Saturday, 22 December 2007

Step back from the brink Nick!

It seems every few months or so rumours of discontent circulate within the BNP which culminate in sackings and vitriolic character assassinations. This constant bloodletting of sometimes talented people over what are often seemingly personal spats or perceived threats to the leadership is debilitating the party and preventing it from progressing as much as I believe it should be by now, given the accelerating disintegration of our country. Who needs Searchlight agent-provocateurs when the party is doing its own dirty work for them? This instability, and the nastiness of the recriminations, only reinforces the perception fostered by the media that we are an immature and mean spirited organisation, and it must inevitably put off many people who might otherwise consider joining us from doing so - new blood that we desperately need.

Nick Griffin has many admirable qualities that are particularly needed by the leader of a small party under constant attack from the establishment, most notably hard work, good communication skills, imagination and tenacity. These are the very qualities that will also be needed by a BNP prime minister given the dreadful, dysfunctional, state that the country is likely to be in by the time, and if, we ever get into government. But these qualities are sadly overshadowed by authoritarian and vindictive tendencies. If only Nick could see how damaging these are and learn to moderate them. How on earth does he expect members to risk putting their heads above the parapet in our increasingly totalitarian country when they can see what might easily happen to them in the future? Likewise who can trust an organisation that eavesdrops on telephone conversations? As the party gets larger it is essential that it is governed by consensus and trust, not distrust and authoritarianism because the latter will never be accepted by British people - and rightly so.

The three individuals
I don’t personally know the three individuals at the centre of this row, or their claimed inadequacies. However it is obvious that as so many well respected officers have resigned over this issue they can’t all be wrong and Nick be right. They can’t all, if indeed any of them, be Searchlight moles either, as we are ridiculously being asked to believe. Setting up this website is no evidence of treachery either but a result of frustration that important problems are not being addressed. The five point reconciliation proposals of the EnoughIsEnough campaign for reuniting the party therefore seem both justified and reasonable. I do hope Nick sees reason and responds accordingly although his track record doesn’t give much grounds for hope, and as more vitriolic attacks are being posted on the BNP website I fear it will be increasingly unlikely.

I have been a member of the BNP for six and a half years now. I have worked hard for the party during that time, stood as a candidate, and given money as generously as I can, and whenever there have been rumblings of discontent in the past I have always said, publicly, that we must stick together whatever the outcome as neither we, nor our beleaguered country, have the luxury of time for any more splits. A split would put our cause back several years, but this boil of authoritarianism, lack of financial transparency and lack constitutional safeguards, has got to be lanced once and for all and it’s better to do it now rather than delay the inevitable for an even less convenient time in the future. I therefore agree with the advice that members should all remain members of the party. (I don’t agree with councillors becoming ‘independents’ though). I have just renewed my membership but I won’t be contributing a penny to central party funds any more until this crisis is resolved and I suggest that others do the same to help precipitate the changes that are clearly needed. This isn’t treachery, it is simply a desire to see the party united and more appealing for people to join us. I will however continue to support my local branch with money for leaflets and the like ... and to continue to be active. I have also contributed already to the Family Defence Appeal and I would urge others to do likewise. I think it is appalling how the officers concerned, some of whom are in the family way, have suddenly been left in the lurch without any proper or impartial disciplinary hearing.

To conclude, I find the present situation really disheartening given that I believe the BNP has all the right policies and is now the only chance to save our country, and that the potential for making significant electoral progress next year was so promising. I do therefore sincerely hope that a split can be avoided and so I plead with Nick, for the good of the BNP, but more importantly for the very survival of our country because time is running out, please, please, step back from the brink, make good the democratic deficiencies, introduce financial transparency and reunite the party so that it can start to grow substantially and begin to make real electoral inroads.

Peter Phillips

PS. No doubt I might now have to expect mud being thrown in my direction. So be it ... I’m ready with my sou’wester!


Anonymous said...

I have just listened to an interview with Sadie Graham on you tube recorded by BBC Radio Nottingham just after her election as a district councillor.

She comes across very well indeed, especially as it was recorded in the first few days in office.

Anonymous said...

Well said mr Phillips,

I will not rejoin until this is resolved, and I'm sending £30 to this appeal. My current Gold membership will be a standard one in 2008 thus the party will lose that £30 difference, that's if this is sorted by 1 March.
Otherwise the whole £60 will go to this appeal.

Anonymous said...

Well put Peter and I trust we get a favourable and conciliatory response from the BNP Establishment to bring this situation to an end.

I am probably the last of the great Optimists !!

In an attempt to get some feedback on the position my Branch was taking regarding this situation I put a number of questions regarding the suspect (Tampered) evidence published on the BNP Web and where as a Branch might stand in respect of the RealBNP Nationalist Bulletin.

Dear Branch Organiser

I do not know any of the so called “rebels” but I do know I am now uncomfortable with what is being published on our web site regarding this issue and must say I will probably always treat much of this communication with caution in the future. I believe the party top management leaves a lot to be desired and this is unlikely to change in the immediate future all things considered.

An example of the stupidity which emulates from the top, take our “Press Officer” Simon Darby. He advised the BBC that the rebels in the party were “Hard Line Neo Nazis” and this was broadcast in “News Night” 18-12-07. I can see the headlines now:-

I assume in line with most members you have received you “Nationalist Bulletin” from the RealBNP. I have read this and it makes a lot of sense particularly when one looks at those who are supporting it. In view of the stupid mistakes coming from the top, the inept attempts to manage the situation and the amateur way evidence has been manufactured to protect their positions I am very close to making my decision in favour of the RealBNP. There has always been a lot of excess baggage in the BNP which tended to surface from time to time to embarrass us and perhaps this is the right time to sort the problem out once and for all, particularly if NG were to remain as leader and a decent management structure put in place.

Please pass a copy of this to our Regional Organiser since I do not have his email address.

Is there a united Branch view on the way ahead?
Is there a united Regional view on the way ahead?

I guess in the end it will be down to individual judgement.

Best regards


My branch organiser passed this directly to Tony Brewer for his comment and a response was duly received. I will not publish Tony’s response here since it was a personal response to the Branch Organiser. I did not however find it helpful and sent the following to the Branch Organiser.

Dear Branch Organiser

Thanks for your efforts in getting this response from Tony and I’m quite sure he will be aware that it was I who raised the question since my comments to our web site carried my email address. I am not trying to hide where I am coming from, yes I am challenging what is being put forward by the “BNP establishment” but if everything put forward is accepted at face value there is a danger democracy within the Party is eroded and replaced by a somewhat more extreme autocratic leadership. (Dictatorship?) I believe this is what is happening at present and those who question the leadership decisions are demonised by vicious propaganda attacks on their character and integrity from the Party establishment. This used to be a favourite tactic of the Communist States during the cold war years.

I respect Tony’s judgement and integrity and I am sure he genuinely believes what he has related to us but I treat this with caution because he will be passing on the facts as have been presented to him by the “Establishment”. Tony is a true nationalist with a massive amount of sincerity who wears his badge on his sleeve but such commitment and passion to the cause can sometimes cloud ones judgement and blind one to the inappropriate behaviours of other associates with a common cause.

Tony has been wrongly advised regarding the dates associated with the final warning letter. The Created date 2 December 2007 is the date that letter was FIRST saved into the folder on the BNPs computer, it may have been sent to them by Scott McLean via an email attachment or on a memory stick but it was extracted from somewhere and saved in that directory on that date which bears no relationship to when the letter was first composed which could well have been December 2006. The Modified date will only change if the letter was opened and a change made to it, opening and saving the letter without making a change will not alter this date. The Accessed date will always change when the document is disturbed for whatever reason.

Tony’s comment regarding the remainder of my observations is to be expected and is indicative of the Party Line: I.E. The discontents have overstepped their authority and must be demonised and their character sufficiently assassinated as to discredit them in the eyes of the general membership. My observations were not intended to appear to mirror their views these were my own thoughts regarding the present situation and how it may now be an opportunity to sort out some of the issues which have been adversely affecting the chances of the Party ever getting elected. I have always said we are carrying a lot of excess baggage which will need to be discarded before we can mature into a credible political party in the eyes of the general public. Until we achieve such credibility we will never gain the political power required to achieve the aims of the cause which Tony holds so dear to his heart.

The Party have made good progress in the past three years but this is slow and in the main due to the extremely hard work done at the grass roots by people like you and fellow activists of which alas I am not one. I feel the PARTY establishment are stuck in a historical time warp and the bold steps needed to advance towards political power are unlikely to be taken for a considerable time (over my dead body syndrome) and by then it will almost certainly be too late.
Anyway, we have the Party Line which I guess we will all have to toe. (Well perhaps not everyone!!)

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas to you all.


Bill Henderson said...

The link for the Full Set of BNP financial accounts on the BNP Website does not work for me

Can anybody access them?

And if so could someone kindly send me a full set, Balance Sheet, Statement of Revenues and Expenditures etc. plus any supporting Statements and/or Schedules

My email is in my profile under "email"

Please do not use the more visible HotMail address as it is a throwaway specifically to enable MSN connectivity

Thanks in advance

The 14 Words said...

Well said Peter, I have emailed Nick to say the very same but to date have not had his reply

Anonymous said...

Whilst there were many common sense statements in your post Peter. Like a great many of the minnows in our party, I'm at a loss to understand how come all this historical baggage those on here keep spouting about, never came up at conference. Or were the minnows not worthy of being informed and transparency only applies when those on here deem it appropriate.
We have just had our local area meeting which consists of working minnows and not one person there had any empathy with the course of action those on here have taken.

Anonymous said...

Well said Peter. Like you, I do not know the individuals involved in this dispute personally. But I do know that the BNP will never gain power in this country if we are perceived as being, or at least harbouring, extremists. Given the stance of the EIE campaign against such extremism, I know where I stand.

Salvation said...

A very succint and well reasoned article. Like you however my instinct tells me that it will fall on deaf ears, as will any posting involving the leader or his deputy.
In the last 24 hours I have posted 3 comments on Simon Darby's blog, none of which have been published.
I can only presume because I expressed what he perceived as dissagreement with his own opinion.

William McCarthy, AKA Salvation in another place.

Anonymous said...

You make a lot of sence, but whilst I agree with Your sentiments, you do seem to have a foot in each camp! Would be better for the cause if you stood on one side only. You know which side I am referring to?

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear Peter.

The 'mud' will come from all sides, believe me, so lets have a fact we could make it a bet couldn't we (each point I have right, you send £1 to the family defense fund)

1. You will have stolen money ( not sure how much, but they do seem to be looking for £17k)
2. You will misuse the data protection act (you will send somebody a christmas card!!!)
3.You will have been the least effective/most argumentative/ expensive activist and are therefore no great loss.
4. You have been posting on searchlight - ergo you are a spy (edit, copy , paste!!!).
5. You are a neo-nazi.
6.You are a red (oh yes, both at the same time - such is you duplicity).
7. Actually, when you think about it, you are behind all this trouble at the end of the day (so please don't give anyone instructions to raid my house).

That should send a few pennies to the fund.LOL

Best of British to you mate. Good work.

Anonymous said...

You need to get answers up to the lies put out on the official BNP web site as quickly as possible.

He who controls the media wins the battle for the hearts of our members. Don't wait to reply get something up ASAP when a new accusation apears on the official BNP site.

Truth and right is on your side.

Bill Henderson said...

Correct URL for the BNP 2006 accounts Click here - for PDF File

Significantly,the Total Equity, as shown on page 24, still stands at GBP <35009> - this being the cumulative sum of each year's Surplus or Deficit since the Party commenced operations.

Since the <35009> is Angle Bracketed, this represents A Deficit, Cumulative Years' operations having produced a cumulative loss and it is considered misleading to describe the amount as Equity where it should more properly be described as Accumulated Deficit or similar not misleading descriptor.

Similarly on page 24, the difference between Current Assets and Current Liabilities is usually described as Working Capital. The BNP Financial Statements indicate a Negative Working Capital of <93392>, a highly undesireable situation since a negative Working Capital Ratio of 3.03:1 indicates at best a chronic inability to pay liabilities as they fall due, and at worst that the BNP is insolvent.

Briefly, there is no cause for the optimism when reading these financial statements

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting you have the full support of most active members.

Anonymous said...

I see you have all been expelled pending a disciplinary hearing? Surely, if anything you should be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing? I'm sure that come the disciplinary hearing you will be all reinstated. Unfortunately Griffin does have a habit of not holding these hearings and letting issues drag on for a very long time. Griffin will destroy the party and then it will be up to you all to rebuild it but I'm sure it will be a bigger and more professional organistation with you guys fully committed to it.

Anonymous said...

The latest ravings by Mr Griffin on the BNP website 22/12/2007 are nothing more than a desperate attempt to throw sand in our eyes.
Remember that the issues we are dealing with are:
1) 'bugging' someones home. This is illegal and ,I believe, can cary a two year prison sentence.
2)Gaining entry to a persons home by means of deception. I understand this to be illegal.
3)Removing property from a person's home without consent. This I understand is illegal irrespective of who the removed property may belong to.
4)Broadcasting the contants (or part contents) of someones computer's harddrive . This I belive is illegal.
5)Broadcasting and intercepted message (ie the transcript) is I understand illegal and carries a possible two year prison sentence.
I am no 'legal eagle' so if there is a genuine lawyer reading this blog I would appreciate his professional reply. Are my beliefs correct or incorrect?
I think we really have to stay fixed on these issues--the rest, for the moment, is just a distraction.

Anonymous said...

I have been involved in this whole farce from the beginning. Many things just do not add up. Why would Nick pull the plug on the East Midlands when we are doing so well, have many councillors and have fantastic support? No true Nationalist Politician would do that in a million years. This is nothing to do with Sadie, Kenny, Nicholla or Steve's "coup." It is nothing to do with a power struggle or leadership contest. It is all about controlling the monster which has been intentionally (state) created, now becoming too successful and powerful. I have been a Nick Griffin supporter since I joined the Party two years ago, but now as I try to cut myself off from this and look at it from every angle, it is the only scenario which makes any kind of sense. One thing 'they' havent bargained for is that not everyone can be "bought."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It is all about controlling the monster which has been intentionally (state) created, now becoming too successful and powerful.
Yes I think this is probably true.The BNP was infiltrated by MI5 in the days of JT. Then the deputy Chairman turned out to be a state asset. I think we have a recurrance of that MI5 infiltration. To me it looks like NG and SD are state. Clearly the law has been broken so if the state does not see reason to prosecute NG and others it be further indicatin that NG is the state.

Anonymous said...

It would also explain the sinister deafening silence from the media. The media, Labour and all the rest usually jump at the chance to smear the Party at every given opportunity - something else that "doesnt add up." That is why I will not renew my membership or take up the offer of the "amnesty," I may be dim, but definitely not blind.