Monday, 31 December 2007

A Proper Organisational Structure

It was a post put up on the Green Arrow website that finally tipped me over. This is the paragraph that did it.

" The BNP by all accounts committed the enormous sin of recovering some of their property from a disgruntled former employee. And having worked in the IT business, I can tell you this. Anyone facing the chop is allowed nowhere near their PC or desk. Anything could happen. Client lists go missing and bogus letters sent out. ""

I can’t let this attempt at a Ministry of Truth whitewash stand without answer. I tried to respond with a comment that was similar to what I say here, but Green Arrow has comment moderation on, and has not allowed my comment through. So instead of appearing as a Green Arrow comment to be read by a few people, it’s found its way here, cleaned up and properly posted where many more people will read it.

About myself: I’m nobody special. I’m just a minor party official – fundholder in a small BNP Group. I have never had any intention of seeking higher office within the party, or standing for any elected public office. I am content to make my own small contribution as a fundholder, with a little sideline as BNP Election Agent for my town, and the occasional talk at our meetings, leafleting etc. So probably, nobody will miss me when I’m gone. What I say now though still has to be said.

Where to start? … They bugged someone's private conversations. They used deception to gain entry to someone's home. Their HOME! They removed property the ownership of which is disputed. They read private correspondence (even IF the computer belongs to the party, the private correspondence does not) including correspondence between an elected councillor and her electors - nothing to do with the party. They published some of said private correspondence where millions of people could read it. This is ALL illegal. Any single one of those things can get you jailed.

Who’s “They”? Seemingly, our own party leadership and its Intelligence Department.

They (or somebody - personally I think the Security Department, but that’s just my opinion) wasted police time by alleging Matt Single had an illegal firearm and forced a pregnant woman to endure having her home and belongings gone through with a fine tooth comb. I’ve been on the receiving end of that; it’s not pleasant and leaves you feeling violated.

Then there's the bile Lee Barnes has been spewing out: Julius Streicher would have been proud of it. I fully expect to now be on the receiving end of some of it. C’est la vie.

But worse than all that is the lack of sound judgement displayed by the party leadership.They seriously misjudged by making it all so public. I spoke to Kenny Smith about this blog: up until the day the details were published on the BNP website, EisEn had had only a few hundred hits after a week in existance; since then it has had almost 30,000 visits, probably including every journalist in Fleet Street, the local press nationwide, and the BBC, Ch.4, etc. What does anyone think we're going to get hit with in next year's London elections? Same stuff again in the following year's Euro-elections; same again in the general election the year after. And every election as far forward as you can imagine. Do you think the media hasn't noticed it all? They haven’t said much, but that’s only because they’re saving it up to hit us with it all at more sensitive times. And they will.

And I'm not even going to try and defend Young Nazi and Proud on the doorstep or to journalists. There’s nothing that even can be defended about it or him. He’s an ongoing liability to the party. He opens his mouth, and, if there’s a journalist around he promptly puts his foot down his throat. He couldn’t discredit the party more if he deliberately set out to do so. What will you answer when someone asks you “If you don’t support him, why is he still part of your leadership?”

And how could anyone even attempt to defend an "Intelligence Department" headed by ex-S. African security personnel? Who knew the BNP even had such a department? Have you ever heard of Pastor Neimoller? Do you understand the implications of what he famously said? Just ask yourself: who's next?

It's not a matter of what you think, or what I think, or what any other party member thinks - it's what the British public is going to think when they read it all in their papers and see it on the television, at election time, which they will. They quite simply will not vote for us in anything like large enough numbers for the BNP to make any sort of difference to our country. The BNP is going nowhere for the foreseeable future, and it's going nowhere anytime at all as long as Naziboy is up there anywhere near the leadership.

Do we really want a BNP government, or are we just playing games? Because if you want to one day govern this country then you'll always be disappointed as long as people like Collett, the Intelligence Dept. and Lee Barnes are all high up in the party. And this is not restricted to just them: they are named as examples only. This party is not electable as it is - it has neither the structure nor the personnel in place. Kenny and Co. were trying to make this party electable, that's all - and look what they got and are getting for their trouble. There are some things the British people just will not vote for no matter how angry they are. Somethings they just will not tolerate. Go ask a German. What we've seen this past few weeks is one of those things. And we claim to be the clean party, the party of integrity. They certainly won’t vote for a party that looks like it has instituted a Geheimestaatspolizei. And it really will look like that once the press goes to town on us at election time. After all, it has the evidence.

Supposing the BNP did win an election, I suppose we can guess who would be Prime Minister (well, maybe); how about Chancellor, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Transport Secretary, Agriculture and Fisheries, Health, Defence, Education - and numerous other departments large and small? We don't have the organisation, or the people who know enough about either these departments of government nor about how the civil service runs. So people who know nothing will get appointed to all these and other positions on a cronyism basis - and the civil service will run rings around them. And nothing will change. The public isn’t stupid and can see this. Why vote for a new government if it isn’t going to lead to change?

So why don’t we have some equivalent of a Shadow Cabinet in place? People elected by the membership to form an inner core leadership of the party, at least one person shadowing every government department, a couple more studying the workings of the civil service? The elected party chairman to be no more than first among equals, with one vote equivalent to the other ‘Cabinet’ members when it comes to policy decisions? This would probably comprise somewhere in the region of twenty people, and elected not appointed by the chairman. Sure there would be arguments, sure there would be rows. Then they’d be settled on a ‘Cabinet’ vote, and all would then follow the party line. Collective responsibility. That’s how politics works. Look at us right now – just look: journalists have a question about defence policy – Nick Griffin answers; a question about environmental policy – Nick Griffin answers; Education – Nick Griffin, Immigration (Home Affairs) – Nick Griffin… do I need to go on? We are a one man band. Shouldn’t we have spokesmen and women for each policy area; these spokesmen to be the individuals shadowing each government department. Our experts. The people who will make us look like a potential government. I’m not even sure we should bother with general elections for the immediate future: not because we won’t win but because we’re not in a fit condition to win.

That’s just a first draft sketch, if you like, and by no means a definitive prescription for what we need. But it’s a start. We need something because what we have isn’t cutting it. Why aren’t we at least talking about it? This has been and is a deficiency in leadership.

And what little structure and knowledge we were putting together has just been either removed from the party or has removed itself in disgust. Because the young men and women doing it had the temerity to tell the leader where he was going wrong.

I will be renewing my party membership in the first weekend of January. That same day I'll be resigning as a fundholder and election agent. Nobody will miss me. I’m not vital. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it: no single person is vital in any properly functioning organisation. Not me, not Mr Collett, not anyone. However, having a proper organisational structure is vital.

And we don’t have one. Most of the people capable of creating one, and who were trying to do so, have been expelled or have resigned.

Henry Morgan.

Nationalist, not Nazi.

Fundholder and Election Agent. Wigan. North West Region


Anonymous said...

Spot on Henry! But the BNP has had it now, so we need to set up a new party with all these things in place, including incumbent councillors! British Democratic Party, the BDP sounds good to me, embracing all the BNP policies and some left wing ideas that have some relevance to our country as a whole. This has to be seen as the party that embraces all good ideas for running our country properly.

We do have to set up a meeting to sort out someting, and very soon!

Anonymous said...

Inaction will help Griffin and criminal-minded friends to regroup and isolate the rebels.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas. If you have a cabinet system then the people 'shadowing' a particular policy area can be people who have a knowledge of that area or are prepared to learn fast. After a while they can develop well thought through policies for their 'portfolio' and can promote their policies and research, have their own web sites specialising in their area. They can also publish their ideas and research on the parties national site and in press releases to specialists in their subject. That would mean we would have better policy decisions than NG deciding 'on the hoof' what the policy on a particular subject is when he is not a specialist on the subject. It would mean more accurate material on the party national website (I was embarassed the other month when the National site referred to 'Thatcher signing the 1992 Mastricht Treaty' - she finished as Prime Minister in 1990!). Press releases by specialists to journalists and publications specialising in their policy area have much more chance of being published than broadbrush releases of badly thought out policy displayed on the National site. As an example a near neighbour of mine Dr Richard North (co-author with Christopher Booker of 'The Great Deception') started his blog eureferendum a few years ago. It was voted No1 blog in the UK last year (2006) and it is now being quoted in the National Press. He got involved in Defence issues, particularly military procurement decisions more recently. Not only was he regularly quoted in National Press but he had Lord Drayson, who was Procurement Minister MOD at the time, writing replies on his comments forum. An independent who knows his subject can get international coverage using modern technology. I live in the UK but like many Party members I do not understand the rationale behind many of our policy decisions. We have approx 9000 members (before recent catastrophe) including many professionals. They should be involved in policy making which can gain National respect instead of a one man band

Ivan The Yid From Bradford

Anonymous said...

All those who have stayed as Councillor's need to get onto the most important Committee's in Council, such as Finance, Education, Health improvement-(P.C.T),Waste Management and so on!

This is what we need to be putting in to the party structure!

The Town Council Barred me from sitting on any of these Committee's as they did not want BNP hearing or seeing where the money was going, yet when they sent the agenda's out they stated in print exactly where the money was going!!!

However, I was on Health Improvement at District Council, which I found to be very interesting and gave my comment's when appropriate.And oddly enough I was not treat like an outcast as the Town Councillor's did!!

I will gladly help anyone who needs help any time!And im sure there are many many more ex-Councillor's/Councillor's willing to help.

Anonymous said...

What occurs to me is that I as arguably right when I saw, two weeks ago, that the BNP was salvageable and that the BDP was a good idea, good name and great direction. Those of us who have experienced Griffinism in the past know this only too well I would simply counsel that, from all that has happened, the BNP cannot continue. Can the "rebel" faction win the party over and take total control?


Can the rebel faction ensure the correct changes and is reform of the BNP going to be enough?

In my judgement, probably not.

I am concerned that, despite everyone's best efforts, there is a worrying sense o naivete descending here that we just make a stand and Griffin will see the error of his ways.


That is not what history tells us about this man and his MO now is the same as it was then, back in the 1980s, which is why we kept him OUT of the BNP for so long despite his friends efforts to get him in.

So what do we do?

I suggest, humbly, a clean break from all the silliness, incompetence, bad reputation, not-so-closet Nazi posturers, conspiracy theorists who make the BNP unelectable. Those people hold considerable sway in the party and for good reason.

State conspiracy or bad management? You decide but probably far too much water has passed under the BNP bridge for matters to be repairable now or in future when more time has passed and more opportunities availed themselves.

The BNP is just a vehicle. When on fails you either take it into the garage or buy a new one.

We can afford a new one with the spec we want....

Just some New Year's thoughts but the window for action is fast approaching in terms of making the required clean break..........

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, Henry.
I also commend all of you for the previous posts, the comments of support, and all of the efforts taking place.
Keep the ideas rolling, folks.
Almost everyone I know is hoping for us to move forward in due course.
Many others are sitting on the fence.
Best wishes to you all for 2008.

The Green Arrow said...

Comment moderation is on at the Green Arrow because some of your foolish supporters have been leaving obscene comments.

However I do remember the post you are referring to and it is correct. I rejected it outright as I would any thing put out by any other group attacking individuals within the BNP as opposed to attacking their policies.

Hang is this blog moderated?

Anonymous said...

Good post Henry. The BNP needs to be run on the same lines that we would run the country. Legislative, executive and judiciary are three seperate independent entities. We cannot have everything invested in one person, such as a monarch or dictator.

Time for change at the BNP but if you are not it in, you cannot change it, thats why I suggest officeholders resign their posts but NOT their membership.

Stick in to make the necessary changes. Keep the pressure on Nick Griffin to make the changes.

Anonymous said...

Very good analysis Henry. Its not difficult to foresee the partys fate come election time. I am at a loss to understand Griffins wrecking ball behaviour . He must surely be able to come to the same conclusion as you. Could there be some truth in the accusations of “state plant”?
I think we are best off going on our own. The BNP will be fatally wounded next year. It will never recover from its self inflicted wounds. Its credibility will be lost forever. Why should we be tainted with it.

Anonymous said...

Henry Morgan is an inteligent guy but not wanting to take sides here as far as the BNP go not having the people to run the country look at what we have in power now, all the BNP need to do is put a few hundred monkeys into parliment & things will improve straight away,

Anonymous said...

a man from brum said...
Very good analysis Henry. Its not difficult to foresee the partys fate come election time. I am at a loss to understand Griffins wrecking ball behaviour . He must surely be able to come to the same conclusion as you. Could there be some truth in the accusations of “state plant”?
I think we are best off going on our own. The BNP will be fatally wounded next year. It will never recover from its self inflicted wounds. Its credibility will be lost forever. Why should we be tainted with it.

Totally agree. True Nationalist should think of the Nation and not pledge their aleagences to three letters B N P. How many time have canvassers and activists heard those annoying words ' I've always voted Labour. And when you mention BNP to people who do note vote anymore they wince, 'oh no not the BNP' It's an uphill struggle and now Griffin has made it even harder.

Fencesitter said...

Mr. Morgan, you have succinctly presented the position of the reform faction quite eloquently and without excessive rancor, so I commend you. The problem for many, who may be sitting on the fence, such as me, is that though most are sympathetic to the idea of organisational reform and restructuring, no one wants to see a diminishment in the core ideology of BNP. I have been reading all over the internet various entreaties for a renaissance in Nationalist politics in order to make Nationalist politicians more electable. Suggestions that less 'nationalist hype' and the inclusion of ethnic minorities would broaden our appeal, and that Nationalist parties are prone to fascist politics etc. -so why not drop the Nationalist and start calling ourselves the British 'Peoples' Party or some such. People's party? Are they kidding? Yeah, why don't we adopt the hammer and sickle while we’re at it and substitute the yearly BNP picnic with a May Day celebration? I think the rebels need to make their position clear on what they would consider reform. There is no doubt an element of the opposition working from within to drive a wedge between the party membership and its leadership, hoping that once a definitive split has occurred, and a 'new' party has been formed, Nationalism can be led away from the path of indigenous advocacy and its more controversial policies, and made more 'inclusive' -which of course will lead to such an organisation's complete and utter irrelevancy. "Vote for Sunat Kumar as BNP cllr. for Old Sarum. His family has been here for 2 generations and his first loyalty is to Britain! Look how he loves this country: he has brought over 200 of his closest relatives!" This mess needs to be resolved and quickly while BNP is still a viable organisation. There needs to be a referendum and a vote of confidence in the present leadership, and the leadership and the dissidents should abide by the outcome. I also believe there needs to be put in place an Ombudsman with the authority to hear member grievances and to present these grievances to the Administration from a position of authority.


Anonymous said...

To Fencesitter

From what I see there will be no change in the party ideology. It's the management and the running of the party that is being questioned, it is being abused and this is holding the party back as has happened for years. Nick Griffin also has, unfortunately, a tainted past trailing behind him plus his defence of Collett and Hannam.
There will not be a referendum because this would not suit Griffin, only he can sanction that. I would also add that any vote would have to be viewed with suspicion.
And by the way there is an ombudsman dealing with grievances in the party, his name is Nick Griffin, and you now know how he deals with them...

Final Conflict said...

be careful - wasn't the BDP a split from the NF in the 70s [along the same lines - opposition to perceived 'nazis'] and if i recall correctly one of their top people was exposed as a Searchlight asset.

Some of those pushing for the BDP solution may be trying to steer a certain trajectory.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you say Henry, YOU are important as are all activists. As most people will know it's hard to turn a member into an activist, the fact that the party is shedding these people is a tragedy.
I was a member of the BDP in the early 1980's, the person who was in the pay of Seachlight was Ray Hill, he was a member of the BM,BDP AND BNP and various times.

Fencesitter said...

FINAL CONFLICT-Quote:"Some of those pushing for the BDP solution may be trying to steer a certain trajectory."

And this is the potentially lethal catch of even discussing the possibility of a new Nationalist Organisation; which I know the RealBNP have assured is not their intention. The opposition is waiting for the opportunity to infiltrate the upper ranks of a new party being built from the ground up. For all his faults, Nick Griffin is no Naïf, and I think his hyper-vigilence and paranoia serves us well... within limits. Because Nationalism is always a target from a legion of enemies. Personally, I think we should adopt an inviolable standard of core precepts, including the exclusion of non-indigenous participation within a Nationalist organisation. Anyone even giving a hint of steering us from those core precepts should be unhesitatingly ex-communicated with extreme prejudice. It's the only sure defence against the influence and machinations of a state, uaf or Searchlight plant. BNP is at a dangerous cross roads. Unfortunately only Nick Griffin can put its house in order. Until he relents, and gives Collett, Hannam & co. their discharge papers- BNP is going to be stuck in limbo and its future shadowed in doubt. The reformers will never accept anything less then a thorough administrative housekeeping, and are never going to back down from that demand, nor should they. Mr. Griffin, For the good of the party, for Nationalism, and for Britain, its time to make some painful though inescapably necessary decisions.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know that the party are blaming you for a mail shot sent to all BNP members from the crank Simon Sheppard.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Fence sitter

There will be no change in policy or ideology, unless voted on by voting members.

Where we are batting from will not change

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Kenny Nicholla and wee one happy new year in a couple of hours


Hoots min the noo

Anonymous said...

Retard;s sent me one too and I aint a member!! Check mate Griffo..

Anonymous said...

Surely we 55 (or whatever) should be getting together to collectively look at the options to go forward.
Can I make some suggestions?
We are claiming there was no democracy or imput from the members - lets show the fence sitters and others how this ideal of democracy within a party, really can be practiced.
One urgent matter that must be resolved is how to unseat Nick Griffin.
At the moment the only real option is to vote him out.
We need a sub group of the 55 to form a committee with the purpose of finding an alternate candidate - the best we can get - and to start planning a party wide campaign to get this candidate elected.
We need to draw up a new party constitution and a new planning structure and take this to the party members.
If we can in the meantime do something about the leadership and replace it - well and good, but we do have one proper way of proceeding and we need to get on with it immediately.
There is a lot to do.
Can someone in the north of England set up a meeting place, work out accommodation - homes will do gratefully - for people who need it and lets raise the standard and get on with things.
By sitting inactive we play into the hands of the dictatorial cabal and the likes of LB.
One thing for sure only members should hold office in the party.
There are 50 odd of us - all with our membership and future in the party on the line.
We must engage the opposition whilst there is still a party to argue over. Time is against us not with us.
We must move on.

Salvation said...

Below I have reproduced my submission as a comment to the Chairmans New Year message. I did this at 7 oclock, it has not been posted as neither have all my previous attempts to have my voice heard. Such blatant censorship decries belief. A party of free speech and openess, it would have them laughing in the aisles in any music hall.

"We are not seeing proof positive from either side of this debacle. What is happening is that precious time is being spent by very erudite persons in just proving their debating skills. Something needs to be done, and done fast, to prove to the rank and file the true nature of the situation.
Either this is a party of openess or it isn't. At the moment as far as I am concerned it isn't. I have tried several times to place coments on the deputy leaders blog, each time without success. I can only presume it was because my opinion differed from his. That to me is not openess but totaliterian censorship. That is NOT acceptable to me.
I want proof of what is happening within the party and I want it now.
I would like at this point in time to wish all the hard working members of the staff who keep the party going all the very best wishes for 2008."

William McCarthy, AKA SALVATION in another place, (but not for long the way things are going)

Anonymous said...

"Do we really want a BNP government, or are we just playing games?..........This party is not electable as it is"

Henry, yours is the best post on this blog. You have said what I have been saying for years ( hence, my username ).

Every year the BNP hopes for a big breakthrough, but how can that happen when it seems to the electorate ( rightly or wrongly ) that it is just one man and a bunch of nazi cronies rambling on about race ?

I won't repeat what you have written. You've said it. I just hope that there are enough supporters of eie who agree. As for the term BNP, like Northern Rock, it is now a damaged brand. It's too late to revive it and in any case, Nick Griffin will not give up his position or budge an inch.

A new party is a must, though, because Independents usually lose their seats, the reason being that many people vote for a party rather than a candidate.

Well written, Henry and I hope you will be listened to.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget our glorious leader told us if the BNP closed down we can still continue nationalist work at a local level ie. local councils etc. . . .

Anonymous said...

kkMessage to SALVATION.

If you want proof of who's telling the truth try contacting Sadie by email. Also look back at the original EiE blog. Look at what Nick has said about them. Trators, neo-nazis, reds under the bed. He is doing his best to discredit them after years of hard low paid work and it is making him look silly. His New Year message should have been about praising all the hard workers and even naming people for outstanding performance. But no he just rattles on, he's made a big mistake and is now trying to justify it. In doing so he, and only he, is splitting the party. Maybe that's what he wants.

Bill Henderson said...


Don't argue on the Internet

Anonymous said...

OK Final Conflict, you make a good point! I am looking for a new name that will take Nationalism forward now that the BNP has had it. I do not wish to conflict with historical events, just go forward. So let me suggest another name, how about British Patriotic Party, the BPP. Whatever name we use, we must earn the respect of the voting public, but BNP is now dead in the water, partly because of recent events, and the baggage that has been a constant source of problems for British Nationalism. We also must be media friendly, and be heard throughout the world without a battle for time or space. We have a number of sitting councillors who may wish to follow the new party whip, what a splendid start this would be?

Please folks let us just move forward in a positive way. This will, hopefully, bring the fence sitters down on our side, and those so far undeclared supporters.

Anonymous said...

To anonomous
"Can someone in the north of England set up a meeting place, work out accommodation - homes will do gratefully - for people who need it and lets raise the standard and get on with things."

Happy New Year everyone.

I am really pleased to see that so many people are starting to think of a furtue after all of this mess - but can you just give things a chance to be worked through with a cool head and a bit of legal advice- as well as time to try and get the leadership to back down.

Behind the scenes on both camps there are capable activists trying to broker a compromise.

There are plans for us to meet up in a few weeks, but these have not been finalised - to be honest this rebellion is one heck of a lot bigger than anyone expected, so the logistics need to be worked on.

Those of you with concrete proposals, draw them up and send them to Sadie. Please can you think very closely on ways to allow proper democracy and criticism to flourish in a new structure .

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

First post I have seen reason to reply to, as I am not a BNP member (former member, group organiser and Trafalgar Club member, now an inactive and isolated England First Party member).
But, as most have said, this is just the sort of structure needed to move on to the next stage - from being a realistic vote at local level, to being a realistic party at national level. We don't necessarily need to follow the cabinet division of responsibilities, in fact I think that creating our own shadow cabinet will take a fair bit of time, certainly twelve months as a minimum, for people to get anything like the necessary expertise to be able to make sensible comments for the television, but we do need to have recognised experts with a recognised particular field; probably a lot more than the twenty Henry mentions, but with a smaller range covered (not a spokesman for the Disabled, as an example, but spokesmen for accessability issues, deafness [preferably able to use British Sign Language], DDA issues, DLA issues, and so on). Most, if not all, party experts/spokesmen, will also have full-time jobs and be activists in other fields - as candidates (hopefully successful ones), fund-holders, organisers and so forth. To take on the job of shadowing the Home Office as well, and to do it well, is probably just too much to ask for.
But minor points like this can always be sorted out at a later stage - but not too much later! - and the general thrust is, most definately, the way things should be going, and what I asked Nick for some five years ago. The response was that any contact with journalists had to be approved, as he didn't want people making up unapproved policies that coulkd later be used to discredit the party. Fair comment, if it was not for the fact that Collette and Barnes, amongst others, see to be allowed to say what they like, to who they like, with impunity. But, I suppose that their comments are in no way harmful, are they?

Anonymous said...

Had a laugh at the new slogan at top of the grim new BNP website -

"We lead, others follow", shouldnt that be "I lead, you obey"

Notice the only person on the front page is Griffin himself. This isnt the BNP its more like the Griffin personal fan club.

He has forgotten it was people like Scott Mclean and Kenny Smith who got Griffin elected in the first place. Short memory Mr. Griffin or perhaps a selective memory.

Anonymous said...

Re: Griffin's latest rant on the BNP web site. Would this be the same moderniser who shared a platform with David Duke (ex KKK boss) as recently as 2005 in New Orleans and as recently as 2006 in Belgium? (oops did you forget that one Nicky boy?)

There is a corker of a picture showing them both here:

But that was 2006, times have changed, says Nicky boy. Good thats Ok then, but what about 2008?

Well there is still a link between Griffin and Duke and the less than savuory side of the American white power movement.

The link is here:

The man on the far left sat next to Duke is the web master of Duke's site who is also the new web master of Griffin's BNP site Emmanuel Brun D'Aubignosc. He also runs the rabidly anti-semetic Altermedia websites and the very "modern" Aryanwear website which Nicky boy would be very proud to be associated with.

Selective memory indeed Mr. Griffin - you should choose your friends and your words more carefully. How many of the "clique" as you call them have been done for denying the Holocaust, how many of the clique have been to Libya to get oil cash and you think you are going to get a BNP Friends of Israel off the ground as your clown adviser Lee Barnes thinks, with your record? Think again, this time long and hard.

Anonymous said...

Good post Truthfinder. I like many others did not know all this and it helps me as just a non active BNP voter come off the fence in favour of the EIE group.

Many other good posts now that the dust is settling and the Christmas and New Year celebrations are out of the way

Thank you all, more comments please

Anonymous said...

In Griffins new year message he is trying to fool the world that he is cleansing the party of the nazi element within. The reality of this is that it is the opposite and he wishes to continue his little reich without hinderance. I can't belive that he is using Pat Richardson to do this, more dirty lies.