Tuesday, 18 December 2007

RWB 2008 in doubt

Cllr Alan Warner, Parish Councillor for Denby and Town Councillor for Heanor West, Derbyshire, has tonight announced that if the conditions that are listed in the “British Nationalist Bulletin” extra edition sent out this week* are not met, he will refuse the Party use of his land for the 2008 RWB Family Festival and tell the Party to remove the storage containers from his land.

Cllr Warner is especially keen to see Cllr Sadie Graham reinstated to office and Mark Collett removed from his post. He is also threatening to resign the party whip from his position as Councillor on two councils. Alan stated that “if it wasn't for the hard work of Sadie then I would never have been elected.”

This another example of the belligerent and dismissive attitude of the current party leadership towards those who really make the party tick. Alan is an exceptional man who has been a member for over four years, it took him some time to come to this conclusion, but having taken in all the facts, this is the conclusion that he has reached.

Let us hope that very soon Nick Griffin will realise that he is defending the wrong people, while telling shocking lies about those who have helped modernise and take the Party forward. He is also still refusing to return Sadie’s stolen computer & office equipment.

*What we want

Our requests for change are both fair and reasonable and will ensure a robust, secure future for our rapidly growing party.

1. The five sacked personnel to be reinstated and the nullification of the resignations tendered by dozens of local, regional and national office holders.

2. The removal of David Hannam and Mark Collett from their positions.

3. Nick Griffin to remain as political leader of the Party.

4. The creation of a formal management system separating external political matters from internal management issues, enshrined in a redrafted constitution.

5. To make further progress on the implementation of the Voting Member structure, together with the retention of the Advisory Council.


Anonymous said...

I have just watched the crudass thing on News night which reported the Simon Darby allegation that Sadie and the rest are Neo-Nazis.
I know that to be an utter load of crap.

I am a regular leafleter who has had to put Mark Collets work through letterboxes. I have been unhappy with the standard of them for some time. If I have to go out and post them, then I expect to get results. Honestly, with this government having wide open goals I would hope the leaflets would take advantage of it.

We need a change of personnel with someone who will advance our widespread support.

Good luck Sadie. I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Is Nick Griffin completely mad? His reason (or should that be excuse) for standing by Collett come what may is that it is hard to find people with design flair such as Mark - well Im sure it's just as hard if not a darn sight harder to find people with enough land to stage an RWB let alone willing for it to be used for party ends AND if that wasnt enough being a councillor for the party as well.

Pull the other one Nick, don't you realise you are losing talented people with assets and skills that exceed anything Collett has to offer the party. And they dont go on about Nazis or Hilter either.

What is up with you? RWB is the showcase for the BNP - why risk it for a person who is unlikely to ever get elected and whose 'skills and talents' are not unique nor exceptional.

It dont make sense.

Get Collett out, get the useful ones back and lets get united for 2008 without the millstone round our necks.

Anonymous said...

I met the land owner at this years RWB fest. It was only the second one I had attended but it was great. A lovely site and my two kids really enjoyed it. I cannot understand for the life of me why Nick is doing this to the party. Surely he realises that it is bigger than him and that he has to make a tough decision. Well Done to the councillor for making this stance and standing by those who supported him. Let us hope that this is resolved soon and Sadie, Kenny et al can get on with their jobs.

Anonymous said...

First the "rebels" were "REDS" now they are "Neo Nazis" - they cannot be both can they? It is laughable what will they be next? And the Collet Appreciation Society have the audacity to say the "rebels" are doing the left's work for them - what the hell has Darby just done by that smear? He has used the lefts "nationalism = nazism" weapon.

How low can they go?

Anonymous said...

I have just watched Cruddas on Newsnight, I cannot believe Simon Darby has the audacity to label us Neo Nazi's. That's the thanks you get for all the hard work whilst working full time and with a family.
Nice one Alan, I helped with leafleting in your ward.
Wake up Nick before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Question: If Simon Darby wants the BNP to get rid of "neo nazis" what does he propose to do about the BNPs self confessed Hitler admirer Mark Collett?

Is Simon Darby about to join the ranks of the rebels?

If not the only thing consistent about himn is his inconsistency

Anonymous said...

Alan Warner is a good, honest man. Locally, he took a tremendous amount of flak for allowing the BNP to use his land for RWB. He should be applauded, but instead he will be labelled as a neo-nazi by Darby and co. - how ironic is that!!!

Anonymous said...

J howard said

I cannot understand for the life of me why Nick is doing this to the party. Surely he realises that it is bigger than him and that he has to make a tough decision. Well Done to the councillor for making this stance and standing by those who supported him. Let us hope that this is resolved soon and Sadie, Kenny et al can get on with their jobs.

Unfortunatly I am under the impression that Nick Griffin thinks HE IS THE PARTY. I also think he's of his trolly to escalate the situation to its present level of turmoil to the detriment of all those on the front line. Not all members are aware of the situation yet or have been told lies by Griffin, I wish he would get a grip of himself.qnggw

Anonymous said...

Collett et al must go because we need to be shown as a family party. Anyone with a bad reputation should not be in our executive.

a word of adivice names mean nothing to many new members. Instead of citing just the names of people who support the campaign, if you have pictures of them put them up as well.

Why? to show what Simon Darby says about Nazis is wrong. You need to show people you are normal every day type of people that have been wronged.

The blog needs more pictures to add emphaisis to what YOU STAND FOR.

ie like the pictures you sent our on the Real BNP/A British Nationalist bulletin.

Anonymous said...

The removal of Collet and Hannam from their posts is NOT ENOUGH.

These criminals, incompetants and embarrassments must by barred from the BNP!!!

Anonymous said...

The party will not advance while NG is in control....He has been tasked to destroy it.

Is this really that hard to comprehend?

I doubt this will be allowed through, but I say it anyway:

Nick Griffin is conning you.

Anonymous said...

You only find out who your real friends are in adverse circumstances.

It is good to discover that there are so many decent and principled people in the BNP.

If the entire membership knew about this you would have even more support.

Unfortunately it seems that many local organisers are appointed for their loyalty to Nick, rather than their integrity.

Good luck to you all - the BNP must be changed - can you imagine putting Nicks Clique into government?

Anonymous said...

On tonights showing at Leeds I would say somebody has lost the plot, maybe they left it in Welshpool.

Anonymous said...

(first post on here about leaflets)bloody right if collett had brains all he has to do is design a leaflet about all the recent incompetance of the labour party,we should be jumping on their mistakes and letting the public know,some of the leaflets are crap thesedays,but i bet collet broke up for christmas on the 1st of december.i have put many a good idea to head office but never had a response,prooving certain competant members are seen as a threat to some people or does the work simply go in the bin by those who feel threatened ?

Anonymous said...

Can we please ditch this name - Real BNP? It really does sound like we've taken the example of the 'Real IRA', a bunch of mindless, sectarian, anti-British Marxist terrorist filth, responsible for the slaughter of 29 innocent people in Omagh, August 1998.

The public and then the media won't be long in drawing similarities, and despite me backing you 110%, I have no desire to be even mentioned in the same sentence as Irish republican scum.

How about New BNP? Or judging by Griffin's atrocious handiling of the meeting in Leeds last night, and his insistence on defending useless liabilities like Collett, we should wrestle back the name BNP from Griffin.

Let's think about this please.

Anonymous said...

ElectableBNP could be used instead of the RealBNP

Anonymous said...

The problem is Nick Griffin. He's self-serving, paranoid and completely inept with money. At best he should remain as a more-or-less impotent figurehead, but I expect that when it is appreciated what has (not) become of the thousands of pounds poured into the BNP by well-meaning folk I doubt if he'll even be tolerated in that role. NG should immediately be separated from the financial affairs of the party and accounts filed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said
Quote:- "On tonight’s showing at Leeds I would say somebody has lost the plot, maybe they left it in Welshpool". -: Unquote

Is anyone going to post a report of this meeting?

NG advised my source, while assuring him everything was well, he would be presenting irrefutable evidence to the meeting in Leeds to support the accusations levelled at Sadie Graham & Co by the party executive.

Was any evidence presented and what did it consist of?

I notice a lot of the earlier accusations have now been removed from the BNP site, is this indicative of a peaceful settlement or have the fools suddenly realised they have been largely responsible for escalating this incident and for informing our opponents of how well (NOT) we conduct and manage our party.

Anonymous said...

I was disgusted to hear Simon Darby reported on BBC Newsnight (18-12-07) as saying the rebels were all Neo Nazis.

I can see the headline now:-


Enough said!!

Link to Newsnight programme:-

Anonymous said...

I read that councillor Alan Warner is unhappy with the current situation in the BNP. And arn't we all. What I find amusing is that any time now councillor Warner may be ringing up Mr Shappcot (The reputed Nick Griffin sycophant with a roumoured drink problem and the inflated title of National Events Co-ordinater--a title invented by himself i hear.Small men love big titles ) and asking him to remove the BNP containers fron his (Councillor Warner's) property. Mr Shappcot will then ,I presume, ring Wendy Russell and ask her to carry out the removal. Wendy will of course say that she is on strike just like one third( by my estimation) of BNP members. What will Mr Shappcot do then? I await the performance of this comic opera.

Anonymous said...

"Is anyone going to post a report of this meeting?"

I could post a report of the meeting and a better report it would be then the one that already appears on leftie sites.
Of course then the post would be copied and pasted to those sites and some numpty would claim that I was in touch with those sites and not to be trusted.
I am like yourself awaiting news.
All I can say is that from the meeting the overwhelming impression I got was that it is right to stand with the "accused" against MC DH and their supporter.
One man appears intent on wrecking the BNP in defence of the incompetent.
Imagine, the attempt to clear out incompetent people from the BNP is supposed to be a left wing plot.
Says it all really.

Bourne Patriot said...


I have to say I appreciate your frustration, but would encourage you to post your report of the meeting that you want publicised.

I would imagine, on the basis of the various accusations being sent this way by dellusional press officers/deputy leaders, that we are all some bunch of neo nazis for daring to question blatently illegal actions on behalf of a party we once trusted, that EIE must refrain from publishing some information for legal reasons.

The BNP post of the alleged "Dossier" was nothing that couldn't have been produced on any word processor, and personally, on the basis that they're keen to claim that I am a state asset and a red for standing up to a solid moral code, i'd have to think that its pretty much all false. Either way, it consitiutes proof of theft from a personal computer which is the subject of a burglary.

Support for those outcast, as far as i can see, it not only solid, but building.