Friday, 14 December 2007

Matt Single – Today’s thoughts - Tomorrow’s actions?

Firstly, I would like to thank all those that have text, called and sent in words of support for Sadie and I. I never realised just how much support we have, the phone has literally not stopped ringing for five days. Thank you all so much.

Out of this whole situation, the one issue that has struck me the most is the level of blind dismissal displayed by Mr Griffin, as if this were just a minor ‘spat’ in the Party, and not one of the most decisive times in its history. Did Nick honestly believe that he could get away with deeds that would have made Stalin look like a moderate without reaction? Did he believe that he could lie and spin his way out of a shameful situation that he himself has created through his seemingly total inability to listen to anyone else except himself?

It makes me cringe however that Mr Griffin, as it would seem, has today finally realised that he has set into motion juggernaut wheels that he cannot stop. It’s interesting that he is now attempting to draw the Party membership around the ‘wonderful and talented’ Mark Collett, in a ham-fisted attempted to stamp his authority on the members and activists of the Party, for which there are many, that have severe reservations about Mr Griffin’s man-management skills and the direction of his loyalty. A twenty two minute video of Collett at this years Blackpool Conference posted on BNPtv this week, reflect the poorest taste at the worst possible time, this goes quite some way into confirming this.

The fact that Collett is the very reason why this dreadful situation has arisen in the first place tells us all we need to know about Mr Griffin and the contempt he must have for the wishes of the people of this Party that voted him in. I guess trying to hammer a square peg into a hole that is most decidedly round, is always going to be a messy and unpleasant business. Then again, is he the ‘man with a plan’? Is he privy to some clandestine information that will benefit us all in good time, but us as mere mortals could not possibly begin to understand it, so instead we should all swear blind allegiance to him as he toils for us?

Mark Collett, at the behest of Mr Griffin, is popping up all over the place. Mr Griffin is not only using him as the face of confrontation/résistance to those wishing to save this Party, he has renamed his position, but predictably left him with the very same power with the same arrangement to continue causing trouble as he did before. If this is however, an attempt of reconciliation, it has to amount to the feeblest effort in the history of nationalism! People are not foolish Nick, and are already seeing straight through this.

There will be, I believe, one out of two possible positive conclusions to this change in structure. Very shortly Mr Griffin’s position will be untenable as the pressure on him continues to grow and he will have to remove Collett, or that the damage that Collett will undoubtedly continue to cause will merely quicken the process towards its ultimate and certain conclusion: his demise. We can then begin the procedure of repairing bridges and preparing for the future together as one Party with one aim, political power; that is why we are here after all.

My darkest fear surrounding this situation is that the seemly megalomaniacal personality of Mr Griffin will program him to ‘destroy what he can no longer control’. This has often happened throughout history when a leader loses his grasp on actuality and events overtake him. I may be being harsh, but this is the situation as I am seeing it today, I garnered this much during his closing speech at the Blackpool Conference this year. It went along the lines that he didn’t care if the Party was destroyed by certain hostile forces (in other words Party members that disagree with him) because he had it in him to carry on regardless. Regardless indeed, even if it meant the Party would be destroyed Nick? As long as your orders and control still remained firmly in place? Tell me Nick, in a few years time would it bother you if the Blackpool Conference was held in a phone box with just enough room for you and Collett? You’d still be leader after all; so you’d have won wouldn’t you?

I do not believe that this is what you seek, because this would be simple and utter mindlessness, and I know you are a very intelligent man; I just want to see it now. Prove it to me please Nick. Prove it to all of us.

Another fact that has not been mentioned very much at all over the past week is that Mr Griffin was voted in by the people. I’ll say that again, VOTED IN. This means those same people, the very people Mr Griffin had bugged, taken personal property from and is now lying about, still have rights in a Party that is supposed to uphold democracy and freedom of speech and expression to, wait for it; voice opinion against the Chairman's decisions in free and open debate. Nick, you are not a demigod, and you cannot walk on water.

Mr Griffin has silenced his internal critics in the past sometimes through one under-handed method or another; I have seen this first-hand. This is usually followed by a form of black-consolidation, whereby conjured ‘stolen fund’ allegations and so forth are then levelled and fired at the unfortunate victim that can no longer defend themselves because they have already been, as Nick in the past has himself put so succinctly, been ‘purged’. These are simply coffin nails that he has driven into the names of some bloody good people to keep them down and quiet. I wonder, does this help him sleep by keeping away the ‘vermin’, should they come to haunt him in the dead of night?

Regardless to how you honestly believe you are helping us in the long term Mr Griffin, there is no ‘for the greater good’ because no one person in this Party of ours should ever have the right to act in a way that, as I have said before, represents the very people we seek as a Party to replace.

I want openness, I want the right to hear different people’s differing opinions, and as a card carrying member of this Party you have a duty to me, and all of us to uphold this.

Some people would be critical of me for writing in such an open and unrestrained way. Fair enough I’d say to them, I fully understand that because some people prefer to hold their cards close to their chest. Just remember however, that I am not a politician, but I do know that now is the time for change, with change comes growing pains and sometimes the shedding of skin which will not always be pleasant. We must be brave to face the facts of the situation and strike firmly in order to save, and once again promote together the growth and the true meaning of our one vehicle, the British National Party. Truth and honesty are weapons we must use to achieve this however painful this may be in the short term. Now is not the time for silence, now is the time for all activists and members to stand up and voice their hopes and fears.

Mr Griffin, you are clutching at straws by hoping that by touring the country now with Collett, that it will somehow prove what a ‘nice and genuine’ guy he truly is; this will fail because he simply is not. This will be followed by the Christmas break, and you hope this will afford you the time to ride out the storm that you yourself have brought down upon us. Well this is not going to be the case Nick, because sometimes after a terrible storm; there is nothing left. This situation is not going to go away and absolutely must be dealt with now.

Nick, the British National Party is not your play-thing; it is not yours to do what you want with. Remove Mark Collett now and fully recognize our position or you will never be trusted again by anyone. Even those that you believe are standing firmly behind you at the present time, no longer look to you as the man that can lead unless you can prove to us all that you have the backbone to do what is right for all our sakes.

Matt Single


Anonymous said...


What I have just read from you could have been emailed or posted directly to Nick.

Why publish it for the world and the far left to see?

It's a fair point, and one in which deserves an answer I think.

A BNP Activist.

Anonymous said...

"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

There are still plenty of good men and women sitting on the fence.

No support at all from Wales, only one name in Devon, none in the South East.

This will be the only real chance to make changes. Griffin will surround himself with weasels and ruin what has been achieved over the last five years.

Good Nationalists, now is the time to stand up and be counted before the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire meeting unanimously backing Kenny and Sadie tonight. Also unanimous vote to expel Collett. C'mon Griffin do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Griffin will not do THE RIGHT THING because this is exactly how he likes it.
Although I doubt he realised the ramifications when he expelled Sadie and Kenny.
The writing has been on the wall for a long time now and the BNP has the aura of a Cult with Griffin as the Cult Leader.
One is NEVER allowed to question a cult leader.
Vengeance from such a leader is always extreme and as time goes by paranoia sets in as instead of questioning himself a Cult Leader ALWAYS blames others:-
The followers are querying his authority or the 'outsiders' or the state are persecuting him.

The ruination of the BNP will continue as the corruption right at the top is too entrenched.
I take absolutely no pleasure in this and find it very distressing, but many others before have shown their concern but usually have been ignored, purged, smeared and sometimes threatened.
I used to recruit people into the BNP, encourage folk to vote for us and have stood for council myself.
In all conscience I can no longer do this.

Anonymous said...

Study the BNP and you will quickly see that anyone decent and hardworking within it, which usually equals success, is gotten rid of quick sharpish. Anyone popular who may challenge Griffins control is gotten rid of quick sharpish. Griffin plots well in advance before acting, he's a clever bastard with the states ear. Whenever there is a success he or Darby moves quickly to destroy it.

Here are some minor examples regarding Darby:

Kevin Hughes refused to allow a certain person to stand in the local elections because of his collection of Nazi memorabillia. Kevin, rightly feared what the public and press opinion would be, what did Darby do once Hughes was out of the way? He allowed this man to stand as a candidate.

John Salvage used to be the Black Country Organiser but was replaced by Simon Smith because Salvage was caught with his hand in the till. Was Salvage expelled? No, Darby made him an organiser in Cannock.

Throughout the BNP you see people promoted to positions even though they don't have the brain gawd gave little green apples and this ensures the BNP goes nowhere, otherwise Griffin selects the unemployed or sycophants that can be given back-handers. When they step out of line, Walker, his attack money dog moves in and reminds them of those back-handers and that they wouldn't want the DWP finding out. It was John Walker who went to the DWP on Cllr Richard Mulhall after Mulhall joined the 'Reform Group'

Every step of the way these people are there to ensure corruption and failure. Step back and look IT IS A STATE SAFETY VALVE. Sadie Grahams demise was planned months in advance.

Do the reds have it right....

Anonymous said...

Good on you Matt

Great post and until Collett and Hannam go we are all behind you.

Philip Stoke BNP

Anonymous said...

To BNP Activist.
It has all been done and tried before my friend. Every avenue has been attempted to prevent this last week from ever happening. Each time the attempt was met with a mixture of aggression or apathy from Nick. The far-left will be defeated if we all get together now and pull this rotten tooth and then consolidate around and start to grow once again together. If we pussyfoot around now, our Party faces a slow end and the far-left have won.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Matt.
I notice that Simon Darby has witten the following on his blog today. As you can see, he totally skirts around the problem. Is this because he fears that more members will learn of the stasi style tactics used against some of our most dedicated officials?

"Concluding this blog I feel I must make another reference to one or two internal problems that are still rumbling on. I've seen these things come and go throughout the years and can remember being at pretty much the epicentre of things in 2000.

Since that time some seven years ago I had many opportunities to reflect on my actions, yet despite everything that has happened to me since, not for one instance have I ever regretted what I did. There has to be a right and there has to be a wrong. Without order there is chaos and without leadership and discipline we cease to become a political party and descend into nothing more than a rabble.

Politics is not easy, especially our type of politics, but should we really be making it more difficult for ourselves than it really has to be? Or have we, as a people become so lost and out of touch with who we really are and what we can be that we simply don't deserve to survive any more?"

Other than this, I couldn't find any reference to all the turmoil that has resulted from the leadership's dismissal of some of the pary's loyalist officials.
It looks like you are right Matt, Nick is hoping that if he ignores the problem, things will die down after yuletide!

Anonymous said...

All this started with, what now seems like, a silly little blog to highlight Colletts ineptitude and look what Nick Griffin is doing to the party, is he insane? He is using all the dirty tricks and will blame Sadie & co for all the ills the party is suffering and is yet to experience in protecting his leadership prodigy Mark Collett. He has used all the tact of a fourteen pound hammer. Without doubt he has put the B.N.P. back years and all out of arrogant self interest. All the hours of work and foot slogging to make constant little inroads will end up in the waste bin, I am ashamed to be associated with him. Things are bad enough at the moment, just wait till the big do do hits the fan and it will be Griffins fault. He is now power crazy and all those members sitting on the fence gathering splinters had better make up their mind P.D.Q. I once thought the man was brilliant but now he would rather lead us to oblivion than back down.

Matt, hang on in there, too many people know the truth....

Anonymous said...

All this started with, what now seems like, a silly little blog to highlight Colletts ineptitude and look what Nick Griffin is doing to the party, is he insane? He is using all the dirty tricks and will blame Sadie & co for all the ills the party is suffering and is yet to experience in protecting his leadership prodigy Mark Collett. He has used all the tact of a fourteen pound hammer. Without doubt he has put the B.N.P. back years and all out of arrogant self interest. All the hours of work and foot slogging to make constant little inroads will end up in the waste bin, I am ashamed to be associated with him. Things are bad enough at the moment, just wait till the big do do hits the fan and it will be Griffins fault. He is now power crazy and all those members sitting on the fence gathering splinters had better make up their mind P.D.Q. I once thought the man was brilliant but now he would rather lead us to oblivion than back down.

Matt, hang on in there, too many people know the truth....

Anonymous said...

I STARTED A blog but then realised that if Matt and Sadie are to organise this thing of ours then they must do so knowing that we are with and for them. And we are. True, many of us believe that the time is right, family issues aside, for Sadie to lead. She already is leading but sooner rather than later a lot of us would like to see her playing an even more important role in Nationalism because she has the skills to push us forward.

What Matt said about Griffin is so true and I remember, in the late 1980s, bumping into an old Official NF member - the Gaddafi fringe of which a certain Nick Griffin was part before he formed the ITP (and they did hold conferences in phone boxes at a time when the BNP got hundreds to rallies...)....and this guy who'd worked with Griffin since the 86 split said, "Nick's idea is to keep purging until he gets what he wants" and this is why I was so concerned when he became leader not only because his tactical sense was ultimately destructive but because he was like a school bully in the ways in which he treated supposed friends, allies and "comrades". He also brought a lot of bizarre ideological baggage that the older group among us remember; support for Iraq, trps to Libya, promoting the sort of Islamic texts he now decries, circulating Libyan terrorist propaganda, supporting black power groups in the USA who had targetted innocent white people in initiation-by-murder schemes, allowing Cornwall to be a country, supporting loony Welsh cottage bombers as per Meibon Glyndwr and a lot more rubbish too!

This was not that long ago. So what has changed? Not his tactics but his core beliefs aren't, I suspect strictly Nationalist but are to what we might term the right of UKIP. But we don't need a career politician with an eye on European seats garnered via fascist dictatorship within his own party but a strong party where democracy and accountablity aren't just more spun words.

Griffin has, for me, completely wrecked Nationalism single-handedly and the way he wove his way back into the BNP, and is now destroying it, is a sight to behold for wreckers and schemers the world over.

As JT said in that great 1977 NF AGM speech, "when the history of these times comes to be written no greater act of treachery will be recorded in that history."

Touche, John!

Anonymous said...

As an ageing gentleman of diminishing fortunes, and a lifelong tory voter, I joined the BNP almost two years ago because I saw it as a party of freedom in every sense of the word.
If such a shake up in the Party is so necessary, and needs to be carried out immediately, then surely discussions at the highest level must have been going on for months, and most certainly been up for discussion at the recent AGM.
As far as I know I am the only BNP member in my town and I have a very difficult time fending off past history and convincing people that we are the Party of freedom.
Quite a few of the people I talk to are now comming round to the way the Party thinks. I only hope to God that none of them get wind of this FIASCO, because that's what it is, that is now taking place.
William Mccarthy AKA SALVATION

Mark Wain said...

Griffin has been acting like "Comical Ali" through this entire thing. If people were not convinced that he has lost his direction, this surely must reinforce it. Well said Matt, voices need to be heard and heard NOW.

If you, Sadie, Kenny or anyone else every need anything (not sure what I can do, but am open to suggestions) please do not hesitate to get in touch. My contact details are on my blog if needed.

Behind you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mr Griffen. This is not a lone voice that has been sacked and then smeared. The 50+ roll call on the main blog page represents a huge section of the party infrastructure. There are many, many more who are in agreement with Sadie and Kenny - sitting on the fence at this moment in time. I wish they would 'come out' but whatever their reasons for not doing so at the moment, the fact is they support S and K. Even if you win this fight, your party and your authority to lead it will be severely diminshed. But by doing the right thing you and the party can come out of this better and stronger. A leader who listens to his people is a TRUE leader.

Anonymous said...

matt what you and sadie are going through must be hell . to lose the people you thought and believed were friends and comrades in the nationalist fight, only to be stabbed in the back by the same people is not something that a normal man would want never mind a man who has took the path of a nationalist like yourself.i would rather have you in my corner than 100 mark colletts and as a friend can only say i am 100%behind you and sadie. nick does n,t realise what the party has lost in this argument .

Bill Henderson said...

Put into plain English, Mr. Griffin it amounts to this:

Without Collett you will have the support of the Rank and File

With Collett you'll be knocking on your own doors come election time.

Anonymous said...

the question is - what ditrt does Collett have on NG?

Collett should have been expelled after that APPALLING Channel 4 documentary!

He made us all a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

The BNP Constitution has been removed from the BNP website:

Maybe they don't want anyone reading this bit:

5) General Members’ Meetings may only be called by the National Chairman or by the Advisory Council in accordance with Section 5 of this Constitution.

Time to call an EGM?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
the question is - what dirt does Collett have on NG?

this is what this whole thing boils down to

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin’s latest posting on the BNP web site, talks about a Leeds meeting last night as well as referring to the fact that Angela Clark attended that meeting. He then goes on to say that: She gave away one of the biggest election victories we have ever had, which is true. But he also chooses to ignore two other important facts:

1 Angels Clark had put up with months of threats, to both her self and her young daughter, before she resigned. Can a mother really be blamed for caving into intimidation when her child is being threatened at school.

2. He also points out that Ian Dawson was at that meeting. But fails to mention that Ian was the very man who then fought that seat, and came within 64 votes of increasing the percentage vote Ms Clark had achieved when she was elected. No mean feat in itself.

Nick Griffin is not going mad, he is just showing himself to be a very wily politician indeed. You can doubt his integrity, I now do, but you can not doubt his political abilities and skill.

Anonymous said...

I've been chatting to a small group of members this morning and none are going to renew their membership.

The main reasons being the bugging of the phone and the entry by deception into Sadie's home.

Those actions can't be repaired by negotiation.

Treasury will soon be a redundant post by the look of things.

Anonymous said...

Regarding members in various parts of the country seemingly not supporting the rebels. I am a member from the South East, unfortunately in this back water many members are just waiting to see what is going to happen next. I for one have never met Collett etc etc so don't know the truth about the man.
In my group most of us are very unhappy at the way Nick Griffin has handled things, however, the organiser doesn't feel strongly enough about this to resign.
I could say a lot more,however, this part of the country is NOT a stronghold of Griffin, he has not got many of the members I know behind him.

Anonymous said...

We need an EGM

Anonymous said...

While watching the Mark Collett Road Show, in Wigan a few nights ago, one thing did strike me as being missing, most good pantomimes have 40 thieves.

But this one only turned out to have about 8 or 9. Now I do admit that some others were brought into the show, as and when they were needed to support the storyline of this fairytale.

Hopefully Nick & Mark will dream up a few more before the next performance.

This show isn't really for adults, but the kids will love it.

Anonymous said...

in the wake of this weeks events we lichfield bnp feel we must cease all activities a matter of concern we have notified all members and fundraisers to have a good christmas and hope this sad situation comes to a quick and easy resolution.

Anonymous said...

What region in the UK does South Africa come under Mr Griffin?

`British jobs for British workers`, Griffin! still Griffin won`t listen, he would rather the party imploded with Nazi boy Collett and the State South African.

how endearing to the electorate we must appear, how modern and British!

Anonymous said...

What all B.N.P. members/nationalists should ask themselves is why the listening device was installed in Sadies home in the first place. Could it be that Nick Griffin had got wind of the fact that some people have considered her to be a possible future leader of the B.N.P. and was waiting to find a way to oust her, regardless of how hard she worked and regardless of how much respect she had earned from people within and outside tha party. I ask you this, how long had this device been in place? one week? one month? one year? Regardless of how long it was a disgusting intrusion of the highest magnitude and a serious warning to all. It is known that Griffin is grooming that jumped up little weasle Collett for future leadership and will have his way. If this happened it would inevitably leave the party to the mercy of the already hostile media, who would have an absolute field day, ripping the party to pieces. All your work will have been in vain. Griffin must not be allowed to continue like this and should be pilloried and challenged for his dictatorial, arrogant and dismissive attitude for the sake of the party and the Nation. He is a great orator for the Nationalist cause and his leadership was not being challenged was but he is also a devious back stabber without doubt. But he will carry on regardless and all you minions can shut up and get back to working for the 'British Nick Party' I sure as hell will not.

Anonymous said...

It seems ever clearer, that the BNP top brass are going to stick this one out, and use their biggest propaganda tool, their website, to fool people into thinking that this issue will simply go away.

While Griffin, in his latest submission to the main site suggests that his new fundraising effort is going brilliantly, I would expect that it is somewhat an exaggeration, with many nationalists and patriots holding back in the light of the disturbing actions of the party’s upper management.

The fact that we seem to be referred to as the far lefts “embedded assets” shows just how far off the mark Griffin really is. It has also opened my eyes to the nature of the leader. He was held recently in high regard, but has since stooped to the level of the gutter, and he is still digging.

It seems that anyone who opposes his views is a malcontent, unsavoury element, well meaning dupe who is juvenile, insecure or greedy. I’m really quite impressed that the man looked in the mirror and described himself to a tee.

A week is a long time in politics, and one thing we have, as independent nationalists, is plenty of time. We can work on a shoestring, and spread our message without the historical baggage and bad publicity of the BNP’s current management. It’s more important to us to retain our integrity than it is to blindly follow a dictator like lambs to the slaughter. It’s time that organisers, fund holders and members realised that a true nationalist agenda is no longer the aim of the Griffin BNP. If it were, the issues that have been raised in the past week with regard to the disease that remains in the party would have been sorted. It hasn’t, a hard line has been drawn, on the opposite side of legal boundaries, and anyone who sides with the supporters of Collett, Hannam etc is associating themselves with criminals.

Then we have Griffin implying that anyone who believes that the BNP has moved in a lurch to the right, scarily close to the NF right, is succumbing to a stupid stunt, and must be stupid. Sadly Griffin, you said it yourself… members aren’t stupid, they can’t be brainwashed after your sordid escapades of last weekend. You have been exposed for the greedy liar you really are. Many members will be making their statement through not renewing their membership. Over 50 officials are no longer selling the Voice of Freedom, or holding meetings or fundraising, or donating, hitting you where it hurts, in your pocket. Many more members are holding back, and have pledged support for those officials victimised by heavy handed knee jerk reactions of a paranoid coward who sends his henchmen in to do his dirty work.

So my message to those on the fence is watch this space, and withhold your donations and membership for now. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. See how long it is before they get really desperate, and we see ever more extreme lies spread about dedicated activists, and underhand tactics to attempt to win ground. Cut off the fuel supply and the engine will stop.

Anonymous said...

Note that Collett has made no statement of loyalty to Griffin!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a bugging device. I reckon (correct me if I'm wrong) Kenny and Sadie were using Skype, and instead of just speaking one-to-one, one of them had it set to conference.

I recon this because the transcript posted on the main BNP website didn't have the very staart of the conversation. Almost as if someone inadvertently found himself listening in on a private converstaion and it took a couple of minutes to realise what he was listening to and get the recording going.

don't know this for sure, just reckon it.

However, that does not justify using S.Africans as a security apparatus (I didn't even know an "Intelligence Department" existed until this blew up), doesn't justify using deception to gain entrance to someone's home (even the real police wouldn't dare do that), doesn't justify even looking at, never mind removing, private property, and it doesn't justify scrutinising private correspondence - some of which will inevitably be from non party members who communicated with Sadie as their councillor over private council matters and other problems, and it definitely doesn't justify publishing a private email for the whole world to see. All this just gives me a Pastor Neimoller moment: who's it to be next time?

The police are now involved, and on such public evidence of serious law-breaking, whether Sadie or anyone else wants to press a case will be irrelevant - the police see lawbreaking and they act.

One thing I don't understand is the lack of press coverage. What's going on there?

I'm just a very minor party official - nobody special. I haven't resigned, and I haven't renewed yet either. If it's not sorted out by the new year, I'm history.

Sorted out, to my mind, means all expelled and resigned officials back in place and working, and at the very least MC gone. As long as the leadership of the BNP has people like him there, then the BNP is going nowhere. I just watched "Young Nazi and Proud again - it's all on YouTube, just search Mark Collett - and no, he's not acceptable. British people will not vote for a party with someone like that high up in a position of influence.

It's no good saying that that sort of stuff is all in the past, because he keeps making that sort of gaffe - someone only has to point a camera at him and up comes his right arm. Anyway, let's face it, he's had a charisma by-pass. And does anyone think the media and the other political parties aren't saving every scrap of every gaffe to hit us with at a later, more crucial time?

I've said enough here for Kenny to probably be able to guess who I am - I said some of the same things on the phone to him earlier today. Would appreciate remaining anonymous Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Well said St George, the mind boggles and the heart sinks at times like this. It's amazing just how someone I onced admired and followed could sink so low, Nick Griffin you have a lot to answer for, shame on you. Do the decent thing as contained in many of these blogs and for God sake let us all get back to working for the future.

Anonymous said...

Great to see OldhamandProud has given up his job as Forum censor. It took some doing but he finally realised that what he was blocking was stiffling real debate in favour of utterly biased Griffin worship.
If Griffin won't back down out of arrogance and pride there won't be party to pay his wages.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said

So my message to those on the fence is watch this space, and withhold your donations and membership for now. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. See how long it is before they get really desperate, and we see ever more extreme lies spread about dedicated activists, and underhand tactics to attempt to win ground. Cut off the fuel supply and the engine will stop.

Well said but Nick would rather see the party ruined than bow to it's rank and file. He will try and sit it out whilst spouting lies and god knows what else. He will play the part of the captain on the bridge of a sinking ship and blaming all around as it sinks beneath the waves. he should have consulted the charts and listened to the weather forcast me thinks..

Anonymous said...

Griffin and Sadie, along with Matt and a few other characters of note attended the Leicester branch meeting this afternoon.

The people at the meeting had a democratic vote to accept Sadie back into membership, lets see what happens next ?

Anonymous said...

A lot of posters give the impression that this problem has been caused by the unpopularity of Mark Collett with the membership. This is not the case. This problem has been caused by the illegal bugging of Sadie Gragam's home, by the illegal entry into Sadie Graham's home, by the illegal removal of goods from Sadie Graham's home, By the violation of the data protection act through accessing and broadcasting the contents of her computers hard drive, by the consequent breakdown in trust between members and leadership. (who else is being 'bugged'?) Griffin's assurances that no one else is being bugged are now utterley worthless. This problem has been created by Nick Griffin not Mark Collett, however odious he may be.
Griffin is attemtting to direct our attention away from the real problem. We are not concerned, at this moment, with Collett:we are concerned with Griffin's illegal behaviour. We must stay focused.

Anonymous said...

Three of us came back a few hours ago from a meeting in Leicestershire where Sadie Graham attended along with Nick Griffin. It was a difficult meeting as there were points and issues being thrown about from all sides. I was choked by the boldness of Sadie standing up there and arguing her corner with a very slick and experienced politician. This is the guy who flabbergasted Jeremy Paxman on NewsNight. Well Sadie took him on and didnt look phased at all. She spoke for 20 minutes and then Nick spoke for 45 minutes. The unfortunate thing was Sadie wasnt able to answer the things that Nick raised, I dont think that was too fair and was poor management of the meeting. Although he spoke very well and clearly, he was very shaken by what sadie was saying. He doesnt realise how much support she has, especially in her region. Everyone in that meeting wants to see the party go forward and win, but everyone does think that changes must be made to its current structure. I certainly dont want to see us lose sadie as she is an asset to us. One interesting turn of events was a unanimous vote in favour of Sadie keeping her party membership. It was funny that collett seconded this and this was definitley a planned turn of events. It was not any kind of resolution at all because Sadie has done nothing wrong so not only should retain her membership but also her national post. It was a shame that no one proposed to motion a vote against Mark Collett to be expelled, that would have been passed I am sure. The East Midlands is really behind Sadie, she needs everyones support at this crucial time.

Benny said...

I am not renewing my membership or undertaking any party activity until this situation is resolved to my satisfaction.

Namely: Collett is proscribed, the South Africans removed (British jobs for British people??) and Griffin steps down as leader.

I cannot trust a leader who authorises raids on members' properties and levels trumped up charges against reliable, hard-working activists in order to get his golden boy off the hook.

I am certainly not going to stand on someone's doorstep and try to defend the continuing presence of Collett the Nazi sympathiser in the party.

Anonymous said...

I will not be renewing my membership until this is resolved.
Good luck Sadie.

Anonymous said...

"I am certainly not going to stand on someone's doorstep and try to defend the continuing presence of Collett the Nazi sympathiser in the party"

He has got to go.
Everybody else has to be back.

Anonymous said...

I will not be renewing my membership until Collett has been sacked and all
sacked/expelled members have been reinstated

Philip Stoke BNP

Anonymous said...


Appreciate the reply mate. All the best.

Still A BNP Activist.

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting in Leicester tonight and have come to a decision. It will be a long time before my trust and confidence is restored enough to even look at another BNP leaflet or newspaper again. The time I spent on organising, canvassing,leafleting, emailing updates, enquiries, reports and minutes, etc etc etc. will now be spent with my family. I can trust them.

Anonymous said...

Ifnyou back down now you will be thrown out soon because he will never forgive you. You have a lot of important people to backyou now.

Guessedworker said...

minor local party official: "One thing I don't understand is the lack of press coverage."

And it''s true - the media dog is not barking. Well, not much. Today there was this in the Indy. But even Nick Lowles, when offered the chance of a feeding frenzy, pushed the plate away, saying only:-

"This is a very serious split and one I cannot see being reconciled. One side or another is going to leave the party."

Most of you probably understand what's going on, but here it is anyway ...

Like Lowles I'm an outsider - though a BNP sympathiser - and to me this affair is a struggle between the principle of power and the principle of principle. This is not good news for Searchlight. It (and, indeed, the entire political Establishment) needs the "extreme far right" model of native advocacy. What happens to it if the hate object transmogrifies into a party of transparently decent people pursuing a principled, moral and just cause?

On the group-blog I own I wrote a piece last Sunday concluding, like Lowles, that the BNP was pretty much bound to split. Now, though, I rather suspect that the EiE protesters love the party too much to see it damaged, even if the leadership won't/can't despatch Mark Collett.

Loyalty and caution are commendable attributes in public life. But, to quote something I wrote yesterday:-

"... the end-goal of EiE - electability by curtailing public embarrassment - is of a lower order significance to electability through integrity. Being careful not to tread in the brown stuff isn’t the same thing as driving in a golden carriage."

Sadie and Co could make a golden carriage of the BNP. I urge you to look beyond Collett to that higher cause.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, to cave in without a result would be to let down not just SG, but the other 60 to 80 who have put their party futures on the line for this, it would be an act of betrayal.

I can't honestly see that happening though, as it would make anyone agreeing to such as bad as collett, selfish, and unthinking, as well as making them look incredibly weak, and effectively finishing them within the party.

I can't imagine anyone would sell out the other 80 or so for a cheap compromise, especially with all the evidence amassed, especially concerning young girls, it would be an unforgivable act.

Anonymous said...

Just reading about the the East Midlands event, I hope this isn't an end to it, after all the support given it would be a bitter betrayal if it was as reported on stormfront and elsewhere.

I hope there is a swift statement setting out that this isn't over, and that our original goal is still intact.

I know a lot who have put a lot on the line to back people over this, they deserve better than some silly fudge and a climb down, they are screwed, for standing up for others, they deserve the same loyalty and support back.

EIE must stay, and we must see this through!

Anonymous said...

Just got back here after doing the rounds and can't believe the stuff I'm reading elsewhere!!!!

We need a counter statement, there are 60+ in this, we were asked to resign over an issue, and that issue is far from resolved.

I certainly haven't been consulted over any deals, or compromises!!!

All for one, one for all!

We need a swift statement putting the record straight, before these latest rumors make us ALL look bad.

Please post this comment fast, so people can see the truth, and see this isn't resolved, and that no compromise has been reached.

Anonymous said...

North West Member said...

"Griffin is attemtting to direct our attention away from the real problem. We are not concerned, at this moment, with Collett:we are concerned with Griffin's illegal behaviour. We must stay focused."

15 December 2007 21:51

Absolutely spot on. For many of us there is no way back as long as Griffin remains.

Anonymous said...

So all is resolved
We are to keep Mark Collett.
We are to accept break ins and spying.
We have all been marched up to the top of the hill and then dropped down.
In the meantime the party has been hammered.
What was all the point?
They have lost me, probably in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Great to see that Sadie has been given her membership back. This is welcomed and I consider it a reflection of confidence in her by the attending members but that in itself is not enough. The meeting was, as was said, managed wrongly in as much as the accusations and reasons for her expulsion should have been laid before her and the assembled members in the first instance and then for Sadie to counter and cover all points raised and indeed raise others. I think that would be the protocol in this situation, in that way a truer picture of events would have been far more forthcoming. This was, indeed, mismanaged and Nick Griffin may have had a cunning hand in manipulating this arangement. As for Mark Collett seconding the motion to return her membership, well, this was more than likely done to sideline any motion against himself and an attempt to show that there is no hard feelings and what a nice guy he really is, fat chance, don't turn your back too soon Sadie.
There must have been a little common ground at the meeting but the main reason for all the problems still remain within the party, Mark Collett. Also the way things have been handled will now stick and be remembered and no way has anything really been resolved yet.

There is still the subject of her dismissal from her job, something that she was very good at, a post that now seems to have been done away with, somewhat hastily I might add. She should be reinstated at once el speedo. Until this happens all members that are showing support for her by positive action should continue to do so to send Nick a firm message so this sort of thing never happens again. Being given her membership back does not recompense her for all that she has suffered in the past week and that goes for Kenny and the other victims.

Sadie has her membership back but what of the others in this, please tell me.

As an aside I would also add that the recording of Sadie and Kenny that was played on the B.N.P. web site was not gained by her skype phone being switched to conference. The sound quality proves this. Sadies voice is clear as though a microphone was close to her and Kennys voice was distant and distorted by analogue to digital drift. Nothing would convince me that her home wasn't bugged.

Anonymous said...

A few points from the meeting in Leicester.
1. Our glorious leader, referring to Sadie; "anyway, when she has the baby she'll be useless for a few months" and following the outcry from the audience, and a rebuke from the meeting chairman he said "well, its true"
Hmmm...not quite what one expects to hear from a political leader.

2. Mark Collett defending the under age girls affair "Between 12 and 20 of us went clubbing on the Saturday night"
At both conferences I have attended, the Chairman, at the end of business on Saturday, has warned delegates not to go out partying in Blackpool. Does this not hold for Collett and his cronies?

3. Colletts reply to the well respected Roger Robertson, who had the temerity to ask a pertinent question, "you shouldn't even be here"
Oh right, he's only a Regional Organiser who had driven up from the South East in the hope of finding a solution to the current crisis.

4. Nick Griffin categorically denied calling Nina Brown - one of the East Mids hardest working activists - 'very nice, but a bit dim' at the North West meeting the other night. Several people have said he's lying. Can anyone who was present at that meeting confirm or deny this?

5. Geoff Dickens chaired the meeting and did very well in difficult circumstances. However he did give the floor to Mr Griffen for almost twice as long as Sadie and although saying he would allow Sadie to answer the allegations made by the Chairman this never materialised.

6. Nick Griffen gave the go ahead for Collett to make the Young Nazi and Proud documentary assuming the 21year old "would be able to handle it" but then found that "unfortunately, he couldn't".
Sorry Mr G. I hardly know Collett, but from the little I do know, I wouldn't trust him with a 2 second news clip, never mind a major documentary.

As for your man management techniques Mr G. although you have known for some time about the internal squabbling why have you never 'banged a few heads together' to stamp it out?

And finally, if you can so easily forgive Collett his error in the above mentioned programme why can't you forgive Sadie and Kenny for setting up this blog?

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why no report of any of the meetings, which have back: Sadie, Ian & Kenny, have appeared on this blog. Comments about these meetings just aren’t good enough, it need a full report and if possible photos.

You also need a new web site, called something like ‘electableBNP’. Which should include interviews with Sadie talking to her supporters/constituents and Mark Collett clips.

Anonymous said...

Jock Shearer,
BNP Security Dep,
Senior moderator BNP forum,
Oldham BNP.
Nick/Party Manager,
It`s with great regret that I submit my resignation on the grounds
of sever gross misconduct by senior party officials of the BNP.To enter a members house by frudulant deception is beyond belive,as you know Nick I would have done anything you asked and have after all we dont wear bullet prove vests for nothing.

but I would never enter another members house and steal from them that is not on.and you ordered that Nick to enter a party officials house and steal from them

Would you send Martin to my house Nick and steal from me if I did a blog on
Collete and hannam ?

I beg you Nick get rid of Collete and hannam they have done this party no favours.
You know it and so do many good members do you really believe Sadie is a state asset?
I dont and I know Matt or Kenny arnt.

I have served you for many years Nick long before we had a security Dep,
On the Streets of Oldham,Out side the Britannia pub in Hollinwood when a certain cockney
put his face in, it was me that put myself in there with you.You didnt really know me then Nick but that was the first time I put myself on the line for you and Im glad I did for you were worth every minute of it then.The times Ive stood by your side and felt nothing but pride with reds screaming and coppers snarling and government stitch ups
and all the rest of the crap that comes with this game.

Not now Nick you have lost my respect.

with deepest regrets

Jock Shearer
No 2 BNP North West Security Dep
Oldham BNP always

Anonymous said...

What NG fails to recognise is that any large loss of membership could result in the formation of another Nationalist Party. The new version will be far more electable, and will steal the BNP vote wherever it stands.
By the way, well said Jock, right decision.

Anonymous said...

I will not be renewing my membership.
I will not give in to the bullies.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know more details about Griffin's recent trip to the States?

What was the purpose of it?
Did Collett go with him, did Collett need to go with him?
How much did the flights cost, who paid for them?
Did the trip achieve anything, have we, the BNP benefitted, or was it simply a Griffin family break at the expense of hard-working members?

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough as far as I am concerned.
While I was out leafletting with Nina and others we were followed by two muslims in a car.They hurled abuse at us.
Meanwhile the B.N.P. security team were busy bugging Nina's home.
I'll fight my own battles from now on.I am disgusted.

Paul said...

If Sadie has accepted an olive branch from Collettroach I bet he had his fingers crossed!!

There are always two sides to every story but you cannot change the facts that Collett has already left his trail of destruction behined for all to follow.

If Sadie has rejoined under these terms she has sold her soul to the party for her own benefit.

Anyone that supports Collett obviously crawled from under the same stone!

Anonymous said...

Sadie, Griffin is a well known good actor and so his his apprentice Collett, do not be fooled by these 2 people. They will fall on there own sword!

Anonymous said...

Re. Leicester and NGs "anyway she'll be useless for a few months after having the baby" comment made my blood boil (and I'm into meditation etc.) Sadie is having a baby not major brain surgery. Up until NG's recent disgraceful behaviour I would have assumed she could have 'taken her foot off the gas pedal' for a few months and conducted business as usual via her computer and phone. It made me think of the many blogs he has written waxing lyrical about his family, home, surroundings and friends who'd offered him their hospitality and I could feel the mist and golden goodness drifting in. Implying this is why he does what he does for the cause and that comment put it into prospective. IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM. Matt was right he's a megolomaniac. He doesn't give a monkey about Nationalism or anything else. I have to visualise smacking his arrogant face to calm myself. I hope his wife took note. Ignoramous!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, well said Jock, right decision.

thank you.

The decision I took was hard and painful and I took the week to think and watch what was played out on the great world web the lies that would be levelled at true comrades that I have stood side by side in anticipation of being attacked by mobs of screaming reds,and to watch as these people are treated as traitors was just to much to stomach after seeing first hand what Collete and hanam are like and get smacked wrist,and yes the incident with the two young girls was disgusting christ I have kids myself and to think of them in that situation is frighting,folks remember that security stopped this situation from going to far and removed the girls and placed them back in the custody of one of the girls mother,the incident was reported to the chain of command and we followed orders full stop we might not of liked it but thats what you do.
Matt had these restraints removed when his brothers broke into Sadie and his home and they did break in no mater that they blagged the key from Nina,so sorry Nina.My brothers my comrades Matt`s comrades broke in to his home under orders again well Im sorry but they are are orders to far and I`ll have no part of it no chance, and for what? doing a blog on a pair of perverts.

To now think that if I was to some how get on the wrong side of Nick would he send Martin to my house with my wife and my kids would they come and take my things?

Iv got to presume yes because they have done it to Matt and Sadie and I wont put my wife and kids in that situation I live with that thought of attack from affa I wont have it from my own brothers.

Anonymous said...

I have jusy re-read this article 'Todays thoughts- Tomorrows actions' This was written by someone who served as one of the security team, one of those people that put themselves in possible danger for the sake of others. This article demolishes the myth that they are all knuckle dragging skinheads, brutes in suits and Nick Griffins henchmen as the media would have you believe. Whether you agree or not with its contents is irrelevent, this article was well penned and just proves that you can't tell a book by its cover and that the security department was moving in the right direction. It was a shame that they had to be involved in this recent digrace against one of their own. The comment of 'Just Following Orders' will never make up for what has been lost,TRUST..

Anonymous said...

"Just following orders" I think the SS Guards at the death camps used the same excuse.

Anonymous said...

Matt had these restraints removed when his brothers broke into Sadie and his home and they did break in no mater that they blagged the key from Nina,so sorry Nina.My brothers my comrades Matt`s comrades broke in to his home under orders again well Im sorry but they are are orders to far and I`ll have no part of it no chance, and for what? doing a blog on a pair of perverts.

To now think that if I was to some how get on the wrong side of Nick would he send Martin to my house with my wife and my kids would they come and take my things?

Iv got to presume yes because they have done it to Matt and Sadie and I wont put my wife and kids in that situation I live with that thought of attack from affa I wont have it from my own brothers.

Jock, we appreciate that, the people that pulled this disgusting stunt are not our "brothers." We havent known you long but we always knew you were a genuine bloke. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

For someone to suggest Matt and Sadie have no support from places such as the South East is wrong.

Matt is a well respected former Branch Organiser and a wonderful speaker at meetings.

Essex is fast becoming a heartland for the party and I can assure you Matt and Sadie have many, many friends here.

Anonymous said...

Matt Sadie, Kenny..contrary to what you may have heard, i still back you fully in this the dust has settled a bit, i must continue my work for the BNP..I want what is best for the party, and take no pride in all this that is going on...who is right and who is wrong now, is an issue that should be handled in house..reagrdless of who is right and who is wrong, and i truly beleive your right Sadie, the party comes first, and every effort to keep it flourishing as best as possible should be made..I have made my feelings quite clear to Nick and Mark about this matter, and they both know i want you reinstated, or at least compensated for what has happened to you.....The issue here is not one of turning my back on you Sadie, Matt, kenny, it is one trying to retain some form of presence for the BNP in my area...Should there ever be a vote cast to ask for your previous position to be given back, then i will vote for you all the time...even though I am continuing my efforts to build a group here in West Lindsey, please do not think I don't know what needs doing, what needs changing, and who i beleive is right in this matter...god bless you, and Matt and kenny, and i know this will all turn out right for you....