Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Look at us embarrassing the Party again!

Mark Collett (right) is the Head of Publicity for the BNP. In this picture he demonstrates the type of negative publicity that is his trademark. To his left is David Hannam the incompentent Regional Treasurer and/or Deputy Treasurer of the BNP.

This picture was taken by a fascist left-wing rabble outside the BNP Conference in Blackpool on the weekend of 23/24 November. It was originally posted here.

The Conference delegates pack given to everybody there - we understand that Collett put the pack together though he wrote nothing but the page on corporate image which is quite ironic given the damage he constantly does to the party image. He didn't proof read the pages, not even the page titles. Page 6 is "The Diffusion of Inovations - Jackie Griffin".

On page 4 there is a security briefing with the paragraph "Leftists extremists are planning to hold a demonstration against us this year on the grass area at the front of the hotel. This gathering will be monitored by police and therefore is to be totally disregarded by all delegates. These protestors want an audience, so ignoring them will be the best way of harming them."

We know Collett and Hannam can actually read, so why did they ignore this instruction?

P.S. Thank you to the friend who retrieved this article which was originally the first post put on the blog and was removed by Griffin's Stasi officer Stewart.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture reminds me of the childrens television programme, Rainbow as I swear thats George and Zippy looking out the window!

Anonymous said...

"We know Collett and Hannam can actually read, so why did they ignore this instruction?"

Because what Collett has got on Griffin will always mean they are above instructions and above the Party?

Anonymous said...

according to Simon Darby's latest entry, Sadie isn't a BNP member any more. He never does explain how the computer was siezed. I actually thought he was decent once.

Anonymous said...

strange darby's name popping up again ? what has happened to his beloved region ? it is on the brink of extinction ? i wont go into too much but i could smell a rat some time ago and started poking around and doing some investigating of my own as things had changed dramatically.no fewer than 5 times the arrow seemed to point back at DARBY.there are certain slip ups also posted on the uaf website which took me hours to unpuzzle and piece.but there is no way some of this information came from the man on the street ? and it was well after the snake ebanks had gone.

Anonymous said...

I' sure it was Hannams fucked up statements that were being handed out to her group/branch fundholders for them to see how much he fucks up things and for them to get on the phone to him to give him the flak.
Come on you stupid twats try and give us something that shows that Graham has been the wrong un - Nah, I can't see it somehow

Anonymous said...

Since discovering Collett and Hannam lured those young girls in to there room, I have to say I am behind Sadie and Kenny 100%.
Having seen all the damage Collett has done in the past and his cowardly behavior, I am so pleased Sadie and Kenny have decided to take a stand.
I cannot begin to imagine what Collett has on Griffin. Griffin has always had my support and I have forgiven his past mistakes but his covering up for a potential paedo is just beyond forgivness in my eyes.

Good Luck all those who have decided to take a stand on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Darby has no shame. Supposedly he is West Midlands regional organiser, not that he has been seen on the streets. This region has lost half its councillors in the last twelve months and Darby's reaction? Zero.

reconstruction of email on Darby's computer.

From Simon

To Nick

Subject: Project NKVD

Hi Nick,
Had a brilliant idea, why don't we tap the phone lines of all our officials to make sure no one critises Mark? We could get your mates from South Africa to act as our secret police! Security could do some dawn raids, it would be great.


Anonymous said...

Sub judice rules

In order to afford the accused a fair hearing at their forthcoming disciplinary tribunals, it is not proper to rehearse the details of the cases against them here at present.

And then Darby goes and puts bullshit on his blog - jeez, make your mind up scumbag

Libertas said...

nice one chorlton - it doesn't actually say she made up the false figures - only that she didn't correct them but passed them on. Well, so what? Does this undo everything Collett has done over the last few years, and all the divisions he's caused and shame he's brought down on us? And add to that now the shameful and undemocratic behaviour of Nick, who for the sake of a truthful website has spied on members, burgled their houses, and sacked people via vile text messages, such as Steve Blake? Why are people overlooking all this? It's madness. I say that if the party have stayed 'loyal', despite all this, that we still have a country to win. There is a multitude of untapped voters and undiscovered activists out there just waiting for the right party to come along. Let's stop attacking them, leave them behind, and march onwards. I also want to mention that there's an excellent post blog over at the 'scottishbritishandproud' site.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. Show some evidence or shut up Darby. You can't cover up for incompetence in a court of law with lies.

Why not take it that far and see how Hannam's incompetence - see his electoral commission report LOL - and the actions of Reynolds and the new security supremo pan out.

Face it, Simon. You're backing a wrong 'un.


Libertas said...

Hi Simon,
I thought you were in on all the discussions we've had with our South African friends. We are not 75% complete in our plans to turn the BNP into a Griffin-worshipping paramilitary organization. We've already had our first dawn raid, and 90% of activists phones are wired. Not only that, but Stormfront are forwarding us IP addresses of anyone who dares to question the official line. Once Mark is fully accepted, we'll bring Lecomber back on board. He's already been posting for us on the useful idiot Green Arrows blog. And Barnes can be in control of the traitor execution department, as he mentioned on his blogspot. Wonderful hey Simon?

Anonymous said...

Loyal BNP said 11 December 2007 20:23

I think that Mr. Darby and those gentlemen who were involved in stealing that computer should rather look for a rather good legal representation.

Even a child is able to edit e-mails/files this way.

This defamation case will be very expensive and painful for the culprits.

Anonymous said...

That e-mail proves absolutely nothing because it could have been edited and added after the computer was obtained by deception.

a) The statement of accounts submitted to the EC is full of spelling errors reveling the author's sloppiness.

b) computer was obtained by illegal way

c) BNP leadership has its "intelligence department" suggesting it is ready or ate least able to conduct dubious activities.

d) BNP leadership and its "examinators" aren't independent and surely unbiased party to investigate their political opponents.

It is sad to watch what happened to the BNP but this could be the step which will push the things beyond point of no return. Let us hope sanity will prevail and United Kingdom will have a patriotic political party even in the future.