of what would normally have been a Glasgow BNP monthly meeting gave their full support to Kenny and Nicholla Smith and the other expelled BNP dissenters on Thursday the 10th.

The meeting, presided over by the now resigned former officials of Glasgow BNP, came to hear Kenny speak about the recent, sad events. He explained some of the history of the internal problems before going into detail about the recent events that led to the unlawful sackings. He also took time out to scotch the smears and lies being spread by the Griffin cabal.

Kenny closed his heartfelt speech by reading out the official statement of the modernising dissenters. This statement which called for leadership change within the BNP. A question and answer session was held immediately afterwards. No question went unanswered and nothing was left off the table. Kenny’s honesty and passion shone through as usual.

Only two people from the 30 people attending voiced opposition to this call and one of those was a non-member. The other stated they would have had more sympathy for the expelled had they informed him of the situation beforehand. However the sensible credo for any organisation and especially ones that rely on voluntary activists has always been good news down, bad news up. It had been hoped these matters could have been dealt with internally and officials cannot be expected to rally activists to action by telling them there are problems above.

It was unanimously agreed that the monthly meetings would continue as normal but without the BNP affiliation. The new independent nationalist activists will continue to be active in the city spreading the nationalist message.

A collection raised £137 for the Family Defence Appeal.

To attend next month’s meeting or help with a local campaign, please contact Brian on 07960 714931.


Anonymous said...

I attended the Glasgow meeting and listened to Kenny`s speech, to me as a nationalist i was sick to hear of this turmoil in the party with the recent events and the new blogs i personally can see no way back for the current nationalists in the bnp, we were asked to continue and purchase our membership (for voting reasons) i for one will NOT be purchasing my membership, you never know this money might help smear other individuals I think the smearing of other activists on the net has been terrible and with so many people signing as anon we will never know who wrote the muck and from where it came

Dr Chris Hill said...

This idea of ‘good news travelling down the chain of command, while bad news only goes up’ is all well and good, if action is taken to correct problems when it reaches the top. But when the people at the top aren’t prepared to take action to stop the people who are damaging our party, then we as grassroots members have a right to know what’s going on. And, at least as far as I’m concerned, the likes of Sadie & Kenny have a duty to inform the membership about it. After all it’s those ordinary party members who pay their salaries, not Griffin or Collett, and it is to those ordinary members that they should direct their allegiances to.

We had a right to know, and Sadie & Co had a duty to tell us.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

That's fair enough Chris but only to a certain point. Kenny and Sadie were right to keep this internal as it could and should have been sorted internally, but for Griffin's inexplicable and unflinching defence of Collett, Hannam and Walker and their incompetence and lies.

I'm sure the two of them would have been over the moon if they had sorted this internally - thus saving the party - and none of us were any the wiser for it. I know I'd have been happy in ignorance.

But Griffin let the cat out of the bag and yes Kenny and Sadie are no right in defending themselves and letting the rest of us know what has been going on.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Yorkshire official,

You say I’m right in what I said, but only to a point. You then go on and agree with everything I wrote, what in my comment did you disagree with?

Sorry, but I’m slightly confused.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris I have re-read you comment and upon reflection you are right. I think initially I thought you were saying that they should have told people what was going on at the start, but that wasn't what you were saying at all. Happy to clear that up mate.