Monday, 10 December 2007

Support the resistance - Save the BNP!

Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith and Matt Single are not going to go away. They are fighting back! They believe in the BNP and are true Nationalists.

If you support these four whether it is because you too have had problems with Collett, Walker and Hannam or because you trust Sadie and Kenny to be good and true, they we urge you to do the following:

1, Do not renew your membership yet!
2, Do not resign from the Party

3, Resign from any official position you hold - Let's to bring the organisation to a grinding halt and show the strength of feeling amongst the working officials that Griffin needs to sack the three chimps and not hardworking Party loyalists.
4, Do not resign as a councillor - ever!
5, Throw off the party whip and declare yourself an Independent Nationalist Councillor.

These are not easy things to do for people who have helped build up the BNP and believe in the BNP but we are now fighting for the salvation of the Party that we all love. Nick Griffin is defending the indefensible with Collett, Hannam and Walker and prepared to sacrifice people who are not only loyal to the BNP but have been steadfastly loyal to him.

He refused to listen to Kenny, Sadie, Ian Dawson, Scott McLean and many more. If we act as one he might listen to us all. Resign your positions and withdraw the party whip, withhold your donations but don't quit the party or your councillorships. This fight is for our country and our people as much as it is for the party we love and need to ensure our people survive on our own islands.

E-mail your letters of resignation to:
Nick Griffin at
Party Manager Tony Brewer at

Please also CC Kenny and Sadie in on your e-mails:
Sadie at
Kenny at

Thank you everybody who has been in touch with your support. We are truly humbled by it. Together we are strong and we will win!


Anonymous said...

Good thinking. Griffin and co must now GO as they've failed in almost every respect. They must GO now and GO QUICKLY. The BN fightback doesn't need top down ego-driven leadership supported by a number of State operatives, dodgy spooks and Gestapo games players.

What is required is a grass roots federation of British Nationalists using the name "!Local" British National Party or whatever. It is all about organisation, security and activity now and not about giving tens of thousands to financial and political incompetents like Griffin, Hannam, Flyboy Collett and co.

IF it is true that the BNP is a member's and people's party then those involved need to organise anew......

Anonymous said...

Very sound advice.

Though this looks like the worst period in the BNP's recent history it could be the start of the rebuilding of our movement.

The truth is that the BNP has had very serious internal problems for some time now and it was high time that the issues were aired in public.

Griffin, Collett, Hannam, Walker, Darby, Kemp all have to go, and perhaps a few more, but I've always thought the vast majority of so-called 'Griffinites' are decent nationalists.

Whatever the political differences between them and so-called 'Tyndallites' and others in the movement, these can easily be resolved once the crooks are out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way because I can assure you my sympathies lie with Sadie Graham. I would dearly like to see the back of Collett and Hannam the same as most people.

The rumour is that Griffin can't get rid of Collett because he has a hold over him. Suppose this is true, and it's something so bad that it would destroy Griffin and by implication the BNP as well.

If this is the case then you have put him in an impossible situation. Most of us see the BNP as the last hope for this country and we would rather suffer Collet and Hannam than see the BNP destroyed.

I think you should have found out exactly what hold Collett has over Griffin before you started all this.

I have posted a comment in your support on Derby's blog but he hasn't allowed it through.

Anonymous said...

If Collett has something that bad on Griffin then surely it's ludicrous to regard a Griffin-led BNP as any sort of hope for this country.

Those who continue to believe this - in the face of a growing mountain of evidence - reveal themselves to be adherents of a cult rather than a political party.

Anonymous said...


I respectfully ask that you accept my resignation from the post of Ulster Organiser.

I am completely and utterly horrified that Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith have been expelled from the Party. Two harder working, dedicated and honest BNP members would be hard to find. The manner in which these two Nationalist role models were dispatched makes me cringe. Tactics like those employed to expel Sadie and Kenny would surely remind you of Stalin's Russia and not that of a Party that advocates freedom of speech.

I urge the Party leadership to reconsider its decision and reinstate Kenny and Sadie. Of course there is that small Elephant in the room that nobody wants to deal with, this also needs attention!
Please act now for the good of the British National Party that I love.


Kieran Dinsmore
Regional Organiser (Ulster)
Ulster BNP
PO Box 85
G51 2DS
07788 526487

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if those who have been maligned as having wrongly got £17,000 will make formal complaints to the police over doubts about finances which have been worrying people for years?

Anonymous said...

"If this is the case then you have put him in an impossible situation. Most of us see the BNP as the last hope for this country and we would rather suffer Collet and Hannam than see the BNP destroyed."

If that's the case, it could have destroyed the BNP further down the line, when there would have been no chance to reform. For the good of the country, no matter how talented he is, NG should have resigned - leaders can't have skeletons that are so big that they are totally in the power of self-interested thugs who are destroying the party from within. We all want the same thing here and I really hope we can all continue to work together, but this issues must be taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I will not be renewing my membership in January under the current conditions.
Freedom of speech applies to everyone or no one.
I've already been warned on the forum about my comments and had some postings edited.
Do they think I care about being banned from that Ostrich pen?
Graham Partner

Anonymous said...

Firstly on Hannam. I can no longer access the Hannam file. Please get this back up asap. However, I dont see how Hannam can be so responsible for the account mess up given that he is only Deputy Tresurer. I dont agree with this anti-Hannam sentiment even though I have sympathy for the anti-Collett block. Hannam has placed so much time and energy into the movement with Great White Records etc. you can see the stress has aged him. The Hull leaflet fiasco was a while back when Hannam was young and naive, and was primarily the fault of Simon Sheppherd, a much older man who had spent much more time in Nationalist politics. We have all made mistakes in the past, especially in terms of over enthusiasm for the cause; by which I mean we have all been guilty at some time or other of being too radical and fundamentalist in our words and thereby undermining the media savvy image we are seeking to establish.

Anonymous said...

Secondly onto Collett and Griffin, it is well known that Collett has a twisted obsession with anal intercourse; no doubt to do with his power and insecurity issues. Sodomy of such a perverted nature cannot be acceptable conduct in a White Nationalist party, given Sodomy's conflict with the Natural Laws of the Universe. Incidentally, I have heard rumours before now regarding Griffin that may explain why Lecomber and Collett have been "getting away with murder." Its very unlikely but it would explain a lot. Rumour has it that Nick Griffin was well known during his National Front days as a homosexual by those who worked closely with him. A known secret. For example it is alleged that in the National Front office where he worked closely with Martin Webster, there was clear sexual communication and subcommunication between the two men. The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sadie, Kenny

Please rest assured, you have my full support in this event. I have been concerned for a long time about the Nazi/facist issue, that surrounds the party. Regardless of what we do, for how ever long, we will never fully get rid of that stigma, but I can live with that. The issue now, is the re building of this great party.

The issue here though is your unwarranted dismissal, from posts you ran with vigour, fortitude, and honesty. Freedom of speech and expression i understood was part and parcel of our policies, and although some may not have agreed with what you said, you did at least have the right to say it. I have always supported Mark and Nick, and seen them both as beacons for the future. No matter how hard I try, my feelings for these two as party officials, and human beings, I can't seem to dismiss either. Now this is not because i disagree with what those people have said in their resignation letters, i agree with all of it. If there are liars, and criminals who are bending and twisting rules to suit their own, then they have to be either brought into line, or got rid of. I am extremely upset that this has reached the public domain though, and feel that this should have been sorted in house. Our opponents are going to have a field day with this, and no matter who is right and who is wrong here, the damage publicly has already been done.

The BNP now appears to be a party slowly drowning in its own pool. In that light, there will be many many happy lefties out there today, and this really annoys me.

While it is a personal choice as well as a moral choice here, i will not under any circumstances turn my back on the BNP, and urge those who have already resigned positions such as organisers to take back the responsibilities of those posts...there has been much damage done over these issues, and the demise of individual areas of BNP activities will result in the ultimate destruction of the party, to a point where it will not be able to recover.

Support can be shown for anyone, in other ways, and unity, while still doing our duties, is as good as any resignation, if not better.

I support Sadie and Kenny fully here, but will not resign my position as West lindsey Organiser. Those people who have shown interest in my area, and the same for all other areas from the top of Great Britain to the bottom must see a unity, and a bond, especially in time of troubles, otherwise they will leave, and never be seen again. These people, and all current activists must see a strong united, and determined party structure. All parties have their internal issues, its all about how the public perceive the handling of these problems that make or break a party.

Area organisers must retain their positions, and continue to run the groups, so we retain the current support we have. The issues that have arisen, and those in question need to be dealt with in a manner that will NOT effect individual areas or groups....I will argue and fight for Sadie and kenny to be reinstated, and those whose actions are in question should be made to answer. But I will not, at least in my area, allow the outer structure to collapse too. What ever the result or outcome of all this, we will need the individual groups intact, so we can rebuild as necessary.

Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith and Matt Single are not going to go away. They are fighting back! They believe in the BNP and are true Nationalists.
And I will fight back with them all the way, if it means saving this great party. But the destruction of groups, by resignation is NOT the answer. Stay and fight, dont let our current activists and supporters walk away, and they will, if we allow groups to run without leaders
God bless those who stay and fight, God Bless Sadie and the others, God bless all those decent folk who hold current positions within the party, and who have shown honesty integrity and loyalty.

Nick, I truly believe you have made errors of judgement, that need to be acted on..i call for the reinstatement of Sadie and Kenny as a start to the reconstruction process. I also ask that you seriously look at the question of incompetence, and your support of those who lets say, have shown to be less trustworthy, or complacent about party policies..The leadership of the BNP must be squeaky clean, strong, united and determined. It must also work for the party and NOT any one individual. I ask Nick, that you seriously reconsider the position of those recently removed from the party, and reinstate them, with a promise that their grievances, and any others be viewed on a democratic, fair and just basis. I have faith in you Nick, and feel you will take the correct course, even if this means the brining into line of some of those close to you personally...Never should the individual come before the party.
I remain in office as West lindsey organiser, I will support Kenny, Sadie, Matt and the others. I still have faith in you Nick, and i feel most sincerely that you will put this matter a way best for everyone.
There are many of us Nick who would give the ultimate sacrifice for the party, please do not turn your back on those people. Bring the part of the back bone back that you have dismissed, and lets build build build....
Long Live nationalism

Andrew Gatward *(West Lindsey Organiser)

Unknown said...

I am shocked and very disappointed at the recent internal strife in the BNP. All I can say is do not let the BNP implode. Limit the damage to the party and do not give the opposition ammunition against us. I am prepared to give the sacked members the benefit of the doubt and a meeting of all parties to hammer out differences out of the public eye is urgently needed. I do not believe we had traitors in out midst. but honest hardworking nationalist with a grievance.If support is blind then urgent changes needed to be made now and urgently with out fuss.

Anonymous said...

Solidarity Greetings!
I'm fairly sure that people from BOTH 'sides' of this will be reading this.
So here's my honest and sincere take on the matter.
2008 will be my 12th consecutive year of membership of the British National Party. I am a staunch BNP loyalist to the point that when I left the Treasury Dep't in 2006, I stayed with the Party and indeed went on to revamp a certain Lancashire branch of the BNP, and am now back in my native Coventry.
I wish that this situation right now could be resolved by all concerned and a number of level-headed and neutral observers in place to oversee things sitting down for civilised talks and possible resolutions. But I have lost hope of any neutrality and civility on behalf of the current Party leadership team, based on the outrageous and possibly illegal (?) bugging of telephones and entrance to Sadie's house to remove items in the property of Sadie & Matt. The bugging of telephones etc is NOT, repeat NOT, necessary or in any way professional or decent.
Therefore, I hereby state that I sincerely lend my support to the 'cause' of Kenny, Nicholla, Sadie, Matt & Co.
Why? Because I've known these people for many years and trust them implicitly. I have worked with and alongside all of these people in a personal and professional capacity for a number of years. I also know, having spent almost four years in the Treasury Dep't of tens of examples whereby Messr's Collett, Hannam & Walker have done this Party a major disservice in one form or another.
I do not believe that either of the above-named people is competent in their roles as Publicity Director and Treasury Dep't respectively. This is based on my own experiences whilst working as Assistant National Treasurer between February 2003 and April 2006.
Yes, it's fair to say that IF (emphasis added) Kenny and/or Sadie broke the Party's Code of Conduct by setting up this blogsite, then so be it. Perhaps (emphasis added) a disciplinary measure of verbal or written warnings may be in order. However, the almost paranoid-sounding way in which there has been this proverbial night of the long knives smacks of illegality, paranoia and dirty underhand tactics only goes to prove that there are many things which could have been resolved had certain people listened and acted correctly and swiftly upon matters that were causing the Party internal troubles as far back as 2002, when the "Young Nazi & Proud" TV programme was aired. I myself made my feelings on this idiocy known to the Chairman back then, and have written proof of such.
It is for the above reasons, I support the re-instatement of Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith, Sadie Graham, Matt Single and certain others to their respective positions, and this matter dealt with swiftly and reasonably, so the Party ceases to lose face to our opponents any more than possible, and that we may resume our attack on the political mainstream elite running this country.
Mark Payne,
Former Assistant National Treasurer.

Anonymous said...

I stated earlier that I thought IF Kenny and Sadie had set up such a blog, thus breaking the Party's Code of Conduct, then perhaps disciplinary procedures such as a verbal warning were in order.
This in no way detracts from my support for them. It merely states my belief in impartiality and equal usage of the Party's Constitution and disciplinary codes.
However, with NO respectable recourse or procedure for questioning of internal incompetence in place, and no logical and impartiality to listen and/or investigate such questions, it's hardly surprising that people sick of the seemingly unexplained and illogical behaviour of the Chairman and his refusal to listen and act on problems should resort to starting a name-and-shame blog.
What does it take for people to listen?
I also have to state that having known that Mark Collett was on a 2-year probationary period and final warning from the Party disciplinary board, I found it preposterous and quite outrageous that he was not expelled for punching Andrew Spence at RWB this year. No matter what the reason, an officer breaking the Code of Conduct whilst on duty as an Officer of the Party is worse than that which Kenny and Sadie & Co have engaged in, in my opinion.
So why wasn't he expelled?
Mark Payne.

Anonymous said...

Hope your efforts to save the BNP from the clutches of Nick Griffin and his small band of power and money hungry people.
I was a BNP member for 5 years but resigned not long after John Tyndall died.
Best wishes from me.
John Holloway
Basel, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Griffin is rightly loosing his halo. Dictatorship is a terrible thing, but consider thievery.

The party electral commission statements declared that the bnp made approx £250,000 in a year.

yet the membership of 8000 times the £30 ff equals £240,000 and we all know that the party recieves lots of donations - some of larges amounts. It should be clear that griffin is robbing the party and the Trafalgar Club is another money spinner for him.

Anonymous said...

The latest from Scarborough BNP:

Trisha Scott Organiser - Resigned
Louise Scott Secretary - Resigned

We are 100% behind all those who have been sacked, or forced to resign. Your treatment has been disgraceful.

I am also no longer a member of the BNP website's Regional News team, so please do not bother to send news because it will not be published. I cannot bring myself to contribute to a website which was set up in such a way, and after Steve Blake has been treated so shoddily. I do have principles.

All the very best to those who are taking a stand!

Anonymous said...

I also fully support the actions of those who have been victimised in all of this.
The sheffield branch is fully behind you .

Sheffield BNP

Albion1983 said...

I will not be renewing my membership in January under the current conditions.
Freedom of speech applies to everyone or no one.
I've already been warned on the forum about my comments and had some postings edited.
Do they think I care about being banned from that Ostrich pen?
Graham Partner

Graham, if you want a say on the future direction of the BNP you need to renew your membership.

If you want to restore freedom of speech to the party then don't hand the party over to those who deny it to you.

The BNP needs good people like you.