Thursday, 3 January 2008

Cllr Sadie Graham counters the dirty personal attacks and smears

Many BNP members including visitors to this blog are still confused about recent events and have had to endure the lies that are being peddled by Griffin, Barnes and his entourage of other misinformed or devious cohorts, so I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight on exactly what I have done for the party. Those of you who have been involved in some of our national events and who are local or regional officials will have already had dealings with me on a professional level at some time or another. However there are many people now embroiled and involved in all this who may not be entirely aware of even who I am or what position I held within the party. This is certainly not intended as any kind of trumpet-blowing exercise, far from it. In fact, it is because I am not the kind of person to shout from the rooftops that has led to this being the first real insight into what I actually did do for the BNP.

East Midlands Organiser

I took on this role when it was offered to me by my predecessor and sanctioned by Nick Griffin back in 2004. One of the first tasks that I undertook was to make sure that the regional officials met together once every two months for a regional council meeting. These have taken place without fail since that time. We had no councillors in this region, which was considered an election back water at the time and this can be confirmed by our National Elections Officer. Up until two weeks ago we had 17 district, borough and parish councillors in this region largely to do with the vast improvements in efficiency and training that I directly made within the region. I was the first and only regional organiser to hold a training day for our newly elected councillors in May 2007 so that we wouldn’t face the daunting task of taking up our positions completely in the dark. The East Midlands is one of those odd regions where nearly every council elects just every four years, in 2003 we stood only around 20 candidates in the local elections, yet in 2007 we stood over 100 candidates. The East Midlands was praised by Nick Griffin in a text he sent to me on my ‘own personal phone’ on 4th May 2007; “East Mids leading the way on real grass roots approach. Potential to be bnp new model army”.

The East Midlands is the only region to have a fully functioning fundraising dining club and it was solely down to me that this was re-launched. It currently has over 35 members paying into it. I was also instrumental in setting up a serious fundraising scheme for the Euro Elections whereby each unit has to pay in a set levy every month and also organise a Euro Fundraiser. Griffin has written yet more lies that my recently organised social was full of skinheads! What utter garbage. It was full of members and ordinary decent friends and voters from my ward. If the lies were not so utterly malicious then it would be very amusing. Photos were put up on regional voices at the time which proves his skinhead claim to be another lie (they are also reproduced below). In any case, due to my pushing for the socials, organising the fundraising club and sending out a regional appeal for funds then there would not be the £10,000 plus which is currently sitting in the East Midlands Regional Account waiting to be spent on the Euro Election campaign. Doesn’t really sound like the work of a lazy nationalist, red or state asset does it Mr Griffin?

I was not one to withhold power to myself as Griffin would like you to think, far from it. In fact the East Midlands was one of the only regions to have nearly all the regional positions filled by different dedicated and honest nationalists. I appointed people for the following roles; Regional Elections Officer, Regional Secretary, Press Officer, Fundraiser and Regional Security. To suggest that I wanted to clutch power to myself is a nonsense when I was such a strong advocate of delegation, do everything yourself and you end up doing nothing really well.

When Griffin came to the East Midlands on the 15th December to berate me in front of a packed Leicester meeting he got a shock because the support that I have within this region is considerable. This is due to nothing more than people seeing first hand the contributions that I have made, the distance I have travelled to talk with them, the fact that I pound the same streets as them in election campaigns and the fundamental principle I stand by which is that no man or woman is greater than the next, we are all in this party for one reason and that is to be the only salvation that this country has from the cesspit that it currently finds itself in.

University Life

There is a ludicrous lie being peddled that I must be a state spy due to the fact that I was left alone at university by reds. This is utterly baseless as I did receive harassment whilst at university but not to the extent that they campaigned to expel me. This was simply due to the fact that I kept my head down whilst I was there and concentrated on doing party work away from campus. It was a decision that I took because I just wanted to get through it without any trouble and complete my degree. I started university in 2000 and stood for election in 2003 when I was only two months away from completing my degree. When it was discovered that I was standing for the BNP a story was run in the student paper (this can be checked online) and my tutors met to discuss whether they would continue teaching me or not.

Group Development Officer

I took on this role in February 2006 after my predecessor Tony Lecomber was removed from the position. I expressed an interest in this role because I could see the improvements that needed to be made and I had already held group development meetings in my role as EM Regional Organiser.

My role as Group Development Officer has been directly attacked. I was informed by several people who attended the North West meeting in Wigan that Griffin stated that ‘I had been a very poor investment as group development officer and had only set up a few units.’ There is just no substance to anything that Griffin or his cabal have written or said about me. They have had my computer (illegally) for over 3 weeks now and have produced nothing from it to suggest that I have done anything to directly harm the party or bring it into disrepute. Whilst they throw mud and malicious lies that simply don’t stick, I can produce evidence upon evidence of the positive and efficient work that I did for the party. You only have to take a look at the Statement of Accounts, finally submitted by Treasury on the Electoral Commission website to see evidence first hand of the work I undertook whilst working for the party. I am the only party officer role that is named on this statement due to the work I did setting up and monitoring our branches and groups.

Just for the record and this is in no way an exhaustive list but the following are just some of the areas where I held Group Dev meetings; Amber Valley (Derbyshire), Walsall, Ribble Valley, East Lindsey (Lincs), Dover & Folkestone, Dartford & Gravesham, Eastbourne, Lincoln, Derby, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Burton Upon Trent, Nottingham, North Shropshire, Alsager & Cheshire, Chesterfield, Peterborough & Fenland, Hereford, Newcastle Under Lyme, Telford, Ashfield, Oxford & Abingdon, Reading, Slough, Newark & Sherwood, Mansfield, Hyndburn, Brackley, Warrington. There were many others as this is just a partial list from memory. There were also many other places were I travelled to speak to give advice on developing their unit or to hold mediation meetings.

One of the first tasks I undertook in my role was an initial review of all units, having discussions with regional organisers about their regions and gaps within them. I also appointed regional organisers in Wales, South East, London, Eastern, South West, Mid-West, as well as seeking new regional officials in other regions including the North West and Yorkshire. I am pleased to say that those appointments have made real improvements within their regions. I was also instrumental in setting up the process of by-monthly regional council meetings and their two yearly inspections. I set up the procedure for new organisers and contacts to receive letters and information informing them of their form 3 applications along with info on how to get started, this later included a computer disk packed with useful forms, templates and guides.

There was very little, if any, regional training taking place before I implemented it starting with elections training seminars that I held in the East Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland and Yorkshire. There were no formalised national training events like the Summer or Winter Schools taking place before I organised them. Anyone who has attended any of them will know how vital they were. This was the aspect of my job that I truly loved the most, knowing that people were attending events voluntarily to learn and develop their skills for the benefit of the party overall. I also organised two of the January Organisers Conferences, which again brought more improvements to the parties training and organisation.

It was Kenny Smith, Head of Admin, and myself who implemented the PGP software encryption procedures so that absolutely no sensitive membership or enquiry data was to be emailed over the internet without first being encrypted. It had long been known that e-mailing data like this was not safe and the previous methods involved burning disks of data and passing them onto each other by hand. Therefore this PGP software sped up the whole process and made it a great deal safer. This totally blows out of the water Griffin’s preposterous lie that we deliberately leaked information or have sold databases when it was us who made our data so much more secure in the first place.

The Modernisers

None of us have disputed the fact that the BNP under Griffin has made significant gains and leaps forward. However this cannot be solely awarded to the work of Griffin alone – in fact Griffin was encouraged to join the BNP by people such as Scott McLean, who he has also attacked, because Scott and many others like Kenny Smith recognised the need for modernisation and they saw Griffin as someone who could lead that modernisation – but what appears to have happened now is that those of us internally who felt that a whole lot more needed to be done to improve our still tainted image simply hit a glass ceiling. Since being expelled – not by formal letter but by reading a BNP website article - I have been inundated with calls from people who feel that there was a quite simple explanation for the main reason why I was dismissed from the party, that being that Griffin saw me as a threat to his position as leader. Whilst I have never made any claims that I have wanted to control this party I can say that I could see very plainly that Nick Griffin was to a certain extent holding the party back and preventing it from progressing beyond what we had achieved just one year ago. The lie that he is presenting that we are somehow the very people that he was trying to rid the party off has to be the most unbelievable of all his lies. He knows this too, so how he sleeps at night I will never know. Especially when it is he who has the criminal record, he that has gone on record denying the holocaust and he who refuses to bring to account those who really do seek to hold the party back, even when the Central Management Team who he appointed, advised him to expel those very two staff members David Hannam and Mark Collett who have brought the party into very serious legal and moral disrepute!

The nonsense about us wanting Councillor Lawrence Rustem expelled has been completely made up. I know Lawrence to be a very hardworking activist and have canvassed alongside him many times in by-elections and he has even come to the East Mids to help me with target election campaigns. He was given honorary membership under John Tyndall's leadership and this has never been questioned by myself or any other colleague involved in this whole affair. Neither has the membership of Councillor Pat Richardson ever been raised by me. I sat alongside Pat at a National Press Conference in April 2006 and know her to be a very brave fellow female councillor.

It is very ironic that Griffin is trying to smear us with the neo-Nazis lie when it is those who he so closely surrounds himself with that have the worst track records and most damaging reputations for the party, the names Mark Collett, Dave Hannam spring to mind. You only have to look at those party officials most recently sacked and the indisputable proof of countless testimonies from other party officials, improved procedures and innumerable evidence that shows it was us that were the real party modernisers. We knew what needed to be done, we tried to get on with doing it but were seriously hampered in the process, now we are being slandered, bugged and burgled for simply daring to stand up for the membership and to Nick Griffin’s totally inept man-management skills. The man claims he supports free speech and democracy; well it certainly doesn’t exist within Griffin’s BNP. However mark my words; it will exist here one day. Griffin’s reign is coming to an end; he is now so politically damaged largely by his own making, that he seriously stands very little chance of being elected to Europe, let alone surviving a future leadership challenge with his current mandate intact. Of course, he has and will continue to resort to using destructive tactics to protect his seat on his throne, but in the process has very seriously damaged the BNP’s electability. The real traitor in this whole affair is Griffin, not for being a red, a neo-Nazi or a state asset but for dismissing the democratic ideals of a free speech party, then removing those who worked the hardest to make improvements and finally destroying so many peoples faith in the belief that the principles and actions of the BNP leadership were honest, moral and honourable.

This fight is far from over. I am still proceeding through legal avenues to have my computer and property returned. The police are still investigating as are proceedings against my wrongful dismissal from my employment. We are in an awkward situation where we do not wish to harm the party, we have our hands tied behind our backs because we still passionately want the BNP to improve and prosper. However, Griffin is trying to force our hand on this as I am simply not just going to walk away from the party and the membership who have been so terribly wronged as I have. We have the truth on our side and will fight our corner all the way, I know that this is causing huge undue distress upon my unborn baby but it is for that baby above all that I continue this fight.

I firmly believe that the BNP can be salvaged but certainly not under the current leadership. We therefore call upon all members and supporters who believe that important changes must be made to improve our image, to strengthen the foundations of democracy enshrined within the parties constitution and a total overhaul of our obscure and rather chaotic finances, to write, email and call the chairman and the party manager to make their own voices heard.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent peice of writing to counter the lies from Nick Griffin. Sadie is an outstanding worker, I wish we had her in our region. He has made a terrible mistake sacking her and the other party modernisers. God help the BNP now.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Happy New Year Sadie and Matt from the BNP loyalists in the North of Scotland. Please keep up the fight and give us a truthful, honest party to back us up as we hit the streets.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that knows Sadie is fully aware of her marvelous and valuable contributions to the BNP. The same applies to Matt in his various official positions over many years.

Hopefully the grass roots membership are now seeing through the shocking strategies, lies and character assinations undertaken by Griffin and those few 'high ranking', but unwanted, odious officials.

Something has to give, and soon.

Anonymous said...

Well said but there is a lot more. You inspire people and, with good guidance, they do their best but I do belive the best is yet to come.

God bless you Sadie, keep smiling and spread a little light. God knows we need some.

Dr Chris Hill said...

A very good roundup of the current events indeed, and I can personally vouch for some of its accuracy, as I saw a vast improvement in group support, during your time as Group Development Officer. What does concern me is your comments about Nick Griffin not being able to continue as leader, and I would like to know: are you willing to stand for election to the position of party chairman (or should that be chairperson)?

You have the right image, and almost 3 years experience in public office at parish & district level, remember Nick has no such experience at all. With your ideas and drive, I’m sure the party would achieve the electoral success we all know could be possible with a fully electable BNP.

Sadie you started this (unfair I know), are you going to see this process, of making the party fully electable, through to the end? I’m still not fully convinced that Nick’s position can’t be saved (with major changes), but if not then Sadie Graham leader of the British National Party sounds good to me!

Chris Hill

Nick if your reading this hurry up and act reasonably, because the term ‘Sadie Graham BNP leader’ is starting to sound better to me every minute.

Anonymous said...

"However mark my words....Griffin’s reign is coming to an end. I firmly believe that the BNP can be salvaged but certainly not under the current leadership"

Sadie, these are the strong words that I've been willing one of you to say. I'm sure that most of those who have contributed to this blog will feel the same. Please make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Griffin must go, and go soon!
He is causing us great harm. Sadie is ten-times the nationalist that Griffin could ever be. She to me should be our next party leader.

Griffin is not fit to stack shelves in Tesco's.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is not a private club, it is a Party belonging to (and accountable to) it's members. It is responsible for the huge task of returning Britain to its rightful owwners - the Indigenous people.
It seems we now have two problems - Our party has, like our nation, been mis-appropriated - and must be reclaimed before we can progress.
Gri££in is not part of the solution - he is a functioning and active part of the problem.
Through the last year - since I first lost faith in the leadership, I clung to the belief that the decent people - people like Sadie, would sort things out - and that a
new and decent leadership would emerge.
I was wrong about the party, but am humbled to say - I underestimated Sadie, she has proved far stronger and even more decent than I thought.

Thanks to you all for staying .... STAUNCH!

Anonymous said...

You know how I feel.
You were the reason I joined the party.
When the time came to jump off that fence...there was only one side to join.
The side that contained hard working,honourable nationalists.
Happy New Year and God bless.

Anonymous said...

We all love you Sadie!

The 14 Words said...

Well said sadie, and I know a lot of what you have written to be true.

It is now that Griffin must decide whether he wants a modern electable party or the Griffin appreciation society.

As an ex-organiser, 'now' I know the effect the name Collett and his staring roles in his films has had on recruitment to my branch.

If Collett was 'totally' innocent of all charges, surely NG would say. "Look mate your are a nice lad but I must let you go as I can not allow everything I have helped build for years be destroyed, I cannot let my hardest working elected councillors, organisers and fund holders just walk away", now can I' but he has not why?
What has Collett got on Griffin that is the question and we await your answer Nick.

If it is so bad then perhaps you should go now, if not then tell us why you are letting all we have worked for fall apart.

I would also like to know why the press have left us alone even most of the reds sites have not run the story.

I want to know why you and Darby have called your hardest working officals nazis, It is very hard to beleive that a clever politican like you would have surrounded yourself with people like these in the first place.

Be honest you are just name calling are you not Nick, I mean you even call us 'reds' in the same articles, you have made a bad mistake there Nick, because you have just told the voters that your best people are nazis, everything we have tried to dispel for years. The question is why would you do that.

You have VOF, Identity, BN and the website to spread your lies we only have EIE.

I would have thought that you would have been building bridges not destroying them.

Nick, there 'was' no plot to oust you,
nobody phoned me to ask me to join them. Do you know mate if they had I would have phoned you straight away and told you because then you held my upmost respect and to be honest love.

Today I feel betrayed and let down by you and those around you, how can you do this to our party, how can you plan it's destruction, had this been in December I would have said that you are a turkey voting for Christmas

Anonymous said...

Having seen what Sadie has done in the East Midlands I would fully support any move for Sadie to be made leader of the BNP. There are a few problems that stand in the way, anyone who voices any sort of dissent within the party at the moment are being labelled as either reds or neo-nazis and being expelled making any strong challenge for the leadership in the future almost impossible. Although the thought of a new party is appealing there is not the time, the BNP has the name and the policies that can win seats, but its progress is now being severley hampered by the current stance of the leadership.

However, on the other side, some of us are in areas where there are elections coming up in May and work needs to be done to keep the BNP at the forefront of peoples minds for the right reasons, leafleting and canvassing still needs to be done, standing as an independent nationalist is unlikely to result in victory without the party name.

It is a catch 22 situation for many of us who feel sympathy and are angry with what has happened since December, but we need to continue our work so there is still a BNP for Sadie or another equally committed nationalist to lead in the future.

Anonymous said...

A Griffinite can be a liberal, a Nazi, a Jew, a gentile, a hardliner, a moderniser...

But what a Griffinite MUST be is someone who loves position, power and money.

Nick Gri££in thinks about what thing: what benefits Nick Gri££in.

As someone said in 1999, for the good of the BNP:
Time for Change.

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham.

You may not want to be the leader of the British National Party, but as the old saying goes, 'and some men have greatness thrust upon them'. Nick Griffin has had his day, it's now time for Sadie to stand against him in-order to let the membership will decide who runs the BNP.

My vote will be for Sadie Graham.

Anonymous said...

I had the letter before Christmas asking for donations for the BNPs "Building to grow project" I have allways replied to a personal appeal from Nick Griffin, but this time i just couldnt bring my self to send a donation in the current climate. I will however make a donation to my local Tyneside branch instead.

Iv noticed some people on different blogs and forums have been advising members to refuse to renew their memberships for 2008. I am against this policy! We ALL must renew our memberships. The party needs the money weather Nick remains leader or not!

Iv read Nicks new year message,i wasnt too overawed with it. Im still in favour of Nick as party leader, at present, but i agree with one previous poster, who said there "should be an amnesty" for the likes of Sadie Graham. Sadie has done excelent work for the party. She must be brought back on board. This split must be brough to and end, there must be give and take on BOTH sides!

"Jaw jaw jaw, is better than war, war war"

Anonymous said...

Sadie, reading your statement brought tears to my eyes, I have stood beside you in the past at the trial for Griffin's 'Freedom of Speech' also have spoke with you at meeting's and I can confirm that YOU are the most honest hard working loyal Nationalist.It deeply saddens me that people with high intelligence such as Griffin could ever commit such a crime on yourself, I totally agree with you that he probably thinks as you as a threat towards being leader one day. just has he did with J.T and many others he classes as a threat! So the easy option is for him to smear you with dirty tricks and disgusting lies.

Why would you bring the party into modernisation and gain much more support than it has ever made in the past 20 years to then be called the so called M15 agent you are being accused of by some individual's over the internet? These accusation's are utterly beyond belief and the person/person's accusing you of such pathetic lies have they ever met you as a person? they only know something what someone has suggested to them, and with dishonour and distrust they have believed the lies from the enemy!

Don't let them grind you down, you are the one that will walk away from this knowing that your not the one to blame.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Folks please stop posting as anon, because I know that the BNP Patriots and true nationalists want the BNP to continue. I fear the reds are trying to post as anons to ensure a split in the BNP.
This is not our objective and we will not be swayed by anon posters, they only thing that will be acted apon will be the current situation and the best outcome for British Nationalisim.
I am also aware that some anons are genuine, I would plead with you to show support and use your name whilst posting, the more support we get the more chance of success we will have.
This is not a game or a place for fence sitters, this is the future of our country, and our childrens well-being. Please have the guts to put your names to posts, your nation depends on it.

Forseti said...

You're quite right when you say "do everything yourself and you end up doing nothing really well".

So what has Griffin done?

Simon Darby is deputy leader, press officer, West Midlands regional organiser and has now been given the job of organising regional training for the group development work and accounting that is now to be done at a regional level.

Arthur Kemp runs Excalibur, literature distribution, training for voting members and is now website editor.

And Griffin himself has just taken on the role of North West regional organiser in addition to what should be a full-time job as leader.

Madness, sheer madness.

Anonymous said...

Sadie you must challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership, his continual defense of that thug Mark Collett is a joke. Collett is a hotheaded thug who is losing the BNP thousands of votes, yet why Griffin continues to stand by him is baffling. If Collett remains in the BNP then it is a sick joke that you are not in it Sadie, it really is. Griffin is part of the problem, defo not the solution..Get your case out in the media Sadie, about Nick..I know some people will call this divisive and playing into the reds, but we have little choice..Griffin is a control freak and the British people deserve better. Griffin's time is limited, people are beginning to see behind his agenda.

Stand up and be counted Sadie, we are behind you!

Libertas said...

Isn't Sadie expelled? to stand against Griffin, she would have to be legally reinstated first wouldn't she?

Anonymous said...

My membership has lapsed and will not be renewed.
If we all pay again, that will give the present regime every reason to continue.
I for one no longer support this leadership following the disgraceful behaviour of NG, SD, MW, LJB etc.
I'm not interested in security and intelligence or any other covert operations. I don't care about who said what about whom.
My role as a councillor is to serve the people of my ward and do it well so that next time round others might also be elected.
In doing so this has cost me a small fortune in wages let alone time.
For all the effort I've made, I find myself banned from the BNP Forum on the say so of some Griffin stooge and not allowed to speak or question decisions.

If and when changes do occur, I might consider rejoining but certainly not before.

Graham P
NW Leics

The 14 Words said...

Sadie I spoke at the first Nottingham meeting I was on the top table with NG, JB, PE, and others.
It was a packed meeting, if you remember it was the one were NG mentioned that of the four printers the party had bought, one was to be raffled to the region that raised to most for the 2005 general election and one was to be raffled to the whole of the membership, when did that happen then ?

You showed then and many times since through dedication and hard work that you only had the best interests of the party at heart.

If freedom of speech is denied to us as members of the party, then we have no right to ask people to vote for us nor stand as a party that proports to defend free speech.

We stood for hours in the cold, wet and rain for days supporting NG and MC in defence of free speech was that effort in vain.

I have been banned from the members forum 'denied free speech' by the 'management committee' and for what, I do not know.

When I was a moderator on the members forum and I had occasion to ban a user I sent them the reason why, it is only polite to do so.

Now I have not broken any party rules, I have not used the forum to attack NG or the party.

"I am a fully paid up card carrying member"

"I was banned the day my name appeared on this site". It seems to me that 'freedom of speech and expression' is only bestowed upon those who tow the partyline as dictated by NG, whether or not they actually agree with it.

I have asked the 'Management Committee' and a forum moderator why I have been banned.

The moderator did reply and thanks for that 'you know who you are' but no reason was given for my banning.

I still await an answer from the MC. I will let you know if they actually get the gonads to reply to a BNP fully paid up member as to why they have been banned from the 'party forum'.

Anonymous said...

Only been a member for 2 years,so know little about the running of a political party.But I do know dictatorship when I see it,and I am astute enough to seperate downright lies from the truth.The party I supported and believed in has turned into a nightmare,and I shall not be renewing my membership,untill such time that there are changes in the positions of the people who are running the party at present.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sadie, for your first class statement setting out a few more of the facts that we all need to know about in order to fully understand the situation.

May I suggest that we all carefully copy/paste your statement onto an email and send it to anyone we know who is likely to have read only the lies touted about on the BNP Forum and Website. A covering note would be good, too.
A link to EIE should be clearly provided where possible.

The Comments Sections on the ‘now awful Website’, and on the Forum, together with those on the blogs of Darby and co, are all censored in order to hide the truths and facts of the real situation. These truths and facts need to be shown to those strongly patriotic Nationalists. We mustn’t forget that they are also our friends in the bigger scene of things.
This needs to be done as soon as possible, before these good folks, at present held in ignorance, continue to prop up those dodgy officials who are hanging on only by lies, corruption and name-calling.
Some folks may need a little time to think clearly, and then, when they ‘see the light’ they will then have a full understanding.
Indeed, I was originally a little ‘on the fence’ for a short while, held there by the shock of events, I think!

The statement comes out well on email, c/w the photos, too. It can also be printed off and posted, and be PM’d to friends on the Forum.
There are other enlightening statements on EIE that can also be sent off, too, complete with many of the intelligent and heartfelt comments that other good patriots have taken the time and effort to publish on EIE.

If only the party could be rid of those few party officials and the awful baggage and images they cloud us with, we could and we would attract swathes of members and officials from the other parties, and our needs when forming a ‘shadow government’ would be filled with experienced people who I know would love to be able to help us to save our country.
I constantly, ‘mentally see’ the awful ‘Collett Images’ all over on Utube, and the constant media regurgitations of NG’s ridiculous, insane, holocaust denials, etc, and I feel sick to the stomach when I think where politically we could be now.
I joined the British National Party for success. Failure is not an option for me.

We should not forget all of the smaller, patriotic parties, which mainly exist because of the awful image of our party as it has been, and still is. It is to be hoped that many of them will join forces with us when we are a fully electable party.
I am sure that most of our Nation’s population are desperate for our policies to be put into action, and once the dirt from the top of our party has been seen to be eradicated, the publicity created by the first of many, good, patriotic politicians stepping forward to join us would certainly get the media’s attention!
With a cleansed and reorganised party we will have the chance of correcting other structural weaknesses in order to give us the ideal organisation for our onward march to set this country free.
I continue to remain very optimistic.

Have a happy new year, everyone.

Anonymous said...

It appears that all the problems have arisen over Mark Collett and Dave Hannam or certainly most of them have.I know of Collett and have met people that slag him off but i know nothing of Hannam except what ive read on this site.Could somebody that genuinly knows the truth about these two,make a list of what they have done wrong and place on the site.

Anonymous said...

I would argue that Sadie's activity within the BNP has been a model for branch building but and political development, looking at the bigger picture, I would ask some questions about John Bean's so-called role within British Nationalism. One of my early mentors in Nationalism was a 60s street activist, a rare breed let me tell you, and he was with John Bean's party for several years before, one day and for the next 30 years, Bean just disappeared. Literally, overnight the man vanished but is now lauded by some within the all-new BNP. His judgement has always been in question...

Clearly, the political situation is now such that there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of a rapprochement within the BNP and that another political vehicle must quickly be developed as the full, total and horrible truth about the BNP leadership has been so brutally exposed on a national and international scale.

After this exposure nothing less than a complete internal revolution within Nationalism is required. A few changes will not remove the cancer......

Anonymous said...

Libertas, sorry your right mate, I just let my emotion get the better of me..Just fed up with the bully boy of tactics of Nick Griffin and Mark Collett...Still think we must bring this to the media, otherwise the reds will use it against us when we least expect it..Also the unity of the BNP is not important..The Nationalist movement is bigger then the BNP, we just need more common folk and disillusioned BNP members to build a new nationalist movement that can change the face of this nation. Until Nick Griffin and Mark Collett go (and for that most of the current leadership, including Darby-who I once thought was a good guy) I could never support the BNP again they are not there for the common people anymore, but just to build up their egos.

The smear campaign on the BNP website against Sadie and co is out of order..The truth must be exposed.

Cllr Sadie take your concerns to the Media they need to know the truth, before the reds distort the facts!

Anonymous said...

But will the media listen ?
They seem to be listening to the lies,But will they listen to the truth ?

Anonymous said...

The media, I feel will listen, they will use it to tarnish us no doubt, it will damage us in the short term, but in the long term it will do us much good, as a real nationalist arises.

Anonymous said...

I rate Sadie very highly and she is a future leader of the BNP no doubt about it, but right now I nominate Steve Blake to be the better leadership challenger. He has the experience, the intelligence, the oratory skills and he is a man of high morale values unlike Griffin and co.
He would have a team that included Sadie, Ian and Kenny too and they have all have a proven pedigree.
What you say Steve?

Anonymous said...

Yes Eastern Official I agree! Steve Blake would be the best choice right now. Sadie would be better placed as his deputy for the time being.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense. Sadie is about to become a mum for the first time so she'll have an extra workload so to speak, though I'm sure still well capable of handling that and to be a hardworking deputy to Steve. Such a combination would get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Sadie, i have no person view in this matter totally although i have read both sides of the arguement and have followed the fiasco from start to finish.

Party politics aside, the BNP party should be taking giants strides in the wake of what Brown and all the other febble minded politicians are doing to our country, yet the BNP isn't making significant progress.

Have you ever wondered why? Nick Griffin is not the leader that the BNP had hoped, and given enough time he will tear your beloved party apart.

I have only one critisism of you and your fellow members and that is, you actually had the lack of sense to let Griffin lead your party in the first place.

Yes your party needed to modernise and cut the tenious cords of the past, but Griffin wasn't the answer and now you are finding that out to your cost.

sometimes it is hard to walk away from something you love, the fact of the matter is that while Griffin is in power then you have to take a back seat and let him engineer his own down fall, then be ready to help pick up the pieces after he is gone.

My advice is be careful not to interfere with Griffin and the party too much, you will only give him ammunition to strengthen his own position amongst those die hard Griffin supporters.

Sadie you're time will come again, and you will return to the fold sooner or later, there are lessons to be learned from this whole fiasco, i wish you all the best for the future and hope that you get the recognition you deserve.

thurrockactivist said...

Sadie, does all comments must be approved by the blog author mean you will only publish my post if i totally agree with you and slag off Mr Griffin (who I've not had a lot of contact with so i don't know the man) witch i find totally unconstructive . You gave me the impression this was the site for truth.

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