Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sadie Graham Statement

To Nick Griffin, Tony Brewer and the BNP membership,

I hereby resign my position as East Midlands Regional Organiser, Broxtowe Fundholder and East Midlands Fundholder immediately.

I would like to point out to that I have not officially had any letter of expulsion or phone call to say that I have actually been sacked as Group Development Officer or expelled from the party. Therefore your expulsion does not stand constitutionally. Until I receive such official notification I am therefore still a party member. I am not resigning from the party as I am still a 100% committed nationalist, I will be contesting this decision by appealing it at a disciplinary tribunal.

It is very disappointing that Nick has taken this decision despite being given plenty of warning at the damage that Mark Collett and Dave Hannam were doing to the internal stability of the party. He has continued to support their actions despite them bringing the party into disrepute on a number of occasions.


Nick has said on numerous occasions that I have built the East Midlands up to be the best region in the party and a ‘model’ for other regions to follow. I have also been largely responsible for raising the £10,000 that sits in our regional euro election account. Nick has applauded me publicly, as have treasury, for the hard work that I have put in to setting up new groups and contacts around the country. I have held well over 50 Group Development meetings which have helped the party grow and develop. I have also been responsible for starting up and running the Summer School training weekends, improving our national conferences and running regional training.

I am of course aware that John Walker, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett have plans afoot to discredit me. They plan to say that I am a state agent. This is of course an absolute lie and purely malicious. Many of you will recall that whenever previous people in this party have either been expelled or have left the party, Nick ultimately ends up calling them ‘reds’ or accuses them of stealing party money. This is his typical response to anyone who makes a stand against him. It is nothing new and I know that this will not stick whatsoever. They think that discrediting me is the only way for them to take the moral high ground. How wrong they are. Those of us who have already been expelled already have the moral high ground, we don’t have to resort to lies or name calling. It was Nick Griffin who sanctioned that my house be entered illegally by Martin & Lindsey Reynolds and 3 Birmingham security.

The police are taking the matter seriously but it is still likely that I will have to go to court to recover my property. This is of course all on top of me being illegally sacked from my employment and being 15 weeks pregnant.

Please note that someone in Wales who has my computer has been illegally accessing my personal and private emails up until this morning at 10.15am. So if anyone has emailed me up until then that is why you have not had a response and I apologise. If anyone wants to phone me to get my opinions on all this then please do. All I have received so far is calls of support. You can contact me at sadiegraham@realbnp.org.uk or on my mobile 07796 640616.

I remain true to the British National Party and its long term goals, I stand by the parties principles but I can no longer stand by and watch this party be ruined from inside out by a clique of people that are incompetent liars.

I ask everyone to make a stand, we are after all only trying to save this party. Nick Griffin has been an excellent political leader for the BNP, however his extremely poor management of the party and his weakness by backing three of the most unpopular and incompetent members of staff has already resulted in countless officials resigning their positions in disgust.

Yours sincerely,

Sadie Graham


Anonymous said...


Thanks for (not) warning us in advance that you were not receiving those emails.

I expect that slap head and his slapper will be coming to my house now.

Anonymous said...

How the hell was she expected to know that when the bastards stole her computer?

It was only discovered when she got a borrowed laptop and e-mails that were expected didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

Would you care to comment on the disgraceful allegations that you now face from the email of yours now displayed on Darby's blog???

And secondly, as he himself is a state asset too, will you sue him for breaching the data protection act.

Anonymous said...

----- Original Message -----From: Sadie GrahamTo: Steve BlakeSent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 11:04 AMSubject: Re: gem......I think you are doing ok and the right thing. Don’t worry this stays private. We are forced to do stuff at moment. Ive been handing out wrong amended bank statements for my region to make sure that hannam gets the flak. On another note please let me have the letter asap.Sadie

Anonymous said...

Word to the wise...Simon Darby has a nasty little piece on..apparantly an emial Sadie sent out to Steve Blake.

Is this the kind of attack Sadie was expecting?

Anonymous said...

Keep strong, Sadie, and above all keep well.

You are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

" Ive been handing out wrong amended bank statements for my region"

Handing out Hannan's mistakes is not the same as faking the accounts. I trust she did the former.

Anonymous said...

I was at the regional meeting with Sadie and she doesnt amend statements. They are scrabbling for anything they can. I have been getting statements for my group for the past 12 months and she is right that hannam never does anything you ask him to do. She is refering to him supposedly having amended the statements but that they were still full of bugger ups. We are behind you Sadie stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Yes Sadie told us at the meeting that she had already asked for the accounts to be corrected but they had come back still in error but with a few amendments. So rather than cover up for Dave Hannam as usual she said she had sent them out as is as this was what Hannam had given her for distribution. The only thing she is guilty of is phrasing her sentence badly. Shame on Simon Darby.

Anonymous said...

The computer thieves are scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is the best they can do.

Anonymous said...

Until now i have tried to keep quite but this is too much i just cant believe Sadie would do anything of the sort and like all the others who have spoke out the crap is now flying at her. Sadie im 100% with you this has to be sorted and if it puts us back years then so be it it is going to have to come to this point sooner or later

Anonymous said...

Hi Sadie, hope you and the bump are coping with the lies that Griffin and his muppets are spouting out.

Anonymous said...

I only pasted that bit of Darby's forum post for a comment. I suspect it was forged anyway because they wouldn't answer my question.

Anonymous said...

darby's blog is very quiet today 0 comments so far,his remarks are quite interesting as he is openly admitting his part in theft,sabotage,data protection act,etc.

Anonymous said...

I've long been predicting the demise of Griffin's little 'business' and I feel vindicated by the events of the last 48 hours.
Sadie we've never met, but I was a member of the BNP for 5 years although I did not renew my membership when I saw the 'writing on the wall' 2 or 3 years ago. I wish you well, and also wish all the other departed activists well too.
But please do not see this as an 'end', because it could equally well be a fantastic new BEGINNING.
I have just one piece of advice to you, and that is do not bother trying to remove Griffin or any of his henchmen, for they are too well entrenched. The BNP cannot be changed from within or from without. What you must do is join together with other former respected members of the party and start over. I have people in mind such as Steve and Sharon Edwards, Sharon Ebanks, Mike Newland, Dr David Michael and Jon Bowden.
Avoid taking on any of the former Griffin loyalists who are, unbelievably, still fawning over him on various internet Blogs (I am sure you know who I am referring to here). Also, avoid the middle-aged, obese alcoholic yobs who currently populate certain fringe Nationalist organisations.
Leave the rotten shell of the BNP to decompose on its own, and let Nationalism in these Isles rise from these flames like a Phoenix.


Aberdeen-Patriot said...

And lets not forget Hannam wanted to shag a little kid 14 year old you sick sick bastard

Is that not enough, on its own

And you expect an ex squaddie to work for someone like him

Aye right.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING that after theft of personal computers the best that the has-been, money-laundering faction can manager is to deliberately and maliciously misinterpret a short e-mail from Sadie Graham.

She has, quite rightly - and should continue to do so - continued to point out her MASSIVE contribution in terms of making the BNP a modern, political force to be reckoned with but I feel she could, and should, with her huge support, do it under a different name/banner.

Griffin will cling on and his gang of incompetents, chancers, thuggish Gestapo enforcers, South African Police agents and Hitlerian fantasists like Collett is finished although it might take time for them to fade as they're making a good living at this time.

Sadie Graham and her team of professionals ARE the REAL BNP and the only chance to save this land and her people.

SOD14 said...

Dear Sadie,

This is a time when nationalism SHOULD be thriving in Great Britain. The time is right, NOW. I believe in my heart and in my mind that all patriotic nationalists whether so called "Tyndallite or Griffinite" should be making a big push now to get the British public behind us.

Prety soon Browns flimsey government will either totally collapse, or will lose a vote of confidence.

Liabilities like Hannam and Collett must be removed. But if you believe in your heart that Nationalism can be won via the ballot box, then hang on in there. They will surely come unstuck sooner or later.

But do keep the faith.

For Race & Nation.


Anonymous said...

Sadie even though I like you as a person my advice is simple.

Your pregnant right! We NEED the BNP to get in for God's sake or your child will have no future to speak of. It's going to grow up learning Islam and being politically correct all 'cos you guys want to bicker.

Do yourself a favour and sort it out.

Tim Harrogate BNP said...

sadie you have my full support and i really do feel for you at this hard time, stay strong. Tim Humberstone.

Anonymous said...

right behind you sadie i saw through them years ago.darren m bradford

Anonymous said...

I watched Young Nazi and Proud on the web the other day, and it showed Mark Collet up to be an idiot. Some of his views are ridiculous and I'm very dissapointed that Nick Griffin sees fit to support him.
I bet it has something to do with the court case they both went through, but Nick needs to see Mark Collet as the liability that he is.