Monday, 21 January 2008

A Critique of January’s British Nationalist

Well obviously the first thing to mention is that it only arrived on our doorsteps today (21st January). That feels like a return to the bad old days before Kenny and Nicholla took over production in Scotland and ensured it was sent out at the start of each month.

British Nationalist now appears to be keeping slow time with that other publication. Identity, that involves Collett at the production end via his private business, Vanguard Promotions.

As with last month’s bulletin there is no ‘Regional Information Sheet’ for any region. These pages were put together by the Regional Organisers were invaluable for keeping members informed of events and activities in their own region. They also helped boost attendance at meetings and donations to regional funds when appeals were sent out. There now appears to be nobody chasing up regional organisers or co-ordinating the collating of this regional information since Kenny was sacked. Or could it be that Collett doesn’t have the ability to sort the database into regions as Kenny did, but more on this later?

They are however using the bulk of the new membership form designed and distributed to regional officials by Kenny in the weeks prior to his sacking. Items they have left out are the option to get the bulletin by e-mail instead of by post to save the party money; the YBNP option (obviously because the YBNP has collapsed to side with the dissenters); the active or not option and the new unit dividend scheme section, whereby groups and branches could claim back a proportion of the membership dues for new and renewing members signed up by them.

The previously agreed and distributed Membership Form designed by Kenny is pictured below.

The bulletin itself has again been produced outside the party as we do not have the printing machinery to produce such good quality pictures. The paper quality is higher than the norm - John Walker rejected Kenny’s request last year to move up to 100gsm paper given the savings he was making on the production front – and it is also stapled. Nice touches but all at extra cost to the members. Rumour has it that the bulletin is being printed by a registered charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The front cover would have been great news for members until December the 9th, but now the possibility of Nick Griffin getting his grubby hands on £100k is a cause for concern. Such quantities of cash would only prop up his corrupt and criminal regime and leave him free to purge even those who only display mild dissent.

On the second page the lead article continues and finishes with a repeat of the now familiar Searchlight plant smear (yawn! yawn!), though I was amused to read that the dissenters have supposedly unleashed a wave of lies. Correct me if I’m wrong but have the dissenters not been consistent with their version of events from day one, while the Griffin cabal have told a variety of stories, in many instances contradictory stories and each one tailored to the particular audience present at the time.

Is it just me or does anybody else feel, after reading the bulletin, that Mark Collett’s grammatical ability is severely stunted?

In his own words, “everyone on the Internet… has been able to see the huge improvements made by the expanded new team running our website.” The boy surely is deluded if he thinks everyone on the internet has seen the new site! The new site where South African Arthur Kemp (according to last month’s bulletin the BNP website became his responsibility – as well as being the new head of Education and Training and Excalibur) and Belgian Brun d’Aubignosc (he’s sending out emails giving himself the title of ‘BNP webmaster’) pull the strings of new ‘web editor’ Simon Bennett.

There is no mention of the former head of Information Technology Simon Darby, but then as he’s the Welsh based West Mids RO, National Press Officer, Deputy Leader and the management head hunter he probably doesn’t have the time for it. Though he never actually did anything on that front anyway, so leaving him with the title wouldn’t matter a jot.

Then there’s the laughable accusations about the illegal use of data and the legal process. Not one dissenter has yet had a single legal letter from the Griffin cabal and if anybody is being penalised by the ridiculous libel laws in this country it is the dissenters who cannot afford to challenge the Griffin lies and smears.

The final point in Collett’s editorial is a dig at Kenny because he fought for month’s to have the party purchase a mailing machine and the money was there thanks to savings he had made with BN. He even had an agreement with a sales company and the authority from Walker and Griffin to do the deal but it was then cancelled after the Conference as Griffin began his moves to get rid of him and Sadie.

I wonder how long it will take Walker and Hannam to start pleading poverty again after this supposed £70k injection? I wonder also if it will show up in next years’ statement of accounts?

Page 3 should be renamed ‘The lies about those dissent truths.” Again they trot out the same rubbish about most of previously conned officials returning to the fold. What a load of rubbish. There have been less than a handful, who have returned but more have since joined the ranks of the dissenters.

Apparently the dissenters started plotting because they thought they were going to get exposed for dodgy accounting practices. That would be funny if it wasn’t so hypocritical. Walker and Hannam at the inept Treasury Department, Collett’s private business Vanguard Promotions and Hannam’s private company Great White Records (where Hannam is incidentally both the sole director and the secretary which is illegal according to the rules listed on the company’s house website) attempting to deflect attention from their own accounting procedures or lack of them.

Another hypocritical pile on nonsense if the proper businesslike management structure comment, this was after all one of the main gripes from the dissenters. Then there’s the usual tripe about being hardliners, moles and commies at the same time. All proven lies elsewhere on this blog.

A new lie is the crazy claim that the electronic version of the bulletin has not been sent out this month or last because the dissenters have refused to hand over party property like the EBNS list. No such independent list exists! It is part of the membership database as any official who receives the list can verify. There are fields for BN, BNL and EBNS. Kenny updated the system many months ago so that Nicholla (who mailed out the EBNS bulletins) no longer kept a list that needed updating. She simply notified the Membership Secretary at regular intervals of those who contacted her on the EBNS e-mail address wanting to sign up to this option. The Membership Secretary updated the database at her end with requests that went there first, but had no need to notify Nicholla. Kenny would supply Nicholla with the relevant EBNS list after he had processed the full database he received encrypted on a monthly basis from the Membership Secretary, prior to her e-mailing the bulletin he’d edited too.

The illegal entry of Sadie’s home and the removal of her property is brushed over their false claim that the items belonged to the BNP. Even if just one of the items belonged to the BNP that doesn’t excuse Griffin ordering BNP Security to enter her home while she was away and remove every bit of office equipment they could find.

The biggest paragraph focuses on the disgusting mail shot received by some from Hannam’s old buddy Simon Sheppard and the Griffin lie that the dissenters passed members’ details to him. Again this website has covered the story here so I’ll not go into it, but what BN fails to mention is that Hannam plead guilty to distributing the ‘illegal’ leaflet round houses in Hull. That is hardly the action of an innocent person. Why did Hannam plead guilty to "publishing or distributing racially inflammatory material" if he was innocent?

It is heartening to see that the BNP seem to be admitting problems have been caused by the departure of Kenny, Steve and Sadie, but we already knew that, as the above points have already pointed out.

The next piece of idiocy is the fact that they publicise the web address of a supposedly private part of the BNP website. It is hardly going to stay public if they publicise it and indeed it has already been known about in internet circles before this bulletin or Identity (where it is also advertised) came out.

The very smart looking centre pages open with an advertisement for the London weekend of action which has already passed. Again shades of the bad old days there! On the London weekend there does seem to be confusion as to numbers. The picture they show on the website shows just 63 people including all the sinister mob of Kemp, Collett, Hannam and Griffin. When was the last time anybody saw that bunch out leafleting together? Seems like a PR stunt to me. Eddy Butler claims just over 100 people attended, Simon Darby claims 200 and the BNP website claims 250. I for one am more inclined to trust Eddy Butler than Simon Darby who went on BBC Newsnight to call the dissenters Nazis and I certainly won’t believe the BNP website figure given the dodgy foreign cabal running that show.

Page six features some astonishingly bad grammar, especially in the ‘Renewal News’ article.

Excalibur gets the lie machine treatment in detail on page seven, but they put the blame down to the stock being in Leeds, the admin in Falkirk and the despatch elsewhere. What they really mean is that Arthur Kemp who was imposed upon Excalibur by Griffin when Nicholla took over lived in Deeside and rarely travelled to Leeds to process the orders he was supposed to do on a twice weekly basis. Nicholla has explained the situation already on this blog.

There is also a claim that the website address was destroyed by Steve Blake but that is nonsense. The BNP never owned the Excalibur Heritage domain name and was never billed for it or the web hosting, but this was actually a secondary shop without obvious BNP stock. BNP customers had the Excalibur shop on the BNP website, but this was removed by Kemp shortly after the 9th December sackings, because he had still not processed orders from October and November. The Excalibur Heritage site was closed by Steve because he had been sacked and not paid wages owed to him. The BNP shop advertised in BNP is still not up on the BNP website… surely not another case of incompetence from Griffin’s team?

Kemp was the man behind the Mohammed Bears promotion but failed to secure enough bears to meet demand. He then asked Bev Jones to source some more and though she bought more with her own money she refused to do give them to the BNP after Darby called her and the other dissenters Nazis on BBC Newsnight.

Collett disparagingly calls Nicholla and Bev malcontents because they were dissatisfied with the situation and stood up for themselves and the party. My favourite claim though is that all orders have now been despatched or refunds sent where orders cannot be fulfilled. How stupid was it to make that claim when Nicholla is still getting calls and emails from members complaining that Kemp has still not sent them their orders? These members will read that and know instantly that they are being lied too again.

The whole operation has now been moved to the Deeside house where Kemp lives and Walker works out of and they now claim they will be able to turn orders around in just three days. I sincerely hope they don’t get stung by that claim as it takes longer than three days for a cheque to clear! They could get left-wing opponents ordering items getting the delivery and then cancelling the cheques. Members should rest easy though because such a claim is unlikely to be matched by action regardless of the claim they will refund customers money if they don’t meet this deadline. Well how could they when the shop is not even online anymore?

So there you have it. The new editor doesn’t seem to have got off to a very promising start. Mind you if they keep expelling good members there will be less people to complain or even notice.


Anonymous said...

I received my BN today too and noticed straight away it was full of excuses and lies.

I also got my membership reminder even though I resigned in writing over five weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I might be able to help here with the numbers. I called a mate of mine this evening who lives in Essex and he attended this activity and he supports Butler's view of events. He was interested in the numbers and tells me 100. I've known him 20 years and I'm sure he's telling me the truth. He tells me that the obvious confusion lies in the alleged 250,000 leaflets Butler and Barnbrook has printed and the obviously false 250 activists. I was right in my view that many BNP activists of long standing feel that their efforts over the years should result in success in 08 and they're not seeing Griffin in the equation, rather a Nationalist breakthrough.

Publicity stunt? Probably? 250? Never! More of the same? Certainly!

Anonymous said...

This months BN is just a pack of lies. Everyone can see this. All the things that they are accusing the 'rebels' (aka modernisers) is rubbish and I am more than adequatley convinced by their side of things put over far more moderately and intelligently on this blog and in their bulletin. This just again proves that Nick Griffin is another smarmy, lying politician trying to line his own pockets. I'm not renewing my membership and never giving a penny to this party whilst he is in control.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. It's about time you guys started hitting back hard against the lies that are being told about you all.
Fight the lies and you will be victorious!
I didn't go out at the weekend, but Eddy's figure is closer to the truth. 95-100 was the report I got back.

Anonymous said...

I haven't got the order I placed at the start of November. How dare they claim every customer has had their order. Nicholla e-mailed Arthur for me and cc'd me in. Neither Nicholla or I got a response. Nicholla then sent me a copy of the order confirmation she sent Arthur. Still no response. Now Nicholla has been sacked I doubt I'll ever get my items.
My advice is don't give a penny to Griffin, Kemp, the BNP or Excalibur until Nicholla and all of the rest are reinstated and the traitors kicked out instead.

Anonymous said...

A BNP friend has scanned and emailed me a copy of January's BN written, I believe, by Mark Collett. I notice that BN says that Excalibur is back. "the Excalibur site can now be accessed simply by clicking on the SHOP tab on the main BNP website" Well I have searched the bnp website homepage and I can find no link titled 'shop'.
The article then goes on to discuss the 'Muhammad teddy bear' and to claim that the person who sorced the teddy bears refused to send them out. lets look at the facts. 'A Muhammad teddy bear' was offered for sale on Excalibur. Within a very short time the advert was withdrawn from the website. The reason, according to Auther Kemp in a conversation with Bev Jones and myself, was that the advert had been place on the Excalibur site by him as a joke but much to his suprise Excalibur had received close to one hundred orders for the bear within a matter of hours. Because he ,Mr Kemp, had placed the advert as a joke there were no Muhammad bears and he could not fullfill the orders. He asked if she,Bev Jones, could sorce the bears for him. This she did. She not only sorced the bears she bought them ,over two hundred , on her own credit card. She then asked for payment. She was promised payment but no payment arrived. She refused,quite reasonable, to release the bears to Mr Kemp until payment had been made and since payment was not made the bears were not released.
Emails between Bev and Mr Kemp on this matter are available and have been forwarded for publication.
The currnet leadership of the BNP really must stop blaming other people for their own failings.

Anonymous said...

Why should voters trust the BNP when we the members can't?
Griffin has got to go and he should take the new BN editor with him!

Anonymous said...

Darby only once submitted a West Mids regional page. In fact, I think West Mids and the South West were to two worst offenders for taking advantage of this essentially free regional mail shot service offered by Kenny. Darby is a waste of space. His head is in the clouds with the birds.

Anonymous said...

I bet Mark Collett himself wasn't handing out the crappy pro-griffin leaflets. Knowing him, he'd be sitting on his arse, hanging around the car, taking the piss out of his lackeys. His ego makes me puke, but even more sickening is his dodgy psycho-killer stare.

Anonymous said...

Problem is Griffin - John Tyndall 2003

“Long ago, I came to realise that as far as Nick Griffin is concerned policy stances are simply things to be adopted or discarded in accordance with how they further his ends in the factional wars in which, for his whole political life, he seems to have been engaged. His tactics are nothing if not consistent. He ascertains the policy stance of the person he perceives to be his current rival, and he then adopts a different one - so that he can then present his position as arising out of political necessity rather than egotism and ambition. He gets away with this with many people because he has a silver tongue that at times can be extremely persuasive. It takes getting to know the man to see through his tricks.”

Anonymous said...

Problem is Griffin - John Tyndall 2003

I believe that if Nick Griffin is allowed to continue his jealous and vindictive rampage he will wreck the Lancashire and North West BNP just as he did the West Midlands three years ago and the National Front many years before that.
It gives me no satisfaction to say that the warnings I gave about Nick Griffin back in 1999, ignored as they then were by many, have been overwhelmingly vindicated

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby never submitted a West Mids regional page, Rob Purcell nagged him for over a year to give the region some coverage and on that one occasion he submitted it himself.

Paul said...

I'm still waiting to receive my copy of BN either by email or by post.

I'm sure I will not receive a copy so if someone could scan and email to me? I would be greatful :)

Anonymous said...

can i just make a point that many of you won't like, but i do so for the most charitable of reasons?

NG will use this to galvanise the BNP esp in LOndon. He is already pushing for big donations.

NG rides these storms by the skin of his teeth and with the luck of the devil. 1986, 2001... he did the same.

if you want to regain the BNP [as much as i hate to say it] you must have no qualms in fighting him.

otherwise he WILL win and you'll be another footnote like the Freedom Party with some drifting back to serve under him!

you MUST get this fight off the ground in LONDON.


there are plenty who loathe Griffin in London, and especially in Croydon [a reservoir of 40 - 50 leafleters].

Get in there, network, send roaving speakers, and GET THE GRASSROOTS AWAY FROM GRIFFIN!!!

i spoke to a grassroots member yesterday who had no real idea about the rebellion - and he doesn't even like Griffin!!!

Liaise. Network. Contact. or you are yesterdays news, and NG's corruption, nepotism, cronyism and profiteering.

Do you want a winning BNP? Or just another wing added to the Gribin and another bolthole/retirement villa in Eastern Europe?

The choice is yours, but you must stage a PROACTIVE ASSAULT outside your heartlands.

The 14 Words said...

British Nationalist Lies

Well with Collett editing this once respected membership newsletter it was to expected that it would provide a slanted view of what has happened to our party.

However having read the article ‘The truth behind the factional lies’ I am seething with anger.
This article is full of lies and deceit in a poor attempt to pull the wool over the members eyes.

It says that ‘most of the good local and regional officials are back at work’
Wrong how can 9 out of 67 be classed as most. By the way one of the 10 names on the ‘private website’ is Trisha Scott and she has not gone back?

Private website, that’s a joke as the reds will be aware of it by now.

The vast majority of our members were never fooled, you are right, because the vast majority of our members do not know what has gone on. If they knew that officials homes had been bugged and personal property removed, that 67 elected councillors, regional organisers, organisers, fund-holders and department heads have been called ‘nazis’ by Griffin I think that they too would be unhappy with what has gone on.

We are then called ‘plotters’ when there was no plot it’s that simple.
Those of us who resigned our positions did so in support of Sadie and Kenny, two of the parties hardest working officials, who were expelled from the party for complaining too much about the damage Collett and Hanam had done and were doing to the party.

The next lie is that EIE is lie-filled and linked to far-left websites, total rubbish. However it’s par for the course, as it must be linked to the far-left, as it say’s things that Griffin does not like the- TRUTH.

The computer was the personal property of Sadie Graham and it was taken from her home ‘without’ her knowledge or permission, what was wrong with a phone call to say that they would like to come and pick the ‘parties’ computer up, instead they got the wrong one. Anyway, why did it need ‘five’ members of the BNP security team to pick up a PC, and why did they travel to Sadies home when she was out.

The biggest lie in BN is that a ‘members list’ was passed to a Simon Shepard. Well as I have said on this site before, the bizarre propaganda he posted out, went to one members year old address, one members wife in her maiden name, etc. etc. don’t you think that the ‘plotters’ would have provided an up to date list I would.

BN mentions that Shepherd was imprisoned and then says that Hanam did not even see the leaflet until it was distributed so Mr. Collett ( BN editor) why have you not mentioned that Hanam was imprisoned along with Shepherd for the same offence, I thought this article was supposed to be the truth or can the truth be selective.

What some people have said is that as the bizarre propaganda had a Hull post mark and Hanam lives nr Hull as does Shepherd that there may be some connection.

However the biggest lies are on the Private BNP blog site were receipts appear to have been doctored and computer accounts set up to try to prove their point.

Even emails and their content have been edited to suit purpose

There is actual PROOF that Sadies phone conversation was bugged/recorded without her knowledge. OH by the way, who captured their private skype conversation, how do you capture a private skype conversation anyway, it is impossible, I mean to capture it you would need to know when the conversation was taking place would you not. Then how do you actually do it, unless you bug the phone or the home. Sadies house was an open house were many members came in and out some even staying overnight in her spare room, plenty of opportunity there then.

Anonymous said...

Darby never once submitted a regional page advocating the West Mids, it was Rob Purcell. You are right my Brum friend he is useless.

Anonymous said...

Your excellent article contains the following statement: "Hannam’s private company Great White Records (where Hannam is incidentally both the sole director and the secretary which is illegal according to the rules listed on the company’s house website)"

Is there any further information on the company Great White Records? For example
1) has British National Party money been put into Great White Records? If so how much?
2)If British National Party money(ie members money)has been put into Great white Records who represents the British National party interest in the company?
3) Does Great White Records make donations to the British National Party?
4)British National Party Groups and Branches are encouraged to buy Great White recordings as are individuals via the BNP website. These purchases are made because the buyers are ,in my opinion, allowed,if not encouraged to believe, that it is to the financial advantage of the BNP to make such purchases. If no donations are made by Great White Records to the British National Party does this imply that Great White Records is trading by deception? Would this be fraud?
Are there any lawyers on the blog?

Anonymous said...

What makes me wet myself laughing about this tacky little piece of scrap paper is when Collett talks of the 'fantastically professional' begging letter that went out just before Christmas.

Dear God! It was a pile of cheap, appallingly designed and scruffy looking junk mail created with cheap PC software, desperately rushed and posted before people had spent all their Christmas money. Does Griffin really expect us to believe that the good people of the BNP spent £70,000 of their hard-earned money answering his disgraceful looking and desperate plea for more cash - over the Christmas period?

I don't know a single person who donated anything. Not because they wouldn't give money to the party, but because it was an awkward time of year for someone to be asking to send them money.

Needless to say mine went straight in the bin, along with the other junk mail, although the other junk mail was far more attractive and really was professionally produced.

How Griffin and his blackmailer, Collett, think a pile of such tat is anywhere near 'fantastically professional' is beyond me or anybody who is sick of such garbage coming through the letterbox and cluttering up the hallway.

Yet more embarassment caused to the party by Griffin and that piece of filth Collett.

Forseti said...

You state that Dave Hannam is sole director and secretary of Great White Records, which is illegal. It would be illegal but the last company return showed Nick Cass as the second director.

Incidentally the GWR accounts to 31 December 2006 showed no sign of the rumoured £50,000 BNP investment. What is the truth of this I wonder.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I assumed Darby put it in that one time. It's a sad day when members have to push the RO and end up doing the job themselves. Well done Rob.

Anonymous said...

Nick Cass resigned his directorship in April 2007! That's a fact.

Forseti said...

If Cass resigned his directorship and was not replaced then GWR is illegal in not having two officers.

As for Richard Chadfield's comment, the GWR accounts are not very illuminating as the company files abbreviated accounts, which is legal but not very useful for anyone wanting to know more. It is clearly a very small business which made a profit of £6 in its first period of trading, which was up to 31 December 2006.

The BNP accounts are more helpful. A note to the accounts explains that the BNP sells GWR's records which the party buys from GWR at "commercial rates". "GWR also supplies professional services to the party by way of sound assistance at venues, and in the year ended 31 December 2006 this amounted to £9,618."

There is no reference to donations to the BNP so it is fair to assume there were none. Purchase of records at commercial rates suggests that GWR is making a profit from the sales. So it seems that GWR benefits from the business with the BNP but the benefit is not reciprocated.

The GWR accounts state that the directors were not paid by the company (though someone else was because there is PAYE owed). If Hannam was paid by the BNP while running GWR, this amounts to a subsidy by the BNP of Hannam's personal company.

(Strangely, according to the company return Hannam owned the only share in the company but the GWR accounts show two shares issued.)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with what Purging The Droid says. Unless we campaign in the London boroughs, to take the votes away from Griffin, he will kill off the rebellion by winning both GLA seats and state funding.

Kill him off, by keeping the bnp's vote in london to 3% or less, which is achievable if we run indepenedent candidates against those from official bnp, and we can slay the beast.

Do this, and griffin will be gone before the end of June. I promise you.

Do nothing, and allow Griffin to gain power and money, and there will be no way of ever deposing the dictator. The the bnp you know and love will be sterile and worthless, just like the National Front after Griffin messed that up in a similar way.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has clearly gone mad, he is replacing excellent organiser at both local and regional level with complete tossers. This will put the party back 8 years to the Tyndall days. The only way to stop this is for you people to win the party back for its members.

Anonymous said...

I hate the BN now. The grammar is appalling (don't they have proof readers??!!?) and it looks amateurish.

I tore mine up and gave it to the cat (she loved getting her claws into it!! hahaha) Best thing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I am more than a little suspicious of your post Millwall Fan!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A EiE Birmingham supporter is looking to get to the Voice of Change conference. Problem is that I have no means of getting there. Can I ask if anyone intends to go from the Brum area in a vehicle, and would you consider giving me a lift? I would share the cost of travel and pay for drivers food and refreshment. email:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the bulletin, very informative. Makes a change to the BN received 2 days before, full of lies and more lies! I find it very hard to believe a single word that spouts from colletsky and co's mouths!
Much of what I've read on EIE I can relate to first hand, especially of the vile worm tongue!
At a meeting in Blackpool, which we took WT to and from I had the honour of security of the low life and was rewarded with the comment that all women are whores!
I offered to put my boot in his mouth if he didnt shut up, he continued till he realised I was absolutely serious!
Isn't it rewarding to know we have such refined,polite future leader qualities in our midst!?!
Roll on going forward, taking the party forward and our race and nation!

Anonymous said...

I see in the evening standard, Griffo was marching with the police federation, instead of negotiating with the EiE pressure group. What a complete and absolute waste of time.

This shows, above all, he is now a member of the political establishment. It's a shame that so many bnp members in london think the sun shines out of griffo's backside. These are the people who will elect the bnp onto the london assembly, and line griffin's pockets with gold.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Doc Edwards? He's saying on Simon Darby's blog that he doesn't support you guys (though he did seem a little reserved about it).

Anonymous said...

there's another thought-provoking post on the brummie blog:

All I know is that a winning strategy is needed, and I'm not sure there is one yet.

Anonymous said...

As for the doc, as one or two people will change their minds hundreds more will join, its just a matter of time before Griffin & his British Nazi Party thugs are gone, then we can have a real nationalist person with dynamic & new ideas,

Anonymous said...

Shame those striking policemen and women didn't turn the cuffs on Old Nick, and arrest him for various crimes including bugging, theft and financial fraud.

It doesn't say much for today's boys in blue if they are happy to walk hand in hand with a convicted criminal.

Anonymous said...

apologies for the comment I posted last night, the meeting we did the security for that Collet called all woman 'whores' was at Brid not Blackpool! Soz.....

Paul said...

I eventually received mine in the post as sending it by email must be difficult for people with only a brain cell between them.

It lit my Rayburn pretty well but thats what happens when you use S**T to light it.

Anonymous said...

Problem is Griffin - John Tyndall 2003

“Long ago, I came to realise that as far as Nick Griffin is concerned policy stances are simply things to be adopted or discarded in accordance with how they further his ends in the factional wars in which, for his whole political life, he seems to have been engaged. His tactics are nothing if not consistent. He ascertains the policy stance of the person he perceives to be his current rival, and he then adopts a different one - so that he can then present his position as arising out of political necessity rather than egotism and ambition. He gets away with this with many people because he has a silver tongue that at times can be extremely persuasive. It takes getting to know the man to see through his tricks.”

Anonymous said...

Just by the way, Arthur Kemp is not a traitor - he is not British so he cannot be. Not sure what he is doing in the BNP or even in the UK for that matter. Mr Kemp has been going around telling all and sundry that he makes the decisions in the party and the elected officials are all illiterate, presumably that is why he is now head of education!