Tuesday, 18 December 2007

North West Meeting Report

The Wigan meeting was organised for North West regional officials on Wednesday December 12th and lasted over 3 hours. It featured Nick Griffin, Mark Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker - though John did not speak.

The meeting was evenly divided with North West officials who usually attend regional meetings and who are generally supportive of Nick’s critics or the BNP loyalists are they are being referred to in many circles, while the noisier supporters of Nick were largely, though not wholly, less frequent regional meeting attendees and non-officials.

Bev Jones, ex-NW regional organiser was the main critic of the leadership with other officials backing her.

The main area of criticism of the leadership centred on the illegality of the raid on Sadie Graham’s home, the theft of non-party property and the bugging. Regional Secretary Dave Jones questioned Nick Griffin’s statement that Mark Collett donated up to £5000 at a time to subsidise the printing of literature. Dave Jones was concerned that the figure was reported to the electoral commission.

Mr Griffin reported that since the company doing the work was Mark's and the money given over was also Mark’s, the cash did not have to be declared. (Subsequent to the meeting this has been shown to be a false statement).

The meeting went steadily downhill with the management team's answers becoming increasingly less believable and only backed up by the organised cheers and heckling from the Griffin’s imported audience.

As expected financial impropriety had been "discovered" being committed by Chris Beverley, Kenny Smith and Bev Jones. Presumably Dave Jones will soon be unmasked as a thief, and a neo-nazi thief at that!

At the end, those who did not support the management were asked to leave and several people left. The booing of these people as they left by one member of the audience and ex-official was badly received and directly led to several resignations over the next few days.

The meeting was then called to order to discuss the current situation and was hi-jacked by the Griffin cabal as the first of its road shows.


Anonymous said...

Griffin is nothing now except a dictator. I am disgusted in the way he is behaving; his days are numbered now because no one in their right minds would trust him again.
We need a new leader with some morals to earn our respect, Steve Blake would be my ideal choice given the chance.

Anonymous said...

It is very clear now that there is no intention to reinstate the 'rebels'.

Why would the BNP want to score an own goal be reinstating 'neo-nazis'??

Tough decisions now have to be made.

I am an ex Policeman and consider myself to be a reasonably good judge of character. I have dealt with Kenny Smith for about four years and Nicholla for about 2. I would definitely not categorise either as neo nazis. As most readers would testify, they are hard working LOYAL nationalists.

Anonymous said...

This is another meeting then that NG and the BNP site will paint as a 99% in support of him against the "extremist nazis/red infiltrators" (delete as applicable).

This is a farce and the man and his coterie are liars!

We cannot believe a word he says!

Anonymous said...

I can`t wait to read what story the official site comes up with to cover the Leeds meeting.
Congratulations to all local supporters(those actually from Yorkshire.)with particular thanks to leeds for leaving
a surly sulking chairman and sneering side kick in no doubt about our feelings.
Apologies to Ian and Chris for them having to attend such a travesty.

Anonymous said...

If at tonight’s meeting in Leeds, if no agreement was reached, it will then be clear the only hope will be the legal charges that Nick, and his security team, are facing.

Burglary and theft, plus the telephone bugging charges, must be used as a bargaining tool to make Nick see sense.

I just hope Griffin does not let Martin Reynolds take the rap alone. Nick could say: 'I sent them to retrieve equipment owned by the party, I did not authorise them to enter Sadie’s homes without her permission, or remove any of her personal computer equipment'.

Kevin Hughes (a totally innocent man) spent 12 months in jail on a trumped up charge, how much longer will Martin get if he is convicted of a charge with some validity to it? He should start thinking about a defence that does not rely on Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Well seems to me that Collett donates this 5000.00 a month out of the sales of the Identities , how else could he donate it? which then really isnt his money, its the people that have subscribed each month who basically are paying not only for Identity but also Colletts donation!!!

Bourne Patriot said...

I really do have to wonder what planet the BNP Management think they're on.

Today, some 7 days after I resigned my official position with the BNP, I receive this months VoF and Identity by post.

Needless to say, it's been marked "return to Sender" and sent directly back to Flintshire.

I really do suspect that the upper management of the organisation is in denial about the issues that are displayed on this blog. All the BNP news items I see contradict my own eyes.

I am very much like Danny, and have posted as such before. My gripe in this whole issue was the illegal activity of the party in burglary and theft, and the interception of communications equipment.

Since then, it's become quite clear by the reaction of the party that having a degree of moral fibre is not a pre-requisite for the position of party chairman. In fact, quite the opposite.

Needless to say, my support for Sadie, Kenny & Steve is solid. I know that many of the members in our area feel the same.

Benny said...

Until the events of the last week or so I regarded criticism of Griffin and/or the party as a personal attack on me. Naturally, I defended both him and the party with the same vigour as I would criticism of me. Griffin and the party were "us" and the critics were "them".

Now I feel that my loyalty has been betrayed. Now I feel that Griffin and his sycophants are "them", particularly as more lies and smears against loyal members appear on the party web site.

I believe that Griffin's interest in the BNP only extends to its value in providing him with an income and a vehicle for putting into practice his dictatorial leadership style. He is now showing his true colours.

I have no history of violence, no criminal convictions and there is no footage of me praising Hitler, denying the Holocaust or expressing a desire to deport law-abiding British citizens. Yet Griffin and co. prefer to stay loyal to those who have exhibited these flaws, rather than trying to advance the party to a point where it is truly electable.

Which leads me to conclude that Griffin is more concerned with preserving the BNP as it is, warts and all, than he is on forming a government.

He and his cohorts should do us all a big favour and (re-)join the NF, although the membership of the NF is so vanishingly small (is it even three figures?) that it would not be able to keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed. Plus, I'm sure the NF doesn't want him.

There will need to be some big changes before I even consider renewing my BNP membership.

Anonymous said...

We here in the North East, have in the main been silent with regard to current affairs, preferring to take a neutral stance.

The events of the last few weeks although uncomfortable to witness, have not stopped us from carrying on regardless, the 'cause' being greater than any internal disagreements.

However, and I now only speak personally, the damage the latest official posts are doing to the Party's image is I feel tantamount to treason.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of this situation, (and although I retain my membership, I'm effectively an outsider), my understanding comes purely from what I've read on-line.

Therefore to find that all those who now oppose the leadership are if not Reds, but Neo-Nazi's - a label we on the doorstep have fought long and hard to disassociate from the image of the BNP.

Do we have a future, could we reach an agreement and reconcile our differences?

Sadly, It would seem to me that this is now heading for free-fall, with the leadership accelerating the process!

Sitting on the fence, but not happy with what I'm seeing, somewhere in the North East.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby appeared on Newsnight and accused those opposing Collett of being neo-Nazis. This breath-taking lie is the exact opposite of the truth and shows not only his disregard for the truth but his disregard for the reputation and well-being of the party as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us a report on the Leeds meeting last night?

Anonymous said...

Not just ‘neo-nazis‘, but ‘hardline neo-nazis’ is how the party dissenters were described by BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby during a report on BBC Newsnight. To say that knowing it to be untrue is the action of a man without principle. Members must ask themselves is this a person fit for his position ? Is this a person that you want to make decisions on your behalf ? To me it shows serious political misjudgement and sums up the deceit and loss of credibility within the leadership of the Party.

Guessedworker said...

Transcript from the BBC’s flagship Newsnight on 18th December 2007. Reporter Paul Mason, speaking in the studio to Jeremy Paxman:-

"Well, there’s a bitter factional struggle going on inside the BNP right now, with people openingly accusing eachother on blogs of being “state assets”, which is code for MI5 agents, and the leadership calling the opposition, “neo-Nazis”.

Now, there’s essentially a personal spat going on between a senior BNP councillor in Nottingham, Sadie Graham. She was sacked as a party official, her computer was removed from her home by BNP security people, and subsequently to that a sound file of one of her telephone conversations appeared on the BNP’s website. As a result of all this, upwards of fifty local officers in the BNP have resigned. And today, on top of all this, the Labour MP John Cruddas, a man under pressure in his own constituency because there’s been a growing BNP influence there, put this dossier to parliament - 22 pages of detailed financial allegations under parliamentary privlege, the upshot of which was this ..."

[short excerpt from Cruddas’ statement in the Commons]

"Now I have spoken to the BNP’s Deputy Leader Simon Darby who points out that Mr Cruddas has a vested interest in slagging off the BNP. He says everything’s untrue. They’ve produced a detailed rebuttal on their website. Mr Darby said they would tomorrow produce their long-awaited 2006 financial accounts for the Electoral Commission ... that they’ve sacked the man responsible for delaying them ... and it was Mr Darby who used the words to me about the opposition that they have been discovered to be, he says, “hardline neo-Nazis”."

Anonymous said...

The Leeds meeting opened late as NG was waiting for extra paperwork. SD chaired the meeting explaining the agenda, speakers first then Q&A's. NG was to speak first then I Dawson then C Beverley.

NG Spoke first for about forty minutes then Ian spoke, NG was offered to respond to Ian's comments. Susequently ID responded to NG's comments.

Then Chris Bev spoke then NG responded. Chris spoke back again to NG.

NG backed Collett throughout, the meeting then was called to a swift halt by Martin Reynolds due to some actions by members, akin to Mayweather beating Hatton.

Various members left the meeting of their own volition.

After about five minutes the meeting reopened with Collett extoling his virtues.

The vast majority of the members present were in full support of ID and CB.

The meeting then proceeded with a Q&A session at which I was not present.

tonydj said...

Can somebody help me please. There has been a comment posting--possibly on this site--which claims that Kevin Hughes tried to exclude unsuitable people from positions of influence or from being candidates (one collected Nazi memorabelia) AND WAS ACTIVELY HINDERED BY SIMON DARBY.Now, he's an anti-nazi!

If the poster is reading this, PLEASE post again here.

Anonymous said...

@Simon Darby appeared on Newsnight and accused those opposing Collett of being neo-Nazis@

If I'm not mistaken Simon, didn't goofball Collett appear on a certain programme entitled "Young,Nazi and Proud"

Silly tosser.

Anonymous said...

Should we start calling the break in 'Sadiegate'.
Remember the villain of the original did eventually have to resign.
Griffin/Nixon. Interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

Personally I’m sick of this we are all nationalists and we are in May on the verge of gaining seats in parliament or we were untill this rift appeared. Both sides are guilty of wrongdoings and poor decisions and this difference should have been sorted internally but thanks to everyone having an attack of ego the red rabble press has got the story and is going to use it to impair our chances of success in London and other places, ether sort this row out now or leave it untill we have had elections next year but FFS don’t do the reds job for them or we will all be guilty of giving our country away to the invaders.

Anonymous said...

I see more names have been added including Wayne McDermott East Midlands Election guru.

Well done to all those who have added their names!

I have to be honest I was on the fence however Simon Darby labelling fellow members Neo Nazis was wrong. Many people listed remember are still members.

It has took years of work to get this party noticed and to get partly rid of the tag of Nazis.

Simon Darby linking the BNP to Nazis on Newsnight has done nothing for the Party's image with the voters.


Anonymous said...

As for fascism, Griffin’s response was to use this term against those who "hold the multi-racial state in such exalted worship", particularly those who seek to destroy the BNP’s freedom of speech: "the people who deny us the right-to-reply and to broadcasting time", those "who organise frenzied mobs to try to: attack our election candidates, close down our meetings, and march on our premises with the stated intention of tearing them down brick-by-brick", those

"who order their political police to tap our phones, steal our computers

and use agents provocateurs to sow dissension in our ranks". Griffin asks: "Are these tactics democratic? No. What are they? By any genuine understanding of the term they are, quite simply, fascist – And these people who employ such tactics are fascists".

Anonymous said...

Just seen the “dodgy dossier” on the BNP website, they must be desperate to gamble on this blatant rubbish. I see that the “plotters” are back to reds today, I thought it was neo-nazis as of yesterday. More to the point if this “evidence” was genuine why did the leadership not use it instead of the recording they slapped all over the website? When did they suddenly become reticent about the “evidence” they had “gathered”? The finest has got to be the “faked” disciplinary documents. According to Griffin he threatened to “expose” this at the meeting in Leicester but according to the same article they didn’t discover the “evidence” until the 18th Interesting to note that the account of Collett and Hannams disciplinary widely differs from Barnes account according to which Collett stumbled across the teenage girls in the hotel bar, according to the dodgy dossier they were disciplined for bringing them into the hotel. Get your stories straight guys. It’s a damn good job that Panorama filmed Griffin speech in Leeds otherwise Griffin would probably have gone down for murdering Lucan’s nanny as well as Incitement.

It doesn’t even make sense, Griffin is fighting for his political life, no one believes anything they read on the BNP site any longer and rather than provide the evidence he toddles off to Leicester to “extend an olive branch” to these Searchlight agents? And why would people plotting a “coup” publish a anonymous blog? In the hopes that Griffin would rush in, botch exposing them and hand them an enormous publicity triumph while ruining his own credibility at the same time? Was that likely? Its not even like Sadie and Co have even asked for Griffin’s resignation now, when they have enormous support behind them. What kind of plotters are these?

This is nearly as good as the explanation that someone “sat on their phone” and accidental called the SA police and thereby exposed the “plotters”.

In many ways I am disappointed that there isn’t more compelling evidence of a plot, those who knew that Griffin had the level of political incompetence he has demonstrated during this episode failed in their duty to their people, Party and country by NOT plotting to overthrow the idiot.

Anonymous said...

I've just seen the BNP website where they are claiming the disciplinary letter against Collett is a forgery. Their proof is a picture of the "properties" of the file concerned overlaid on a picture of the letter. To me that "properties" picture could be from any file. The numbers of pages (4) and other text and paragraph statistics on the file do not appear to relate to the disiplinary letter. In fact the whole file now seems to be called false-disciplinary-pic.jpg - and I really don't think it would have been called that when the letter was created. But then I'm not a real computer buff. Anybody else want to comment on this?

Anonymous said...

The key to your campaign must be to keep up the resolve of all concerned to see this through to a satisfactory conclusion; anything else will damage our party.

This blog should be a very important tool in that, regular daily updates and analysis will keep up morale, and re-enforce peoples resolve, so why are the postings are few and far between?

The official BNP website has two or three new stories (fairytales) about the Neo-Nazi/Red plotters everyday. You must use this site not only as a forum for free speech, but also as means of getting the truth across to the grassroots membership. Were is the report of the Leeds meeting that came out so strongly in support of your cause, and an analysis of a man who apparently said he was willing to destroy entire regions rather than listen to the membership.

Come on your cause is just and right, use this blog to its full effect. How about a blog called ElectableBNP as well.

Anonymous said...

"I've just seen the BNP website where they are claiming the disciplinary letter against Collett is a forgery. Their proof is a picture of the "properties" of the file concerned overlaid on a picture of the letter. To me that "properties" picture could be from any file. The numbers of pages (4) and other text and paragraph statistics on the file do not appear to relate to the disiplinary letter. In fact the whole file now seems to be called false-disciplinary-pic.jpg - and I really don't think it would have been called that when the letter was created. But then I'm not a real computer buff. Anybody else want to comment on this?"

It's not the same document, look closely at the text of the letter, then compare it with the one on this blog, two different documents.

Secondly, look at the last modified date, whatever document it is it was last modified on the 18th December, that means it was edited after they had possession of the computer.

It's proof of nothing, except deceit on their side.

Anonymous said...

Griffin Fiddles while our nation’s last chance for survival goes up in flames.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of computers could 1) change the properties of a Word document or 2) open the properties box of one document and then move it over another document or 3) use an image editor to superimpose the properties box of one document onto another. Simple stuff.

It took then two weeks to work out how to do that?

Anonymous said...

The disciplinary letter statistics show date created as 2 December 2007. The letter was written by Scott McLean and taken off Sadie's computer. The "date created" of 2 December 2007 could just as well be the date that Sadie downloaded it as an attachment to an email sent to her.

If the BNP had shown the "general" tab properties, it should show the original creation date of the document and its location.

Anonymous said...

The 'last modified date' on the forged document states December 18 ie the last time the document was opened.
This is THREE days AFTER the Leicester meeting where Nick Griffin admitted that the computer in their possession was Sadie Grahams personal property. He said, upon hearing Sadies explanation (backed up by Wendy Russell) that it was not BNP property, "fair enough, give us back our computer and you can have yours"
The 'last modified date' proves they were still trawling through her personal files AFTER admitting that it was her personal property.

As more and more lies are told so more and more people recognise them as such, and faith in the leadership wanes.
Senior people in the party KNOW that Collett was given a final warning; they must come clean or risk being tainted with the same stench that is growing rapidly around the leadership.

Anonymous said...

the more lies Griffin tells the more of us are losing patience with him and seeing through him.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick goodluck message to Sadie Ian and Kenny, Griffin must surely know he has to listen to you now.

The BNP can't lose anymore good people like you. Mark Collett must go. I know is is not the only problem but he is 75% of it.

Anonymous said...

If Griffin is so sure he has the support of the membership why doesn't he end this crisis and challenge Sadie to an leadership contest now?

If the reality of the situation has dawned( that a huge swathe of the membership have completely lost faith in him) he should do the honourable thing and simply resign. If he had the best interests of the Party at heart he would have resigned immediately after he disgraced the Party by bugging and raiding members houses. No other leader of any other Party would have suffered themselves to shame the Party as he has done. Nor would they have been allowed to.

Anonymous said...

With any business, problems come from the top, because it is the top that decides who shall serve under him. It is, therefore, so easy to sort out the numerous problems - replace Nick Griffin with someone whose character is unblemished and have a fresh start with a clean management team.

It has become a matter of urgency to see the BNP exerting real inluence at national level. With immigrants pouring into the country and changing the fabric of it, there is no time to waste and I am convinced that the BNP could get acceptance from the news media if they changed the leadership and made a big fuss and to do of it, showing that none of them had any criminal convictions or had any extremist views.

I am fed up of hearing the BNP referred to as the far right when I know it is simply offering what the Conservative Party should be offering ( They used to be the right wing party and were recognised by the news media as an acceptable party ).

As an ex Conservative who cannot possibly vote for the loony left David Cameron, I am desperate for the BNP to grow quickly, so please, replace the Chairman with an untarnished leader, so that we can see the BNP represented on Question Time. That is possible, but never while Nick Griffin is still leader. That one man could be standing in the way of a better Britain for the whole of the future.

Bill Henderson said...

Frustrated BNP Supporter a dit...

As an ex Conservative who cannot possibly vote for the loony left David Cameron, I am desperate for the BNP to grow quickly, so please, replace the Chairman with an untarnished leader, so that we can see the BNP represented on Question Time. That is possible, but never while Nick Griffin is still leader. That one man could be standing in the way of a better Britain for the whole of the future.

I totally agree

This Road Show has gone on long enough and is getting too bitter for reconciliation

Griffin must go, and the sooner the better

Anonymous said...

While many of us have been "in denial" for the last year or two - ignoring and denying tha poor decisions, reality has bitten!

Nick Griffin, the leader many of us relying on, has feet of clay.

We must now find a new leader or leaders among our folk.