Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Independent Nationalists in Hull

This is a recent Newsletter from Hull BNP. After witnessing first hand Nick Griffin's absurd and deluded 'leadership' at the recent Yorkshire BNP meeting, all the local officials in Hull have resigned their positions.

However, as true Nationalists, they intend to work hard in their local wards and stand as Independent Nationalists in May 2008 at the local elections. They are a credit to British Nationalism and the officials in question have turned Dave Hannam's old stomping ground, which was a poor area for the BNP, into a real 2007 success. They have laid down solid foundations and know that the Cause we are fighting for is bigger than any one man.

Hull Nationalists


P.O. Box 472, HULL, HU9

Hull nationalist news January 2008

“Is this the land you want to leave to your children?” Anglo-Saxon

I and fund-holder Mike Cooper are among over 60 BNP councillors and officials nationwide who have resigned from positions in the party in response to recent actions by party leader Nick Griffin. In the Yorkshire area, Ian Dawson, Yorkshire regional secretary and York fund-holder, has been expelled from the party. Ian and other expelled members intend to contest their expulsions, through the courts, if necessary. We remain members of the British National Party and are committed to establishing a nationalist presence in Hull, through the BNP or, if that option is closed to us, any other suitable vehicle.

Commentary on current events in the BNP can be found at Obviously, not much that is posted on the internet comes with any guarantee of accuracy.

Nick Walsh (former organiser, Hull BNP)

Hull meeting – ******** January
All BNP members and other nationalists are invited to a meeting at the ******* on ***********. The meeting will start at ****** and will include an opportunity to discuss the situation in the British National Party.

Hull City Council elections
It remains our intention to nominate nationalist candidates to stand for Hull City Council in the May local elections.

“I am not going to turn this dictatorship into a party.” (Nick Griffin, before he ‘corrected’ himself.)

“In my view Mr Griffin is fundamentally flawed and psychologically disfigured as a leader because he is predisposed to put himself first and the BNP second. He is consequently handicapped and disabled because of this, and unable to give all of himself because of this preoccupation. Mr Griffin, in my view, has very little or no humility, and is therefore unable to tap into that deep reservoir of strength and resourcefulness that each and every one of us has but all too few of us are able to recognise. This, I am sorry to say, is a character flaw which exposes a lack of honesty, sincerity and integrity and therefore a lack of true and very deep-seated strength of character (humility is one of the many building blocks which help to define strength). Mr Griffin is predisposed to back off from our enemies when it matters most.” (Steve Smith, former Burnley BNP organiser)

Nick Walsh (former Hull BNP organiser)


Anonymous said...

Scouse nationalist - In my comment dated 15.01.08 that you have not allowed to be published on your blog. I stated I have never had democracy explained to me, censorship seems to be the main ingredient it is now obviously clear. I must have said something that you dont have an answer for. So much for your type of democracy Hahaha

The 14 Words said...

"Scouse Nationalist" your comments have been posted this time are you sure that you sent the other one correctly, this blog 'unlike the BNP site' allows all comments to be posted.
Well done Hull you are not alone in your conclusions.

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to see that patriots in Hull are now saying, in large numbers, what I was saying back in 2002. Better late than never!

Hull has enormous potential. There are a lot of low-level activists who only need decent organization to mould them into an effective political machine. The ordinary working people there have good patriotic instincts. The problem there has always been lack of decent leadership.

D. Michael (another ex-Hull BNP organizer)

Final Conflict said...

Mr. Walsh has made some very apt comments and drawn together some interesting points of reference for patriots.

He is to be congratulated for doing what is RIGHT as opposed to what sycophants and those wanting a quiet life and official recognition would do.

I still find it hard to believe [though i do not doubt it!] that a BNP official put pornographic pictures of bestiality on a computer passed on to a lady in the BNP!!!!

The mind boggles!

Anonymous said...

I personally know that many more groups are backing you, but just not coming out publicly and making this clear the rest of the party. Here in the SE most members want you to win this struggle, and see it as the only way the party can continue to go forward. If every branch and group came out publicly Griffin would have to see sense and make the very reasonable changes you are asking for.

Even so your star is in the assent now, and it’s no longer a matter of if you win, it’s now just a matter of when!

Anonymous said...

It says a lot about Dave Hannam that even his own local group don't back him.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Well done Hull from your more northern friends up the coast in Aberdeen. I have fond memories of North Ferriby, and surrounding area. Its obvious the people have not changed since the mid eighties, still British patriots with integrity.

Keep up the fight.

Aberdeen Nationalist.

Anonymous said...

Final Conflict....

If you are referring to me, I can verify this is true! It was my computer he had put filth on while he was staying at my house (orders of Griffin to protect me while my windows were being put through 3 times!)Collett is scared of his own shadow so how on earth could he protect anybody? was it a set up by Griffin to have my house bugged too? one will never know!

Anonymous said...

It says a lot about Dave Hannam that even his own local group don't know him!

Anonymous said...

Scouse Nationalist - British Nationalism has been cursed over the years by personality clashes this of course is a human weakness but is never recognised in the heat of the moment. I would like to make several observations and appeal to Nick Griffin and your goodselves to resolve this in-fighting as it only helps the enemies of this country.

It would be very nieve and destructive of anyone to believe there is time to form a break away party.

I do not know Nick Griffin nor Sadie and her supporters but would strongly advise they open up a communications channel to each other and resolve the dispute which is doing untold damage and operate on a simple principle - if you can leaflet then leaflet, if you can organise then organise, if you can be a treasurer then look after the coffers, if you can be a secretary then take notes,if you want to be Chairman then be a chairman and keep control of the meetings, if someone can do the job better then stand down and offer them that job. It is the only way to advance Nationalism.

If as I hope the BNP can grow it will need everybody working together to reverse the damage done by the LibLabCon gang and time is cetainly not on our side.

The threat is so great the BNP would be very remiss not to have a security and not take advantage of South African or New Zealand expertise, I would think that anyone not realising this doesnt fully appreciate the enemies capabilities.

If anyone cant resolve their differences then they should stand down in order to advance the party.

Anonymous said...

Final Conflict...

Seems your talking about John Walker and his weird fantasies with animals and not me..

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

The threat is so great the BNP would be very remiss not to have a security and not take advantage of South African or New Zealand expertise, I would think that anyone not realising this doesnt fully appreciate the enemies capabilities.

- - # # - -

Sorry but the inclusion of South Africans (and New Zealanders?) begs the question of the competence of "indigenous Britons", so let me reassure you that while the Lib/Lab/Con alliance may have strived to destroy Britain, fortunately there are still large numbers of people who may be in the BNP or supporters but not members who are more than capable in dealing with anything.

Please don't give undue credit to the various forces at work against the BNP, while they may have the machinations of the State at their disposal fortunately after years of NuLabour they have very little competence in any field, from the Intelligence Services right through to the Cabinet and Prime Minister.

If Nick Griffin continues to hold back the tide of Nationalism (and the National mood) he will, instead of reaping the benefits of his previous achievements with the Party, be swept aside as a) a more moderate BNP emerges or b) a more radical group tired of playing the "fixed" Demoractic game appears with far less regard for the niceties of supporting the Banana Republic we live in.

Anonymous said...

"this blog 'unlike the BNP site' allows all comments to be posted".

As a supporter of this cause, I can say with absolute honesty that this site does not publish every post.

I often post controversial statement and many do not appear so censorship does take place, or is it that my posts are just rubbish?

Anonymous said...

How and why should we trust Griffins Security team when they are monitoring and bugging our own activists and members, especially the South African contingent? And just in case you hadn't realised, the one person doing the most damage to the nationalism is Griffin himself.

Anonymous said...

In actual fact you will notice that we do allow posts on this blog that are not wholly in agreement with us or what we want to see. There are also posts allowed that are controversial. If anyones post has not been allowed it is because it either contains swearing or like you said 'it's just a rubbish post'. Anyone posting things on the BNP forum that is in any way critical of Nick Griffin or recent events is either kicked off and banned for life, or in the case of eight moderators have their positions removed. There is nothing like good old Griffin censorship!

Anonymous said...

I accept that many of my posts are rubbish, some are tongue in cheek, some are merely to court opinion.

I was banned from the BNP Forum for questioning another member's undying loyalty to Griffin without consdidering the facts.

At that point Griffin lost another member, me.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the Voice of Change wesite is up.
Congrats to Steve Blake on a good job done.

Anonymous said...

Nice website Steve but there is a link on the right that takes you to BNP items for sale & there is a picture of Griffin modeling a T shirt!

Final Conflict said...

angie -

i wasn't sure of the the full background of the bestiality story, but a few people wrote about it on this blog.

i did see some references to poirn placed on a laptap and given to you.

i assumed the stories were interlinked, but it seems not - or maybe only so because the culprits are part of the same clique???

if someone has the full facts of the case[s] some clarity might be in order.

my issue is this: in a normal job [for a slimeball Capitalist big business] anyone giving a laptop to a fellow employee [especially, but not necessarily a lady] would be shown the door.

It seems that the BNP allows this kind of behaviour [not to mention sordid menage a trois].

I feel sorry for anyone trying to "sell" the BNP on the doorstep as a pro-family party in light of all the above.

Certainly if i was in your shoes [Angie] i would be livid at that kind of behaviour, not least because if you leant your laptop to a friend or [heaven forbid!] a child, you would probably be liable under law for its contents.

The mind really does boggle at the mentality of the people involved.

Anonymous said...

I hope John Walker attends the forthcoming Voice Of Change conference, explaining what has happened to the lost sub money that many people within the bnp believe has gone into griffin's holiday home in croatia.

There again, if Mr Walker's to busy jacking off to the 2.30 at Newmarket, he might be too preoccupied to attend.

S E Pearson said...

I have to say again that I really don't think this independent nationalist thing is going to do the trick. The only effect of this is going to be to confuse the voters, damage the BNP brand and alienate potential supporters of the rebellion.

The fact is that there is absolutely nothing to stop any group standing BNP candidates. If Nick wants to withdraw use of the logo and name from rebels then that is up to him and he will have to take the blame for the consequences.

The membership know, or they should do, which units are loyal to Griffin and which to the BNP. We stand more chance of winning over the undecided by putting in good performances for the Party than poor ones for independents.

The rebel faction contains some of the best units in the land and properly organised into mutually supporting groups they will be able to show what the BNP could do with an active leadership. Wins for rebel BNP candidates is Nick's worst nightmare as it will demonstrate at best that he failed to support units properly when they were under his and his lackeys command (which is true) and at worst that the Party is better off without him (also true).

It will also demonstrate to neutral members that the rebels are loyal to the Party and have its best interests at heart.

The way to get a result in this battle is to apply ever more pressure to Griffin. He is far too entrenched by the leadership contest rules and by his control of the BNP's communications channels to be defeated by a direct assault. He will have to be besieged into surrender. His defences may protect him from democracy but not from embarrassment.

He may have absolute control the core of the BNP and its apparatus but if he loses control of the units of activists he is finished. Not even Griffin could brazen out the fact that half his Party refuse to recognise his authority and acknowledge someone else’s. Not that he has ever exercised it other than to expel rivals.

The first thing the rebels need to do is select a figurehead, a provisional leader appointed by acclamation for the duration of the hostilities (the meeting of the 27th will do nicely). This figure will submit to a leadership election/ratification as soon as victory is achieved. (which scotches the coup line of the Griffinites NB Nick will be disbarred)

The second thing to do is to ask those units and regions loyal to the rebellion to formally recognise the provisional leader as their chairman by means of a vote at a local meeting. Nothing like a bit of drama and Athenian democracy for good publicity. The BNP will then have two chairpeople.

If I were the said provisional leader I would be unable to resist the temptation to summon Nick to a disciplinary at this point. But that is not vital to the plan.

Hopefully with the extent of the rebellion then evident to all others will be encouraged to come over and they will have an established mechanism by which they can do so. Piling the pressure and shame on Griffin.

If Griffin does not fall on his sword at this point then it’s a war of attrition in which the best thing we can possibly do is start racking up councillors on the scoreboard. Because you can be damn sure that Griffin’s side won’t with the exception of Epping, Barking and maybe Stoke. If they are indeed loyal to Nick.

Victory conditions would be. 1. Defection of Barnbrook and/or maybe Richardson. 2. Recognition from the BBC that our chairman is the leader of the BNP by getting interviewed over Nick. 3. Defection of 50%+ of councillors and/or group/branch status units.

This is standard stuff, have you never heard of an anti-pope?

Dr Chris Hill said...

To: East Birmingham BNP

I agree that this sounds more logical than standing as independents, and it is also far more likely to succeed.

But please stop using the term rebels. It is Nick Griffin and co who are out of step with the membership, our faction are modernisers whose aim is a fully electable democratic BNP.

How many members are going to argue that the BNP dosen't need to be more electable or more democratic, not many. But the term rebels has connotations of trouble makers.

Defeating Griffin and Collett is only half the battle, winning the hearts of the all the members is the other half.

Chris Hill

Forseti said...

The new website is a good start but some of the links on the left produce a "no input file specified" message and I get a "fatal error" message at the end of the news item. No doubt Steve is still working on these and that this is why you have not launched it from the front of this blog yet.

One thing that website designers sometimes forget is to test their site on different operating systems and internet browsers. I was never able to get the old BNP website on one major internet browser on my computer.

Anonymous said...

Parties are able to form alliances so when the inevitable happens and you all realise there will be no way back for the rebels, forming a new party has to be the only option in order to stay united.
You need to find out who still supports you and who gave in bullying.

E. N. Ronn said...

East Birmingham BNP said:

"The fact is that there is absolutely nothing to stop any group standing BNP candidates".

While I agree with much of what you say (incidentally, it is how the "Flag" faction of the NF effectively deposed Nick when he fell in love with Colonel Gaddafi in 1986) there is one big problem. NG has exclusive control over the BNP name, and you cannot stand as "independent BNP" or whatever.

You may be left with standing as independents, not that that is necessarily a major problem in the short term.

Forseti said...

East Birmingham BNP says: "The fact is that there is absolutely nothing to stop any group standing BNP candidates. If Nick wants to withdraw use of the logo and name from rebels then that is up to him and he will have to take the blame for the consequences."

This is not correct. A candidate can only stand in an election under a party label if the party's nominating officer authorises it. The returning officer will not accept a nomination without that authorisation. This is why Tess Culnane last year had to stand as an independent instead of National Front after the NF's nominating officer went missing.

So without Michaela Mackenzie's agreement you cannot stand in an election and have BNP on the ballot paper, though what you put in a leaflet is up to you.

Anonymous said...

You will need either to state your description as "Independent" on the ballot paper, or to leave the description blank.

That does NOT prevent you from putting "Independent BNP" on all your election publicity material.

If you've fought the campaign voters will know who you are by the time they arrive at the polling station.

Anonymous said...

Final Conflict...

I was never given a lap top? it was a Council computer, I think someone has slightly gone over the top saying I was given a lap top. The only thing I was given was a massive headache from Collett's antics!! I do remember him saying he likes to break women and he would chat for hours on face party with multiple young girls!!!
Hannam gave me a mobile phone and now it makes me wonder was that bugged too?

you have my email address if you would like to speak privately without reds looking in!


Anonymous said...

" E. N. Ronn said...
East Birmingham BNP said:

"The fact is that there is absolutely nothing to stop any group standing BNP candidates".

While I agree with much of what you say (incidentally, it is how the "Flag" faction of the NF effectively deposed Nick when he fell in love with Colonel Gaddafi in 1986) there is one big problem. NG has exclusive control over the BNP name, and you cannot stand as "independent BNP" or whatever.

You may be left with standing as independents, not that that is necessarily a major problem in the short term.

17 January 2008 11:29"

You're wrong.

Valerie Tyndall owns the 'BNP' name, as it was registered by, John Tyndall.

Anonymous said...

Richard Barnbrook needs to come out as an independent nationalist. That way the GLA money can be kept for use in London and not go to prop up Griffin and his cronies regime.
Come on Richard do what is best for London and Londoners instead of letting Griffin pinch the money for his HQ.

Anonymous said...

Wrong the BNP name is registered with the Electoral Commission and the office bearers named are Griffin, Walker and MacKenzie.

Anonymous said...

Why not use the name British Nationalist which would be enough for the voters until Gri££in withers on the vine.

Anonymous said...

The British voters can see that Britain has become a society of high crime and violence, they will vote for anyone in local elections with a manifesto that is tough on crime. Policies that will remove thugs from our streets is a winner for me.
Roy West BNP candidate local elections 2007 Dukinfield Ward.

Anonymous said...

Just posted back my 2008 membership form with the comment. No Thanks. Sadie Graham, thats my reason. With Heavy heart.

From a long standing member. I also have a personal email from Griffin when I raised the Sadie matter, which was a character assassination on Sadie which I found despicable. After all I had seen her do for the party, by reading party material.