Sunday, 23 December 2007

Griffin’s political coffin nails

There has rarely been a time in my life that has made me feel so angry that I thought I was going to explode, Thursday 20th December was one such day.

Sadie and myself live in a very pleasant and traditional English village called Brinsley in Nottinghamshire. It has some exceptionally genuine and decent people living there whose down to earth warmth and humour remind me so much of my roots back in South Essex. The community of Brinsley, for which I am very happy to say I am now a part of, extends into official office in the respect that my fiancé, Sadie, is a serving Borough Councillor on Broxtowe Council. I naturally support her fully wherever I can with the hard work she has always, and will continue to put into the community that she loves so much. Part of her area of responsibility is to liaise with the local police bobby and the police community officer, to discuss the concerns of the people in her constituency. These gentlemen, whom I have met several times are hard working and a credit to the Force. Usually these officers turn up on the spur of the moment to chat with Sadie; the last time I spoke with them was when they called and Sadie was out. We ended up discussing the local youth and police football team and whether or not I could make a worthy contribution to it. After I explained that I had all the footballing finesse of an obese blacksmith, the offer cooled slightly. I explained that of course if it were rugby we were talking about, it would have been a different matter entirely.

It was no surprise to me then, when at about 2pm last Thursday 20th December, on hearing a knock at the door, I saw the uniforms of two police officers through the frosted glass of the front door. On opening the door I did indeed see what I had expected to, two uniformed policeman standing there; although these officers I had not met before. The first officer requested firmly but politely to come in, I of course had no problem whatsoever with this request and so stepped back to let them in. I immediately suspected that this was not going to be a friendly chat however; these guys were here strictly on business. The first officer in, a Sergeant, ushered me towards the living room and with that another half dozen police officers entered the house through the open front door. ‘Mr. Single’ He said, ‘I have a warrant to search these premises’.

Sadie came downstairs and we were both instructed to sit on the sofa, the Sergeant then went into detail about why they were here and what they would be doing. It transpired that the police had received, very recently, from two corroborating informants that I had an illegal firearm in my possession, and that they would be now carrying out a thorough search of the house, all outbuildings and vehicles. I was handed a copy of the warrant, it clearly stated on it that the search was to include every area connected with ‘Single’. This was personal and very specific.

Systematic search

What followed was a thoroughly mortifying and debasing experience as the eight strong police search-team and sniffer-dog systematically searched literally every single square inch of our home from top to bottom. We had to remain seated with one officer monitoring us, so were unable to observe what was happening, as police officers brought in a bewildering array of equipment. The sergeant with us was not an unpleasant man and clearly preferred to talk than to sit there in stony silence, as his colleagues rifled through our home. He explained that they had a job to do and they did not want to cause us unnecessary stress and said that they would make as little mess as possible. After we had begun to talk and I had explained that I knew who was behind this, he said to us ‘So we are being used as pawns in a political game then?’ I said that I was sorry to confirm that he was.

The search was a deeply distressing experience for Sadie as we watched from the sofa, officers take apart the kitchen and even search through the teabags. Considering the level of stress she has endured over the last two weeks I was amazed at her composure. This was in fact, the second time in two weeks that uninvited people were in our home invading our privacy which made her calm state all the more impressive.

After two hours sitting on the sofa with Sadie, I needed the bathroom, and was informed that this would not be a problem, except that a police officer would have to stand behind me. I made light of the situation as best I could as I have always found that humour, even under duress is often the very best way to help oneself through a tense situation. While I was upstairs relieving myself, I could see using peripheral vision the police in our bedroom going through our clothes and personal effects with plastic gloves on. I felt my blood boiling, but I never once let it show; I kept telling myself that these guys simply had a job to do and it was in everyone’s best interests, especially Sadie’s just to try and let it flow over me.

Four and a half hours later the search was complete; the Sergeant sat in front of us with a bag of items carefully labelled in evidence bags ready to be transferred to the station. I was placed under arrest on suspicion of having in my possession a pressurised canister containing a possible noxious but unidentified substance, handcuffed and led out to a waiting police car. After being processed at the station, I was led to a cell where I spent the next two hours waiting for an interview.

The interview started with my background and involvement in the Party, before moving onto questions relating to the contents of the numbered evidence bags that he began taking out of a large grey sack. Each bag contained one item of the many I use to train British National Party security recruits. These were all the items necessary for vehicle and personnel search training to equip security members with the necessary skills for events and functions such as the Red, White & Blue festival. I have used these training-aids countless times as many people will testify to. In fact I have trained Mr Griffin himself in how to search a car for improvised explosive devices. I clarified that all these items, along with radios, body armour vests, scanners and a quantity of other equipment, I had a legitimate reason for possessing. My interviewer was satisfied with my answers, and the interview was terminated and the bags of equipment removed. I was informed that the spray canisters are going to be sent away for testing to identify what they contained, because although some contents are perfectly legal, other substances are not which would then constitute an offence. I was released on bail to return back to the police station at a later date to see if I am going to be charged. I am confident that all the training-aids that the police seized are all perfectly legal and therefore I am not at all vexed or worried about appearing back at the station. The police were aware that I have a completely clean record with not so much as an outstanding parking ticket; and they realised that I was clearly not the gun-tooting thug that someone had led them to believe I was.

I spoke to my solicitor and he confirmed that police had certainly not found what they had been told by an unidentified informant I had in my possession. I finally got back home after 10pm, tired, very hungry, totally and utterly appalled that someone had stooped to such a level in order to put us through this ordeal. On my inspection, it was quite obvious that the police had gone through all our letters, photos, books and literally everything else. Although they had been good to their word and not trashed our home, it was very clear that not a single shred had escaped examination. Even one of the floorboards had been ripped up, although fair to say they did replace it afterwards once they were happy that I didn’t have any illegal material lurking under it. The only real mess was in the loft where chaos now clearly reigned with our belongings literally piled up everywhere.

Set up

It is my belief that whoever had contacted the police had set us up and had a clear and obvious objective; they wanted Sadie and myself as much to experience as much torment and humiliation as possible. Whoever it was has a good knowledge of the law and knew exactly what to say to the police in order to manipulate them into raiding our home. They knew they needed two or more people to substantiate such a claim to lead to a raid and so they would have needed to have used someone else to help them. It would clearly be a person that would know I would have quantities of security training equipment kept at home and I could therefore possibly fall foul of an overlooked law if I were raided by the police that would obviously scrutinise all my equipment.

It would have to be a cowardly person, without the bravery to confront me themselves, but they instead chose to waste hours and hours of police time that could have been utilised in making the streets a little safer somewhere. It would have to be a person so desperate to shut Sadie and I up that they would resort to the lowest and vilest tactics in order to try and do so.

Sadie was, until unconstitutionally sacked by Griffin, one our most successful councillors and Party activists and whoever orchestrated this spineless act against us obviously couldn’t care less about the impact it would have on her council position or the Party. To have a large police van, dog unit and two squad cars outside your home for four and a half hours with police everywhere, was also distressing for our neighbours and friends. They couldn’t get through to us to find out what was happening because during the lengthy search the police prevented us from answering our phones. I couldn’t actually be contacted personally until the following day as the police had seized my mobile, and only once they were satisfied that they had extracted all the information they wanted from it I was able to retrieve it from the police station.

Miscarriage risk

Whoever is behind this attack on us couldn’t care less for the fact that the amount of pressure on Sadie has been so great she risked, as any midwife will tell you, a miscarriage and losing our baby. Something this traumatic could have easily have turned our greatest fear into a reality.

Whoever is behind this is clearly a very desperate and sour man. He is not a ‘Red’ because I do not believe that they would stoop that low, as they have never made this type of attack before, and potentially others could do likewise to them in retaliation thus making it utterly futile. Whoever did this is not a ‘mole’ because such a person wouldn’t benefit from doing this as it would not provide a third party with any information because all seized items and paperwork remains strictly with the police. It was not committed by the ‘State’ to find out information because of the details the police told my solicitor and I after my interview. This attack I know came from one man, and he knows we know who he is.

Top suspect

So we know who you are; now listen to me.

It has come to pass that for years you have bullied, lied to and intimidated people into getting what you want for yourself. You have used tactics including character assassinations, lies and slander to rid yourself of your internal political critics, and those that offer any future threat to your position. This is the reason why you have actively sought to surround yourself with weak-willed sycophants and people who you can easily control and offer no threat to you whatsoever; people like John Walker, Dave Hannam and Mark Collett, even psychologically disturbed characters such as Lee Barnes.

However, the day you thought you could avoid for evermore has now actually arrived for you. You made a serious miscalculation when you chose to turn against us for doing nothing more than wishing to save the future of this Party. You are not a nationalist nor a man with any honour whatsoever.

We have not left the Party without a struggle as you hoped we would, unlike so many others before us. You underestimated our fortitude and the love we have for the cause of saving our land; and you grossly underestimated the level of support we have and are attracting daily. This support is not just from active Party members today, but many others you have wronged in the past; and there are a great many indeed.

Ordinary members and activists are now realising the lies in your words and are starting to see the true nature of the beast. Your ‘amnesty ultimatum’ is a perfect example of the inept, lumbering and condescending methods you use to ‘deal with malcontents’ that dare not bow down to you. You have thrown at us, the so-called “rebels” the most contemptuous insults such as ‘Hard-line Nazis’ and ‘Leftwing/Searchlight moles’ when it is clear that there has only ever been one extremist operating throughout this entire episode, and that is you. Even if a handful of people are duped and intimidated by your threats to unconstitutionally ‘purge’ them from the Party unless they grovel down to you by Monday the 24th December; I’ll guarantee that over the following months you will personally see to it that they are all ‘picked off’ one at a time, like the spiteful creature you clearly are.

I call all members and supporters of the British National Party to treat this insulting threat with the contempt it deserves and totally ignore it. Together we can stand, fight and win back the honour and integrity of this Party once again. If we are divided Griffin will one at a time quietly snipe and ‘purge’ us all. We have all witnessed him in action before, and we will see it again, only this time it will be with even more venom, as he witnesses his power and cabal of weak yes-men finally begin to lose their purchase in the tower of cards that he has built for himself.

One final note to Mr. Griffin - We will not go quietly, we will not yield to your treacherous backstabbing, lying and intimidation. We absolutely will not stop until you have been shown in public without your mask, so all true nationalists and patriots around this country can see just how truly despicable you are.

Matt Single


Anonymous said...

It is deeply regrettable for all that things have reached this level. But reached this level it has.

I think we have a fair idea who is behind the raid on your house Matt.

All I can say to you is don't get mad, get even.

Best wishes
Colin Cox

Anonymous said...

Thats a hell of a posting mate, hope your former security buddies know all about this.


Anonymous said...

Somebody that many revered as the face of Nationalism has today nosedived into a very deep barrel and is now scraping about at the bottom amongst the dreggs where he belongs. To use the police to do his dirty work leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said...

Well said Matt.

It was not the BNP that lead the police to search your home, it was Nick Griffin.

Everyone now must see Griffin for the snake he is. Griffin must go, Collett must go, Barnes must go, and Hamman go, before the BNP can move forward.

Slimball and scum like these people must have no place in the BNP.

Griffin's days as Chairman are fast coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Errr...Nick Griffin is one hell of a brave soul but he is not a MP...

He is a political figure but he is not been elected. The BNP does have over 50 elected councillors. Maybe there is one near you.


E. N. Ronn said...

Caligula has gone too far this time. Time for the Praetorians to do the right and necessary thing . . . metaphorically, of course.

As for that deranged, inadequate lick spittle Bagel Barnes, he makes the Soviet state prosecutors of the Stalin era seem like Portia out of the Merchant of Venice (Bagel of course would be on the Merchant's side!).

E. N. Ronn said...

Woops! I meant Shylock's side. Too much port after dinner . . .

Anonymous said...

I think Nick really has forged his own coffin nails with this and the people that will be driving them in will be the people that are still standing by him when they realise they were being duped.

Anonymous said...

This is truly unbelievable, the people who gave this false information to the police should be prosecuted for wasting police time, and sued by you for every penny they have.

Please accept the apologies of one ex Griffin supporter, me. Sadie and yourself have my full support.

Griffin must not be allowed even to stay in the party, let alone remain its leader. My perfect end to this madness would be Nick Griffin in Brixton prison, and Sadie as leader of our party.

Sadie it won’t be easy but you must take up the challenge, you are capably of doing the job despite any doubts you may have.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin if you did initiate this raid on Sadie’s home, you are quite simply scum.

I want to say no more because I am so angry.

Anonymous said...

After this, isn't it time you changed the third of your five requests. Nick Griffin is no longer fit to lead anything bar an infestation of cockroaches.

E. N. Ronn said...

"Griffin makes me sick" said:

"Griffin must not be allowed even to stay in the party, let alone remain its leader. My perfect end to this madness would be Nick Griffin in Brixton prison, and Sadie as leader of our party."

Seconded! Preferably in a cell with several tough Muslim youths . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh Nick, how the mighty have fallen, and so low.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry to read about your awful treatment.
Thank you for being so brave for us all.
I believe that things will work out for the best, eventually, and that we shall emerge much stronger with you and yours.
Meanwhile, I can only echo the very best wishes already bestowed upon you from amongst these comments pages.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Sadie, I am aghast at what you have had to go through and even though I have never even met you, feel very much for you at this time with Christmas just coming up and a baby on the way too. My thoughts are very much with you.

Surely now, your original objectives must be replaced with something far reaching. That something, whatever it be, must surely mean a takeover of the party and a prosecution of the 'mystery' person who put you both through so much.

Try your best to let Christmas cheer you up a bit and remember that the long term outcome of all of this is likely to be that you will have far more friends and admirers than before.

Anonymous said...

Lots of luck Sadie and Matt.

I can only imagine what it feels like to be let down by people you thought of as friends, but you're better of without such friends. The membership is with you.

Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes 'When you're getting flack you know you're over the target' They've received a few hits, have not been shot down and the bomb bay doors have not been opened yet. Have you got a gugout in your garden Nick.

Salvation said...

Such sad times when it is the time of the year when we should be reflecting on the achievments of the year, and comming together as community. With the spirit of Christmas and the RWB weekend to unite us as a cohesive force against those who would destroy what we are fighting for.
Matt and Sadie are bearing the brunt of this split at the moment and they are privy to far more of the conduct of those they worked closely with. However, havibg said that, if I were on the left then it is most certainly the sort of action that I would instigat. Matt and Sadie are not low profile figures were the left is concerned and they will be well aware of what could reasonably be expected to be found in their home. Any action that will create a deeper divide in the party can only be of massive benefit to our enemies.It is a time of high passion and we must let the brain rule and not the heart.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin and his gang must go. The BNP is bigger than this small group of revolting people.

Anonymous said...

And now we see the true colours of our illustrious leader.

Next time Nick, send the force along to my house - it is an absolute tip (that's what happens when you become an activist - no time for housework)...might be in a better state after the coppers have turned it over!

Anonymous said...

Griffin, you do not represent me anymore, you are a pig of a man.

I will not renew membership until you are removed and a better person is in charge of this party. I will not do a minute's work until Griffin and his bum-boys are gone.

Anonymous said...

A note to Salvation

The left could have used this information - but what does it say about the state of confidence in the current leadership if people immeduately assume it was our 'dear old pals'.....

Anonymous said...

I am bloody horrified but not surprised by this latest in a series of outrages against hardworking BNP activists because us older timers kept Griffin OUT OF THE BNP for a long long time and with good reason. We knew he was prone to splitting and purging and, as I have posted previously, Griffin got a big kick out of his politicking and back-stabbing and one reason he was able to effect this was financial support from his parents. He couldkeep going whilst other former colleagues had to bite the bullet and drop out.

Griffin must go. The BNP minus Griffin is more electable, a better place to be and, in truth, the party is finished with him anywhere near the levers of power.

Realistically it was only a matter of time before we had a re-run of 1986 and so here we are. What we now require is total commitment and support for Matt, Sadie and team because to falter now is to destroy what many of us shed blood and lost careers to build.

Real BNP supporters, councillors, activists: We can now bring the best people in the movement forward united against Griffin and united for decency, Britishness, resistance and national counter revolution. For a genuine, modern, democratic Nationalist party.

Griffin OUT is my Christmas message for 2007. What a revolting man he is....

Go Sadie!

Anonymous said...

He seems to have no other recourse but psycopathic behaviour. he is not a fit and proper person to run a political movement. But he can only bully people in the party and we have just seen how through Matt and Sadie the others now have an example to follow and to refuse to be intimidated.
Then there are people outside the party like me who would offer any help and support that the reformers might need.

Anonymous said...

A disgusting betrayal.
Sammy Shaw

Anonymous said...

Sadie & Matt,
I'm absolutely horrified at what has been done to you. I fear this now makes reconcilliation all but impossible.

But the BNP must not be allowed to implode. It must be renewed as quickly as possible as the party is the last chance our fast collapsing country has to be saved.

I believe we are about to experience not a recession but economic collapse, as all those debts, with little industry left or assets to sell off to pay for them, are called in. I am really fearful for the future - the near future that is. God help us all.

Peter Phillips

Anonymous said...

Should any proof be discovered that Nick Griffin is behind this bogus police raid, that to my mind will be final. Griffin will have to go. Period. End of story.

Anonymous said...

To Sadie and Matt,

Please accept my humble apologies -i have known for months or even years that something was deeply wrong with the leadership of our party, yet I did not have the courage to speak to Sadie about this.

I am terribly sorry for the wrongs that have been done to you and your family.

Please forgive me for my cowardice.

In the light of the recent events - please reconsider your loyalty to the BNP brand name.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the "security team" who took the computer had "left behind" a firearm or ammunition, - tucked well away of course!

5 years mandatory for Matt!!

Dont make any compromises with this c*** - take away his party, or join another - I will follow - so will all of my BNP friends.

Bill Henderson said...

Griffin and his Cohorts must go

Not now but Right Now

Anonymous said...

I would hate to be Nick Griffins dog at the moment, I bet he's kick that up the arse a few times this morning and renamed it.

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with the Joy of Christmas in me planning my day as I lay in bed, my fella came into the bedroom around 8am with the dogs to greet me as they always do! and then he told me what had happened to your home, I can honestly say all my happy thoughts of Christmas went out of the window and I fell into a bad mood.

I really feel for Sadie and you Matt, this is totally unacceptable especially at a time of festivity and while your unborn child is at it's vital stage of growth.

The perpetrator behind all this uncalled for disaster has outright made a character Assassination for himself, he has just shown how low he will stoop to stop himself being the ONE to blame!

Do NOT give in!The man is crumbling .

Anonymous said...

Up to a couple of weeks ago, if matt was assisting with Nicks personal security, he would have faced a knife attack or even taken a bullit for him, that's the nature of the man, dedicated to the bnp and the nationalist movement. For him now to be called a red, a trator, vermin or an MI5 agent defies belief. I am astounded by the mismanaged actions of Griffin in the last few weeks. I can't help wondering why, is there more to this than we think.

Anonymous said...

Great piece Matt, I'm with you.

xosg said...

I have just renewed my membership to the party, just before this all came to the fore having previously let it elapse for 12 months, but am now a Gold Member.I am unaible to log into the BNP website to comment for some unknown reason,and I prefer to hear both sides of what seems to be mud slinging and accusations from each side. Which, after all this is over has done the party a lot of harm.I am in no particular camp at the moment but must say that I have joined the BNP and therefore will stay loyal to it,UNTIL I hear and see evidence (not accusations)from both sides.I have no doubt that all these people excluded are honourable people and do have the party at heart, and due to a lack of people listening to their concerns have been frustrated to take this course of action.I also think there are a lot of people in the party with the same values.All I can say on the matter is A GOOD LIAR NEEDS A GOOD MEMORY and no doubt the truth will surface.I do not think it has gone to far YET and I call on the LEADERSHIP at national and regional level at this very important time in OUR struggle to show some LEADERSHIP and throw aside personal feelings and vendettas and start banging heads together, AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE MEMBERSHIP ARE SAYING.