Monday, 17 December 2007

Yorkshire Meeting - The truth

On Friday 14th December there was a Christmas social in a BNP friendly pub in Bradford. This was openly advertised to members. Due to the events of the last 7-10 days, many people were concerned about what was happening and so the majority of people there discussed the events and their real concerns over what had happened.

Those present included Yorkshire officials and Bradford officials who had initially arranged and promoted the event, Yorkshire councillors, and other leading local officials and activists.

Serious concern was expressed at the damage that had been done in Yorkshire by Mark Collett; after all, Yorkshire is now his place of residence. The state of the BNP local unit accounts was discussed and people were in full agreement that something needed to be done. Everyone in attendance felt that Dave Hannam was simply not up to the job he had been given. There was a unanimous vote that Mark Collett has to be removed from any position of authority.

There was also a unanimous vote that both Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham should be re-instated for all the hard work and dedication they had given to the BNP over the years. Nick Griffin’s handling of the current situation, the fact that he has lied about leading national, regional and local officials, both behind their back and to their face, was also discussed. While nobody in the room could fault Nick for his ability to debate politics and his very good political thinking, his handling of situations where Mark Collett is involved led to many people questioning whether Mark had some kind of hold over Nick.

Angela Clarke was present in the pub, though not in the meeting. While she has been betrayed by Nick in the past, she felt that it was better for those involved in this particular, unfortunate, scenario to discuss recent events.

Nick Griffin sent in his security team to hand out leaflets to a Nick Griffin organised meeting, which was to be held in a few days time.

The venue was not back street, it was not secret, and the loyal BNP councillors, officials, activists and members in the room can hardly be described as ‘rebels’ for discussing legitimate views. No good activists were turned away from the meeting. Both Chris Beverley and Ian Dawson encouraged as many people as possible to go to the Nick Griffin meeting; when you have truth on your side you should not be concerned about anything.


Anonymous said...

I was at that meeting and that is exactly what happened.

I don't think Nick has done himself any favours by lying about it on his website. I used to think the sun shone out of his a***. Now I think he is talking out of it.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes has just posted another rant at His lies, distortions and libels make you sick. He needs to go as well as Collett and Hannam.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is sliding towards oblivion and Nero plays on.
All around the country groups and branches are calling meetings to discuss the current crisis and nearly all are behind the victims.
Treasury's incompetence will instigate action from the regulator at some point and neither bully boy Barnes or slugger Shapcott can stop that.
The party needs business heads in charge not tyrannical autocrats.
The walls are crumbling under the heat and still Nero plays the same tune.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the party members can be held responsible for costs if the party cannot pay its bills.

I am thinking that if there is a law suit, and we are hit with a huge bill, who pays ?(the party certainly looks broke to me)

Anonymous said...

It is vital that this blog remains live in order to hear the true version of events of the last week or so.

I am incensed at Griffin's lies, I am incensed at Griffin's paranoid and downright pathetic insinuations that anybody who questions his authority is a red plant or a state asset. I am also incensed that people like Lee Barnes are fuelling resentment and antagonism on all sides of the party instead of seeking a way forward. If Barnes or anybody else thinks that bloody good hard-working and dedicated British Nationalists, or 'rebels' as they call them, should give up their protest and accept Griffin's despotic rule, then it is they who must be mental.

When Barnes stands in elections, leaflets, canvasses and comes clean over whether he is or is not a fully paid up member, he might be taken seriously.

Until then, both he and Griffin would do well to cease their infantile, aggressive and paranoid rants - which expose exactly why the BNP will never be acceptable to the wider public, and therefore unelectable. Their little psychological games might seem like good fun to them, but the membership aren't as stupid as they think we are. After all, we joined the BNP because we weren't gullible sheep.

If Griffin and Barnes are going to take the same contemptable view of their own party membership, as the House of Treason has for the British public, the BNP is finished for good, and I for one am determined that British Nationalism will have a long and prosperous future, long after Griffin and Barnes have disappeared into history.

Anonymous said...

On another theme - for all my fellow members who think that Nick was justified in his actions 'for the good of the party' - I am pretty sure that will be the reason behind Sadies and Kenny's blogspot too - 'for the good of the party'.

Or is it only 'for the good of the party' when Mr Griffin decrees it so?

Anonymous said...

I was in the pub at the time of the meeting as I wanted to give my full support to those who feel disgruntled with how the the leader of the party has handled this whole fiasco by once again sticking up for that silly little boy Mark Collett.As he did when I wanted him brought to The Halls of Justice for creating havoc with the accusations of the security team.

If Nick Griffin had any ounce of respect for fellow Nationalists whom are at the moment quite fed up with the HIS handling of this uncalled for mess created by himself as to the bugging of Councillor Sadie Graham's phone and the theft of her belongings, he should have done the honourable thing by standing by each and every one of us past, present and future!

He will without a doubt ALWAYS stand by that silly little boy Mark Collett and by doing this will loose more decent hard working people in the BNP.

This whole situation just goes to show the incompetence from the leader of the BNP.

Also on a further note, Mark Collett DID PUT FILTH ON MY council computer and the comments that he said are true! The computer had to be taken to a very good friend of mine which I still have lots of in the BNP to be wiped clean.

These 2 men is NOT to be trusted!

I will NOT renew my membership with the BNP until A select few people have gone!

Angela Clarke.

Anonymous said...

It’s now becoming very clear that Nick Griffin is not going to see sense if left to his own devices. But the criminal charges now pending against the security team may well force him around to act on the will of the grassroots membership, or he may just leave Martin Reynolds to take the rap.

Either way what you are fighting for, a truly electable BNP, is the only way and almost all members now see that. Nick Griffin must listen to the members who elected him to lead this party, not to run a dictatorship. This is not blackmail it’s democracy in action.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Nick Griffin will blame Martin Reynolds rather than himself,Just has he did when Mr Warren Bennett was accused of the so-called 5000.00 he was supposed to have stole(bullshit).Yet John Walker, Dave Hannam and in the presence of Wendy Russell as a witness gave Warren a letter stating he owed the BNP nothing! And that all the goods from security were returned with a receipt.Yet days later Warren was accused of stealing 5000.00 which Mark Collett had fabricated.!

Mark Collett once said to me "we need to get rid of Mr. Warren Bennett so that Martin Reynolds can take his job", whom is a very close friend of Collett.

Mark Collett was also the one who threatened to go Queens Evidence against Nick Griffin whilst the Trial was on going if he sided with Warren Bennett about the behaviour of Mark Collett.

When Nick Griffin was told this by myself he didn't seem to believe me(or didn't want to)!

The list is endless what I can tell you and for sure I will, I will not be silenced by Nick Griffin, at the end of the day I fought tooth and Nail for the right for British People to have someone to stick up for them, my family went through hell and back from the enemy, and all for what? To be back stabbed from OUR own!

Angela Clarke.

Anonymous said...

Throughout this whole episode, many people have commented on the silence of the media. Apart from a report in the Independent and 1 or 2 local papers, the media have shown very little interest.

Well, it's blatantly obvious why. If the BNP were to rid itself of the likes of Collett, it would be more electable. It's as simple as that, and the media certainly won't give us a helping hand by announcing that at least half the BNP really aren't Holocaust-denying, Hitler-worshippers after all. Half of the party really are decent, ordinary people with genunie concerns.

Unfortunately, the other half are quite happy to see trouble-causing, Hitler worshippers like Collett in our ranks. And if that wasn't bad enough, they even want to promote him and give him responsible positions.

If the Griffin faction win this 'battle', just watch the media going into frenzy, reporting how Griffin has stood by Collett, despite his well documented antics, and that the BNP is the same old racist party that it always was, and that's exactly how Griffin wants it.

Anybody who wishes to see Collett remain in the party is as treacherous as they are stupid. Barnes is stupid. Griffin is stupid. Darby is stupid. Wingfield is stupid. All of them are traitors to British Nationalism if they support the people who have held this party back for years.

But they won't admit they were wrong, so we await another year of dismal election results, despite the usual expectations that 'this year will be our breakthrough'.

Even if we do claim a few more Council Seats, even seats on the GLA, the progress is far too slow. Some party official have stated that we have less than 20 years to save our country. At this rate, we never will.

It's time for a huge shake-up in the party. Anybody who thinks we are doing well are deluding themselves, and anybody who opposes a major re-organisation and renewed electoral offensive are the real traitors.

Anonymous said...

Question - would someone knowledgable about difference engines please answer.

The S.African police have Sadie Graham's personal computer. Does this mean that any emails sent to Sadie since they took it, could turn up on that computer, available for them to read?

If they've returned it, could they have read anything sent to Sadie in the time they had it? Could they have accessed her settings and passwords etc, and so be able to read her emails on any computer?

I may not have put that as clearly as someone knowledgable about such things might have put it - but I'm sure you'll all understand my questions, and why I'm asking them.

The Geheimestaatspolizei might be reading every email sent to Sadie since this thing blew up.

Please, someone answer. I have good reason for asking.

Anonymous said...

There's a saying which goes something like this:

- You meet a lot of people on your way to the top. Don't fuck them, because you might meet them on the way down.

This sums up the Griffin and Collett faction perfectly. They have made so many enemies within the party, because of their arrogance, ignorance, stupidity and in some cases, corruption. They are now seeing that many people have long memories and will not let them get away with things any longer.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff

Truth is always the best weapon.

Can we have confirmation either from Kenny Matt or Sadie if this blog will close?

I think that would be a great mistake if you did,as I see EIE as a mouthpiece for all the true members of the BNP

Where else can ordinary members like myself air their views without fear of being banned?

Anonymous said...

Was this meeting recorded by BNPTV? If so, lets see it in full, without being edited, and let people make their own minds up! On a side note, does anybody take lee "blah" barnes seriously? That man should market himself as a sleep therapist, he'd make a fortune..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Sammy Shaw.

Bourne Patriot said...

To anon, re sadies PC & email

The answers are Yes, Yes & Yes, but the time at which the access to her data stops depends on when Sadie changed her password, and if the password was sensible enough not to be guessed.

If they had access to her PC then they could have got access to her mail account on any PC. They may even have her account set up on a seperate PC set to leave mails on the server, hence duplicating her account elsewhere.

Advice to all who use emails is never keep a copy of your password anywhere, and if you think your account has been compromised, change the password immediately.

Anonymous said...

I also emailed Sadie before I knew what was going on and never received a reply. Now I know why.

As for being a rebel, I admit it. I rebel all the time when something isn't right.

I rebelled against the Government and their allies in the Lib/Lab/Con pact. I rebelled against the continuing war against my culture and my beliefs, I rebelled against the destruction of our sovereignty and I rebel continuously against the despicable way this country treats the elderly. I rebelled when NG and MC were on trial by standing in a cold wet street all day 100 miles from home and I rebelled when election time came by putting my name on the ballot paper and kicking the reds out.

I will continue to rebel until my dying day because I can and I hope if I'm unable to do it myself, someone will do it for me.

Mine is a personal rebellion for justice and integrity and when my interests collide I try to make a calculated and proper argument. In this instance, it is I who will lose.

I will walk away from this party if justice isn't done and all those who worked their socks off to get me elected will feel I let them down but I won't allow Griffin to burden me with the guilt from his actions.

Surrender is not an option

Anonymous said...

For the sake of our country we can’t give in now. Compromise yes: Collett goes today. Sadie, Ian & Kenny backing the party, jobs negotiable.

Give Nick 8 months to make the treasury dept fit for purpose. If he fails we put up a real leadership challenge late next year.

This is the will of the membership not blackmail.

Anonymous said...

I've just read Lee Barnes's blogsite posting too. All I can say is if the guy is meant to be a lawyer then he must a very dodgy sort of one! Then again that might not be an unusual qualification for that profession! :-)

But I've also never come across a lawyer that swears like the trooper he does. I can't help but think that this is behaviour designed to make the BNP seems as unattractive as possible to normal people. (What I term "The Skunk Attack" for subversives to undermine the parties they infiltrate)

I was particular bemused at the way he lambasts this blog for wanting to break the BNP Constitution by expelling three members without proper process. And then he goes on to justify how it was quite OK for the BNP to expel Sadie and Kenny without proper process because they "must have known" they would get expelled! That's logic .... as Tweedledee and Tweedledum might have said!!

It appears to me he's just throwing as much mud as possible in the hope that some is bound to stick. That again - to me - seriously brings into question just what it is he is doing in (or around??) the BNP.

Wonder if he gave the BNP security team legal advice before the BNP raid on Sadie's house? I've never met the guy. But I'm quite sure from what I've seen that he should not be any party's legal adviser.

Anonymous said...

"Advice to all who use emails is never keep a copy of your password anywhere, and if you think your account has been compromised, change the password immediately."

And any password reminder questions etc.

There is no point changing your password if they have enough information to hit a link and get a reminder sent to them, so that they can continue to read, after you think your safe again.

I'd also advise checking the computer for any key logging software etc., as the computer could be compromised, and sending out details.

Anonymous said...

Bourne Patriot

Thank you. I'm going to have to talk this over with someone, after an answer to the following question.

Sadie, how soon after the unlawful entry into your home did you change the pasword on your email account(s)

Please, Matt or Sadie answer this. asap.

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise chaps, many of us who have resigned both in public and in private, will no doubt have some party equipment / books etc.

When the party do come to collect it, make sure they have the correct paperwork and the party procedure for this type of situation.( make them wait at the door, otherwise you will have to do a bug sweep afetrwards)

Far be it for those of us on strike to have to tell the infallible treasurty department what is party property, they will have to request it off you (from the assets register, you know..the one where they record what had been bought with party money,serial number etc.)

Do not withhold party property, but watch your back, and make damn sure they sign for the CORRECT items....we wouldn't to make another blunder in taking the wrong stuff now would we?

Anonymous said...

Frogstomper asked "Does anyone know if the party members can be held responsible for costs if the party cannot pay its bills.

"I am thinking that if there is a law suit, and we are hit with a huge bill, who pays ?(the party certainly looks broke to me)"

Legally the party is an unincorporated association. Therefore it does not have limited liability and all the members are responsible for the party's liabilities.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin I remember you saying to me "I'd hate to get on the wrong side of you" ooopss looks like you have!

Don't bother telling your little goafer's to send me disgusting intimidating letters like they have in the past!! you or your goafer's DO NOT frighten me what so ever.

Ask yourself this, do you really care about the people who put there selves on the front line? or are they just a number to you?

Bald Old Geezer said...

Anyone noticed that there have been no 'Your Say' entries on the BNP website since 4th December?

Anonymous said...

"There's a saying which goes something like this:

- You meet a lot of people on your way to the top. Don't fuck them, because you might meet them on the way down."

The old Chinese proverb is also appropriate:
- if you sit by a river long enough, the dead bodies of your enemies will float by you.

I've been sitting by the river since 2002 (though I've not been exactly idle in that time) and I can see one or two bodies about to float past!!!

Anonymous said...

Now can we have a NW Meeting - The truth please

Anonymous said...

At the next meeting question whether or not Mark Collett gives the party £5,000 a year. If so how can he afford that on a wage not much more than the minimum wage.

Also I have heard that Mark Collett owns the printing equipment and Identity, ask whether that is true. It is commonly known that Wingfield owns 'The Voice of Freedom' and not the party.

Strange how a group can't be branch if it doesn't sell any 'Voice of Freedom's or Identity's even if a group has 500 members.

Great White Records is a private company which used £50,000 of the party's funds to set it up and is still subsidised by the party.

Solidarity also uses party funds yet is meant to be independent. Notice how the leaflets are written in the same style, layout, paper and quality.

Anonymous said...

Your founding statement is clear. Nothing has changed. Support for it continues to grow. It is important not to weaken now. All inducements to return to the party should be rejected. We have to go for the EGM option open to all members and ensure that democracy is planted into the leadership of the party. Griffin is desperate now that he can see his autocratic power structure under threat. Keep the campaign going. Keep the blog going. Build on the support. See this justifiable ’rebellion’ through to its winning conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Just had a glance over Lee Barnes' blog and had to laugh at his suggestion that BNP members are posting on here, then posting exactly the same post on the Lancaster UAF website.

Has it not occurred to this dickhead, Barnes, that the reds are simply copying and pasting from here to their website, let's say, to cause trouble so that some gullible dickhead (Barnes?) comes along, puts 2 and 2 together, and makes 5?

Barnesy: Edit, copy, paste. One of the simplest, and usually one of the first computer functions you can learn.

What a muppet. And he's one of Griffin's top 'advisers'?

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the latest article on the B.N.P. web site re. the so called splinter group, what a load of crap, talk about desperation. It is suggested that Sadie & co are a breakaway, They are an expelled group, a driven away group. Who escalated this whole sorry situation and who is now lying their heads off, boy are they rattled. Hold fast lads and lasses and see what other laughs they come up with.

Anonymous said...

At the North West meeting last week, Nick Grifin described the present troubles as ‘a storm in a tea cup’. Today the party, in an open letter from Tony Brewer to Lee Barnes, describes it as a very difficult situation. Does this mean that Nick Griffin’s is finally pulling his head out of the sand?

Anonymous said...

The people in the cabal now ruining (er, running?) the BNP, Part 1: Arthur Kemp.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: The British National Party (BNP), the premier neo- fascist organisation in the United Kingdom, is reeling from worse-than-expected results in local elections last week — not least in London, where the campaign was coordinated by some- time South African Arthur Kemp. The 41-year-old Kemp, whose high point of notoriety came from his role in the assassination of Chris Hani in 1993, is a close friend of BNP party leader Nick Griffin, who drafted him to coordinate its bid to win a seat on Ken Livingston’s London assembly. It failed. Born in what was then Rhodesia, raised in Cape Town and now living with his family near Oxford, Kemp is a strange creature with an even stranger political past. I first met him in 1982 when I was a member of the students representative council at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Kemp, then in his first year, was elected as a “joke” candidate in an uncontested by-election. Unintentionally camp, weedy and unsmiling, his contribution extended no further than planting stink bombs at public meetings. After one such incident, a left-winger threatened to thump him and Kemp immediately backed down, leading Tony Karon (then a leftie student, now a New York-based Time editor and television pundit) to dub him a “gutless fascist”. It wasn’t long before Kemp was heading determinedly in that direction. It had already emerged he was a member of the New Republic Party (a short-lived, right-of-centre, English-speaking affair). Soon after, however, he made a brief and futile attempt to ingratiate himself with the “broad left”. Making no headway, Kemp helped revive the Conservative Students Alliance — a right-wing group funded by the security police. But unlike most of his right-wing student allies, who drifted towards the National Party and later Tony Leon’s Democratic Alliance, Kemp took a more idiosyncratic path — serving the apartheid security and intelligence machinery on the one hand, and the extreme right on the other. He joined the police and then the security police after leaving university while drifting steadily towards a harder-line, pro-apartheid political stance than he was prepared to own up to in his UCT days. He became a prominent stalwart for the South African Conservative Party. Surrounded by burlier men, he had acquired a more confident swagger along with his supercilious sneer. He seemed to be doing well in his attempts to inveigle himself into their circles, working as political secretary to party leader Andries Treurnicht and writing a sympathetic book on the Afrikanerweerstandsbeweging (AWB) in 1990, and becoming a prominent writer in Die Patriot. As an English-speaking right-winger with a dramatic flair, he appealed to the flamboyant side of the Pretoria- based CP couple, Clive and Gaye Derby-Lewis. Kemp supplied Gaye with what became a list of the names and whereabouts of prominent anti-apartheid activists, including the name and address of Hani. Clive passed the list on to his hitman, Polish-born fascist Janusz Walus, who murdered Hani. Kemp’s list was later found in Walus’s flat. What the Derby-Lewises did not realise was that Kemp also informed the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of his list and where it had gone (although the NIS later claimed it had no role in Hani’s murder). Kemp was arrested along with Walus and the Derby-Lewises and held for a couple of days. He became a state witness, admitting his role in supplying the list, including Hani’s details, while denying prior knowledge of its purpose. By this stage Kemp was regarded as a gutless sell-out by his extremist comrades and further infuriated them with his reluctance to assist their amnesty bid. He emigrated soon after South Africa became a democracy and settled in Britain, where he promptly got to work building on his past ties with neo-fascist groups. In 1996 Searchlight, the anti-fascist newspaper, exposed the fact that Kemp had addressed pro-Nazi meetings in Germany and had written for the fascist publication Nation und Europa. He later wrote a 32-chapter racist history book entitled March of the Titans: History of the White Race, and his musings have been highlighted on the Nazi-supporting website Stormfront. Kemp developed a close relationship with BNP leader Griffin and began to make regular contributions to the party’s website and publications on subjects ranging from the Iraq War to “non-white” immigration. One of his most quoted is a lengthy racist diatribe entitled Third World Immigration: Importing Poverty, not Prosperity — a kind of reworking of Enoch Powell’s notorious Rivers of Blood speech, arguing against black immigration to Britain. He joined Griffin at a rally of BNP supporters in Bromley. As with so many things in Kemp’s past, this one did not work out (mainly because of the relative success of the more mainstream right-wing United Kingdom Independence Party). The BNP is defensive about the exposure of Kemp’s past. “He’s a fantastic fellow and I don’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing,” said a spokesperson. However, some British neo-fascist activists are pointing to Kemp’s role as an informer against right-wing comrades in South Africa, saying that he is not to be trusted. If his past is anything to go by, they may have a point.

Anonymous said...

Listen to this and hear how Sadie takes on the media. Sadie sounds like a champion. Well done girl!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Chris,

Lee Barnes is not a lawyer. He is not qualified to give legal advice. A law degree is just the first stage in becoming a lawyer. The second is to get a vocational qualification as a solicitor or barrister and the final stage is one year (for barristers) or two years (for solicitors) training in a barristers' chambers or law firm. Lee Barnes could more accurately be described as a failed wannabe lawyer or an ex-law student. The fact that he puts "LLB" after his name shows his inferiority complex on this issue. You can think what you like about lawyers but they do at least use professional language that upholds the dignity of their profession. Compare that to Barnes's foul-mouthed and hysterical rants.

Barnes's lasting "achievement" as the party's "legal eagle" was to mess up poor Mr Redfearn's case by making a claim for direct discrimination instead of indirect discrimination. Given such an elementary mistake it beggars belief that he even managed to get a law degree. It just goes to show how standards are slipping in higher education institutions. I'd be surprised if he got more than a third class degree.

Anonymous said...

Re. bnp web news. Whatever next, do those stupid idiots at the top think members of the bnp are brain dead. Come off it Nick before you make yourself a laughing stock if you haven't already done so. It has the same impact and plausability as 'KENNY SMITH AND SADIE GRAHAM'S PLOT TO TAKE OVER BUCKINGHAM PALACE FOILED. You have lied once to often for my liking and, as of this moment, have lost my support. I was sitting on the fence somewhat and now I have jumped off, on the other side..

Anonymous said...

I don`t know who to believe anymore, if these problems have been going on for years and are still ongoing why did the leaders of the party not get round a table and thrash it out, instead of washing there dirt in public, Kenny and Sadie are hard working nationalists, as are all who have resigned over this mess and to suggest anything they did was for personal gain/glory, i find it very hard to believe. Perhaps some at the top of the party have been there to long and like the power to much and people with new ideas and thinking for themselves is not allowed. I hope the party can get this mess sorted out sooner rather than later as we are wrecking the party ourselves. PS Both parties can`t be telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Something you guys with BNP computers should know before you return them.

Data can be recovered (it's my business to do it), and it can be recovered even after several normal formats.

Google "low level format utility", download the one you need, and do it - not once, but twice.

Security will pick up working PCs without an OS, but nobody should be able to recover data after two llf's.

When they say it won't boot, just say you wondered what was wrong with the bloody thing!

Anonymous said...

A reply to shuggie.

You must realise that the original blog was started because Nick Griffin would NOT sit round a table and talk as you and many others have suggested regarding Collett and co. The blog was set up out of pure frustration and was NEVER a challenge to Nicks leadership. But again Nick just went in without thinking first and acted in the most abominable manner as he has done before but this time went O.T.T. breaking the law in the process. Then Matt, Sadie and co were suddenly accused of being reds working for Searchlight. If that was not enough they were state agents working for MI5. Now after Nicks rough ride at Leicester last week they have suddenly become internet hackers. Can't you see the wood for the trees. They have had Sadies computer, which they stole, for over a week and goodness knows whats on it now. It will more than likely lead to accusations that Sadie is running a string of brothels staffed by east european prostitutes working for the K.G.B. And what of Matt, it will more than likely turn out that he is the proprietor of a company that exports horses to France for slaughter. Shall we run a book on what the next ridiculous allegations will be. I'm a fairly good judge of character and know that Sadie is, to use the coloquial, straight as a die. I've known Matt all his life and he was always proud to serve Nick in personal security and never prouder than when Nick was at Leeds Crown Court. To him it equalled his passing out parade in the R.A.F. His life is B.N.P. and in the beginning, working long hours and at great expense, as many have done, at branch level and behind the scene before moving to security. To call him a traitor to the party is inconceivable and the of greatest insults, I know this because I'm his father.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the new evidence aginst the plotters to appear.
Must be more difficult than I thought, tampering with computers and inventing sordid conspiracies.
Not that Lee Barnes would know, he's still mastering Word and no matter how he tries,everythng he types comes out as a lie.

Anonymous said...

To Forsetti - nothing personal mate, paranoia rules and all that...I would like a few more people to look into this and let us know.

If we are hit by huge costs - any kind of costs , and the party goes broke, then we all have to pay in??

If we are not warned about potential financial disaster, and if we are not privy to the books, can we lay the blame at the feet of those who are??? I am NOT going to hand over any more money for this shower!

Anonymous said...

If the new accusation on the bnp sight had any substance why was it not raised at the meeting last week in front of Sadie. I'll tell you why, it's hyped up rubbish on par with 'SADAM HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION' Everybody seems to have forgotten about the original blog and its reasons because the wrongs happening within the bnp at this moment are greater, manifest, legion and systemic. Nick Griffin you may be a great orator but your rule is not absolute, Albert Einstein said 'There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and mans stupidity. In the coming year if elections fall short of expectations, with all the skeleton falling out of the cupboards, you will no doubt try to blame it on Sadie, Kenny and co. But it will be your fault and your fault alone for the failing of the party at the expence of all those working on the front line.

Anonymous said...

Interesting spat between the well respected Tony Brewer and that sewer rat Lee Barnes that I have just been cc'd in on:

lee barnes wrote:

The reason why I have not been a member of the party is simply to ensure that the legal interests of the party are put first at all times and that I could not be pressured by Nick to give him the answer he wanted when any legal problem arose realting to the party. This ensured the interests of then party came first at all times.

Unlike the position of Lord Goldsmith of the Labour Party who because of political pressure from his boss Tony Blair stated that the war in Iraq was legal and sent our boys to war, my position ensured that my advice was not based on brown nosing, promotion chasing, cabal building or crawling my way to the top table.

I got there on merit, not being a crawler.

Perhaps you would prefer a gutless lickspittle of a Legal Officer who sticks his arse in the air whenever the Chairman barks at him instead of one who puts the interests of the PARTY first at all times.

Seeing as putting the interests of the party FIRST seems to be something that a lot of people have forgotten is the point of being a member of political party, then perhaps they need to be shown an exmple of it.

My official position in the party has been since 2000 Legal Officer.

Seeing as I have now paid my twenty five pounds (which covers about 15 minutes of time if the party had to pay for the going rate of a barrister ) then I would suggest that you refrain from any more idiotic statements concerning my membership.

If you are one of those idiotic 'club life' mentality nationalists that want a shiny plastic card membership card and a special decorder ring as a sign of being in the 'gang' then you should be pleased that I am now a fully paid up member of the party.

Its a pity that instead of doing legal work, I am having to demonstate to those who do have a shiny peice of plastic what the meaning of LOYALTY is to the party.

As for the idea the current state of affairs have nothing to do with me, seeing as you are obviously someone who has no idea of what I do in the party then you would not be expected to know just what has been my role in the party, and also my role in dealing with each of the plotters themselves over the years.

They know. Each and every one of them have had my help, for nothing, at various times over the years. Each and every single one of them owe me personal debts for the work I have done for them.

But unlike those that want the glory, I simply want the best for the party.

As for the difficult situation at the moment in the party, as Legal Officer I have to advise the party on the legal implications of recent events. That should not come as too much of a shock, even to yourself.

Therefore seeing as the recent events cover everything from the Data Protection Act, computer hacking, theft of data, conspiracy to defraud the party, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and deception - then I think that as Legal Officer my role in this is pretty important to the party.

Or perhaps we should just ignore the legal issues involved and just stumble around like blind men in a minefield and wait for the mines to explode. What a brilliant strategy.

As for this 'difficult situation' - there is no difficult situation. There is the party Constitution, much of which I WROTE, and the law.

Both are fairly simple to understand if one bothers to educate oneself about them.

Seeing as the plotters do not undertsand either loyalty, the law or the party constitution and chose to ignore them all - then the solution is clear. They go.

Perhaps those that cannot understand or accept this as a reality should follow them and exit the party as soon as possible.

Next time you talk to me you will show me the respect due, and the respect you wish to be reciprocated.

Yours Sincerely,

L. J. Barnes

----- Original Message -----
From: Manager BNP
To: lee barnes
Cc: Nick Griffin ; Worcestershire BNP ; ; ; ; ; kevin scott ; tom linden ; Tony Shell ; ; Michaela Mackenzie ; Tina Wingfield ; Martin Wingfield ; Lancaster_BNP ; ; John Savage ; Councillor Liaison Officer ; 'John Walker' ; Deputy Treasurer ; ; Richard Barnbrook ; ; ; Administrator ; BNP Enquiries ; B.Bennett ; Arthur Kemp ; Andrew Edwards ;
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: No Surrender To Blackmail or Treason

Dear Mr Barnes

As far as I am aware (and I know that you will correct me if I am wrong) you are not a member of the Party and you do not hold any formal position as an official within our Organisation. I would therefore question why you see fit to pontificate on matters which are absolutely no concern of yours and which can only exacerbate an already very difficult situation.

As it happens, I do actually agree with the general thrust of your argument, even if I do not support the use of such intemperate language in its advocacy, nor the intervention of a non-member in a purely internal affair for the British National Party. Perhaps you should take slightly more note of one of your own demands - "We dont want people in this party who would deliberately seek to cause chaos and conflict within the party as part of their own petty vendettas and personality clashes. The party is not a vehicle for your own inflated ego's or petty spites." - a sentiment which I and many others, I am sure, would wholeheartedly support.

Yours sincerely

Tony Brewer
Manager - CMT

Anonymous said...

East Midlands member said...
At the next meeting question whether or not Mark Collett gives the party £5,000 a year. If so how can he afford that on a wage not much more than the minimum wage.
at the North West meeting 12/12/2007 griffin told us that Collett subs the party £5,000 a month. No I have not made a typing mistake. FIVE THOUSEND POUNDS A MONTH in the financially quite months. Strangley Collets loans don't appear to have been reported to the electoral commision as they should have been. Yes loans have to be reported. What are we to make of this? Was griffin lying to North West members or is collet screwing the BNP membership in some way that enables him to generate this sort of income but breaking the law by not reporting his loans to the BNP? Is it time to bring the police in?

Anonymous said...

Barnes has fucking lost it!!

I can\'t stop myself laughing reading a mad man at work.

What planet is he from,and why would anyone show him the slightest bit of respect when he acts like that.

Another one of Griffins lapdogs

Anonymous said...

lee barnes wrote:

Seeing as I have now paid my twenty five pounds (which covers about 15 minutes of time if the party had to pay for the going rate of a barrister ) then I would suggest that you refrain from any more idiotic statements concerning my membership."

Has the fee for BNP membership been reduced to £25 for 2008?

If Barnes does not know how much it costs to join the party, it is safe to assume he has not done so.

If he lies about something as simple and straightforward as joining the BNP (when he is under no pressure at all), why should he be believed when he writes on any other subject?

tonydj said...

"Throughout this whole episode, many people have commented on the silence of the media. Apart from a report in the Independent and 1 or 2 local papers, the media have shown very little interest."

Well spotted and well said.

I don't know why this is. Frankly, and with all due respects to everyone, it does not matter why at the moment.

What IS clear is that if "THEY" want the current situation kept quiet then WE NEED IT PUBLICISED.

I fully appreciate the "Don't wash our linen in public arguement" but please consider my arguement. "If the state / media don't want the story publicised, then I do"


Anonymous said...

I have just read the latest posting on the BNP site:-

Splinter Group Effort Grinds to a Halt.

I have followed the events of the past few days and did not feel in a position to make a judgement on the rights and wrongs of the situation until now.

I have suspected for some time that the postings on the BNP official site,on this issue, are being staged managed since most postings are quickly followed by comments of approval generally from the same sources. (Funny old thing!)

It is obvious to me now that the site is also being severely moderated and been hijacked by the few to publish their propaganda on this issue and on Nationalist issues in general.

In the latest posting the following paragraph states

"The exposure of the extremist clique’s email hacking - which has gone on for a long period of time, and their gross betrayal of BNP activists’ trust, have made a mockery of their claims of moral outrage after a Skype conversation, stupidly broadcast over the Internet (presumably either by a Skype setting error on their part, or even sitting on a mobile phone) made its way into the public domain".

As far as I am aware no evidence has been presented by the party executive to support the email hacking accusation and as far as the statement “Skype conversation, stupidly broadcast over the Internet……………… made its way into the public domain"
Do they really expect us to believe it was inadvertently broadcast over the internet or from a mobile phone and just happened to drop into the public domain clutches of the BNP security and that they were in a position to immediately record it?

For me the BNP Web Site has lost much of its credibility. I also hope that other rank and file members become aware of this and spend a little time questioning the truth of what is being published and don’t get influenced by the lies and propaganda being stage-managed on the web site at the present time.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barns said in his response to Tony Brewer:-

"My official position in the party has been since 2000 Legal Officer.

Seeing as I have now paid my twenty five pounds (which covers about 15 minutes of time if the party had to pay for the going rate of a barrister ) then I would suggest that you refrain from any more idiotic statements concerning my membership."

Has he really paid his membership? Isn't the fee £30?

Bill Henderson said...

Green Arrow Blog states apropro a certain politician

The skills he learned as a boxer during his time at Oxford are paying off now.

It's nice to be informed by such a stalwart supporter

Anonymous said...

I seem to have got poor Lee all hysterical over some of my comments. I'm happy to withdraw my claim that he had anything to do with Mr Redfearn's case but why he gets so hysterical over my use of the common term 'law degree' to describe his 'HONOURS DEGREE IN LAW' is beyond me. Presumably he's still suffering from frustration because of his failure to obtain a professional legal qualification.

The rest of Lee's rantings are a good illustration of why it's a bad idea to take legal advice from someone not qualified to give it. He claims that dismissing Collett and Hannam would leave the party open to an unfair dismissal claim because there has been no "Gross Misconduct". If he had any more than a third class degree from a third rate university he would know that "Gross Misconduct" is just one of a number of legitimate reasons for dismissal.

Dismissal is fair on grounds of conduct or competence where the appropriate disciplinary procedures have been used. Collett and Hannam have been through the party's disciplinary procedures and both received final warnings. Their misconduct during the recent conference, photographed for all to see, would be a perfectly fair reason for dismissal.

And would you like to be the lawyer arguing that John Walker's dismissal on grounds of incompetence was unfair?

Anonymous said...

Frogstomper asks for more information about the liability of party members.

The characteristics of an unincorporated association have emerged primarily from case law. An unincorporated association:
• is not a legal entity,
• is an organisation of persons or bodies (more than one) with an identifiable membership (possibly changing),
• has a membership who are bound together for a common purpose by an identifiable constitution or rules (which may be written or oral),
• is an organisation where the form of association is not one which is recognised in law as being something else (for example, an incorporated body or a partnership),
• must have an existence distinct from those persons who would be regarded as its members,
• the tie between the persons need not be a legally enforceable contract.

The BNP like other political parties falls within these criteria and is an unincorporated association.

Because an unincorporated association is not a legal entity it cannot be sued. Therefore in general its members are jointly and severally liable for its debts. Jointly and severally means that each member could (in theory) be liable for all the debts.

Several legal provisions therefore have special provisions preventing members from liability. For example under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000, there is a provision that fines imposed by that Act are payable out of the funds of the association instead of by the members. The provision is there because without it the members would all be liable.

Usually creditors will look to the committee of an unincorporated association first for any debts. But if the committee cannot pay out of the organisation’s funds or their personal funds then any member could be pursued for payment.

Because of this unlimited liability it is usually suggested that members protect themselves from legal action for debts by making sure that they keep themselves informed of all financial obligations entered into by the association and ensure that if they disagree with the proposed financial transaction, it is properly recorded in the minutes. Organisations can insure against the liability of members but I don't know if the BNP has done so.

The BNP constitution (8th edition, I don’t have a more recent one) states: “All debts and liabilities properly incurred by the party at a national level shall be solely the responsibility of the National Chairman”. Under general law such a constitutional provision gives protection to ordinary members (not committee members and office holders) provided they are not part of any transaction and do not know anything about it. Members who know about any financial wrongdoings and do nothing about it thereby become liable for any debts so incurred.

Basically the legal position is not clear cut because it arises from case law rather than Statute. Limited companies were introduced specifically to protect members from the liability that they would otherwise have as members of an unincorporated association.

Someone else mentioned Great White Records. This is a company wholly owned by Dave Hannam. However the Companies House record does not state whether he owns it on his own behalf or as a trustee for the party. Unincorporated associations cannot own property in their own name so all their property has to be held in the names of trustees. It would be usual to have more than one trustee.

The GWR accounts should give more information about ownership and investment in GWR but they are overdue by two months.

Anonymous said...

'No good activists were turned away from the meeting' does that mean there were some 'bad ones' turned away!
let everything be discussed and let the truth prevail... someone quite famous once said words to this affect.

Anonymous said...

I think it’s fast becoming clear exactly what the hold is that Collett has over Griffin. Money. Although, it seems to me the hold is mutual - Collett has a similar reliance on Griffin’s position within the party to ensure plenty of work is directed towards his ‘print’ company. Basically, the two of them are treating the BNP as a way to make a lot of money. The pair of them are treacherous, lying filth of the highest order, and the pair of them have successfully managed to dupe - or buy off - the likes of Darby, Barnes and possibly Wingfield.

Hannam and Walker will be part of the scam, they have to be, being in accounts. As for the rest of the membership, apart from the people who’ve had the good sense to smell a rat, they are being duped and taken for fools. Their naivety is compounded by the fact they will now believe everything Griffin says since his comments condemning this fantasy coup he has created in his paranoid mind are published on the main website, and the reason Griffin is so utterly desperate to have this site taken down.

They’ll pay their new membership fees, Griffin will get richer, Collett will be given more printing work (and make a total mess of it as usual) and the party will be no further forward, particularly since the, no doubt, ‘breakthrough’ this coming year, will not materialise because the public just will not buy into the BNP whilst it contains the likes of Hitler-worshipping Collett, and incompetents like Walker and Hannam.

I am astonished that Griffin cannot see this. What a stupid, stupid man he has become. It truly is beyond belief and a great shame.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kbarry to reality.

The BNP Forum has been managed for several days by Griffin's lapdogs and anything contrary to the Griffin version is automatically blocked by none other than the faithful Barnes, Loyal's Reg and others. Jock was involved early on and will confirm this, but soon realised he was being used and quit.

I know this to be true and at the time I repeatedly posted awkward statements. Eventually I too was banned by the most faithful non member himself without any explanation.

We are not trying to destroy the party but it will destroy itself if the current structure doesn't change.

Incompetence,financial irregularities and corruption are coming to a head and trying to point out the failings has resulted in this backlash by the real culprits.

One can only wonder at the mindset behind this madness.

Bourne Patriot said...

“Splinter Group effort Grinds to a Halt”…

Remember how I said, as the situation progresses, they will become increasingly more desperate, and this article simply proves it.

“New Revelations” – utter nonsense. You are manipulating information or even creating your own to sully the reputation of good hard working activists to your own financial gain, or to deflect attention from your sordid theft. You are a sad man. Stealing the idea that a skype conversation could be recorded, even though it has already been admitted that the party bugged Sadie’s phone, and an independent expert has confirmed that the recording posted on the BNP site could not have been a skype conversation due to the audio imprint.

But what is of more concern to me is the complete lie with respect to the support for Sadie, and the resignations tendered. It’s almost as if my writing that letter was a figment of my imagination, and that it never really happened. Well it did, and the fact that mine and several others are deliberately omitted is clear deception.

1. It’s not a splinter group, it’s a whole tree! It may even be the entire forest shortly!
2. BNP email account holders were requested to change their email passwords following administrative changes. This is normal when sys admin’s resign or are dismissed. There is nothing unusual in this and nothing can be inferred from it.
3. Your new sys admin is not even English! [Emmanuel d'Aubignosc] What does that say about the “British” National Party! British Jobs for French workers Griffin? You’ll be taking tea with Brown next!

Just remember, the majority of the membership of the BNP are honest, hardworking, law abiding citizens who simply want equal treatment, and end to positive discrimination. They do not want to be associated with liars, and criminals. The membership are intelligent and can see through smear. And in ever increasing numbers they are turning the splinter into the forest. Shedding the nasty stain that certain high ranking officials in the party cover everything with, and choosing not to be branded liars and criminals by association.

Finally, there is clearly censorship on the comments on your website, it is your propaganda tool after all, but you have now been exposed. You are a liar. What is more, turning the tables in a desperate effort to deflect the extent of your criminal actions, merely goes to prove your desperation.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes - whose extremist backing of Istraeli murderous actions is highly questionable - says:

"Therefore seeing as the recent events cover everything from the Data Protection Act, computer hacking, theft of data, conspiracy to defraud the party, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and deception - then I think that as Legal Officer my role in this is pretty important to the party."

Is he really saying Nick & Co are guilty of these things too?

I thought it was just burglary, theft, and the crimes committed at Sadie and Matt's house via his KGB-style (swinging?) goons.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes, the sewer rat, is a massive liability to the current leadership. A very genuine email from Tom Linden, Harrogate Organiser, is met with a disgraceful load of diatribe from the sewer rat that is Lee Barnes.
Quite why Lee Barnes wants to make his own irrationality clear for all to see is anyones guess?


In politics it is best to understand ones role in any given situation, and in your case you are nothing but a pathetic pawn of others who are using you and your loyalty.

You have been used and betrayed and made to look an utter fool.

I like you Tom, but you have revealed just how ignorant you are about what has been going on and also the position of the chairman and the party constitution, and also how truly ignorant you are about the BNP constitution..

The Chairman is the ONLY person in the party who has the power under the constitution to expel anyone - that is because he is the CHAIRMAN. Therefore by doing what he alone has a constitutional right to do, he cannot be in breach of the constitution in any way.

Nick can sack any officers for any legitimate reason - and in this case Nick was well within his rights to use his constitutional powers to do so. This is because the officers concerned, Sadie Graham, Steve Blake, Kenny Smith were involved in the following behaviours which we have documentary proof of and also a sound recording of their admitting their guilt ;

1) Theft ( of internal party data)
2) Fraud ( in relation to the forging of party account statements by Sadie Graham)
3) The Bugging and hacking of the internal BNP e mail server and e mail system
4) The collection and dissemination of stolen BNP e mails from BNP officers between Sadie Graham, Steve Blake and Kenny Smith
5) The theft and interception of e mails sent from the party auditors and then sent to sadie graham and kenny smith by steve blake
6) conspiracy to incur financial penalties for the party by deliberatly failing to provide proper accounts
7) conspiracy to frame and set up party officers by the deliberate falsification of account statements
8) malfeasance in an office of the party
9) gross misconduct
10) the setting up of the EiE blog and attacks on party officers contrary to the disciplinary code
11) Posting attacks on the blog in their names on the Chairman and party officers
12) the posting of attacks on the party on the Lancaster UAF site
13) causing dissent within the party by inciting members/ officers of the party to resign their positions

these are just the first 13 of the charges against them so far - and many, many more are to come.

As for the Skype call - as these people were agents / officers / paid employees of the party using BNP party laptops and computers and were being PAID by the party during the time they were planning and undertaking their treachery. Therefore the the party, under the law, was well within its rights to monitor what they were doing with that equipment - just as our councillors who use council provided lap tops and facilities will find that they and the council lap tops are being monitored for signs of wrongdoing.

Nick acted at all times in the best interests of the party and within the terms of the law - and one day, when these people have their public disciplinary tribunal (if they have the front to attend and try and fight it ) then the full documentary evidence will reveal their betrayal and treason.

Nick was required to act to protect the party and he did this.

You should be standing 100 % behind the elected chairman who acted in support of the party constitution, the law and the interests of the party.

This conspiracy involved both criminal acts and the utter betrayal of BNP members.

I dont know if you have been hiding on the moon Tom, but for gods sake get up to date with what has been happening.

The clique are nothing more than treacherous, thieving, lieing scum.

The most disgusting betrayal of all was their bugging, theft and interception of confidential e mails sent between party officers.

Steve Blake was stealing the BNP internal e mails off of the BNP e mail server and then passing them to sadie graham and kenny smith and all the while THOSE BASTARDS WERE LAUGHING ABOUT IT !!!

They were laughing as they betrayed their comrades and fellow members - read my blog posts here with full details of it all so you can finally discover the reality instead of the delusions you are suffering from ;

The time has come now for you to face reality tom - these people have used you, abused your friendship and betrayed us all.

They are nothing more than enemy agents, and their followers either fools or traitors.

If you think that either people in the party or members of the public will ever trust people who have bugged the party internal e mail system, intercepted and stolen confidential party e mail communications between their fellow officers, stolen and used those e mails and then pasted them onto Lancaster UAF - then you must be insane.

The public will never vote for such treasonous scum and the party members will never trust them. That is why they have destroyed themselves with their own stupidity.

They and their pathetic plot are dead in the water.

The choice for their supporters is clear ;

Capitulation , Resignation or Expulsion.

All those that still refuse to follow party discipline should now either obey party discipline in light of the revelations or resign the party.

L.J. Barnes

----- Original Message -----
From: tom linden
To: Andrew Edwards ; barry bennett Virgin Media
Cc: lee barnes ; Nick Griffin ; ; Arthur Kemp ; BNP Enquiries ; Administrator ; ; ; Richard Barnbrook ; ; Deputy Treasurer ; 'John Walker' ; Councillor Liaison Officer ; John Savage ; ; Lancaster_BNP ; Martin Wingfield ; Tina Wingfield ; Michaela Mackenzie ; Nick Cass ; ; Tony Shell ; kevin scott ; ; ; ; ; Worcestershire BNP
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 11:06 PM
Subject: Lies and more lies

How dare you consider me to be a member of an extremist clique of malcontents . There is NO attempt to remove you from your job. Everyone wants you to remain as chairman.
However Nick, name calling will not change the fact that on this one you are wrong. You must 'act' as a democratic leader not a dictator. The party constitution must be followed
You can not just sack officers because you do not agree with what they say.
If it was a skype phone call, why were certain of K.S's words inaudable, skype is a digital format and clear at both ends. No one believes that they allowed this conversation to be
put into the public domain, so how did it get there ?
I have worked for years for the party, in fact in the last three years even through very bad health I have been leafleting, canvassing and VOF selling as well speaking at meetings up and down the country
I do not get expenses, I pay my own phone bill and fuel I was proud to be a BNP organiser because it say something to the world, it meant that they had hope.
The clique you refer to are hard working dedicated nationalists who have worked with you to bring our party to were it is today. I can not understand why you are
prepared to lose 58 organisers, fund holders and councillors, to protect one person, why would you risk all that has been worked for. Nick you are like a turkey voteing for Christmas
These people love you please do not let them down


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.55

It's a damned sight more than 58. There are more, like me for instance.

The only reason I've not yet resigned my position is that our local group is fragile. We're just trying to make sure it doesn't disintegrate during this dispute.

The latest post on the main BNP page does not help. Most of us simply do not believe a word of it. It looks very much like the sort of stuff that Stalin came out with in the show trials. More people than you know can see that.

As for the Skype suggestion - I believe I was the first to mention that possibility; I now think I was in error, having read a lot of the technical input on several sites. I did ask at the time to be corrected if necessary.

Yes, Sadie's and/or Kenny's phone was bugged, which could mean that there was a prior break-in too?

So everyone's a red, or traitor, or state asset, or UAF plant ... whatever. Sorry, don't believe a word of it.

I haven't renewed my party membership so I suppose I will cease to be a fundholder by default in January?

All over a scumbag. Griffin could have sorted this all out on the first day by getting rid of what we can't anyway defend on the doorstep or when the media starts asking questions. And be sure they will ask, and at awkward moments for the BNP.

Too pissed off to write any more for now. Might be back later.

Everyone should ask ... who's next?

Bill Henderson said...

Bourne Patriot a dit...
3. Your new sys admin is not even English! [Emmanuel d'Aubignosc] What does that say about the “British” National Party! British Jobs for French workers Griffin? You’ll be taking tea with Brown next!

Just to set the record straight rather than criticise, d'Aubignosc is not French.

He is in fact a Walloon (French speaker) from Belgium

He is David Duke's webmaster and now apparently Nick Griffins.

Here he is in 2002 in Deutschland - 1st Left - with David Duke - 2nd Left, the Griffins - right - plus a young female BNP member unknown

And again
- right - with Kris Roman and Jean-Marie LePen in Paris in 2006

Bourne Patriot said...


Many thanks for clearing that up.

I think the premise under which i used the name still stands. but requires amendment to British Jobs for Belgian Workers.

Anonymous said...

So we have

A Belgian Webmaster

A South African Intelligence Dept

and Eastern European VOF printers.

What happened to the BRITISH National Party?

Anonymous said...

Looks like do what I say not what I do with the gang of 3.

The BNP must be seen to the general public to act honourably and ethically in accordance with it's creed.

british jobs for British workers indeed

The 14 Words said...

So we have

A Belgian Webmaster

A South African Intelligence Dept

and Eastern European VOF printers.

What happened to the BRITISH National Party?

I could not have put it better myself.
Nick is like a turker voteing for Christmas why?
Why lose 58 of his organisers, fundholders and elected councillors just to protect Collett, what has Collett got on NG, thats the question is it not.
Surely even if Collett was 'innocent' Nick should have said to him look mate I must let you go as I can afford to lose all these officals and the structures that they have fought to put in place.

Nick has lost my support by calling me names and trying to demonise me and the otheres, all we have done is disagree with his decisions, we have not planned a coup, nor would we. We just want a 'democratic' leader and an elected management structure put in place to run the party in the interests of it's members.

Anonymous said...

I see that Lee Barnes has spat his dummy out. He's now starting to throw his toys out of the pram. I wonder how long it will be before fills his nappy? Come on Lee we go back a long way and your running true to form, missguided plonker.

Anonymous said...

Bourne Patriot said:
'Your new sys admin is not even English! [Emmanuel d'Aubignosc] What does that say about the “British” National Party! British Jobs for French workers Griffin? You’ll be taking tea with Brown next!'

My own feelings are that Mr Griffin would very much like to take tea with Mr Brown. Have you all not noticed that there is zero coverage in the press about these internal BNP problems? M.Ps have raised questions in Parliament about the break in and phone tapping and then fallen mute. One M.P was urging and investigation into the affair but is now silent. Why is the press not exploiting the greatest chance it has had in many a year to harm the BNP? Why the total silence? Who does this silence help? I believe it helps Mr Griffin. If the state is helping Mr Griffin what does that tell everyone? What it tells me is that the BNP is state controled and the state wants to keep it that way. The simplist way to control and neutur opposition is to put it into a party that you control. Conclusion the BNP is a state organisation. Dump it--walk away.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as I have now paid my twenty five pounds (which covers about 15 minutes of time if the party had to pay for the going rate of a barrister ) then I would suggest that you refrain from any more idiotic statements concerning my membership.

So the Party's legal eagle doesn't even know the price of the membership. I suggest you send in the other fiver quick Lee.