Thursday, 13 December 2007

Matt Single comments on the raid!

Many people have commented as to why I have been so muted ever since I received a text message from Nick Griffin on the 9th December at lunchtime, informing me that my home had just been successfully raided by Party Security at his request.

My immediate reaction of disbelief shortly followed by one of anger still has not diminished today, but has instead been joined with feelings of total betrayal. In retrospect, I am relieved that I have taken some quiet time to reflect on the situation fully and not be drawn into thoughts and words clouded in desires for unconsidered retribution.

Act in haste, repent at leisure; these are wise words that I have adhered to during this difficult period.

It’s no secret that Sadie and I are engaged to be married and are looking forward to our first child together. We are both very happy and the life altering changes that will be upon us soon I’ll embrace because of the love I feel and the wonderful support of our friends and families that have left me feeling very humble, and exceptionally lucky to have them around us. I know many people in this world have nothing, so I remind myself that not a single thing should taken for granted in this life.

I joined the BNP back in 2001 after a short period in UKIP, I left them because they offered no solutions whatsoever as to how we could go about saving our country. My first proper contact with BNP officials was at the second RWB festival in Wales, the weather was appalling but the passion, warmth and drive in the other members I met filled me with hope, and for the first time in many years I felt that we had a path forward, and as a nation and people we could be saved.

That weekend I spoke to Nick Griffin and many other people and was so impressed I became a party official and organiser shortly afterwards. My activism has taken me across many different towns and places in the UK in various capacities and, like many activists, have plenty of tales to tell of blisters and aching legs on the various campaign trails I have been on.

Over the ensuing years I have met some of the finest people I have ever known, devoted, honest and loyal to the cause of saving our land. Some of these people I regard as instrumental in keeping my moral high and driving me onwards. Warren Bennett was one such man whose honour, and level of professionalism within the Security Department he created, attracted me to join it. My previous experience in the security industry and being an ex-serviceman gave me perspective and allowed me to judge this new Department; and I was very impressed. Since joining the Department of Security I have been involved in the personal security of Nick Griffin and other Party officials and featured prominently during the Leeds Trials. I taught Nick and Jackie and other Party officials various aspects of personal security, the details of which fall out of the remit of this letter. I can swear on my life that I at the drop of a hat would have given my life for Nick as his personal security, so to realise the vile and horrible way in which he has stabbed Sadie and I in the back leave me almost speechless.

Nick Griffin sent under ‘chairman’s orders’, five members of my own Security Department, men I have stood by through thick and thin and helped to train, to steal belongings from Sadie and I while we were away. Her computer has been accessed and Sadie’s private personal account read by dishonourable people paid by Griffin to dig around to publish information in order to hurt her. This level of betrayal by Griffin cannot be understated.

I bear witness to the fact that Sadie is the most hardworking, honest and conscientious nationalist I have ever met, she has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Party that she, like so many others, has sacrificed so much.

On countless occasions she has tended to situations around the country and poured oil on trouble waters that Mark Collett had created in his egotistical ranting and trouble making. John Walker and Dave Hannam’s uselessness as treasurers have also caused a great many crises’s that again Sadie has patched-up and sort to bring to a positive conclusion for the benefit of all. Time and time again Mark Collett has been behind dozens of problems and breaches of the Party Code of Conduct and security safeguards. He, through his lies has manipulated Nick Griffin to unconstitutionally sack, bully into leaving or sidelining some of the most experienced and finest Party officials and members, because their dared to question Collett’s mindless ball-wreaking interference and arrogance across the Party’s inner structure.

At this years Blackpool Conference, the Code of Conduct, that I myself wrote, was yet again ignored by only two people out of the two hundred in attendance, they were Collett and Hannam; they clearly thought themselves totally above it and completely untouchable. At the time they breached the Code of Conduct, I successfully managed to liaise with the police outside to avoid officers from entering the Conference Hotel with the intention in arresting them both for stimulating hostility by antagonizing the protestors in front of the hotel. The police were adamant that they were within their rights to do so; if they had done so the media waiting outside would have had a wonderful time on the front pages the following day I’m sure at the expense of the Party.

At last years conference in Blackpool, I witnessed Collett and Hannam attempt to have sexual relations with two girls that were obviously under the age of sexual consent. These vile acts and others are not only illegal, they fall completely outside of the very ethos of nationalism that is supposed to represent family values and morality. This has all taken place directly under Nick Griffins nose, yet he time and time again has out rightly refused to even acknowledge the true character of Collett and has absolutely refused to remove him from his position within the Party he is destroying from the inside out. The time has now come for Nick to be forced by the people of this Party to finally cut out this cancer within it if it is to survive.

I cannot and will never forgive Griffin for what he has done to Sadie and I, he has made the future mother of my children left feeling as if she has been burgled; it is an horrendous sensation and one that she absolutely does not deserve. This has been compounded further as I have heard from my friends the spurious lies and statements about her that he has spewed at Party meetings since this situation has come to a head. I am disgusted by the behaviour of Nick Griffin, he is now acting in a way that represents the very people that he has professed throughout his political career to seek to replace.

I personally call upon all members, activists and supporters of the British National Party to resign their official positions within it, while still remaining members of the Party until such time as Nick Griffin removes Mark Collett from the British National Party. Nothing else will suffice.

Sadie and I are very strong people and we absolutely will NOT be bullied into turning our backs on this Party and the fine people within it.

In the words of Nick Griffin himself; are we with the Party for the long haul? YES WE ARE!

God Bless,

Matt Single.


Anonymous said...

A fine statement Matt.

What has been said previously does not need to be repeated. I will therefore only say that my thoughts are with you, Sadie and the others who must feel bitterly betrayed.

I hope the situation is resolved for the good of the party.

Anonymous said...

Good post Matt

It made my blood boil reading it.

Thinking how a pregnant woman was treated by these animals leaves me feeling sick.

My thoughts are with you all

Peter P

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Matt my thoughts are with you and Sadie at this troublesome time for you. My membership renewal is also on hold until this matter is resolved - hopefully amicably.

But I still have reservations, so could you please answer me this. If the allegations you state are true, then the law has been broken i.e. gaining access to a property by deception, which is as far as I am aware illegal. Depending on what Collett and Hannham did with the young girls there could be a case for indecent behaviour with a minor. Also as far as I'm aware only the security forces are allowed to bug peoples homes and phones and they need clearance from the judicery first, so is not the case that Nick himself might have broken the law when he ordered your home to be bugged?

If all these things did actually happen. Have you involved the police yet? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic posting, passionate and sincere. God Bless you and Sadie, two of our finest. You will prevail as you have the support of so many of those good nationalists who have had the pleasure to work with you.


E. N. Ronn said...

Strong words from the heart of an honest man. Nick Griffin has never deserved the support of such as you.

Anonymous said...

I hope that your baby remains heathly during this Matt, I know that stress can cause problems.

As for your possesions been gone through, I know the feelings you are experiencing, it feels like you have violated, Strangers (or this case people you know) going through your things. You are both in my thoughs.

The last thing we need is a party split!


Mark Wain said...

Keep strong, this nightmare will be over soon enough, and we can get back to what needs to be done.

My thoughts are with you both.


The Green Arrow said...

So that is that then and it does seem from what you say that you were treated more than badly but some of us always hoped that the differences could be resolved internally.

Anonymous said...

Surely this establishes the urgent need for an EGM to raise these and other issues.

It is obvious from Matt's statement that Nick Griffin is the root of the problem and cannot therefore be part of the solution.

Time to call Griffin to account and begin rebuilding the party with as broad a base of support as possible.

Anonymous said...

Griffin and his henchmen have obviously committed crimes under the Computer Misuse Act and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. A few months in prison is the likely result.

Computer Misuse Act 1990
1 Unauthorised access to computer material (1) A person is guilty of an offence if—
(a) he causes a computer to perform any function with intent to secure access to any program or data held in any computer;
(b) the access he intends to secure is unauthorised; and
(c) he knows at the time when he causes the computer to perform the function that that is the case.
(3) A person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or to both.

Regulation of Investigatory Power Act 2000
1 Unlawful interception (1) It shall be an offence for a person intentionally and without lawful authority to intercept, at any place in the United Kingdom, any communication in the course of its transmission by means of—
(a) a public postal service; or
(b) a public telecommunication system.
(2) It shall be an offence for a person—
(a) intentionally and without lawful authority, and
(b) otherwise than in circumstances in which his conduct is excluded by subsection (6) from criminal liability under this subsection,
to intercept, at any place in the United Kingdom, any communication in the course of its transmission by means of a private telecommunication system.

Anonymous said...


You played a duplicitous game, you got caught now you cry and whine about unfairness?

You as a human being need to be questioned about why you saw paedophiles at work and didn't go to the police. How would you feel if that was your daughter being preyed upon?

Instead you've sat on it for a year and now use it for selfish aims.

Your soon to be wife is pregnant and whilst I congratulate you and wish you both the very best, do you not think it highly unwise to play this kind of game at such a time? You must've known people would react very strongly to what you have started?

Again, questionable judgement. When you decide not to play nice don't whine and then resort to emotional appeals when you get caught by others who don't play nice. The pregnancy wasn't an issue you for you when you started this, it's way too late to make it an issue now.

The point you don't seem to want to accept is that your issues with Collett are valid but you have made a huge mistake in the way you have gone after him.

Instead of using intelligence and cunning to get your man you have resorted to duplicity and then having failed big time, you then carry on defending your duplioity to the point of splitting the BNP. The only party who can save Britain and a party doing very well and then this happens.

I urge you: don't let your anger and frustration with Collett spoil the magnificent achievemens - achievements you have been a big part of - that the BNP have made.

Reconciliation is the only way forward. If the party splits we are all up shit creek without a paddle and the enemy have victory. We just don't have time to recover.

This is my final post on this, it's up to the main players to get this sorted and to keep us united.


Anonymous said...

In response to the posting by Bournemouth Nationalist, yes the police are investigating and they are well aware of all the issues. They have said that it was definitley theft and entry by deception. I have also yesterday sought legal advice with a solicitor who states that I have various claims against the party if I would want to take it further.

Anonymous said...

As if the offences under the Computer Misuse Act and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act weren't enough of a headache for Griffin and his henchman, they have also blatantly committed the crime of burglary.
Theft Act 1968
s9(1) A person is guilty of burglary if -
(a) he enters any building or part of a building as a trespasser with intent to steal ...
(b) having entered a building or part of a building as a trespasser, he steals or attempts to steal anything in the building ...
(3) A person guilty of burglary shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding-(a)where the offence was committed in respect of a building or part of a building which is a dwelling, fourteen years ...

Paul said...

Matt a difficult post to write at these times. How you have kept your cool with a little one on the way I do not know.

I have never met either of you but at the same time I have not seen anything bad said about you either. This speaks volumes for itself.

To be treated in such a poor manner after the position you held is just gutting.

I wish you and Sadie the very best of luck.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

Sadie, Matt, Steve and Kenny = you have a great deal of support and goodwill throughout the nationalist community. Collet and hannam must go.
Tony (Boston Holbeach and Spalding BNP)

Anonymous said...

A heartfelt and true account of Matt’s feelings. I like you hope this situation can be resolved quickly with the correct outcome reached. As an ex squaddie like yourself we have learned the true value of standing for what you believe in, and we also believe in a fair fight, spreading lies about someone is not a fair fight.

But then being in the Army gives you a certain level of morals, that results in you being able to stand in your own two feet without having to resort to using a heavy mob to back you up.

Their are not many people in the BNP that the left scum speak highly of, Sadie is one of them, this is due to her ability and honest trustworthy personality.

When your wee one comes along He/She will not want for better parents, and if the principles that you and Sadie uphold come to the fore in the BNP your child will have a proper country to live in.

Folks that is why Sadie and Matt are making a stand. It’s because they have principles, and want to have a morally correct Britain. To Support people like Collet staying in the party would be a betrayal to their child.

If Carlsburg made Good Honest Principled Parent’s, We know what they would be called…. Sadie, Matt, Kenny Nicholla,

Anonymous said...

Are the items removed from Sadie's house the property of the her or the BNP?

If the latter then presumably the BNP owns all the data on there including the emails?

Anonymous said...

Financial deceit Sexual deviancy Computer hit squads and now possible police action. This is not acceptable behaviour from a political party. The party leadership is in denial. It must change to reflect the honest family values of its rank and file members. Griffin has to act now to restore the integrity of the BNP otherwise it will have no success and go into decline. There is a media firestorm awaiting the party over this which will be unleashed next year. Like many others I will not renew my membership until Griffin takes the right action.

Anonymous said...

sadie and matt please have a great christmas and i dont wish but know you both will be wonderful parents.people have short memories but not me.i remember the first time i met sadie in coventry when she did all the hard work sorting out the problem with the V.O.F. at customs.
we are with you.
staffordshire bnp

Anonymous said...

They took every peice of office equipment in our house, just two items which belonged to the BNP, which I accept. However the computer and the majority of what they took is mine. They knew this but took it anyway.

By the way someone is confusing me with Wendy Russell, it was her who dealt with customs when VoF was seized at Calais. She worked extremley hard for the party doing the lit run for four years before she was sacked. She was also responsible for a huge amount of work in preparation for the RWBs.
Sadie Graham

Anonymous said...

Good comments,i think you have been brave enough to say what many of us have been thinking for a long time,collett must go,i have a family membership attend the RWB and am a very good activist delivering thousands of leaflets with passion and promoting the party wherever i can,well my membership is on hold and so is my activism as i am totally disillusioned as to what is going on,the party chairman must act for the good of us all,one man must not be allowed to force a long list of officials and councillors to resign and get away with it .....but please for the good of the party get it resolved behind closed doors and quickly...............SACK COLLETT

Anonymous said...

So why didn't you go to the police straight away?

Or did you think the BNP alone should deal with this?

Anonymous said...

I was made aware that the girls involved did not want to take any action. To have pressurised them into making a statement to the police would have done nothing except create more upset for them. They left the hotel and were safe and well which was all that mattered.
The police/CPS would not have taken the matter further without serious and indisputable evidence which was not in the offing. This would have then led Griffin to expel all those 'vermin' that had sort to inform the police leaving Collett with yet another grin on his face. It was far more beneficial to stay in the Party and try and remove this 'cancer' from within, than try and do so from the outside and be labelled a 'Red' by Griffin.

Please understand that I am not seeking to use this now because it is convenient for me to do so, and I have never intended to use emotion as a tool to add weight to my statement. What I have written is the truth.

Anonymous said...

I notice on the main BNP website there is a story regarding the new Christmas song being released on GWR, the article mentions that the recording session was attended by 'leading figures Nick Griffin, Mark Collett and John Walker.'
The article was posted today, are they trying to rub salt in the wounds?!!
No mention however of DH, will he be the one that Griffin chops as way of a token compromise?

Anonymous said...

The leadership has acted very badly. I heard that Nick Griffin told a meeting last night (Weds) that he was proud that Sadies house had been bugged and would do the same again if it meant getting rid of "traitors".

Isn't bugging someone's house illegal?

999 anyone?


Anonymous said...

WE FEEL YOUR PAIN Matt and it's the most awful feeling when you realise that you can't trust people. Politics is, of course, a dirty game and the whole thing about the BNP is that whereas it claims to be a new type of politics based on honour and loyalty we're actually seeing Griffinites turning this into a combo Night Of The Long Knives, a Tinpot dictatorship and the worst excesses of New Labour spin. An horrible mixture but no visionary leadership.

I can understand what you mean about the feeling you experienced at RWB in 2001. It's like falling in love and what you said about family is right...and that's where our resistance starts. At home. So please make sure that you and Sadie are OK. That's the most important.

But when you fall out of love with the people you can easily fall out with the cause so just take things one day at a time and don't pin your hopes on people doing the right thing.

At this time you need a plan for yourselves more than you need a plan for a British future. It might not seem like that but believe me when I tell you that life goes on in politics or outside.

What you have done with Sadie and your group is expose the fact that under Nick Griffin's leadership the BNP is fatally exposed and, with renewed leadership, action and reform, the MEMBERS who make up this party, effectively led and directed, might indeed see a New Dawn for Britain as the flags fly high.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin splits the party for the sake of `NAZI boy` Collett.
I hope he was worth it Griffin?

Come the general election `young proud and Nazi` will be prime time viewing. Just about destroying the popular vote as we get close to power - i thought our leader was smart!

Fall on your sword Collett, do the honorable thing for once in your life.

Bill Henderson said...

My heartfelt Condolances to both Sadie and Matt

And best wishes for the Coming Christmas and New Years Holidays

Hopefully the troubles will soon pass

Anonymous said...

Interesting post on the BNP forum: "If you find a few rotten apples in a barrel what else can you do but remove them?"

Classic. The irony of it. Well yes you do and that is what this IS all about? Indeed if the few rotten apples HAD been removed this would not have happened

Anonymous said...

Re above comment:-

I have not had many dealings with Collett however, I totally agree he is a liability. If I am not mistaken, Collett had resigned from the party after the documentary on him was aired? This was initially accepted and then he was reinstated.

Can someone confirm this?

If he resigns, then it has to be permanent this time.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree but Nick is being very stubborn. This has gone on now for 5 days, in fact this has been going on since 2002 and that young, nazi & proud documentary. Griffin MUST act now to get rid of collett and all of the rubbish treasury department. Please get Sadie, Kenny, Nicola and Steve back in the party, we need them. I always found them to be honest and hardworking people, exactly the type we need. So come on Nick do the right thing, don't drag this out any longer you are damaging the party and it is bigger than you.

Anonymous said...

I called into my local last night and as usual somebody asked me how things were with the BNP. I told them about this whole episode and the action taken by Sadie, Kenny and their supporters and 4 people said they would vote BNP if Collett was booted out. One man said he would actually join.

They have asked me to keep them updated on the situation.

We are doing the right thing for the party and for the long-suffering British public. Keep up the pressure and the good work everybody. Collett out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sammy,
A little bird told me that you and Nina have joined me.
All three of us have a life ban on the forum.
What did you say Nina ?
Was it naughty ?

Anonymous said...

while I cry out for the stability of the party and the genuine people who head it, and note i enphasise genuine, I wish you both the very best, and despite my loyalty to the party, i feel you have been done a great very best wishes go with you, and i more than anyone, hope this whole thing sorts its self out to the benefit of all concerned

god bless


Anonymous said...

More info on the BNP Forum bannings - I (AvroYork) am now off after my latest attack on "that" website. I supported those who complained about the old news stories not being archived and I paid the price!!

Nimrod (Trisha Scott) is still around.

Keep up the good work Real BNP!!

Doc said...

Reply to dundeecol: Collett didn't resign immediately after the documentary was shown, but I did (as National Press Officer). But after a day's mulling over it I told Nick Griffin I had changed my mind and came back after 24 hours. Nick agreed with me at the time that the programme had been a disaster and perhaps I should have been consulted before the stupid programme had been undertaken. Ever since that time Collett's comments on that TV show came back to make my task dealing with reporters and newspaper editors much more difficult, as they used HIM as a prime example of how we in the BNP are Nazis, Hitler worshippers, Holocaust deniers etc. And, of coures I HAD to defend the little worm or my own position as press officer would have become indefensible. Thank God I resigned as Press Officer a few months ago and don't have to defend that little s**t any longer!!


Anonymous said...

Collett didn't resign from the party after the documentary was shown but he was sacked as leader of the Young BNP. However less than a week later he spoke a party meeting in Bradford alongside Nick Griffin.

Benny said...

Well said, Doc.

Only the insanely optimistic believe that the BNP can make progress with Collett still on board.

Can you imagine any serious political party - i.e. a party that's serious about attracting votes - wanting to keep him on after what he's said and done? As a party on the ascendancy the BNP cannot afford any scandals or bad publicity.

Yes - the LibLabCon trick seem able to ride any storm. They do suffer setbacks but can bounce back. That's because they are established and have a reliable voter base who'll turn out and support them regardless of the shenanigans enacted by the Jeffrey Archers, Peter Mandelsons and Mark Oatens of this world.

The BNP needs many more regular voters if it is to make headway. Holocaust deniers, jailbirds and Nazi sympathisers within its ranks will guarantee that it permanently remains one of the also-rans.

Maybe the "state sanctioned pressure valve" conspiracy theory has something in it? Maybe Griffin and Darby are state stooges tasked with ensuring that the BNP remains unelectable? At the moment that is the only rational explanation for the continuing presence of Collett in a position of responsibility in the party and the dismissal of those who blew the whistle on him.

It's nonsense to suggest that no one else could design leaflets. I've pointed out several errors in The Londoner leaflet to Martin Wingfield on his blog. Those comments haven't passed moderation. Surprise, surprise.

Anonymous said...

This is the time for all branches and members to take up this very serious matter. Look were this is going. Finance fraud means that the Electoral Commission can suspend the party. Child abuse means that the police will become involved. Theft and burglary by deception is a criminal offence. Combined with an increased level of opposition and the media firestorm, all this could spell the end of the BNP. Its credibility will be lost and its support base will just disappear. Now is the time to face the truth. and recognise the moral bankruptcy at the head of the party. Make your voice heard and force Griffin to act. Call on him to call a EGM.

Anonymous said...

It does all seem very odd?

This current Putin inspired raid of the private home of Sadie Graham, who is pregnant no less, is absolutely incomprehensible. What does it say about a party when they're BUGGING the homes of their cllrs?

There's no excuse for such behaviour.

Yes, may be Sadie's, Matt's and Kenny's approach on the subject matter of Collett and Hannham was not the best route to travel down but what a lot of you, who are defending NG's bizarre antics of late, are forgetting is the fact that Sadie, Matt, Kenny and a considerable amount of others in the BNP have all desperately tried talking to Nick about Collett Hannham.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few branches already design or organise their own leaflets, mainly because they refuse to accept the utter garbage that Collett produces.

Some of the ones I've seen are very good indeed and should be adopted by the party nationally, but that would make Collett's position redundant, so the party continues to waste thousands of pounds per year on his salary and on the tripe he produces.

Maybe, if more branches refuse to accept Collett's trash, he'll get the message. Even if he was somebody who people liked, he is not needed.

Anonymous said...

THE LEAFLETS issue is an interesting one because using either Quark or Adobe InDesign is a relatively easy business and takes, at bes, a week or two's training. The idea that "only Collett" could do the design is utterly ridiculous and my bet is that a professional designer doing a little moonlighting - and many of them do this to bolster their regular wage - out of the limelight is entirely possible.

As it is, these leaflets are not that impressive in fact and contain one basic cut out and utilizes simple design parameters.

There are quite a few mistakes on the London BNP leaflet and it doesn't look as good at Martin W has suggested on his blogsite.

So that one doesn't impress those of us horrified by the leadership's lack of finesse in these murky matters. I actually believe that Griffin, Collett, Hannam and Darby must go and that, if the BNP is to be saved, if this can be achieved, Sadie's team would need to be in control. Why? Because her supporters are the ones doing all the hard work and even in Barking the majority of Richard Barnbrook's colleagues believe that Sadie is right and Griffin is wrong.

For God's sake I am now believing that Griffin is a state asset because nobody could be as stupid in 33 years of political activity.

Sadie......I hope you're making moves and plans. We are all with you and will follow YOU without question.

Anonymous said...

There are many more local activists waiting to see what develops before committing themselves to resigning.
My own area has over 40 members of which at least 30 will go with me.
There will soon only be Griffin and his four stooges left. (Darby, Oldham, Burnley and You know who). Big shake up required to remove power from a single man to a board.

Anonymous said...

The software used for leaflet/magazine design (because the Identity magazine is tacky aswell) is irrelevant. Any half decent publishing package can be used to produce election leaflets. As Mike said, they are relatively simple to produce and don't have to involve a lot of work.

You could have the most powerful and expensive software but if you are a poor designer, or in Collett's case not a desginer at all, you will make a mess of things. Similarly, cheap software can be used to produce good leaflets if in the right hands.

There are people in the party who can produce far better work than Collett. His importance to the party is grossly overstated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doc for clearing that up!

I wouldn't have fancied your task much either.

Bill Henderson said...

Reviewing the BNP website a few minutes ago, it sure doesn't look like Nick is going to do the "Mea Culpa" thing.

It looks truculent rather than conciliatory to me

Read the Article Here

Anonymous said...

Comments on this blog about Sadie and & co replacing Nick Griffin as leader of the BNP, are about as ludicrous as Nick’s comments accusing good people of financial skulduggery. Sadie Graham may well become the leader of the BNP one day, and personally I hope she does, but that day is 10 or 15 years away years yet.

We overwhelmingly voted for Nick Griffin, in the leadership election just a few months ago. Now let’s put some trust in his judgment, if not his honesty, and see what kind of compromise he can muster. Let face it Griffin must now see that it’s his only chance of preventing a split, and save his position as the leader of a party on the edge of the biggest breakthrough in Nationalist politics ever, winning seats in the London Assembly in just a few months time.

Don’t burn too many bridges just yet, unless of course Mark Collett is standing on one of them.

Anonymous said...

I agree that SG and KS and MS were all treated appallingly and that Collett and Hannam should have gone and I still think they should and although I think NG has made some mistakes (maybe an understatment that) I would wish to avoid a 'split' as I am sure anyone else who has lived through one would do so am i right that the reassurance that all signing up to this blog and EiE that they do not want to start another party is STILL the case and nor are they seeking leadership change?

I think the case against Collett and Hannam would be greatly enhanced (if it needs to be!) if that was made clear once more.

Can Sadie, Matt or Kenny confirm please.

Bourne Patriot said...

It seems that way Bill, but that website is a public propaganda tool and its purpose is to spread both information and MISINFORMATION.

It does seem that the powers at the top are burying their heads in the sand and hoping that the problem will go away. I think they are a little naive. Credibility is owned by the moral high ground. They lost this when they bugged someones house, stole property, and executed data theft.

There are simply no excuses for this behaviour. This issue should have been dealt with at management level behind closed doors a LONG time ago!

My trust in the party was clearly misplaced, a fellow activist / intelligence officer whom I thought was honest and decent has proven to be the opposite. I am just glad that this episode kicked off before I sent my donation towards the new "marketing" campaign. I know of others who tore up their cheques too.

As I see it, should the party not see sense, there is plenty of room in this world for independant nationalists to spread the word and fight, bit by bit, without the "baggage" that chokes us at present.

Personally, i'm feeling happier out of it all, and able to hold my head high and proclaim britishness without being branded a nazi or holocaust denier by association. Its a really good feeling!

Merry Christmas and a happy and Prosperous new year to all like minded nationalists.

Anonymous said...


Collett is still there. The party has to send out a message to the public that the likes of Collett will not be tolerated within the party if we are to have any chance whatsoever of gaining significant electoral success.

Furthermore, Collett has simply been retitled with an equally ridiculous role he is neither fit nor qualified to do. Do all parties have an official Graphic Design artist?

I urge all branches to start producing their own publicity material. If Griffin won't make Collett redundant, then the party members should do so. Don't buy Identity either.

This is not a compromise on Griffin's part, it's a smokescreen. Stand your ground until Griffin gets the message that Collett is neither wanted or needed in our British National Party.

Anonymous said...

For a long time I proudlyused torecommend Identity to friends as the best nationalist magazine inprint. But for just over ayear now it has gone down. The problem is the horrid layout. Great big photographs taking up quarter or half the page. Instead of the written matter being organised in columns so we can read it, it is on square or oblong little boxes seperated from each other and it is too difficult to read. I shall not subscribe.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the unofficial UKIP 'British Democracy' forum, I'm shocked that many long term antagonists to the party are now saying that they respect the BNP alot better, and that with a new image, they could get ALOT of support. If that is indicative - and many of those were VERY scathing - we could be on the verge of the long-awaited breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

It's a catharsis that is long overdue.

Subscription to V of F = cancelled until further notice

Subscription to Identity = cancelled until further notice

Subscription to F.S.I.D. = cancelled until further notice

Offer of national candidacy = withdrawn until satisfactory resolution of the situation.

Offer of local candidacy = pending until result of branch rep meeting with NG is made known to me.

Leaving aside pontifications on the illegality, hypocrisy, authoritarianism and paranoia being displayed by the leadership I'm afraid that the bulletin that arrived through the door this morning has done NOTHING to persuade me that the cadre is showing any sign of recognizing the seriousness of the situation.

"Nothing to see here! move along now! go on, back to your posts!"

I was feeling only angry and betrayed up to that point, now I must add 'insulted' to the list.

Nick, a word to the wise, DON'T patronize intelligent adults, seriously chap, just don't do it.

We just do not have the luxury of time to indulge the retention of a few favoured incompetents. All our work could be undone by a momentary indescretion by a single person yet we are the ones who must answer for it as we try to defend ourselves on the doorsteps.
Look I am more than prepared to place my knackers on the electoral anvil and pay for the privilege, what I object to is being asked to rent my own hammer!

Dave C Coventry

Anonymous said...

This just isn't enough from Griffin

Collett has just received another job title,which after a period of time he will be back doing his old job.

So no change there.

No mention of John Walker

Hannam still in the party and will also get a sideways move.

Expulsion is the only thing I will accept.

Philip Stoke

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hannam is about to lose his job at last.

From the BNP website:

The post of Regional Treasurer, currently held by Dave Hannam, is being phased out as soon as the previously announced policy of each region appointing its own accounting officer is achieved. Hopefully this will be completed within the first few months of the new year, with the Eastern Region set to be the first to take responsibility for its own accounting.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to say apart from the expulsion of the 3 stooges

All people expelled and sacked to be reinstated.

Apologies for that.

Philip Stoke BNP

The Guvnah said...

If anyone is wondering why the main stream media seem to be leaving all this well alone, here's a possible explanation. Not a peep have I heard in the MSM, they know that this could be the point at which the BNP become seriously electable and they have no motivation (NUJ codes of conduct notwithstanding)to broadcast this tipping point.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Matt, Sadie or Kenny could take the time to confirm that this is NOT about leadership change?

Im a BNP member and wouldnt want to see a split.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Matt, Sadie or Kenny could take the time to confirm that this is NOT about leadership change?

Im a BNP member and wouldnt want to see a split.

I can confirm this is not about leadership change it is about proper management, performance and behaviour.
Kenny Smith

Anonymous said...

From Darby's Blogspot

The name of that man we met that day was Nick Griffin. Since that meeting, much water has flowed under the bridge, but never in that time I have witnessed Nick lose a political argument or sense that his commitment to our Nation has diminished. I have gone through the Leeds trials by his side, as many of us have done, and more recently faced down a 1,000 strong communist mob in Oxford baying for his blood. Did he flinch just for one moment, no he did not.


Darby is not good at hiding the truth. This just adds more weight to the what has Collet got over him rumours

Anonymous said...

I attended a Stop the BNP meeting in our village a few months ago. After the meeting three reds recognised me and confronted me on my way back to my car. After pushing my way past them they bombarded me with several questions.
1. How long had I been a member?
2. What made me decide to join the BNP?
3. Had I ever been a member of any other political party?
4. What were my thoughts of Collett's meeting during which he denied the holocaust and sympathised with the Nazi's?

Great, so how was I supposed to answer that one Nick, being so "dim?"

Anonymous said...

Look I am more than prepared to place my knackers on the electoral anvil and pay for the privilege, what I object to is being asked to rent my own hammer!

Dave C Coventry

Though there are very serious issues at the moment it is nice to see a little humour with well chosen words that hit the spot (no pun intended) Dare I say British humour. Well said

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you Matt and Sadie , and my support.

The Green Arrow said...

If all of this bullshit were true-some father you'd make Single.

Your lies are catching up with you.

Be glad they have before I do.

Anonymous said...

Great White Records Said}
If all of this bullshit were true-some father you'd make Single.

Your lies are catching up with you.

Be glad they have before I do.
15 December 2007 20:31


For a start I am 99% sure who ever wrote this is a Red without the backbone to even use their name; scary stuff.
But in any case, I’ll say this. I stand by every word I have written and I’ll stand up anywhere and say it out loud.
If you really want to catch up with me to discuss matters further; I’m sure you know where I live. I am available anytime.
Matt Single

Anonymous said...

Has there been a kiss and make up as has been mooted by some posters on SF?
According to a couple of posters Sadie and Collett have shaken hands!

Anonymous said...

Message for Sadie,Kenny or Matt

Have you agreed with Griffin to close this blog within 1 week?

Philip Stoke BNP

Anonymous said...

I dont believe any deal was struck. So they restored her membership, big deal. I didnt even realise she had been expelled from the party. The important issue was she was unfairly dismissed and the majority of the party believe she should be re instated. Yes she shook hands with Collett, but she was backed into a corner with that one, come on how could she refuse? It was all carefully set up, like a travelling circus.
I don't believe any deal has been struck to close this blog. This blog should only be closed when the problem has been solved, until then, members have a right to know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

If they were so concerned to protect the Party, it should've been Collett's computer they seized, not Sadies.