Monday, 10 December 2007

Ian Dawson resigns over Dictator Griffin

This just in from 'former' Yorkshire Secretary and 'former' York Organiser Ian Dawson.

By the way - we stand behind Danny Lake and the rest of the BNP youngsters 100%.

Dear Colleague

It is with great sadness that I am resigning from all positions within the BNP. Seeing two great Nationalists and friends like Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham treated with contempt by Nick Griffin, all because they are awake to the damage being done by Mark Collett and a completely incompetent Treasury Department, is the final straw.

While I am resigning all positions, I will continue to fight for the Cause, and to rid the BNP of internal corruption – Nick Griffin must go, it is not his Party; the Party belongs to activists and members.

Like to many people, Nick Griffin was once my hero, yet now he has shown himself to be a dictator who puts his own interests above those of the Party. He is incapable of making the right decisions when it matters, and unfortunately his unrelenting backing of Mark Collett has seen many good Nationalists either leave the BNP or become marginalised.

Sadie and Kenny, and any other honest and hard working Nationalists have my full, unequivocal support. There have been many people in the BNP, especially those in National positions, who have tried their level best to make Nick see sense on Collett and the incompetent Treasury Department. I was one of them. However, Nick has always backed the corner of Collett, Hannam and Walker, no matter what they have done. It begs the question just what on earth have they got on him? Whatever it is, Nick should not let that get in the way of the Nationalist Cause and should step down from the main position if it is that bad.

Nick Griffin and his henchmen may well have access to the Party media, and thus a greater audience, yet the truth will come out one day – and soon.

No doubt I will now be bad-mouthed by Griffin and his henchmen – after all Nick can’t have good Nationalists who criticise him remain free from attack. Since stepping down and after my remarks about Collett, Hannam and Walker became public, I have been blackmailed by Nick Griffin and fed a cocktail of lies – all aimed to protect Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Although I was in Blackpool I was not allowed entrance to the Conference because I refused to publicly apologise for my comments. Nick then suspended me by text message. People who have remained silent for fear of reprisals must now speak out. I stand by my comments 100%.

I call on all other right minded Nationalists to step down as Party Officials until both Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith are re-instated, and Mark Collett, David Hannam and John Walker are removed from any position of authority. All Councillors should remain as Councillors, though sit as Independent Nationalists until the BNP is back in the hands of the people who make it tick – those that are honest, decent, and hard-working.

Now this email has been sent out on my account, I imagine that this email address will be taken off me. Sadie’s mobile phone has been cut off by the way, so anyone trying to call her or leaving messages will not get a reply. This is also the case for anyone else involved, such as the email addresses of Matt Single, Nicholla Smith and Kenny Smith.
I will gladly pass on any messages of support. Griffin’s henchmen have stolen Sadie’s personal computer and other belongings so she may well be struggling to access her emails also.

Please contact me in future on, or 07886 530499 – that is my own mobile number that Griffin and his henchmen can’t take away.

Nick Griffin has compromised the future of the BNP by his actions. Mark Collett should have been dismissed years ago. The decisions that Nick is making defy belief.

All those people who are fed up of the lies and incompetence from Collett, Hannam and now Griffin must make a stand. Today is that day.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Dawson


Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, as I've pointed out on a number of occasions, several years ago I accused Mr Hannam of theft. I supplied Mr Griffin with emails proving the point beyond reasonable doubt. To my shame I did not go to the police 'in the interests of the movement', preferring to resign instead when Griffin failed to take action. I would now like to call publicly upon the police to investigate Mr Hannam's and Mr Griffin's handling of BNP moneys, particularly given the revelation on the BNP's web site that there is 'up to £17,000 unaccounted for in the 2006 Central Audit' (their words, not mine). If these moneys cannot be accounted for then I call upon the police to arrest Mr Hannam and Mr Griffin with a view to them being charged with theft.

D Michael

Anonymous said...

How many more National Officials are going to have to go before Griffin sees the light?

Or is it his intention to only have a few yes-men left?

Anonymous said...

Good on you Ian, keep your chin up there's plenty of us who resigned whom stick together!

Anonymous said...

BNP security have acted illegally by gaining access to Sadie's house by deception. They have further acted illegally by removing (stealing) her computer.They have further acted illegally by 'bugging' her house. Since N.G must have authorised this action he to must be on dangerous legal ground.
Further the sackings may constitute unfair dismissal. I suggest that we , the concerned members, set up a legal fund to enable this matter to be pursued through the courts. Such an action might also enable us to have the courts examine the BNP's financies. Something that many of us feel is most necessary.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that even before Collett, Griffin was acting like a mad dictator and was in thrall to a previous henchman, Tony Lecomber, who also seemed to be untouchable and also caused people to ask: "What does he have on Nick?"

Anonymous said...

Well said Ian. Hopefully catch up with you for a pint soon mate.