Monday, 24 December 2007

Kenny's Story

So far I have not given my side of the story in this whole sorry mess. I haven’t needed to because my reputation for financial probity, dedication to the cause, professionalism and hard work precedes me in parts of the country I haven’t even visited yet.

This is not a big-headed boast but a reality borne out by the testimony of so many other well-respected and dedicated party officials and members as well as quite a few people who have argued or fallen out with me in the past whether for ideological or management reasons. In fact, the majority of people in that later category are people who have been miffed at my pedantic and fastidious ways when it comes to financial matters.

I have also held back because I don’t think the party’s dirty linen should be aired in public and I hoped that a resolution could be reached in short order. However given the dirty tactics employed against Sadie and Matt, more than me and the others who today stand accused and expelled for speaking out against management and leadership failings and the deranged and conflicting lies thrown out this week by people I once called comrade, I now make this statement.

I have been a loyal BNP activist since 1992, a local official since 1995, a regional one since 1997 and a national one since 2004; though strangely left off the list of national officers in the 2006 statement of accounts. My efforts have always been to improve the performance and electability of the Party and I believe I have been successful in every post I have held in this respect. I was also the first party publication editor to openly endorse Nick Griffin as a potential leader of the BNP after Scott McLean and another BNP Scotland official convinced him to join the BNP and help us breathe new life and a modern way of thinking into the BNP. I still believe we did right in that respect.

The Problem

However, somewhere along the line Nick has become beholden to one individual who has caused more bother among colleagues and embarrassment for the party than any other figure in modern British nationalist history. Many colleagues of more wisdom and experience than I have tried as I have to get this situation – as well as other internal failings – sorted within the mechanisms that exist in the party i.e. the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Advisory Council, the Party Manager and more recently the new Central Management Team. Regardless of the evidence presented or the judgements of these bodies and individuals, Nick has always attempted to protect this plague on our party.

I don’t know the reason why Mark Collett seems to have Nick by the short and curlies, but it is the reason for this current situation.

In September Nick gave Sadie Graham and myself ultimatums to stop presenting evidence of Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker’s incompetence, lies, failure to work with other colleagues, deliberate attempts to hinder other colleagues and general negative behaviour internally and at public events. We were basically told that they are protected and if we didn’t like it we could clear off.

This was despite the fact that he thought that we had been excellent employees, with unblemished records and work hours that would exhaust your local second generation corner shop proprietor. To say I was stunned was an understatement, but after discussions with him in my living room it became clear that he did not understand the situation fully and when he and Arthur Kemp left both Nicholla and I felt it had been a positive experience and that many of our complaints were going to be addressed.

Sadly two days later we came crashing back to reality when Nick reversed his own decision from the Saturday and that of the CMT to back Collett when he refused to send me items I needed for my work. Since then I have felt that there has been a concerted effort to have me pushed out of the party.

Sadie has already explained the situation regarding the cancelling of our double-header seminars at Conference in November, but her modesty stopped her revealing what Nick told us on the Friday night there and confirmed in front of witnesses on the Saturday night. Just as I’m not shy to speak my mind regardless of the company, I don’t think I should be bashful in repeating them here. Nick said that despite the fact that my department was almost 100% effective and Sadie’s not far behind and despite the fact that neither of us had hampered anybody else’s work within the party over the years or brought negative publicity upon the party, that he would get rid of both of us and keep the other three regardless of the fact that he admitted that the three were either incompetent, liars or both. Such a statement defies logic, but that is what the man said on the Friday and confirmed to others when it was repeated on the Saturday. Such logic, in my humble opinion, suggests that he does not have the best interests of the party at heart.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

So where does somebody go from there? You know there are problems and they are mounting but you are being forbidden from bringing them to the attention of those who could and should act to fix them. In frustration I chose to gather public information highlighting the negative impact of Collett and Hannam on the party in one place. I weeded out the lies and misinformation and just left the facts. I did it anonymously and did not broadcast my efforts beyond a select few.

Then the knock at the door from 3 cowards from Cumbria at 10.40am on that Sunday morning as I prepared for the Scottish Regional Council Meeting that was due to take place nearby later that day. They issued my heavily pregnant wife our letters. We read them and told them we rejected the accusations, the sackings and requests made in them for us to co-operate with the goons on our doorstep. The three accusations made against me were not the same as those made against me on the new BNP website, which appeared shortly after the knock at the door. I told Griffin’s goons they should leave. They threatened to force entry to retrieve goods they could not identify and were told that I would protect my home, my wife and my unborn child. After a call to Martin Reynolds, Clive Jefferson then told me they would not try to force their way in because of Nicholla’s condition. By this time however they were under surveillance by a BNP Scotland security team who would have ensured the thugs ended up in custody had Reynolds' conscience not been pricked.

As the events of the day unfolded I could hardly believe what was happening. Sadie’s home had been bugged. Her home entered by deception and her personal belongings stolen. Our alleged communications broadcast on the main BNP website for the entire world to see. The abusive and insulting texts I recieved from Hannam and Walker.

If we ignore the illegal bugging, home raid and theft – hard I know but let’s pretend – if officers of the BNP had been caught breaching the code of conduct by setting up an anonymous blog then the party should have acted in the same way it did when Collett and Hannam were disciplined for bringing under-age girls back to the Conference Hotel in 2006 and demanding that they have sex with them or f##k off! That is to say the matter is dealt with internally and the accused given a disciplinary hearing! The last thing that should have been done is for the matter to be broadcast to the world via the party website.

Then in the days that followed the lies increased, I was a thief, a red, a neo-nazi, the person responsible for the Treasury problems, the ringleader of a ‘palace coup’, the architect of a plot to shut down the AC and the voting membership scheme, attempting to destroy the BNP and set myself up as the leader of a new party in Scotland. For the record, each and every one of these accusations is false. They are lies and smears spewed out by a cabal of yes-men - and in some cases individuals working to their own agenda - on the orders of Griffin, because I dared to stand up and speak out against management and leadership failings within BNP that are holding us back.

One in particular is so damaging I am still find it almost incredulous that it was done. Simon Darby went to BBC Newsnight and told the world we were Nazis. How can reconciliation take place after such a smear? Earlier this week attempts to resolve the situation and bring about a return of the BNP loyalists to the fold broke down, but can you imagine the field day the media would have about the BNP re-admitting Nazis to its fold. I do hope for an amicable resolution to this current situation to ensure the BNP continues, but somebody has got a lot of explaining to do on that one first.

As I said before I do not know what Collett has on Griffin, though it must be good when even a threat of turning Queen’s Evidence at the first Free Speech trial didn’t dull Griffin’s defence of him, but I do know that the sacking of Sadie and I, our partners and the other brave people who have spoken out about this situation are being made scapegoats for events that took place at the start of the month and which would have gone someway to resolving the problems we and others have been complaining about for three years in some instances.

On Tuesday the 4th of December the CMT recommended the sacking of Collett and Hannam after Griffin had agreed to them receiving a verbal warning for their latest transgression of the code of conduct. The reason they recommended expulsion was two-fold. Firstly, because under the terms of the Constitution and the terms of the ‘final warning’ they received for their failed attempt at paedophilia [The offence was not mentioned in the confirmation letters to avoid bringing embarrassment to the party, though as it is now in the public domain I need not hide the fact now] and secondly, because it was Griffin’s big chance to get rid of the millstone that had been holding the party back for some time now and creating problems within the internal management structure.

Griffin’s reaction was not unexpected. He slapped the CMT down and laid the blame at the feet of Sadie and myself instead. My letter of sacking was actually dated the 6th though it was delivered on the 9th and despite communications with him during that time, he didn’t even have the courage to bring the subject up with me in person, just as he had never mentioned two of the issues he cited in his letter sacking me either.

I should mention at this juncture several points that should be stated here on the Collett and Hannam ‘final warning’ which was meted out to them for the disgusting behaviour at the 2006 Conference. They only got final warnings because Griffin refused to let them be expelled. The disciplinary panel of Scott McLean (then Deputy Chairman and Disciplinary Officer), Nick Cass (then Party Manager) and Steve Blake (then Web Editor), AC members all, accepted the pairs guilty pleas after the evidence was stated. Now however the Griffin cabal are claiming the confirmation letters were never sent and that the word files are manufactured and therefore the findings of the panel are invalid, so his permission to give them a verbal warning should mean their expulsion. Well according to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), the important factor is that a disciplinary procedure took place – even you cannot deny that one. The letter matters not a jot. In fact, the only way the decision of the panel could have been reversed was if a formal grievance procedure had been raised by the guilty pair in reasonable time after the decision was made and ACAS also say that a year later is most definitely not reasonable time. So the pair should have been expelled on the 5th of December 2007 according to Griffin’s verbal warning decision, the CMT, the code of conduct, the Constitution, the BNP disciplinary procedure and the advice of ACAS!

What now?

I have taken legal advice and therefore cannot comment in great detail on the accusations made against me. However I can assure members that I was not to blame for the late accounts. I did not steal any money and no party money was used to produce any bulletin. I am not a nazi – indeed I was winning cases via the PCC against newspapers refute this allegation against the BNP before Griffin even joined the party, I am not a red and I have never co-operated or dealt with reds. I am not an agent provocateur. I don’t want to be the leader of the BNP or become the leader of a separate party in Scotland, in fact at the Scottish Regional Council meeting organised that Sunday the agenda had proposals to re-appoint Scott McLean as Regional Organiser and Gary Raikes as Regional Secretary with me having the role of Regional Fund-holder, which would effectively have meant me dropping down two levels in rank in Scotland. I do want the legislative and the executive parts of the BNP to be separated though, with no dictatorial powers given to just one man. I don’t want the Advisory Council disbanded or the Voting Membership system binned, though I have always campaigned against there being a financial aspect to it – but thanks to Treasury incompetence that didn’t get enforced this year anyway!

I have evidence to back all of the above up and will be happy to co-operate with any of the alleged Police or Electoral Commission investigations Griffin’s cabal say they have instigated against me, but I have yet to be questioned about. I have made some evidence available to some national and regional officers and will make more available too if the need arises or time allows prior to any such investigations. I have raised a formal grievance with Griffin and the Party over my sacking and expulsion.

I have fought for the cause for over 15 years now, withstood attacks, threats and insults from left-wing opponents as well as right-wing extremists. I have bent the knee to nobody and will not do so now. I have always stood up for myself, the party, the members and our shared cause. I will continue to do this and more, because I will fight tooth and nail to clear my name and also to expose those prepared to lie and smear innocent comrades to meet their own selfish ends. A bad taste has been left in my mouth but that does not mean the situation cannot be resolved. I pray that it can be because I have worked too hard for too long to see the BNP destroyed by charlatans, deviants and liars.

The public support we have received has been fantastic. The enormous amount of private support has been in truth frustrating, because if everybody who agrees with us privately came out and joined us publicly, Nick Griffin may just realise that resistance is futile. That said I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart and particularly those who have supported the Family Defence Appeal at such a difficult time of the year.

Remember we are the majority, we are the membership, we want change and we must have it soon or this party we all love so dearly will crumble into the dust. For the sake of our children and those like my own yet to come I beseech you to be brave, to be bold like our ancestors and enter the fray. You can save the BNP with decisive action now.


Kenny Smith

(Former British National Party Head of Administration and Advisory Council Member)


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece. You have my backing 100% and there are a great many others in Essex who also support you now. Griffin's days are numbered, he has got to go now!

Get your coat Griffin before it is thrown at you

Anonymous said...

Having read the statements of the four 'red, neo-nazi MI5 agents' and the desperate smear attempts on the main site, I would like to state quite clearly that I will not be 'returning to the fold' by tomorrow evenings deadline.
As the catalogue of events leading up to the creation of this blog unfolds, then surely no right thinking person can question the genuine and sincere motivation behind it.
I hope more officials come down off the fence soon and force this issue to a conclusion, sooner rather than later.
Merry Christmas
Mike Clarke - Ex Ashfield Organiser

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know it was true I wouldn't have believed it. But from personal experience of Collett I know the full truth, if we don’t stop him now he will destroy our party, and thereby destroy our nations last chance of survival.

This is one you must win.

Anonymous said...

That's a powerful piece Kenny. We all know how hard you have worked for this party. Griffin even said it himself when he spoke in Glasgow in March. You worked yourself into the ground during the elections and you didn't even take a break proper break afterwards. Under pressure you told us you would but when it came to the crunch you only took a weekend. Glasgow BNP (old and new) are behind you and Nicholla all the way.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Kenny.

The support that all of you need is still quite small across the country.

I believe this is down to most members not being aware yet of the scandal taking place.

All the long serving members know that Griffin is a fake but he has no opposition at the moment.

His power has wained and he is hanging on by his fingertips.

The biggest branches in the country are behind you, with many members prepared to be expelled rather than give in to the threats.

The real Griffin has been exposed and few like what they see.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the idea that Collett has a hold on Griffin is a false scent. Perhaps the slow destruction of the BNP was Griffin's plan all along. He accuses you of trying to damage the party at this crucial time just before likely success in the London Assembly elections. Perhaps it is he who has chosen this crucial time to press the button and set in motion a sequence of events that he has been setting up from the moment he was elected as leader and started changing the party constitution.

Anonymous said...

A very honest and well written statement Kenny. You have my full support. These are hard times but you will all come through it and once you are reinstated the party will be stronger. Of course without NG at the helm. All the best and we wish you all a merry christmas.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kenny,you have lots of support from West Yorkshire.Keep up the pressure we all want to know the truth! And I do believe Griffin has had this planned out so he has a clean start for the big elections!


Anonymous said...

Funny how all those on the disciplinary panel have now been forced out. Keep up the good fight Kenny. You have great support in the party.

Anonymous said...

Collett's Young, Nazi & Proud show was in 2002. People like have been demanding action since then to no avail. You are right to speak out for the membership. Collette has got to go.

Anonymous said...

Kenny neither you nor Sadie has ever embarrassed the BNP publicly or at any party event I have ever attended. Collett, Hannem and Walker have on more than one occasion. Clean the filth out of the BNP and put the Great back into Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

A good honest article from a good honest man. keep up the good work Kenny. if everybody who privately supports you, spoke up publicly, mr griffin would be in no doubt that change is wanted and needed to make the BNP stronger. Get off the fence people. Without change our party is destined for failure.

Sammy Shaw

Anonymous said...

Gary Raikes should be ashamed of himself too. He has stabbed Kenny and the rest of us in the back. BNP Scotland backs Kenny and Nicholla not you Raikes. Bet your man Griffin doesn't come to Scotland and call Kenny and Scott Nazis in their own back yard. You are a traitor Raikes and to think I was going to give my vote to you as Regional Secretary!

Anonymous said...

I have never once heard anything nazi from Kenny. I also know he is always trying to offload jobs onto others so he ain't on a power grab. If we had 100 Kenny Smith's in the BNP we'd be further along the road than we are today.

Anonymous said...

I'm standing firm! Griffin's threats don't scare me.

Anonymous said...

After reading the latest underhand tactics employed by NG the time has come for the party to have a clean sweep of the liggers and general deadwood who continue to hang onto Griffins apron - collett, hannam and anybody who supports these oafs. I will not be carrying out any more party work or donating any further monies until these people are gone. The initial revelations, shocking as they are, pale beside the latest round of outrages perpetrated either via the web, Newsnight or malicious "tip-offs", For the record i am no Red or Nazi, but a Nationalist with the future of my party and country as a priority. We must force this to a conclusion soon so we can get on with normal business.
Tony Turner
Ex-Organiser and Ex-Fundholder. Boston Holbeach and Spalding BNP

Anonymous said...

Great article. The question is where do we go from here? Griffin has effectively sealed his own fate, however who can replace him? This is not to say he is irreplacable, but rather that we need to be seriously looking for a suitable alternative if we are going to keep the BNP and the cause of Nationalism alive, and indeed take it forward.

Anonymous said...

As i said before Kenny, just tell the truth, nothing more nothing less, leave the lying and deceit to others, when there lies get more and more unbelievable they will be looked upon as the bottom feeders that they are.

Anonymous said...

The Chairman of the BNP might spell his surname with two "fs" but in truth there is no f-in leader.

Anonymous said...

My Mum and both my Granny's were called Mary or Mhairi if they were speaking Gaelic.
Jean was Nicholla's paternal Granny, Great Gran and Great Great Gran.
Little Mhairi was born a "Warrior" - that's the name given to people from Stenhousemuir where we live and were Nicholla's family come from.
Our family heritage means a lot to both of us. We were also keen to keep my cultural heritage alive hence the Gaelic first name.
When my grandparents were born the use of Gaelic names on the register of births in the Western Isles was still outlawed by the state. So while they would have been known to everybody as Mhairi or Coinneach the registrar used Mary or Kenneth and in earlier times even names that just sounded like the Gaelic name rather than the literal translation.
Mhairi is 'one in the eye' to the powers that be who have previously and still do, try to crush the love of our heritage and identity from the all the people of the British Isles.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who reads that Kenny and still thinks your a traitor needs their head examined. More power to your elbow sir!

Anonymous said...

I'm still stunned that Griffin sacked you and Sadie and all the others when the party had Collett and Hannam bang to rights!
It shows me Griffin does care about the BNP like you two do.

Anonymous said...

Angela Clarke. said...

Well done Kenny,you have lots of support from West Yorkshire.Keep up the pressure we all want to know the truth! And I do believe Griffin has had this planned out so he has a clean start for the big elections!


Thank you Angie. You were a victim of the same type of Griffin/Collett smear and lie routine. We lost an excellent and brave double councillor because Collett wanted you out and Griffin backed him as usual. Griffin even phoned me to complain that I used your picture in BN in an article asking members to work harder if they wanted more success at council elections. May be you could write 'Your Story' for posting on EiE and help set the record straight for many people?

Anonymous said...

Griffin thinks he's above the law of the land and makes decisions based on his or Collett's immediate needs. He does not have the best interests of the party at heart as you obviously do. It is written all over your article Kenny. Stay strong mate. Whether you return to the BNP fold or start something new I will follow you there.