Saturday, 22 December 2007

Latest BNP website post proves nothing!

The BNP website claims today that Sadie's PC belongs to them based on a few screen shots and an incomplete receipt.

Maybe somebody could explain what has happened here to our friend's computer?

"It appears from this 'evidence' below, my PC belongs to Ronald McDonald and is registered to Ronald too...

But then it suddenly has changed ownership to Nick Griffin? What’s that all about?

Not only that, Nick’s PC is registered to Enough is enough!

The conclusion… well draw your own conclusion to the validity of the evidence presented on the BNP website."

Dates just don't add up
Another point of note is that the full date of the receipt is missing. Warren Bennett resigned as Head of Security in mid-January 2006. Sadie Graham took up the post of Group Development Officer in March 2006.

Given the vitriolic lies - later admitted to be false my Griffin before a sitting of the Advisory Council later in 2006 - put out by Mr Griffin against Mr Bennett, it is inconceivable that the BNP would have purchased him a camera after he quit. Mr Bennett told EiE that he received the camera in 2005 from a company in East Yorkshire and it was returned with the rest of the security equipment when he quit his post.

Therefore the full date would need to be 8th March 2005; a full year before Sadie took on a national role. She did do dispatch work for Excalibur, but you don't need a home computer in Nottinghamshire to package merchandise at a unit in Yorkshire. Do you?

Another point of note is that Bev Jones has never been given a computer by the BNP!

Fascist warning to expel dissenters
The fight is far from over. The sacked/expelled BNP loyalists are far from finished. In fact 2 more people today added their names to the list on the right. Mr Griffin added to more people to the expelled list too without notifying them first and now he is issuing ultimatums for those who support the BNP loyalists to come back and apologise by Christmas Eve or face the boot! So much for defending free speech!

Only two of those on their list of returning people have changed their minds about standing down from office and both have told us they still support us privately.


Anonymous said...

Do you know who owns your computer?
You think you bought and paid for it, you think it's yours but how can you be sure?

Here's how.

First of all go to Control panel, System.

On the general tab you will see Registered to: XYZ (that might be you, it might say something general like "the Wilson family" or "Joe Bloggs".
If you have entered the Organisation you will see that listed otherwise blank.
Then you will see the Product Id as a set of numbers.

Is this hard and fast information that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the "organisation listed" and the user listed on the general tab is really the owner?

Absolutely NOT.

Changing the registered owner and the registered organisation in Windows XP is something even a flat foot South African spook could do in 2 mins

Changing the Registered Owner
Start Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
From there you can edit the name in the Registered Owner key.
Right click over the word Registered Owner left click on Modify and here you can enter whatever text you like in the "Value data" field.
Changing the Registered Organisation
Start Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
From there you can edit the name in the Registered Organization key
Right click over the word Registered Organization left click on Modify and here you can enter whatever text you like in the "Value data" field.
Close Registry Editor and reboot.
Go back to Control panel, System.

If you look at the attached screen shot, miraculously my PC appears to be owned by the SA Police, these South Africans they get everywhere!

Useful information for those possibly being conned by the "intelligence" of the BNP's Intelligence Department. It's possible that the intel is all done with smoke and mirrors!

Any questions about this please get back to me at Like everyone else I only want to arrive at the truth.

Christmas wishes

Steve Blake

Anonymous said...

Why is Nick Griffin treating the BNP membership like they are stupid? Does he not realise that we are not going to believe that the receipt is real? Why was the full date not on the receipt? Why was the company's name not on the receipt? Why was the signature illegible and the name not printed?

Come on Griffin give the membership some real proof if you can.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the issue of whose computer it is will have to be dealt with, but why cannot the hard drive be returned ? I do not understand why the police haven't taken it from the BNP, as it will have council information on it that, in accordance with the law, belongs to the Councillor ( as long as he or she remains Councillor )rather than the party to which he or she belongs.

As for party leadership, I would imagine that it is all one lump - that is why Nick Griffin won't sack his cronies. They are all in it together. It may be that Nick Griffin is too scared to sack them too, fearing repercussions.

As I see it, there is no half way house. The demands on this blog are too weak. Either the present leadership stays, in which case the BNP will wither away, or the decent people including Sadie, Ian, Matt and co. take over instead.

A woman as leader would be ideal. The news media and uaf etc. would have a very tough time of it claiming that a feminine personality with no convictions was a Nazi.

And finally... If one of you gets hold of the leadership, please do something with that horrendous new BNP website. It's virtually impossible to find anything. The writing almost spans the screen, so it's very difficult reading anything. I'm having to copy on to Notepad first and then read it from there.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. The more ridiculous his lies, the more members will turn againt him. Keep up the good work everyone.
Sam Joyce

Anonymous said...

Good work guys. Keep socking it to them! The liars must be brought to book.

Anonymous said...

Sam are you the lady who sung the great "Stand together" song?

Salvation said...

Look at my posting re response to Simon Darby yesterday and my remarks regarding the value of a receipt.
But yes now the question has been asked, NG, SD and several others do think the rank and file are stupid. They must be if they join a party who is headed by someone who denied the holocaust.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else a bit confused by the "receipt" the BNP leadership are offering? I own a business and hire around 30 staff. When I go along to my computer supplies store here in Nebraska I do not get the guy in the store to write down the names of the staff who are to receive the individual items.

Sounds like a whole lot of bunkum to me but hey I'm no lawyer. You guys have some digging to do but it aint gonna be a nice smell when you unearth it.

Good luck and if you're bunch of rebels, count me in as a rebel too. 6000miles apart but right with you guys as I hate dishonor and black-ops.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I bought a replacement printer from an independent computer shop (a nice Indian gentleman runs it).

The receipt I got from him shows the exact date and TIME of purchase, the shop's full name and address and VAT number and a breakdown of VAT/gross/net. It also shows the model of Lexmark printer I bought.

If this is the best that Griffin and his Intelligence unit can come up with, how do they expect anyone will take him seriously at election time.

The receipt, just like Griffin himself is a phoney.

Anonymous said...

A former and VERY intimate friend of the young Nicholas is prepared to tell all, but on his own terms.

If true, Nicholas can say goodbye to his dream of being elected to a £70,000 a year MEP. His "web" of deceit will be "stirred" rather than shaken. Unlike the arrogant little Leeds fag who has been blackmailing Nicholas this person has kept his head down for the past 20 years but occasionally fires off a loose cannon. The next salvo will be one hell of a Christmas present for our Nicholas.

Brixton Prison rather than Brussels Parliament beckons............

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a snivelling rat caught in a trap of his own making. He has in the past bullied and pushed people around for years and now it has come back to bite him on the arse; believe me I know this! How can he expect people to trust him now after the way he has behaved? We need a leader with some principles. He is worse than Tony Blair. Some may say that I am out of order for saying this but I have been a member for many years and I believe totally with the manifesto of the Party 100%; only without the goons of Griffin and Collett.

His latest bull**it on the BNP website isn’t fooling anyone. I wouldn’t trust him to tell the right time. He is a disgrace.

Good luck Sadie, we are with you.

Anonymous said...

You stole Ronald McDonalds computer?

Now you are my heroes!

Anonymous said...

Manufactured truth.

In this day of digital manipulation no one can take for granted what is being presented.

The new cabal surrounding Nick Griffin can manufacture the truth just as the person who created this little number:

Don't believe everything you see on your computer screens.

Get rid of Griffin if you want to have any wins at the ballot box in 2008. He's the biggest liability of the lot. His alleged homosexual affair with a junior employee is his own doing.

Anonymous said...

I see from the BNP Web posting that the expulsion total has now reached 8

The BNP “Establishment” have also announced a deadline for all the naught boys and girls who have TEMPORARILY (where did they deduce this from?) resigned their offices and allowed their name to be added to the EIE Blog to notify their intention to return to the fold and they will be forgiven and reinstated in office. The deadline for this is Monday evening, 24th December

This appears to be a last ditch attempt by the BNP “Establishment” to try and split (DIVIDE AND CONQUER) the “RealBNP Group” and thus defeat the call for PROFESSIONAL PARTY MANAGEMENT. They say that some people have already gone back to toe the party line (Shame on those who have faltered at the first hurdle) and presumably continue to support the same old autocratic, bordering on dictatorial, management regime which has got us into this mess in the first place.

If this call for change to the party management is to succeed it is essential everyone sticks together and prove the resignations were not temporary which will in turn send out a clear message to Nick Griffin:


Jack Torrance said...

If you will permit a foreigner and outsider to comment: the details of this whole mess seem to me to be of secondary importance. The fact that this situation WAS ALLOWED TO ARISE AT ALL is in my opinion a sufficiently serious reflection on Nick Griffin's leadership abilities that some kind of replacement would seem to be in order. This, to me, has the appearance of something that can't be mended. The broken part needs to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Sadie/Nicholla you two take it easy im sure all this stress won't be doing the pregnancy any good.Try to relax a little over Christmas, you both have lots of support up and down the Country!Keep the pressure on the truth will prevail!Look at this like a game of chess!I mean that's all Griffin thinks we all our his little pawns....

EnoughIsEnough said...

This in from Bev Jones about the dodgy looking receipt on the BNP website...

I am a bit surprised to see my name against the receipt for a pc - at the time I was RO I owned my own computer shop, and the party never supplied (nor have they since) a pc for my use.

The invoice may refer to another Bev - but it was not me.



Anonymous said...

Does it actually matter who owns this computer? The bloody thing was STOLLEN from Sadie’s house. A thief will not be too concerned about ownership. Even if the computer does belong to Griffin, the information on it may not, and he has no right to it!

Anonymous said...

Things are just going downhill on a daily basis now.

The time has come to realise that the end is nigh for our morally bankrupt party.

The threat of expulsion if I don't retract my resignation holds no fear to me. It would actually do me a favour and save me the dilemma I now face.

All the progress we have made in the last few years has been thrown away by entrenched indivduals who won't back down.

Griffin has shown his weakness- a lack of true leadership quality. His party is all about him and his clique, a party of no hope and small ambition.

The New Year will bring about new opportunities. We can take them or stagnate under the tyrant.

Anonymous said...

"The invoice may refer to another Bev - but it was not me."

I cannot think of another Bev who has done regional or national work for the party in 2005 or 2006. That makes me even more convinced this is either a made up receipt to attack Sadie or it is a bogus receipt Walker, Hannam or Griffin has put through the books.

Anonymous said...

You are right that it really doesn't even matter who owns this computer, because it was still taken from Sadies home illegally. No organisation has the right to use deception to obtain property, whether it be theirs or not, then post up things from it on a website claiming to be from the said item. Sadie still has a very strong case against the party for the breaking of privacy laws and breach of her human rights. The problem is this is a civil offence rather than criminal, which will cost money. This is why I am going to be donating money straight after Christmas to the FDA. Good luck to you all and I hope that you show Mr Griffin that this kind of behaviour won't be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sadie has also reported the theft to the Broxtowe Council Data Protection Officer. They won't be happy that one of their councillors has had their council casework stolen by the Reynolds perverts and the brummie boys under Griffin's orders.

I'm on the side of the BNP loyalists/rebels. The evidence from the Griffin BNP points to the truth of what you say in the extra bulletin.

If you are all out then so am I. My dues will go to the FDA rather than the BNP in January.

Anonymous said...

So we take Griffin's lies and go back to cover up his failings or we stay strong and make change for the better happen. I'm loyal to the BNP and I'm sticking with you guys.

Anonymous said...

I hear members in Yorkshire have been expelled for questioning Griffin at the Yorkshire meeting.

What I find strange is that members are being expelled without a full hearing then they have the right to appeal. But under British law people are innocent untill proven guilty. Also everyone who has been expelled after a full independent hearing are allowed to appeal.

This is Britain not Spain NO BODY CAN BE LEGALLY EXPELLED WITHOUT A HEARING where both points of view a put foward to an independent group.

All British political party constitutions have to be in within the the bounderies of British law.