Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Griffin lies about dodgy mailings

Yesterday we got a few calls from worried members because they received ‘unsolicited’ extremist literature through the post from a PO Box address in Hull that belongs to one Simon Sheppard of Hull.

Yes, the same Simon Sheppard who distributed illegal racist leaflets in the name of the BNP with David Hannam back in 2000. Both Sheppard and Hannam received jail sentences for that offence. We had a post on this blog entitled “Hannam pleads guilty for a change” which was removed in an attack by the BNP’s criminally minded ‘Intelligence Department’, but we will attempt to find it again, they used Sadie’s stolen personal computer to access the editing section of the EiE blog and pull this posting.

The literature is very anti-Semitic in nature and is without doubt illegal. The first few calls we got were from people who destroyed and binned the mailing straight away because they suspected they were being set up for a police raid, because multiple copies of the literature were sent with a letter asking them to distribute the items. Our advice is to do as the callers did and shred the vile filth and then put it in your recycle bin or better still make a police complaint and let them investigate the source.

Griffin’s latest attack on the BNP loyalists is to claim we are all disgruntled Nazis with an anti-Semitic agenda (as well as being left-wing collaborators – I wish he’d make his mind up!). His rant will have absolutely no effect on anybody who has had dealings with any of the sacked/expelled BNP loyalists because officials and members know we have been at the forefront of ensuring cranks and extremists don’t taint the BNP. At least one of those officials listed on this blog as our supporters is Jewish too, so why would a Jewish official support supposed Nazis? The truth is they would not and we are not!

The couple of threads on the BNP forum have included claims that the BNP loyalists have sold a form 3 database to the crank Sheppard – including one with a direct quote from Griffin to the Forum Administrator to that effect. This claim has been repeated by Griffin on the BNP website for all the world to see in another example of his inadequate management style. He did not research the situation beforehand, nor did he seek to question anybody outside his unaccountable clique before he shot his mouth off again.

The Griffin cabal version is just more propaganda from their ministry of lies. BNP loyalists would have nothing to do with a crank like Sheppard and for Griffin to claim we have sold members details to him is not only preposterous but downright dishonest.

Hannam database leaked

There were initial suspicions from BNP loyalists that Sheppard used the leaked ‘Form 3’ database from November 2006. This was the Form 3 database that David Hannam sent to David Shapcott unedited, unencrypted and to a non-BNP e-mail address when Shapcott was distributing the FSID DVD magazine for the BNP. Hannam used to get a full copy of the Form 3 database for his regional treasury work. Shapcott was getting the database from Hannam without having completed a form 3 – data protection form - himself for the FSID job or without the knowledge of the Head of Administration. Had he completed a Form 3 and had it authorised by the Administration team he would only have been entitled to receive an edited version of the database specific for the task of furnishing branch/group organisers with the relevant funds in their regional accounts with a copy for their group i.e. names and addresses of these organisers only. Party procedure had also been for any database to be sent encrypted at all times as a security measure whether by e-mail or posted on a CD. It was also party procedure that databases could only be e-mailed between official BNP e-mail addresses again as a security measure and that the use of web hosted e-mail accounts on the likes of Hotmail and Yahoo were to be discouraged even for general use.

Sadly all three of these procedures were ignored by Hannam as he sent an unedited and unencrypted copy of the Nov06 Form 3 database to Shapcott at his Hotmail account rather than his official BNP e-mail address. The following month Searchlight published a complete breakdown of BNP branches, groups and contacts that matched the database Hannam sent. We are not saying either of them leaked the database directly but Hannam breached Party security procedures (not for the first or last time!) including delivering to an unsecure e-mail account. Whether by accident or design that database fell into Searchlight’s hands because of Hannam’s incompetence and wilful dereliction of duty.

The matter was raised by Kenny Smith, Ian Dawson and Sadie Graham at an Advisory Council meeting but dismissed by Griffin. In fact, Collett was one of the first to leap to Hannam’s defence and attempting to dismiss the need for using secure BNP e-mail addresses and the encryption system at all. Despite admitting his guilt in an e-mail to Kenny Smith and Ian Dawson, Hannam escaped disciplinary action for this most serious breach of party data protection procedures.

The recent ‘Mad King Nick’ mail shot from Searchlight used that specific database. The evidence for that lies in the fact that those with multiple entries received mailings for each entry. People on the database in November 2006 (and some since removed from it) got a mailing but those who were added later did not. People who had moved house got them at their old addresses.

When another AC member raised the issue again with Griffin after the ‘Mad King Nick’ mail shot but it was again dismissed as Griffin absurdly tried to blame one of the BNP loyalists for leaking info to Searchlight instead.

The initial breach by Hannam and the supporting evidence for it being the database used in Searchlight and by them for the ‘Mad King Nick’ mail shot was not previously publicised to avoid damaging the confidence of officials with regard to the safe keeping of their personal details. However, given that Griffin is now happy to concoct a blatant lie to tie in the raving mad mailings of an anti-Semitic crank with we who have spoken out in defence of the membership and the modernising approach, we feel the truth should be aired.

Mystery list

Supporting evidence to show that the Sheppard mailing was not connected with the Hannam leaked Form 3 database or any other Form 3 database however, exists in the fact that people who have never appeared on any Form 3 database have received copies of his vile mailing. There are also anomaly’s that we cannot answer like why did one of our councillors receive the Sheppard mail in her maiden name when she has never been a member in that name and never had contact with Sheppard before? One person who got the rubbish received it at an address they left almost a year previously. Some people who have never stood as candidates or had their details in the public domain have had mailings while others who have, have not. In short, we don’t know what list the nutcase Sheppard is using, but it not a BNP membership list or Form 3 database. We found that out after just a short investigation. Griffin didn’t even bother doing that before he jumped on the BNP forum to blame us and then onto the main BNP website to deliver a New Year message that will do more to damage the BNP than those he is now so determined to destroy with lies.

None of the sacked/expelled BNP loyalists would leak or sell any BNP database to anybody inside or outside the party. In fact, Kenny, Ian and Sadie in particular have been the biggest advocates of tightening of the party’s security and data protection measures to ensure that such things don’t happen despite opposition from some other senior figures within the party. Other AC members will be able to verify this, which makes it even more telling to us that Griffin would now make such ludicrous a claim.

We BNP loyalists are defending ourselves with one arm tied behind our backs because we don’t want to destroy the BNP. Griffin however appears to have no conscience and is willing to say and do anything regardless of how it damages the BNP in his paranoid lie-filled rantings against people he knows full well are not just loyal party people but true modernising nationalists. He has already told people that he has it within himself to rebuild the BNP if he has to destroy it to destroy us. Those are not the words of somebody who has the best interests of the party at heart are they?


Anonymous said...

Hannam pleads guilty for a change
David Hannam was sentenced to 3 months in a Young Offenders Institute after pleading guilty to "publishing or distributing racially inflammatory material" in Hull.

His co-accused, the nutcase Simon Sheppard, was sentenced to 9 months imprisonments after being found guilty despite his not guilty plea on the 14th of June 2000.

Both were arrested on June 8th 1999 after distributing leaflets in the Avenues area of Hull. Shephard was expelled having admitted designing and producing the leaflet. Hannam got promoted!

The following is taken from Shephard's nutty website Heretical Press.

"Do you know anything about the purported BNP leaflet sent out supposedly from PO Box 531, Hull?
It has led to John Tyndall and our Yorkshire Regional Organiser having injunctions taken out against them by the National Exec of the Labour Party. If any more go out they'll go down for contempt of court.
Also, its hysterical tone could only put off ordinary people and can only do us harm. The police are now looking at it from a Race Act point of view. If you are responsible for it, forget any future co-operation on publishing projects. If you are not, and someone has used an address you control without your permission, expect your front door to come flying off its hinges shortly – unless you contact the police straight away to point out that it's nothing to do with you. Thirdly, if you're not connected with the address at all, but have an idea who it is, please let me know straight away.
Nick Griffin"
"Dear Nick,
Thank you so much for your support of our common Nationalist cause. It's always gratifying to receive messages of encouragement and support when fellow BNP activists are up against it. We are reassured that the BNP leadership is solid and united in its firm stand against the cosmopolitan forces of pseudo-liberal evil.
I would also like to thank you for your unwavering loyalty regarding the updating of 'The Mindbenders'. I know that you have acquired (as a result of your trusted position within the BNP) a file of materials for the updating of this essential and important publication, and although we may have our minor political differences, I'm happy that you are mature enough to see beyond these and release the information, so that the greater objective is achieved.
I am a relatively recent convert to Nationalism, having only been a member of the BNP for three years or so, but in the course of reviewing numerous earlier Nationalist publications, such as 'New Nation', 'Nationalism Today' and 'The Rune', I have been impressed by your consistent political line.
Simon Sheppard"
Nick Griffin wrote:
"Yes, thank you for that, but would you please answer the question?
"Dear Nick,
I designed the leaflet. It was approved in conjunction with David Hannam, who is the organiser for the new Hull branch. On 7th and 8th June, in the rain, with occasional help, David and I put out approx. 1,500 leaflets in the Hull Avenues area. We successfully leafletted Mandela Avenue, Wigger Way, Pakistani Avenue and Victoria Falls, the four main avenues, as well as Politically Correct Way and a goodly proportion of the inner-city cesspit which adjoins it. At midday on 8th June we were stopped by a local Community Policeman in St. Ninian's Walk, as we were en route to leaflet Chinese-Chippy Avenue, and following radio reference to Special Branch a senior officer came by car to survey the leaflet and instruct the CP to arrest us.
David spent 5 hours and I 6 hours in the cells before being given tape-recorded interviews. I in particular gave a robust defence and said that the police were being manipulated to nullify certain groups' political opposition, and also that the law under which we were held was invalid; since Jews are in England unlawfully, their laws are void: "No cause can arise from an illegal act."
I also told the police that they should be ashamed of themselves for arresting members of a political party for putting out election leaflets two days before an election.
While I was in the cells my flat was searched, although apparently perfunctorily, and the remaining 1,500 leaflets seized.
We have both been bailed to appear on 14th July on the basis of an "alleged offence or charge" of "DISTR RACIST PAPERS" which, of course, does not exist as an offence.
Three hundred replacement leaflets, entirely different in content, were hastily printed and distributed along Chinese-Chippy Avenue early in the morning of 10th June. These leaflets stated "This leaflet replaces an election Communication which was confiscated by the Police."
On page 7 of the June 11 issue of the Guardian the following report appeared:
"Labour yesterday blocked distribution of an anti-Jewish leaflet published in the name of the British National Party which – polls suggest – has little or no chance of a seat.
"Labour went to court in London to have an injunction in place until next week to prevent the leaflet being distributed anywhere in the country. The party argued it was an incitement to racial hatred. The leaflet, urging the public to vote for the BNP in yesterday's election, was published by the Hull BNP."
The matter seems to have been entirely ignored by the local newspaper, the Hull Daily Mail. Probably the bulk of the Labour Party's chagrin is due to us taking the political initiative using a locally-directed, humorous leaflet with a strong and appropriate message.
Today, Sunday 13th June, the Avenues has been leafleted by the "Hull Anti Nazi League" – "Last week the Avenues was polluted by the distribution of a poisonous leaflet from a supporter of the nazi British National Party..."
For the information of BNP members the Hull BNP leaflet will be posted on the heretical.co.uk website within the next few days.
Simon Sheppard"
BNP response 18th June 1999:
"Mr. Simon Sheppard, PO Box 1004, Hull, E. Yorks. HU3 2YT
”Dear Mr. Sheppard,
It has been reported to us – and we understand that you do not deny – that you were responsible for publishing a leaflet bearing the party's name but never authorised by the party, which has been the subject of a court injunction against the BNP Regional Agent for Yorkshire & The Humber, Richard Mulhall.
This is in violation of Section 8, Sub-Section 2, of the BNP Constitution, which makes it clear that:-
"All publication of party literature at local level and on local initiative will require the consent of the party's national head of Publicity. This consent may be obtained by the prior submission of any such literature for inspection by the party's head of Publicity or by the prior granting to the local officer concerned by the party's head of Publicity of authority to print such literature as he or she sees fit – which consent shall only be given to those judged to be competent in that endeavour."
As neither of these conditions were observed in the publication of the leaflet in question, you have been deemed guily of an offence against the party Constitution. In view of the very serious nature of this offence, and the potential damage done to the party in consequence, it has been directed by the Leader of the party that your membership be terminated with effect from the above date.
Yours faithfully
(signed) Ian Dell (Officer in charge Internal Security and Discipline, BNP)"
And here is the offending leaflet Hannam distributed. He must be an idiot to have agreed to deliver such obviously criminal literature.

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- I have the comments saved, and I emailed this all to you a while back in a word document - I can email it again if you need.

Jean said...

I,too, had this filth sent from Hull. it has been shredded and am returning the envelope with an instruction to send no more, or they will be handed to the police.
My fear was that the arrival would be followed by a police visit, searching for illegal literature.
I have worked hard for the BNP and put my head over the parapet to stand in an election---and received a death threat, but I neither asked for, nor got protection, save that from the fellow members of my group.

I don't know who gave out the addresses, because I do not know the people involved, but I no longer care,
I have been to shocked a distressed by the vile heaped from all sides, when I truly believed we were fighting for our country

Anonymous said...

A few years back, members used to join the party using the organisers address, if they did not want BNP literature to arrive at their home address.

I can't be sure when that practice was stopped - but we have received mail for one such person - but strangely none for the current organiser. Oh, he also dropped off the scene 4 years ago and is not on any current memebrship list we hold .

Oh Nick, how sad....

Anonymous said...

The South African secret agents have been doing their wizardry once again.

But I still don't understand why someone can hack into blogger accounts if the password is changed, is beyond me. The only way someone would have access to the new password is if a double agent was at work.

Anonymous said...

New Year's eve was spent with an old pal - an ex-NF contact , interested in the party but has never been a member ( said he can't stand NIck)..

Turns out he has had some as well.

If you did sell the list Sadie / Kenny..what and amazing job you did - must have got the old NF database too....now there's and interesting thought, don't you think??

Anonymous said...

i received this rubbish despite not being a member since 2003. I did buy Time to Make a Stand from GWR last year, but other than that i'm at a loss as to how he got my details. Anyone else got any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Griffin may be confident he has it in him to rebuild the BNP but history suggests otherwise, when the NF crumbled he didnt rebuild it but shot off into a Third way organisation and then into political obscurity only coming back AFTER the rebuilding had already been done.

He should consider that before throwing away so casually what we have all helped builed even more under his leadesrhip

Anonymous said...

We had a post on this blog entitled “Hannam pleads guilty for a change” which was removed in an attack by the BNP’s criminally minded ‘Intelligence Department’, but we will attempt to find it again

The post dated 3 December can be found here : Hannam pleads guilty for a change

Anonymous said...

I burnt mine on my new years bonfire. Though, perhaps I should have passed it to the royal mail, as unsolicited junkmail filth goes against their rules. They can, i understand, ban a company from using the postal system if they abuse the postal service.

Perhaps someone can forward them to Royal Mail's Customer Service Department, if anyone has any money left in the kitty after all of these futile Griffinite begging campaigns.

Just another question, how many D&R members have joined the revolution?

Anonymous said...

I to have had this mail sent to me.
My wife wasn't impressed by it.
Ex-Oldham BNP organiser
Martin Brierley

Anonymous said...

Strange, I got this mailing under my old surname. I changed my surname by deed poll earler that year. I told the BNP to update their records in October 2006.

Then there was the 'leaking' of the London area lists to The Guardian. Why was nothing ever done about that? Perhaps the BNP leadership were glad of the good publicity they got regardless of the data protection.

I want to renew my membership and fight to make the BNP a cleaner more electable party. But I am not willing to have my details sold to the highest bidder everytime to fulfill urges of greed, or if there is a chance of some good press coverage.

EnoughIsEnough said...

Digger Doe said...

"The South African secret agents have been doing their wizardry once again.

But I still don't understand why someone can hack into blogger accounts if the password is changed, is beyond me. The only way someone would have access to the new password is if a double agent was at work."

Griffin's SA intelligence operative got access by searching through the history of the computer stolen from Sadie's home.

The EiE team were not on the ball on this one and didn't think to change the password straight away. The attack was discovered before he completed the job and access revoked before he managed to block access for any of the other contributors.

We might not have been switched on enough to foresee such an sneaky attack, but the intelligence officer wasn't clever enough to change the access rules before he started tampering with the site.

It is a lesson learned!

The illegal activities, underhanded attacks, lies and smears from the Griffin cabal show there is nothing they would not stoop to.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a (griffinte) sheeple said...

Then there was the 'leaking' of the London area lists to The Guardian. Why was nothing ever done about that? Perhaps the BNP leadership were glad of the good publicity they got regardless of the data protection.

Barnes was supposed to be proceeding with that legal case, but all has gone quiet. It wasn't a full London list but the list for one contact area because the RO didn't bother checking out the person he was appointing as Contact. Smith introduced even stricter form 3 requirements like photo and address proof of identity after that incident. Like the form 3 database security measures these things were opposed by some of the same senior staff.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Could you keep us up to-date with the situation re: the pending criminal charges (against very senior members of the party), in respect of both the telephone bugging and computer theft etc?

I ask as I’m now convinced the only way we’ll get Nick to the negotiating table is in handcuffs, so in many respects this is the most important issue at the moment.

I do of course realise that there may well be good legal reasons for not publishing the full details before a court case is resolved, but a brief summary of the current situation couldn’t hurt could it?

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

It's not just EiE that need to be concerned about the BNPs SA security department. Any member of the BNP could fall foul of their devious activities. If any Councilor, organiser, fund holder or activist speaks out of line they could be for the chop. I don't think many people can work under that sort of threat especially when working unpaid and for those holding the axe.

Anonymous said...

The Griffin Mafia cannot always get this lucky.

Can't believe I trusted this toerag. I really can't.

Chris mentions court cases. Is there any action being taken against Hannam and Collett for the Blackpool nonce business, or have they amazingly got away with it?

If Collett could be locked up, along with Griffin, the bnp would be free of both of them.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Come on Collett isn’t a child molester, I believe his story that he chatted up a girl in a disco who looked 18, and then took her back to his hotel room. His offence was to bring a guest back to the conference hotel room, nothing else! He was quite rightly given a final warning for that, which meant the next incident should have been automatic expulsion. But that’s just one of many problems with this whole Collett thing, it seems the rules don’t apply to him, he’s untouchable.

Mark Collett is a nasty megalomaniac, but he’s not a sex offender. Please don’t water down our case by trying to make out he is, remember the little boy who cried wolf!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Chris mentions court cases. Is there any action being taken against Hannam and Collett for the Blackpool nonce business, or have they amazingly got away with it?

In an earlier piece by Matt Single I belive he stated that the girls concerned did not wish to continue with any complaint. If Matt had pushed the issue any further with Griffin then he would have been on the receiving end. Collett is untouchable, unless you can get within arms length!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody out there know anything about Roving bugs and Cell-finity? Something to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Chris Hill on this. Mark Collett may be a thoroughly unpleasant individual, but I do believe he and Dave Hannam thought those girls were above the age of consent. I don't think for a minute that they are nonces.

Regarding the police and any action they didn't take: usually, if a girl is 12 or younger the police will automatically prosecute. When the girl is 13 or older they do not routinely prosecute, and will only do so if the girl or her family makes a complaint. That's why groomers don't usually actually push for sex until after the girl passes 13. They know better than anyone the police's standard procedures.

We do all know who I mean by the groomers don't we?

Anonymous said...

Sorry chris. You are letting Collett off lightly by trusting he isn't a perve, when many people believe he is just that.

Faceparty is also frequented by many underage girls, which suggests smoke if not fire, but we really would like to know more about Blackpool 2006, those of us that didn't attend.

Anonymous said...

Not a happy chap.

I also recived them.

Mr Shepard if your looking in I`ll be seen you soon..

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I got this filth and My membership of the BNP ran out at the end of 2006...

Anonymous said...

Re;Mailing List's...

Not many people were aware that I mailed the 'Thankyou for your Donation's' compliment slips to donater's.

When Dave Hannam sent me the names and addresses of the donater's he did so by email, NOT a BNP email address but my own personal Hotmail account on the council computer!

Now I'm not sure if I ever filled in a Form 3 for data protection, but I do know I filled in a form 1 for a payment to be received from John Walker as I was being paid each month for mailing these mail shots.

So I do believe that Dave Hannam had sent this delicate information through a system without any security!!

Anonymous said...

We haven't had that particular mailing here, but we did get a yellow one the other day asking for money for some BNP thing or other. Mine was ripped up straight away.

I have no intention of giving money to the BNP as it is as the moment.
We hear all the crowing about "British jobs for British workers" by an organisation which is giving more and more of its functions to an immigrant, and, as someone who cannot find work largely because of the influx of immigrants, I have no intention of funding a "nationalist" party which seems to prefer those who have just dropped off a plane from South Africa (as there are no direct flights any more between Britain and Zimbabwe!!) I mention no names but it does not take a genius to work out exactly what I am on about.

And those who were fans of the "Greatest Britons" articles which featured for a short time on the Regional News section of the BNP website before it was destroyed, they have been found a new home at last after weeks of waiting to see what would happen to them and other things seemingly falling through, you can now read them here http://louisesnews.wordpress.com/ and that includes the very latest one which was written on New Year's Eve. News articles will also follow shortly. Anyone can make comments on the GB articles.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Chris you were not in the hotel bar when Collett and Hannam came in with the 14 and 15 year old girls and I was and so was Kenny Smith and several others. We all could tell they were underage as soon as they walked through led by Collett and many of us said as much to each other including the bar man.
When the girls came back down complaining about the demands for sex it was even more obvious they were children and it was Kenny Smith who persuaded them not to go to the press with the mobile phone footage and promised them that Collett and Hannam would be disciplined by the party.
One of the girls bluetoothed the footage to Kenny and I believe he gave it to security (pos. Martin Reynolds) the next morning.
If Kenny hadn't persuaded them and their mother - who arrived later with a security guy - out of going to the press Collett and Hannam would have had to be expelled, but such a media furore would also have been very damaging for the party.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear ‘I was there’

Your comments are quite disturbing, but as you have posted anonymously I’m afraid they are also meaningless!

If you want these allegations taken seriously, you need make them openly under your own name.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

It might not have been Hannam's mailing list used for the Searchlight Mad King Nick mailing. Lots of members didn't receive it. One who did get it phoned Searchlight to ask how they had his address and was told that the addresses had been gathered from people standing for election, elected councillors and any other times members' names and addresses were made public. That would explain why some people got it twice, if they had stood for election twice, and why people who recently left the BNP still got it.

Anonymous said...

as far as Im aware I have never appeared on any mailing lists.I might be wrong

and another point was they used my full name and not everyone knows that...

and the incident in Blackpool It did happen I was awoken in the early hrs to deal with it and told the security lads to remove the girls and contact the mother.

Jock Shearer,
Ex Security Dep,
BNP forum moderator
Oldham BNP always.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Jock, the plot not only thickens but is becoming a sticky mess for someone.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Jock,

This is the first time I’ve heard an account, such as you give, of this incident from someone actually there and has identified themselves. Although Matt Single did give a somewhat similar version on this blog just before Christmas.

So I’d like to ask you some questions if I may:

1. Did Collett & Hamman meet these girls up an over 18’s disc?

2. Did these girls look 16, that’s the legal age of consent remember?

3. Was Collett issued with a final warning after this event?

4. Do you know if Collett was again found guilty of a disciplinary offence for the Window incident at the Blackpool 2007 conference?

5. If the answer to 3 & 4 is yes, then should this have meant automatic expulsion from the party?

In fact I think the answers to questions 1 and 2 are irrelevant, except for the accusations of soliciting underage sex.

The main point is were they disciplined and should they have been expelled under the normal rules of our party. The accusation of soliciting underage sex should not have been a party matter, but should have been dealt with by the police.

Chris Hill

Bill Henderson said...

Anonymous a dit...

Does anybody out there know anything about Roving bugs and Cell-finity? Something to watch out for.

You should be looking for a device marketed often as MCD-22H (Miniature Combination Detector) if you want to protect against this type of eavesdropping.

Also get your premises professionally "swept" since certain government agencies have even implanted bugs in family pets (cats and dogs etc) and other incredibly unbelievable locations.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in any way involved with the "underage girls" incident should make statements to the police immediately so as to avoid being accused of collusion later.

This one looks like it could blow big time.

Dr Chris Hill said...

This underage girl thing is just a red herring. Collett & Hammon met two girls in an over 18’s disco, who they took back to their hotel room. No sexual acts took place, and no complaints to the police were ever been made. Any half decent lawyer would get this thrown out of court, by the judge, before the trial even begins.

The point is, both Collett & Hannam broke the party’s rules, and were given a final warning. The incident at the Blackpool conference in 2007 should have meant expulsion from the party.#

The party had given its word, to the police, that there would be no provocative behaviour that might inflame the demonstrators. I am told this specifically included a promise to the police, to keep all the front window’s curtains closed, during the hour or so of the demonstration.

By breaking this promise, both Collett and Hannam brought the party into disrepute, and according to Matt Single the police wanted to arrest both for public order offences. Matt talked them out of it with a promise that disciplinary action would be taken, by the party, against them. Nick Griffin therefore appears also to have broken the party’s word, to the police, by overruling the disciplinary tribunals ruling.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I today received an envelope with a quantity of 10 newspapers to distribute. The ravings of an anti Jewish lunatic (Simon Sheppard)Needless to say they are binned.I looked at the web site listed out of curiosity and found a load of links of a sexual nature but also to David Irvin's sites.What somewhat amazed me are these Jew haters liking for Iran and the Muslims. Now that is strange, weird and dangerous. As a member of BNP for several years now I am really disturbed at what is going on. I will not be re-newing my membership until sanity prevails. The more I read Sadie the more I think that she is right. I did have my initial doubts. If the BNP is torn apart now at this crucial time it will take years to repair if at all. I am very saddened. Nick Griffin talk to these people and listen!

Anonymous said...

anti-gag: 1. Did Collett & Hamman meet these girls up an over 18’s disc?

J: yes they did meet the girls out on the town.

anti-gag:2. Did these girls look 16, that’s the legal age of consent remember?

J:I never met the girls so couldn't comment.

anti-gag:3. Was Collett issued with a final warning after this event?

J: what I was told by senior members was yes he was disciplined.

4. Do you know if Collett was again found guilty of a disciplinary offence for the Window incident at the Blackpool 2007 conference?

J: I know nothing of this incident bar what I have seen and read on-line and of course what I`v been told by other members of security since but that's irrelevant as it`s third hand and I dont play them games.I only talk about what Im involved in.

5. If the answer to 3 & 4 is yes, then should this have meant automatic expulsion from the party?

J: of course it should,but then Mark has his ways, don't you Mark?

Jock Shearer,
Ex Security Dep,
BNP forum moderator
Oldham BNP always.

Anonymous said...

According to the chairmans own blog Mark the Nark Collett was indeed "disciplined" over the childish window incident - at least I take it that's what the chairman meant when he said it earnt Collett a "severe wigging".

Being on a FINAL written warning he should of course been either suspended or expelled - anyone else would have been.

The problem with Collett is he has more lives than a cat. WHY?

A final warning should mean just that otherwise it makes a mockery out of our chairman, party and their disciplinary procedures.

Anonymous said...

To all of those thinking of not renewing their BNP membership -

Please bear in mind that "lapsing" membership can reset your subsequent membership status to "probationary member" - this means that in the event of any subsequent disciplinary allegations against you, you will not be entitled to a tribunal, but can be expelled without trial!

This will also affect your eligibility as a "voting member" at conference.

Anonymous said...

Received Shepherd's repulsive filth yesterday, but refrained from binning it. It will be perfect for lining the cage of my Madagascan fish-eating parrot. With Nasty Nick expelling solid party-workers on one side and Simon the Psycho pumping out his political pornography from the other, nationalism is going through a bad patch at the moment. But we'll weather the storm and sail out stronger. 2008 will be the year many chickens will come home to roost for the corrupt liberals in all three "mainstream" parties.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Jock,

OK thanks for your answers.
I must admit I thought you were the same person who had posted as ‘I was there’ earlier. So we still don’t have an eye witness report from someone who will put his or her own name to it.

Therefore Collett & Hamman must be given the benefit of the doubt in regards to the soliciting underage sex allegations. I tended to believe him anyway on that one. I can assure you; you won't hear me say that about Mark Collett very often.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Hey-ho, It's conspiracy theory time, people, so Chris and all knockers who like to criticise open thinkers, please leave the room while I let loose with merry conjecture.

Some time ago, posters on the web used terms like "griffin is a nark", and I was very sceptical, however nothing in the murky "career" of Nick Griffin assures me otherwise.

I don't want to reveal my true identity, as those with lots at stake would be quick to dismiss me as a nutter, which is the easiest way to silence troublemakers asking awkward questions threatening a seizmic re-evaluation of the worthiness of british nationalist politics.

What if Griffin had been recruited by his father to join the secret services, many years back, to save him from self-inflicted bancrupcy?

Once a state pawn, always a state pawn.

Griffin has been described as the "wrecking crew", but is this a mere reflection of Griffin's incompetance, or is something far more serious?

NF, the ITP, and now the BNP?

I might be an absolute numb-brained cretin for exploring shadowy conspiracies of deep-rooted state collusion, however I don't believe in amazing coincidences.

If many people suspect griffin is state, why the hell don't many people come out and say so, you might well ask yourselves?

If you saw little green men, would you have the balls to admit it to your mates down the pub?

Self-denial is the "weather-balloon" option. "Griffin The Incometant" is far more easy to swallow than "Griffin Tbe Nark".

To belatedly realise your bnp allegiance was nothing more than a pawn on a rigged chess board, would indeed make you feel totally and utterly worthless, coupled with the inevitable depression and anger.

How many hours have we riskily spent sticking leaflets in council estates doors in all weathers for absolute nothing? How would that feel if it was the sorry truth?

Has Mr Nicholas Griffin stolen your time as well as your party subs?

Whenever the suspicion of Griffin being state nark, critics point to his speeches, actions, and "The Mindbenders".

Achieving criminal convictions provides kudos and a readymade alibi. It makes you a criminal, an outlaw, a figure of rebellion a million miles in situ from the "powers that be", leaving you immune to suspicion.

Who is to say Griffin's editorship of the Rune and the suspended prison sentence were not pre-decided (as a means to an end), so the state would have forever have full control over the nats.

Would the state knowingly permit the stirring of anti-semitism, to create a readymade nat double-agent? Despite what the Tyndallites say, Jewish people don't matter one jot to MI5. They'd shoot their own grannies of it was worthwhile to the powers that be.

Nothing matters other than maintaining the reign of the political elite.

Like Rooney in footie, popular British icons are built up only to be demolished brick-by-brick. It's the establishment way of ensuring nothing outgrows the system.

Griffin's current "one-eyed" focus on all things Islam happened to be in parity with Tony Blair's foreign policy and the pro-war tabloid editors, who responded as a favour to the bnp with helpful anti-asylum headlines. Don't think the Daily Mail and the Express are independent from the will of the secret services.

Wouldn't the state feel threatened by the bnp's rise to fame?

Growing in a controlled and non-threatening fashion with parish council success after parish council success, the corridors of power must have trembling in their boots at the prospect of an army of angry middle-aged patriotic pooper scoopers.

The war over, Cameron favoured to replace Brown at the forthcoming poles, the bnp are too much of a destraction if former tory voters are to return to the fold.

Griffin and collett are given the orders to call time on the whole charade.

Griffin and Collett are not beyond the law, and fines and suspended sentences can issued safely when necessary.

Not so appetising, is the prospect of bnp leaders blowing the lid on state collusion in the slammer, if both men happened to end up there....

Tax dodging, serious fraud, spying and paedophillia carry worryingly lengthy sentences, for a paranoid manipulative state.

Still wandering if Griffin and Collett will escape justice?

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed at this fallout amongst the Leadership, and the so called Sadie Graham clique. Im not really sure what to beleave,as i have read both sides of the story?

I do beleave no one person in the Party should be "untouchable", so if the allegations against Collett, and Hannam are true, they should be disiplinned.

I have been involved with the BNP since 1999. I cant give to much away, but i have been an activist, a candidate, have contributed finacially to the party, i have even had threats against my person and property from "Reds" because of my work for the BNP.

Over the years though, i have been uneasy at some of the actions of the party, in excluding and expelling certain individuels. Of course i dont know the full facts on why these people were expelled, or "left" the BNP, it just seemed to be brushed under the carpet? Early on in my membership it was the Edwards who "left" We have lost great Nationalists like Tess Culnane, Recently Jonathon Bowden was forced out, after some "fallout" I had recently just met the Man too, at a BNP meeting in Newcastle. He gave one of the greatest speeches iv ever heard at any BNP meeting! All im saying is we cant afford to lose great people like this. The list go,s on. Scot Mc Clean left? Sharon Ebanks, Ian Dawson. Now we have lost Sadie Graham, Matt, and Kenny? How are we expected to acheive victory if we are losing valuable people like this?

I dont want to sound patronising to Sadie, but i have met the lady, (and most of the other iv meantioned) she is exceptional, im not happy that she is out the party. There are others in the party who are excepional people, but who have not been given a role? Richard Edmonds springs to mind. He has helped build up the party from its inception, yet he is sidelined?

I will finish by saying this, I have worked for years to build up the BNP on Tyneside, and the N/E, i am very disapointed that this state of affairs is allowed to continue? I think i have the right to say to Nick, (and im sure you read this blog)Please sort out this mess. I suggest an amnesty for all of the affore mentioned! We have very little time left to save this counrty of ours, we must have UNITY! I beg you all, put aside minor differences, and rivalrys, and sort out this mess, and carry on the path to Victory!

Anonymous said...

I haven't recieved any mail yet.
But I am just a minnow in the pond.
If I do , I will add it to all the Searchlight rubbish recieved over the last few months.
What a shame.
I never thought that I would be burning anything sent to me by the B.N.P.

Anonymous said...

How many councillors does the BNP have now that several have been expelled or resigned?

Anonymous said...

"Griffin has been described as the "wrecking crew", but is this a mere reflection of Griffin's incompetance, or is something far more serious?"

Having first known Griffin over a quarter of a century ago I can assure you it is incompetence.

He can be charismatic, he is reasonably intelligent, but he is not very politically astute, never has been, never will be, his ego far outstrips his abilities.

I think the truth is the complete opposite of your supposition. It's far to painful for people to admit they aligned themselves with an incompetent, therefore they want him to be state, because then they have something far more powerful and sinister to blame for their screw ups.

What would you rather have to admit, that you were tricked by an incompetent, into parting with your money, or the whole weight of the state was required to fool you?

I'm sorry, you just have to deal with the fact you got conned by an incompetent.

millie said...

Well nothing has arrived for me ,but I am just a little minnow in the pond.
If any mail from the B.N.P.does arrive in this way , I will add it to the Searchlight rubbish which has been arriving monthly since I stood as a candidate for the cause we all know and love.
As a nationalist,I am ashamed to recognise the so called leaders of our party.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of not renewing my membership ever so the threat of being expelled won't really count. Anyway, as far as I'm aware, I am expelled for resigning my post and I didn't get a hearing for that.
As for Voting Members rights, that's a farce. Just Griffin trying to look democratic when he is in fact a dictator.
I will miss the BNP more than it will miss me but I will find a new outlet for my Nationalism where integrity matters.

Anonymous said...

who in their right mind wants a fuckin amnesty?

it would mean sucking up to the thief and liar, and worst of all, becoming compliant griffin stooges.

id rather join the tories or labour party, and that says something.

im only rejoining if griffin, collett, barnes and hannam all resign. otherwise, they can piss off.

Anonymous said...


You are a valuable asset, don't go too far away yet, please.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes' site, as someone pointed out, is very quiet at the moment. He is more than likely trawling through the pages of this site to see who of the EiE team can be taken to court by dear old Nick. This of course, will be done with, what is after all, members money, at ENORMOUS EXPENCE that will, in turn, harm future election results. But old Nick wont give a rats arse as long as his ego in massaged and he still ends up leader.

Anonymous said...

Please don't misunderstand my post

You can be clearly be expelled from the BNP without tribunal at the whim of the clique anyway, regardless of your membership or status.

What I meant to highlight is yet another little "dodge" that is used by the leadership.

Withholding membership dues is an excellent way to "vote with your feet!"

Mr Griffin has to "Feed the monkey"
( - Not anyone in particular)

(Thanks for getting him to submit the acccounts by the way!)

Anonymous said...

I would rather drink with that vile little man Gerry Gable than break bread with Griffin. This is the level of contempt for him I have now. He is a bully sending others to do his dirty work for him. Dam you all the way to hell Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Griffin's lies continue to astound me. His message delivered via Oaksmere on the forum was the final straw. The man is betraying the BNP!

Anonymous said...

i think to save the BNP as a party Mr griffin has no choice but to expel Hannam and Collet ,absolutely no choice ,if the party is to survive .The BNP is bigger than two people surely

Anonymous said...

Collett and Hannam's expulsions should be the first step. Then an apology for the nazi smear and the sacking of who ever decided Darby should go on newsnight and damage the party image so. Then the constitution needs to be changed so Griffin can never again act like a dictator. If these aren't done then Griffin himself needs to go.
We must not cave in to Griffin's lies, we should not go back unless the above is done. They are already struggling without us and things will get worse for Griffin as the finances dry up even further.
Let's give to the Family Defence Appeal rather than Griffin's lie machine.

Anonymous said...

i have also just recived piles of this crap from sheppard

i have never been a bnp member

i have been in the bf and wnp so the details must have come from one of these two lists

the bnp have never had my name or address in any capacity.