Monday, 14 January 2008

Cllr Auty speaks out!

The following was sent to Kenny Smith by one of our highest profile councillors yesterday. Cllr Colin Auty has kindly agreed to let EiE publish it here.

Dear Kenny,

When first joining this party a few years ago, I did so because of a meeting I attended. To sum it up, they were good people wanting a change from political parties spin and mistruths that were letting them down, people that would stand up and say it as it really is and not skirt issues in case they were pushed from the financial trough of politics. And so to me a lifeline of hope was given.

When elected two years later as councillor for Dewsbury, I thought right, now I have a chance to tell it as it is. Someone called me a politician, no said I, I am not a politician; a politician is someone who will see a donkey in the street and try to convince people it's a dog in order to further their own ends or ambitions.

So I have in the last 20 months done what I set out to do, I call it as I see it. Through this endeavour, along with our regions activists, I have managed to bring about respectability to the BNP and we are now very much electable. These people are the salt of the earth as are my two fellow councillors in Heckmondwike, David Exley and the ex-Tory warhorse Roger Roberts.

Between us we have created a family in Kirklees. We may agree to disagree at some meetings, but we always remain friends, that way we move forward in unison. If we had been senior management, things would never have developed in the way it has nationally, the leadership has created a "for us or for the Rebels" conflict, putting brother against brother and sister against sister.

Nick Griffin himself told a Yorkshire meeting in Leeds, he would “put a ring around Yorkshire and start a fresh, we did it before and would do so again if need be". So said he! Why? Just because we raise concerns and demanded answers (WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FREE SPEECH, step forward Mick Simpson).

Well I refuse to accept that insult, I refuse to accept you can talk this way to people, who through all kinds of weather have distributed thousands and thousands of leaflets, sold VoF and generally raised funds in order to make this party electable. And all this in their own time, for no pay, indeed, I know many for whom it costs money to be pro-active. I have known relationships nearly break under the strain and many take verbal insults and who have been attacked (step forward Ian Dawson) and yet these people carry on regardless.

I witnessed Cllr Chris Beverley and Ian Dawson branded as VERMIN, as neo-Nazis and incompetent at running a business, not by the opposition, but our own leader (shame on you for that Nick, many up here won't forgive).

This whole sorry business could have been so easily avoided; I myself put it to Nick Griffin in a text and spoke to Arthur Kemp at the early stage of it all. I said why not bring Sadie, Kenny etc. back on board, then suspend them pending an internal enquiry by an INDEPENDENT panel (must be totally independent of Nick Griffin). This would also incriminate Mark Collett and David Hannam, for they too would have to answer for their alleged misconduct and incompetence. When sorted out a statement could have been issued through our regions, so democracy and transparency have been seen to have taken place.

So what's so difficult about that... as I see it, nothing other than a vendetta would prevent that happening. DEMOCRACY as to be seen not dictatorship. The public won't have that. All I have seen from the senior level is spin and flannel. I refer back to where I started, mainstream parties and what the public want and duly expect.

Personally, I am very unhappy about these events. The leadership appears to hold the emotional blackmail of patriotism over many good people who feel like myself. A storm in a teacup Mr G, don't think so!

Councillor Colin Auty (Dewsbury East)


Dr Chris Hill said...

Cllr Auty says it all as far as I’m concerned, and I agree 100%.

Both Ian Dawson and Nick Cass left without a fuss, and its solved nothing! Collett and Hannam's antics were allowed to go on, totaly unrestrained, damaging the party we love.

In my humble opinion both Sadie and Kenny had a duty to inform the membership once it became clear that Nick Griffin was subverting the party's constitution and blocking any disciplinary action which might prevent further damage to the party.

In the final analysis both Sadie and Kenny owed their allegiances to the membership, who paid their salary, not to a dictator.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Colin as usual says it just right
and has grass roots opinion which people at the top failed to take notice of.

If someone at the top does not do something quick all The Local BNP work in Yorkshitre will have been a waste of time

If we loose poeple we will never get them back

"Come on Nick wake up before its to late"

Anonymous said...

Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory ... and ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.

^^ Griffin and his cabal should take note.

The 14 Words said...

Colin well said. You are a true nationalist and a very hard working elected councillor. I respect you very much my friend

Anonymous said...

I know that I have been advised not to give up my BNP membership but I have searched long and hard and I cannot find it in my heart as a Nationalist to remain in a party that has Nick Griffin as its leader or in any other position in which he is able to exert influence, particularly over the younger members. I shall wait until the last possible moment before exercising my options in the hope that debacle can be resolved to my satisfaction. I would point out that at that point in time I shall be 600 miles from home having spent the previous 4 weeks doing what I believe is vital work for the Party and its future.
William McCarthy. AKA Salvation in another place

Anonymous said...

Well I have to agree that even before I had read the previous comments that it said it all.

Anonymous said...

I really do think Nick Griffin must resign. It's as if the north South divide has returned, and Griffin is only bothered about London, which makes me wander if he ever cared about anything other than the capital, supporting councillors north of watford only as a matter of course, waiting to concentrate on the south of england when the time is right.

He's not gonna resign if the party wins seats in London, so let's hope they don't, and griffin takes the blame.

Then it will be time for a new leader. If not, like the nf before them, the BNP will be deliberately wrecked by state-collaborator Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Please can somebody buy derranged Griffin "When Psycopaths Go To Work" so he can see his pitiful self in the mirror before he finishes off our party.

Anonymous said...


There's an intriguing thread over on Stormfront, in the Politics and Activism section of SF Britain:

"Critics of main British Nationalist Party = Permanent Juveniles ?"

The poster called "Purging The Droid" has a familiar style and I've an inkling who he is ;)

He posts on the thread at around number 39 at 1:24 am today. I think it's well worth reading, folks, as are a good few of his other posts on the forum.


S E Pearson said...

I dare say Griffin isn't all that sad to see the back of Colin. Aunty’s defiance of his Muslim neighbour’s threats against his life was an embarrassing contrast with Griffin’s cowering on a Welsh mountainside. With the possible exception of Richard Barnbrook I can’t think of a man more respected by the average members than Colin Aunty. We have no shortage of wannabe intellectuals like Griffin, people with the courage and charisma of Colin are irreplaceable.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately if Barnbrook wins the mayor's vote in London, this will be used to consolidate the power trip of nick griffin.

Anonymous said...

I have been asked to add my response to Colin, so here goes...

Dear Colin,

That is one powerful and heartfelt e-mail my friend and I'm cc'ing the other eight expelled dissenters because of it.

I have been a member since 1992 and worked hard at every task I have set myself or task that has been set for me. I'm proud of what I have achieved but I do not set myself above any other member and it is the same feeling I get from you. In fact I find inspiration from members like yourself and David and Roger. You guys are doing it at the sharp end where many fear to tread and were even fewer arrive at though they want to get there, myself included. It is no word of a lie that 'Smell the Coffee' has been one of my favourite tunes this year because it says everything about our struggle. It doesn't matter when people wake up so long as they wake up. It matters not what specifically they do then so long as they do something to further the cause. You are a shining example of the fact that good guys can succeed and push the BNP to new levels of success.

I have often spoken with Steve Blake in particular, but others too about how the BNP should be about honesty, integrity, accountability and high moral standards. We profess after all to be the best of British and while some live it to the best of our abilities others do not. There has been a lack of these things in the party for a number of years and many who have highlighted this internally have either resigned under pressure or being forced out publicly as the party moves further away from the virtues we ordinary British Nationalists hold so dear.

This current problem has nothing to do with ideology or even personality, but everything to do with the party machine's ability to work professionally and effectively as a team working toward the same goal and ensuring every moment and every penny is not just spent wisely but accounted for. No one person or group of individuals is bigger than the party, but a simple example of the 'us and them' mentality which has taken over says it all for me...

Before RWB 2007 it was advertised that anybody who came and did a days work pre-opening would be fed. Brilliant, that's nationalism. I was on site Tuesday. Wednesday myself, Nicholla and quite a few others who only arrived on the Tuesday or first thing that morning did a full days shift. At tea-time Dave Joines called a site meeting at which he told all the hard workers that only those who had been onsite and working since the week before would be fed. This pissed many off. I too was miffed and made my feelings known to several national and site officials after the site meeting to avoid making a scene. Our National Treasurer John Walker explained to me that the new rule (changed from that advertised on the Forum and in BN as I was instructed) did not apply to me. Why not? I enquired. Because your Head of Admin came the reply. As you'd expect I let them know how disgusted I was by such a comment and how a person's title meant nothing, we were all comrades and here to work. The least the party or more accurately this clique could have done was honour the promise made. Yet they saw nothing wrong with their decision or the fact that they upset so many people, who like me refused to work for them again but worked on individual regional marquees instead.

Now Mr Griffin and his cohorts are damaging the party we love with their public smears and lies even more than they had done by protecting incompetence and inefficiencies in-house and turning a blind eye to the sleaze and dishonesty that was the hallmark of some of the very people he now holds up as shining examples of his leadership.

You mentioned the sensible option Griffin could have chosen in the beginning, when he found out about the EiE blog and even if we ignore the fact he bugged Sadie's home to discover that fact, it would indeed have been the sensible option to give us a disciplinary hearing in camera just as Mark and David got in December 2006 for their attempt to have sex with two underage girls at the Blackpool Conference hotel. However his judgement was already skewed by the fact he was fighting off the CMT's suggested expulsion of these two and the sacking letters both Nicholla and I received on the 9th and dated the 6th make no mention of the blog. I knew on Saturday the 2nd that Griffin had drawn up a redraft of our organisation structure without Sadie and me (though probably with a January reshuffle) and that is why I started the blog on the Sunday and told Sadie about it on the Monday (that was the recorded conversation they put on the website). On the Tuesday the CMT responded to Griffin's approval of the verbal warning for Collett and Hannam by saying they should be expelled under the rules of the Constitution and the disciplinary code which saw them get final warnings in Dec'06 with the threat of expulsion if they received another formal warning within two years. Having already slapped the CMT down Griffin wrote our sacking letters on Thursday but didn't even have the balls to tell me when we spoke on the Saturday, instead he waited for his goons to make their unsuccessful visit on the Sunday to threaten me and my heavily pregnant wife.

Our only hope is for a change of leader. I pray that change comes soon, because this party is our best hope of salvation as a people. Griffin may be happy to destroy it to destroy those who value honour and integrity, but it is not something I want to see come to pass. We are effectively fighting this battle against a man with no conscience with one hand tied behind our back, but truth and right is on our side and I am confident we can succeed against the odds.

Your support is greatly appreciated. You have a sterling reputation that far exceeds the boundaries of Yorkshire Colin and more than one person has made mention of the fact that we must be the 'honest' side because Cllr Auty has added his voice to ours.

Kenny Smith

Anonymous said...

well said colin.I remember the first time I heard you speak in Oldham mate and I knew then that you where a true Nationalist.

best regards
Jock Oldham BNP

Anonymous said...

Griffinite stooge John Walker didn't implement party rules to help Griffin remove the rebels, thus it seems.

The same John Walker who has a fetish for horse porn, having downloaded it onto the bnp computers and yet, not punished for this depraved behaviour.