Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Statement from Cllr Nina Brown

I wish to clarify the situation that led to the “raid” on Sadies home and the removal of her personal computer and various other items.

For a couple of years I have been a keyholder to Sadie’s house, originally to feed her cat whilst she was away on holiday, but more recently for local organisers to pick up their monthly orders of the Voice of Freedom, Identity, campaign leaflets etc during Sadies absence. On Saturday morning I spotted the Party van, which I recognised from the monthly literature run, parked outside Sadie’s home, with Martin Reynolds in the drivers seat, his wife Lindsey and several other security guys hanging around the front of Sadies home. I found that slightly odd as I knew that Sadie and Matt were away for the weekend. By the time I had turned the car around and pulled up to the house, four guys were walking down the passage that led from the back of the house to the front. I walked up to the van and spoke to Lindsey through the open window, I asked her if she knew that Sadie and Matt were away, inititally thinking that they had arrived for a security meeting and there had been a mix up with dates. I asked why they were there, but they wouldn’t tell me, which in itself is not so unusual as Security has always been just that, Secure and is never questioned, for obvious reasons. Just for the record, but goes without saying, if I knew what was going on, I would never in a million years have let them in.

The reason I did not question further what they were doing there is, because I knew the guys pretty well from several occasions, including the recent Blackpool Conference and had become to regard them as good friends, as they were with Sadie and Matt. These were the Security Team which we had come to like and trust with our well being at high profile meetings, such as the recent local meeting in Kimberley, why would I have reason to question their actions? I did say to Lindsey, “Do you want me to call Sadie or will Martin phone them”, at this point Martin was already on his mobile phone, which I assumed was to either Sadie or Matt, Lindsey then got out of the van, obviously now to make sure I would be out of earshot of Martin’s conversation with, who I now believe to be Nick Griffin.

After 20 minutes or so on the phone, which Lindsey and I laughed about as she said “Martin will have to have that phone surgically removed from his ear these days”. Martin got out of the van and walked up to me, I asked him if everything was sorted with them (meaning with Sadie and Matt), and I said to him “So am I ok to let you in?”. He nodded, it was at this point I opened the door and went inside, I picked up our bundle of newspapers, Voice of Freedom which had been left for me just inside the door, they all followed me inside. I then went straight back outside to carry on the conversation with Lindsey, by this time all the guys were inside, I did not see what they were doing as I was standing outside and away from the door. I did see the large printer being put into the van, but I still thought nothing of it as printers, photocopiers etc were sometimes moved around the regions when new ones were acquired. Also I knew that several senior members of the Party had recently received new mobiles and laptops, as Sadie was a high profile member, I guessed she was simply receiving brand new equipment at some point.

Why on earth would I not trust our Security Team, the lefties had always been the enemy, never our own people!

On finding out the full truth later in the day, to me it had now become personal, this left me with no other option but to hand in my resignation from my positions as Parish Councillor and Local Organiser. For over two years I have put my heart and soul into the Party and like others am deeply saddened at recent events. Sadie and Matt have worked tirelessly for the Party, I consider them fantastic people, they have worked above and beyond the cause with the nation and members interests first and foremost. I could not have fulfilled my prior rold of EM Regional Secretary and Broxtowe Organiser and later becoming a Election Candidate in Kimberley without her full backing and support. I consider Sadie and Matt true friends, I like many others, cannot understand how the Party can function without them.

Cllr Nina Brown

Ex Broxtowe Organiser


Anonymous said...

So apart from anything else we see a cynical personal betrayal of trust, with Cllr Brown being exploited by those she believed to be her friends.

What sort of sick organisation has the BNP become?

Anonymous said...

I see Simon Darby basically doesn't give a toss.

"Just had the Nottingham Evening Post on. No prizes for guessing what they were calling for, but it will all be tomorrow's chip paper. The show, as they say, goes on."

Bill Henderson said...

Accept my condolances, Nina

Politics is a dirty game

But don't resign your elected positions

The storm will pass

Anonymous said...

The lead story on 'The' BNP website is the Meltdown of Respect - rich!

Bill Henderson said...

The lead story on 'The' BNP website is the Meltdown of Respect - rich!

Pan calling the kettle black? ;)

Anonymous said...

They are culling people on the BNP forum as well.

So far about 8 people have been permanently banned just for showing support for you guys.

Looks like the story has also been removed from the BNP website as well

Anonymous said...

Perma-bannings from the BNP forum don't exactly surprise me.

The fawning sycophants that they have running it, probably still with the collusion of that ranting clown Barnes had all but destroyed it in any case.

Very shortly there will only be 9 or 10 of Griffin's brainless bootlickers on it anyway, and that includes the "moderators".

Bill Henderson said...

Scratches his head

And there was dumb old Bill thinking Griffin firmly supported Free Speech

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that they have done this to one of the most dedicated and hardest working individuals in the party.
I sincerely hope that charges are pressed against the people including who gave the go-ahead for the removal of Sadie's personal property.
It totally disgusts me that Sadie was sacked, without following the proper disciplinary procedures for standing up to Collett, Hannam and Walker.
I hope Sadie is getting plenty support from all those close by as I would hate to think what damage any stress could do to her or her unborn child.
Sadie, I and the rest of my Branch are 100% behind you on this.

Anonymous said...

The damage you are causing must stop NOW.

If you are to ask Nick for a meeting he may well agree to meet with you.

You are doing the work of Searchlight for them and I must declare that your reasonings for doing so are dubious.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting this here because I believe it will gain a greater audience.

My thanks to DG, if it's allowed.

I have just this minute bothered to spend my own money on a tele call to BNP arsehole John Walker, initially to ask him what it felt like to have the rug pulled from underneath him and to be left high and dry. I couldn't resist quoting back to him what he once said to me. Anyway, he claims the BNP are about to stitch Graham up as being Special Branch and that his rug is firmly in position and that the announcement will halt the dissenters and put the BNP back on track.

I know BNP members are avid readers of this blog, so, be warned, the BNP are about to spew forth yet more poison to dupe you all.

Changing subject slightly, where are the BNP accounts?


S Ebanks

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a pain in the arse, but nobody pays any attention to me out in the real world and that is why I spend all my time trawling blogs and defending Nick Griffin even though I know that he has allowed these troubles to develop. You really should just ignore my posts as I also get fed up writing the same thing day in day out, gets a bit boring repeating myself. If I was anybody at all then I would call Sadie or Kenny but then again nobody listens to me in the real world.

Anonymous said...

...but then again I don't know their telephone numbers because I'm basically a nobody.

Anonymous said...

I am Green Arrow Bot. I trawl blogs looking for criticism of Dear Leader and post my own inane ramblings.
You must do as I say for I am programmed to repeat my drivel until you give up
10 print "Oh Glorious Dear Leader how we love you"
20 goto 10

Anonymous said...

Has anybody bothered to report Griffin to the cops yet?

Anonymous said...

and if i'm very lucky he will give me a spanky wanky

Anonymous said...

looks like there are more of us at it...


Anonymous said...

/Green Arrow said...
The damage you are causing must stop NOW.

If you are to ask Nick for a meeting he may well agree to meet with you.

You are doing the work of Searchlight for them and I must declare that your reasonings for doing so are dubious./

I have read that blog of yours GA. You're the one to talk. And, provide LINKS as well as PROOF that EIE is doing the work of Searchlight (yes, I read that convo, so that doesn't count; nor is it proof of anything but disgust for what the BNP have now become.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear this Cllr Brown - please don't blame yourself - I would certainly have fallen for it.

This criminal act alone shows that there is something not right about the governing clique of the BNP.

The electronic eavesdropping also indicates that under the current regime one cannot even converse freely with friends. Thank god we found out now before we put the bloke into government!!!!

Is is really necessary for you to resign as a councilor ? - Your constituents still need you to work for them.

The BNP is the people, not the leader. It will grow stronger from this.

Anonymous said...

The Burnley fundholder Peter Piling has resigned.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha

Just read the BNP forum

there is a kind of wishy washy debate on there about what has gone on.

Jock Shearer from Oldham and security and also a moderator tells people there will be no witch-hunt if people express support for you guys.

Why are they banning people on there then for doing just that?

Party of free speech?
Hypocrites the lot of them

Anonymous said...

THIS IS DARK AND WORRYING. Of course I think I would be generally better informed about the kinds of people I believed to be my friends. For example, doesn't Nina Brown know that BNP Security chief Reynolds is a self-exposed sex pervert and admitted fetishist? He's said as much but this doesn't seem to faze anybody! OK, so that's not the issue and I don't expect that an obviously genuine individual like Nina to have yet woken up to the realities lying just underneath the surface where the some of her "colleagues" are concerned.

A sad time for all those of us who followed Tyndall from the 1970s onwards, warts and all, and saw major progress in terms of local and national elections - and party growth - under his much-abused tutelage and before the not-so-pretty boy took over.

And politics is a dirty game as Bill said........

What is now needed is a new approach and better vehicle for moving Nationalism forward in Britain because the clique running the mainstream party at the moment are broken and corrupt to the extent that they will destroy anybody who disagrees with them and dares to think for themselves.

That is no formula for national renewal.

Anonymous said...

You acted in good faith Cllr. Brown so do not feel guilty.
And thank you for giving such a detailed account of how they tricked their way in to Sadie Graham's house.

Anonymous said...

This is not a pro-Tyndall blog is it?

I am assuming that the people behind the real BNP are still modernisers and now having removed the cranks want to removed the sycophants and perverts too?

Griffin is an expert at destroying debate. You can tell by some of the comments from his filthy perverted lap dogs that come on here.

Anonymous said...

Check out "jib's" blog, north west nationalists - he and his drunken pal Barking Barker have been trying for yers to destroy the Party, they're loving this.

EnoughIsEnough said...

This blog is not a Tyndalite blog!

Anonymous said...

If they ae guilty of criminal offences why not call the police in? What are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

The police have been called in from what I understand.

Anonymous said...

Well.,what a shambles!we saw it coming.Congatulations Sadie...your respect is well deserved.It is well known that women are at there most venemous when 'with child'!your natural motherly instinct is radiating.We will not be intimidated by thier bullyboy tactics, you are a shining example to us all---good on you girl!