Monday, 28 January 2008

Successful first Conference for ‘Voice of Change’

The Nottinghamshire village of Brinsley hosted the first ‘Voice of Change’ conference yesterday (27th).

113 patriots attended the event despite the best efforts of some of Griffin’s cabal to put people from their regions off with threats of expulsions from positions and ostracism. The venue and date had previously been set aside for the BNP’s annual January Organisers’ Conference but that was before Sadie was purged by Griffin.

Former South East Regional Organiser Cllr Roger Robertson chaired the Conference and introduced each speaker on stage in turn. First to speak was former Head of Administration and Scottish Regional Organiser Kenny Smith.

Kenny opened his speech by saying he was stood before the audience not because he was a red, state asset or neo-nazi, but because he spoke out in the higher echelons of the BNP against incompetence and lies. Kenny gave an overview of the events that lead to the raids and expulsions of the 9th of December. He explained how some senior officials had begun raising concerns as early as 2002 about management failings and the defence of incompetence and negative behaviour. The main catalyst for the recent events was however the 2006 behaviour of Collett and Hannam at the Blackpool Annual Conference that lead to them receiving final warnings and then the recommendation of the Central Management Team to expel the pair following Griffin’s granting of permission to give them a verbal warning for their behaviour at this year’s Conference.

Kenny also explained how the pre-planned sacking of Sadie and himself was discovered and how it was the reason he set up the blog, which was itself only unearthed when Mr Griffin authorised the bugging of Sadie Graham’s home and then the raids, sackings and worldwide public airing of an internal BNP dispute on the BNP website. He closed by exposing the most recent lie about his home being raided by police and being released on bail for fraud. Readers only need to call Central Scotland Police to confirm that Kenny’s home was not visited by police never mind raided and that he was not charged with any offence.

Sadie Graham

Cllr Sadie Graham (former Head of Group Development and East Mids Regional Organiser) then gave a powerful Power Point presentation about the important changes that need to take
place within the BNP if it is to become a serious contender for winning big in future elections. These changes she explained are not only needed for electioneering purposes, but also for the internal stability of the Party.

She addressed issues like the setting up of knowledge and experience based working groups to utilise the skills and expertise that lie dormant within the membership, the need for Paid positions within the Party to be advertised internally so that the best people can apply and be hired. Failings in discipline, accountability, internal procedures and security, the lack of policy departments and spokesmen were all mentioned as were the proposed restructuring of the party so that the political (legislative) is separated from the management (executive) and that a proper judiciary is established. Sadie also rubbished the claims that the expelled were seeking to have the BNP run by committee.

The constitution was drawn up by the Party Chairman when the BNP had 1000 members. It is now so completely out of date and at odds with a modern political party that it needs re-writing. Sadie said the Voice of Change group propose that a working party is set up to look at bringing it up to date, because at present its construction is designed to keep the present Chairman firmly in place.

Nick Griffin has tried to silence, threaten, maliciously lie and slander BNP members both current and expelled, but he has still failed to silence his critics. Sadie said Voice of Change want the BNP to succeed and for members to make their voice heard. There is huge support for change and members must retake control of the party, by raising their voices.

Steve Blake

Before the tea break Steve Blake (Former Web Editor) gave a passionate address detailing why the expelled intended to fight Mr Griffin all the way to the High Court if necessary to retain their memberships. He told the audience - who had come from 10 of the 13 BNP regions – how the treatment of good honest workers and patriots by Mr Griffin had been a painful experience for many but was now the reason why so many had come to the belief that change at the top was now needed.

Steve explained who attempts at negotiation and mediation has so far floundered because of Mr Griffin’s determination to break the long voting membership records of those expelled to ensure none could challenge him for the leadership for the next five years. While the expelled are happy to negotiate on every other point all nine were resolute in their determination to remain as members without break in service.

Steve told how he had joined the struggle for our people as a youngster and how the cause was in his blood – as it was for all the others – and how Mr Griffin’s mocking advice to go away and enjoy non-political lives was not a possibility for any of the expelled. Voice of Change would now be the vehicle we used to get our membership back and challenge the tyrannical Griffin’s grip on the BNP.


After an excellent lunch – and the efforts of the kitchen staff that included two councillors - there was a question and answer session that lasted well over an hour. Questions were varied but focused mainly on the leadership question and the GLA elections. Cllr Robertson did an excellent job ensuring order was kept and questions were directed through the chair.

A vote on whether a leadership challenge should be launched this year received an overwhelming yes vote from the conference floor. Debate about the GLA elections however divided both the floor and the speakers table. All recognised the need for the BNP and nationalism to succeed and as time began to run out the consensus seemed to be that the choice of whether to help with the GLA campaign should rest with each individual member. Those advocating assisting the campaign believed that leadership change would still occur after a successful campaign while those sceptical about helping worried that Griffin would become entrenched as leader on the back of a victorious campaign – regardless of the fact that it would have been won by the activists and London BNP rather than Mr Griffin personally – because of the financial rewards and the support of armchair members who may attribute the success to Mr Griffin.

Financial support

As time raced on Bev Jones conducted a fantastic fundraising effort for the Voice of Change with a collection of £520 and book sales of £70. Fundraising for the legal defence fund ‘Family Defence Appeal’ was boosted by a £400 donation from North West Regional Election Officer Mike Lester, who sent the funds along despite not being able to attend himself. A further £280 was also raised for the FDA and the Saint George Society ran an excellent merchandise stall for eager shoppers.

Steve Blake closed the meeting with an short address, which reaffirmed the view of the majority of those at the Conference that no opposition party was to be launched. Voice of Change was simply a pressure group to provide a platform for a leadership challenge and a change to the structure and constitution of the BNP.

He also reaffirmed the commitment of the Voice of Change team to seek an amicable resolution to the current impasse despite the lies and smears perpetrated by Mr Griffin and his allies, because the cause of British Nationalism needed the BNP to succeed to ensure our people do not become just a footnote of history in a few decades time.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Underhand Tactics

When I resigned as the Harrogate and District organiser over the mis-treatment of party colleagues and the sacking of others, I did so with a heavy heart.I did however maintain my membership as the BNP is the only way forward and when this mess was sorted out I would have taken the reins again. However this will now not be possible as due to 'underhand tactics' by the newly appointed Yorkshire Regional Organiser A. Marsden and a Harrogate Member, I have had my organisers position filled by this Harrogate member. Without any consultation with me, the new RO has appointed a member with no experience at all of running a branch or of running an election campaign. I make the last point because it is now obvious that the Griffin is running round like a headless chicken appointing 'anyone' at all who will take on the jobs of organisers and fund-holders, just to show the public that there is a BNP presence in their area. This is bloody stupid as the best people for these jobs are the very people who love this party so much that they resigned in protest at what was being done to it and its hardest workers. Perhaps the question Griffin should answer is, why are you edging out your most successful local organisers and fund-holders and not talking to them to build bridges, why do you not value the hard work they have done to bring the party to were it is now. If this blind appointing of local organisers and fund-holders continues it will undoubtedly affect our effectiveness in the future.
Tom Linden

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Saint George Society back online

The Saint George Society website is back online after the management committee temporarily suspended business after spurious claims to its standing were made by John Walker.

Walker's attempt to seize control of the society has failed and his allegations against Bev Jones have since been confirmed to be without foundation. As such, the society is now back online and in full working order.

Check out their excellent range of merchandise on their website here.

The Saint George Society carries a delightful range of unique items, with our in-house designs and logo. The t-shirts are especially attractive, with a faint metallic gleam in the print and best of all, comes in all sizes… from toddlers to tubbies!

Our shop sells patriotic and ‘made in Britain’ merchandise. We encourage local craftspeople to market their goods through us – and we would be happy to look at any new items.

We actively encourage the promotion of patriotism by showing our true colours in public – we believe this will go a long way to silence the ‘political correctness’ that stifles St George’s Day celebrations. We would be happy to arrange a discounted rate for bulk orders, so that you can join the crusade and encourage patriotism too.

The Society has three aims:

1, Fly the Flag!

Our Mission: We would like to see the Saint George Cross flying in every high street in England on 23rd April!

The public eye: This society is all about making it easy to be patriotic – we would like to offer a flag flying service to those good folk who find it difficult to do all the DIY associated with flying the flag. Please call us for help, and we will do all we can to get someone out to help you raise the flag.

Volunteer: We are asking for volunteers to become ‘Knights of Saint George’ and help out with raising flags and installing brackets for patriotic folk! (And don’t forget to go back and take them down again.)

All you will need is a few friends, a drill, a ladder and some spare time. Take a look at our leaflets – this will help in the promotion of this project.

If you are a ‘do-er’ not a ‘say-er’, then join us now, and get started in your high street – any donations you collect will be sent to your nominated good cause / charity on your behalf.

Bracket s and flag kits are available to you at a large discount once you become a member – we have had the brackets hand made by a local metal workshop.

2, Have a Crusade!

Every now and then you see things that really make your blood boil! For example, the ridiculous ‘leaked’ report about downgrading Christmas…

Do you grumble and mutter about it? Do you hear people complaining in the pubs?

Well lets get into our crusade mode and DO something about it – with a little thought, a little organisation and lot of determination we will be able to make life less comfortable for a few overzealous ‘politically correct’ bureaucrats. We may even get a change of opinion – who knows?

If you are keen to ‘have a go’ – join us today and become a Crusader. Let’s make our voice heard.

Start today – sign our petition to ‘Save Christmas’.

3, Celebrate Saint George’s day!

We think that every council in England should arrange a parade, party or event to celebrate our patriotic day. It is not the intention of this society to organise parades and events – this should be a far bigger scale than we could manage.

What we will do is publicise as many events as possible. Shall we arrange an ‘order of the Shield of Saint George’ award?

Please send in any details of local St George celebrations for us to publicise on our site.

Also, send pictures of your costumes for our photo gallery!

Please give your support to the Saint George Society.

Monday, 21 January 2008

A Critique of January’s British Nationalist

Well obviously the first thing to mention is that it only arrived on our doorsteps today (21st January). That feels like a return to the bad old days before Kenny and Nicholla took over production in Scotland and ensured it was sent out at the start of each month.

British Nationalist now appears to be keeping slow time with that other publication. Identity, that involves Collett at the production end via his private business, Vanguard Promotions.

As with last month’s bulletin there is no ‘Regional Information Sheet’ for any region. These pages were put together by the Regional Organisers were invaluable for keeping members informed of events and activities in their own region. They also helped boost attendance at meetings and donations to regional funds when appeals were sent out. There now appears to be nobody chasing up regional organisers or co-ordinating the collating of this regional information since Kenny was sacked. Or could it be that Collett doesn’t have the ability to sort the database into regions as Kenny did, but more on this later?

They are however using the bulk of the new membership form designed and distributed to regional officials by Kenny in the weeks prior to his sacking. Items they have left out are the option to get the bulletin by e-mail instead of by post to save the party money; the YBNP option (obviously because the YBNP has collapsed to side with the dissenters); the active or not option and the new unit dividend scheme section, whereby groups and branches could claim back a proportion of the membership dues for new and renewing members signed up by them.

The previously agreed and distributed Membership Form designed by Kenny is pictured below.

The bulletin itself has again been produced outside the party as we do not have the printing machinery to produce such good quality pictures. The paper quality is higher than the norm - John Walker rejected Kenny’s request last year to move up to 100gsm paper given the savings he was making on the production front – and it is also stapled. Nice touches but all at extra cost to the members. Rumour has it that the bulletin is being printed by a registered charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The front cover would have been great news for members until December the 9th, but now the possibility of Nick Griffin getting his grubby hands on £100k is a cause for concern. Such quantities of cash would only prop up his corrupt and criminal regime and leave him free to purge even those who only display mild dissent.

On the second page the lead article continues and finishes with a repeat of the now familiar Searchlight plant smear (yawn! yawn!), though I was amused to read that the dissenters have supposedly unleashed a wave of lies. Correct me if I’m wrong but have the dissenters not been consistent with their version of events from day one, while the Griffin cabal have told a variety of stories, in many instances contradictory stories and each one tailored to the particular audience present at the time.

Is it just me or does anybody else feel, after reading the bulletin, that Mark Collett’s grammatical ability is severely stunted?

In his own words, “everyone on the Internet… has been able to see the huge improvements made by the expanded new team running our website.” The boy surely is deluded if he thinks everyone on the internet has seen the new site! The new site where South African Arthur Kemp (according to last month’s bulletin the BNP website became his responsibility – as well as being the new head of Education and Training and Excalibur) and Belgian Brun d’Aubignosc (he’s sending out emails giving himself the title of ‘BNP webmaster’) pull the strings of new ‘web editor’ Simon Bennett.

There is no mention of the former head of Information Technology Simon Darby, but then as he’s the Welsh based West Mids RO, National Press Officer, Deputy Leader and the management head hunter he probably doesn’t have the time for it. Though he never actually did anything on that front anyway, so leaving him with the title wouldn’t matter a jot.

Then there’s the laughable accusations about the illegal use of data and the legal process. Not one dissenter has yet had a single legal letter from the Griffin cabal and if anybody is being penalised by the ridiculous libel laws in this country it is the dissenters who cannot afford to challenge the Griffin lies and smears.

The final point in Collett’s editorial is a dig at Kenny because he fought for month’s to have the party purchase a mailing machine and the money was there thanks to savings he had made with BN. He even had an agreement with a sales company and the authority from Walker and Griffin to do the deal but it was then cancelled after the Conference as Griffin began his moves to get rid of him and Sadie.

I wonder how long it will take Walker and Hannam to start pleading poverty again after this supposed £70k injection? I wonder also if it will show up in next years’ statement of accounts?

Page 3 should be renamed ‘The lies about those dissent truths.” Again they trot out the same rubbish about most of previously conned officials returning to the fold. What a load of rubbish. There have been less than a handful, who have returned but more have since joined the ranks of the dissenters.

Apparently the dissenters started plotting because they thought they were going to get exposed for dodgy accounting practices. That would be funny if it wasn’t so hypocritical. Walker and Hannam at the inept Treasury Department, Collett’s private business Vanguard Promotions and Hannam’s private company Great White Records (where Hannam is incidentally both the sole director and the secretary which is illegal according to the rules listed on the company’s house website) attempting to deflect attention from their own accounting procedures or lack of them.

Another hypocritical pile on nonsense if the proper businesslike management structure comment, this was after all one of the main gripes from the dissenters. Then there’s the usual tripe about being hardliners, moles and commies at the same time. All proven lies elsewhere on this blog.

A new lie is the crazy claim that the electronic version of the bulletin has not been sent out this month or last because the dissenters have refused to hand over party property like the EBNS list. No such independent list exists! It is part of the membership database as any official who receives the list can verify. There are fields for BN, BNL and EBNS. Kenny updated the system many months ago so that Nicholla (who mailed out the EBNS bulletins) no longer kept a list that needed updating. She simply notified the Membership Secretary at regular intervals of those who contacted her on the EBNS e-mail address wanting to sign up to this option. The Membership Secretary updated the database at her end with requests that went there first, but had no need to notify Nicholla. Kenny would supply Nicholla with the relevant EBNS list after he had processed the full database he received encrypted on a monthly basis from the Membership Secretary, prior to her e-mailing the bulletin he’d edited too.

The illegal entry of Sadie’s home and the removal of her property is brushed over their false claim that the items belonged to the BNP. Even if just one of the items belonged to the BNP that doesn’t excuse Griffin ordering BNP Security to enter her home while she was away and remove every bit of office equipment they could find.

The biggest paragraph focuses on the disgusting mail shot received by some from Hannam’s old buddy Simon Sheppard and the Griffin lie that the dissenters passed members’ details to him. Again this website has covered the story here so I’ll not go into it, but what BN fails to mention is that Hannam plead guilty to distributing the ‘illegal’ leaflet round houses in Hull. That is hardly the action of an innocent person. Why did Hannam plead guilty to "publishing or distributing racially inflammatory material" if he was innocent?

It is heartening to see that the BNP seem to be admitting problems have been caused by the departure of Kenny, Steve and Sadie, but we already knew that, as the above points have already pointed out.

The next piece of idiocy is the fact that they publicise the web address of a supposedly private part of the BNP website. It is hardly going to stay public if they publicise it and indeed it has already been known about in internet circles before this bulletin or Identity (where it is also advertised) came out.

The very smart looking centre pages open with an advertisement for the London weekend of action which has already passed. Again shades of the bad old days there! On the London weekend there does seem to be confusion as to numbers. The picture they show on the website shows just 63 people including all the sinister mob of Kemp, Collett, Hannam and Griffin. When was the last time anybody saw that bunch out leafleting together? Seems like a PR stunt to me. Eddy Butler claims just over 100 people attended, Simon Darby claims 200 and the BNP website claims 250. I for one am more inclined to trust Eddy Butler than Simon Darby who went on BBC Newsnight to call the dissenters Nazis and I certainly won’t believe the BNP website figure given the dodgy foreign cabal running that show.

Page six features some astonishingly bad grammar, especially in the ‘Renewal News’ article.

Excalibur gets the lie machine treatment in detail on page seven, but they put the blame down to the stock being in Leeds, the admin in Falkirk and the despatch elsewhere. What they really mean is that Arthur Kemp who was imposed upon Excalibur by Griffin when Nicholla took over lived in Deeside and rarely travelled to Leeds to process the orders he was supposed to do on a twice weekly basis. Nicholla has explained the situation already on this blog.

There is also a claim that the website address was destroyed by Steve Blake but that is nonsense. The BNP never owned the Excalibur Heritage domain name and was never billed for it or the web hosting, but this was actually a secondary shop without obvious BNP stock. BNP customers had the Excalibur shop on the BNP website, but this was removed by Kemp shortly after the 9th December sackings, because he had still not processed orders from October and November. The Excalibur Heritage site was closed by Steve because he had been sacked and not paid wages owed to him. The BNP shop advertised in BNP is still not up on the BNP website… surely not another case of incompetence from Griffin’s team?

Kemp was the man behind the Mohammed Bears promotion but failed to secure enough bears to meet demand. He then asked Bev Jones to source some more and though she bought more with her own money she refused to do give them to the BNP after Darby called her and the other dissenters Nazis on BBC Newsnight.

Collett disparagingly calls Nicholla and Bev malcontents because they were dissatisfied with the situation and stood up for themselves and the party. My favourite claim though is that all orders have now been despatched or refunds sent where orders cannot be fulfilled. How stupid was it to make that claim when Nicholla is still getting calls and emails from members complaining that Kemp has still not sent them their orders? These members will read that and know instantly that they are being lied too again.

The whole operation has now been moved to the Deeside house where Kemp lives and Walker works out of and they now claim they will be able to turn orders around in just three days. I sincerely hope they don’t get stung by that claim as it takes longer than three days for a cheque to clear! They could get left-wing opponents ordering items getting the delivery and then cancelling the cheques. Members should rest easy though because such a claim is unlikely to be matched by action regardless of the claim they will refund customers money if they don’t meet this deadline. Well how could they when the shop is not even online anymore?

So there you have it. The new editor doesn’t seem to have got off to a very promising start. Mind you if they keep expelling good members there will be less people to complain or even notice.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

We've Been Here Before!

Those of you who read the post titled 'Ian Dawson - A Personal Perspective', will know that Ian referred to an article by the late John Tyndall where John compares his expulsion with previous events in the BNP. It seems to be that the common denominator where trouble in Nationalist circles are concerned, is Nick Griffin.

While the EiE team make no judgement either way on the rights and wrongs of John Tyndall's leadership (before we get Nick squealing "see I told you they were hard line"), he was certainly an honourable man with great integrity - something sadly lacking with the BNP 'leadership' in January 2008.

The tactics employed by Nick Griffin have been used before. Same tactics, different era. How many people will be fooled this time we wonder?

John Tyndall compares his expulsion with past events


Personal attacks

Accusations of 'subversion'



To be exact, we were here 17 years ago. The year was 1986. The British National Party was four years old. The National Front, the party out of which it was formed, was racked by chronic internal divisions, with accusations and counter-accusations, personal attacks and demands for expulsions poisoning the air. Does it sound familiar? It should, because there is a certain common thread linking that time with times much more recent.

It was in 1986 that the NF split in two. One morning, nationalists in Britain woke up to find that there were now two organisations claiming to be the National Front where previously there had been one: there was the 'Official' National Front, led by Nick Griffin and Derek Holland; and there was what came to be known as the National Front 'Support Group', of which the main leaders appear to have been Martin Wingfield and Ian Anderson. There is some irony in this because the former gentleman is now one of the leading lieutenants of Mr. Griffin in today's BNP!

Inevitably, both sides in the conflict issued their respective versions of what had gone wrong and who was to blame. Those of us by then in the BNP smiled as we watched these two factions screech at each other like alley cats, each seeking to outdo the other in mutual recrimination. Of course, we took no sides. Long ago, we had come to view the NF as a party with no future, albeit that it still contained some good patriots at rank-and-file and lower leadership levels. With the individuals at the top, a clash had always been probable, and it was no surprise when it came.

Hysterical and nutty

Neither version of what had happened impressed us, but of the two the version issued in the name of the 'Official' Front seemed by several degrees the more vituperative, paranoid, hysterical and plain nutty. It was titled Attempted Murder: the State/Reactionary Plot Against the National Front. From this choice of words it will be gleaned that the 'Official' NF regarded its internal opponents as hirelings of the political establishment, whose mission was to sabotage the party from the inside. Our own view at the time was that there was probably some truth in this but it was only half the truth; the likelihood was that the establishment had its agents placed in both camps, with the intention that through action and counteraction from one direction and then another the NF would be smashed to pieces. Effectively it was, though a rump of it has managed to survive to this day.

Attempted Murder in due course took its place among the piles of mostly forgotten factional literature that have gathered dust in attics, cellars, spare bedrooms and garages over the years - just occasionally retrieved and read for amusement and for old time's sake. Certain recent events, however, brought memories of it back, and we acquired a copy for study. The study was well worthwhile, and the document is highly recommended to those who seek to make sense of what has been happening in the BNP, our own party, over the past few years. We too are deeply divided within - though successes on the electoral scene should, from every commonsense standpoint, be making us more united than ever, while other nationalist groups should be abandoning their own separate operations and joining us. Why is there this division? Let us turn to Attempted Murder, and see if it offers some clues.

In the introduction to the document it is made clear that, though it was unanimously approved by the National Directorate of the National Front, its author was in fact Nick Griffin, who as a consequence of the split had emerged as leader of the party.

'Disciplinary tribunals'

We do not have to proceed very far in Attempted Murder before something of its flavour emerges. In the third paragraph of the Introduction it is stated that:-
'The facts about the State's response to the growing NF threat, and the part played in it by the last reactionary elements within the old leadership, have taken a long time to uncover. And the need to ensure fair trials for these few individuals at their resuming disciplinary tribunals has prevented previous publication of the full story about the rise and fall of their factional adventure.'

It is at this point that we should explain that throughout the document Mr. Griffin's opponents in the NF are described as the 'reactionaries' and his own faction as the 'radicals'. The division, in other words, is over matters of ideology and principle, and has nothing to do with human egos, personal ambitions or power-rivalries. Make sure you understand this!
Fair trials for individuals at disciplinary tribunals! Does this not sound faintly familiar In the next paragraph members are assured that the offending individuals - termed 'ring-leaders'- have now been expelled. Familiar again?

What follows is a depressing tale of organisational incompetence within the party, with one individual after another being blamed for this. In fact, when one tots up the names of the people who are accused of incompetence and/or bad personal habits and/or dishonourable or subversive behaviour the list reads like a roll call of just about everyone who was anyone in the NF at the time. There is one notable exception among these names, and that is Nick Griffin himself. None of the blame for the long catalogue of cock-ups is Nick's; it is all other people's fault. And, needless to say, Nick remains a beacon of honourable behaviour while so many other people are acting dishonourably!

The tale takes a kind of diary form, with commentaries recorded against the months in which things happened. The first such entry is for December 1983. Here it is stated that "a meeting of the National Directorate voted to expel [Martin] Webster and his homosexual lover Michael Salt from all their paid and elected positions within the party." Now that really is interesting - because not so very long previously Mr. Griffin had been one of those in the NF who had opposed John Tyndall's move to have Mr. Webster dismissed on the grounds of his homosexuality! This sounds a rather Damascan conversion, but no doubt Mr. Griffin will be able to explain it - as he usually has an explanation for everything.

In the same section Martin Wingfield is accused of trying to obstruct the dismissal of Webster in the first place but changing his mind when he was offered the editorship of the party's newspaper, then called National Front News.

The narrative proceeds to August 1984, in which section Tom Acton, Ian Anderson and Roger Denny are all attacked. There is an argument over the location of a party printing machine, which, according to Mr. Griffin, Anderson wanted to be in East London "which he saw as his own personal power-base." Following on from this, in a section dated April 1985, Anderson is accused of lying to his close associates. The next thing is that the same Mr. Anderson is as good as accused of financial impropriety.

Everyone is guilty except Nick!

Needless to say, we have no way whatever of knowing whether any of these accusations are justified or not. It is just that virtually everyone who had been, or currently was, a colleague of Nick Griffin gets accused of something. Nick comes out of every encounter with clean hands!
It is the same in a section which follows, dated July 1985. In this section we read about a long succession of cock-ups. Money has been handled irresponsibly, if not dishonestly. Large numbers of letters to the party office have gone unanswered. Stocks of books have run down while orders have not been dealt with. Leaflets have been produced far too late and have been of poor quality. A printing press has been purchased which is quite useless, while the motive for its purchase is deemed as factional. There are more attacks on Anderson, Wingfield and Denny in this connection. There is even a snide reference to rivalries over lady friends affecting the performance of party duties - something more appropriate to the gossip column of a tabloid newspaper than a bulletin dealing with serious business in a political party.

Next target for attack is one Michael Hipperson. Yes, he too has incurred Mr. Griffin's displeasure. Mr. Hipperson is accused of failing to deliver photos of an NF march for the party's paper and also neglecting to pursue follow-ups - with what justification we have no way of knowing. He simply joins Mr. Giffin's 'hit list' and is thought to be part of the rival faction because he shares accommodation with Anderson. It gets more and more complicated!

While all these misdeeds and failures of duty were occurring, what, the reader might ask, was Nick Griffin himself doing? Of course, as always, he is not to blame! The failures were other people's. However, Nick has an explanation for the chaos that seems to have been endemic in the party. It is not just incompetence; it is worse than that; it is deliberate sabotage! At the end of the July 1985 section he announces that those he is attacking are doing it all "in order to discredit their radical colleagues..." In other words, it's a conspiracy, folks!
The attacks continue. One person out of favour is accused of being into drugs. Another is too fond of his beer.

The hit list grows

There next appear accusations of a leak to The Guardian newspaper over a printing operation. As with so much else, it is impossible 17 years afterwards to get to the truth of what actually happened. Ian Anderson, by now very clearly enemy number one, is believed to be the culprit; however Wingfield and Acton are attacked again, this time for obstructing charges against Anderson being brought on the Directorate. And they are joined by two more: Andrew Brons and Paul Nash. All are accused of scheming, lying and rigging the Directorate agenda to get Anderson off the hook. Mr. Griffin claims that they have been doing so "to protect a member of their secret faction," and that they are therefore 'corrupt'. Four more to be added to the hit list.
Coming to the Autumn of 1985, the attacks on Anderson continue. There are allegations of theft, fraud, drunkenness and incompetence, but that is not all; again the theme of 'deliberate sabotage' reappears, and again Wingfield and Brons, among others, are accused of shielding Anderson - no doubt as part of the factional conspiracy!

It is known that at some time during those years Ian Anderson was in fact chairman of the NF Directorate and therefore in effect leader of the party, though Attempted Murder is extremely imprecise as to when he took over this position and when he vacated it. At all events, throughout the time he was most definitely part of the NF's hierarchy. If his sins were so glaring as Mr. Griffin makes them out to be, it seems incredible that anyone in senior party circles should have failed to be aware of them and support the appropriate action against him. Yet he appeared to have several defenders at the very top of the party. Why? Perhaps these defenders knew a few things that are not made obvious in Attempted Murder.

Next to come in for condemnation is Miss Tina Dalton; she joins the lengthening list of guilty persons. She is accused of inefficiency as a typesetter but it is hinted that in this capacity she did some jobs for Anderson for factional reasons. Miss Dalton later became Mrs. Denny and, subsequent to that, Mrs. Wingfield, which we understand she remains today. Mr. Wingfield, for his part, is now editor of the BNP paper The Voice of Freedom, as most people know. This suggests an extraordinarily forgiving attitude on his part towards Nick Griffin - or should we put that the other way round?

Gutter press tactics

Interspersed with these attacks against all and sundry, we find in the section headed January 1986 a reference to certain sensitive papers being found in an office and destroyed as part of a security operation. Apparently not all of the papers were of a political nature, and here Mr. Griffin again descends to a piece of bitchiness worthy only of a low-grade female gossip columnist, talking about certain personal diaries and love letters that should never be regarded as party business. He is at it again a page later, insinuating an 'affair' between a member and another member's wife when the husband was unavoidably away. This is gutter stuff which we could well do without.

Next to incur disfavour is one Steve Brady, whom some readers will know. Brady apparently sent a letter to Joe Pearce, now (Spring 1986) in Prison, which contained sensitive information liable to be read by the prison censors. This was foolish but hardly a hanging offence. Nevertheless it is stated that "The Directorate took a dim view of this and Brady ended up on a charge." It is not stated who actually moved that there should be such a charge, but the reader will perhaps have little trouble in guessing! Brady is described as having letters of support from Wingfield, Brons, Acton and Dalton - which presumably means that these people did not consider his letter to Pearce sufficiently serious for disciplinary action. Says Griffin: "Most of the key figures in the subsequent faction leapt to Brady's defence, so they had already clearly transferred their loyalties from the National Front as a whole to members of their own clique." Much more likely, they simply regarded a disciplinary punishment against Brady as ridiculous and could see that it was being pursued in a fit of paranoia that could not be countenanced. Here Pearce, up to now not on the hit list, incurs disfavour by sending a letter out from prison which appears to defend Brady. Obviously, Pearce must from now on be watched!

Northern Ireland becomes the next battleground for Mr. Griffin's factional war. A loyalist by the name of Keith White gets killed by a bullet from an RUC rifle during a demonstration against the Anglo-Irish Agreement - probably no more than a tragic accident. However, in the minds of Nick's 'radical' wing of the NF it becomes 'murder'. In retaliation for the death, some loyalists in the province make petrol-bomb attacks on the homes of RUC officers - an utterly inexcusable action, whatever the natural anger prompting it. And what do Griffin & Co. in the NF do? They make a declaration which as good as justifies the attackers! Wingfield condemns this declaration, and is in consequence himself condemned by the so-called 'radicals' in the NF, presumably including Nick Griffin. Another mark against Wingfield!

About-turn on street confrontation

Following this, there is further condemnation of Wingfield for his opposition to a policy of 'direct physical confrontation' by the NF against marches by IRA supporters. It is not the time nor place here to enter into this argument, save to remark that Mr. Griffin, who clearly then approved of these tactics, has now done a 180° turn and throws the 'street confrontation' charge against his opponents in the BNP, alleging that they favour it!

After more tirades against Wingfield (his ally these days, remember), Mr. Griffin turns to the satirical writer the late Ted Budden, whose columns in nationalist papers gave great entertainment to many nationalists. Ted is accused of "reactionary and juvenile race-hate rantings" and called "an elderly bigot." One more on the hit list! Ironically, Nick was pleased later to accept Ted Budden's humorous contributions to the BNP newspaper before the latter died at the end of 2000. But we are not finished with the tirades against Wingfield. They continue at some length, and at one point Griffin writes: "Wingfield's 'Mr. Nice Guy' image conceals an arrogant self-importance and lust for power of shocking proportions." Phew!

But none of this should sidetrack us from the fact that Anderson continues to be the number-one enemy. It is all now building up to the disciplinary action against him intended to hound him out of the party. No prizes are being offered for correctly guessing who is bringing the charges!
Of course, anyone disposed to disagree with this action is branded an 'enemy' too, with prominence in this regard given to Wingfield and Acton. Wingfield is accused here, as elsewhere, of having 'Tory' tendencies. Brons, out of things for some time, is attacked for opposing the action against Anderson.

Recently Spearhead has spoken to some of the people around at this time to get their views on the situation. They are unanimous in saying that, although Anderson had many weaknesses and faults, they believed that the attempt to bring disciplinary charges against him to drive him out of the party was utterly ridiculous; hence their opposition to it. One witness has testified to the paranoid way in which anyone who opposed these charges was lumped together with Anderson as part of some imaginary 'conspiracy' against the party.

We now come to the Directorate meeting at which Anderson is intended for the chop. Here an extraordinary admission is made of which the reader should take careful note. Steve Brady, who in this section again comes in for much stick, is accused of making a false claim to the effect that Griffin had told him that Anderson was about to be expelled on 'trumped up' charges. Brady, it will be recalled, was already in hot water over his letter to Pearce. Here Nick's version of what actually happened is spelled out. This is now Nick Griffin speaking, not someone else putting words into his mouth. Bear in mind that he (Nick) writes of himself throughout Attempted Murder in the third person, and he writes as follows:-
'For all his faults, Brady was considered quite radical and was a drinking mate of Pearce's, so Nick had told him on the 'phone that his recent short suspension was the end of the affair of his indiscreet letter to Pearce, and had made it clear that Wingfield's attitude made it necessary to expel Anderson. He went on to tell him that there were so many genuine charges against him that his removal was assured, but that no one else would be touched as long as they didn't move to support his corruption...'

His removal was assured! Readers will perhaps find here an eerie foretaste of later events and declarations. As for the promise that no one else would be touched, this sounds very much like: "Support my action - or else". Here again, future events seem to cast their shadow. When in July of this year Mr. Griffin was phoning around the country urging people to support the planned expulsion of John Tyndall he was making similar threats to those who showed insufficient enthusiasm for the idea, in the case of BNP town councillors hinting at the withdrawal of the party whip from them if they did not endorse Tyndall's dismissal.

In the outcome, the motion to bring charges against Anderson, which was put by Griffin, was defeated by one vote. There follows in the document a list of the diabolically subversive practices employed to achieve this result, as part of which, again, nearly everybody is attacked, but Wingfield in particular comes in for very heavy punishment, being accused of manipulating the whole proceedings. At the same meeting a new party Executive is elected, leaving Wingfield as chairman and Griffin as his deputy. This does not seem a recipe for future harmony, and it isn't.

Accusations of corruption

Nick is not finished with Wingfield. There follows in Attempted Murder a two-page section headed 'Wingfield's Corruption' which makes it all the more amazing that Wingfield and Griffin are now colleagues and the latter is able to write glowing tributes to Wingfield's skills as a journalist and propagandist. The whole affair of 1983-86 involving Griffin and Wingfield leaves two questions begging. If Griffin's assessment of Wingfield's character as shown in Attempted Murder is correct, how on earth can he now embrace him as a senior colleague in the BNP? Alternatively, if the assessment is just malicious fabrication, how on earth can Wingfield accept with any honour a job that involves working under Griffin?

The new party Executive, according to Mr. Griffin, consists of six persons, namely Martin Wingfield, Andrew Brons, Paul Nash, Tom Acton, Joe Pearce and Griffin himself. If what he has written in Attempted Murder is correct, this leaves Nick in a minority of one - at least with regard to his current obsession of driving Ian Anderson out of the party. It will not require too much perception on the part of the reader to appreciate that Nick was none too pleased.
At this point it should be explained that the National Directorate remained the senior authority in the NF; the Executive was merely a body appointed by the Directorate to make quick day-to-day decisions that could not await the next scheduled Directorate meeting. Thus appointed, the Executive could likewise be dismissed.

And this is what Mr. Griffin now sets about planning. According to the account in Attempted Murder, he manages, by energetic and persuasive lobbying of Directorate members, to obtain a majority, albeit not a large one, for the dismissal of the Executive he dislikes and the appointing of a new one. Readers will not be overwhelmed with surprise to hear that the new chairman of the Executive, Directorate and party is - Nick Griffin!

According to his own account (and corroborated by others), Nick now sets about pursuing the expulsion from the party of his main opponents and rivals. The pretext is a bulletin issued by these people which is claimed to reveal confidential minutes of a Directorate meeting, but to put spice on things the offenders are also accused of telling lies and making attacks on Nick and his supporters. And that's not all. To quote Attempted Murder, "additional charges of disloyalty were also brought."

The four arch-criminals, namely Wingfield, Brons, Nash and Acton, are duly expelled from the party. One of our current witnesses who was there at the time has opined that the four had a pretty strong case for challenging the expulsions in court, but were put off the idea by the thought of the expense involved. It seems from Attempted Murder that there were additional purges, but the document is not too specific about which individuals were affected. Somehow the ghost of Joseph Stalin makes a fleeting appearance here.

Attempted Murder rambles on for many more pages the details of which it would be tedious to reproduce here. Briefly, what next transpired was that the sacked people refused to recognise their expulsions and set about creating their own organisation. They called it the 'National Front Support Group', claiming that their loyalty was still to the party though not to its existing leadership. For a while, Britain witnessed the absurdity of two 'National Fronts' operating quite separately from each other, each claiming to be the authentic representative of the original party.

Griffin support slips away

Nick Griffin, in Attempted Murder, claims that his faction, the 'Official' Front enjoyed the support of a very clear majority in the party. This may have been correct at the time it was written (1986) but it ceased to be so before very long. A year later, the rival faction had become indisputably stronger. Mr. Griffin's supporters deserted him in droves. Some joined the other 'National Front'. Some went to the BNP. Some dropped out of nationalist politics altogether. Griffin's Front and Wingfield's Front measured strengths against each other at the Remembrance Day parade in November 1987, and the latter was seen to be at least four times more numerous.

Eventually, the Griffin Front disintegrated entirely, leaving the Wingfield Front as the sole claimant to the patty's title. The National Front of today is the heir to that party.
In years following, nationalists in Britain were to witness more political turns by Mr. Griffin. Soon after the 1986 split there came the 'Cadre' National Front (so named as a result of Nick's organising of an elite 'party within the party' which enjoyed a superior status to the ordinary membership and thus thoroughly and predictably alienated the latter). Then there was the 'Gaddafi' Front, a nickname earned by the adoption of the doctrines of the eccentric Libyan dictator. The most notable event in the short career of this body was an unsuccessful visit by Griffin and Derek Holland to Libya to solicit money. There followed the era of the 'Political Soldiers', another Griffin stunt modelled on the example of Rumanian Iron Guard leader Corneliu Codreanu. Later Nick became involved with the International Third Position, but this did not last long. For information on his contribution to the ITP, the reader is best advised to contact one of its leading officers, Mr. Gareth Hurley.

We come then to the early to mid-1990s, when we find Nick making overtures to the BNP, which some years previously he had been regularly attacking. But that is another story.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Nick Griffin responds to Bradford BNP

Bradford BNP's letter to Nick Griffin:

Dear Nick

I am writing to you as the Bradford Branch secretary. I am writing to you following our earlier letter sent in mid November which we have not received any reply to or acknowledgement of. This letter is being sent following an Emergency Branch Committee meeting. We as members and officers of the Bradford Branch believe that the BNP is a Party whose membership works to achieve the policies and objectives of our Party that is the policies and objectives agreed by the Party members particularly the voting members and officers who attend the AGM and other meetings. The Party is about the achievements of the memberships aspirations, the membership being the unpaid persons, who often suffer considerable social and employment problems because of their support for the cause, the persons who raise money, deliver leaflets, canvass etc. The Party is greater than any one person it is not a personality cult. The most infamous 'cult of personality' was Stalin in Russia. Now this Party appears to be going through a similar phase in its development, with 'purges' of middle ranking management, security forcing its way into peoples houses, new officials being appointed to positions by the leadership with the only qualification the new officers have for their appointments being their loyalty to the 'leader', defamatory & contradictory remarks being placed on party websites etc (some of the remarks posted would prevent proper disciplinary tribunal hearings being held). Some of the Bradford officers along with officers from other branches attended the Leeds meeting where you appeared to show contempt for the Party membership particularly Yorkshire members.

The Bradford officers are not resigning their positions. Officers and members are not setting up or joining alternative parties. Why should we resign from our Party ? Many of us have been aware for some time that their are problems with this parties management, a party which is managed from the 'top down'. Secretaries who cannot get lists of our own branch members, fund holders who cannot reconcile accounts, a lack of information – we often get our most accurate info from Searchlight !! The new website is uninformative and is worse than the previous one edited by Mr S Blake. The Party now has some Regions where the membership must be approaching 1000 members and we have a core of experienced officers and members. More powers must be transferred from the central management to the Regions. To list just three constructive suggestions (out of many the Committee had) :

The Party should handle disciplinary hearings at Regional level. The persons on the panel should be selected by rota from a list of persons approved by the Regional Executive. Appeals from these hearings could be heard at a National Panel. Once again the membership of the National Panel should be by rota from a list of nominees – one nominee on the list from each Region.

All officer appointments – both Regional & National – should be advertised. If the Party requires particular qualifications, experience etc (including courses studied at Summer School etc) then it should be included in the advert. All persons who meet the criteria for Regional posts should then be interviewed by the Regional Executive (or a sub committee set up by Regional Exec) and approved by the Exec. National appointments should be interviewed and approved by a National panel, the membership of which should be openly listed.

As a personal note on this item many of the Bradford Officers know Mr A Marsden. We have no personal objections to him but do not accept his imposed appointment as RO because he has no Regional mandate.

We believe the current Advisory Panel nationally has enough to do taking forward Party publicity, member communications (or lack of), policy and campaign planning etc. We believe a committee should be set up to cover management oversight – both Regional & National – accounting and audit. It should have one representative from each Region and should have the powers to 'co-opt' suitable persons to help its business, for example experienced accountants.

Turning from constructive suggestions for the future to the current crisis we believe the Party Leadership must tackle the following action points :

All the expelled members/officers should be reinstated - should they so wish.

That all allegations against the expelled/resigned members/officers should be removed from Party websites even in the case of those persons who decide they do not wish to rejoin the Party.

That Mr M Collett and Mr D Hannam should be expelled from the Party. In addition to a long history in both cases of disciplinary incidents, previous punishments and damage to the Party we have the following specific remarks concerning Mr Collett:

We believe he has a conflict of interest being both the party's artwork technician and director of his own printing company which is run (presuming he is competent) for his profit.

Mr Collett deliberately sabotaged Bradford local election leaflets in May 2007. Spelling and date errors were inserted in the texts after proofs were approved. Mr Collett had had an argument with Bradford candidates who objected to a lack of relevant local issues in the election leaflets at a previous meeting. He boasted of inserting the errors in the leaflets to 'teach Bradford candidates not to mess with him' in phone calls and texts sent to Cllr P Cromie and former Cllr Dr J Lewthwaite.

We now have to turn to your position as leader. Many of us joined the Party during your time as leader. We respect your development of Party policy, your work to expand the Party, your work with the Press and your high level of personal commitment. Many of us were among the 91% who voted for you in the summer election although some of us were shocked that the person who stood against you in that democratic election, Mr C Jackson, was barred by you from taking up a position that 92% of the NW Regional Exec approved. If a vote had been held among party members in Yorkshire and in particular the Bradford Branch in early Dec when this crisis first broke you would have had massive support. Since then we have had the miss-handling of the Regional meetings, the offensive material posted on your own and your fellow officers websites (many Bradford Committee members were disgusted by your attack on Angela Clarke – who also had previous bad treatment by Collett when he lodged at her house) and the imposition of officers. We are effectively giving you 14 days notice to respond to this letter and deal with the action points listed above or else we will be considering our next actions. If you deal with the points above within 14 days then you have shown great leadership and man management and that will be to your credit. If you do not deal with these points within 14 days then we have had a leadership failure and you must consider your position as Party leader.

Yours sincerely

I. Winters – Branch Secretary

(PP The Bradford Branch Committee)


Nick Griffin's reply to Bradford BNP (or the former Bradford BNP):

Dear Mr Winters

Since you have resigned as an officer of the BNP, and your fellow committee members likewise, I would be obliged if you would cease claiming otherwise.

Paul Cromie is now the Bradford organiser, and he and the BNP Treasury department are thus the people who will decide who will hold the other local positions in the branch.

Bradford BNP will, I am quite confident, make good progress under Paul and his team, just as Yorkshire will as a whole under its new but very experienced Regional Organiser, Adrian Marsden.

Whether you and others stay in the BNP as members, or leave to join Mr. Smith's future new party, is entirely a matter for yourselves to decide.

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin

'Voice of Change' Website launched

A fully functioning web site has been launched with its expressed aim to be the best and the most popular British nationalist political web site on the Internet.

Managed by Steve Blake who as web editor of the old BNP site played a key role in making that site the number one most visited political site in the UK, it will be the voice of modern nationalism embracing decency, honesty and promoting family values as key elements of our political platform.

International, national and regional news will be posted daily and the site will contain an archive of political essays as well as seeing the reintroduction of the highly popular “Your say” letters to the editor pages.

Joining Steve will be well known names such as Louise Scott, a former regular contributor to the web site and VoF, and seasoned political writer Kenny Smith and many other regional reporters.

There will also be a forum for discussion of all matters relating to the nationalist cause which, while recognising the need for moderation to ensure the laws of the land are obeyed will champion genuine freedom of speech. We already have a host of former BNP forum moderators ready to start having being sacked for voicing their support for free speech.

An online shop is already under development which will sell a variety of merchandise of political and cultural interest.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

A personal perspective – Ian Dawson

Firstly I’d like to start off by saying a massive ‘thank you’ to all the people who have sent in messages of support, made contributions to the Family Defence Appeal, and those who have put their head above the parapet to speak out about the actions of the Griffin leadership.

I apologise for the length of this posting, yet I have been quiet for a few weeks training for the new job and thus have a lot of things to say and comment on. The rest of this posting should make very interesting reading.

I’ll briefly start with a quick run-down of my role in the Party up to this present day. I have been a member for eight years, having joined up when I was 17 years old. I was only ever interested in Nationalist politics and had no reservations about joining a Party that back then had a very bad reputation in the public eye. As far as I could see, the Party was made up of honest and decent British people sick to death of what was happening to their country. For sure, a few people were rough around the edges yet they were, by and large, still fundamentally decent people, while the massive majority of people were model citizens through and through.

For the last five years I have been a fantastic activist for the BNP. Also, over this same period I have worked on and off for the BNP, most notably as the Group Support Officer from June 2006 to October 2007. Just like the rest of my fellow ‘rebels’ I am not one to blow my own trumpet or seek compliments and attention for the things that I do. Some people in the Party think nothing of over-stating the role that they do, of being arrogant and big-headed, and of wanting to be told every five minutes what a great job they are doing. I would rather just get my head down, keep out of the public eye, work hard and be respected for it. Despite my usual down-to-earth and modest style, I will say the following: I have always succeeded at what I have done and I was one of the most professional and efficient people working for the BNP. I made a few mistakes, for sure, though they were honest mistakes, soon corrected and rarely replicated. I was either always available or made sure to return calls and emails in a prompt and professional manner. I sorted out peoples’ problems; I acted with courtesy and dignity. I spoke to people as though they were my equal, and expected the same in return. I do not go in for this ‘I have a better title so I can speak to you how I want’ mentality. The roles that I was given I performed professionally and confidently.

As well as my professionalism in working for the BNP, I was also a great activist. I have sold thousands of VoF both door to door and in the street – I have leafleted tens of thousands of leaflets, organised meetings all over Yorkshire, spoke at meetings (having overcome an irrational fear of public speaking to do so), canvassed all over the country for elections, visited new members and enquiries etc. etc. This has mainly been done on a voluntary basis and the cost of which I have borne myself – just as the majority of our activists also have to pay money to be a BNP activist.

I am not usually the type of person to write something like that about myself, yet these are extraordinary circumstances that require it to be done. I certainly think it is worth pointing out that all those expelled are great local and regional activists for the Party, as well holding other roles, while those pulling the strings to expel these people, such as Collett, Hannam, Walker, Kemp, Barnes, and Darby do either nothing or next to nothing as activists, bar speak at meetings that other people have arranged. One of the fore-mentioned is not even a member (although he recently claimed to have just become one on his blog, though seeing as he said he paid £25 and not the correct £30 this can’t be taken as given), while another has been a member for around three months. Simon Darby may well be titled ‘West Midlands Regional Organiser’ yet this is just a title. Despite there being many good people in the West Mids, and also bucket loads of potential, the West Mids as a region has stagnated. Darby now lives in Wales, near Griffin, yet is still the West Mids RO. If he could not do the job properly living in the heart of the region, how can he do it living miles away from the BNP heartlands of the West Mids? He has been kept on as RO because he is a personal friend of Nick Griffin – jobs for the boys and all that. If Sadie had tried to replace him with someone more competent then no doubt Griffin would have squealed about trying to get Simon of the AC etc. as that seems to be Griffin’s latest line of attack.

I will now go on to completely expose some of Griffins more blatant lies. The situation has now spiralled way out of his control* and he is resorting to farcical suggestions and accusations to try and get him out of it. He knows there is no going back and admitting he is wrong so he has to try and get rid of us and alienate us once and for all.

* A few well respected people have spoken to me about this point and suggested that this is not out of Griffin’s control yet it is panning out exactly as HE wanted it to. His main allies are people like Barnes, Darby & Kemp and it is they who have, through their shocking handling of the situation, created a massive mess that will ultimately set the Cause back for the short-medium term at least. So the question may even be ‘Is it Griffin who has intentionally exaggerated this situation? After all he has a track record of splitting Nationalist parties - more on this later.

“VoF is too soft for the rebels”

Nick Griffin claims that the ‘rebels’ detest Voice of Freedom (VoF) and that they think it is too soft for their extremist beliefs.

I’d like to briefly analyse the number of VoF’s sold by those on both sides of this dispute. The number one unit for selling VoF is Leeds, and it has been for well over a year. They take 1000 VoF every month, the majority of which are sold door to door. 1000 every month is more than the smallest 25+ units put together, and nearly double the next highest amount. Chris Beverley, the Leeds Organiser, while not solely responsible for this, is largely responsible for it, though this did not stop Griffin calling him (and me at the same time) “vermin” saying that the Leeds meeting in December “would be the last BNP meeting that we would ever go to”. He vilified Chris, along with the other ‘rebels’, of being supposed ‘neo-Nazi 14 Words extremists’ and got his legal sparrow Lee Barnes to email out to all Yorkshire officials just before the meeting in Leeds an article saying how we were all hard-line Nazi’s etc. Chris Beverley got elected on the back of a successful VoF paper-round even though the Leeds City Wards are literally massive. I can’t see at this point how the most successful unit Organiser in the country would organise the sale/distribution of 1000 VoF every month while at the same time hating the paper as it is ‘too soft’.

Sadie and I both had VoF paper-rounds, and sold many papers in the street. Sadie also got elected on the back of a VoF paper-round. We both constantly pushed VoF at all the Regional Council meetings we went to. I have sold literally thousands of VoF in the street, in my own time, with my local North Yorkshire friends and colleagues. We have sold VoF in York, Scarborough, Whitby, Thirsk, Pickering and many other places. I have sold more VoF then Collett, Hannam, Walker, Kemp, Darby & Barnes put together. Sadie and I both wrote articles for VoF pushing VoF sales (feel free to check past copies). On the back of the membership card is a statement about knowing your rights to sell VoF that I researched and sent out in an Organiser’s bulletin (it was taken from a longer article) while Sadie was away on holiday one month. I still can’t see how the ‘rebels’ hate VoF so much?!

I know for a fact that Kenny and Nicholla have sold many VoF in Scotland, sometimes in Glasgow where that unit sells hundreds per month, though also in Falkirk, and even the Highlands and Islands! They pushed the sale of VoF at Regional Council meetings and thought, like the rest of us, what a professional and fantastic publication and recruitment tool it was. Bev Jones was instrumental in setting up VoF paper-sales in the Greater Manchester area. In fact, all those expelled were promoters of VoF and did a large amount of activism to make sure it reached the general public and helped boost the profile of the BNP.

Even Huddersfield (South Kirklees) Organiser Robert Walker was called a ‘naughty name’ by Nick Griffin when he did not buy Griffin’s nonsense, though South Kirklees are always near the top of the VoF sales league. Oh dear Nick, something really is not stacking up.

So there we have it – Griffin says that the rebels hate VoF and think it is too soft, yet the proof shows otherwise.

However, this is not all. If those who hate VoF should not want to sell it or promote it and are in fact hardliners who need expelling, then I think Nick should have checked a little closer to home. When John Walker was Wales Regional Organiser, the whole of Wales took precisely 0 (that is zero) VoF for units to sell. Thankfully now that Brian Mahoney and Bill Murray are running the show in Wales, things have come on tremendously and units do take VoF to sell and distribute. What don’t you like about VoF John?

Dave Hannam is to political activism what Roy Chubby Brown is to the English National Ballet. Needless to say his contribution to the sale and promotion of VoF does not register. However, he was good at charging units for VoF that they had never ordered, making more money for Head Office. Maybe he was put off activism due to his one brief liaison with it ending up with him in jail for distributing a ‘Nazi’ style leaflet? Remind me again Nick, who are the hardliners? And what don’t you like about VoF Dave?

Arthur Kemp, Lee Barnes, Simon Darby et al – what do you all despise about VoF, seeing as you do so little to promote or sell it?

The real reason for Griffin’s ill thought out accusation, as Griffin the Liar knows too well, is that Griffin desperately wants to keep Martin Wingfield on board for the sake of his iron like grip on BNP publications. If Martin can be convinced that we ‘rebels’ all hate VoF then he is more likely to ‘hate’ us and thus allow Griffin to spread his bile and lies in VoF. John Bean is already behind Nick (I am not going to criticise John as he has been a good servant of the Cause and long-term Nationalist so being temporarily duped by Griffin the Liar, while unfortunate, will not undo all his hard work and commitment) and I have the utmost respect for both Martin and Tina Wingfield, who I have always found to be courteous, professional and efficient. However, it is only because they don’t speak out about the incompetence and rotten core of the Griffin cabal (though they will not know the full extent of it as they do not have to put up with it every day) that their jobs are safe.
If Griffin can win over Martin then he has the four publicity mediums in his vice-like control. BN – Kenny Smith was the editor (someone who spoke out against Nick often), yet now it is Nick’s ‘special friend’ Mark Collett. The website is now in the hands of two non-British Griffin ‘Yes-men’ Arthur Kemp and Emmanuel Brun d'Aubignosc after Steve Blake (who also often spoke out about Nick’s actions) was sacked. Identity is the realm of John Bean and Collett. So that just leaves VoF! Did someone somewhere mention Griffin acting like a dictator?

The London Elections

Griffin seems to have used the London elections as the smokescreen for his cleansing from the BNP of any known ‘No’ men. If it was next year he would scream “it was all a plan to stop us winning seats in Europe”. If it was the year after, he would scream “these local elections are vital for us and this little clique has tried to bring the BNP down right before we start campaigning etc”. Basically, Griffin has acknowledged that he wanted rid of Sadie and Kenny a while ago (I was already out of the way) as it seems both Sadie and Kenny asked too many questions. All in all, this whole thing was a plan by Griffin to make it look as though people who only really wanted rid of Mark Collett (I’ll put my hand up to that), a better internal structure, and a more competent and transparent Treasury Department, were really after running the BNP and turning it into a Hitler Worshipping Club. Well, either that or they all work for Searchlight and were trying to wreck the BNP! I have said it before and I’ll say it again – Mark Collett has done more damage to the BNP than any Searchlight mole or State Asset could ever do.

All the ‘personnel’ changes were planned well in advance by Griffin, make no mistake about it. He could not do as he wished and not be questioned if certain people remained in the BNP yet he knew that they would not just up sticks and leave – after all they are the people with the best interests of the BNP at heart. Thus he had to plan. He had to invent a ‘plausible’ story. He has to make those sacked/expelled out to be the vilest of all things otherwise people would wonder just what on earth was going on. Griffin has a track record of calling people thieves, Searchlight moles, cranks etc. when they leave a prominent role in the BNP – after all he has to be seen as the saving grace, not the person who caused many good people to leave. No doubt if the BNP do not manage to make a breakthrough in London this May – Griffin has a ready made excuse. After all, he couldn’t blame himself for all this could he?

A Blind Eye

Griffin the Liar seems to think that by suggesting that info was leaked by the ‘rebels’ to the far left will somehow make people believe it and thus scowl with derision. He goes on about info from AC meetings being leaked and ending up in our enemy’s hands. He says that one of the ‘rebels’ must have been doing this and that is why he had to take action. He says that he knew about this and suspected it for a while. Damn right he knew about something not being quite right. In January 2006 there was a security meeting in West Yorkshire. Those in attendance were Griffin, Darby, Martin Reynolds, Barnes, Nick Cass and I. There were two main topics of conversation. One was how to tighten up the Form 3 regulations. The second was that Griffin “was sure” Mark Collett was leaking AC information to Joey Owens, and Griffin “was sure” that this was in turn ending up with Searchlight. He tasked two of those present with having a word with Mark to get him to stop it.

So Nick knew that there was a serious potential security breach with Mark (and although Joey Owens was proscribed by Nick Griffin at the time, he knew that Mark still conversed with him - which to me or you would have lead to a serious disciplinary offence). Now weigh this up. Griffin wants to blacken people’s names so accuses them in public of leaking info to our enemy, without any evidence whatsoever. He then says that this was intolerable (which it would be) and that he needed to expel people. However, why the hell was Collett not expelled if this is the case? Why was he not even disciplined? The whole thing stinks. I’d look a bit closer to home for the leak, though then again that would mean dispensing with the services of your ‘special friend’ and we can’t have that now, can we? However, the most pertinent question Nick is this: What on earth has Collett got on you?

Deliberately Leaked Resignation Email

Nick Griffin has accused me of deliberately leaking my resignation email, which he claims contained disgraceful lies and misinformation. I can honestly say that I did not leak that email to anyone. That is the honest truth and people can have my word on it. (That is my word Nick, not your word, as the former can be taken as gospel the latter should not be trusted). Also the resignation letter did not contain any lies (you seem to think that the claim about Mark making money from leaflets is libellous, yet I never said I could prove it with firm evidence, just that I would ‘stake my life on it’ based on the things which I had seen, heard and experienced – and Mark Collett HAS made money from leaflets in the past. There is a difference and as Mark’s reputation would unlikely suffer, being as low as it is, then your claim for libel (don’t forget you have libelled me and both you and Collett have slandered me with your Searchlight/State Asset and various other accusations) does not stack up – though feel free to try it as my legal representative would have a field day with that one. The email was an internal email and was sent through the proper channels to AC members only.

Griffin and the North West

Did someone somewhere mention Nick that you were acting like a dictator? Please can you explain to me how come you are now the North West Regional Organiser? Chris Jackson was voted as the North West Regional Organiser at the last proper Regional Council Meeting, by a massive majority (that is by his peers). Since then, you have stepped in and declared that you are the North West RO! Yet you live in Wales? Has it got anything to do with the fact that the BNP website boldly announced that you were going to spearhead the Euro Elections push with you as the Number 1 North West Euro candidate?

Hang on one minute, when were you elected as the Number 1 candidate, or does your title insist that it is you who should be there by default? You seem to think that it is your right to get prime chance of a big salary and live it up in Brussels and Strasbourg. Why did the Voting Members of the North West, the Councillors, the Officials, not get a chance to vote on who they wanted to represent them, like you said they would on internal emails? All the existing Councillors, and Officials in the North West should all have a chance to put up for that position (as they should in any region). How will they feel now? You don’t even live in the North West! Also, if you can’t run the Party properly when in the country for a whole year, how the hell are you going to run it when you’re only in the country half the year?! Or is the plan to leave your ‘special friend’ and ‘successor to your throne’ in charge in your absence?

Bugging Personal Conversations

A few people have commented that although Sadie and Kenny were wrong to set up the blog outlining what a liability Mark Collett was, they were right in thinking it. However, I can assure anyone that all proper channels were used, repeatedly in fact, to bring things to the attention of Griffin about the incompetence of Treasury and the walking liability that is Mark Collett. Sadie and Kenny were on the verge of getting sacked for asking too many questions and exposing the likes of Hannam and Collett too many times, thus what choice did they have? They could have resigned in protest for sure, yet I did that and it did not matter one bit.

All that happened is that Nick went around saying that I was no big loss and when it got out that I had criticised Collett, Hannam & Walker, the former two at least started telling all that would listen that I was a Searchlight grass! I have an email (on my personal computer – BNP Security please take note) from Dave Hannam gloating “well I’m going round telling everyone you’re a Searchlight grass!” This was after I had emailed about £45 that York had been overcharged for May election leaflets. The money had been taken by Vanguard Promotions, Mark Collett’s trading name – though neither Dave nor Mark would reply to sort it out, and when Dave did eventually reply, nothing was done. Thus Mark Collett had made money out of York election leaflets, (the money was returned in October, seven months after being taken though only after constant badgering from me) £45 in fact on one transaction – did I hear you say something about libel Nick? When I reported the Hannam email to Griffin his reply was “What goes around comes around”. Indeed it does Griffin.

Now, back to the subject matter – bugging personal conversations. The last I had seen of this, Griffin is claiming that “someone anonymously sent in a recording”. This is very very doubtful. In fact no, it is bullsh*t.
A) If they had of done then Griffin would have claimed this right away, rather than waiting until now. After all most people think that Sadie was bugged as until now Griffin has not convincingly denied it and it is the only logical explanation. If it was the case they has received an anonymous tape then they would have made it clear from the outset and thus there would have been fewer accusations about bugging. Or did the recording come courtesy of the State? This is a question that is actually quite serious and is not intended as light humour – maybe it was not the BNP who bugged Sadie, yet those who knew that this could be a situation to exploit considering they surely know what Collett holds over Griffin and that Griffin would have acted in this way.
B) However, during the North West Stage Show, Griffin stated “I’d bug again if it meant getting rid of traitors” – to which a few members of the BNP drinking club tried to start a round of applause. Undone by your own words Nick. That is unless you have bugged someone else in the past perhaps? Was it someone who has criticised Mark? Or were they being critical of you? Or are you becoming stuck in a web of lies? My Mother always says that if you lie you have to cover your tracks and you will eventually be caught out. Why are Mother’s always right?

Triumph of the Will

On an email from Lee Barnes sent to Yorkshire Officials before the now infamous Leeds meeting, someone pulling the strings referred to me as Ian “I get my inspiration from Triumph of the Will” Dawson. This, to me, just shows exactly the type of rotten and corrupt charlatans we are up against. I will clarify where this came from. In June 2006 I stayed at ‘the house’ on Deeside (North Wales) for one night to go over some of the jobs that I would be doing in my then new Group Support role. I refer to it as ‘the house’ as this is the same one that is lived in rent-free by various Griffin ‘Yes’ men while all the ‘No’ men are struggling to pay their mortgages.

Dave Hannam had been sent a copy of the film ‘Triumph of the Will’ and he had it playing in the background. I had never seen the film before and have not since so it is a little strange how I can “get my inspiration from it”. I never actually watched the entire film or even the most of it, as it was on in the background (Dave Hannam had put it on) and we had some serious work to do re. handover of roles. Therefore the film belonged to Dave Hannam, and was put on by Hannam in the house he was ‘renting’ at the time. I have not seen the whole film, or even most of it, so how can I get “my inspiration from it”? I do, however, get my inspiration from seeing good overcome evil and that Griffin, is why I’ll never allow you and your lies to go unchallenged.


Griffin the Liar has insinuated that I was passing on information from people’s BNP accounts to the opposition and that I was always trying to get people to use BNP accounts so that I could monitor what was going on. I find this an incredible insult. I spent literally hours, usually at unsociable times, helping people with email problems. I did this because I am professional at what I do and had been tasked to do it. Nick Griffin himself wanted more people on BNP emails as this was more secure than using third party providers such as Hotmail etc. Both Steve Blake and I agreed and also suggested it looked more professional on leaflets than a random address. Griffin’s accusations can be dismissed quite easily.
A) There were quite a few Fund-Holders who wanted emails, as well as Organisers and Contacts. However, providing all the Fund-Holders with an email address would have created double the amount of work and double the amount of hassle. I was already overstretched and email problems took up an alarming amount of my time. Thus I said no to all requests saying that the priority was for every unit to have an address, not every Official. If I had wanted more information from more accounts, then surely I would have said Yes to all these requests?
B) I was tasked, by Griffin, with getting new passwords for all high-ranking officials (incl. all AC Members) in the days when people could not change their own passwords. After initially drawing passwords up, I then declined to proceed and said that I was not comfortable with knowing so many passwords. I said this to Nick Griffin, and emailed him the reason also. I instead emailed all AC Members asking them to contact Emmanuel who would change the passwords rather than them going through me. Surely if I wanted to monitor emails then I would have jumped at the chance of knowing everyone’s email password who sat on the AC!
C) Instead of changing the passwords of all ‘high-ranking’ officials, it was decided that it would be better if Emmanuel would set up a password changing capability for all existing users. When it was set up I immediately emailed all email addresses with the new facility details. I then made sure that it went out in at least two Organiser’s Bulletins. Surely the last thing I would want is for everyone to be able to change their email password if I was going to lose ‘my sources of information’!

Now that both Steve Blake & I have gone, Griffin seems to have abandoned the use of BNP emails by Officials. He has done this for two reasons. Firstly, there is no one left to sort people’s problems out and thus the last thing Nick wants is people complaining to those that are left and it looking like Griffin had sacked/expelled the wrong people. Secondly, by trying to insinuate that people have been violated by ‘this clique’ he wants to foster a sense of togetherness by all those who had a BNP email address. Clever stuff yet still bullsh*t.

Also, the man making these accusations is the person now responsible for going through Sadie’s personal emails and printing alleged emails from that account online! I notice that Nick has used alleged comments by Sadie in private emails to try and ‘win over’ other officials e.g. Peter Mullins. Even if these emails are indeed genuine, they are completely selective. Shall I go on about the emails from Sadie that I genuinely have where she recognises what hard work Peter Mullins does, that he is a nice guy and that anyone would struggle in the South West as it still such a nice English political back-water? We all fall out with people on occasion and say things we should not. It is usually the case that for every bad comment that you should not have made about someone, there are ten cases where you have been complimentary. Yet Griffin, in complete desperation is resorting to saying “Do you know what such and such says about you in private? Well if not, I am going to ignore all the good comments they say and show you this!”

Bank Statements

Despite Griffin having no evidence for it, he has said to some people that I was doctoring bank statements to make Dave Hannam look incompetent. Qoute “When Ian Dawson was sending them out for other areas, the same was happening”. What a complete disgrace you are Griffin. You are not fit to call yourself a Nationalist. The main reason that I resigned was because of Dave Hannam’s incompetence, and now you try to blame it on me!! Well Nick, I really have no need to help make Hannam look incompetent, he does a fantastic job himself. I certainly have never doctored any bank statement whatsoever. I guess that I had also cut Dave Hannam’s mobile phone off so that he never answered it (you say that Steve Blake was hard to get hold off yet you fail to mention that he was only part-time unlike Hannam and thus he has a website business to run and clients to see in order to make a living), or did I sneak into Hannam’s house and delete his VoiceMails every day so that he could never return them? Maybe I was stealing the Petty Cash Books out of his local Post Box? Maybe I was also working in the bank and losing all the cheques he was paying in? Maybe, just maybe, I was able to control what Dave Hannam said and thus made him lie to people about things being ‘in the post’. Come on Nick, get real.

Here are some of the complaints that I and others have regularly brought to your attention regarding the incompetence of Dave Hannam, yet you have not done anything about it and are now trying to blame it on other people who have seen through you:

It is very hard to track Dave down at times, he is often un-contactable for long periods, he rarely responds to voicemails or emails and does not get back to people with answers to their questions. Even though one question from a Fund-Holder may seem trivial, the reality is that our local officials are primarily concerned with their local group, and if they are not getting help or feedback then they are going to become displeased regardless of how busy other people are or make out to be.

Petty cash books and paying in books take an infuriatingly long time to get sent to new units. This leads to a high number of complaints when all that is needed is once every ten days to send a treasury pack to new units. Also, people complain that they don’t get things returned within a reasonable timescale when they submit things for auditing etc. Examples of units to complain about the lateness of treasury packs includes Southend, Exeter, Nuneaton, Castle Point, West Lindsey, Yorkshire, Richmond, Solihull, New Forest etc. etc.

Length of time to process standing order forms for North Yorks and East Mids, for every month that is lost the cost can be £000’s.

Mistakes on bank balances, and bank balance not being sent out often enough or up to date. This is a major bugbear in that local groups often get bank balances that are wrong. This is of especially great concern to me, as it is myself that sends them out and often gets the complaints back in. Many groups complain that money has not been credited to their account that they have banked, that things have not been explained in full on the account, and regional officials often complain that agreed local to regional transfers have not been completed. This is one of the most important roles of the regional treasurer and it is one that at the moment is not being done competently in any shape or form. The statements sent through for me to send out in August were shockingly bad – they had to be sent back twice with a long list of corrections that needed to be done. Lincoln for example, have had a nightmare time with the management of their account.

The fact that statements are rarely up to date and seldom correct means that unit debt is difficult to control. It becomes impossible to know who is, and who is not struggling financially, and thus sending out publications each month becomes a lottery. For the first time in a long while this month I have accounts to work from to make sure that struggling units either get publications stopped or reduced. I have seen it said that Group Support ‘sees it fit to send things out when the unit has not the money’ yet as I have no up to date or correct statements to work from, there is little that I can do.

Dave often lies. This is an exceptionally infuriating trait that makes already annoying situations ten times worse. Instead of saying that something has not yet been done, people are often told ‘is in the post’ or ‘I’ve just sorted it now’, when in reality nothing has been done. This then means that people are under the illusion that they will be receiving documents in the next couple of days only to find that nothing arrives as nothing has been sent.

Cheques not being cashed – ***** in London and ******* in Basildon are two examples of people who have sent in large cheques without them being cashed.

All in all, things have to be repeated several times before anything happens, and then if it ever finally gets done, it is usually incorrect. There is a great consensus locally, regionally and indeed nationally that the incompetence has become too much and needs addressing ASAP. This is not a personal vendetta it is incompetence on a level that can no longer be ignored.

People Back on Board

You make the claim that some people who had initially been ‘duped’ by this ‘rebel faction’ have now changed sides. This is complete nonsense. I know for sure that most of them are not on anyone’s ‘side’ – they just want to get one with their local political work and are not prepared to let that go because the man at the top is a Pratt. You suggest that they are on your side yet things could not be further from the truth – they are sick of this entire situation, though they don’t want to be involved by and large. How many of them will vote for you in June I wonder?

The Nick Griffin Party or the British National Party?

Despite Griffin thinking that he is above the rules of the BNP, of the UK in general, and of natural justice, I can assure him that the BNP is not his Party. It belongs to the membership, the activists and the local officials, just as much as it does Griffin. He is running it like a dictatorship yet it is running out of steam. He is getting stuck in the web of lies that he has strung. He is clearly paranoid and deluded. Nick - if you won’t ditch Collett and Hannam then the Party will ditch you.

While I agree wholeheartedly that Griffin is the best politician we have in the Party, and one of the best political speakers, his man-management skills and general running of the Party is a disaster. Those who did so much to hold it together for so long have all been expelled. I would much rather have a 25% reduction in the ‘politician quality’ of our leader if the ‘organisational and management capacity’ of the leader increased by 200%. Talking of great speakers, one great speaker no longer in the BNP is Jonathan Bowden. Mind you, once Griffin got wind of a rumour that Jonathan was considering standing for leadership there were some nasty rumours spread on the web about Jonathan and when he had resigned over it, Nick did next to nothing to bring him back on board. That tends to be the case when Nick things his divine authority is threatened. Chris Jackson stood against Nick and then he and his supporters were labelled ‘vermin’ in public after the election. If Nick thought this then why on earth make it public – what is there to gain? Nick has to rid the BNP of any opposition to his rule, and stamps down on anyone showing a desire of leadership. He has to protect a small clique of trouble causers because ultimately they know “where his skeletons are buried”. This is not Democracy, it certainly isn’t Meritocracy. It is a Dictatorship and Griffin is the Dictator.

Splitting Nationalist Parties

The common denominator in the major splits in Nationalism over the last few decades is Nick Griffin. I am fully aware that many new members, supporters and officials think that Nick can do no wrong. However, after finishing this article I shall go back to reading some excellent commentary from John Tyndall who exposes Griffin for what he is – that he has used the exact tactics he is using today to try and split Parties in the past. I am only halfway through reading it as the article is colossal though once this article that I am writing now has had a couple of days to be digested then it will be posted in full on the enoughisenoughnick blog. While Nick likes to make out that he is saving the day it is in fact his flawed personality that leads to situations like this, and will continue to do so in the future, unless of course we rid Nationalism of this liar for good.

Show Trial

At some point in the future I will be attending, with my legal representative, a show trial dubbed a ‘disciplinary tribunal’. I have already been found ‘guilty’ by Griffin as his articles and statements suggest, yet I do not even know the full extent of the charges against me, something that my legal counsel has already picked up on. I was informed of my expulsion on the BNP website. I have not done anything wrong though I am being victimised along with other people who I call comrades and friends. I will fight Griffin to the very last – the British people, and certainly those who are members of the British National Party, deserve better.