Monday, 10 December 2007

Nicholla Smith resigns from other posts


Dear Messrs Griffin and Brewer,

Please accept my formal resignation from the post of Falkirk Organiser and also from the EBNS and BN Production Manager jobs.

Mr Griffin saw fit to sack me from Excalibur without warning with a letter dated the 6th but only delivered by his goons yesterday (9th). The letter does not mention the jobs above so I will save him the bother of writing a new letter.

I will not be resigning from the BNP and will exercise my right of tribunal should Mr Griffin attempt to purge me.

The disgraceful sacking of Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham, Matt Single and myself is further evidence that Mr Griffin has lost control of reality and his defence of incompetent liars like Mark Collett, John Walker and David Hannam at the expense of good honest BNP people.

For as long as the three scumbags remain in the BNP I will refuse to hold office and encourage others to resign their posts too. It was heartening to have received the unanimous support from the other BNP Scotland officials at our Regional Council Meeting on Sunday and since then to have received much support from around the United Kingdom.

I remain a British National Party loyalist but will no longer stand by and essentially endorse Mr Griffin’s leadership flaws and management failures.

Yours sincerely

Nicholla Smith

EBNS Manager

BN Production Manager

Falkirk Organiser

CC to Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham


Aberdeen-Patriot said...

HiYa Lancie "Boy" Stewart welcome to the UK. As you go through the various computers that Nicks heavy mob have stolen (do we still deport criminals)you will be uncovering who the truth tellers really are. I hope you have the guts to tell the truth.
By now you may be realising "Jesus they are incompetent bastards, why is Nick keeping them on" that’s what Kenny Sadie Ian Scott and many others have been saying for years.
Being ex forces and prison intelligence, you get a good grasp of who is telling the truth. Your ability to read body language and actions really helps in determining who are the good guys.
By now I suspect you must be thinking shit, I have to lie and cover up for the three incompetent tits that Nick is supporting. Not really a good start to life in the BNP, having to lie from the off.
As you are aware bugging telephones requires authorisation from a much higher level than the BNP is able to give.

Hack away Lance, the more you do the more truth you will uncover, you will realise we all have the BNP best interests at heart, and we did this for the good of protecting our children in the future. We can not stand by and let these three fools destroy the party and all its credibility.

I hope you uncover every e-mail, and the real truth. Hopefully Nick will listen to you and then expel the three corrupt liars, i.e. Hannam Collet and Walker, but I would not bet on it.

So who will you support the truth tellers and real nationalists, or the lying corrupt bog shagging would be kiddie fiddlers. Who are only interested in themselves?

Mark Wain said...

I am no longer continuing my position as Melton and Rutland BNP Press Secretary. If I wanted to work under an inept and totalatarian Fuhrer, I would have joined the labour party.

I makes me sad that so many good, good people are being screwed over. This is all down to bad and immoral leadership

Anonymous said...

Typical Griffin incompetence. Act before you think. Expel somebody and sack them from only some of their jobs. Gone on yersel Nicholla we love ya!

Anonymous said...

this must be one of the worst days in my life let alone my time in the midday today we had almost cancelled a christmas social event,and many members and activists had quit.after all calming down on this BLACK MONDAY,we have decided it would be stupid to cancel the social, after all it is for the hard work we have put in all year round and why should we take it out on the children ? this is why we are/were a band of brothers fighting for their future.
What we have decided to do though is donate all money raised to be given to a local hospice and have cancelled all planned activities for the for-seeable future.
take care all.
name/group/branch witheld basically from the uaf/left

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know I support you 110% on this and hope that the scum in our party are disposed of sooner rather than later.

One thing though has Sadie reported the intruders to the police?
Surely they entered her house and took property by illicit means

Did they take any personal belongings of Sadie other than the pc?

Who owned the computer? was it Sadies or property of the party?
If it belonged to the party,when was it issued and how many of the pcs have been issued and to whom?

I am really concerned by all these developments and my thoughts are with Sadie,Kenny and the many other brave people who have stuck their necks out to free our party of vile creatures such as Collett.

Anonymous said...

There's some truth in what you say Ostle, but as one of the first 'Tyndallites' to be expelled from the BNP back in 2002 I feel justified in saying that we should now be looking at the bigger picture.

Of course Sadie, Kenny and the rest were wrong to trust Griffin, but that doesn't mean they deserve this type of punishment for their error of judgment.

If we are to rebuild the movement we need all genuine nationalists, 'Tyndallite' and former 'Griffinite', to unite against the crooks.

Anonymous said...

All members of our party should have this image in their minds at this time of year ---
The evil King Nick” Herod “Griffin forcing the good Kenny “St. Joseph” Smith and his wife Nicholla “Mary” Smith with their new born child into the wilderness.
Their crime? To want more democracy in the B N P, to be able to voice an opinion without fear of being sacked, to ask that incompetent dishonest people who have an influence on all members lives be removed from their posts so that the party might be better run for the benefit of all members and ultimately the country.

Tell Nick “Herod” that there will be no slaughter of the innocents this year, we the ordinary members of the B N P will not allow it.